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Mixican Leadir Has IssiMd
El Paso, Texas, April 20. Unless
" the federals make an attack on the
rebel army, Francisco I. Madero says
thero will bo no assault on Juarez un
til after 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. If
by that time ho has not recelvd as
surances from Porflrlo Diaz that ho
will retire from the presidency, Mad
ero declares that the Juarez tight will
take place at once
'All that tho federals want Is time
b to bring up more reinforcements," he
said today when asked if he would
consider an armistice.
"I will glvo Diaz wonty-four hours
I to resign," he said thiB afternoon
when a delegation of El Pasoans and
Mexican citizens called upon him in
. his camp in the hills near Juarez and
asked him to consider peace terniB.
The latter assertion was not only a
reply to the volunteer peace commis
sion, but also to Gonzales Garza, sec
retary general of the revolutionary
Junta, who carried a message from
Dr. Gomez in Washington asking for
n delay In tho attack. Ho said it was
Tils final reply to all attempts to se
cure peace; that Diaz must surrender
tho presidency.
Madero's Statement.
The voluntary' peace commissioners
(A who visited the provisional president
. and insurrccto commander went undor
permission of the federals and made
tho trp In 'two automobiles with whito
flags. The Associated Press corres
pondent was In the camp when Mad
ro mot thorn. After the conference
..Madero dictated the following:
"The peace commission camo unof
ficially and aBked under what terms
I would make peace.
"I said I would agree, as I have
already said to Dr. Gomez, that In tho
Interest of peace I would resign as
provslonal president of Mexico, but
only if I consider' that the will of
tho people has been satisfied; other
wise tho revolution will continue
notwithstanding any peace negotia
tions. "I know all tho people want tho re
tirement of President Diaz and no ro
election. For that purpose I wll ac-
ctpt as provisional president anyouo
of the members of tho present cabi
net who will call a new oloctiou.
"In caso this condition is agreed up-
on wo want Juarez to be delivered to
us, and then an armlstlco will bo
"I will wait until tomorrqw evening
to hear tho resulUof tho pcaco nego
tiations, which are being directed by
Dr. Vasquez Gomez. If tomorrow night
no answer comes;-1 will commoneo hns
Tho peace pilgrimage was nudu up
. , of Felix- Martinez of El Pano, Esiiul
, , iiel Obregon and Osvnr Branlff of
Moxico City, speaking independently,
but for tho federal government; Sil
, vestro Tarrazas of Chihuahua. Dr. X.
A. Samanicgo of El Paso, Luis L.
Samanlego of Juarez and Kmjllano
Knriquoz of Chlhuahu'i. The confer
ence was attended by Madero in per
son. Colonel Jose do la L-uz- Blanco,
Lieutenant Colonel Garibaldi, Haoul
Madero and Fredorlc Gonzales Uarzii,
provisional secretary of stato und
i riM oad of ln Moxlcan revolutionary jun-
'. ' tn In El Paso.
anrza had not accompanied tho
volunteer penco envoys but had cros
sed tho rlvor on foot near tho El Paso
smelter and had ridden to Madero's
hcadquartors on a horso sent to tho
rivor by tho lnsurrectos. Ho had first
talked ncross tho rlvor from American
soil to Madero, ns tho Insurrccto
chieftain and sovernl of his staff of
ficers redo down this mornSg early to
water their horses and get a look nt
Juarez through field glasses.
Continued on Pago 4.
Stati Department of Live Stock
Plan Vigorous Campaign
As soon as tho new law passed by
the Inst legislature become effectives,
which is May 9 next, the state depart
ment of ltvo stock Is plannlg an ac
tlvo campaign for the Inspection for
tuberculosis of all cattlo used for
dairy purposes In Utah. Hy tho end
of a year, it is hoped, tuberculosis
tests can havo been mado of every
animal subject to such tests In tho
The estimate of the stato depart
ment Is that the live stock Interests
of Utah represent an Investment of
140,000,000, and for such a great in
terest it Is figured adequate protec
tion should bo afforded, so, far as is
possible under stato regulation. The
new law provides, among other thlngB:
"Every person who sells milk to a
dairy, and every person engaged in
the dairy business in this state, shall
cause every cow milked by him to bo
examined and subjected to a tubercu
lin test by a competent person, under
the direction of tho stato Inspoctor,
or an inspector of tho United States
bureau of animal Industry, to ascer
tain if any such cows nro Infected
with tuberculosis; but no fee shall
be charged therefore.
"Any person in this state owning
cows, milked for privato use, may,
upon application to the stato Inspec
tor, havo' their animals tested for tu
berculosis free of charge; and all an
imals so tested shall be tagged by tho
state Inspector, certifying to the
health of such animals."
Not Total Loss Now.
