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8 Immense Crowd Hears the Nebraskan in Brilliant Address
B Replete With Fine Rhetoric and Glittering Generalities
All Fundamentals Wherein Our Industries
9 , Are Involved Evaded. Keenly Feels His
S Defeats, And is Apparently
S Resigned to His Fate.
I The Bryan, Tolton', Johnson rally
In the Tabernacle Friday evening
was perhaps the largest rally ever
held In the county. It had been tho
thoroughly advertised and men nnd
women or all parties came out to
hear tho distinguished Nebraskan.
Some estimated tho crowd as about
half as many as camo to near Pres
ident Tntt, some thought It full)' as
largo and some snld It was larger
Everybody seemed In tho pleasnntcst
posslblo mood, and nil wore a smile
as ft they were expecting something
good. In this respect they wore not
disappointed. Tho great orator wnB
In flno form and delivered one of tho
most eloquent addresses It has over
been our pleasure to hear. The great
throng lingered until tho last word
had fallen from his lips, and then
went out Into tho night with tho
verdict that It. was one of the great
musical treats of a llfo time.
County Chairman William Edwards
called tho rally to order and Intro
duced Senator J. W. Funk as chair
man. Tho sonator appreciated the
distinction, and announced that
"pending the arrival of Mr. nrown or
Mr. Bryan" we would hear from Can
didates Tolton and Johnson.
"Don't bo nfrald to come up this
way, as thero are Btlll a little room
this way," said tho Benntor, and then
Introduced Mr. John F. Tolton.
Mr. Tolton snld ho had beon here
many times In his capacity as a leg--rk
lslator, but had never before been
gr received as he had been this time.
Of courso he did not explain that up-
I on tho occasion of ono of his last
visits he was trying to unite the A.
C. and U. of U.
He then began talking of the dis
sentlon in tho Republican party, crit
icised Republican legislatures, but
tald nothing about tho last Democint
lc legislature that could not oven
elect a U. S. Senator. Ho said the
Democratic party stands for a public
utility commission, and said ho had
been criticised becauso ho would not
look well In a dress Bult.
Mr. Tillman Johnson was then In
troduced. He at once made It plain
that he was not going In for a beauty
test, and began paying his respects
B to Congressman Howell. He then
m went after the farmers, and house-
H wives, dubbing them stand patters,
M and stand stillers, and appealed to
I the young to throw off the yoke of
1 the old. He had sympathy for his
E Bull Moose friends, but thought they
9 Tho citizens movement which for
B months past has been agitated by
H certufn local people, which has ns
I Us ultimate end the formation of a
"citizens party1," in tho stato of Utah
I working under and being governed
I by a platform tho main planks of
which deal with tho lowering of taxes
I the reduction of salaries or public of-
flclnls, tho elimination of nUcgo'l
I stato governmental oxtrnvagauco and
PI as well tho elimination of tho num-
M ber of olllccrs, deputies and nssocl-
ntes, has apparently taken on form
M within tho past tow days.
I Several meetings have beon held
Jk by sympathizers nnd at one of theso
jjMDMr. n. F. Allen of this city con-
TWgp sented to head tho movement aud ns
H well tho state ticket, and It Is under-
1 stood on olfort Is now being mado to
eecuro tho signatures of tho BOO vot-
ers necessary to launch a now stato
I In accoptlng tho position as head
i of a movemont wbfch ho .assumes
1 will brlnu forth sharp criticism from
I all political parties, Mr. Allen pre-
sents tbroo reasons for his action!
Ej First, that taxes nro unreasonably
I lilgh; second, that tnxea should and
I can be reduced; third, that It Is feas
H able and possible to accomplish what
H outjlned In the citizens platform.
ought to have the moral courage to
come, clear over and elect the Dem
ocratic ticket- "We need the votes"
ho snld.
At 3:33 Mr. Bryan appeared and
was given an ovntton. He began by
paying a trlbuto to our city, county,
and the nnme of Thatcher. He uald
he never expected so ninny of his
Ideas to take legislative form In V)
short a time, nnd then referred feel
ingly to his f.1,000 Innjority in Utah In
189G and regretfully to the loss of
this majority.
