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I-' :;f NMESS OF EL"
H U Delegates To Irrigation Congress
B I M Made Welcome In City Of Or-
BBB ganuatlon't Birth.
B ) I Mr, president, Delegates, indies
BBB nnd Gentlemen: While tbo rctf.donts
H of the great area this side ot the
Bj ' ! r Mississippi River nrc nclghbon In
BBB i a sense, with mutual alms and Inter-
H j csts, It Is only when we come togeth-
BBB cr a8 irrigators that we really feel
BBB I Hko home folks at a family reuu'ou.
H Blood Is said to be thicker than
H i? water, but the t!es that bind the ben-
H , J enclaries of Irrigation nrc thoo in
H , L which our homes, hopes and fortunes
H jf 1 are hound up. In such n unlui wx
BBB ' 1 secure a mcasuro of prosperity for
H , , I ourselves and n heritage of oppoitun-
BBBBBBi a tt n mir nnatnrlfv.
BBj ? ' Even blood does not stand In the
H ' wny of water rights, as the record
B , L of ninny n western court will show
H h ' t In truth, tho irrigation system u
B ( ' a community may be likened to the
! circulatory system of the Individual.
1 From Its heart in tho evcrlost n
j snows, through the arteries nnd cr
BBBj t pillarles of Its canyons and canals ir-
Hj H , rlgatlon carries the life giving fluid
H i jf or tho real West to tho fertile and
BBB I productive fields of tho mountain and
W ' ' plains. It is tho blood of our com-
H' J, merclal nnd tndustrlal development,
BBBj the life of our land, the elixir of ng-
H A I riculturnl productivity. Tnko it away
BBB Vi 1 nnd we have got to move. Waste It
BBBf 4 ' '' f and our children will have to go.
B , J Without It our orchards would die,
j J our fields would parch, our livestock
BBBJ I perish nnd tho lnbor of our lives be
B I naught.
BBBJ We might manage to get nlong
n I without nn army or a nnvy, without
BBBJ1 . pensions of a tariff, without nutomo-
B r biles or political parties, but we
BBBJ ' , could not make much headway with-
B irrigation.
BBBJ It would be possible to Import
BBBJ ) what we drink and go to tho seaside
BBBJ ' for nn occns'.onnl bath, but there is
B " nothing so good for crops ns real
BBBJ wnter nnd It hns got to be right on
BBBJ I the ground.
BBBJ Irrigation means more thnn water-
BBBJ soaked soil; other sections havo wa-
BBBJ , ter nnd some havo more than they
BBBJ ( need. Three quarters of the earth's
Htll ' surface Is wholly covered with wnter
B jlj and In other parts they havo rains
Hj nnd droughts nnd leeching sunshine
H" without tho recompense of silt re-
iL storntives nnd mineral tonics.
H Ily artificial dlstribulon of the wa-
K ters from lakes and rivers tho-most
Aj desolate and barren places of the
H earth havo been mado productive nnd
H habitable. Under Its mnglc spell
BBBJ gardens have been mndo to bloom
BBBJ ' - nnd yield where not long beforo the
BBBJ scorching sun frowned down on siz-
BBBJ zllng sands nnd pnntng lizards; the
H leprous whito of alkali has been
BBBJ J ' changed to tho verdure of spring.
BBBJ ! Tho harvest plumes of victorious
BBBJ 11 I plenty wave on conquered fields nnd
HlJj J orchards drop their golden treasures
BBBJ j I into the lap of Industry. All these
BBBJ fi ' blessings are due to n bcnoflcmt
H Providence nnd Irrigation. And wo
B f J owo to It, to the world, to future nges
H t nnd unborn generntlons n careful
H f conservation of their source and sup-
H I ply of available water.
