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THE LOQAN HLHUBLICAN Saturday, Aprlt Tl, 1011.
H ; j PAGE rwo '
I ' x T&RM
H f . t t -"jrvgY tfrac
B i Better Quality and More Bushel Per
H' Acre Should De the Watchword
H pi of Every Firmer.
H . , (I)y PllOP. A. T WIANCKK
m 5 ; First, I would nay, begin corn breed-
B I ( Ing work upon n small scnle. I would
H .ii emphasize this becauso jmi rnn glvo
H n small plat more attention unci It la
H i bettor to make n big liiiprovi'inuut In
H n small lot of corn tlinu n small tin-
B ,,' I provcnient in a largo lot. A Hinall
BH plat planted with the few very beat
HH ears will product! enough to provldo
HH 1 ''a flno quality of need corn for tlio gen-
HH ' ernl crop tho following season.
HH ; To begin with, you Bliould secure n
HH few good earn of tlio very best vn-
HB vlety for jour conditions. If you liavo
HH I not already got It, It may bo advltinblo
HB I to conduct a small variety teitt of
HB those varieties which appear to milt
HB your conditions. In this preliminary
BBl work tho varieties should be planted
BBl ddo by sldo under tho sumo conditions
BBC and n careful study of each made.
PBfl i Having selected the variety with
IBB I I which you wish to begin, giro up all
ilf v others and keep the variety pure by
i t careful selection and keeping tliu
BBMt ' breeding plant Isolated so that pollen
PBM from other fields cannot reach it.
PBH You can nlwas And a spot upon tho
PBB farm whero a small plant can ba Iso-
PBH lated. Tliero aro Just us good rea-
PBB ons for keeping a variety of corn
PBH I pure as there are for keeping a breed
BBJ of live stock pure
BBJ For tho breeding pint wo should
BBJ nlways select a good, clean piece of
BBj ground, whero tho corn can be given
BBj the very best attention. Don't be
pBBj afraid of spending too much time on
BBJ this small plat. If you use tho pro-
pBV i' duct as seed for the next year's field
PBB: ' crop, you will bo many times repaid
pBBj j fcr tho extra trouhlu. .
pBBj l'lant each two ears In alternate
BBJ rows and detnssel all tho rows of one
pBBj of the cars, to prevent In-brecdlng,
BBJ "n(1 select seed for next year's plat
BBj from the detasscled rows.
BBJ AH breeding should bo towards a
pBBj ' single, definite typn. In carrying out
pBBj ' ' this wo must keep In mind the size,
BBj form and color of the ear; the farm,
BBt depth, Bhape, roughness and hurdl-
BBf '. ' neBH of the kernel; the covering of
BBJ . butts and tips; thu time of maturity,
pBBj "- etc. The character and size of the
pBBJ i Btnlfc and the root and leaf develop.
pBBJ inent, as well as the position' and char-
PBBJ ' actcr of tho shunk, must also be kept
BBf in mind. A good, vigorous stalk may
BBf ! make the difference between n good
HjBj and poor crop, especially when sen-
BBJ Koua aro unfavorable
pBBJ Productiveness must, of course, al-
BBJ! ways be a leading Interest and nil
pBBj i bun en and weuk stalks should be
BBJ destroyed hefoie they shed pollen.
BBJj . The careful corn bleeder should be
BBJ personally acquainted with each and
pBBJ every stall; In tho breeding plat and a
BBt i record of tlio pedigrees of each so-
BBJj lerted for seed In the breeding plat
BBS ' Bhnuld bo kept
BBv 0ne Corductor Helped Back to Work
BBl' '
pBBj Mi- W'llfonl Adam is his name, nntl
pBBJ liu writes: "I was confined to my bed
pBBJl with chronic iheumntlsiu and used
BBV. two bottles of Foley's Kidney Remedy
pBBJt with good effect ,and the third hot-
PBBF, ' tie pue me on my feet." It clear.! tho
. blood of uric acid.
BBK i Co-op Drug Co.
BBKl f
pBBJ! J Kvcrtoii & Sons roport very good
BBW- trndo lu spring lines this yoar. Thoy
pBBJ..' iCro building oxtonslvo additions to
BBB their storo to tako cota ol their lu-
BBHl! '
v creased trado.
BjBjt' Found to Form Valuable and Econom-
IBW,; , leal Addition to Skim Milk Re.