He then talked nt length of the
Chicago and Baltimore convention,
and characterized J. P. Morgan,
Thos. F. Ityah and August Belmont
asthe "three who have corrupt)! nu
tional politics for a generation " Ko
charged Colonel Roosevelt as being
n'xiorruptlonlst from the one fact If
no more, that ho took one of Mor
gan's men as his chief advisor
The speaker continually referred
to hlB many defeats, sometime? 10
.pretfully, sometimes Jokingly, and
said he could have been elected
President were It not for trust mag
nates threatening employees tvltn
ttnrvntion. Ho then truned his at
tention to President Taft, c'jaiacter
Jzing him as a boulder in tho stream
He closed by paying an eloquent an:!
glowing trlbuto to Governor V ilson.
and said "I cannot understand why
people forget history."
At tho Progressive rally at Nlbley
Hn'l Saturday evening, Neplil L.
Morris was the prtnclplo speaker and
spoke at great length on the puri
fication of American politics. He
holds that America .today ts a "hiss
and a by-word" with European coun
tries on account of condition of this
country politically. In his opening
remarks Mr. Morris was frank in
stating that It would be a great sur
prise to him If he Is elected to the
office of governor of this state. In
continuing further, he contended that
there would be a "house cleaning"
and It was the mission of the Bull
Moosers to do this.
On the rostrum were seated T. W.
Peterson, J. A. Hendrlckson, J. A.
Sneddon, A. A, Law, and Frank
Price. Mr. Law entertained those
piesent with tho history of tho Pro
gressive party with about a thirty
minute talk until tho arrival or
Morris belated train. During the
progress of tho rally, Mr. Sneddon
porformed the role of chief "spat ar
tist" wherever ho considered a cli
max had been reached. Including all
thoso who occupied seats on tho
stand ns enumerated above, local
Democrats who are boosting tho Bull
Mooso cause locally for what pres
tlgo thoy think It will give the Don.
ocratlc cause, and tho few Republi
cans who went out of curiosity and
a deslro to henr Mr. Morris' "opening
gun" In Cncho, thero were possibly
two hundred present.
The Amalgamated Sugar Factory
In tho city will begin Its annual run
tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Oc
tober 2.
Owing to the Irrigation congress
conference and State Fair at Salt
Lako City, It has been thought bust
to postpone tho Mass County conven
tion of, tho Progressive party until
Saturday, October 12 nt 1 o'clock
pf n.
T. W. PETERSEN, Chairman.
JOB. J. BITHELL, Secretary.
T ' '
r ( I
Three Men Who Have Been Nominated
, , For the Governorship of New Hampshire.
. 4ijimtlM iivBBBBBBkv ..- .
vraaSgEsS j rjVBBBBBBBBBBBk -. -v, w
Republicans, Democrats and Progressives have numctl their candidates for governor of New Hampshire to be
voted for ac the coming election Franklin Worcester of Hollls Is the Republican nominee, Samuel D. Fclker or Roch
ester Ih the Democratic standard bearer, nnd Winston Churclilll of Cornish Is the nominee of tho Progressive party.
X ,
Says Preservation of Institutions of
CivifCiberty as Handed Down
By Forefathers is Lead
ing Issue of Campaign.
Beverly, Mass, Sept. 28. President
Tnft mnde a direct plea today to Re
publicans to vote the Republican tick
et and not desert tho party at tho
polls in November, In order to do
reat the third party and Mr. Roose
velt. It was tho first prepared political
address he has mnde since his speech
accepting tho Chicago nomination. It
was delivered Irom n temporary stand
erected on tho grounds at Parramat
tn boforo tho Republican clubs or Es
box county nnd rodents of Bevor y.
The speaker dovoted par'tlar at
tention to tho thud party for tho
first tlmo since Its formation. He
mentioned Mr. Roo3ovolt and Gover
nor Wilson severnl times uv nanio in
connection with ttit Ir views on pollt
cal or economic subjects.
