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BBJ f, i
B F j ' Provo, Utah, Oct 2. Vnll Wight-
H' ,i f v man, n -wealthy young rancher of
BBB' i Ourny, Uintah county, this nftcrnoon
H , Bhot down tho girl he loved "better
H, j I t , than anything else In the world" and
BBB then killed himself. Pretty 18-year-
BBfl ' ( ! old Dello Drown of Ouray, tho girl
BBfl . jg swaying between Ufa and death
BBB ' wl'h a bullet In her lungs
BBB jjl j Tho tragedy followed a quarrel bo-
BBfl I I twocn the lovers who had been en-
BBfl j j, gaged bItico February. This note,
BBfl ,' found In Wlghtman'8 pocket, may
BBfl I A explain his motive:
BBE 'j P? Provo Sept. 1, 1912
BBfl; ill Mr. Vail Wlghtman, Myton, Utah.
BBfl 'j I havo heard a good deal lately, so
BBfl ;' It Is all off between you nnd mo for-
BBfl ' .ft ever. So consider this final. Am re-
BBfl turning tho ring In same mail.
BBJ ' , i!'" Signed, BEM-T3 DROWN.
BBfl V P. S. Kindly return nil of my let-
BBfl j tcrs at once. I havo burned what I
BBB ij havo of yours.
BBfl ' ) i In another pocket of Wlghtman's
BBB : ; clothing was found n diamond en-
BhBI ' i gngement ring In n smnll case.
BBJ Girl Was At Work
BBBJ Dello Drown, her mothor, Mrs.
BBflf i Hunter II, Drown, and her elder sis-
BBflj i ter, Cnrrlo Drown, all of Ouray, came
BbBJ to Provo about six weeks ngo and
BbBJ " I took employment ns grapeplckers In
BBJ ' tho vineyard of Phillip Gundlol, two
BBI I miles northeast of this city.
!BBBI A Dello, Carrlo and Ernest Richard,
i a boy of 14 years, were at work In
j! tho arbor nt about 2 o'clock this af
, tcrnoon, when Wlghtman, son of W.
jjj ' C. Wlghtman of Payson, nnd tho own
jj er of 700 acres of rich land on tho
I Indian reservation, near Ouray, push
ed his wny through tho vines nnd up
to tho younger girl. Ernest Richard
J who was working near, henrd tho
PH low murmur of their voices for n
BPJ moment or so, nnd then heard tho
BPJ ' EM sank crying to tho earth
BPJ tho young rancher, pointed "hli
BPJ "Then I'll destroy your family,"
PPJ f' i ' WJghtmnn responded.
H ' "Well, you won't," retorted tho
H j' Wlghtman pulled n 23-callber au-
PPJ ' tomatlo revolver from his pocket,
ppj thrust tho muzzlo ngnlnst tho girl's
PPJ r' r,eht Bldo and fired once. As tho
BH ! Blrl sank crying to tho earth tho
PBJilj cnrth tho young rancher, pointed his
Hn' revolver nt Ernest Richard and Car-
PJI rle Drown, who had run forward.
BBff Thcy turned nnd ran screaming
BB , through the vines nnd townrd tho
Hk rnnch ''oubc. whero Corrlo Drown
PBl- PulIed a loaded shotgun from Its rack
PBki nn(1 started to pursue Wlghtman.
PB Whcn Bho reached tho form of her
HfY H,ster Bho drPPcd tho gun and fell
PB i UPU tho wounded girl.
H Wlghtman Kills Himself
BB j Wlghtman ran east through tho
Bfl I vlneynrd to n public lane, nnd thenco
Bl i to n point 100 yards or so from the
Bfl j l tceno of tho shooting. There ho mot
BH I D. E. Drereton, n neighboring ranch-
H ) cr Wlghtman stopped short In his
BKfV '"Eht nnd yelled to Dreroton:
H f "Well, you can como nnd got tho
Bfl '
H.T With this, ho placed tho muzzlo of
BH j!j tho rovolved over his heart and fired,
M j sank to his knees and fell downward
P ''" on his fnce dead.
il Notified by Qnudlol, Drs. David
BH Westwood and E. G. Hughes nnd
BH I Deputy Sheriff Felix Bachmnn rushed
Bfl , la an nuto from Provo. Miss Drown
Bfl J W08 taken by nuto to tho Provo Gen-
Bfl d oral hospital. It is feared sho can-
Bfltfs not llvo.
