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BBBBBBB 7' ' ' I I w I 1 ' ' - M , . i. . i "" '' I J
BBS Published By The -
H ' j Official Republican Organ of Cacbu County. Utah.
H ' , : j . j-
H 1 1 Subscription, Payable In Advance. Outtldo of Logan City.
H )' I j OnoYe.ii -
H ;; i ' 8lx Months x-w
J I i ' f Throo Months t . 7Cc .
H .f i ' S ; LiL-
H j ; Logan by Carrier 3.G0 a Year; ?1.75 Six Months; 90c threo months.
BBJ m Not In advanco add COc year.
H I Subscribers wishing address of paper chnnged must give ronuor as
H L; well as present address. All papers are continued until explicit ordei
B M Is received to discontinue. All arrearages must bo paid In every case.
H J Entered ns Second Class Matter at Logan, Utah, tinder act of March
BBJ ,,'..,' After threo years of official life,
BBS and a four day's chase, Sheriff "Nick"
HBV has at last run down an offender.
HH And Just think of It, he Is a boy, fleet
H of foot, and but 18 years of age. Can
B i J It bo true?
ftV j ) ft ', AND IRRITATING
V ' . !"
j j H is said of Colonel Hooscvclt that
B ho "Is always right except when ho
BB . la wrong, and always Interesting ev-
BBV 1 I en' when ho Is wrong, and frequently
BftV ' jj Irritating even when ho Is right." To
BBV J ' which might bo added that right or
HftV it". wrong ho Is apparently Irritating vto
BV ) I f ' f Bomo peoplo at the present time.
.1 T T T
J .J.
BBb t As long aB frco Institutions exist
HJ I' tho 22nd of February will bo a sacred
V 1 day .As long as memory lasts Wash
BBfl i ' 1 K lngton's will bo a memory that en-
BBY i' dures. lie was one of thoso person-
BV ages of whom Kraorson speaks: "Dl-
BY J vino persons aro characters born, or
BBS ( ', to borrow a phrase from Napoleon,
B ' 1 "; .. 1 they aro victory organized." As tho
B j soars come and go their awful file-
BBa ,;' .: tlon grinds Into dust and forgetful!-
BBa i '4 ( ncB8 all that Is not dlvlno and Immor-
BY if ' tal, but In that everlasting conflict
SB Ik no Impression Is made on the mem-
SB ' lj ' ory of Washington, except to give It
BBb a deeper and mora beautiful lustre,
BSfl ij ' a loftier majesty, and memory that
1(1 -t c endures and will remain an Insplrn-
j! il' I tlon to his countrymen to tho end
bUH ' Nflfr - ot tlmc'
iH 1 JW f f .J.
SB 1 1 City Murshal, and Democratic City
SB i Chairman Adelbert Cranncy, It Is ro-
BBB ; '? ported, received his first touch of pol
BBT ' Iceman's life at the basket ball gamo
BBb ' j ! tuo "lur ecnlng. Tho gnmo was
BBl 1 I between the two big local schools, at
BBl j i which time College Spirit runs high,
BBl j , ( u 4 and tho supporters of tho schools vie
BBl I 1 with each other not only In the game
itsolt but In tho rooters gallery as
BBl well. At this tlmo enthusiasm was
j almost unbounded, and tho now Mar-
BBa t sbal cojicclved tho Idea that ho would
: "quench the spirit." With nil tho
) ' dignity ho could muster, and with nn
air of authority and confidence that
, ' would have turned Sherlock Holmes
1 green with envy, ho walked into tho
' thick of tho crowd and demanded
BBl ' that ordor be restored. Just as the
J last faint sound of his demand faded
BBl from his lips one of the schools
BBl brought up a icnr uish ami tho Mar-
BBl shal wan sent "scooting" nlong tho
floor, only to be checkmated by
guards of tho other forces and whirl-
BBl ed back among tho mulitude of husky,
. noisy students. When Murshal Del-
BBl ; bert as lust seen ho was In tho mid-
st of as thick a hunch of humanity
BBl as ever got together, with clenched
H ': ( fists pounding tho sky, and yelling
BBl . "by hokcy you stop this." Later .11
BBl tho ovenlng ho was seen only In com-
j jinny with I'ollcoman Denson, to
' whom bo trusted all matters of offl-
BBl clnl discipline.
