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ip Clje 00rtn publican. I
I Booster Committees Hard at
I . Work
H According to the entries that aro
Hj coming for the horse fair and Iho ar
id rangements made by tho different
I committees ot tho Commercial Boost
B crs' club ,tho horso fair this year will
j bo a "hummer," that Is, providing tho
1 -weather Is favorablo and of courso
I wo shall havo fair weather for such n
I . big event. . ""
1 All tho farmers and especially tho
& horsemen should deem It a privilege
I to seo and tnko part In tho horso fair,
becauso every ribbon or prlzo won In
I creases tho valuo and notoriety of tho
horse. Besides It gives the horsemen
Rj good information and Btlmulates'com
M petition among them, thereby raising
Si tho standard of tho Cache Valley hor
tg sen. It would bo very detrimental to
tho horsemen and farmers directly
M- and to all Indirectly to let the Inter-
H est In tho horso fair decrease-
J More money is being spent and more
9 hard work Is being dono to make this
B horso fair n success than heretofore
3 on any other fair. Tho ways and
'I means committee had done excellent
5 A-. work In soliciting fundB from tho mer-
f chants to tako enro of tho horsemen
i and their horses. Tho different com-
mlttees aro being kopt busy meeting
I nnd outlining the work.
The advertising and promotion com
tnittco has arranged for a big display
advertisement In tho Box Elder News,
Smlthtlcld and Hjrum papers, and our
i! own local papors. Posters are being
sent to different parts of Cacho and
tho surrounding counties. It tho roads
aro lnpretty good condition two au
tomobllo parties will mako a tour of
tho valley and advertise tho horse
. . fair by talking It up mid distributing
Tho judging of tho horses will tako
. place on tho Tabernacle Bquare. A
sub comraltteo of tho public entertain
ment commltteo will ropo tho grounds
and seats will bo arranged to mako It
as convenient for tho people as pos
sible. A waiting or rest room In the
Tabernaclo will bo provided for tho
women. Tho A. C. U. band of 27
pieces will bo on hand to make things
Another Important feature of the
day will bo tho big ball gamo between
Logan nnd Wellsvlllo. It will no doubt
bo tho big gamo of tho season. Mr. II.
T. Stonoy has a good lineup nnd wo
aro Biiro Wollsvlllo will bo thoro flth
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Word comes from Provo that Mr.
Ariel F. Cardon, former editor of this
paper, was operated upon for nppen-
M dlcltls nt a Provo hospital on Satur-
day evening last at 5 oclock. Tho op
eration was successful, but somewhat
moro serious than at first anticipated.
Sunday brought forth ft fairly good
lay, and as his mother Mrs, J-ucy 8.
Cardon had rccelvod no word to tho
contrary at tho tlmo of going to press
last evening, ho apparently spont a
good day yesterday. Mrs. Cardon
leaves for Provo this mornlg. Tho no
publican hopes for his successful nnd
early recovery.
Senator Young Shows Its
Possibilities in Speech
As Logan City Is about to change
her form of government and operato
under what Is known as tho Des
Moines plan of government, wo print
Itorowlth an address by Senator La
fayette Young of Iowa, the homo of
tho Des Moines plan, on tho commis
sion form, of government. Mr. Young
Is an nrdont advocate of tho system,
and recently made tho following ad
dress In the U. S. Senate:
"Mr. President: If I had anticipated
the long and Interesting debato which
has Just taken place on tho matter
of newspaper circulation and postage,
I should not have given notlco of an
Intention to submit remarks today on
a subject Involving many phases of
representative government.
"The Intelligent observer must
havo discovered during tho past 23
years a constant and general Increase
not in the functions of government,
but In tho subdivisions and consequent
division of authority among those who
dlschargo thoso functions. I refer to
tho government of tho states ns well
as to tho government of tho nation.
In every state thero nro samples of
duplicated power. For Instance, whore
a county contains a largo city thoro
Is jnalntalned both a county nnd .1
city government In tho action lately
the country had an example of an ef
fort upon tho part of tho President of
tho United States to discover whether
ho or tho head of the Bureau of For
estry was running tho country.
