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H j , , PAGE FOUR THE LOGAN REPUBLICAN Thursday, April 2o, 1911.
L) ijBi.
Iffc Official Republican Organ of Cncho County, Utah.
) j I :
, 1 1 i Holered oh Second CIiibh Matter lit Logan, Utnh, under net of March
'; j 3rd, IkVJ.
2 aubBcilbOitf wishing nddicss of paper chnnged must give foiracr ns
VI wc" ,,s l'roeont address.
h -f.i u.1 AH pnpeib aro continued until explicit older la recoiled to dlscqi-
B h? i tlnue. All urrcuingcs must bo paid In overy caso.
i n ) '
H I I i Outsldo of Logan City,
H Ono Year , 3-00
H f Six Months 1-C0
B Tin oo Months "r'
m ti -,
H j f LOQAN DY CAimiEIl $3.50 n Yenr; $1.75 Six Months; 90c threo
B j ,' j months, t In advance odd COo year.
'' 1 :
m . i '
H ' Ily llio look of tho blanket of snow
H jeatordny morning, winter must havo
H ' "got on his onr" and liavo waylaid
H spring and put tho denr, blushing
B ( damsel out of commission.
H ;o;
B I Ono would think wo wore living In
H the south, as tho "Mocking Bird" Is
H heard on almost every street corner
Bflfli :'
H now. If it keops up wo might bo nhlo
B '" ohnngo our sub-arctic climate to
B tmo of Italian origin. Anyhow, since
B "lu " Y oporn, thoro Hcemn to bo a
B i .- a armor, fnHclnntlug "air" floating in
iiiE ' t , , nnd around Logan,
Bflfli k
I k -r
ijijijv j i I Wo know a good many people whoso
jj '' minds are so befogged with sugges-
BBflJ tlons of ovll, and who rnlso their
BBflJ bleary eyes hea onward with a Phor-
BBBj I isalcal oxprcsslon at their neighbor's
ABB I1 discrepancies, that It would bo well
j (i If their own minds could rccclvo an
flflVJ I annual spring cleaning at leant it
flflflt . would bo better for tho community at
- -
: .
) It is coitululy timo'ouv city fathers
flH Nero considering Uui water question,
B alul tlmt seriously. On Monday tho
HHE wator was off nil day, there not being
flB ! ho much as enough, to get a drink in
Hlj i largo portion of the town. This Is n
flBVj . serious iiuestloii confronting a city
flflfl) i , , ; of eight thousand people. And too. It
K ' m
V i Is nothing now. Wo remcinbcr tho
flflflji . same nnnunl occurence for yoars
iiH . back, nnd annually tho same roar
! ' goes out. Think of tho damagOH a
flflfl riro would do lu tho business distilct
B on a day when tho wator is all turned
j off. Tho property that would go up
flflflj lu .smolto would pay for n dneti can-
flfl nlsi'itud leservnlrs.
; ' Tho water master Is not to blame.
flflBi It Isjils duty to clean tho canal and
Bflfli p resorvoh and see that both aro kept
r i
Bi' as nearly sanitary as possible. Tho
flBfl 4 city council, too, pel haps does not
BBb ' ' know Just whole to get tho money to
BBV ;j make tho noccssary lni)roomout. Hut
H it is up to them to get It. Hut where
flB 4 f and how? Well, wu don't know but wo
flflj I ' havu heat (I It mentioned that several
flB '" thousand dollais were going to ho
flB , ! sent for sidewalk crosslngh, etc.,
flfla' nnd wo say better forego finpiovo-
BflV.v meiits or this kind anil put the money
flB u" tho water system. Aside from tho
IBs-', necessity of tho water In case of flro
BflJI wo hna tho sewer nuostlon. What
flfla'- sense Is thoro In forcing peoplo to
HBs' , connect with tho sewer, nnd then
HB leave thum without water for a whole
flfll; 'ly. Tlirow down the otlior Improve-
B' ments and take euro of tho water
Hji ' "rst-l-et's havo water. Mako the town
B -V et with wnter.