BBa .1 i Novur mind tho label. Kxaralne the
H' ii 1 goods.
BBl ,; A man's importance In the world
BBT S. may bo measured by the character
J" ' .' I and tho number of his enemies.
j ToJInd good things, look for clubs.
,t This applies to men as well as fruit-
BBl) '1. trees.
; .-; There is just 900 thing moro lm-
BBT, j portant than knowing when to b-
H'' gin- That is knowing when to stop.
BB) ' You ran guago a man's value to
BB his employer by noting his action
BBffJ ; when tho whlstlo blows.
Bn Trying to get something for noth-
BBV lng goncrally results In this: You
BBW i givo moro than you get.
BBftl Kindness Is always in order, hut
BBl j when kindness falls, a swift kick Is
BBkJ . .bIHBl
BH 'BBaVaVAaVjl work moro today
BBBI jBBBflfli'
than ycstei day, work better, and the
scoro will stand ns high.
Neither u whlstlo nor a clock Is
needed to tell tho oue-hundrcd-pcr-cent
man when to go to work or
when to quit.
Tho first data on a mans' tomb
stone Is fixed by his parents, but tho
Inst duto la lnrgely fixed by himself.
Things that you think you want
aro often things that you don't want
after ou get them. ,
Great mon do not really begin to
Uvo until long after they aro dead.
Cheer up there, you gloomstcrs!
You can never deliver what you
havon't goL Tako an' envontory bo
foro you send for the express wagon.
llert M. Moses.
Hon. Nicholas I-ongworth of Ohio,
In speaking on tariff railroading in
the Democratic Houso of Representa
tives pays respects to Democratic
leader Underwood as follows:
"If legislation means deliberate
consideration, then this Is not legls'
latlon. It Is legislation by ukase, and
the czar who Issues that ukase Is
none other than tho gentleman from
Alabama (Mr. Underwood). Wo have,
heard much talk about czars In this
House. The gentleman from Illinois
(Mr. Cannon), tho former Speaker
was called a czor. Why Mr. Chairman
in so far as his control over his party
In this House was concerned, ho was
a child compared to tho gentleman
fiom Alabama now. As an amalgamat
or of opposing opinions, ns a trainer
nnd mastor of discordant and ordinar
ily unmanageable elements, tho re
nowned Prof. Hngcnbeck Is a child
compared to tho gentleman from Ala
bama. Tho gentleman from Alabama
(Mr. Underwood) knows my estimate
of his abilities. On a piovlous oc
casion I stated In his presence what
I thought about his ability as a lead
er 1 stntcd,thon nnd I state now that
tho Democracy has not produced In
years n parliamentary leader compar
nblo with tho gentloman from Alaba
ma. I said then that when ho pipes
his colleagues dance, and from their
complacent, countenance ns I see
them now thoy seem glnd to dance.
I will go farther upon this occasion
nnd say that when ho pipes they not
only dnnco hut Ho doyi, 10II over, nnd
play dead.
"Now I appeal to Cnesar.I appeal to
no ono but Caesar himself, for It
Would bo n waste of breath. I ask
him to undo this wrong, this wrong
upon the American business man, this
wrong upon the American working
man, that ho has dono them In this
bill, nnd I trust that ho will uplift
his finger and permit my just amend
ment to bo adopted."
An oxchnngo lecently received an
article on tho saving of wasto In
tho form or corn fodder. Tho sugges
tions aro herewith printed for tho
benefit of tho fnrmers.
