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H fj paue rwo rr
i Senator Young Shows Its
J Possibilities in Speech
J; . Continued from Paw 1.
Hij' to tnlfo nB ninny as -10 curs ot live
W! atoclc in oiio train. While congregating
'i Ills trains tho nniinnls would Ho down.
K When ho started his trains thoso that
m happened to ho standing nil were
B thrown onto thoso thnt were lying
Hi ' down. Ilo found out,' also, when ha
fl started his trains thcro was coiishl-
Hj ' ornble slack nt tho couplings. This was
K ho coiiBldcrahlo that the last car In
Hj ' tho train had a lurch of about 3 1-2
H ' feet, which was not very healthy for
H i cattle. Ilo soon discovered that his
H ' idea ot hauling big trains of emtio
H,' and lings was a mistake. He had to
Hj . ' return to tho simplicity of the ineth-
H y ' ods which had preceded him. Our Am-
i , erica n system of government has
K spread out to such an extent tb.it. In
j my Judgment, It Is time to begin to
Hj take up the slack. Our railroad man is
Hj not thus moving live stock today. He
H has learned better netfeeds. The An-
K !j crlcan system of government Is rajiM-
H t Ijr .reaching a condition -where H Js
H. ' well eeoegh to consider better bsi-
H noss methods.
Hjj i . In every ooanty in the Middle West
H' ,, i you. will find goreramt-nlal functions
Hj i " multiplied. I presume the same Is
H' true elsewhere. In a county wh'ch nl-
B so supports a city there 'are township
Hjlii -clerks and clerks of Independent
H, I school districts; township treasurer!
Hji ' I and treasurers of Independent school
Hi districts. Then, besides all this, there
Hi; I are township trustees and road super-
H , visors. Above all these in a county
Hi; ! j -thoro nro boards of supervisors, and
HJ; I If n city is included in tho county,
H ( there will bo found a mayor, a city
B I council, and all tho officeiH incident
H J to a city government. All tills miichin-
H ' cry is cumbersome, ami though tho
H.' officeholders draw small salaries, in
HB tho aggregate they consume large
B' ' J I'arts of tho taxpayer's money. An ot-
H , t01t t0 abolish any of Uiubo offices is
Hj;' 'llko taking one's life lu one's hand.
HE ' Thus a government to Insure tho pro-
HV . ' toctlon of life mid property ami which
R ouglit to bo an Incident of citizenship
B 3 becomes one of tlio objects of exist-
Hk t L'nce. As a consequence, wo can ai-
Hi j "lost say that wo have a professional
HM'! officehoidlng class. Young men nro
HE 1 urged to hold offices. They oro told
Hb ! to adopt a career, and by career 1b
Hl ' j meant an office-holding career. The
He I real career ought to bo lu one ot tho
HE j threat professions or in manufacturing
Hb ' or running, victories won In any of
H those fields can not bo takofi awny
HB i by a primary election.
HB Tho government nearest to tho
H ! people ought to be tho city or -village
HB government, and being nearest tho
H 1 peoplo ouglit to bo tho nearest porfect.
HB Hut this is not a fact. Tho usual city
H or municipal government Is tho ono
HB for which all men now ttpologize.
J , , t seems that our forefathers were
BB ho afraid that our Hcpubllc would be
BBm j converted Into u monarchy that they
j thought It nocossury that every muni-
BBB; cipal government should Imitate a
BBBll republic in Its form. Therefore every
BBB Vi municipal government has been on-
BBB dowed with luglslatlvo authority. It Is
BBV true It Is limited, but notwithstanding
BBB J that limitation every municipal gov
BBB eminent has been operated as If Its
BBB main function were that ot making
BBT laws. For this purpose every city
H building has what they call a city hall.
H In this city hall the legislative body
HBj meots, and the gentlemen from tho
BBB ! various wards aro thoro. The mayor
BB I presides, and all tbo formalities ot a
BBB, I deliberate body tiro obsorved. Tho
BB fl'v gentleman from tho third ward ad-
By dresses tho presiding officer and tho
H enllory, having In hind his Intelligent
BBK ,, constituents, as ho frequently re-
BVBBK.' ahbbbbbbbbf
marks, and also having In mind his
own reelection. The alderman has
' been called a "false-alarm statesman,"
I but lie receives a great many people.