Bfl My1 Was to Have Gone East
Hjil Mrs. Huntor Drown, tho mother,
BBij said Inst night that sho nnd her
BBJIJL husband had planned to send Dello
Bflrlj to Philadelphia whero tho Drowns
BHll havo relatives, to finish her high
BBi; sclll course This plan Wlghtman
BJ- bitterly opposed. Ho said ho loved
I Dello "better than anything else in
tho world" and that ho didn't want
her to leave him.
Despite tho fact that during tho
four years they have known Wight-
man they havo considered hlra ono
BB ot tnc,r closest friends. Mrs. Drown
BB cr-d her daughter Carrlo fear that
Bfl t ac caused harm to como to Hunter
BH Drown tho fathor.
Hi J Drown left Ouray two weoks ago
BJfI to take a wagon load of fruit to tho
BKx Indian reservation agency. His wifo
PJl f' hls not heard from him slnco hu
Bl'! depnrture. Sho telegraphed to Our-
BJ al tonight in tho hopo of getting in-
BJ formation as to his whereabouts.
Bfl t Wl-ghtman was about 28 years of
BJ age and well educated.
BBB1 -
H '
H; U ' Rawlins, Wyo., Oct. 2. Tho details
H if ot the lynching of Frauk Wigftll, tho
Bl 111 negro assailant of Mrs. Esther Hlg-
H 1 ' 1 Bins, known as the prisoners' friend,
BM I J - , the convicts of the state ponlton-
BK k J .B.1 ''' tIary here today whll Shecltt Mills
BBB vtBPPBk nt tho C0l"ty Jail was holding oft a
party of would-bo citizen lynchers
may never bo known.
Tho sinister threat, "tho first man
who squeals 1b the next man hung,"
silenced all the convicts and prleln
HitnruR examined by a coroner's Jury
tonny. Tho Jury gave up tho task
late this afternoon.
Ail the Jury learned wns what U
knew before.
On tho way to breakfast this morn
ing Wlgfnll Jested about his attack
upon Mrs. Higglns. Wlgfnll wns
brought hero for safe keeping lato
yeBterday after his capturo at Fort
Fieele. During tho early morning to
day tho citizens had surrounded tho
Jail nnd wero still parleying with tbo
wnrdens nt breakfast tlmo for Wlg
fnll s surrender Into their hands
Tho sheriff of tho cdunty Jail hid
Just saved his life by slipping hliu
out of tho rear door nnd lodging him
In the state penitentiary.
At breakfast tho other prisoner,
mat.y of whom hnd remembered nctH
of kindness by "Granny" Higglns, or
ganized by signals.
When they were started back to
work, nnd Wlgfall turned under guaid
to tho guardhouse, about a hundred
convicts broke loose and before thoy
could bo proventcd, hung tho man
Tho convicts produced ft ropo uatl
Vthllo tho others held tho negro tho
rthrre threw a nooso over tho no
groo's head and mado tho other end
fast tojho balcony rnll of tho guard
house. 'Tho negro was tossed over
tho rnll and then tho convicts march
ed back to their work.
Find The Negroe's Body
Not until tho cries of tho Impris
oned guard In Wlgfnll's tent was tno
lynching noticed. Wlgfall was of ;i
low typo of intelligence. Ho had
berved two sentences for nssauH in
this stnto.
His nssnult op Mrs. Higglns was
a particularly beautiful one. Sunday
night he broko In her houso chopping
down n door with nn ax. About dawn
Monday ho left her in a pitiable con
dition. A few hours lntor sho crawl
ed to n neighbor's houso nnd secured
help. Posses wero organized nnd
searched tho hills nil night to se
euro nnd lynch tho man. Lato last
night ho wns captured In an exhaus
ted condition nnd was brought secret
ly to tho Rawlins Jail. Early this
morning tho citizens of tho town
heard of his capturo and nrrlvcd at
tho Jail, nnd nbout 2 o'clock began
to gnthor about tho Jail threatening
io tnko tho negro. Thoy wero nrgu
ing with tho warden when tho con
victs wero acting.
m m
Smoot Homestead
I can locnto you on a cholco Smoot
Homestead In Dox Eldor, within easy
access to railroad. Over twonty acres
Plowed. Total expense less than tho
outlay on tho land. Tho moment
tltlo Is secured tho land Is worth
J5000. Inqulro nt this ofllco for do
talled Information.
Ogden, Oct. 3. While soliciting
nlms on tho street John Young was
arrestet' nt tho corner of Twenty
fifth street nnd Washington nvenuo
Inst night. When taken to tho police
stntlon Young claimed that ho was a
resident of Lognn.
