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H i THE' LOGAN HtWUULIUAN Thursday, April 20, 1911
H u ' page rwo . i
Ij i ! jump CLUB
)j ! Roosevelt Brands Defamers In
Bl ; Public Letter
H fn
BB' it i' '
I -
BB ;
H ; fontliiuod from I'ago 1.
B i to dual with a sto.-y like this, which
H I Is nut merely an outrageous llo hut
HB ' ouo so Infamous, so nbRolutcly without
!. I tho amallcMt iiartlclu ot foundation,
H that It Is utterly Imposslhlo that tho
H . mou ranking tho chnrgu should bo Ig-
H : liornnt of thu fnct, that thoy arc lying.
B ' I never heard of this magazine article
H 1 and do not know who wroto It. Hut
H , whoovor did know perfectly well thnt
H ho was lying. 1 havo novcr heard of
HH tho writer whoso letter you quote,
H but ho also must know that ho Is
H repeating baseless falsehoods. Tli)
HB other two magazluo articles you quote
H 1 havo not scon, but If thoy, In nny
HB shapo or way, rcsonihlo tho ono from
B : v whlc.li you quote, thoy are equally
Bl ' J Tho accusation Is not merely false,
Ht ' but so ludicrous thnt It Is difficult to
Hi discuss It seriously. Of courso, It Ir
BBJ ' i I always posslblo to find creatures vllo
H " onough to mnko nccusatlons of this
Hj ' kind. Tho Important thing to romom-
B her Is that tho men who glvo curron-
B cy to tho charge, whether editors of
B magnzlucs or tho presidents of col-
B leges, show themselves In their turn
B unfit for association with decent men
BBK , when they securo tho ropotltlon nnd
BflB , oncoiirngomont of such scandnls,
BBB , ' scandals which thoy porfoctly well
B t know to bo fatso.
K ' Not only was no such bin gain mudo
B . liy me, but equally, of course, no
B i, jucli bargain was made by President
H ' Tnft or by anyone who could speak
B i for nny portion of tho Republican nn-
B' organization. No such bargain
Bj wus over In any way, directly or In-
H directly, suggested to or considered by
B i mo. It is not merely nn atrocious fnlso
B ' ," hood, but It could by no possibility bo
B anything but n falsehood. Nclthor tho
H' t Church nor nny ono on bohalf of tho
H j Church over agreed to deliver to mo
H tho votes of the states mentioned nor
H I to try to do so; nor wh any allusion
K to tho matter over made to me. Nol-
H thcr Senator Smoot nor any other clt-
BBJ Izon of Utah was, us far ns I know;
Hj ovon so much as consulted about tho
H) patronage of the states surrounding
Hj' ' Utah, nor did tho "Mormon" hierarchy
Hj through Senator Smoot or nny one
B: Uo, over oxpross n single wish in
H i connection with that patronage The
Hj' ' appointments were mndo In Wyoming
Hj . and Idaho precisely on tho samo sys-
Hjf , torn ns they were made In New Jei-
isoy and Miihsachiibetts, and no inoro
, attention was pnld to any candidate's
Hj n religious quallflcatlonH In one set of
BflBJ I statos than in another Moreover tho
BflBJi Mime policy pieclsely was followed in
Hj Utnh. One senator was a Qentilo ami
BBJI ono a "Mormon." I consulted both.
H' Oenornlly I found Senator Smoot nioro
K ravorablo to tho cause of conservation
B' than tho majority of his colloaguos In
B' the senato nnd on this matter I con-
BBBK ' auUed hlra raaro freely thau I did
Hi l most otbor sonntors, although thoro
B' ' woro Homo I consulted ever nioro free-
' . ly than I did him.
