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In the Hold of industrial training
and useful artB the Filipinos, .under
American teachers, are making not
able progress; In certain lines par
ticularly laco making and embroidery
-the products ot tho Philippine
- schools not only compare favorably
O with tho work of tho famous French
nnd Swiss experts, but promise to
compete with them successfully In
the world's markets.
Tho whole system of education In
the Fhllllprnes Is baBcd on tho prin
ciple that tho children should re
ceive mnnual training from tho very
beginning. In tho lowest grades they
make articles they can use and sell,
both In their own localities and else
where. Tho most important industry
taught tho boys is hat weaving. "Tho
Bureau ot Education at Manilla con
siders it one of Its lcgltlmato func
tions to give such training in tho
making ot good hats na will afford
a largo number of children a perma
nent means of earning a livelihood,",
wroto Mr. Frank White, Director
of Philippine education, in 1910, and
tho development of tho work has
more than Justified his claim. Do
sides tho prescribed courses in tho
primary schools, there aro regular
trade schools, where the boys spend
the greater part ot tho school day in
actual manual labor In tho shops.
I Tho schools do not attempt to re
8 place hand machinery with modern
fl apparatus, as there is a real demand
fl for the products ot careful handwoi):
fl manshlp. A set ot dining room fur
fl nlture In red narra, made at tho Phil
B ipplno School of Arts and Trades In
fl Manila, sold for ?200 nt last year's
II carnival.
I In tho girls' schools plain sewing
I and housekeeping have generally
I formed tho prescribed courses, but
recently laco making and embroidery
fl have been Introduced becauso they
fl furnish tho girls with a rcmuneratlvo
H occupation. Becauso of their great
H natural aptltudo for such work and
B because of their patlenco and dell
B cacy ot execution, tho Filipino women
B aro considered among the most skill
fl ful woikcrs In tho world In these
B arts. Tho demand for this kind of
B work Is practically unlimited. In an
JSl effort to Increase the available su
PSy I'ly of teachers for tho work, courses
Bf In lace making and embroidery have
H been offered in the Phlllpplno Nor-
H mnl School since 1910, and nbo in
H the various vacation assemblies of
fl teachers.
H Tho ilrst thing a Filipino girl does
B In the Bowing class in school is to
B make herself a completo outfit ot
B clothing. Armed with an embroidery
B framo and other apparatus (fn most
B cases mado by tho boys in the same
B school), she advances In proflctcmv
B through tho various grades, hemming
H and embroidering cotton squares,
(fl fine linen, handkerchlofs, waists, and
ifl eo on. Tho more expert girls turn
H out masterpieces In French net and
H embroidery. In laco they mako all
H varieties of "pillow lace," including
H "torcbon" (Spanish lace), Maltese,
flj Ceylon or Indian, Irish crochot, etc.
H Dattenburg is also mado for local use
' H but " ls not encouraged 'for export,
H because tho Japanese can make It
Ifl more cheaply.
jfl An Idea ot th,e extent ot Industrial
education in tho Philippines may bo
jfl gained from tho fact that nearly 400,-
000 school pupils aro engaged ill
B somo kind of- industrial work. For
fl We arc showing the new- I
fl est styles and latest leath- 1
fl cr combination, metal I
fl mountings, etc. in 1
, I Puuses. Pocket LSooks, 9
JB Shopping Bags. I
n These goods arc from the H
XJjjl'S leading makes and arc
- correct in every point of
g S style or artistic workman-
I ship.
H Purses and pocket books
fl of all kinds for men and
fl women at prices that will
I please.
I ! Riter Bros. Drug Co.
the past tour years industrial Instruc
tion has been prescribed in the pri
mary course for both boya and girls
and the work is systematically car
ried on in an advanced stago In tho
intermediate schools. Twenty-six woll
equipped trade schools have been
established in Manila and tho varl-1
ous provinces; there Is a college ot ,
agrlculturo at Los Banos, and a col
lege of engineering has been added
to the University ot tho Philippines.
Tho Filipinos take to the educational
program, Industrial and otherwise,
quickly and profitably; and the civil
government finds Its duties much less
onerous now that tho military inva
sion of tho Islands has been supersed
ed by the educational.
Oakland, Cal., Oct, 2. "Mother
gavo me the black mask and tho re
volver," confessed Harold Wright, 15
years old, according to tho police,
last night. "Sho told mo to hide un
der tho bed and when tho man was
nslccp to crawl out and hold him up.
I didn't have tho nerve to try It' Sho
beat me."
Tho boy has been held In Jail for
a week, whllo detectives dally at
tempted to secure a confession from
htm, or from his mother, Mrs. Ida
Wright, alleged by tho pollco to be
a woman "raffles."