H, fe ,l l tniu KI. tho ruBortoIr must
Bj ' bu cleaned, but u. few tliouMiiml dot.
flflfl hirs will build auotlmr. Tho city needs
Ht' , lw1 "y way. Then ono can be used
flSF i tt ' when tho otlior Is being cleaned and
Bk undei going repairs. Thoro Is no oo-
Hfi caslou fur this condition of affnlss to
BBv. occur again.
HBV l Hulld a new icsouolr and cmul, it
flBVJ7 necessiuy this fall, so It will bo
HB J i ly tor use next spring. Tho pies-
PEM j cnt administration can do nothing
Kl " tlult wl11 ',0 more uulvursallj appiov-
VI ed than to bring tho wator system up-
! '
K-'j The annual Cleanuii day In. upon
H,, ,' ns or boon will lm. Tho Coiniuojolal
H;' ' Roosters oiganlzntlon that body of
IB ' t ,HBk RU ,,ll,l(l' progressho, intelligent
en who aro ondoavorlng to lend this
splondld city to thnt goal of perfec
tion which should bo tho prlzp of all
cities In these days of civilized condl
tlonshas named Wednesday, April
SUth as Logan's Cleanup Day.
Last yenr the "got thoro" boys nnd
tho winsome lassies who turned out
to inspire tholr 'lords with patriotism
for such uu occasion, mndo this city
a sight to behold. It was mu'do n ver
itable "spotless town."
This year tho samo prescription
must bo rqpoated. So got ott the old
wlioicl, the rnko nnd tho hoe. Dig up
tho bucket, tho brush and n pnekago
of Uncle Snm's Cleanser. (Jot busy nt
eight o'clock on tho morning of tho
2Gth nnd glvo one half dny to this
(unction promulgated by piogrcsslve
men nnd women In ono of the most
glorious cities In this Inter mountain
Let us make Logan a city to bo
pround or. Lot It still benr'tho name
which waV ghen it last year: "Spot
less Town."
Tho recent order allowing tho drug
stored of this city to closo Sundny
from two to flvo o'clock, wns a boon
which was greatly appreciated by tho
phoimaclsts here. The poor, over
worked drug dork had to put In ov
ory hour, and ,In some enses every
minutes of tho dny nnd night, (when
a night shift wns run lu connection),
waiting on suffering humanity, tho
proverbial drug store loungers and
gossips, who enmo to buy something
which cured tho olls which flesh Is
heir to mid other things.
Then, too, ut times, tho drug stoic
was made thu scene for tho "loungers"
who came to swap stories, l'lngor and
partly slumber under tho fascinating
"Inflooeuces" of tho drug store "see
gar." and who told stories and yarns
until It became monotonous to tho
tired nnd hraln-woary drug clerk. Now
all Is changed, A spasm of virtue and
sunshine Is Injected Into tho life of
(he druggist, in this city nt least, and
he Is allowed, forsooth, n short ro
splto from tho enro and hum drum
of Indoor life.
No more will tho anxious wlfo wait
tho coming of her tired and wear)
liege lord. No more will it bo said
that tho children cannot seo tho faco
of tholr loved ono, save onl ut meal
timos. No moro will his clothes on
Sunday broath tho fragrance of car
bolic acid, compound syrup of stink
week or asafoetlda, nnd other perrumo
penetrating drugs. No! now evorj
thing Is sweet and lovely. Times have
changed and conditions hnve changed,
all for tho hotter wo hope. The fol
lowing "porno" Illustrative of the life
of tho averago drug clerk, until tho
city board got it Into tholr hoads to
glvo thorn a weekly layof, is trite and
to tho point:
Oh I rut her, dear father,' como homo
with mo now,
Tho clock I ntho'stoeplo strikes ton.
You've broken tho Sabbath and moth
er's poor heart,
And baby won't know you again.
Oh! what do wo euro for tho sale of
a spongo,
A tooth brush, a stamp or u pin?
Our Sundays without you aro nwfully
And mother. I fear, will bo III.
Tho law) crs nie saying there's
grounds for divorce,
Descends Metropolitan Life
Building?s 45 Flights on Toes.