Save tho Waste
Tliat is how Rockefeller got rich.
Why not jou?
What other business except the
raising of corn will allow a wasto of
from 30 to 40 per cent und still per
mit tho producer to maka some
money pi of It? Can you Imaglno that
Bano sensible men by tho hundreds
nnd by the thousands would work
hard almost tho year round, raising
nnd caring for tho valuable corn crop
and then deliberately waste from 20
to 40 por cent of tho gross results of
their labor? No. You cannot Imaglno
such a thing, but, the facts aro this
is Just what thousands of farmers
aro doing today. This Is not any fan
ciful theory of mlno, but demonstrat
ed and demonstrable facts. Ono aero
of good Iowa and Nebraska corn
will produce 12 tons of corn silage.
This same 12 tons of rich food with
liny, will feed two milk cows for ten
months, which, If properly cared for,
will bring, tbclr owner anywhero from
?W lo $190' 'rom no 8nl ot cream
olono during- tho ten months, to say
nothing of tho two calves Ahat can
bo raised, nor considering tho valuo
of tho sklriimed milk for 'pigs and
chicken feed, and thero Is 'no othor
business that will return such-quick
and , handsomo profits ; ob feeding
skimmed milk to pigs and chickens.
This flaroo 12' tons of fich corn sll'
ago with hay, will put 2,400 pounds
weight on CO lambs Irl '' 125 days,
which at 7 cents per "pound'; would
bo worth J1G8.00, or, wlthVay, will
feed 4 steers 153 days fitting them
to top the market, and 1'can safely
say would this year add jinb.OO to
their market valuo.
Cattle Feeders Take Notice
You do not have to run hogs with
cattle to Insuro a safe margin ot
profit, when feeding corn silage, and
you can In this way eliminate tho
danger of loss from hog cholera.
If tho wnsto from the feed lot 's
carefully returned to the ncro that
grew the corn for silage, tho loss of
soil fertility rould not bo detected
with a microscope.
This same twelvo tons of corn sil
age can bo put In tho silo at a cost
of 15.00.
With ten acres of corn silage, you
could accomplish ten times this
much. Farmers build silos. Don't
wnlt. Bo It now. '
f f v
It is evident from recent outbursts
In tho Democratic H6use of Repre
sentatives that all is trot "I'caco on
the Potomac," and that tho ."gentlo
man from Nebraska" has starred up a
hornet's nest Is too true. 'As -for the
gentleman from Nebraska
"That ho Is mad 'tis trite,,' t
Tla true, 'Tls pity,
And pity 'tis, 'tis true.'"
Really after having served his par
ty so long, so faithfully, and Judging
from the cause ha represents so well
ho ought not to be "knocked Into a
cocked hat," especially In a fit of
anger. t
Hero arc soma of thai nice things
ono ofthIs fellow democrat's, the Hon
orable Representative Dies, said about
him, on tho floor of the, bouse, In ic
gular session, sen lng notice to all
the world, a few days ago:
"Mr. Hryan's Insinuations that I am
a servant of predatory Interests, and
his statement that I can not be trust
ed to represent a Democratic constit
uency, are but the harmless vapor
Ings of a discredited demagogue. I
neither fear his power nor respect
his jddgment. I am accountable al
one to thoso whoso commission I hold.
Mr. Urjan has lead the Democrats to
three dlsastious defeats. Llko tho
Uourbons of old, ho has learned noth
ing nnd forgotten nothing. He has
profttted nothing from tho lessons of
Moscow, Leipzig, and Waterloo, but,
hovering upon the flanks of tho Dem
ocracy llko nn evil genius, he points
our columns straight to tho rock of
St. Helena.
"I am almost persuaded to join
Gov. Wilson In his deslro to find
some decent nnd orderly method of
knocking him into a cocked hnt.
"Whatover wo do hero displeases
him. The prospect of Democratic suc
cess seems to anger his cry soul. For
myself I prefer to follow tho leader
ship of tho gentleman from Alabama.