He is doubtless nt his best when
speaking In opposition to tho nboll
turn of any office. Ho regards such a
move as ono toward curbing tho lib
urtles of the people. Ills admiring
constituents and his admiring con
tractors nro prepared to applaud his
utterances. In Borne stntes cities linvo
been known to hnvo two. branches ot
n lcglslntlvo body, an upper and n
lower house. Yet their authority Is so
limited thnt they cun neither add to
nor subtract from the penalty of any
offense against tho laws. They can
order sowers and sidewalks and des
ignate what months within whlcii
dogs Bhall bo muzzled. They can also
prohibit chickens from running nt
largo. Tho legislatures of states innko
the Important laws, and iwneticnlly ev
ery function discharged by a city
council Is executive rather than legis
lative. The claims aro allowed by u
committee on claims. Tho report of
the same are radically opposed to re
durlng the numbor of members of'tho
council, and they aro especially op
posed to tho abolition of ward lines.
"It happens In many cities that mou
who jepresent wnrds practically rep
resent contractors. Having members
of n city government from subdivis
ions of any nature Is a mistake. Men
nro elected from wards who never
could be elected from the city nt largo.
Had men are elected from bad wards
and good men oro elected from good
wards. Hut the good men oftentimes
receive as much criticism and as
much blnme for a bad city govern
ment ns do those who aro really re
sponsible. Thus good men nro dotor
red from becoming members of tho
city council because tho genornl cit
izenship has been in the habit ot
dismissing all city councils ns being
Inefficient, neglectful, if not actually
corrupt. I'eoplo have been deterred
from undertaking to reform city gov
ernments becnuso they regard tho
task as too largo ever to bo success
fully performed.
Tho principal error In municipal
government ot the old stylo has beon
in connecting politics with It. Tho
averago American connects politics
with every form of government. Hut
tills has been especially truo with
municipal gowsrnment. In many cities
candidates for tho municipal offices
uro nominated by political parties,
which ouglit nover to bo tho case.
It ought not to matter what u man be
lieves lu regard to tariff or reciproc
ity. Ho may bo ns badly mistaken as
tho most radical insurgent, yet he
might make a good member ot a city
government. Clays and Wobsters nro
not demanded to look nftor lotting
sowor contracts or putting itown pave
ment. Municipal governments need
mou who know how to 'transact busi
ness In a businesslike way. Municipal
governments do not need theo-lsts
nor dreamers. Men aro wanted who
know when contractors are properly
doing tholr work ,
In tho old form of municipal gov
eminent, whore the responsibilities
nro so divided, it Is Impossible to
find out who Is to blame when auy
tnrg goos wrong. To hnvo a good
government, thoso who do right I
should bo praised and those who do
wvriig should bo criticized. Hut tho
public has formrl tho habit ot criti
cising overybody and praising no
body. The public formed this plan be
cauBo there has been vastly moro for
tho critic than for the eulogist.
The public Is scarcely Informed ns
to the never-ending division of au
thority under tho old plan of city
government, with boards of public
works, cemetery boards, library boards
fire and pollco boards, boards of re
view, boards of Inspection, boards of
public parks, boards having charge of
tho waterwwks, ami so forth. No man
has yet made a list of the boards
having to do with tho old form of
city government. Somo months ago 1
wob in n city In Michigan nnd having
occnslon to refer to tho tolephono di
rectory I discovered four pages of
tho tolephono book made up of those
who hod telephones for tho use of
tho city. Hvory man had somo author
ity or olso ho would not hnvo had n
(r'iphono at tho expense of tho city.
Such an array of official dignity and
authority could not be found on this
continent. If every man in thnl Mich
igan town having municipal authority
should go to the world's fair on tbo
same particular day, there would not
bo men enough left nt homo In that
town to milk the cows, provided they
hovo not reached that nge of Intelli
gence wliero they lot the women do
tho work. This Is cited ns a pamplo
of the overgrown municipal system
prevailing in most cities. This distribu
tion of authority Is not tho result of
ono year, but of a century's growth.
It has resulted In Inefficiency and, In
most snses, Inaction. Tho snmo sys
tem lias been prook!ng to the tax
payer, who has never been nblo to
find out or locate tho blame when
anything has gone wrong.