Bt. As to theiro bolug a cessation of Uio
'. movement for fodoral control' of mar-
H' "lago and divorce. This was strongly
H,t , ; opposed by a majority of tho ropro-
BBHj Hontatlves In tho two houses of Con
H? Kress from the different states, nnd
flflBS k in but two or throe Instiinces is it poi
flflflftj ' " Blblo thut those opposing It, whether
H '; - Democrats or Republicans, could havo
HW , beo Influenced by nny thought what-
BBBB' evor concerning the "Mormons." l'er-
Hj ' sonally I thou favored tho proposal,
V i. nlul nnv nlways fnvored It slnco, bo-
Hi ' CauS0 ' bollovet nnd still believe Ihnt
H '! thls l8 011 "f several direction m
l' , wh,ch th I'owor of tho general gov-
BKBBl I ernmont could with advnutago be In-
i'j , creasod. AVhethcr or not It is es-
BI f - peclnlly needed ns regards polygnm
Kfi I 0UB "'""lagos In Utah. I am not able
HIl I to my- 0n ono occasion a numbor of
Pf ' y charges woro mndo to tho ndmlnistra
BB tlon whllo I was proaldont about those
BKBV; polygamoue anrrlngoa In Idaho and
M J Wyoming, as well as Utah, It bolug
IBfeV asserted that a numbor of our fodcral
K f , X, officials had been polygamously raar-
Ll rlod' A vory through and caroful In-
fvr vostlgatlon was made by tho host
B '4 raon Jl too service Into thoso char-
B ees' ani1 lhy were proved to bo with-
BBBE'- ' ' HBt. Ut B much as tho Bmale8t basis In
' MiHk Wa f0l,n ' ,hnt a f0,irtl1
B.c-BHBBBBk" ' -U''
class postmistress, whoso enrnlngs n
year woro about $25, and who was nn
old woman, had boon plurnlly married
some 30 years previously, but had
long ceased living with hor husband.
Not only was It found that thero was
no basis for tho accusation ns regards
tho government offlclnls, but Inci
dentally It dnvolopcd thnt thu Inves
tigators woro unable to find n single
caso of polygamous marriage entered
Into since tho prnctlco had been pro
fessedly abandoned, I can not, of
course, on this point speak generally;
thoro'may or may not bo foundations
for tho chnrgo of which I know noth
but I can Bpcak positively as to this
Invostlgntlon mado by thoroughly com
petent and upright government offl
clnls In Wyoming, Idaho nnd Utn'
My memory Ih thnt on nnothcr occas
ion, either In Arizona or Now Mexico,
or both, our attention was called to
cases where thero had been polygam
ous marriages, nnd that tho offenders
were promptly prosecuted. No man
ovor suggested to mo not to proso
cuto any offender In such n caso; and
I may add that every "Mormon" with
whom I spoko assured mo that slnco
tho public renunciation of polygamy,
tho law had been observed in this
respect, Just as lu others, and no ono
of them over no much as hinted to mo
any desire to plead on behalf of nny
posslblo offender of tho typo. I nm,
of course, speaking ot marriages on
tered Into slnco tho Church pronuu
clnmento in question. If it were ever
shown to bo truo thnt such marriages
havo boon onterod Into, I should even
nioro stronuously than hitherto urge
giving tho fodcrnl government powor
to deal effectively with polygamy.
As for tho caso of Senator Smoot
himself, ho enmo to mo of his own
nccoid. nnd not onlv assured mo that
ho was not n polygnmlst, but, I may
add, assured mo that ho had never
hnd any relations with any woman
excepting his own wife; and I mny
nlso add that It was tho universal tes
timony of all who know anything of
his domestic life that It was oxomplary
lu ovory way. Ho also assured mo
that ho had always done everything
ho could to have the law about polyg
amy absolutely oboyed, nnd most
strongly upheld tho position thnt the
church had takon In Its public renun
ciation of polygamy, and that he
would act as quickly ngnlnst any
"Mormon" who nowadays mado a
plural marriage as against a Oontllo
who committed blgnmy. I locUed Into
tho facts very thoroughly, beenmo
convinced thnt Senntor Smooth had
told mo tho truth, and treated him
oxactly as I did nil other senators
thnt Is, strictly on his morlts ns n
public servnnt. I did not Interfile In
nny wny ns to his retontlon In the
Bcnnte, save thnt whoro senntors came
up to speak to mo on tho subject, I
l' e to them freoly nloug the ll.ie
I have hero outlined, tnklng tho view
which 1 believe is tho only view that
an American can consistently take,
namely, flint If Mr Smoot or any jmo
else had disobeyed tho law, ho should,
of course, bo tumod out, but if ho had
obojed tho law and was an upright
and leputablo man In his public and
private relations It would bo an out
rage to turn him out because of his
religious belief.