Hii Wo have our problems to tohe ns
H they hail lu nges long forgotten; ns
H - they had In Assyria before tho first
H. jingo of recorded history was writ-
ten; when they cheeked tho rivers
I'l' and diverted them Into new channels
H t to relievo tho pressure of tho fresh-
H j cts and store tho surplus waters
B'i) against tho tlmo of need. We have
H4i our problems now as they had In
,1 Asia when tho waters of tho Tigris
H I r nnd tho Euphrates wero spread over
'S1 the sands of Babylon until its wealth
,' nnd power wero tho marvels of the
H world. We havo our problems now
H , as they had In Egypt when tho cross
jH' on tho banks of tho Nilo, indlcntlng
B by Its transverso beam tho height to
H ' which the waters might be expected
B 1 . to rise, became a guido to safety and
H I n refugo thousands of years hoforo
j I1 ' J it becamo a symbol of Christianity.
t I Wo havo our problems now as Jo-
Iseph had when ho took tho waters
of the Nllo at Asult nnd conveyed
them thrco hundred miles to rench
tho level of tho plnln of Fnj'oum,
acr-ri I nhlch was mado ono of tho'grannr-
l j les of the nnclent world.
JTho canals of Babylon, tho resor-
' volrs of Fayoum, tho dams nnd ditch-
HK '' 1 cs of Assyria no longer cany life
B giving waters to a prosperous nnd
H , contented people. Theso races fall-
jjH j cd to solve their problems. Wars
ft! i mado them wanderers, Invasions do-
jff' I spoiled them, tyranny oppressed them
jfl I pleasures took tho placo of ln4'istry
H f ' and indolonco becamo their curso
IHl The courso of the old canals may yet
jfBfan bo traced; tho ruins ot the reser.
! '
ii1 BBB9BBBB3Bfeu-
vclrs, the outlines of tho lakes, the
crumbzl ng dikes and dams may yet
bo seen. Avarice nnd oppression dis
couraged thrift; neglect was follow
ed by decay; In tho mad strugglo for
the needs nnd luxuries of tho moment
the welfare of tho futuro was forgot
ten;, wnter sheds wero denuded nnd
forests destroyed; sand drifted Into
the ditches; the water ceased to flow;
tho moisture evaporated; fires and
famines completed tho destruction
nnd devastation and tho desolation
of tho desert settled upon the land
onco more.
They had their probloms but failed
to find the solution. Wo have learned
from experience, but we have some
thing to do with hlstqry too. Wo are
conserving some, but wasting much,
and It. Is for the purpose ot devising
ways and means not only to enjoy
the advantages placed at ou. dispos
al by tho general government, but to
build for generations yet to b'e
housed and fed and to plan so that
the present may become a fitting
foundation for tho future; so that
millions of ncres mny yet be ndded
to the millions already reclaimed It
is for this that the wisdom, exper
ience nnd statesmanship of tho Na
tional Irrigation Congress assembles
each year.
It Is particularly proper that this
body should meet hero at this tlmo
In tho city of Its nativity on the
21st anniversary of Its foundation
where tho purest wnter from ever
lasting snous Is taken from the rock
brimmed basins of the mountains In
foaming catnracts down cool can
yons to Bplash and spread upon tho
richest of valleys nnd gladden the
happiest homes in all tho world.
I recall the first session of this
Congress. Tho Impressions I then
received from tho discussions I heard
are with met yet as I wclcomo you,
not only to tho placo of your birth
as an association, but to tho homo
ot modern Irrigation, to tho cradle of
this enterprise, to the city founded
by the pioneer of American Irrigat
ors. I bid you welcomo as a body nnd
ns Individuals. I hope your stay will
bo pleasant and, perhaps permanent.
I havo no key to present to you for
tho doors and gates of Salt Lake
City havo no locks. They nro open
wldo to you and. In behnlf of the In
habitants, I pledgo you their gener
nnd hospitality.
The olty Is yours.
m m
Report Made to the Bank Commission I
er of the State of Utah, of the
Condition of the
Thatcher Bros. Banking Co.
Located nt Logan, In tho County of
Cache, Stato of Utnh, at tho closo
of business on the 23rd day of Sep
tember, 1012.