BBB't ' of Experiment.
BBBLt ,: I
BBBt " nts beel r",ul "'l denatured
pBBBn I ugr forms a valuable and economl-
pBBEi cal addition to skim milk for calves.
BBBJ ' Denatured augur Is sugar to which
BBBji ' various Ingredients Iihto been added
BBBJ'i for th purpose of rendering It unfl!
BBBJkl,. for human consumption It Is claimed
PBBfis! it i that, contrary to gpuerul belief, It
BBBMIL' '. I L doe not llliv" a" ,nJurtous "ffect on
PBBEK f P the digestive organs; on the contrary
BBBB& ; that Its solubility renders It more dl-
PBBBP , geatlble, and that It has a high food
BBBf value. The amount fed At tlrst U
BBBf . ' one ounce per quart of skim milk, and
BBB?"'! It l claimed that It can be fed to
", ?- n calves ten days after birth without
BBBjBp.)! danger. At first not over 3Vi ounces
pBBBH Is given at u feeding, but afterwards
PBB I x the amount may bo raised to IVi
pBBB I ? ounces per quart of skim milk.
BBBV Vj3i f Uvo lt,,B ot fo,ir (H,ve" euc-1' fe(1
pBBw - V! on skim milk supplemented by starch
BBBJv r y Hk' nnd denatured augur, aa an export-
BBB)'1. '' j rnent, the respectlvo profits averaged
BBBt;' ' v , pB (13.24 per cult In the lot fed sugar and
BBj V tBvAlBk ,4'U ln tle ,ed Bt&rcn- Tlie calves
BBK1 V '.BBBBBs " trij kept nu average
Flute Made From Bone of Defunct
Enemy and Drum Cover From
Skin of Leader.
The Guildford gentleman's dlscoV'
ery that n tolcrnblo tune can bo
played on a bicycle pump Is not so
wonderful, after nil. Did not Illchnrd
Htraiifs Includo n schoolmaster's cane
In the orchestra for tho performance
of "Klectra," and a now Instrument
called tho hcckclphono, which should
bo useful In electioneering? lluffnlo
horns, of course, have often been util
ized for moro or less musical pur
poses, and In tho olden dnys fishes'
shells nnd tho shnnks nnd shin bones
of anlmuls were inndo to give forth
tunes of sorts. During tho Maori war
wo discovered a natlvo chief with a
very tolcrnblo fluto fashioned out of
tho bono of a defunct enomy, but If
any ono has doubts as to tho music
that can ho got out of bones, let him
pny n visit to any Kngllsh seaside
resort ln tho coming summer. During
ono of tho Servian campaigns somo
twenty years ago tho troops marched
to battle making hideous "music" out
of old snucepaus and kettles, nnd
when John Xlska. the great Hussite
lender, died, his skin was tanned and
mado Into a drum cover In tho hopo
that tho resultant "music" would
serve an n magical Inspiration to tho
troops Only n fow years ngo tho
Austrian bands each carried five or
bIx "serpents" In tho front rank.
Theso Instruments were ln tho form
of a snake, tho bell being shaped to
represent Its mouth, and painted
blood-red Inside, with lingo whlto
teeth nnd a wagging tongue, which
moved up nnd down lit ever step.
Poetic Apprentice.
A grocer's apprentice addicted to
poetry has summoned his employer,
a rich merchant of Ougltsa, Servla,
for unlawful dismissal. Tho mer
chant explained thnt his customers
loft because tho boy answered nil
questions ln rhymo and detained peo
plo while ho fixed motcr nnd verso
Moreover, ho greeted his employer
with a new couplet every day. The
court found tho merchant Justified nnd
advised tho npprcntlco to mend his
ways. Holgrado Cor. I'nll Mall Gn-zetto.
If you havent tho tlmo to cxorclso
regularly, Doan's Itegulets will pre
vent constipation. They Induce a mild,
easy, healthful action of tho howols
without griping. Ask your druggist for
them. 25c.
Snobbery Sifted Into Fanatical Rellg.
loua Faith Pale Description of
Social Conditions.