-!e wt Wifl
nip eA fijjy mz&m&2f
Wt 'iwtr
IPiAti U fC m
tlS - US Mw
-. m Ml?iMI J m tw
B-E5yjflMjBHi Ml4Mym:ffip
.Miss Muzio Klngieceiitly walked down the forlj-liw illghts of stairs lu
the .Metropolitan Llfo Inturanco building, Now York, on her toes. Tho trip,
which covered 1MM10 steM, wns made In fourteen minutes and without stop
ping. Until the last llfteen illghts MIsh King walked rather slowly, hut on
these nuo ennio down nlmost on n run. The font Is regarded ns one of tho
most remarkable tests of endurance.
And I'll have n stepfather then
So lock up tho drug stciro each Sun
day at 12,
And make us nil happy again.
Tho annual tennis tournnnieilt is
now In progress on tho Common Room
Club court nt St. Johns house .Mi.r-h
more Interest (linn usual Is (Voliig
taken In tennis this )ear, many now
phi) era aie taking tho game up and
tho tournaments that havi been
planned will no doubt develop some
good phi) era. Twenty-two have enter
ed tho present tournament, which
consists of matches of singles, lor
tho chnmplonBhln. On tho basli nf
this tournament, handicaps will bn
' glien to all tho players according to
tholr ability, and n second handicap
tournament will bo started with an
entrnnce feo of 2." cents to purchase
Homo trophy for tho winner Member
ship lu tho Common Room club nl
lows anyone to enter tho tournaments.
Tho following matches lu tho prelim
inary round werdplu)ed on Thursdny:
Lester Peterson defeated John Sharp,
I-6, 6-2, 11-9; C. W. Williams defeat
ed David Sharp, 6-1, 6-2; Paul Jonos
defeatod J. M. Cathcart 6-1, 6-0; nnd
In thoflrst round P. K. Clark defeat
ed Kugene Prow G-lt 610. Tho follow
ing matches lu tho preliminary round
am still to bo played;-.!. I). Van Wng
oner vs. W. P Powell; K. I Hoff vs.
C. P. Mnrtlneau; Vern Proston v. O.
Pinter; and lu tho first round, O. C.
Jensen vs. M. s. Smart; H. u, iut
cliff vs. P. J, Ornnt, J. K. Clayton vs.
J. C. Jacobs; and O. II. Hondrlcks vs.
Irwin McNIoco. The matches aro bo
Ing played every nftornon on tho
court, back of St. Johns House, nnd
nro worth soolng.
; Pioneer In woman's education f
; ltl"'" Merlin, 1
' aS?: 1 Conn., Pcl. g
I flm - f. '787, and 1
' StoWS lr'' IHT0 "" t
'i jrS3N ''"" '"'r cu- f
I Jk9f "''1' "s vll- a
t BfT)' '"" u'her
ma&&& '," ,sl:i "ml I
li-J IntiTlieeiiiuo f
head of a
J! Kills' Hxulomy nt Mlddlebui) '!'
Vt Mnnle.1 1),- J0m Wlllnnl.
I Opeuisl In mi- Ii,,im ii IhukIIiu; '
t hcIi.i.,1 r..i Khls and biiMih..lLHi 'i
I " iiTi. iiium Laid before Urn Z
J; New uU leclsbilurj i 4 f,r .!.
i, liupiuiiiii. le.iMt .Vim-ailoi. and u
'sinbllsiiivi ,i Komliuvrj .ii Wnier t"
I foul H'i H,,..,, founded itn- Tioi &
f P-iuii.. Muili.ir.v. in imts Mpi f,
: win i.i w nt t uui,,,,,. ,,,,,1 ;
'' ' "I ' n a clrN hi t i nl
' V " " '
J-------.tw .Q
Consumption A Disease of tho
iiy oiAnLi:s c. Dimvnc.
Consuniptioii is distinctly n
disease of tho poor, mid It Is well
to look squarely In the faco the
fact that among the poor, who
constitute a lingo piopoitlon of
tho total population, diseases
such as this which develop slow,
ly and run n eompnrntlxol.v long
courso are npt to haw little re
medial medical treatment. Tho
physician Is nm railed In, as a
rule, until the tlNe,ie lias duwl
oped to an extent which Inter
feres with the (hilly uoik of the
patient, it lias I lieu p-iMcd. lu
lilali) cases, the .singe of reme
dial 1 1 (.mucin, and even If I hero
be hope of rorowry the family
feels lleir under the necessity
of cm tailing expenditure In ev
ery possible mi) T,h Is one
of Hie chief ie.iotis why the ills
o.im! K such a drain on loinmu.
nlly iltallly Why should mm
itiuiillles liiM'tiie in hull,! hos
pitals, csluhllsli dispensaries and
employ visiting inures to stop
this ilnilu?
