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1 I Kleptomania I
fl M L L ' fcr A M AIUwv
1 1 jj
' (Copyright, ltll, by AtaooUUd Literary
Mp Pnn.)
S An stent to bs much talked about
H In society and another to cause ctuat
191 tar from tho seventh floor to the
19 basement at Maxim ft Co.'a depart-
IS ment itore, occurred the aame week.
&& TIi Dr,t wta tb announcement of
fijE the engagement ot Miss Edith, Mile,
wQj. to Mr. Eugene Kevins, who waa one
flBrv oMhe partner? ot the Btore, and so-
Mj& clety agreed that It was a fin match.
wm Society refers to those things the
uB same way men refer to horses In a
yM rsce,
SB The second event was the general
Iff overhauling of tho storo detectives
Hi and many ot the sales girls, on ac-
Wm count of the sudden Increaso In shop-
KB lifting. Laces and other vnluablo
fiK goods not the UBual prey of the shop-
UH lifter were being taken In a way to
EH make tho loss n serious one and to
J call for Increased vigilance
H Maxim & Co. hnd tho reputation of
ml carrying tho finest lino of laces In
w the city. Thero were four salesgirls
9 In this department, and tho one In
A chnrge was Miss Orattan. She had
M held her place for nearly a year when
tS the first theft was reported. Tho
rl first and second cases were pasted
jS over, but when the third wan re-
HB ported Miss Qrattnn .was placed tin
fj der suspicion. It was Mr. Novlns
E who set the natch on her, and It was
J to Mr. Novlns that the report waa
Sal made later on.
mi "Lives with her widowed mother;
if goes out very Uttlo and thon with
tm Mr. Traver, of the furniture depart-
A ment. It Is said that they are en-
M gaged. If she takes the lace, she
vjtj sells It somewhere. Cannot say that
IS suspicion should attach to any one
H of the four at the lace counter."
IV In the line of business Mr. Novlns
wM bad once called Miss Orattan to the
IBB office. Sho had not trembled and
BH cowered In his presence. On tho con-
jfn trary, she had seemed too assured
WK and snippy to please him. There
wl must be discipline In department
WS stores, and when an employe la
Ml before the powers that be, he or she
H Is expected to act as If life was at
SB stake. As Miss Orattan didn't, Mr.
KU Nevlns was displeased with her.
S In the general overhauling Mtas
JH Orattan came first. Lace to the
U "There Is Slackness Thtrs"
Bf value ot 200 had been taken from
Rff her department two days bofore.
tEB There had beon a rush at her counter
jH all day, mostly of well-dressed worn-
y n. There had been scores and aoorei
ttjm of sales. There had beon scores who
MB did not buy. The salesgirls must
IB not only handle the stock, but an-
MB ewer questions, record sales, keep
JH their oyes open and look upon every
J customer with suspicion, nnd feel
jtjD that some ono of thoso customers
H might bo a shoplifter, nnd there to
W Put tho four In porll ot losing their
H places. Mr Novlns realized nil this,
Mj but ho made no oxen bus for Mlus
KH Ornttnn, nor permitted hor to make
3! any for hcrseir.
J "There Is slacknes tlioro or these
H things could not happen," ho said
Kg "A smort Blrl can tell n shoplifter
Q half way across tho Btoro. If there
J Is any more stealing from your coun-
J tor I shall bo obliged to transfor you
V to tho crockery department."
jD Thero woro thrco storo detoctlves,
(J all noted for their smartness, nnd
J yet thoy could not "toll a shoplifter
J half way across tho storo," nor yet
Kg ton feet nwny. Miss Orattnn took II
IB rightly that she "was marked down,"
j hut Bho roturned to her counter ro
J solved to watch with moro vigilance
J than over. In tho big stores thoy do
JEW not make tho mlstnko of watching
MS wllat mny bo called tlio common folks
H to tho oxcluslon of nil others. What
i. tho common folks tako Is cnllod
3PP stealing; rhnt tho wealthy toko goes
Ml und"' tho head of kleptomania. Both
aro watched nllko.