In nn endeavor to corroborate tho
story told by Young Jailor Hngbert
Anderson telephoned to tho Lognn
police After hearing tho description
of tho man under arrest in Ogden,
tho Logan marshal declnred that ho
believed ho was tho man wanted In
Lognn to nnswor a burglary charge.
Tho offenBo with which tho Logan
mnrshnl believes Young to havo bcon
connected Is tho breaking into tho
homo of nn nged woman ot Logan.
Several articles of different vnlues
wero tnken from tho residence. A
rnnn will como from Logan today to
Identify Young. In tho event that
ho is tho man wanted tho local
charge will probably bo dismissed.
Otherwlso ho will havo to faco a
chargo of mendlcacy before Judge W.
11. Reeder.
Owing to tho Irrigation congress
conforenco nnd Stnto Fair at Salt
Lako City, It has beon thought best
to postpone tho Muss County conven
tion of tho Progressive party until
Saturday, October 12 nt 1 o'clock
P. m.
T. W. PETERSEN, Chairman.
JOS. J. DITHELL, Secretary.
Yellowish complexion, pimples and
disfiguring blemishes on tho face or
body can bo gotten rid of by doctor
ing tho liver, which la torpid. Her
blno Is n powerful liver corroctant
It purifies tho system, stimulates the
vital organs and putc the body in fine
vigorous condition. Prleo 60c Sold
by Rlter Bros. Drug Co.
Publicity kills Iota of Bcandal.
Tho Republicans of Utah, in con
vention nssembled, offer no program
that Is not bulwarked with perform
ances; mnko no professions that do
not square with practices. Tho past
four years of Republican control In
stato and nation mnrk an era of pro
gress surpassing any equal period m
American history. They havo been
yenrs nllko of material prosperity
and moral awakening. Never has tho
country been confronted with prob
lems so complex and varied; nover
havo such problems been handled
with moro skill or courage. Presi
dent Tnft has demonstrated that the
principles of constitutional and rep
resentative government, though ns
Balled by ngltators and decried by
theorists, nro broad and deep enough
to meet overy exigency of our ad
vanced civilization.
Endorse Administration
Wo glvo our hearty endorsement
to tho platform nnd candidates pre
sented by tho National Republican
nation of William H. Tnft, a Presi
dent who, Hko Abraham Lincoln, hns
proven that calmness, kindness and
sympathy aro compatible with firm
resolution and Inflexible courage. A
Republican administration which has
stood behind tho protective tariff,
principles of Clay, Garfield, Blaine
and McKinloy, has also given to tho
child Its first national recognition and
to tho worklngmnn the broadest na
tional suppor
It has likewise preserved to tho
Utah farmer, miner and flockranster
convention. Wo npplaud tho renoml
that prosperity which results from
protected sugar, lead and wool. Tho
pcoplo of this stato havo not forgot
ten tho kind, of cheapness that comes
with Democratic tariff. While Insist
ing on -a scientific tariff, based on non
partisan Investigation, tho Republican
party hns also Insisted upon a system
of railroad regulation which would
not build, up tbo seaboards at tho ex
pense of tho Interior. Every mer
chant, -factory and consumer of Utah
enjoys tho benefit of reduced rates
endowed with broad powers by a Re
publican Congress.
Help for Worklngman
Tho Republican party which came
Into power ns tho friend of tho op
pressed nnd emancipator ot tho en
slaved, continues ns tho champion of
tho weak, helpless and unfortunate
Tho bill recommended by President
Tatt, and passed by a Republican Sen
nto for worklngmcn's compensation
and employers' liability was blockod
of passago in a Democratic houso.
This moasuro of reform, compiled by
n commission of which Senator Suth
erland wns chairman, constitutes tho
greatest advanco yet mado for tho
worklngmnn, amounting nlmost to a
revolution in existing law. Wo urge
tho passage of this act; and favor
both In nation and stato all .those
measures which mako for social and
economic advancement
Urge Practical Laws
Wo urgo passago or mcro offectlvo
factory Inspection laws, rigid en
forcement of sanitary regulations, a
systematic application of tests in
weights nnd measures in overy local
ity, tho protection of tho consumer
against impuro food, tho establish
mont of a nntlonnl board of health
and tho encouragement of overy movo
ment for tho protection of women
nnd chlldron In working centers. Wo
favor an extonslon of nld to good
ronds to tho end Hint Utah may havo
tho best means of transportation. Wo
cnll nttontlon to tho fact that under
authority given by tho present Re
publican stnto administration, more
monoy has been spent on good roads
during tho past four yenrs than in
tho wholo previous history of tho
stnto. Tho employment of convicts
on tho public highways has been an
Ideal means of prison dlsclpllno and
hns assisted tho construction of good
roads, without Injury to private lab
or Wo request our representatives
In Congress to work for tho passago
of n federal act creating nnd main
taining n systom of national roads.
