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PANION Accidental Discharge of Gun Cautet
the Death of a Popular
Salt Lake City, August G. Slegfred
Ueltuen, 16 yearn of, Age, son of P
m C. Ncllscn, 123S Emerson avenue, was
"F accidentally shot and fatally wounded1
at the mouth of Parley's canyon at
noon yesterday by h:s chum, Gecrgo,
Itoth, son of Joseph Hotli, n tailor,
living at 1238 East Twelfth South
street. With his right nrm shattered
Just below the armpit and his chest I
penetrated In the region of tho right
breast by the charge from n sixteen
.gaugo shot gun, the boy lived for
nearly two hours, dying at 1:C0 at
tho emergency hospital.
Two girl companions, Luclle Hold
er of 118G Emeison avenue nnd Lu
clle Ilolnscchub or 1242 Roosevelt av
enue wero with the boys nt tho time
of tho nccldent. Tho four had stop-'
ped to rest In the shade of two large
trees after walking from tho fruit'
farm of J. M. Fisher in East Mill,
creek, "where they had gone In tho,
morning to pick cherries. Their work'
concluded by 11 o'clock they started
to hunt mourning doves on their way
home. Tho shade of tho trees nttrac-
ted them and they stopped to teeter
nwhllo In the low branches.
Gun 1b Discharged.
"Come on, let'a go," said tho Itoth
"boy. As he spoko ho picked up the
'.shot gun from the ground. It Is
thought that tho gun was cocked nndj
a twig caught tho trigger, dlscharg-,
lng it. 'The Nell8en boy fell from tho
branch of tho tree upon which he was
sitting and Ms frightened companions
ran In 'a panic for help, not compre
hending tlio extent of his Injury or
knowing what they might do to help
him. "
Hoth did Tiot Bucceed in finding help
or a phohe until ho had a run a quar
ter of a mile to the city water
-station. There he mot an automo-(
bile driven by Tracey Hutchinson, a
-chauffeur living at the Belmont ho
tel. After the police were notified
the boy was put In the car driven
Tiy Hutchinson and started for the
city. Tho party was met near the
state prison by tho police patrol car
JS$ Tying Policeman H. Smith and Secre-
put on a stretcher and tho raco for
his Ufo continued. Tho car had gono
less than a block-when a punctured
tiro brought It to a standstll. Secre
tary Spooner hurried to a telephone
nnd called for tho greyhound, which
hastened to tho rescue, with Driver
AVIlliam Hooper and Detectives
Cleveland nnd Seager aboard. Again
the dying hoy was transferred and
hurried to tho emergoncy hospital.
maha Enthusiasts Arrive; Local Men
Indorse Transcontinental
Salt Lake City, Aug. 6. An enthu
siastic meeting was held In the Com
mercial club last night, attended by
prominent Salt Lakers, and the Fred
erlckson party of Omaha Interested In
a highway between Salt Lako City and
Omaha, v.'a Choyonne. The efforts
of H. E. Frederlckson, chairman of
the Omaha Good Roads association,
wore heartily Indorsed nnd that a
highway between Salt Lake City and
Omaha should be built was tho unani
mous opinion. of those prosont, tho
highway to bo distinguished by a sys
tem of uniform signs between tho ter
minals. As guests Mr. Frederlckson, who 'a
chairman of the Omaha Commonlal
club country roads committee; J. A.
Shoomnkcr, traffic manager for tho
Union Stock Yards company of O.na
ha; E. L. Emory, president of tho Wy
oming Highways association, and C.
P. Sorenson, Wyoming state i;amo
warden, who reached this city Sun
day after making tho auto trip through
Nobraska and Wyoming,, pointed out
In Interesting speeches tho mnnlfoid
boncflts to bo derived from tho mo va
and suggested n future course' of nc
tlon. - M frfJ As a result, It was decided to biilld
H a road between tho two cities and to
send a party consisting of S. I). Ev.
mis chairman of tho Commorcal club
good roads commlttco; D. F. Rodman,
president of tho Utah Automobllo as
t i soclntlon; George Austin, a good
roads enthusiast; W. D, Rlshol, be
retary of tho Good Roads association,
and othprs, through territory between
Salt Lnko City and tho Pacific coast,
ngltntfng a movement to continue tho
road to tho coast, making a transcon
tinental road which will hnvo Salt
Lako City on Its route
Tho following resolution offorod by
I H. M. Ilrceden, moved by Dr Freder-
B -,' -y
Hippopotamuses The Pygmy
And the Ordinary Size
bV bbbbbbt bbb 4fBBBBBBBBiBBBBfe2flr?BtBBBBi
&tx jBBtBTm .flflv 4BhbbbbbbbbpbkV-9Hi
luuJfeiTC; sbbbbbshk & bbbb! hk HBBBBBVrBBBBBE5i!rvffEK PlB
f trS9!KKm '"' sbbbbTmbI '
BlBBLjfcBPWlBBWBBWBJBPlK' :-?m' asBBEBsK!jhai9w '4Bbbbb1
,Sj, ",4U 1... ...yr-'-j.BBjSIBlui.
Lower photo copyright, 1912, by American Press Association. Upper photo
copyright by Underwood & Underwood.