Loans nnd Discounts . ..$ 770,307.53
Overdrafts 28,827.29
Bonds, Stocks, Certifi
cates, etc 24,054.80
Hanking House 30,000.00
Furnlturo nnd Fixtures.. 501.00
Real Kstate 17.C62.17
Duo from National Banks 100,012. 35
Duo from State Banks
and Bankers 25,408.37
Exchanges for Clearing
House $3Tll5.19
Checks and Cash Items
Fractional Silver
J1.09.'. 04
Silver Dollars $500.00
Cold Coin ....$9,200.33
Currency S7.fil9.00 21,830.78
Current Expenses nnd
Taxes Bald 3,900.09
Totnl $1,029,479.38
Capital Stock paid in ..$ 150,000.00
Surplus Fund 50,000.00
Undivided Profits 13.991.70
Dividends Unpaid 10.00
Duo to Nntlonnl Banks.. 01.57
Duo to State .lonks nnd
Bnnkc-s 14,170.80
Individual Deposits 287.479.27
Savings Deposits 305,303.22
Certified Checks 5.030.70
Cnshlor's Checks . .' . . 899.41
Demnnd Ccrtlficntes of
Deposit 1.025.11
Tlmo Cortlflcntes of De
posit 31.800 03
Note3 nnd Bills Re-dls-
counted 32,700.00
Hills Pnyablo 50,000.00
Resorvo for Taxes 2,000.00
Flro Insuranco Account 24,893 37
Totnl $1,029,479.38
Stnto of Utnh, County of Cncho:
John II. Bnnkheod, bolng first duly
sworn according to law, deposes and
says that ho j Assistant Cashier of
tho nbovd named bank; that tho
abovo and foregoing report contnlns
n full, true and correct statement of
tho condition of Urn sa d lank. at tho
closo ot business rr 'Uo 23rd day
of September. 1912
Subscribed and eworn to beforo
mo this 27th day of September. 1912.
Notary Public
My commission expires July 4, 1914
Correct Attest:
Stato of Utah, Ofilco of Bank Com
missioner. I, C. S. Tlngoy, Bank Commission
er of tho State of Utah, do hereby
certify that tho foregoing is n full,
true and correct copy of tho stato
I ment of tho nhovo named company,
I lllpd In my office this 30th day of
September, 1912.
Bank Commissioner.
Tho Republicans of Utah, In con
vention assembled, offer no program
that Is not bulwarked with perform
ancos; make no professions that do
not square with practices. Tho past
four years of Republican control In
stato and nation mark an era of pro
gress surpassing any equal period in
American history. They have been
years alike of material prosperity
an,d moral awakening. Never has tho
country been confronted with prob
lems so complex and Varied; never
havo such problems been handled
with moro skill or courage. Presi
dent Toft has demonstrated that tho
principles ot constitutional and rep
resentative government, though as
sailed by agitators nnd decried by
theorists, arc broad and deep enough
to meet every exigency of our ad
vanced civilization.
Endorse Administration
Wo glvo our hearty endorsement
to tho platform ond candidates pre
sented by tho National Republican
nation ot William H. Taft, a Presi
dent who, Hko Abraham Lincoln, hns
proven that calmness, kindness and
sympnthy aro compatible with firm
resolution nnd Inflexible cournge. A
Republican administration which has
stood behind tho protective tariff,
principles of Clay, Garfield, Blame
and McKlnley, has also given to tho
child itB first national recognition and
to tho worklngman the broauest na
tional suppor
It has likewise preserved to tho
Utah farmer, miner and flocKinastcr
convention. We applaud tho renoml
that prosperity which results from
protected sugar, lead and wool. Tho
peoplo of this stato have not forgot
ten the kind ot cheapness that comes
with Democratic tariff. While Insist
ing on a scientific tariff, based on non
partisan investigation, tho Republican
party has also Insisted upon a system
of railroad regulation which would
not build up tho seaboards nt tho ox
penso of tho Interior. Every mer
chant, factory nnd consumer of Utah
enjoys tho benefit of reduced rates
endowed with broad powers by a Re
publican Congress.
Help for Worklngman
Tho Republican party which camo
Into power ns tho friend ot tho op
pressed and emancipator of tho en
slaved, continues ns tho champion of
tho weak, helpless and unfortunate.
Tho bill recommended by President
Taft, nnd passed by n Republican Sen
ate for worklngmeu's compensation
and employers' liability wns blocked
ot pnssago In n Democratic house.