I havo thus gone ovor point by point
the Infamous ncciisatlmis mndo by tho
writer, whoever ho wus, whom youi
quoted nccusatlons which brand with
lnfniny tho man who mado them and
nlso tho mngnztno oditor who publish
ed thorn, and nny ono who quotes
thorn, Thoro la u pocullar infamy in
this spoclos of slandor, and tho men
ongagod In It do not stand one whit
above any men who havo roally takoii
part In tho practices which thoy at
foct to donounco.
So much for thoso slaudeis. Now n
word to tho "Mormon" peoplo them
solves. If tho accusations mndo against
tho "Mormons" are ns falso as tho ac
cusatlons upon which I havo touched
above, thoro Is no need of my saying
anything. Hut let mo most earnestly
luslst on the vital need, if there Is
tho slightest truth lu any of these
accusations, of tho "Mormon" people
thomselvoti acting with prompt thor
oughness In the matter. Any effort,
openly or covertly, to reintroduce poly
gamy In tho 'Mormon'i church would
ineioly moan that that Church hod
sol Its face toward destruction. The
peoplo of tho United States will not
tolerate polygamy; and If It woro
found that, with tho oauctlon and ap
proval or connlvnnco of tho "Mormon"
Church people, polygamous marrlagos
aio now bolng ontorod into among
"Mormons," or if eutorod into ore
treated on any other footing than big
amous marriages aro troatod ovor)
whoro in tho country, thon tho Unltoi
States government would unquestion
ably In the ond take control of tho
wholo question of polygamy, nnd
thoro could bo but ouo outcome to
tho struggle In such event, the "Mor
mon" Church would bo doomed, and
If thero bo any "Mormons" who advo
cato in any shape or way dlsobedi
Oti.ua. innu-ui va,u, .,,,., w.
enco ,to, or cancel of, or the cvadlnsi
' of, tho manifesto forbidding all ' v '
thor plural marriages that Mornum is
doing his best to secure tho dcaTttc
tlon of the Church ,Thoso "Mormons"
on tho other hand, who occupy the
position you uphold In your letter, and
who Insist that the "Mormon" church
' shall turn Its face toward tho future,
tako a position which If jeno-allv tak
en will mean thnt tho Church will bo i
j treated precisely on nn equality with
all other churches. The "Mormon" has
the snmo right to Ills form of relig
ious belief that the Jow and tho
Christian havo to theirs; but, llko
the Jow and tho Christian, ho must
not practlso conduct which Is In con
trnvontlon of tho law of the land.
I have known monogamous "Mor
mons" whoso standard of domestic
life nnd morality and whose attitude
toward tho relations of men nnd worn
on woro an high us that of tho best
citizens of nny othor creed; Indeed,
among these "Mormons" the standard
of soxunl morality was unusually
high. Their children were numerous,
healthy, nnd well b ought up; tho
young men were loss apt thnn their
neighbors to Indulge In thnt course ol
vicious sexunl dissipation so degrad
ing to manhood nnd ro brutal In the
degrcdntlon it-lnfllcts on women; nnd
they were froo from thnt vice, nioro
destructive to civilization than any
other can possibly be, tho artificial
restriction of rnmllles, tho practice
of Bterllo marriage; .and which ulti
mately means destruction of tho nn
tlon. Tho loss of ' the paternal and
maternal Instincts among men and
womon, the deification of n cold, cal
culating selfishness, the fnlluro to
understand that thero nro no otho.
Joys and no othor duties connected
with tho happy family llfo of father
mothor nnd children all this repre
sents n far worse evil than oven the
worst of purely polltlcnl ovlls can bo.
Tho evil of divorce and all kindred
ovlls nre merely subsidiary In wick
edness nnd ovil results to this grcnt
anil central ovil. If tho averngo man
Is not most anxious to bo a good
father, performing his full duty to
his wife and children; if tho average
woman Is not most anxious to bo n
good nnd happy wife and mother, tho
mother of plenty of healthy and happy
and well-trained children; then not
only have tho average man nnd tho
nvorago woman missed what Is In
finitely tho highest happiness of life,
but thoy aro bad citizens of tho worst
type; and tho nntlon in which thoy
represent tho nvorngo typo of citizen
,1a doomed to undergo tho hopoloss
disaster which It deserves. In bo far
UR tho "Mormons" will lUnnu ugalnst
all hideous nnd degrading tendencies
of this kind, thoy will sot n good ex-1
nmple of citizenship. If, on the othor I
hand, the "Mormon" Church oponly or I
secretly ondenvorH to reintroduce I
polygamy, thon It has marked Hself
for destruction, and has become an
ally of tho forces of evil so potont as
to oblige all decent cltlzons to Join
ngnlnst It. Tho "Mormons" who renl
Izo this fnct and stand ns you do, and
as I hnvo every reason to believe
Senator Smoot docs, on these matters,
are not only fighting for tho boat In
torests of tho "Mormon" Church, but
aro performing well the highest dutios
of Amorlcan citizenship. Vory sincere
ly yours, Theodoro Roosevelt.
