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T J """" """""ll"'",i: '" - - ' jH
T' FJ.J ..... .-.. .., Thursday, April 20, 1911.
J J . - Some Members of Congress Distinguished For
I ;j I I . Other Reasons Than That They Hold Public Office.
Mi tflKJft: " JlBiBBafe. VIB JHiPwSHt Hk r tH a
H 1 ST"WTiEslElyr wP'mlKvvt:? ffifiiljw
m ' l '
H ' Tliuru U mi iimiauiil lolutlin; "" "' inumbcw of couKrusa ut thu pruaout extru Bt-sslou. WUen Kdvrard W. Town-
H i I' ,cll, tin.' now' Dumocriitlc iiiumbur from New Jewoy, comes along udmlrew who know hlia only by sight remnrk,
H j. ' "There Is the niithor of tho Olilminlo Kudden stories ytiti rend n fow years uko In tho Now York Sun." Martin T.
1 , Littleton Is pointed out us tho hiwyer who saved llnrry Tlmw from tho electric chnlr. Cnlob 1'owtrs has his trou-
H , UcH Wlt, introduced hecauso of his long tlmo In Jnll, uccuscd of complicity In tho killing of n Democratic governor
R ' Kentucky, llutler Am of Massachusetts nlwnys attracts tho attention of strangers when they jire told that ho
K J Is tho grandson of (leneral Hen llutler. Tho pointing out of Wchmond Pearson Hobson ns tho hero of tho Mcrrl-
B mc Is an old story, but It kociw up with unungglns: lntorost. Nick Ixmgworth U a good deal of a man on his own
B account, but he hni I" hear frefuent Introdurtlonlth "Ho married Alice ltoospvelt, you know."
B i Favorable Report on Agreement'Look.
PUJK ed for In Parliament.
B Ottawa, Ontario, April 1C A favor-
H able report on the reciprocity agrco-
H ment with tho United States Is look-
Hj ed for by members of tho Dominion
B ' Kovurnmont not long after parliament
H! , reassembles Wednesday. Tho rapid
E- lirogress being made at Washington
Ht and tho prediction that tho agroomont
j -will ho befort tho sennto by next
H ' i Thursday lmvc been noted with sat-
IbbbbbbKu 1 isfactlon.
R ' Settlement of tho reciprocity Issuo
K ,,j in Canada, they bellovo, now doponda
Ht ' j primarily upon action at Washington.
B I and tho prediction that tho ngrcoinout
HBBHj will bo beforo tho seuato by noxt
H j Thursday lmvc been noted with sat-
t Settlcmont of tho reciprocity Issuo
H' in Canada, thoy bollovo, now depends
H: primarily upon action nt Washington.
H jny nssuranco that Cangress will rat
B', ify tho ngrcoment may bo coupled,
HHHB i they say, with tho assurance tliat tho
HHHb j( j Canadian parliament will do Its part.
H. I Tho Canadian government, backed
H1' hy n majority of moro than forty In
K, t "'e houso Is pledged nnd anxious to
B j init tho agreement through ns Bonn as
HHH tho Conservntlvo opposition permits a
Bi ' vote. Ratification then by tho senate
H4 would bo moroly u matter of form
u nlncu the governments supportors In
'1 f that body outnumber tho Consorvntlvo
i three to
Ll Until the agreement Is ratified by
HHHb ( lioth Amorlcnn branches, tho fight
HHHff" ' against It m tho Canadian houso will
Hv- '"" cci'inued by Mr. Dordons' ndbor-
W imt i long tho lines followed tho lost
HjK' t 'x weoKS. Hut tholr stubborn roslst-
IB,! , anco admittedly Is being kept up on-
H ly In tho- hope that tho situation may
Hlibj i j 1)0 saved from tho Conservatlvo polut
B El I -of vlow, by a fnlluro ot tho Sonnto at
IbbbbbbbbK wk "" ' Washington to pass tho Amorlcan part
Hfi X jgji of (bo pact.
f4. Thero has been a uecldod roodora.
Bi tlon In tho last fow weoks of tho
B,v fierce opposition at first wagod
B;) t galnst tho ngreement. Tho resent-
Kv iiucnt aroused by nnnoxatlon talk has
Hfl f practically dlsapcared nnd uiombors
R. I v ,)f the government assert sorao ot tho
. Conservntlvo ropreBontaHvos oL rural
B ' ia- constituencies have boon under strong
IBB presBuro because ol tholr Mleeod at-
RHHH , .tltudc on the subject.