First of nil caste Is a question of
birth, and there Is no entry eveept by
birth. A worker In a coal mine may
heroine a part owner thereof, and his
daughter marry a peer, and his grand
son become a peer of Kngland. No
millions will enable tho low caste Hin
du to marry Into n Itrnhmau fntully or
even to touch the hand, or throw his
shallow on tho food of a Hrahman lu
If n man Is excommunicated by his
caste fellows In India, no one of tho
ensto will eat with him, accept water
from his hands or marry him. Ills
own wlfo will not touch htm or speak
with him. lie Is dead to his family
T e barber even will not shave him.
or cut Ills hair, or his toe nails.
A Hrahman clerk has been known
to distribute legal documents by
throwing them down at the end of
the village streot In which Uvo his
low casto brethren. Letter carriers
have been known to refuse to ciu-r
the houses of, or to permit themselves
to coma Into personal contact with
those ot a lower status than them
If ono could picture to oneself so
cial snobbery lifted Into a fanatical
religious faith, It would be a pale de
scription of tlio Iron subdivisions of
casto ln India. There Is no patriotism,
and can bo none, ln a country thus
divided against Itself. Scrlbner's
Receptacle Fills Itself as Often at
Emptied, but Never Overflows
Valve Does Work.
A watering trough which will nil
na often as emptied but will not over
flow shown In the Illustration. The
trough hangs from :t spring arm, which
Is mounted on the water pipe. When
the trough becomes nearly filled with
Automatic Watering Trough.
water the weight forcos the valve stem
down and shuts off the supply, llefdre
the water In the trough Is completely
exhausted, the spring arm no long
or held down by the weight lUts suf
ticicntb to raise tho valve and start
the tlow
Make Excellent Substitute for Real
Article and Do Not 'Sag as
Leather Will Always Do.
Two of my ranch buildings were
built with a small space between them,
and thlB space 1 had occasion to close
up wlth.n gnte, writes Frank Robert of
Lander, Vyo In Popular Mechanics. I
had no hinges itt hand nnd knowing
that that thoso mnde of leather always
sag, I bet about to make up -something
thnt would answer the purpose. I sc
Staples Used for Gate Hinges.
cured four large stuples nnd drovo
two ot them Into ono of tho buildings
bo the polntu of eaoh stolo were In a
horizontal iosltlon, allowing a small
portion of each to project. Into theso
I plnced tho other btup' s and drovo
them Into the gnto with their points ln
it vertical position. Tho Illustration
Bhows tho position of tho staples. This
mado a good bingo tor tho light gate I
Physician Receives a Present of as
Much as Patient Can
A .Tnpanese doctqr never dreams of
asking a poor patient for r. fee. There
Is a proverb among the mcdlcnl frater
nity In Jnpan: "When the twin ene
mies poverty nnd disease Invade a
home, then ho who tnkes might from
thnt home, even It It be given him, Is a
"Often," remarked a recent lecturer
on "Mfo lu Japan," "a doctor will not
only glvo his time nnd medicine freo
to tho suffprcr, but he will ulso give
him money to tide over his dlro neces
sities. Kvery physlclnu Is his own dis
penser, and there are very fow apothe
caries' shops in the empire.
"When oven a rich man calls In n
doctor ho does not expect that ho will
receive a bill for medical services; In
fnct no such thing' as a doctor's hill Ij
known In Japan, although nearly all
modern practices are In voguo there.
Tho strict honesty of tho people dues
not make It necessary for the doctor
lo nsk a fee. When he has finished his
visits to the patient a present Is 'made
lo him. Just as much as tho patient
can afford. The doctor smiles, bows,
thanks his patient, and the transaction
's settled.
No Profit In Allowing Animals to Run
Down In Flesh During Winter
Should Have Grain.
(Uy W. M. KKI.I.KY.)
I know dairymen who do not feed
strippers or dry cows any grain food
during the winter until they freshen
late lu tho winter or early spilng.
This may bo a cheap way of loughlng
them through the winter, but bucIi
methods liuve noter leturned a protlt
jii tho writer's fnrnt.
I know that It seems it loss to feed
dry cows, but It is not so much n ques
tion as to whether a farmer can af
ford to feed them grain as It Is
whether or not ho cun afford to have
them become run down ln tlesh uiid
he unable to glvo a good yield of milk
after they freshen lu tho spring
Two pounds of goo I wholesome
giuln food a duy to each cow will help
wonderfully and In connection with
good ensilage nnd clover buy will main
tain her In very good condition.
Wo have found early cut clover hay
one of the best winter feeds for dairy
cattle. We have often changed from
clover to tlr othy hay r .d Invariably
the yield of milk would Tall off.