Strangely enough a considerable num
ber of American people Joined In the
controversy and helped the subordin
ate to the belief that ho was running
tho country.
"I bellevo that government Is best
which Is most slmplo and direct and
thus easily comprehended. The ten-'
doncy In the business world has been
for many years toward concentration,
but In our political affairs we may be
following tho example of the Chlneso
Empire, where every educated man is
supposed to bo in tho employ of tho
government. When ho comes out of
scho61, If thoro Is no offlco for him to
hoUCthoy assign him to watching
another Chinaman who already holds
an office. In other words, they put
thp young Chinamen to watching tho
old Chinamen. The division nnd di
versification of authorty has resulted
in tho "Muebookj" of tha majority of
the states being burdened with tho
names of boards of rovlow, commit
tees, nnd commissions almost without
number. It is a peculiarity of Ameri
can government for those charged
with authority to dolegato a part of
to somebody else. This results in
great confusion and In no practical
help to tho people.
"Somo years ago thero camo to tho
western country u distinguished rail
road mnnngor from Pennsylvania. Ho
thought ho could teach tho western
railroad managers how to run rail
roads. His road In the Bast had been
hauling hard coal. Tho cars could be
switched aud Jammed around tho sldo
tracks without much danger ot dam
ago. Ho thought tho hog and cattle
trains could bo troated In tho same
way. He boasted that ho was going
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.Uncle Sam's Regulars Cheerful
Over War Maneuvers In Texas.
Those of the United States regular troop who have been ordered to Texas
for tho mysterious wur maneuvers tnre probably less worried over tho affair
than many stay-at-homes who cannot understand tho situation. The soldiers,
who do not euro whether Mexico Is to bo Invaded or tho war gnmc to bo prac
ticed under the hot Texns sun, nro enjoying life to (he utmost nnd welcomed
the voyago or rnllwny trip with approbation.
The Brlghnm Young College Opera
company left this morning fcr Brig
ham and Ogden where they will pres
ent tholr latest and most pronounced
success "The M.;cklng Bird." The
oporn will be given nt Brlgham tonight
and nt Ogden to-morrow night. This
afternoon tho coinpnny villymnko tho
hearts of tho old folks of tn'o peach
town glad with a free performance. At
Brlgham they are sure of a whrm ie
ceptlon. President Oleen N. Stohl,
who Is also trustee ot the college, nnd
his chnrmlng wife throw tho gates ot
the city wldo open, nnd never can do
too much for tho B. Y. C, students. At
Ogden Principal W. W. Henderson ot
tho Weber Stake Academy a former
professor of tho college Is .doing nil
ho enn for tho success of tho opera
at tho Junction city, and prospects
aro more than fair for a successful
Hntes over tho railroad have betm
nrrnnged for Drlghnni' nnd Ogden,
the Brlgham rate being $1.25, and tho
Ogden rate $1.75.Ja''o thoso who deslio
to go with tho company to Brlgham
they enn do so nt tho $1.2r rate, nnd
return on regular trains. Thpso who
desire to go with tho company- to Og
den should buy the Ogden ticket at
$1.75 nnd return with tho company af
ter tho performance on Wednesday ev
ening. The company will tako tho reg
ular trnin out of Ogden nt 1:15 n. in.
nnd nrrlve at Cacho Junction at 3:00,
where n special will bo wnlting to
bring It to Logan.
All friends of tho Collego who de
sire to mako a trip to Brlgham or Og
den should tnko ndvnntnge of this
very chenp rato, and at tho same tlmo
It will bo to tho ndvnntngo of tho col
lege, from tho fnct that tho larger
tho crowd the moro Interest nnd spir
it Is manlfosted,,and thoigreator tho
advertisement 'for tho schools, city
nnd county. .Mako It n s-ecoid breaker
of n trlp.'All-flboard.