"If nny man in nny modern city un
dertook to find-wit who was to blnme
about any minor happening In his
local government, ho would bo old
enough to be a Revolutionary pension
er before ho discovered nnd located
tho -blame.
In ono western city It Is related
that nt tho time of high water a man
whoso homo was on low ground had
his cellar flooded with water. Ho re
sorted to the city government for ro
ller. Ho called on tho mayor, who was.
polite, but could not help him. Ho
made tho rounds of all tho boards
and commissions nnd finally came
buck to the board of public works
and complained "thnt ho could get no
relief. Having on afqrmcr visit re
lated that ho could get no relief. Hav
ing on .1 former visit related that the
high water had drowned his chickens,
a waggish member of tho board of
public works told him to go back
homo and go to raising ducks Instead
ot chickens.
"In many cities political machines
Jiavo been formed nnd have been bo
strong that their destruction has
seemed impossible. Tho municipal ma
chine lias been the "mothor" In tho
municipal vlnegnr.
"Tho American peoplo have been
eager to correct political Ills far
away, but hnvo been neglecting the
ills Immediately around them.
"In tho year 1907 wo adopted In tho
city of Dos Moines, "where I live, a
simplified form of city government. It
consists" of five trustees, or commis
sioners, elected by the entlro city at
ono election, each for a two-year term
unci without any ward lines. This has
been culled tho Des Moines plan of
city government. The Idea originated
nt Oalveston, Tex. The peoplo of Gal
veston ,ln thoir distress after their
great calamity, had to have a simpli
fied form of city government. Their
affairs were to complicated for tho
old form. It is a strange fact that n
fow men van do successfully what a
largo number ot men are unable to
do. for Instnnce, wo often discover
thnt a receiver appointed by the
courts can mnko a business successful,
tho very business that n largo num
ber of stockholders hod failed In. Tho
Dos Moines plan, while ovolvcd from
Galveston, is greatly improved nnd
seems to us quite complete. The flvo
commissioners have power to elect
nil tho other city officers. They select
tho nudltor, clork, treasurer, city so
licitor, polico Judge, and so forth. Tho
people hold these flvo men responsible
for tho city government. They do not
go to their subordinates when things
go wrong, they go to the commission
ers direct, or tho commissioner. Tho
Idea lu tho Ues Moines plan has
been concentration of power nnd con
centrutlon of responsibility. Wo nrc
building a city building which shall
not hnvo a legislative chamber in It.
Wo have abolished party politics. Wo
have ,ns near as may be, established
n business government. Tho peoplo
nro backing the commissioners In ev
ery good thing. Publicity Is a main
factor. Notlco must bo given before
any ordlnnnco is passed, but wo have
fow ordinances. Wo have cleaner
strcots, hotter pavements, nnd In all
respects wo have a bettor governed
city. A grent move Is mndo forward
when partisan politics Is abolished.
Tho commissioners nro chosen at a
nonpartisan primary. The 10 receiving
tho highest number of votes uro votod
for at tho polls, flvo of theso aro elec
ted. Ono ot tho number is called may
or. However, ho has no moro author
ity than his associates. Each comm's-
sloner Is the head of a department by
mutual agreement. Tho commissioners
give their whole time to work nnd are
on duty during business hours. Wo
hnvo tho initiative nnd referendum,
recall for the commissioners, but not
for nny of the subordinates. None of
theso features of tho charter hrfvo
been Used, I would not favor tho re
coll In an organization so lorgo as
a Stato. I have never observed tho
workings of tho Initiative and refer
endum In a state. I am much opposed
to tho "recall when' applied to the Ju
diciary. Such a restriction would em
barrass tin honest Judge nnd do no
particular good with ono who did not
desiro to do right. All candidates for
commissioner must publish an nc
count of thoir campaign expenditures,
nnd there enn bo no promises made
for offices to bo distributed.
"In regard to the recall ns opplled
to tho-judlclary, 1 would like to ask
what would become of the former de
cisions of such n discredited Judge?
"Mr. President, I am n mechanic.
In year's gono by tho upper part of ev
ery building used for manufacturing
was filled with shafting and belting.
Theso were for tho distribution of
power. Tho engineer and flrcninn
worked longer hours than anybody
else to.tnko care of this belting and
shafting. It took 40 per cet)t of all tho
fuel to run the idle shafting and belt
ing without turning a slnglo machine.