Tho pollco said that young Wright
confessed to having stolen an auto
mobile In Pasadena, but steadily re
fused to acknowledge other crimes
until confronted with a revolver and
black mask found in the woman's
He then told them, tho pollco say
that while ho and his mother wero
staying in a Portland, Ore., hotel his
mother tried to force htm to hold
up a wealthy fellow lodger.
'The police claim that tho woman
has a lengthy criminal record in tho
northwest, and that she was arrested
In Colorado Springs.
Baltimore, Oct. 3. Col. L. M.
Maus, U. S. A. medical corps, told
the convention of tho Association of
Military Surgeons bore today that
repeated Investigation had failed to
roveal a stnglo benoflt from tho uso
of alcohol. On tho contrnry, ho add
ed, it lessens tho ability and resls
tenco of army men in every line.
The uso of alcoholic stimulants ho
maintained, had no placo In the army
or navy either as a medlclno or a re
galement, and ho said that Its use
sb uld bo barred by law.
Enumerating what ho said were
the important psychological and pa
thological effects of the uso of alco
hol, Col. Maus nverred that It "has
been tho cause ot countless unjust
court martial sentences against offi
cers and men, ot harsh official dec!
rlons and discriminations In assign
ments of hopeless aspirations and
Tu'ned careers: that It causes sick
ness, Impairs health and usefulness,
adds greatly to tho non-ef&clency ot
both officers and men, adds addition
al burden and coat to tho medical
department, deprirves the government
of otherwise valuable officers and
enlisted men and forces them on the
lotlred or pension list with corres
ponding lncreaso of government ox
rcadlturos. "I-ractlcally all tho crimes in tho
army can bo directly traced to tho
uso ot alcohol. Most ot tho murders
suicides, robberies, courts martial
and dismissals of officers defalcation
and peculations, duplications ot pay
ncc ounts, prison and guard houso sen
tences ot enlisted men, desertions,
voncreal diseases and Insanity are
duo to tho uso ot alcoholic beverag
er "
Ho charged that directly or Indi
rectly tho prcsont mothod of recruit
ment is responsible for a largo class
of undesirables In tho army, who ho
said, "aro gnthered from tho slums
of cui largo cities, mainly through
tho Incompetency of undlscrlmlitating
and drinking recruiting parties,
"Should the enlistment of this
el. as and tho uso of alcoholic drinks
bo intordicted, tho sick rate of tho
nrmy would bo reduced CO per cent
nnd its ofTlclency correspondingly in-(.rented.
. m
Tho parndo given by Burk's big
Unclo Tom's Cabin Co., is actually a
novelty, nothing llko It has over been
seen hero or elsewhere in connection
with n Dramatic Organization, It is
llko a circus parad and Is worth
coming out to see. It will possltivoly
tnko placo on tho principal streets
of our city on tho day of their exhi
bition here, Saturday, Octobor B, on
grounds near the Woodruff School.
"My child was burned terribly
about tho face, nsck and chest. I
applied Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil.
The pain ceasod and the child sank
into a restful sleep," Mrs. Nancy M.
Hanson, Hamburg, N. Y.
SmlthOeld, Oct 4. Tho descend
ants of Mr. and Mrs. Olllo Hanson
met in reunion on Thursday last at
the homo ot Peter Hanson. An ex
cellent program ot music, songs, rec
itations and readings wero given. Sup
per was served to tho ono hundred
gueBts prcsont. John II . Peterson
read a sketch of the lives ot the
grandfather nnd grandmother Hanson.
Later In tho evening a dance was en
Joyed In tho Hlllyard hall to which a
goodly number ot invited friends
Joined with them.
Tho U. P. D. ot SmlthOeld will
hold tholr monthly meeting on Oc
tober 9, in tho tithing ofTico.
Tho following program will bo ren
dered: Reading, Maggie Bant; duet,
La von and Ilctta McCann; extract
from tho Llfo of President John Tay
lor Katlo Crngun. Tho day of meet
ing has been changed to tho second
Wednesday of each month.
Mrs. Aquilla Nebeker ot Scranton,
and Mrs. Egbert of Logan wero tho
guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ivan Egbert
on Thursday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter andall and
Miss Weatherstono left for Salt Lnko
on Wednesday. Mrs. Wenthorstono
will go from Salt Lako City to her
homo In Chicago,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hnnson and
Richard Roskelley havo returned from
Blue Creek,
' Mr. Lennard Itoskelley arrived
homo from tho California mlsslonfleld
on Mondny last.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ivan Nelson nro tho
proud parents of a flno baby boy-.