The new law gives tho state inspec
tor power to condemn and to havo
killed any animal suffering from tu
berculosis, or other infectious or con
tagious disease; and It also provides
that the owner of the nnimal killed
shall receive from tho stato $25, less
tho amount he received from the dis
posal of tho carcass.
Further provision is made in the
law that porsons whose animals wore
killed under tho orders of the state
votorinary inspector for the past two
years, for tuberculosis, may receive
a remuneration of $25 a head, less
the sale value of tho carcass, for each
Tho law provides that all anlamld
shipped Into tho stato for dairying or
breeding purposes ,w!th tho slnglo ex
ception of "what Is known as range
cattle," shall havo passed tho tubr
culln test within forty days prior to
tho shipment; or If not, shall bo de
tained at the first feeding station on
tho railroad until they nro so tested,
at the expenso of tho owner.
Similar laws exist, also, In practl
cnlly all tho states neighboring to
Utah, and tho further demand Is mado
In several of theso states that all
horses shipped in must havo passed
tho "malleln test." This Is a serum
test similar to tho tuberculin test for
cattlo, nnd detects tho presence pt
glanders in horses. Utah may In tho
near future compel tho mallefh test.
"While tho law coming into effect
May 9 does not," said an official of
tho stato department of Uvo stock to
day, "mako It compulsory on all per
sons owning milch cattlo to havo them
tested, all who sell tho milk must do
so. That Is a provision of tho law
which wo shall strictly enforce.
Expect All to Ask for Tests.
"Further, It stands to reason that
when a mau is using tho milk from
his own cow it would bo tho only son
Bible thing for him to do to havo the
animal tested for tho presonco of such
a droad disease as tuberculosis, Wo
thoroforo bcllovo that practically ev
ery milch cow In tho stato will have
been tested within a year.
"As a matter of fact, tho stato is
at present reasonably freo of tho dis
ease Wo found something like C
cent In all In tho testa mado last year.
fjp" UNCLE SAM'S tJ0&
UNITED STATES' i j fd. UiM rf"
Rent in New York Mall.
Of course. In some instances It came
heavy on tho owner, and In one case
fifty-one out of fltty-threo cattlo wore
condemned. That was' a heavy Joss,
and yet one must remember ihevanl
mals wero sick and wero doomed to
die nnywny, and that tho owner will
recolvo some compensation Tor them.
"But beyond all such considerations
as that.'of courso, is tho ono that the
loss of human llfo and tho pain and
sickness caused to human beings by
tho milk from such animals is almost
of unlimited possibilities, and far out
balances any property consideration.
May Gather Animal.
"The methods we shall follow this
year have not as yet been fully out
lined, noK has the number of assist
ant inspectors id be appointed been
determined. I believe that It would
' greatly facilitate tho work of tho do
I partment to havo the animals to bo
' tested gnthered to central points for
the tests; and we shall probably en
deavor to work out such a plan, so
that tho Inspectors will not have to
spond so mtich time going from field
to flold or from farm to farm to get
to the cattle.
"It is very probable that in this
work the bureau of nnimal industry
will cooperate with tho state depart
ment In making tho testa, and probab
ly five or bIx men from this, depart
ment, working In co-operation with n
llko number from tho federal service,
can cover tho state thoroughly in tho
year, testing all animafs that,havo not
been tested, and also rctesmig such
as wero tested last year." ''
Dogs Carry Infection.
"1 believe," continued tho speaker,
"that tho 'white plague will nover !
eradicated until tho public has been
educated to tho point of gottng'Yid
I of the disease In both cattle and liogs.
When that has been accomplished,
and also whon people get to realize
how powerful nro tho common domes
J tic dogs nnd cats, particularly in cit
ies, ns agents for the spread of In
fctlon, a great deal will havo lnin
accomplished in tho fight ngalnst tu
berculosis nmong human bolngs,
"When you come to think of it, tho
j dog or cat, with his shaggy coat, ca
pablo of carrying billions of dlseaso
'germs, and with his perambulating
tendencies. Is an exceedingly danger
ous animal to havo In tho city home,
and In my experlenco as a physician 1
havo traced, I am confidently certain,
soveral cases which resulted In tho
loss of human llfo to Infection that
could havo been conveyed In no other
way than by a dog or a cat."
Salt Lake Telegram.
Mr. Jacob Klls of Now York, tho
noted lecturer nnd co-laborer and
frlond of Colonol Thcodoro Rooscvolt,
has been In Logan tne past few days
with his wlfo, ostensibly on' 'oMvifflt
to holr son Mr. John IUls,Tho gon
tloman was greatly irupreftskd with
this country and speuka highly of his
treatment horoMIo registered at tho'
Ragle, while In this city. ' '
"The Mocking Bird"
Visits Two Towns
Tho B. Y. Opera company presented
"Th'Mocklng Bird" at tho Nlbloy hall
again last night to a well filled house.