Reform Taxation 8ytem
A system of taxation in Utah which
s unequal end antiquated is under
going investigation by a rovonuo com
mission created by tho last lcglBla-
ure. The levy of taxes on an equal
basis nnd tho deposit of stato funds
such restrictions as to safeguard such
moneys while bringing tho best rate
of interest on dally balances are
measures to which the party Is al
ready committed. A constitutional
amendment submitted by tho last
legislature, which will enable the
stato to get the interest Income from
unemployed funds, Is before tho vot
ers of this stato at tho November elec
tion. We pledgo our representatives
In tho legislature to tho enactment
of laws for this purpose, as soon as
empowored by this amendment.
On High Cost of Living
Wo denounce tho effort of our ene
mies to lmputo to tho protective tariff
tho high cost of living a condition
of lifo that Is manifest nllko in frco
trndo and protected nations. Tho
problem Is ono that confronts both
tho Occident and tho orient, nnd Is
to bo solved less b laws than by
the application of economic prlnclp'cs
In evcrydny life.
Other Laws Urged
Wo fnvor tho ratification of tho
constitutional amendment providing
for tho election of United States Sen
ators by direct voto of tho pcoplo.
New Counties Wo favor tho adop
tion of tbo constitutional amendment
for tho creation of new counties in
this state.
Amend Criminal Code Wo favor tho
amendment of tho criminal codo ot
this state to tho end that criminals'
may bo brought to moro speedy trial
and punishment and that the guilty
may not escnpo through mero tech
nicalities. Indian War Pensions Wo urgo tho
enactment of legislation providing
adequate compensation to those vot
crans who by their courage and de
votion in tho early building of tho
stato protected tho Hves and prop
erty during tho Indian wars.
For Anti-Pass Measure In line
with legislation by a Republican Con
gress nnd. bclioving that wholcsomo
legislation Is hampered and endanger
ed by tho system In vogue of giving
passes to public officials, wo pledgo
our leglRlaturo nnd Governor to pass
un adequate anti-pass moasuro for the
correction of this evil.
As To Rate Regulation In accord
ance with tho suggestion of Governor
Wllllnm Spry In a message to tho
last stato legislature, wo pledgo our
party to put on the statuto hooks ot
this stato at tho noxt session of tho
legislature ndequato laws for tho car
rying out of tho provisions of Section
1G of Artlclo 12 of tho constitution
relative to tho establishment of rea
sonable maximum rates ot chargo for
tho transportation of passenger nnd
frolght, for correcting nbuscs and pre
venting discrimination nnd oxtortlon
In rates by all common carriers.
Point To Party Record
Provldo For Capitol Wo call par
ticular nttentlon to tho constructive
work of tho last, legislature. Tho
provision for a capltol building meets
n need that long has pressed upon
tho state. Tho commission selected
for tho duty of supervising this work
reflects highest credit upon tho ap
pointive power and insures tho econ
omical construction of a building com
mensurate with tho importance of
tho commonwealth.
Commend Legislature Wo com
mend tho last legislature for tho pas
sago of a law to suppress tho whito
Blavo traffic within stato limits. Wo
rejolco In tho passago ot a mensuro
to provldo for the maintenance of tho
stnto university nnd agricultural col
lego by n permanent tax. Provision
for a central building for tho Stnto
Unlvorslty and a gymnnslum for tho
Agricultural Collcgo accords with tho
Interest nlwnys felt by tho Republi
can party in educational affairs.
Support Utah Delegation Wo con
gratulate tho stato on tho high effi
ciency of our congressional dolegntlon
and tho broad standards ot states
manship shown by them In their pub
lie service.
Endorse Stato Administration, Wo
endorso tho splendid administration
of stato affairs by our present state
officers, headed by Governor William
Spry; an ndtulnlstration which itsoll
constitutes a platform upon which the
Republican, party is glad to go before
tho voters of Utah.
Tho Republicans of Cacho County
In convoutlon assembled ro-affinn
tholr nllcglanco to tbo great Repub
lican party of tho nation, and declaro
ns follows:
We endorso tho National Platfortr
and candldntos presented at Uio con
vention at Chicago.