u -'" -
Inasmuch ns tho quarterly confer
ence of tho Cacho stako will bo hold
on tho first Sundny In May, wo rec
ommend that in all tho wardH of tho
stako. Fast day aorvlco ,"w!U bo held
on Sunday April 30th. signed,
The bond campaign was opened last
Friday night at Clarkston. Tho meet
ing was well attended nnd tho county
commissioners had a good heart to
heart talk with tho taxpayers, explain
ing In detail tho condition ot tho coun
ty, and tho needs of tho bonds. Tho
methods ot spending tho money was
fully explained, tho peoplo asked ques
tions nnd took part In tho meeting,
nnd nil went nwny feeling well satis
fied, nnd tho prospectn nro that tho
people of Clarkston will come to tho
aid of the commissioners aud voto tho
bonds. Further meetings have been ar
ranged as follows: Hyde Park Wednes
day evening, IBotson Friday evening,
and Providence Saturday ovenlg, all
of this week and 8 o'clock. Tho com
missioners, nnd perhaps other speak
ers will address the meetings, and In
asmuch as they aro taxpayers' meet
ings, It is hoped they will all turn out.
Talk It over together and thoro will
bo a better understanding of tho at-affair.
Mrs. Magnus Olesou sends In tho
following which explains Itself:
I'M Iter Hopublican:
I very much regret tho reports thnt
havo appeared In tho pages In Which
my .husband Magnus Olesen was cal
led a wlfo beater, and with your kind
permission desire to say through tho
columns of your paper that accusa
tion against my husband was not
made by mo, hut was made by n worn
nn who had no right to meddlo or In
terfere In my family affairs.
Mr. Olesen Is a good husband, and I
have nothing to complain of, as I con
slder that ho has done tho best ho
could bj myself nnd fnmlly .
Wednesday!, April 20th boiug an
nual Cleanup day, all business houses
are requested to closo tholr respective
places from 8 . m. to 1 p. m. And It
Is earnestly desired that all citizens
who havo the wellfaro oftho city at
heart will set out and Uelj) tho various
cleanup day committees. Signed.
Quiet Buying Continues Among
Private Stock
r mo In receipt of the National
(. oppet Bank's Trado nnd Flnnnco
Letter and print lioieullli a part of
th" samo which is Interesting tending
Tho spirit of .-j lBcrvatlsn. 'In gen
eral still prevnil3, una wo believe
wisely so, with an optimistic under
ton. which, In respect to the lccnl sit
uation 1b without doubt Justified by
tho facts. Tho Unltoi States has n
good trado balance In Its favor for tho
'Inl quarter of I'JII, having sold
nh'-ond many mlllloiirJ dollars worMi
of cotton .steel, .Iron, stocks, bonds
ilid jfhort term uo.-i5.
1 hero has; not boon a return of tho
speculative tendeuo, but quiet buying
continues among tho' preferred stocks
of large Industrial corporntloUTIiCBO
concerns, representing somo toirulU
lion ot dollars of Invested capital, ato
awaiting tho decisions of tho Su
premo Court on tho cases still pend
ing. Thoy nro not undertaking nggrea
five operntlons. Under these circuni
stances the volumo of business nctu
ally being transacted, as shown by
the bank clearings of tho country, is
faiily satisfactory.
Not for many years has thoro been
such a demand for Bteor cattle: yov
llngs, two-year olds, nnd feederf. Tho
Ibices offered nro from $4 to $0 a
head higher than a year ago. Stock
ciUle nlso bring a considerably higher
piico at this time. Beef cattlp aro In
splendid demand, with prices ranging
about tho samo as one year ngo. Buy
er.i from, tho coast havo takeu many
tram loads out of Utah and southern
Idaho. Thirty thousand head havo
been shipped from tho southern coun
ties of Utah this Bprlug. Tho mountnlu
stites are bolng called upon to supply
tho Increasing annual Bhortago ot tho
const states, and wo aro profiting by
their Inability or disinclination to pro
vldo an adequate supply for tholr (in
Utah farmers are wisely cxpnnd'.ng
their feeding facilities. Wo do n:t ex
pwi a roturn to tho days ot enormous
herds and extensive grazing, but wo
aie sonBlble of n gradual InTeasj of
tho state herd. In former years, three
quarters of a million cattlo ranged In
Ltnh. This number has been reduced
to -ipproxlmntelv 1C0.000 head, it Is
oUlmated that at prosont about ono
half of tho former maximum number
i.f cattlo may bo found on tho farms
nnd ranges of Utah.