All tho shafting hod to run or nono
of It. Now every modern factory runs
Its machines with separately connect
ed power, nnd whqn ono mnchlno on
ly Is running expenses nre cut down
accordingly. Why should not the Im
provements In tho political world bo
kept apaco with tho improvements in
tho mechanical world 7 Tho useless
offices represent tho pulleys and shaft
ing ot tho political machines. Forty
per cent of the public money Is spent
In maintaining this useless expense
Why not reduco It? This is tho pur
poso of the Des Moines plan.
"There Is not a great railway en
terprise In. America that could oper
ate for ono year If it wore conducted
with as little system nnd with ns
many Independent heads as character
ize tho average city government of
tho old plan, with ward nldermen nnd
nil tho old machinery.
"It Is pleasant to know that Amorl
enn peoplo nro giving somo attention
to reforms in municipal governments
It is satisfying to know that nearl)
100 American cities have adopted tho
commission form of government. This
form of government puts the control I
closely Into tho bands of tho pople. i
"Some men who have considered J
this subject have suggested that tho
commissioners ouglit not to bo elect
ed or retired nt the snme time. Hut
.upon second -thought, this will bo
found to be a virtue. When the peo
ple of a given city aro all nwnkoncd
nt ono time, they enn make n revolu
tion at ono election. Itovolutlons In
municipal affairs In many cities hnvo
nover been attempted becnuso of
tholr seeming Impossibility. Hunters
In tho west yeurs ngo delighted to
have pralrlo chickens sit in a row on
tho top rail of a fenco so thut tho
hunter could kill a number of them
with ono shot. This commission form
of government, With two-year terms,
figuratively speaking, puts tho flvo
commissioners on the top rail ot the ,
municipal fenco to bo swept oft at one
ballot by tho voter. When peoplo find
thnt it Is pusBlblo to produce, a change
lu tho entire city government nt ono
election, they will take hopo and at
tempt to act.
"(Jrent men are not required to
manage the affairs of a city, Thoy
need not be familiar with Greek and
Roman history. Thoy may not bo nblo
to niimo many of tho constellations,
Hut thoy ought to be nblo to take
care of Binall details. They ought to
keep a city clean. They ought to sou
that sldowalks und pavements are in
repair. Theso things wo have ae
compllshcd In Des Moines. We hnve
nol-nttcmpted to reduco taxation be
cause that is hard to do in n growing
city. Hut wo do say wo have tho best
government wo huvo had in i.0
years. Dos-Moinos has beon undor tho
commission system about tlneo years,
and there has not been a vole raised
In favor of going back to tho old sys
tem. There Is no complnlnt that the
city government has been token out
Tuesday, April 25, toil. M
of the hands -of the peoplo. I think
tho old form of city government Is ns
far behind tho times as tho ox cart
Is behind tho automobile."
dtato Engineer's Office,
Salt Lake City, 1fili, Fob. 14, lull.
Notice Is hereby given that Olo
Sonne, whoso post office addro-is - is
Logan, Utah, has liiada application in
aicordnnco with the requirements of
tho compiled Laws of Utnh, 190,7, ob
amended by the Session Laws of
Utuh, 1909, to appropriate twolvo (12)
cub feet jer second of water from
Three Mile .Creek, Cacho county,
Utah, Sold water will bo diverted nt
a point which lies 2,145 feet south and
1..120 feet west of the northeast -votuer
of section 29, township 12 north, range
1 west, Salt Lako baso und meridian,
from wbero It will bo convoyed by
means ot a cnnnl for n distance of
1,485 feet and thoro used during the
period from June 1 to SfepctmbcrlG,
Inclusive, of each year, to Irrlgntc
120 acres of land embraced in sec
tlons 28 and 29, township 12 north,
Hnuge 1 west, Salt Lako base and me
ridian. This application is designated
In tho Stato Engineer's offico ns No.
All protests against tho granting of
snid application, stntlng tho reasons
therefor, must bo made by affidavit
In duplicate and filed In this offico
within thirty (30) days after tho com
pletion of tho publication of this no
Stato Englncor.