Greatest Issue Of Campaign
"Thero Is ono Issuo In this cam
palgn of oven more fundnmortal and
permanent Importance to it-o govern
ment and tho" people than tho tariff
nnd prosperity," saM tho President,
beginning his attack upon ho third
party. "That is tho preservation of
tho Institutions of civil liberty ns
they wore handed down to us by our
forefathers In tho constitution of tho
United States) and tho stato constitu
tions which woro modoled after It.
"A third party has split oft from
the Republican party, not for any one
principle or Indeed on any prlnclplo
at all, but merely to gratify personal
ambition and vengeance and In the
gratification of that personal ambition
and vengeance, every new fad -and
theory, some of them good, some of
them utterly preposterous ,an 1 Iniprnc
tide, some of them as socialistic as
anything that has been proposer. In
the countries of Europe, many hav
ing no relation to national Jurisdic
tion or policy, have been crowded In
to n platform In order to tompt the
voters of enthusiastic supporters tt
each of these proposed reioiins-,.
One Man Party
"This now party Is not united on
any cohesive principle, nnd Is only
kept togother by the rcmnrkublo per
sonality of Its leader. Wore ho to
die, the party would go to pieces, for
tho causo of which so many gl'My
speak Is uttorly lncnpnble of t'ofln1
tlon In vfow of the crazy quilt char
acter of tho platform. But tluiro Is
running through tho entlro declnred
policy of tho third party an entire
willingness to destroy overy limita
tion of constitutional represontu Ivo
gdvernment In order that by short
cuts, tho vnrlous reforms, Inconsis
tent as they may bo and many of
them ore with each other, mny bo
accomplished by tho decreo of a be
nevolent despotism to bo supported
by the acclaim of hero worshipping,
emotional, utvdlscrlmlnatlng, superfi
cially minded and nonthinking peo
ple. Has No Chance Of 8uccest
"Fortunately, thero Is not tho sligh
test chance of the success of tho
third party. Its chlof purpose Is to
defeat the Republican party and oven
la that thoro Is now evory posslbll
I ity that it will be dlaapplonted. It
has been suggested that Republicans
should voto tho Democratic ticket In
order to defeat Mr. Roosevelt. Men
who do this will act most blindly, for
their votes though unnecessary to
defeat Mr. Roosevelt, will aid tho
cause of the Democracy with whom
they hnvo no sympathy, especially in
tho policy of tariff for revenuo only,
and bring a disturbance of business
and nn end of prosperity.
"".hero Is no neod of our being PJt
upon tho defensive. Tho flood of Un
just denunciations, to which tho Re
publican party has been subjected,
has no real foundation or Justifica
tion. It is wo who should bo In tho
forefront, affirming our right to con
tinue to represent tho people, becauso
of what wo have dono nnd becauso
of tbti n8uranco by what wo havj
Continued on page 8.
Impressive funeral fiorvlces wero
held In the Stake Tabernacle yester
day afternoon over tho remains or
Mrs. Julia Stratford Budge, wife o(
President William Budge. Seldom
have moro friends of a departed per
son assembled or nn ocenslou of that
kind, and in very fow Instances has
tho llfo of a departed friend merited
and brought forth such glowlus trlb
utes as wero expressed by thonj who
addressed tho assembly nt thnt
Tho services wero In cliargo of tho
bishopric of tho First wnrd, and mu
sic wns furnished by tho Stake choir.
Tho speakers wero: John U. Stocki
of Paris, Idaho, Bishop C. W. Xb
ley, and President C. W. Penro3?, of
Salt Lake City.
In addition to many friends of tho
deceased and family from Logan the
uudlenco wus swelled by thoso espo
cally rrom Providence, were Sister
Budgo lived for Bomo yenrs and from
Bear Lako to,vns whoro she spent
tho groator part of her llfo.
iBesldoB hor husband, deceased
leaves to mourn her loss four chil
dren: Hon. Jesse Budgo of Pocatolln,
Mrs. Julia Nlbley, and Miss Annlo
Budgo of Logan, and Mrs. Mamie
Wooloy of Ogdon. Interment was
made In tbo city cemetery.