That leadership promises victory and
reform. 1 have followed tho Don
Quixote of Nebraska until I nm weary
with a war upon windmills. I demand
to be led ngnlnst tlio flesh-and-blood
enemies of Democracy. If thero bo
Sancho Panzns on this sldo of tho
chamber who still hug tho delusion of
the governorship of nn Island, let htm
continue to follow the vagaries of
their master, nut I bid thorn cbao
their follies in peace and leave tho
disillusioned hosts of Democracy to
the attention of moro serious and sen
sible employment."
I ! !
If tho cnnal should be handed over
to tho nation by Its constructors to
morrow, complete in every detail, but
without provision for fits operation
more than twelve months would have
to elapso before a ship could bo safe
ly put through It. In the opinion; of
Colonel Goothals, tho mon who aro to
handle tho ,machlnory of tho locks
should not bo entrusted with tho task
until thoy hayo had clghtcon monthB
training. In ordor to have a proper
ly qualified corps of operatives In
hand at tho tlmo of the completion
of tho canal tholr nolectlon and In
struction must 'begin not later than
six months hence. But tho commls-,
nlon enn engage this future force
only with tho express authorfzatlbn
of congiqss.
The necosslty for prompt 'legfrla
Mvc action In ths mattor Is render
t.u uyuuiy uigeut by tuo luct ttiut It
tnd caiUlfjvdmlnlatratlon should ho
. 1u.. trita vu luul.e contracts Willi
Americans, at present, in its servloo,
tho contemplated corps will be com
posed largely, It not entirely) of nc
Uimuted men, familiar with tho on
vlioument and contented with llfo
oil tue isthmus. About one-half of
tno existing forco Of whites might be
employed Jin connection wlu tuo op
eration of, tho canal,, A considerable
proportion of them have evinced 'a de,
siro for such cmplqymcnt, and a will
lngness to accept t at a considerably
lower scalo of wages than that cur
rent, on acount of tho great lm
proemont in sanitary and social con
ditions that has taken place since tho
beginning of tho enterprise, when it
wob necessary to offer extraordinary
Inducement In order to tempt Am
ericans to incur tho dangers and dls
conforts of rcsldenco In tho zone.
, Tho commlslon is beginning to re
duce Its force, and If tho desired' au
thority should bo withheld until It
shall becomo necessary to recruit tho
body of future operatives from un
seasoned and Inexperienced men, tho
the result must bo a great loss in ef
ficiency as well as an unnecessary
expense, for it Is not bollovcd that
now comers can be engaged on such
favorable terms as will satisfy pres
ent employes.
Piovlslon for the future organi
zation is tho most Important feature
of tho canal bill now boforo congress,
unless It be the section calling for
tho establishment of a toll rato and
a method of tonnago measurement.
Both these matters aro ot such pros
ing concern that upon tho Immediate
disposition of them depends In large
measure the ultimate success ot tho
enterprise. If tho canal were to be
opened tomorrow, with an adequate
operating force, but should tho an
nouncement ot tho'iimount of toll to
bo charged and tn manner of cal
culating It be mado no earlier than
tho same day, months would elapse
before any vessels but a few casual
tramps would use tho waterway.
Forbes Lindsay in Lipplncotfs.
Perhaps thoso Amcrlans who have
visited tho Isthmus ot Panama and
mado complaints of extortions, Inciv
ilities and inefficiencies on tho part
of everyone whom they mot thoro
do not know that thoy wero dealing
all of tho tlmc with omnipotent gov
ernment. Tho casal strip is tho best object
lesson the world has over had or Is
likely to have of government owner
ship, government management and
government trading. Government
owns all of the laud. Goternmcnt
employs nearly all the Inhabitants
Government owns and operates tho
btores, the hotels, tho baths, tho re
sorts, the amusements, the hospitals.