This mcasuro ot reform, compiled by
a commission of which Senator Suth
erland was chairman, constitutes tho
greatest advunco yet mado for tho
worklngman, amounting almost to a
revolution in existing law. Wo urgo
tho passage of this act; and favor
both In nation and stato all .thoso
measures which make for social and
economic advancement,
Urge Practical Laws
Wo urge passage or moro effectlvo
factory Inspection laws, rigid en
forcement of sanitary regulations, a
systematic application of tests in
weights and measures In everv local
ity, tho protection of tho consumer
against Impure food, tho establish
ment of a nntlonal board of health
nnd tho encouragement of ovory movo
ment for tho protection of women
nnd children In working centers. Wo
favor an extension ot aid to good
roads to tho end that Utah mny have
tho best means of transportation. Wo
cnll attention to tho fact that undor
authority glvon by tho present Re
publican stato administration, moro
monoy has been spent on good roads
during tho past four years than In
tho whole provious history of tho
Btato. Tho employment of convicts
on tho public highways has been nn
Ideal means of prison discipline and
has assisted tho construction of good
roads, without Injury to prlvato lab
or Wo request our representatives
In Congress to work for tho passago
of a federal act creating and main
taining a system of national roads.
Reform Taxation System
A system of taxation in Utah which
s unequal end antiquated Is under
going Investigation by a revenue com
mission created by tho last leglsla-
ure. The levy of taxes on an equal
basis and the deposit of state funds
Buch restrictions as to safeguard such
moneys while bringing the best rate
of Interest on dally balances are
measures to which tho party Is al
ready committed. A constitutional
amendment submitted by the last
legislature, which will enable the
state to get the Interest Income from
unemployed funds, Is beforo the vot
ers of this state at the November elec
tion. We pledge our representatives
in the legislature to the enactment
of laws for this purpose, as soon as
empowered by this amendment
On High Cost of Living
Wo denounce the effort of our ene
mies to Impute to tho protective tariff
tho high cost of living a condition
of life that Is manifest alike In free
trndo nnd protected nations. The
problem Is one that confronts both
tho Occident and tho orient, nnd Is
to bo solved less b lawB thnn by
the application of economic prlncip'es
In everyday life.
Other Laws Urged
Wo favor tho ratification of tho
crnsftutlonal amendment providing
for tho election of United States Sen
ators by direct vote of tho people.
New Counties Wo favor tho ndop
t'on of tho constitutional amendment
for the crentlon of new counties In
thlb state.
Amend Criminal Code We favor the
nmendment of tho criminal code of
this state to the end that criminals
mny be brought to moro speedy trial
and punishment and that the guilty
mny not escape through mero tech
u'calltles. Indian War Pensions We urgo the
enactment of legislation providing
adequate compensation to those vet
erans who by their courago nnd de
votion In tho early building of the
state protected the lives and prop
erty during the Indian wars.
For Anti-Pass Mcasuro In lino
with legislation by n Republican Con
gress and believing that, wholesome
legislation Is hampered and endanger
ed by tho system In voguo ot giving
passes to public officials, wo pledge
our legislature nnd Governor to pass
nti ndequato anti-pass mcasuro for the
correction of this evil.
As To Roto' Regulation In accord
ance with tho suggestion ot Governor
Wllllnm Spry In n messago to the
Inst state legislature, wo pledge our
party to put on tho statute books or
this stato at tho next session of the
legislature ndequato laws tor tho car
rying out of tho provisions of Section
15 of Article 12 ot tho constitution
relative to tho establishment of ren
sonablo maximum rates of chargo for
tho transportation ot passenger nnd
freight, for correcting abuses and pre
venting discrimination and extortion
In rates by all common carriers.
Point To Party Record
Provide For Capitol Wo call par
tlculnr attention to the constructive
work of tho last legislature. Tho
provision for a capltol building meets
a need that long has pressed upon
tho state. Tho commission selected
for tho duty of supervising this work
reflects highest credit upon tho np
polntlvo power and Insures tho econ
omical construction of a building com
mensurate with tho Importance of
tho commonwealth.