This performance is glvon In order to
assist tho management in taking the
opera company to Brlgham and Og-den.
Arrangements have already been
completed to stagcitbo performanco In
Brlgham, Tuesday, April 25, and Og
den, Wednesday, April 2G.
Those who have already seen tho
performanco. do not hesitate to say
thac.ic.ls the best performance of tho
kind that has ever been presented in
this city.
Tho excellence of this production
under tho direction of Prof. W. O.
Robinson domands that the people
of tho state should bo privileged to
witness tho performance. Many '.iro
in tho south who aro anxiously wa'llng
for tho nows that tho B. Y. opera
company Is headed that way.
Tbero will bo an excursion leaving
Logon Tuesday morning ant' return
ing from Ogdcn Wednesday night af
ter the performance. All aro Invited
to &o along as the rate Is very low.
Preston Will Also
Have a Clean-up Day
Preston. Idaho, April 20. P-of An.
na Frost of tho O. S. Academy ontor
tnlned tho lad.' students and their
partners Tucsda) evening. Every ono
present report a very excellent tbnr
They nro still talking about It
'ho new two story building being
elected on tbu cast side of Main
Rtreet by photographer II. A. Jones
U inpldly growing. It will eertaluly
be a nice addition to Uio east side.
The largo bu"dlug being put up by
J. A, Head 'or tho Golden flulo Is
now showing up well.
foment vnlks are now bolng put In
fie crossings at tho center of town.
It Is hoped that tho now village hi )''!
to take tho ltuis tho first Tues f-iy In
Ma,, will keep up tho good work H
U certainly helping tho looks it our
The vi'lage board at their last
meeting set apart Friday, Apr'l 21sl
as a general clean-up day nnd havo
sent out notices requesting tho busi
ness men to close, and tho farmers to
put off their work and corao out with
their teams and shovels and heip to
mako Preston cloan and up-to-date
The Hochdalo Association of this
city has mado an assignment for the
benefit of Its creditors. Mr. Meredith
of tho Association of Utah Credit Mon
Is tho assignee, It Is paid tho recent
assignment of tho Eikord Bros, of the
Eaglo cafe was partly rospouslble for
the assignment.
Uncle Sam Has no Desire to
. Meddle With Mexico
Washington, April 20. Congress a
In no temper to mcddlo In the Inter
nal affairs of Moxico, nnd In tho Sen
ate n majority of both sides of tho
chamber will endeavor to provent
open discussion of the travail through
which the republic south of the lllo
Grande Is passing.
This was made clear today at tho
conclusion of a speech on the Mexi
can situation by Senator Stone of
Missouri, who advocated empowering
tho ( President to use tho nrmy and
nnvy In any way ho might sco fit to
protect American lives and property.
Tho resolution was referred to tho
foreign relations committee, which Is
not likely to act upon It soon. '
Senators Culloni, Bacon, Hoot and
Lodge, members of this committee,
Immediately doplored public discus
sion of a sister republic's troubles, and
soveral took the Mlssourlan sharply to
task for tho tenor of his remarks, sug
gesting thnt such discussions should
occur only In executive session.
Souator Bacou suld he wanted It
understood that tho vlowa Mr. Htona
expressed are not universally shared
in tho Senate. Ho snld that to glvo
tho President power to uso tho army
and navy as ho may sco fit, Is In It
self n declaration of war," and tho
time for such an extreme courso had
not arrived. ,
Mr. loot was oven more emphatic
In his disapproval.
"Granting that Injuries had been
done to tho lives nnd property of Am'
erlcan .citizens that ought to be "re
dressed," ho said, "It docs not follow
that wo should begin tho process of
socuring redress by threatening force
upon the part of a lnrgor forco against
a smaller and weakoi ono."
This, ho said, would bo n reversal
of national policy and a stop, back
ward in civilization. Ho regarded the
adoption of a resolution giving tho
President such broad discretion as
equivalent to a declaration of war. It
prefaced with a threat "our demand
for reparation,1' ho said.
In tho interest of peace Senator
Lodgo doprccatcd discussion of "the
situation in Mexico a country for
which, he snld, wo havo had none but
tho kindliest feelings.
Senator Culberson of Texas Intro
duced a resolution declaring It to bo
tho sense of the Scnato that "Inter
vention by the -United States In tho
oxlsting revolution In Moxico would
be without justification and contrary
to tho Bottled principle) of this govern
ment of non-lntorferenco in tho do
mestic concerns of other countries,"
nnd that "tho oxtent In which tho Un
ited States should go In tho present
emergency In Mexico Is to enforco
tho neutrality laws with vigor and
fully protect iTfo nnd property within
their limits nlong tho Mexican boun
dary lines."