Date of first publication April 12,
1911. Date of completion of publica
tion May 12..1911. myl2
How Different Ages Change Opinions 'A
Hops Once Considered as (ft
Harmful as Ale. M
"Different ages hnvo different ideas K
as to what constitutes adulteration,"
snys a writer. "Most peoplo now- !
adays regard tho hop as a staple In- f.
grcdlent ot beer, but In tho sovon-
tecnth century tho city of London po- ,'
tltloncd parliament against Its use '
In browing, describing It as a 'wicked '
weed, which spoils tho drink and en- f
dangers tho lives of tho people.' John j
Evelyn was a strong supporter of the
anti-hop crusudo. Hops, ho-dcclared,
hnd 'transmuted our ale Into beor and
doubtless much altered our constltu- "
tlons.' Ho allowed thnt their uso Im
proved the flavor of tho liquor, but 're-
paid tho pleasure' with 'tormenting
diseases nnd short llfo.' Ho appealed
to all loyul Englishmen to drink elder
until this dangerous "drogue' was
banished from tho breweries. It wob
the ancients who above all delighted
to illl up tho glasses with treacle
and Ink and anything elso that la
pleasant to drink.' In order to pre
vent acidity, heighten tho flavor-cr
increaso tho durability of tnferlc -kinds
of wine, they pnt Into tho casU
such- seasonings as sea water, turpen
tine, pitch, tar, resin, vegetable nshes,
gypsum, lime, nlmonds, parched salt,
goats' mlllc, cedar cones, gull nuts j
nnd blazing plno torches not to men- i
tlon poisonous salts of lend. Thoy
were fond of mixing- perfumed oils
wltli their wlno before they drank It
Even in tho Homeric ngo It was con
sidered thnt wlno wns improved by
having goat milk cheese grated over
It nnd being sprinkled with flour."
Russia's Supply of Paper.
Russia is moro or less dependent
upon Finland for Its paper supply,
partly because of the Finnish manu
facturers' "freo uso of improved ma
chinery and tho application of late dls
coverles in chemistry.
I The First National Bank, Logan Utah
V offers exceptional facilities for tho handling of your banking busi- ff
V-ness. it
tf For exnmplo if you nro n customer and want to send money $
$jj away, wo SELL you a bank draft, &
Jt 'f you aro a customer, and havo monoy you want to loan, our nd- tit
fjj vico and services nro at your command. 3
j. Dy having a checking account with this bank and issuing checks 'Ai
L, and making deposits, you aro, unaware to yourself, gradually build- L
ing up the most valuable asset a man can havo, namely: A GOOD "
& THIS CREDIT IS EXTENDED toothers away from homo with J
$fr whom .you might Beek nccommoaa tlon. AJ
tjr " SOME DAY you might need to DORROW: the CUSTOMER RE- ii
ij ceives not only tho accommodation but tho proforenco of ratos and f v
$ amount, while the NON-Customor may In times of stringency meet ijj
i Thos. Smart, President. .lames Quaylo, Vice-President.
j Jno. H. Anderson, 2nd Vlco-.Pres Ailan M. Fleming, Cashier. X
j$ H, E. Crockett, Asst-Cashler. X
Ttie Pointer KnOWS Your painter will tellyou I
HMai!i,,at we are headquarters I
r-ffl rVjrftofc f01 t,1C beSt l,ai,ltln ma- I
I fiblpSwfMSB yu can re,y n as extract I
$ KBkJ SSlwIB 'of F,axseed0 Pure White I
1 UVf9&XSl Lead (the So"thern "'-"nd I
I MjpAmm witn the Dutch Boy Pain- I
I vQAmM 1 1 StHT ter Trade Mark) ad other I
1 lW l( fffl tn'-nSs of quality. Brush- I
I l r 1MT Ml es' Yarnishes, Stains, etc. I
3 .JnSJ?SB3S Let us ta,k Pa,"t with I
MiWBanirTTiztB3saca3EaaE ir.,r.lrB
Passing Through the Pantotis TK
And the fortllo Fruit nnd Agricultural Districts ot Colorado & Utnh 1 B
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers 1
From Salt Lako to Dourer, Chicago and St. Louis without Chango I H
ot Cars. For Foldors, Ilooklets, Etc., address, I H
F. A. WADLEIGH, G. P. A. J. A DENTON, a. A. P. D. I HE
Donver, Colorado. salt Lako Cltj-, TJtata I H

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