WH'n t .,
IbHIbbB' Ibbbbb9k
In largo centers ltko Montreal and
Toronto, whero tho protectionist olo
mont Is strongest, tho tight against
tho agrooniont Is bolng continued by
Conservatlvo press and Bpeakbrs. Hut
It Is admlttod by somo Consorvutlvo
mombors thnt tholr fight against tho
proposition In tho prnlrio provinces
and In tho nonurbnu parts ot western
Canada will not provo to havo won
thorn votes.
Thero is no method by which tho
govommont can fore ecloturo of do
bato If tho ConBorvntlvo loaders do
cldo to contlnuo obstructive tactics by
prolongued discussions.
Tho'provnlllng opinion appears t6 bo
that If Washington passes favorably
upon tho matter tho opposition will
not pcrsls tin whatovor Intention It
may havo to talk tho moasuro to
doath or to delay Its ratification until
tho mlddlo of May, when Sir Wilfrid
Laurler, pdmo mlnlstor, plans to sail
for London to attend tho colonial con
ference and coronation.
An Export' Opinion.
A student in n medical college, while
learning tin- -uso of the ophthnlino
scope, was told lo examine n man's
eyo nnd report uxm the condition or
it. The doctor-to-be ndjusto tho In
strument and looked long scu-chlngly
Into tho subject's left optic. "Moat
remarkable," be ejaculate with a sur
prised look. Readjusting the opthalmo
seope, ho again carefully scrutinized
tho eye. "Very extraordinary Indeed,"
ho exclaimed. "I never heard of such
an eye. This must bo somo now dis
ease. Have you over had an expert's
opinion of It?"
"Once," was tho laconic reply. "Tho
man who put It In said It viu a Quo
bit ot class."
A Reliable Medicine Not a Narcotic
Mrs. K. Marti, St. Joo, Mich., says:
'Our llttlo boy contracted a sovoro
bronchial troublo. I gavo him Foloy's
Honoy and Tar Compound and It
cured tho cough as well ns tho choking
nud gagging spoils, nnd ho got woll
In n short tlmo." Co-op Drug Co.
Which Ho Llkod Beat.
A young husband and his brldo At
tended a roeeut exhibition of Parisian
gowns In living models In Philadelphia,
Finally tho wife, after Inspecting the
gowns crlilcnlly, asked her husband
"which ono lie UWeU host."
Abacntmlndedly considering for a
moment, tho yonng man answered:
"Tho big blond." Ho U still explain
ing. Philadelphia Times.
Itching piles provoko profanity, but
profanity wont euro then. Doan'8 oint
ment cures Itching, blecdlg or pro
truding Jtles after years of suffering.
At any drug store.
To bo sold at public auction at Hur
ley, Idaho, April 21st. This land la un
der tho Minidoka government project.
Land soiling for twenty flvo dollars
an aero or loss will require ono tenth
payment on dato of purchase balance
In clghtcou annual Installments. Land
selling for over twonty flvo dollars per
acre will require two tenths payment on
dato ot purchaso nnd balance In six
teen annual Installments. Reduced
rates will bo mado via tho Oregon
Short Lino, tickets on 6nlo from Utah
points April 19th and 20th, nnd from
Idaho points April 20th and 21st. See
agents for rates and further particu
lars. 20.
Too Many Bones.
Bacon Your dog Is very fond .ol
bones, I suppcio?
Egbert Oh, yes.
Hacon Tho moro he gets the hap
pier he Is, I Bupposo?
Egbert Woll, can't really say that,
for ho docs balk at shad.
To bo sold at public auction at Hur
ley, Idaho, April 21st. This land Is un
der tho Minidoka government project
Land selling for twenty flvo dollars
an aero or less will rcqulro ono tenth
pnyment on dato ot purchase, balance
tn olghtoon annual Installments. Land
selling for over twenty flvo dollars per
aero will rcqulro two tonths payment on
dato of purchaso and balanco In six
teen annual Installments. Reduced
rates will bo mado via the Orogou
Short Lino, tickets on sale from Utah
points April 19th and 20tb, nnd from
Idaho points April 20th and 21bL See
ngonts for rates and further particu
lars. 20.
Not So Serious.
"Was the nrrnngomont you made
with thoso people a tentative ono?"