Child Naturo.
A child knows Instlncllwly whether
you nro true or dishonest with It In
thought as well us In ,l,.e,l. You uii
not escape It. It may ()t always
show Its knowledge, hut Its Judgment
of you la unerring. Its fo Htuiu.
less, open to receive all Impressions.
Just as Is the lif0 of tho i.la.it. only
far more pliunt and responsive to In
nuences. Up0I1 the child ,cf,0 (,0
ago of ten we have an unparalleled op.
portunlty for woik, for ,,oWhero else
Is there mnterlal so plHs(ic.i,utl,er
Powor of Conscience.
It Is doubtful If ninny of the things
men regrt aro done only after a hat
tlo with conscience. Conscience Ii
strong. When awake It lay,, K ro
straining hand upon the shoulder ol
tho wayward impulse and pulls back
as no other force In tho world. It Ii
ory dlllloult to triimpia upon an
awakened conscience. And those whe
do t probably Wlle ttWRy wt con,
vlctlon upon which tho restraining In.
fluenco of conscience Is based. They
know tho prick of conscience less
keenly than any othora,
It seems uoro ofton to be the part
of conscience to awuko to a rea Ini.
t Ion of the situation after all !?"
ami U,aI1 renmln ,, th0
Tlconderoga," both lliroueli sloen
and waking hours Judg.ng'from he
activities aI0un(, ,h
would reach tho conclusion that th"
errors which men ,0.t regret e
comrntted wl,o they least rallze
what Is happening Met of (he mis
less, ess which does not even h It
atho possibility r the ,.mor.. ,l
1'iobably If tlfl worlJ
ts boon It would wish f0r fo th inL
e er than ,n, consclenco J
make awards or us all miiu.ru,.
" rcu' "'! Vnionlo Pxprc8
Diplomatic Rebuke.
A Ilttlo known 3tory of tho Jowlsh
raco In Portugal Is told of Kins Jo
soph I. of that country. On ono oc
casion tho king ordered thnt nil Port
tigueso who woro In nny wny allied to
or descended from tho Hebrew race
should -wear yellow hats. Tho old
Marquis do Pombnl, then minister In
chief, shortly afterward appeared at
court with threo yellow hats under his
arm. Tho king smiling, naked him!
"What nro you doing with theso?"
The innrqulB replied: "I havo them
In obcdloncfe to your majesty's com
mnud, for I renlly do not know " "lngl i
Portuguese of noto who has noUJew
Ish blood In his veins."
"Rut," Insisted the king, "wh throe
"Ono Is for myself," answered the
niaiquls, "ono for tho inquisitor gen
eral by your Bide, and ono Is, In enso
our majesty should doslro to bo
Children and Money.
My father wns n mlnlstor with sr.
:hlldrcn, says n writer In tho Christian
licrnld. My jother wna teady to en
ter college with her brothers jeforo
tho day of tho worann's college. Now
thnt I havo children of my own, I am
thnnkftil for tho thoughtful tralplng
wnlch wo six children had. Wo each
hod a small allowance, nnd nt the
closo of tho yonr, If in our homc-mado
diaries wo could show n balanco la
our favor, tho amount of money we
had saved wr.n doublod and placed to
ourliccount In tho savings bank. Wa
then became tho proud possessors of a
bank book. Tho habit of saving, with .
wise supervision to prevent miserll- (
noes, makes nil tho difference bctwoen
plenty nnd wnnt In later years.
Too True.
Peoplo who try to Imprest, jou with
tholr wealth ustially tlnd It difficult to
mako both qnds meet.- Chicago News
IKNv iforrecf Sfyape 7X
P5 WaltST
Look at Hieiii Now !
Be sure your foot is properly fitted and other troubles will
look small to you.