Well cured clovor hay comes nearer
to being n balanced food than any
other ono crop wo giow on our farms
If the cow could hold enough clovor
hny wo would not need to feedvany
thing else, hut she likes it variety and
does decldeo y better wnen fed ensil
age with her clover hay Corn ensil
age adds palatablllty and succulence
to the ration and makes It easier to
I masticate and digest thuu dry fodder
The silo Is also a greut saver of la
bor and burn room and four tons of
corn ensilage can bo ..tored In the
sp.ce occupi i by ono tt i of hny. '
The dairyman who Is without a
silo to provide succulence during the
winter mouths Ii certainly up against
u hard pnixisltlon
' m
The English Crisis.
Jason Illogg of I'ltlshurg) Well,
Ilypatlit. which of "em have you con
cluded to take, the Karl of Oldpark
or the Count Appogglattirn? Miss Hy.
patlit I'm golpg to uwult develop
ments, pop If the Karl loses his veto,
maybe I'll take tho Count. London
Stops earacho In two minutes; tooth
ncho or pain of hum or scald in five
I minutes, hoarseness, ono hour, mus
i clench two hours, sore throat twelve
' hours- Dr Thomas Klectrlc Oil, mon
, nrch over palp
Are Great Delicacy and Represent
Choice Dish of Cabbage Family
Allow Plenty of Room.
This plant deserves more attention
than It usually receives In most gar
dens throughout the country. Mauy
people do not grow It at all, The lit
tle sprouts borne In great profusion In
the uxlls of tho leaves are a great
delicacy nnd represent n choice dish
of the cabbage family.
They are cooked similar to cabbage.
They aro very hardy nnd may be
grown In tho north ns well as tho
south, ns they may bo left out until
Brussels Sprouts.
freezlug weather begins. Light freez
ing docs not Injure this plimt, and
It Is thought by many that freezing
really Improves It.
Tho plants may bo started In the
hot bed and handled similar to cab
bage They should bo transplanted
when the bcedllngs show tho third
lenf Grow them rapidly and trans
plant to the open ground ns soon as
weather permits In tho spring. Set
out in a rich, moist section of tho gar
den, and allow plenty of room. Thero
aro many varieties of Drusscls
sprouts, but ouo will have no difficulty
in securing a satisfactory varietv ns
most nil of them are desirable.
Implement Will Be Found of Much
Benefit Where Little Jobs Are
Needed How to Make One.
Thero are many Jobs upon tho farm
that require a (cw hours' use of a
scraper, yet aro not tmportant enough
to require tho purchase of one. Tho
scraper shown In Illustration may bo
constructed ot two-inch thick planking,
securely bolted together and also re
inforced with angle Irons, to muko tho
joints more secure against the strain.
The blade or cutting surface Is made
of an old saw blade, bolted to tho box
An Easily Made Scraper.
as shown In Illustration. The horses
aro attached by a chain fastened to
two iron hooks, one upon each side ot
tho bcraper. With two handles It is
complete and ready to save many
times its cost In small tilling Jobs.
Church Maintained Theater.
St. Paul's cathedral In London
actually maliitnlued a tbeatcr during
the reign of Kilzabeth and tho first
years of the reign of James I. An
adjacent building was used as a the
ater, ami tho actors were the boys of
tho choir The company presented
many of tho most Important playB of
the time
State Engineer's Otrice,
Salt I.nko City, Utuh, Fob. U, VJll
Notlco is hereby given that Olol
Sonno, whoso post offlco nddre-iK Is I
Logan, Utah, has in.nl 3 application in
accordances with thu requirements of
tho compiled Laws of Utah, 1907, us
amended by tho Session Laws of
Utah, 1909, to appropriate twclvo (1?)
cub feet per second of water from
Three Mile Creek, Cacho count),
Utah. Said witter will bo diverted nt
a point which lies 2,145 feet south iitid
1,820 feet west of the northeast oilier
of section 29, township 12 north, range
1 west, Salt Luke base and meridian,
from whero it will he conveyed hy
menus of n canal for a distance of
1,485 feet and there used during tho
period from Juno 1 to Sepetmher 15,
Inclusive, ot each year, to Irrlcuto
120 acres of Innd embraced lu sec
tlons 28 nnd 29, township 12 north,
Itnugo 1 west, Salt Lnko baso and me
ridian. This application Is designated
in the Stato F.nglnecr's office as No.