A barn filled with hny bolonglng to
Jim Glttlns wns burned on Mondny
laBt. Tho fire originated from chil
dren making a bonfire near tho cor
rals The Parents' class of the First ward
Sunday school hold n social on Mon
day evening, over a hundred wero
present and enjoyed tho program,
lunch and dance.
Tho Woodrow Wilson club will
meet on Monday next In tho club
rooms and give an excellent program
to tho public.
E. D. Harrison of Pocatello spent
Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. Morrill.
Tho Misses Sarah and Mnrgaret
Romnoy entertained tho sowing club
on Thursday. A dainty lunch was
served. Thoso present wero tho Mis
ses Ray and Maggie Noble, OHvo
Roskelley, Loin Farrell, Lavon Cra
un, Eva Foisted, and Mrs. Foisted.
The concreto work of tho now op
era houso was commenced today.
Salt Lako City, Oct. 3. Isaac Sears
for nearly 40 years a successful mer
chant In this city, died this morning
ot heart failure, the culmination of
an illness of considerable duration.
Ho is urvlved by Sarah Jano Sears
and Alice Sears and 19 children. Tho
funeral will be held in the Eleventh
ward chapel Sunday at noon.
Mr. Sears was a native ot Calecot,
England, where ho was born Decem
ber 2, 1845. Ho came to Utah in 1863
and has lived here stneo that dato.
He engaged In business early In life,
and for nearly 40 years was a suc
cessful merchant, denting In hay and
grain and other commodities. He re
tired from active business compara
tively recently and sinco that time
has been a temple workor.
For 20 years Mr. Sears has been
a counselor In tho bishopric of tho
Eleventh ward and wns a man bo
loved for his kindly nature and af
fablo disposition. In his business
dealings ho was known for honesty
and Integrity. In his household ho
was a devoted father and husband
and throughout his membership in
tho Church his religion has hold a
foremost placo In his ovory effort.
Salt Lako City, Oct. 3. H. A.
Kelley, president of tho EUayo Mo
tion Plcutro company of Los Angele3
whoso camera wns broken recently
whllo ho wns making scones at tho
mouth ot Emigration canyon for tho
moving plcturo film, "Ono Hundred
Years of Mormonlsm," announced to
day that th machlno Is ngain in or
der, and that tho work will bo re
sumed tomorrow. Mr. Kelly had
comploted tho emigrant scones, show
ing tho emigrant train as it appear
ed whllo crossing tho plnlns and com
ing through tho mountains, nnd was
ready to work on tho scenes In this
valley. Tho breaking of tho camera
caused a threo weoks' delay in tho
work. Tho next scenes to bo taken
are tho buildings on tho templo
block, which will be done tomorrdw
morning. After completing theso Mr.
Kolly will take views of tho country
around Salt Lake, showing Irrigation
I methods and tho genoral growth of
the valley slnco the pioneers entered
Salt Lako City, September-October
1912. Excursions via Oregon Short
Lino. Tickets on salo from points
north of Ogden, September 29 to Oc
tober C, inclusive, limited to October
1C. See agents for rates and further
particulars. o5
Mothers who spend tho night with
a sick baby approclato tho help thoy
got from McQee's Baby Elixir; espe
cially in hot weather. It quiets fever
and Irritation, soothes tho stomach,
checks tho bowels and hcps both
mother and child to obtain sleep and
rest. Prlco 25c and 50c per bottle.
Sold by Rlter Bros Drug Co.
Octobor 16, 17, nnd 18, via Oregon
Short Line, limit Novomber 14. Ac
count of Intornatlon Dry Farming
Congress. Seo agents for rates and
further particulars. olS
I m
Chinese rush into Mexico where an
gels fear to tread.
T. L. Parks, Murrayvllle, Ga.,
Routo 1, ls in his 73rd year, and was
rccontly cured of a bnd kldnoy and
bladdor trouble Ho says himself: "I
havo Buffered with my kldnoys. My
back ached nnd I was annoyed with
bladder Irregularities. I can truthful
ly say, ono 50o bottlo of Foloy Kid
ney Pills cured mo entirely." They
contain no habit forming drugs.
Notlco is hereby given that sealed
proposals will bo rocolved by tho
Stato Road Commission, 321 Felt
building, Salt Lako City, Utah, up to
11 o'clock a. m. September 13, for
the furnishing of all labor, tools, ma
terial, etc. necessary for tho completo
construction of a rolntorccd concrete,
box typo, culvert as per plan 5-15-142.
