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m Publlthed By The
B l ' Oniclal Republican Organ of Cncho County, Utah
H R! j Entered at tho l'ostolllce every Tuesday, Thurs-
B j I , .. day and Saturday, at Logan, Utah, as Second Class
j Matter,
M n i: By Mall'
B- J If! One Year $3.00
Hjj ; J ' Six Months 1.G0
H Three Months 7Gc
B, 1 1 h By Carrier'
SB Ono Year ?3. CO
J ' .Six Months 1.75
SB )t Three Months OOq
H If Not Paid In Advance, Add CO Cents Per Year
J ' . Subscribers wishing address of paper changed
HH will plcaso give former ns well as present address.
J ''' An papers are continued until explicit order Is re-
j eclved to discontinue. All arrears must be paid In
J I every enso.
H Now that the Uryan meeting Id a matter of his-
j ) ' tory, now that tho great orator, so richly1 endowed,
i '," so musically possessed In tho art to please, and
,i H cause one for tho moment to forget the cares and
trials Incident to the practical affairs of life, has
left our Stato and gono to other climes to tell
.. his unselfish story, It Is meet that wo reason to-
,, gcther and get down to business. An election Is
coming In which wo are all Interested, and In that
' election wo are to determine what kind of a pilot
k , we nro going to have to guldo tho Bhlp of tho
( V Nation ono built upon tho Bolld rock, as firm and
fl. t true nnd sound as the constant bolder In tho stream
, ' i ' that has withstood tho onslaught of ages, or ono
I ( associated with tho musical, oily tongued "Common-
(H , j ' er" whose past relates him to tho deceptive sand
SI , . bank that periodically gives way to tho stream of
Bfl. fjj the moment, or one who lives, nnd thrives nnd
J ', has his being around tho selfish personal pronoun
1 J "I," nnd subjugates all questions for tho welfare
, j of the whole people to tho personal desire of self.
- Which? Carefully, consistently, conservatively
I speaking, thoro 1b but ono answer The first, that
which will lnsuro us pence and safety, and a con-
I tlnuatlon of tho blessings and liberties that we
' enjoy.
fl Rut thcro are so many contingencies In this
fl campaign, so much personality, so many grudges
fl to grntlfy and apparent extremes to punish that
J , It behooves us to get down to business, to look
SJ j tho question squarely in tho fnco and handle It
J ;' from an unsellsh, buslnessllko standpoint, shorn
J ' entirely of personality and individual deslro and
j i ' ' In tho first place, It should bo remembered that
J I JL,., "stones nro only thrown nt fruit bearing trees,"
SJ V ! " and In this campaign tho Republican party is tho
SJ Y K Breat "fruit bearing tree" that its selflsh Jealous
J U enemies arq trying to uestroy.
SJjV 4 First there Is our ;old enemy tho Democratic
Jl' party, tho perpetual, perennial party of negation,
Ji ' that always, In season and out of season, no matter
Bjsl what tho Republican party proposes, says "No."
H?L Tho l'arty that hnvlng no principles on which u
Hy! '" respectable victory can bo claimed, only hopes for
Bjijlj '' victory on tho grounds that there Is a division In
LCI the Republican party, nnd In Its eagerness for
STyl ,y - victory it in doing all it can to Incrcaso the breach
B f; In tho Republican party. Uu to dato It has ad-
fll j vanced no reason, and until election day It will
j advanco no reason for Its election other than tho
H J r, breach in tho Republican party. That is why
I thoro Is apparently so much in common between
J tho Hull Moose nnd tho Democratic parties. Such
J i a Party is unfit to bo trusted with tho affairs of a
1 courageous, progressive people
iM "J Then there is tho now birth, tho Dull Mooso
B-Jj Party, an organization led by men who ihavo be-
ft ' como dissatisfied with tho Republican party, and
I It for what reason? Look them over for a moment,
vr, Their national leader Colonel Roosevelt, honored
JjJ; moro than any other mnn In America by tho Re
publican party, twlco Republican President of tho
' United Stntes, and, now trying to wreck tho party
that mndo him all ho Is, nnd all ho over can hopo
to be, tho crentlon mndly, selfishly nnd unwisely
attempting to destroy tho creator.