Tho commltteo Is busy on tho horse
fair. It will certainly bo a gala day,
Arrangements havo been made for
tho cast half of Tabernacle block for
Judging grounds. Stables and horso
feed havo been provided for compet
ing horses, nnd tho attendants will al
so bo provided with meal tickets, etc.
Tho transportation committee has tho
mattor of rates In hand, and complote
announcement will bo mado In our
noxt issue.
In tho Common Room club tennis
tournament tho following matches
woro played Wednesday: G. I). Hon
drlcks defeated Irwin McNIcco, 6-1,
3-C, 0-3; W. F. Powell defoatod J. D.
Van Wagoner, 63, 6-0; and C. F. Mar
tineau, Jr., defoatod E. P. Hoff, 6-0.
REP. Hi : )
' !ri '
Wants to Sisp The Sale if I
Obsolete Firearms H
Washington, D, C, April 19. (Spqc- M
inl.) Representative J. Hampton H
Moore, of Pennsylvania, belongs to
the rather exclusive order of the
"Doers of Things" rnthor than to the H
moro numerous society, tho "Dream- H
ers of Things." In short, Moore J. H
Hampton Is a live, Blzzllng wiro In H
tho halls of Congress, and as n conse- H
quonco, is raroly IobI from tho public IH
gaze, albeit In many n phase credit- )l
nblo to htm. H
Tho other day Mr. Mooro Introduced H
a bill and Joint resolution designed to H
stop tho salo of obsolete arms on tho H
part of tho govornment, nnd calling H
upon the constituted authorities to set H
tho ball rolling for a world conference H
looking to an international agreement H
to put a stop to the salo of antiquated H
guns, rifles and other firearms. H
Explaining hlB measure, Mr. Mooro H
said: "Wo aro tho greatest offenders H
against tho peaco and order of some H
of tho Central and Latin American H
countries, becnuko wo have put it In H
the power of lnsurrectos nnd other H
disturbing persons to mako trouble at
any time.' Wo' aro not tho only offon- H
dors, because tho great nations aro H
constaantly selling their old arms, as H
wo do, when they find they havo con- H
trlved something bettor. On 'several, H
occasions I havo sought to learn why H
wo, sell -Uld arms, and the- only rv . H
swer has been that wo got somo mon- H
oy out of them; that If wo did not. sell H
them, wq'd neglect to do what other M
nations did. What does It profit a nh- jH
tlon If It obtains, a fow thousand dol- ll
Iars from tho snlq of discarded gun.-,
and then has to send battleships and lM
armies to kop peaco along tho border. 'H
That seems to be our position along '
tho Moxlcan border today. Wo 'havo ,H
been selling our old guns to mor- H
.chants and junk dealers, and they '
have been soiling them to ngonta for H
the Insurrectionists, with tho result H
that wo aro now spending what mnv H
approach millions of dollars to keop H
tho peaco. Wo ought to stop tho prac- B
tlco of selling old guns, whether oth- M
or nations do it or not, and then we M
should try to get tho other nations to M
do tho same thing. We could mako no ;
greater contribution to tbo causo of
public pcaco. But, breaking 'up theso iM
old arms, wo would also provent a j
grpat many murders, suicides nud iB
othor nets of domestic violence."
Representative Stephen M. Spark- .'
man of Florida , chairman of tho J
nivors nnd Harbors commltteo, who !pB
Is committed to tho policy of annual 'J
waterway hills, as advocated by tho BVJ
National Rivers and Harbors Congress flj
has announced that there will bo no fllfl
rlvor nnd harbor bill during tho pres- M
ent session of Congress. Thorn will B
bo hearings, howovr during tho bos- H
slon, In order that tho now members M
of tho commltteo may becomo familiar jilH
with tho subjects which will engross jil
tholr attention whon they como to lll
prcparo the bill noxt wlntor; and the ll
committee, or a least a part of It !
commltteo, or nt least n part of It M
dor way or contemplated, In order B
that Intelligent legislation may result. oLU
In speaking of tho propaganda in- HiU
nuguratod moro than ten years ago i( JflKj
by tho National nivors and Harbors' imH
Congress, for liberal annual water- nS
way Improvement bills, Mr. Sparkman iKP
Bntd: 4t
"Tbo campaign of education, which "' Vm!R
thin great national organization has IKB
been carrying on, has been of vast Mm
benefit in creating a public sentiment jRi4v
looking to tho needs of tho wholo i'UkiH
country along tho lines of making liBI
our rivers work, thoroby assisting In t'ftl
a solution of tho great problom of 'jHi
transportation," r"D
Miss Ethol Cutler of Proeton ,wm jH
n Logan visitor Friday. VLH

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