Wo endorso tbo administration ot
ttate affairs under tho leadership of
lovornor William Spry, and glvo our
illeglance to tho stnto platform nnd
candidates presonted nt tho recont
stato convention at Salt Lako City
Wo bollovo In a freo and untram
moled Judiciary, and Btand for thf
best thero 1b In professional llfo In
tho personnol of tho Judgeships. We
commend tbo llfi, tho training, tho
adaptability, and tho ability of Attor
noy James C. Walters "ur randldat
for Judgo of tho First ''i.i clal Dip
trict, to tho electorate of Cacho cour
ty. W cnaorso and pledge our sui
port to tho judicial ticket.
Wo r"niond and approve the bur
i ness like and economical administra
tion of present county affairs. Dur
ing tho present Republican adminis
tration many miles of road havo been
graded, nnd tho administration has
been otherwlso diligent In tha im
provements of roads. It has built
a substantial nnd convenient addi
tion to the county court houso. It
has built flvo cement bridges, each
with a span of over twenty feot, nnd
from fifty to soventy-flvo cement cul
verts, all representing more perma
nent improvements than has been ac
complished during any 11' prior ad
ministrations. In addition to theso
Improvements when tho prcsont ad
ministration turns over tho affairs ot
the county to Its successor the coun
ty's indebtedness will havo been de
creased moro than $30,000.
Wo declare that tho present coun
ty administration hns kept Its pledgo
with'tho people on tho liquor question
Prior to tho liquor election tho Ro
publican majority, knowing tho de
sires of tho pcoplo nnd anticipating
tholr verdict, refused to grant liquor
licenses In county territory.
Wo favor tho co-oporntlon of tho
County Sheriff's office with tho police
forco In cities In tho matter Of en
forcement of tho law, and moro par
ticularly in tho matter of tho "Search
and seizure" clnuso in tho liquor
Wo favor economy In tho matter
ot clerkships In stato and county of
fices, nnd keep in view threo great
principles in tho government of Cache
county: public improvement, public
economy, nnd public prosperity.
Wo favor, and pledgo our represen
tatives in tho legislature to support
such legislation as will promote tho
advancement nnd prosperity of our
institutions, in particular our own
Utnh Agricultural College, tho natur
al and commercial resources of our
district In educational, agricultural
commercial and other lines. A fair
wage for the laborer, with reasonablo
working hours, top prices for tho
farmer, and laws that will prohibit
all professional men, and combina
tion ot Interests, from combining to
fix maximum and minimum rates.
Wo bellovo tho rank and file of tho
Republican party nro still Republi
cans, nnd condemn tho notion on tho
part of a misguided fow, who nro
blindly cutting tholr own throats In
attempting to cast tho affairs of
Cacho county In tho hands of tho
Democracy by organizing a now
In this hour of prosperity and plen
ty, running over a period of nearly
half a century of unparnlleled, raotch
less Republican rule, this hour of po
litical unrest and personal strife,
amidst tho clamor for a cHango with
out reasons therefor, wo call upon
tho Republicans of Cacho county to
consider well tho all important prob
lem of tho hour. Political parties,
llko Individuals havo records of their
own. Tho record of tho Republican
party Is tho history of .our country.
It hns mot and solved ovory national
question that has domandod solution
for over a hnlf a contury. Its roc
ord is clean and spotless. Tho Dem
ocratic party has a record too, a ro
cord that does not inspire hope, and
is remembored only in regrcL Tho
now party, founded on personal am
bition may servo ns ballast, It will
never stenr tho ship. In the words
of tho martyred William McKinloy:
"You do not havo to guess what- the
Republican party will do. Tho whole
world' knows its purpose It has
enacted it into law nnd executed It
in administration. There will bo
prophets of evil and fnlso teachers,
Somo part of tho column may waver
fcnd wander away from tho standard,
but there will over rally around it 1
a mighty majority to presorvo it if
stainless." 1
Lethbrtdge, Canada, October 19 to 1
28, Excursions via Oregon Short
Lino, October 16, 17, and 18, with
limit of November 14. Sco agents m
for rates and further particulars ol8 9
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FMMatioialBapJi I
fc LOGAK, UTAH. 1 t
Capital: SIOQ OOO.OO. SnrpliiM 911,000.00. Depotlt f3on,ooa.M j
Mflcar J I
Vlce-Pres., JAMES QUAYLE, Asst. Cashier, H. E. CROCKETT, , 1
Ind Vle-Prs, JNO. H. ANDERSON. A

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