Government owns the railroad. Gov
ernment appoints tho police and the
Judges und government rules In most
cases without reference to law rec
ognized anywhere clso on earth.
If government wero tho Infnlllblo
agency that so many anti-Democrats
or tho United States think It is the
canal zone should bo tho most per
fectly regulated placo on earth. It Is
nothing ot tho sort. It Is 11 tyranny
that reveals In the twentieth century
practically all ot tho characteristics
of tyrannies in tliq first century, such
aB favoritism, graft, Insolence, sub
serviency to power and contebpt for
the rights ot men. ,
To dig tho canal expeditiously and
to establish efficient sanitary meas
ures it was believed to be neccesary
to creato despotism. Necessity la
always tho oxcuso for tyranny.
Whether It existed In this enso or
not need not bo discussed. Tho point
of chief Interest Is tho fact that tho
despotism has carried with It tho
most comprohonslvo system of mono
polistic government bosslsm that haB
been known to tho modern world.
In tho United States wo have wink
ed at thoso usurpations becauso wo
havo bolleved that as a result ot
them n great military work could bo
most expeditiously compelled. It was
not thought that any dangerous pre
cedents were being mado, for tho
enterprise was regarded aa a war
measuro, and Its execution seemed to
requlro a summary power.
On tho' isthmus Itsolf tho thousands
who havo boon engaged upon tho
work have accepted tho absolutism
as beneficial to themselves In vari
ous ways Tho despot was a good
paymaster, and, llku many an ancient
tyrant, ho provided amusomenU nnd
other diversions. For money or for
pleasure men have' been known to
part wth tholr llbortlos not for a
few years, only, but foroyer.
Amorlcons who visit the isthmus
aro shocked by tho conditions exist
ing the?, although perfectly con
scious of tho energy with which lh!
work Is being proescutod. They bpq
tho government at Its best and gov
ernment at Ub worst. w ,,
(Obyernmcpt lsilt its p'est wnenHt
tarries through a worthy "entSrprrse
that. Is too great for private effort.
GovenmeuTyis at Us -worst? when lor
any reason or any excuse It operates
tho thousand and ono Industries that
properly belong to private cnterprke.
St. Louis Republic.
$ ! 'J
D L :' " '
This house Is presenting for tho
week-end an extremely strong bill
fenturing ''The Awakening of John
Bond" a story of tho tenement dls
rlct of Now York City.
This film Is a heavy dramatic pro
duction entirely abovo the average
photoplay, and Is bound to create
considerable enthusiasm and Interest
(among theatregoers.
Tho Vltlgraph .company Jn their
presentation of "Tho Old Doll" havo
not failed to como up to their usual
standard of excellence.
"Her Pot" a Btory of Mrs. Perkins
her poodlo dog and tho newsboy Is
certainly a well presented comedy
but to cny It all tho Dlograph picture
"Taking His Medicine" affords suffi
cient laughing material for tho en
tire show. Lazy Lou would rather
fish than work and to avoid sawing
wood folgus sickness. Dad In alarm
sends for tho horse doctor (the only
M.M In tho town) and Lou to avoid'
taking horse tnedlclno vllmbs on tho
roof. Dad gets tho shotgun and well
Lou takes the medicine. .
With tho singing- by Mr; Cobb and
splendid music' this' program , will
please'. Matinee today 'atJ2:30.
Hutchinson, Kan., Feb. 20. Dead
In the home of tho wealthy physician
who adopted her and where many
spiritual meetings have, been held,
tho body ot Edna Nelson, 20 years or
age, was found today with a bullet
wound In the back of her head. She
had been made tho principal bene
ficiary under tho will of tho lato Dr.