H Four days after tho talk In tho of-
J Jlce, MIsb Orattan had n customer for
Vm hlgh-prlcod lace Sho was a young
jm woman of auout twenty-two, who
hjB had come In her auto, and she hnd a
Jj rull purso and bought liberally and
R took away her package. she wai
!m watched, and yet ton minutes aftot
SB n na,l Bono a valuablo ploco of lace
J was missing, Tho most that could
be found out ubout her was that she
0 H fr,0luontl' bn In tho storo and
B ZV P1"1 C08h ond never had her
WM " sent. Th loss had to bi
KM reports to Mr. Nsvins. He did M
lrMfr Miss OrntUa to U eraekan
department, aa. he had tnrssttnsd
He' was evidently about to do so.whas
mi Ihlm sho satd In describing tbt
ffiiifimsr she suspected made htm
hsstUts and take on a punted look,
and after a time to remark:
"After you have taken stoci
tonight .you may find the missing lace.
At any rate, let It go for a day or
Why th change In him? Did ha
. suspect her, and waa he going to hare
her watched T Waa he going to have
her mother! house searched T
Yes, MIsa Orattan was engaged to
Mr. Traver, the head ot the furniture
department; but the fact had not
been publicly announced. These en
gagements 'seldom appear In tho so
ciety Journals. It's two or three days
off under protest a marriage, a flat
nnd then one heara no more. It may
be spoken of In the storo for a day,
but only by employes.
On the ovenlng of tho last theft
mentioned tho matter wns talked over
between tho lovers. Mr. Traver was
n man of action. Ho had a sister
who was not known at the store, and
1 next day sho was a customer at the
lace counter. Sho didn't make a pur
chase, but sho kept her eyes open.
Tho next day sho wob at tho glove
counter, On the next sho wns back
at tho laca counter.
1 PcrhapB one of the Btcro detoo'hes
became suspicious niul followed her
about for a time; pcrhapo or.o of the
four girls nt tho laco counter hoped
to find her shoplifting and aeo her
punished. Sho was thero, undeter
mined whether to buy or not when
tho young lady of tho auto swept
Into the store nnd up to tho counter
I She was gracious and patronizing.
Sho wnntcd expensive laco to send
I to a girl friend In tho coun'ry Miss
, Orattnn waited on her and watched
her. Nevor had sho watched a cus
tomer so closely. Miss Traver sus
pended her buying to leave the storo
and order a public auto to wait In
front of It.
At the end of half an hour her
quarry camo out and entered her own
auto and speeded away. She was fol
lowed and her residence located.
She had not left the store above a
quarter of an hour when the white
faced and shaking Mies Orattan was
up In the office reporting to Mr.
"Tho young lady whom I suspected
n few days ago camo for more lace
I today and bought $50 worth. She had
hardly gone when I missed five yards
valuod at more than that."
"H'ml You will apply for your sal
ary this evonlng. We enn no longer
nfford to keep you here, Tho other
day, when I told you to wnlt n bit, 1
thought I had a clue to solve tl-e
problem; but It seems that I vn--mlstnken.
I shall transfer the other
girls to tho crockery department. The
four of you aro a careless lot, but you
aro the worst."
An hour later Mr. Traver asked for
a word with Mr. Novlns.
"If It's about Miss Orattan, I don't
wish to hoar It," wns tho nnswer.
"Rut It Isn't. It's nbout the shop
lifter at tho lace counter. I know
her and know her plaoe of resi
dence." "You you do!"
"And If you gel out a search war
rnnt before sho can mall away the
lace sho lifted this afternoon It will
bo found In her house. My sister fol
lowed her today."
Mr. Nevlns bent forward on his
desk nnd hid his face In his hands,
and It was threo long minutes bofore
he raised It to E-y:
"I I suspected I knew, but 1
didn't want any one else to know.
You and Miss Orattan aro engaged
Please go, both of you. Your wed
ding gift from the firm will be
enough to sot you up In business
You see, Miss Miss Lisle Is n klepto
maniac, nnd I can't can't "
And his face was in his hands
again when Mr. Traver softly with
drew. Society wondered and by and
by forgot.
.Why Feminine Angela?
Tho "femlnlno nngol" nppears to be
the Invention of Christmas card pro
ber? and, "mpiiumontal masons." as
tlio makers of tomWonos coll them
selves. In Milton's heavon thero Is no
equality of sex, for thero is novor n
mention of a fomnn, even as a celes
tial camp follower Ouerclno's nngol
at Fano, which Inspired Hrownlng's
hoautlful "Guardian Angel," Is n man.