"Nothln bo serious. Jest only to
boo how It was goln' to work."
ii i i
Most disfiguring skin eruptions,
scrofula, pimples, rashes, etc., :ire
duo to lmpuro blood. Burdock Blood
Hlttors Is a oloanslng blood tonic.
Makes you cloar-oyed, clear-brained,
Consult County Clerk or the Respec
tive Signers for further Information.
in tho District Court, Probate Division
in and for Cache County, State of
In the District Court of the First Ju
dicial District of tho State ot Utah,
In and for tho County ot Cache.
-Estate ot Paul M. Paulson, doceaccd.
Creditors will prcsont claims with
vouchers to tho undersigned at his
residence in Peterboro, In tho county
of Cache and Stato ot Utah, on or bo-'
foro the 21st day of Fobruary, A. D.,
Date of first publication, April 20th,
A. I)., 1911.
J. C. Walters, attorney. m20
Estato of HorBchol Hullon, deceased.
Creditors will prcsont claims with
vouchors to tho undersigned at their
residence In Logan City, In tho coun
ty of Cache nnd Stato of Utah, on or
beforo tho 4th day of Fobruary, A. D.
Dato ot first publication April 3rd,
A. D., 1911.
J. C. WALTERS. Attorney. m4
m 0
Notice Is hereby given that a spec
ial election will bo held In Cacho
county on tho 6th day of May, 1911,
In each election district thereof, bo
tweon tho hours of 7 o'clock a. m.
and 7 o'clock p. m. of sold day for
the purposo ot submitting to tho qual
ified voters and taxpayers thorcot tho
question of Issuing and Belling one
hundred fifty thousnnd dollars ,$150,
000.00, of bonds, for tho purposo ot
raising money for tho building ot
roads, and tho Improvement ot roads
and bridges within tho said Cache
county, said bonds to bo ot tho denom
ination of ono thousand dollars oach
with Interest, to run for a period ot
twenty years, tho wholo or any part
thereof rodeomablo after tho expira
tion ot ten years from dato ot Issuo.
That the following named porsons
havo been appointed as Judges to
conduct tho Bald election, at tho fol
lowing places, towlt:
First Municipal Ward of Logan City,
Utah, at Haws School House H. E.
Hatch, Stephen Hailstone, James Anderson.
Second Municipal word of Logan
City, Utah, at Second ward mooting
house William Worloy, James Lar
son, W. W. Hall.
Third Municipal Word of Logan
City, Utah, at Court House N. W.
Kimball, Arthur Dateson, Job Row
land. Fourth Municipal Ward ot Logan
City, Utah, at Fourth ward moetlng
houso Hyrum Hayball, Sidney Ste
vons, Thomas O. Lowo.
Fifth Municipal ward ot Logan City,
Utah, at Whlttlor school house John
Hrobcrg, N. M.'Hanson, James Mc
Neil. Smlthflold, at city hall James Ros
kclly, Henry McCrackcn, James Kirk-brldo.
Klclimond, at utiy nan imopui i
son, Leo Shopard, Fred Whlttlo.
Cornish, nt mooting houso M. W.
Butlor, J. W. Rollins. J. W. Pitcher.
ClarkBton, at mooting houso Jamos
H. Jardlne, Garrett Dahle, Wm. J.
Nowtnu, nt school houso Wm. Han
sen, Niels Jncobsen, John Honaon.
Wheolor, at school houso H. K.
Danlolson, James V. Hodges, J. 0.
Trenton, at school house Harry
Ooodwln, B. Y. Benson, Charles Wood.
Lowlston, nt Opera houso Martin
Pond, A. h, Hyor, Morris Swlnyard.
Stephenson, at school house M. E.
Kent, Li. W. Marlor, George Korron.
Wellsvlllo, nt old meeting houso
Wm. Maughan, Wm. Murray, Thomas
Paradise, at mooting houso Orson
Thomas, Charles Poarco, Fred Loft-houso.
ML Sterling, nt school houso Da
vid Murray, Joseph Cooper, Thomas
Mendon, at city hall Thomas Mulr,
John Whitney, Honry Sholton.
Avon, at school houso John A. Mo
Arthur, Qoogo W. Davis, Oeorgo Sum
mers. College, nt mooting houso James
Nelson, C. O. Dunn, Joseph H. Olseu,
Mlllvlllo, nt mooting houso Martin
Olsen, Joseph Jessop, NIols Olson.