Commend Legislature Wo com
mend tho last legislature for tho pns
Bage of n law to suppress tho whlto
slnvo trnfllc within stnto limits. We
rejoice In tho passago ot a measure
to provide for the malntonnnco of the
stnto university nnd ngrlculturnl col
lego by a permanent tnx. Provision
for n central building for tho State
University nnd a gymnnslum for the
Agricultural Collego accords with the
Interest nlwnys felt by tho Republi
can party in educational affairs.
Support Utnh Delegation Wo con
gratulate tbo stato on tho high effi
ciency ot our congressional delegation
and tho broad standards of states
manship shown by them In their pub
lic service.
Endoreo Stato Administration Wo
endorse the splendid administration
of staio affairs by our present state
officers, headed by Governor William
Spry; an ndulnUtratlon which Itself
constitutes a pl.t form upon which tho
Republican party Is glad to go boforo
the voters of Utah.
Tho Republicans of Cacho County
In convention assembled ro-afllrm
the'r allegiance to the great Repub
lican party of tho nation, and dcclaro
as follows:
Wo ondorso tho National Platform
and candidates presented at the con
vention at Chicago.
Wo endorso tho administration of
stato affairs undor tho leadership of
Governor William Spry, and glvo our
I allegiance to tho state platform and
candidates presented nt the recent
Btato convention nt Salt Lako City.
Wo boliovo In a freo and untram
moled Judiciary, and stand for tho
best there Is In professional llfo In
the personnel of tho Judgeships. Wo
commend tho 1 f the training, tho
adaptability, am' " o nblllty of Attor
ney James C. V, nitons our -""''(Jute
for Judgo of tho First .. Pis-
tr'ct, to the oV-torate o Cn..-,. coun
ty. Vo endorbo nnd pledge our sup
port to the Judicial ticket.
We command and approve tbo busi
ness like and economical administra
tion ot present county affairs. Dur
.ng the present Republican adminis
tration many miles of road havo been
graded, and tho administration has
been otherwise diligent In the Im
provements of roads. It has built
a substantial and convenient addi
tion to tho county court house. It
has built five cement bridges, each
with a span of over twenty feet, and
from fifty to seventy-five cement cul
verts, all representing moro perma
nent Improvements than has beeq ac
complished during any V prior ad
ministrations. In addition to theso
Improvements when the present ad
ministration turn over the affairs of
tho county to its successor the coun
ty's Indebtedness will have been de
creased more than $30,000.
Wo declare that tho present coun
ty adm.nlstratlon has kept Its pledge
with tho people on tho liquor question
Prior to tho liquor election tho Re
publican majority, knowing tho de
sires ot tho people and anticipating
their verdict, refused to grnnt liquor
licenses In county territory.
Wo favor tho co-operation ot the
County Sheriff's ofilco with the pol'co
forco In cities In tho matter of en
forcement of tho law, and moro par
ticularly in the matter of tho "Search
nnd solzuro" clause In tho 1 quor
Wo favor economy in tho matto"
ot clerkships in state and county of
fices, and keep In vlow three great
principles In tho government of Cacho
county: public Improvement, publ'c
economy, and public prosperity.
We favor, and pledge ourrepresen
tatlves in tho leg slaturajto support
such legislation as wllfromoto the
advancement and prosperity of our
Institutions, In particular our own
Utah Agrlculturaffcollege, the natur
al and commercial resources of our
district In educational, agricultural
commercial and other lines. A fair
wago for the laborer, with reasonable
wqrklng hours, tonprlces for the
farmer, and laws that will prohibit
all profcmynfAl men, and comblm
tlon ofsWerests, from combining to
fix minimum and minimum rates.
Wo boliovo the rank and file ot the
Republican party aro still Republi
cans, and condomn the action on the
part of a misguided tow. who nro
blindly cutting tholr own throats in
I nttemptlng to cast tho affairs ot
Cache county in the hands of the
Democracy by organizing a now
, pnrty.