Tho feminist, howover, will hardly cite
this as another example of tho unfair
predominance of man, slnco even man,
as-nn nngol, has no concern with gov
ernment or tho voto.
A New Leap.
A newly qualified Judgo In ono of
the small towns of tho nouth wna try
ing ono of his first criminal cases. Tho
accused was an old colored man, who
was charged with robbing a hencoop.
Ho had been in court beforo on a sim
ilar chargo, nnd was then acquitted.
"Well, Tom," began tho Judgo, "I seo
you'ro In trouble again " "Yes, sah,"
ropllod tbo prisoner "Tho last tlmo,
Jedge, you was ma lawyer." "Whoro la
your Iawyor this tlmo?" asked tho
Judge. "I ain't got no lawyer this
tlmo," answored Tom, "I'm gwlno to
toll the truth!"
A Difference.
"Men In tho olden times wero de
lighted It they got a lady's glovo."
"Now they're aa glum as can be If
thoy got tho mitten."
Indifferent aa to the Present One.
"Dora, you aro Blxteen and can't
spell your name correctly!"
"Oh, that's all right, mother, I ex
pect to changs It In a ytar or so."
Judf. j
Herbert Quick, editor of Farm and
Fireside, writes an Interesting arti
cle '.n tho current Issue of his period
' leal on tho causes that aro back ot
1 tho high cost of living. Following Is
an extract:
"What wo want to know Is why
thero aro not moro people on tho
farms. I have Just read In a maga
zine the explanation: they aro nil
stirred up about It, that all tho avail
able land Is taken up. That Is true
If fencing and owning, and cut-and-covering
Is taking up. But any far-mo-
knows that there Is room for
twice, three times, as many people
on the, farms as are there now. I
heard Mr. John W. Ilookwalter of
Spn'ngfield and the rest of the world
read n paper on th's subject last
winter. He called the attent on of
his hearers to the rush of people to
the c ties ns a groat danger to the
world to civilization.
"He seemed to miss the effect he
himself has had on this matter of
tho rush of people to the c't es. Mr
Dookwalter possesses from C0.000 to
70.000 ncres of farm land On th s
immense doma'n there 1 ve probabl
from a thousand to fifteen huiil-od
people. This Is In Nebraska. In N'e
binska, tco l'M'S Arnold Mnrtln,. who
on twenty-one acres makes mone,
besides suppoit ng h s fam 1. If the
'and owned by Mr Uookw alter wort
owned by the men who work It, there
would be 1 v'np on It three thousand
o (Unary Nebraska farm folk, Instead
of fifteen hundred people. If It were
owned by men like Arnold Martin,
there would bo room for three thou
sand five hundred fnmll 03, or say
a population of fifteen thousand peo
ple on this same estate, wh'ch now
supports perhaps fifteen hundred peo
ple on one half the crops and Mr
Hookwalter on the other half!
"What would be the effect on the
cost of living If every tenant farm
er In these United States wero all
at once changed Into an owner of
his farm? Would It not change most
of them 'nto better farmers? It sure
ly would. They would manuro more
heavily, establish better rotations,
buy fertH'7ers, cease skinning the
land, begin trying to make the place
ndequate to the support not only ot
tho old folks, but of tho children."
Consult County Clerk or the Re spec
tlve Signers for further information
In the District Court Probate Divi
sion, In and for Cache County, State
of Utah.
In tho District Court ot tho First Ju
dicial District of the State ot Utah,
In and for the County of Cache.
Estate of Derdlnes Larsen, Deceased.
Creditors will present claims with
vouchors to tho undersigned at her
residence at Logan City, Cache coun
ty, Utah, on or beforo the 31st day
ot December, 1912.
Date of first publication, August
27, 1912.
In tho District Court of the First
Judicial District of tho State of Utah
In and for tho County of Cache, Hen
ry Urady, Plaintiff, s. John Watson,
Kntherlno Mnlnwnrlug, Jano Hen
dricks, Mary Cox, Susa Brady, Al'co
Smith, Sarah Knudson ami Knther
lno Koppner, solo nnd only holrs nt
Inw of Georgo Watson and Jano Wat
son, Deceased Defendants, Summons.