The Logan thoatro Is announcing I
for noxt Tuesday and Wednesday, tho
biggost atractlon of the season '"
tho Cowboy and Indian Frontier pic
tures. These pictures consist of 3,000 feel
of the greatest moving pictures In
tho world and wero photographed at
a cost of $35,000, and Includo bronco
riding, fnncy roping ontosts, stnr
roping, export rifle shooting, hitching
nnd driving wild horses, lady bucking
broncho riders, squaw races, ladlos
cow pony racoa, etc.
Colonel Hoosevolt trovoled 3,000
miles to review and participate In
this colobratlon.
True to Her Sex.
A certain militant sulTrugUt hi West
Philadelphia linx a seven-year-old
daughter who hns imbibed her moth
ers principles with regard to tho Intel
loctual clllelency of women.
In school the other day tho tenchor
WS3 telling the clues something about
"You can't teach a hen nuythlug,"
abo said. "You can teach u dog or a
cat, but you can't teach n hen. Thero
la nothing so stupid ns a lieu."
Thu suffragist's daughter threw her
curly head back deilautly and contrn
dieted the teacher then nnd there.
"Thnt'8 not fair," sho burst out, "nnd
I don't think It's true. I guess a hen
knows every hit as much ns a rooster
Bo thoro" PhllndelnhlA Times
Stops oaracho In two minutes, tooth
acho or pain of hum or Bcald In five
minutes; hoarseness, ono hour, nius
cloncho two hours, soro throat twelvo
hours Dr Thomas Kloctrlc Oil, mou
arch over pain,
, One Conductor Helped Back to V.'ork
Mr. Wllford Adam Is his name, and
lie writes: "I was confined to my bed
with chronic rheumatism nnd used
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Itomedy
wrth good effect ,and tho third hot
tlo pue mo on my feet." It clcarj thu
Co-op Drug Co.
1 blood of uric acid.
m m
On Probation.
"Ferdy wants to marry me, father."
"Ferdy doesn't know his own jnlnd."
"Oh, fathor. give him a chance."
"Well, I'll put him on probation. If
ho sticks to ono brand ot cigarettes
for tho next six months, I'll admit
that ho Is getting steadier."
If you havent the tlmo to exorcise
regularly, Doan's Ilcgulets will pro
vent constipation. They Induco a mild,
easy, healthful action ot tho bowels
without griping. Ask your druggist for
them. 25c.
To bo sold at public auction at Hur
ley, Idaho, April 21st. This land is un
der tho Minidoka govcrnwiit project.
Land selling for twenty ? dollars
an aero or less will rco.-"" ; jno tenth
payment on dato of purc.moc, balance
In eighteen unnual Installments. Land
selling for over twenty flvo dollars por
aero will require two tenths imyment on
dato of purchase nnd balanco In six
teen annual Installments. Reduced
rotes will bo mado via tho Oregon
Short Line, tickets on Bale from Utnh
points April 19th nnd 20th, nnd from
Idnho points April 20th and 21st. See
ngents for rntes and furthor particu
lars. a20.
Gvcrton & Sons report very good
trndo in spring lines this year. Thoy
aro building extensive additions to
their store to tnke care o' their In
creased trade.
. , e '
State Knglnecr'sOtrice,
Salt Lako City, Utih, Fob. 14, ltfli.