A PAIR of pygmy hippopotamuses has been acquired by the New York
Zoological pnrL at a cost of $12,000. They ore the Urst pygmy hip
po'potamuscs to be exhibited, tho pygmy unliiml luivlug been regarded
as, almost mythical Thoy were raptured In l.lborlii by an lutropIC
hunter and explorer In a country rt-cklim with cunnll;il An ordinary hlpp
potnmus will weigh more than (1.00(1 iimils nnd iut:itiri mum eleven feet '.n
circumference and twelve feet In It-net Ii The mule r these pyinny hippo
potaniuses weighs 411) pounds, la thirty li-ht-x high nt tin- shoulders, seventy
Inches In length from end of nose in base nf tnll. anil I tie tall luelf Is twelve
Inches long 'The female stands eighteen inches high nt the shoulders and
weighs 170 pounds The skull of the pygmy is more convex or rounded on Its
upper surfnoe. Its legs are longer and more slender In proportion, and Its eyes
do not protrudo like those of the giant species. The .(ace of the pygmy Is rela
tively smaller than thnt of the largo species. The lower Jaw bear; only two
incisors, while the large species has four. The eyes are not set as high In UM
hud of the small animal ns (n the large one.
ick Stauffer and seconded by Job P.
Lyon, was passed:
"Resolved, That it ho the sense of
this meeting that we Indorse the ef
forts made by Mr. H. E. Frederlskson
and his associates to secure a trans
continental highway via Salt Lake,
and that we pledge our support to tL'ii
'movement; and he It further
"Resolved, Thnt we Indorse, the
system of uniform signs already plac
ed part of tho way between Omaha
and Snlt Lake, and recommend Its ex
tension; nnd bo ft further
"Resolved, That we favor naming
the route tho 'Omaha-Salt Lake Pio
neer Trail.' "
Julius", a negro, who lived on a plan
tation at a distance from town, con
fided to his master that he wanted
to get married and asked If he would
get him a license.
"Oh, yes, Julius; I will see to that."
But when be went to the court house
to get the license, he did not know
the name of Julius' Intended bride.
Ho thought, howover, that he had no
ticed the man paying attention to a
certain girl and had the license made
out In her name, Martha.
v on-all didn't forgot that 'license,
did you?" asked Julius, anxiously, as
soon ns his employer returned,
"No, Julius; but you didn't tell mo
.the girl's name. Wus It Martha?"
"No, snh; It wasn't Martha, It was
"Well, that's too bad. You w.H
have to wait- until I go to town again
and I will get another license."
"How much dnt license cost?" In
quired Julius.
"Well, I don' reckon tho's fifty cents
worth o dlfforcnco 'tween dem. Just
gib mo do license nn I'll marry Martha."
Campaign Defeating.
First Politician I say, sir, that you
are u peanut politician.
Second Politician And you, I sup
pose regard yourself as n peanut
He Was Brought.
Tho Judge If I remember rightly,
you come heforo mo last week.
Tho Prlsonor It. I romember right
ly, I didn't come a policeman brought
mo. New York Globe.
Pnby won't suffer flvo irmutcs
with croup If you apply Dr Thomas'
nkctrlo Oil nt once. It nets ,llko
Washington, Aug. C. Marines from
' Panama have been ordered to Nicar
agua to supplement tho force bf blue
Jackets now In Managua guarding
Americans nnd their property.
Tho collier Justin, now steaming
from San Juan del Sur was today or
dered to Panama to embark 350 ma
rines for Corlnto.
The Justin was at sea and Hearing
Corlnto when tho radiograph was
flashed to her. The ves3el had left
San Juan der Sur Saturday.
It will take her approximately three
days to reach Panama and one day
to take marines and their full equip
ment aboard. It will then take ap
proximately four days to return to
The marines may not be landed
when they reach Cor.'nto. It was said
at the state department today, how
ever, that It was thought prudent to
have the force ready.
Jugulates tho bowels, promotes eoe
nitural movements, cure constipa
tion Doan's Rcgulets. Ask your
druggist for them. 25 ceu'3 a box.
Traveler Tells of Amuelng Inscription
On an Old Monument In St.
Augustine, FU.
"Recently," said a traveler, "hlle
In tho old town of St. Augustine, Fla
my attention was attracted by a mag
nlflcont specimen of a blblscus tree In
full blossom. It was growing In the
roar of a drug storo on tho southwest
corner of Orange and Cordova streets
"Stopping for a moment to admire
It I was surprised to dlscovor beneath
Its branches ai old ntono monument,
evidently of great antiquity, almost
completely concealed by Its blossoms.
"Tho monument bears no date, and
porslstent Inquiry failed to elicit any
Information as to 1U origin or hla
tory. "It Is about four feet In height, and
bears the following epltapK on Its
TliU Kurry elaborate
PtU J ' i
I treckted In rasmery .
of Tolomato
A semtnola tnglna chcef
Whoot wlgwarm etudil on
This apot and mirroundlngi
W cherrli hb roeinary
A he waa a bxk1 Imrlec! chcef
He wood knot take yoor
ikalp without you boused him to ,
do ao, or pndo him auni munny
He allwoyt akted
more like n nhrletohum
gentleman than a
av:iK Inglne
t.t l.lm H. I P."
Vac fitl
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1 'ssssssl
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