Their Stato leader, Nephl L. Morris an o-Re-publican
ofllco holder who owes his cntlro olllclal
career to tho Republican party, nnd who now be
lieves In tho tlmo honored principles of Republic
anism, but balks becnuso things nro not altogether
to his liking, becnuso ho thinks thoro nro' a fow
( r rats in tho political houso In which he has lived
t ' bo long, nnd apparently ho knows of no other wny
to kill the rats, other than to tear down tho house.
i Then tho local leaders. God savo tho mark.
Theodore Peterson, County Chairman. Theodoro Is
Hill ft nlco fellow nnd wo do not want to sny anything
J I unkind about him, In fact wo will not, for wo like
J I him too well. Theodoro lias been a Republican all
HJ ! ,-. his life, and a good ono. Ho was n candldnto for
H' ' ' Sheriff four years ago and was defeated in tho con-
K I j ventlon, and slnco then It is common report that
R : J '' Theodoro hns boon nursing a grouch. Had ho been
Hi ' " ' nominated, and elected, It Is rensonnblo to prosumo
Hi ' that ho would bavo been renominated, nnd had
H ' I ho been reelected ho would now bo serving his sec-
H j ' ' 'i ' on(l term. If Theodoro Peterson were now sheriff
I j ; i docs anyone think for a moment thnt ho would bo
Ikv ! J fighting tho Republican party? Not on your life
Jx&j would you Theodoro?
k i- Then thero Is that omnipresent olllce hunter,
4 i j John A. Hendrlckson. John has novcr held an of
H ' I V flee, but Qod knows It Is not bcctiuso ho hns not
Hi , ' tried. Ho has tried for everything in sight and
H i $ now wants to kill off tho party ho has loaded down
so long. Ten years ago ho was a candldnto, but
j i was defeated In the convention and In tho election
U he fought tho tlckot. Six years ago ho was n can
H M ' dldato with samo results, and again ho fought tho
I'J ticket. Two years ago ho was a candldnto until
Bl the convention rant when ho withdrew, and In tho
Bl election he aga'a fought tho tlckot. Five years
jf 1 n6o ho was nominated for Mao.- of Logan and IcA
f ( ' I !" -i
j"j- :: . .-.,,-
tho Republican party to defeat, Ono iear ago he j
was defeated In tho primary election, afid then I
fought tho Republican party nt tho polls, and nftor 1 1
all theso years of unsuccessful oince hunting In tho j
Republican party he Is now doing all he can to do-
stroy It. Does any one Unaglnq John A. would j
bo fighting the party If ho had succeeded In his
nmbltlons7 Not on your life. Ilecause the narty
will not give him office, ho now wants to kill It.
Then wo have our present County Attorney, a
resident of (ho county of about eight years, during
which tlmo ho has held ofllco six yenrs'f This
gentleman Ib not the most capable man In 'a day's
march, and, because this paper has-checked him
up on somo of his blunders that have cost the
peoplo good money, becnuso we have token tho side
of tho people Instend of covering up his blunder
ing Incompetency, he has n grouch against the pa
per, and this connected with the fact that he re
alizes ho has dono himself up with tho Republican
party, Is tho cause of his leeblo efforts, to kill tho
great party that has fed him for the past six years.
Two years ago tho Republican party throw down
native son?, by far tho peers of John A. Sneddon,
and nominated him, and when tho Republlcnn pnr
ty If ho had stood any chance for renomlnntlon?
support of Sneddon will bo first on tho docket, Does
nny ono supposo Sneddon would havo left tho par
ty If ho hnd stood any chnnc for re-nomlnation7
Certainly not. It Is n matter of common knowl
edge, too, that ho has given It out that If he can- .
not bo retained in ofllco ho will see thnt no other
Republican gets It. Docb the people want such a
mnn In ofllco? Certainly not.