1 llyruni, at city hall A. M. Israel-
son, John Jonson, Christian Thomp
son. Providence, at vestry meeting houso
Lohl Olson, A. D. Crabtree, Qeorgo
W. Morler.
Cacho Junction, at school houso .
Wm. H. Griffin, Moses Dahle, E. R.
Peterboro, at school house Peter
Petersen, F. C. Yonk, James C. Jen
son. Peterboro, at school houso Peter
Hyde Park, at rock meeting houso
8. E. Lamb, Lorenzo Peterson, Goorgo
D. niwdir.
Bonson at meeting house H. Bal
lard, Harry Griffiths, John Ricks.
Greenville, at meeting house C. M.
Nelson, Wlllard Nymon, Chris Lar
son. ML Home, at school house Jos, Co
Tnlsh, Goorgo Gregory, John Biggs.
Cove, nt meeting houso Fred TIten
sor, E. W. Allen, D. L. Clarke.
By order of the board of County
Commissioners ot Cache County,
. Chairman.
Attest R. W. James, Clork.
Tho money to be raised by tho sale
of bonds as set forth In tho above no
tlco shnllbo oxpended tor improve
ments In each precinct In Cacho Coun
ty in tbo proportion which tho aseos- H
scd valuation of each precinct boars
to tho assessed valuation of tho entire H
county. JAMES J. MEIKLE, I
Chairman Board County Commission H
Attest R. W. James, Clerk. I
Ono of 122 1-2 acres, Joining the H
town ot Weston, Idaho, on north, 1 H
two blocks from storo and school
Independent water right for 00 I
acres; 11 shores in Weston crook; H
80 acres to crop. H
Also 40 acres choice beet land,
2 miles from R. R. between Pre- H
ton and Weston.. H
Also a 1C0 aero dry farm, near H
Winder, 15 acres nndor canal. H
Will sell on cosy terms and long H
tlmo. Apply H
South Main Street I
The High Cost of Living is 2 1
? Center Street, Logan. T I
100 lbs. sugar S5-G5 8 pkgs currants .. , ..$1,00 A
J 50 lbs sugar -....$2.90 91bs sugar 50c 2
J IS lbs ot sugar for .. ..SI .00 Slbs best rlco 50c '
9 18 lbs best rlca SI. OO 8 lbs navy beans 50c V
9 16 lbs. navy beans .. ..$1.00 7 1-2 lbs sago 50c 9
15 lbs sago $1.00 7 1-2 lbs tapioca 50c
a 15 lbs tapioca $1.00 1 1-2 lbs dried apples .. 50c A
15 lbs sun dried apples $1.00 6 lbs cut loaf sugar .... 50c 2
2 12 lbs cut loaf sugar .. $1.00 Q cans tomatoes 50c 2
W 12 cans tomatoes .. .. '$1,00 5 cans besfWfb 50c
W 10 cans best corn .... $1.00 5 pkgs Raisins 50c 9
9 50 lbs family flour . . .. 80 C 100 lbs family flour,. . .$1.75
0' 5 pkgs Tree Tea $1.00 2 pkgs Tree Tea .. .. 40c A
a 4 pkgs Banner Oats ..$1.00 2 pkgs Banner Oats .. . .50c a
7 10 pka' raisins S1.00 .4 pkgs currants 50c 7
j Re-Opening, Lyric Theatre j
....The Lyric Theatre, remodeled and now one of the pretties little J
Y Photoplay Theatres In the state, will re-open Monday night, featur- T
Ing for the opening, the Vltagraph's story of Charles Dlcken's I
I novel, "A TALE OF TWO CITIE8." In addition to this excellent I
V picture the management has engaged for a season V
j Hiss Lula Thatcher J
I who though yet a child, possesses a voice unequaled In this state w
1 for range and sweetness of tone. k
V . The show begins promptly at 7 p. m. COME EARLY and secure T
A a good seat. W
Two or Three Base Of Average
Proportions and Great Strength.
It fairly bristles with good points. Study these, '-
for example
1. Strong In all its parts.
2. Moro easily oporated than others of Its class.
3. Light In drafL Lighter than any plow of oqual capacity.
4. Will turn squaro corners without ndjustlng tho lovor.
6. Tbo best and most convenient landing lover evor dovlsed, Placed
In n vertical position and oporated forward or backward within cosy roaoh
from tho aeaL This Improvement has mot the highest approval, and It
eoso of manipulation Is simply marvolous on hlllsldo work.

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