In this hour ot prosperity and plen
ty, running over a period of nearly
half a century ot unparalleled, match
less Republican rule, this hour ot po
litical unrest and personal strife,
amidst tho clamor for n change with
out reasons therefor, we call upon
tho Republicans of Cacho county to
consider woll tho all important prob
lem ot tho hour. Political parties,
like Individuals havo records of their
own. Tho record of tho Republican
party Is tho history of our country.
It has mot and solved ovory national
question that has demanded solution
for over a half a century. Its roc
ord is clean and spotless. Tho Dem
ocratic party has a record too, a re
cord that does not insplro hope, and
Is remembered only In regret. Tho
now party, founded on personal am
bition may sorvo ns ballast, It will
never stcar tho ship. In the words
of the martyred William McKlnley 3H
"You do not havo to guess what tho SB
Republican pavty will do. Tho whole MM
world knows its purpose It has SB
enacted It Into law and executed it Wm
In administration. Thoro Will bo
prophets of evil and false teachers IB
Some part of tho column may waver Ha
hui wander away from tho standard, wm
but there will ever rally around It flB
a mighty majority to preserve it (B
stainless." IjH
T. L. Parks, Murrayvllle", Oa., B
Route 1, Is In his 73rd year, and was B
recently cured ot a bad kidney and 'JwSL
bladder trouble. He aaya himself: "I Hjm.
have suffered with my kidneys. My AT
back ached and I was annoyed with B
bladder irregularities. I can trutbd B
ly say, ono 50c bottle ot Foley Kid- B
ney Pills cured me entirely." They B
contain no habit forming drugs. K
Co-operatlvo Drug Co. HJ
A Woman Finds All Her Energy and H
Ambition Slipping Kj
Away w
Logan women know how tho aches B
and pains that coino when tho kid- MJ
neys fall make llfo a burden. Back- H
ache, hip pains, headaches, dizzy Efl
spells, distressing urinary troubles, rfl
nil tell of sick kidneys nnd warn you IB
of the stealthy approach ot dropsy or cH
Brlght's disease. Doan's Kidney KB
Pills aro for tho kidneys only. They H
attack kidney diseases hy striking at 19
tho cause. Here's proof of It In a SB
Logan woman's words: 9
Mrs. Albert Nellson, River Heights rjfl
Logan, Utah, says: "About a year S
ago I was taken with a severe attack B
of kidney complaint and gradually ;
grew worse until I was hardly able
to move. Tho pains In my back and
sld'o wero nlmoBt unbearable ond the j
remedies I took brought no relief
Finally I began taking Doan's Kid- !g
ney Pills and tho contents of one
box made mo feel like a different
person. My pnlnB and aches dlsap- p
penred nnd tho uso of two or three
boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills cured fe
mo. I cannot speak too highly ot (
this remedy nnd I trust that my ex- j
perienco will lead other kidney suf- J
ferers to try It." i
For sale by nil dealers, price DO j
cents. Fostcr-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, y
New York, solo agents for tho Unl- vfcj
ted States. HJ
Remember the name Doan's and H
tnko no other. B
Lethbildge, Canada, October 19 to 'M
26. Excursions via Oregon Short
Line, October 16, 17, and 18, with ,1
limit of November 14. Seo agents S
for rates and furthor particulars olS 3
T((&tU hl-fbcr-. Ul.l... Jllr.jA ri
v -0JJ l-oitl, inled with Dlua Ribbon. V i
Tn VVJ TLo no other. Boy ofroor li
It JT lIAliIN! llltNI l'ILLK,for5 4
Mfit PUT OFF !
If DOM m
ON'T wait to start a bank account. Don't 1
" put it off, but start today; and then
you'll have something to look forward to Ji
something to depend upon something jj
working for you. j
FMNationalBank (
fc LOGAN, OW n j
capital: sion ooo.oo. surpluB tiu,ooo.oo. ntpoiiu 5oo,ovo,o I
'Ml cars ,
Prtildent, Tl'OW.8 SMART, CathU' n N M. FLEMING, !
Vlce-Prss., JAMES QUAYLE,' Ass't. rv H.E.CROCKETT.
ini Vice-Pro, JNO. H. Anorhon.

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