Said culvert t6 bo constructed over
Hyrum Slough on State Road between
Logan and Wellsvllle, Cacho county,
All proposals munt bo submitted on
tho blnnk form furnished by the state
Road Commission, and when submit
ted, muBt bo enclosed In a sealed en
velope marked "Proposal for Con
structing Concreto Culvert," This en
volopo shall then bo enclosed In an
other cnvolopo and addressed to tho
Socrotary of tho Stato Road Com
mission at Salt Lako City, Utah. All
proposals submitted on other forms
will not bo considered.
Each proposal must bo accom
panicd by a cashier's check for flvo
per cent of tho amount of tho bid,
payablo to Caleb Tannor, secretary ot
tho state road commlslon, as a guar
antee that tho bidder will enter Into
a contract for tho work, should It bo
awarded to him, and which will be
forfeited as liquidated damages
should tho bidder default
Tho stato road commission will ro
qulro tho successful bidder to oxo
cuto a satisfactory bond of 20 per
cent of tho contract price. Bond
must be given within ten days after
iward of tho contract.
Plans and specifications may be
seon at tho office of tho Btato road
commission and at tho offico of the
county surveyor of Cacho county, Lo
ean, Utah.
Tho stato road commission reserves
tho right to roject any and all pro
losals received, or accept any propos
al that appears advantageous to them.
Theso instructions aro to bo con
strued with and mado part ot the con
tract. By order of tho stato road commis
sion, M-HWlfjia
Sccrotary ot Stato Road Commission
Stato Road Englncor
Consult County Clerk or tho Ro spec
tlve Signers for further information.
In tho District Court Probato Divi
sion, In and for Cacho County, Stato
of Utah.
In the District Court of tho First Ju
dicial District of tho Stato of Utah,
In and for tho County of Cache.
In tho District Court of tho First
Judicial District of tho Stato of Utah
in nnd for tho County of Cacho, Hon
ry Brady, Plaintiff, vs. John Watson,
Katherlno Malnwarlng, Jano Hen
dricks, Mary Cox, Susa Brady, AUco iB
Smith, Sarah Knudson and Kathor- llH
ino Koppner, solo and only holrs at H
law of Oeorgo Watson anil Jano Wat B
son, Deceased Defendants, Summons. M
Tho Stato of Utah to tho sold Do- B
fendants: You aro hereby summonod ffl
to appear within twenty days after lH
tho servlco of this summons upon ol
you, If sorved within tho county in jH
which this action, Is brought, other fB
wlso within thirty days after service H
and dofend tho abovo entitled action, iB
and in caso ot your falluro so to do jfl
Judgment will bo rondcred against jH
you according to tho demand ot tho B
complaint, which has boon filed with H
tho clork ot said court This action ls IH
brought against you to obtain a do- jfl
creo of tho court reforming a docroo lll
of distribution pertaining to tho real iiH
estate described in th) complaint. 1
Attorney, for Plaintiff. il
Postoffico address, Logan, Utah. isH
o2C IH
I 'Let's $o to H
I Maxim 'sj H
Where fun and frolic $ ll
J Beams." rflH
j Business Men's Lunch ll
11 to 2 40c. Sl
j Table D'Hotc Dinner fBfl
I 5 to 8:30 $1.00 JHfl
Under Kenyon Hotel il
Salt Lake City Bl
E, L. Wile, Manager B
A Quick Baking Range Makes jH
Happy Cooks H
You will find Cole's Hot Blast Range to be a quick :H
baker a perfect oven for roasting and in every particular jfl
the most satisfactory range you have ever used. B
You will find many other features which will appeal to fl
you the large clean ash pan the lift key plate feed
the extra heavy copper reservoir the quick-heating water fB
heater the thin, quick-heating, malleable lids these, and ll
many more conveniences, all made to please the user j tiH
the housewife. f
Cole's Hot Blast Range jH
r -" ti
Is furnished with Cole's odorless and smokeless broiler IH
and toaster. A great feature in preparing the morning j H
toast for the family and in preparing a real good dinner on H
short notice.
Allow us to explain the "reasons tuhy" you should buy this range. H
Top. tor-. fOinslMnflntw. jH
j Uncle Sam's Qleanser I I
I Cannot Clean up the Political muss that I H
f Have Got Into ? H
a But uftcr using it they would certainly unite on this one thing, viz: 8 H
T the Market. Lad sec that each Can is marked "White Base T H
I adopted April 1st, 1912." All Stores carry UNCLE SAM'S WHITE I H
BASE CLEANSER. Try it Now Today, and don't forget 1 H
h that Utah Goods should be for Utah People I H
I What Say You? j
i The Dark Cleanser has recently been replaced i B
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