Notlco Is hereby given that Olo
Sonne, whoso post offlco nddrass Is
Logan, Utah,, ha? m.ul3 nppllcatlon lu
atcordanco with tho requirements of
the compiled Laws of Utah, 1907, ns
nmondedby tho Session Lawn of
Utah, 1909, to approprlato twelvo (12)
cub feet por second ot water from
Three Mile Crook, Cacho county,
Utah. Said water will bo diverted nt
a point which lies 2,145 feet south nnd
1,320 feet west of tho northeast ..otner
of section 29, township 12 north, ranro
1 west, Salt Lako base and meridian,
from where It will bo conveyed by
means of a canal for a distance nt
1,485 feet nnd there used during the
period from Juno 1 to Scpetmbcr 15,
Inclusive, of each year, to Irrigate
120 acres of land embraced In sec
tlons 28 nnd 29, township 12 north,
Range 1 west. Salt Lake baso and me
ridian. This application Is designated
In the State Engineer's offlco as No.
3,500. .
All protests against tho granting ot
said application, stating tho reasons
therefor, must bo made by affidavit
In duplicate nnd filed In this offlco
within thirty (30) days after tho com
pletion of the publication of this no
Stato Engineer.
Dato of first publication April 12,
1911. Dato of completion of publica
tion May 12, 1911. myl2
I The First National Bank, Logan. Utah
offers oxceptlonnl facilities for tho handling of jour bunking busl- .
i" ncss. TjJ
tjr For oxnmplo It you aro a customer and want to send nionej
& away, wo SELL you n bank draft. $
& If you aro a customer, and have monoy you want to loan, our ad- fjjfc
tf vice and Borvlces nre at your command. &
!j. By having a checklug account with this bank and Issuing checkd ji
$ nnd making deposits, you are, unaware to yourself, gradually build- j
ing up the most valuable asset a man can have, namely: A GOOD "J
5 THIS CREDIT IS EXTENDED to others away from homo with W
4J whom you might seek nccommoda tlon. W
jft SOME DAY you might need to BORROW.' the CUSTOMER RE-,$
fJJ ceives not only tho accommodation hut the preference of rates and $
g$ amount, while tho NON-Custoraer may In times of strlngoncy meet fg
& Thoa. Smart, 1'iesident. .lames Quayle, Vlco-I'rcsldont. f'
I ! .Jno. H. Anderson, 2nd Vlco- Pres Allan M. Fleming, Cashier. jj
Ijfe N II. E. Crockott. Asst-Cashler. J
1 -ite fcjft Hfr fr gHfr "&& Hj&$ft Wfr i &&&
3 The- Paifller (HOWS Your painter will tell you
i aessssiEssmiasszsKsmihat wc are headquarters
h r-m JPM v or t1e kest painting ma
ll Y wjHBj terlals, Linseed oil (that
1 Yytyliffi yu can re'y ()n as extract
I? yBKsHwlffiS f plaxst!ed) Pure white
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'V'jLfSlmM with th Dutch Boy Pain-
IjyVfhMJ II MMWr ter Trade Mark) and other
"Wr" Jfl wfilvl things of quality. Brushr
MM a! -.-llffl. es Varnishes, Stains, etc.
IT wfinrMffjaij Let us talk Ralnt with
mimii ""ill ri rnmmiy11'
BMBHBBV-BBjfBJBJffgrrTflj J jjij' j l jj Hjy ?HT10hfe?lrfty'fWfffflTriffft'
1 1 iMlj5tP'S-l-BBBBBBBBBBBB IjB 1 1 B A"fM vJm
Passing Through the Famous
And the 'ortllo Fruit nnd AgrJcultuial Districts of Colorndo & Utnh
Pullman and Toutist Sleepers
From Snlt Lako to Dourer, Chlcngo and St. Louis -without Change
of Cars. For Folders, DokletB, Etc., address,
F A. WADLEiaH, Q. I A. I. A. DENTON, a. A. P. D.
Donvor, Colorado. Salt Lake City, Utah
Sho That noso tolls tho story. . 1
He Yeah, dear, but I had a much
better ono ready to toll you.
lira. Westende My new maid la a ".
treasure. She Is a Jewell
Mrs. Upptowno A diamond, 1 J
should say. Judging from the scratch- L
es on your glasswnre and mlrrorsl '
The Theorist Even though you
seem successful for n tlm. you will
And 6omo day that you have not a
friend loft In tho world.
The Politician That's nil right. It's
a part of my business to see thnt my
friends don't get let'.
Purtlculnr Soubrette That fellow
would drive anoiiH to drink.
Thirsty Comedlnn Would you mind
Introducing me?
i t -
"What's your hurryT"
"I promised my husband I would
meet him nt cno o'clock,"
"But It'o only two now."

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