E. E. Richardson.
Tho wound was ot such a charact
er that It would havo been lnpossiblo
for the girl to have shot herself. The
police havo not a singlo clue to the
Dr. Richardson was known to have
been a wealthy man. He had many
pieces of property In Hutchinson, be
sides n valuable farm. Although his
will has not been opened, Kdna Nel
son, because of his devotion to her
was undoubtedly tho principal holrj
Tho girl was a spiritualist as was tho
doctor's sister, Efflo Nelson, who had
been the doctor's housekeeper.
Miss Nelson was found oh 'the bed
of her room; tho doors having been
locked, evidently by her, and tho win
dows wero down and fastened. Her
hands weio folded across hor breast
and the revolver from which the bul
let had been fired was lying on her
right arm, with tho barrel pointing
downward. Tho revolver was an old
style weapon and had belonged to the
How tno slayer entered tho houso
without awakening tho dog and tho
girl's foster sister, who sleeps on tho
first floor, nnd got out of tho locked
room, Is furnishing somo material for
tho tongues or tho superstitious who
havo held tno nichardson homo in
awe. Nothing was missed from tho
Erie, Pa., Feb. 20. Earl Sandt, a
youthful aviator, tho first blrdman to
fly "over tho Great LakeB from tho
United States to Canada, came to
grief ten miles out on the lako, whllo
attempting a returnfllght to tho Am
erican shore.
Whiln high In tho air and twenty
miles cast ot his courso tho engine ot
his blplano stopped. For a tlmo ho
glldod toward tho ice-covered lako but
suddenly tho machine overturned and
ho was burlod unconscious In tho
wrecknge. How long ho remained in
this condition, Sandt does not know.
When ho recovered ho wno saturated
with blood from many cuts.
Aided by n pocket compass Sandt
walking ten miles to tho American
Bhorc, landing nt Northeast at 10
o'clock tonight. He was found stag
gering along tho shore by boyo who
wore skating and carried to a hotel.
Wordi, thRn. wits telegraphed tflhls
city, ,
Sandt Is' not Injured seriously. Ho
was brought horo from Noithoasl nt
midnight In a special can, Thousands
of persons, a brass band and loud
blasts from shotf whistles greeted
B.Y.C. Wins Big
' Basket Ball Came
Continued from Pag 1.
of, thq Crimsons netted them a lea.i
in points. The first half ended with a
scoro of 5 to JC.
In tho second tho playing wa8
moro even bit Jensen's men coatln
ucd to hold tho long end, placing the
final scoro 13 to 21,
a " Tho lineup follows? .
D'Y.C u.A.c.
Packcr If- ... Peterson-Blrd tl
W J rf '" Laurenaensen
POtenon c Mohr
Zimmerman lg Owens
Chrlstenscn rg Crookstoa
noforee Homer Chrlstcnsen of the
Stato University,
Abe Martin Says.
Art Moppi has got a divorce from
his wife. He has no plans for th' f.
ture 'copt he'll take a long rest Many
a feller has gone broke trustln'
The Latest Cut.
The young man waa disconsolate.
Said ho: "1 asked hor It I could see
her home." "Why, certainly," the an
swered; "I will send you a picture of
It" Ladles' Home Journal.
Vaudeville A Pictures
Both Prof. Andre and
Forbe wilt tifye m Spec- I
ial Matinee tor,IShUdrcn I
Saturday at '2i30 p. m. I
. M. Rlft'tit and Qp'Rone I
Mutt A Jeff Vaudeville
this is a seRBani I
jj ' ;
"The-Girl 1 1
F;ra Rector's" ! I
I A Farcical French Comedy I
A Whirlwind of Laughter I
I Played By I
A Company of Comedians I
I Prices: 50-75-$1.00-$1.50 I
LScatson Sale Mon. Feb. 26 i H
We Sell The Earth I
Loan Money on It
Farm and City Propertyf thi
choicest for sale and exchanat.
Commercial Stocks bought and
told. Plenty of money to loan
on city and farm property.
mien place on earth for real
restate and commercial Inveit BJ
m'inti, BJ
1 bVM
And Company
Oyer 1st National' Bank f

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