Tho Slato of Utah to the said De
fendants: You aro hereby summoned
to appear within twenty days after
tho service of this summons upon
you, If served wlth'n the county In
which this nctlon is brought, other
wlso within thirty days after service
and dofend tho abovo ent'tled action,
nnd In case of your fnlluro so to do
Judgment will bo rendered against
you according to the demand of tho
complaint, which haa beon filed with
tho clerk of said court. This action Jb
brought against you to obtain n de
cree of tho court roformlng a docroo
of distribution pertaining to tho renl
estato described In th) complaint.
Attornoy for Plaintiff.
Postofflco address, Logan, Utah.
Notice Is hereby given that sealod
proposals will bo received by tho
Stato Road Comm sslon, 321 Folt
building, Salt Lako City, Utah, up to
11 o'clock a m. September 13, for
tho furnishing of all labor, tools, ma
ter at, etc. necessary for tho complete
construction of n rolntorccd concrete,
box type, culvert as per plan E-15-142.
Sa'd culvert to bo constructed ovor
Hyrum Slough on Stato Road between
Logan and Wellsvllle, Cache county,
All proposals must bo submitted on
the blank form furnished by the state
Road Commission, and when submit
ted, mUBt bo enclosed In a sealed on
velopo marked "Proposal for Con
structing Conereto Culvort." This on
tolope shall then be enclosed In an
othor envelope and addressed to tho
Secretary ot the Stato Road Com
m ss'on at Salt Lake C'ty, Utah. All
proposals submitted on othor forms
will not be considered.
Each proposal must he accoiii
;pauled by a cashier's check for flvo
per cent of the amount of tho bid,
payable to Caleb Tannor, secretary of
the state road commlslon, as a guar
antee that the bidder will enter Into
n contract for the work, should It be
awarded to him, and which will bo
forfeited as liquidated damages
should tho bidder default.
The rtate road commission will ro
qulro t'o successful bidder to exe
cute a sat'sfactory bond of 20 per
cent of the contract price Bond
must be given within ten days after
i ward of the contract.
Plana and specification! may be
seoT at the office of tho stato road
commission and at tho office of tho
county surveyor of Cache ccunty, Lo
ran, Utah.
Tho state road commission reserves
the right to reject any and all pro
I osala recolved, or accept any propos
al that appears advantageous to them.
Theso Instructions are to be con
strued with and made part of tho con
tract. By order of tho stato road commiB
Secretary o' State Road Commlaa'en
Stato Road Engineer.
A specific for pain Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, strongest, cheapest llni
ment over devisea A household rem
edy In America fcr 25 years.
lhe wise business man does not get over- H
heated in hot weather. He uses the Bell Tele- H
phone. There is no need of rushing through H
dusty streets in the broling sun when he can M
sit in his office or house and telephone. M
The telephone is a necessity in every season M
because in addition to a local service that M
reaches all your neighbors, it has long distance M
connections which reach all over Utah, Idaho M
and Wyoming. H
J The Mountain States Tele- I
(igf phone And Telegraph Co. I
lp Build Your Home of Concrete 1 I
oKwssjiSSlskS'liBF Anil rnolil nny allIMtr of fire from mlthont or jH H
(yi Mlthlu. V ruiK-rrlr hoimp nrril no lumirnucr. It re- KjJ
r-i' Wlrri) no rrpnlrx, prnillinllj InMln lurrirr, nml Ik rhrnprr In the CVM
Ip'.'l Iimik run. Iliillil n liomr I hnl uu i-nn knr to your rbllilrrn nc U'r.'a bH
.ji In nhlrli llir vliolr fninlly Mill dike urldr. fivil 1
WJE Tor (liii-nrnx, MlrriiKtli, uniformity nml durnlillltr, thin rrmrnt In ftf'l H
tj) rri-oKiiliril li' -prrl u helnic without n prrr. lirlhrr )iiu liullil WiS
?-r i ii hoimr, liiirn, nlilrnlk, MiilrrliiK tnnmli It nlll my you urxt to PiVs fl
(.vr.f liiMlMt upon tli to!- of HIMI I)i:VII. I'orllnnil Crinrnt for tlie eon iJd
;W! iri-lr. II 'h jour Kunriiul of lilKlirxl iiiiiillt;. It' n "Drill of it ty!
.'j t.ord Otill-llt.' '1 SSBSBsl
fVj Mild l All l.rii.llnic l).nlrr. Wrltr for Tree llooklrlN. (V M
Broiled Steak Is a Luxury Where Soft I
Coal Is Used for Fuel , , I
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kjl titnlUN ANU oUN acents .jt-js

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