Police Auto Attempts to Swerve at J
Full Speed In Ruth to Rio Grand j
and Skids, Driving Into
Salt Lake City, Sept. 29. Flnloy
Mnrtln of Sioux City, Idaho, wns li iH
stantly killed, nnd James II. Slan- 'H
Inn, supposedly of Los Angeles, was
seriously Injured nt 2:30 o'clock yea- H
tcrdny afternoon when they wero iH
struck by tho police greyhound at j
Second South and Fourth West street. H
Harry Clark, UG North Second West.
street, who was driving In a bugy H
at that point, was thrown rrom tho jH
vehicle nnd recolved n Bcnlp wound jiH
The greyhound wns being sent at l
n high rate or speed west on Second u '.H
South street by Driver W. W. Grll- '' iH
fin, enrrylug Patrolman Jnmet E. jH
Woodwnrd In response to a call rrom H
tho Denver & Rio Grande freight H
yards, whoro Robert Alfred Johnson, 'lfl
nine years old, had been run ovor jH
and killed by a train. H
As tho car drew abreast tho Salt- H
air depot It was preceded a fow rods jH
by a horse' and buggy driven by Har- jfl
ry Clark. Clark heard tho nbls of jH
the approaching machine nnd waver j
cd In his course, undecided tWitch
way to turn. As he reached Rio
Grande nvcuuo nnd turned south, j
Grlllln gnvo tho greyhound a sharp j
twist to the right. The automobile,
Its speed too hlgb for swerving, skid-
ded nnd turned directly to tho north
crashing Into a steel polo iji front H
of tho Hurry Bnck bar, Just west of .
tho Saltalr depot. ,H
Just Stepped From Car -'H
Martin and Scanlnn had Just alight- 'H
cd from n depot car boforo Orlflln H
nttemptcd to pass the buggy. Scan- H
Inn had stepped from the frouc plat- H
form of the enr and wns near tbo H
north curb nnd Martin had Just step- H
ped rrom tho renr platform when tho
machlno skidded.'' B
As tho rear of the automobile whirl- ,H
ed nround, Martin was thrown H
against tho sldo of the street car, H
being Instantly killed. Tho tonncau H
of tho automobile also struck tho H
rear wheels of Clark's buggv and M
tipped It over. H
In tho fraction of a second Scan-'
Ian was hit by tho front of tho gny- H
hound and plunged with It Into the M
steel post. Ho received a compound H
fracture of tho right leg, gracture of H
the Bkull, his nose wns broken, his iH
left ear was almost torn from his M
head and his face badly cut " j
Policeman Escape Injury
Driver Griffin and patrolman Wood- H
ward escaped Injury. The front fend- H
er and springs of tho car wero brok.- H
erf nnd bent, tho wind shield shaff' iH
ed nnd tho lamps deniomtifi! Yhpn,
tho car etrucft tbc ih'!pi Tlio oJy M
"t Mnrtln was taken lo O'Donnoll's 'H
undertaking rooms In a dellvory wag- -
on. 8canlan and Clark were taken H
In an ambulance to St. Mark's ho-'
Tho only clue to Martin's Identity M
aud place of residence wns a rail H
road ticket In a pocket of his coat. (
This boro tho name, Fin ley Martin, -
and rend to Los Angeles via the SaU '
Lako Route from Sioux City. With j
tho ticket wns n baggage check Vnr- M
tin appeared to be about fifty-five
years of ago, of medium height and ')
woro a light Vandyko beard 't
A family reunion In honor of tho jH
99th birthday of Mrs. Elizabeth Howe 9
Dullard Hyde, will bo hold at tho H
homo of hor daughter Mrs. George H
O. Pitkin, 227 North Third East to- H
morrow. Mrs. Hydo Is mentally and fl
physically In prlmo health and on tho fl
occasion of this family meeting will iH
Join happily in all tho festivities of IB
tho day, Whllo personal Invitations 'fl
could not bo Issued to her host of ifl
friends In Logan nnd vlolnlty, Mrs. '(
Hydo will, during tho day, bo at ij H
home to those who may call. f. IB
According to ropoits last evonlng IB
tho Whitney boy, who was Injured B
whllo riding a bucking horso nt tho H
Fair grounds last week, was no bet- B
ten He has rallied a little at times B
but U most of the time unconscious. IB

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