All protests fignlnst tho granting of
said application, stating tho reasons
therefor, must be nindo by affidavit
in duplicate nnd filed In this office
within thirty (.10) days nftor tho com
pletion of the publication of this no
tice CALKIi TANNnit.
Stato Knglneor.
Date of first publication April 12,
1911 Dnto of completion of publlca.
tlon May 12, 1911. myl2
Delicately Expressed.
"It Is not nlwnys necessary to make
n direct acc-sntlon," said tho lawyer
who was asking damages because In
sinuations had been mado nginut his
client's good name "You may have
heard of the woman who called to
tho servant girl. ",Mnry. Mary, como
hero nnd tnko tho parrot downstairs
the ninster has dropped his collar,
stud.'" Tlt-Illts,
Eccentric Work Basket.
Thero aro vorkbng3 mado ot tur
tles. Could anything bo odder? And
yet they are not unattractive, queer
as they sound. The shell of the tur
tle Is lHcd with some gay silk, and
the tall Is pulled over nnd inserted
In the mouth, then used ns a handle.
They mako nlco sowing baskets, nnd
will undoubtedly appeal to tho lovers
of the eccentric. ,
The Working Man telephones
"Who was that talking, John?"
"Oh, that was Mr. Blank. He wants me to go to work for him tc
morrow." The workman who ha:, n Bell Telephone In his home greatly In
creases his chance for work.
Men who hire workmen usually have telephones. The man who
can bt reached on the telephone nets the first chance. The .Bell
Telephone System, with Its local and long distance connections, op
ens the door of opportunity.
Ig Rocky Mountain Bell
nmLn Telephone '2o.
J ijWk --For rates and service call
Y&.JV"?y7 -W3S ALMA OL3EN, Manager.
.11 No Extra charge for this service
I The First National Bank, Logan Utah $
nf offers exceptional facilities for the handling of your banking bus!- mf
S ilk.
ness. Vt
For example If you nre a customer and want to send raonej 4$
Jitwuy, wo sni.I. you n hank draft. A
If you are a customer, and have money you want to loan, our nd- tjk
Svlco and services aro at your command. Ul
By having a checking account with this bank and issuing checlca
and mnklng deposits, you nre, unaware to yourself, gradually build- 7S
J Ing up the most valuable asset a man can have, namely: A GOOD
$THIS CItEDIT IS EXTENDED to others away from home with
whom you might seek accommonn tlon. $$&
SSOMK DAY you might need to HOIIROW: the CUSTOMER RE- t
celves r.ot only tho accommodation but tbo preference of rates and Ji
S amount, whllo the NON-Customer may ln times of stringency meet A
A Thos. Smart, President. James Qunylo, VIcePresIdonL A
! Jno, H. Anderson, 2nd Vice- PreB Allan M. Fleming, Cashier. fc
. H. r. Crockett, Asst-Cashlor. ife
ayiTwTg7-iTfri-"iT'i'""'rrii''i' iiiibwmmbmwiibMbbwmwmbmm
1 The Painter Knows Your pointer win ten you
jt' bjb aMHsB"w5!53it,1at we are headquarters
! r-fl5? J?M IbL. or tne kest Pa'nt'nK ma"
y noflmiCTl terials, Linseed oil (that
v jSJjLii w'mIpK yu can re'y on as xtract
l&Tfir $SK)i9 f F,axseed-) Pure White
vC ' rWrmrM Lead (tne :5out"ern brand
tt Of 5fflpp with the Dutch Boy Pain-
WMW I JjWlBr terTradeMark)antl other
wl J 1 Wft fM tn"J?s of quality. Brush-
l ((a ( H-S . A3m. e-s Varnishes, Stains, etc.
1 1 , wi'fjHfl Let lls ta,k Pa,nt with
MBHBBBHHMHWBaB vjtxsKsxximisxramjTsismmammmk
Passing Through the Famous
And tho fertile Fruit and Agricultural Districts ot Colorado & Utah
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers
From Salt Lake to Denver, Chicago nnd St. Louis -without Change
of Cars. For Folders, IlvokletB, Etc., address,
F. A. "WADLEIGH, G. P. A. I A. I1ENTON, G. A. P. D.
Denver, Colorado. Salt Lake City, TJUh

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