We urgo n return of attention to
emtio raising, nnd again po"it to tho
fac tha tour people need many thou
oauds of milch cows ns well m stock
far breeding and for beef.
Real Estate,
Local real estate values aro holding
'Inn. Tho homeseekers from the east
has been a fa'rly active buyer, i'ullil
!nr, operations aro fairly active. In tna
lown-town districts a number ot large
blructurcs have been startul, ana
mnt.y residences aro In course of con
Etrrctlon. Utah's Newest Hotel.
Within sixty dnys, tho Ho'.t) Ulih
will be thrown open to tho public.
Sal. Lnko can then boast ot u uustol
r) vhlch has no superior in all tho
webt, and which will comparo favor
ably, in building and equipment, with
Continued ,on Page 8.
Judge Maughan Imposes Fine H
of $75 Each H
Four young men of Logan appeared H
beforo Judge Maughan In tho district H
court last Saturday afternoon oil a. H
statutory charge. It seems that tho H
boys had been too familiar with a H
similar number ot girls, who through H
tho action ot Juvenile Court Judge IL H
A. l'cdcrseu, not very long ago were H
sent to tho reform school. In tho evl- H
denco presented, conditions woro ro- H
vcnled that not only residents of this H
city, but transients Inveigled young H
girls Into lives of shame. Judge H
Maughan was especially Bevero In tho H
case ot one, when he said, "It It could H
bo proved that ho had been responsible H
for the downfall ot tho girl In ques- H
tlon a charge of felony would havo B
.been Instituted.' An attorney for one H
-ofNuq boys raised thojiuestlon t'ut
the glrlsTwro old at the business and M
openly accused them of a grave M
chnrgo .Judgo Pedersc,u, on hearing M
this, rose to his feet and'jisked per- M
mission to say something I ir centra- ,
diction ot tho attorney In question, M
and spoke as to the general character M
of the girls In n fntherly way. M
After Judgo Maughan had cxcorla- M
ted the duo ho then fined them $75.00
nnd costs. ""J
George I). Brown, a drcck, was H
brought beforo Judgo H. A. Pedersen 'H
lt tho Juvenile Court on tho chargo
ofscontrlbutltig to tho delinquency nt H
a minor, and was fined $50 or fifty H
days In Jail. Upon filling this sontenco H
It Is understood that Brown will be H
held for trial In the higher courts. Tho H
girl In question was a wnrd of tho H
court on suspended scntenco td the """
Stnto Industrial Bchool, and,. It Is like-
ly that this sentence will Vce en- :l
On Thursday tho Oregon Shoal Lino fl
officials will visit Logan. They will jH
nirlvo on a special train -it . p. in., ll
nnd while hero will bo tho guoiU ot jH
tho Coinerclal-Doosters club and fl
the Agricultural Collego. Tho Booster. tfll
committee have the mattor ot enter- ,H
tnlnmcnl In hand and will seo to II ,
that our guests aro properly cared H
for. The party will be made up ot B
heads of jdopartments ot tho Shott iffAl
Lino, nnd tho Intent ot tho visit Is to liflU
get acquainted and talk over condl- jl
tlons aud things with the business
men of tho community. The parly will iflV
number a dozen or mcro nnd will be l
banqueted at tho Agrlcultur.il College, IH
and entertained at the Commovlnl ilffl
.club rooms. !?fiH
'-Uogular quarterly conforenco ot "IH
Cacho Stako will bo held In tho stako ,j
Tabernacle Sunday, May 7th. Moot- t!i'-B
Ings will bo held at 10 a. m., 2 p. m, lH
nnd 7:30 p. m. Spoclal music will bo '4538
prepared tor tho occasion. A spoclal jBfl
I-rlostliood meeting will bo held nn liH
Saturday May Cth at S p. m, Every ll
man holding tho prlostbood Is expect- fl
cd to be present. SIgnod, jH

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