Tho pleasure of a pair of
Korrect Shape Oxfords
will mako your every day life a Joy Indeed
Anatomically designed "Korrect Shatie" Shoes cannot
. help but fit, any foot. Yours is no exception. Let us prove it. V
w , BURT & PACKARD CO., Makirs
Brockton, Matt. r
JA '5HA 'liis!Ti 4a
Logjan's ForemostyClothiers ,
House cleaning has now begun. We do not ask you to use UN. I
CLE SAM'S CLEANSER because It Is a home product, but because I
It Is positively the best. See what one of Utah's' leading men"!
r says of it: I
IProvo, Utah, Peb. 9, 1911. B
Mr. Pred Turner, 3C1 South Plfth West, Salt Iiko City; .
-My Derfr Sir - " I
In reply to our of tho 8th Inst., it Is my plensuio to speak n 1
good word for tho "Undo Sam's Cleanser" nnd to unhesitatingly de- I
clnro it to bo the best Cleanser that over came to our household. I
An "Old TImo Cleanser" was our favorite until" tho nrrlvalof "Un- I
tie Sum's." Wo tried It on pnlntod woodwork nnd-Jstono steps with I
better effect than wo havo ever obtained Jrom 'ouV previous fnvor
' , ,, OEO. II. niUMHAM
1. S, Tho following letter was In teply to our In'qulry as to
whether or not wo could uso tho first ono in n public Way.
i ,, " , , Provo, Utah, Peb. 21, 1911.
fl Mr. 1 red Turner, 3fil South Plfth West, Salt Lako City, Utah:
Dear Sir:
! ,u 7u." lU pcrfect "berty t0 ""lUo ua0 of n,y lettcr lf y 8
. lit. I did not write It simply because jour article was a homo pro
, duet-patriotism is not a part of tho motive. "Uncle Sara's Clean
. ser stands strictly on its merits lu competition with everything I
nam used In this line. Very truly )ours. GEO, II. UltlMIIAU
ser h.8T,d be remembered fha " 'ormula of this leading cle.n
d ,1, V.""1 by the ChtnJl,t8 of the Agricultural college
and confirmed by State Chemist Herman Harm, of Salt Lake, and Is
I . Z'ZSTrS "0t t0 "' lnJUr,0US l0 ,he hand' W.dd.n0
,,' ' , y' and Chrl'""" presents are always n order.
West eh vl n Sam" C1CU"80r "UO OVOry ",,nl0 ' l"
ben lrul 1 t ' PrlCmlum8 ,,f ranteed plated silverware In
buiutirul patterns In exchange for wrappers from our cans. Wo do
IinTomthUOnUreWrnP,,0r-8,raP,y Ul " ot B.
uiKon from tho wrappor,
wranr-erTanf.f0,' ," ,,0nV"y ,,,nloU buttur hlt- " I
Son,. ,4 ' 2ne lurg0 s,lsl,r 8n n"" ono butter knife
PRIlTnM'Mn n.nd 22 l ''--PcWPKna postage,
pers and 38c "ne,' ,,,nted ton8l,008' Sond 3C wrap-
nnd B0cRM,UM ' " iWK ,n,,k"",(,"'- Send 48 wrappers
Hpoon:"s';8?rlfanTro,,8 hmw to- n
nnd coof"UM N'' 6SU k"'V0H """ 8,X f0,kB' Suml " wrappers $
CIe.M.A;tCi'r hI',KKU-, loc111- -hero Undo Snm's I
I direct l L2 m " r0;erS W W,U Pr01,'v '"-M "nd ship 1
i tow Tcoid Z 0t oncl"Ufcnsn nre. Sovor.,1 ladlos In I
n .town could club together and order tho quantity desired Tho nrlce I
I k,t c;; rn nmi thorQ ,ir 4s ca"s -. p .
Ploco bretkf 8t s I" f' TDR-H'eh Brnd Preol'" -.
Jound Zcul fr ,2,2 '" Ca8h nn,, ,U,Je,8 -presenting 300
pound lZTor sot ,or $nPn cnah n"(i r;018 p"-nt..; W
ordOrs to r llromIl"ns or club h
Ml South Fifth Wwt ..,.."" V 1
rmmrMTiMj jt -'iniwiaiieirry --

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