And there nro others of tho samo caliber Tho
entire program built upon ambition, selfishness, nnd
personality. And tho soonor tho peoplo look at
this from a reasonable and purely business stand
point tho better. Ilccauso Theodoro Roosevelt wants
n third term, becauBo Nepni L. Morris nnd Theo
doro Peterson havo been disappointed In their poli
tical ambitions, because John A. Sneddon fe,els that
ho must have olllce all his life, and because the
peoplo won't havo John A. Hondrlckson is no rea
son why tho Republican party should bo defeated.
Thero aro men here who have been defeated thru
tho treachery of supposed party followers, but the
fact that they havo been defeated does not give
them good reason to want to destroy tho party.
Let us get down to business. Eliminate the per
sonality, the ambition, tho revenge from the Bull
Mooso and thcro will be nothing to It. Then go
after the old enemy' tho Democratic party, and i
elect tho Republican ticket. ,
.. .. ., ' '
Wo insert herewith copy of a letter which is be
ing sent out by Dr. Robert Stewart of the Utah Ag- '
rlcultural College, who Is chairman of the commit
tee on student' employment to n number of tho
business men of tho city. Tho letter Is self ex
planatory. In It nn appeal Ib made to the business
men to furnish tho College with a list of their re
quirements In tho way of help. Thero nre a great
many hundred students como to the College each
year, and many of theso students, both1 boyB nnd
girls, nro forced to depend to a largo extent, upon
their earnings during tho school year In order to '
continue pursuing their studies. Many of our lead
ing merchants nro already employing college boys '
throughout tho wholo of tho school year, and also (
a number of tho young women students nre being
employed In somo of tho homes, but It would nppcnr I
posslblo that nn extra effort might be mado along
this line thnt would result in mutual benefit to all
Logan, Utah, September 18, 1912,
Dear Sir: Each year wo havo a number of I
earnest, hardworking students who are working
their way through tho College. A fow hours
work per day enables many df them to 'obtain a j
college training who would otherwlso be de
prived from such ad vantage. Wo havo appllca- I
tlons from students for work as clerks, type- .
writers, waiters, Janitorial work, and genernl
farm work of any chnractcr. In the past wo
havo had students who havo tended furnnce,
milked cows and dontfgenoral chores around tho
houso In return for board nnd lodgings. Girl
students have been glad of tho opportunity to '
nssist in housowork in return for n homo during
.ho school year. Such services have invariably
proved satisfactory. This committee maintains j
n fllo of Btudents seeking employment nnd wo ;
should bo pleased to have you communicate with
us at any timo should you be able to use stu-
dent help of any charocter. Wo will bo pleased '
to put you In touch with tho kind of student i
help you desire. Any assistance you may bo
nblo to glvo students in this way will certainly 1
bo appreciated by us. Very respectfully, ;
Chairman of Commtttco. i
In nny enso tho proposition is n commendnblo
ono and wo trust that tho peoplo of tho city will i
tecpond to It In tho spirit of true helpfulness. J
.J. .J. .J. '
No ono blames Mr. Bryan for having It in for j
President Toft JUBt n Httlo anyway. Mr. Taft J
beat him over a million votes four years ago. 1
Evening Telegram: Prof. Woodrow Wilson In 1
his recent speeches seems to bo a littlo short of j
words nnd Ideas. At tho same tlmo Govornor J
Johnnon cannot meet half his engagements because 1
of fatlguo and hoarseness. J
Wo know of but two men who havo nothing
to do In order to talk oxcopt to open tholr mouths.
Ono Is Theodoro and tho otheor Is William Jon- J
nlngs, nnd both of thorn can talk by tho day, by
tho weok, by tho month, by tho year and grow J
fresher and moro musical In tholr tones with ev- 1
ery repetition. And it must bo true ns was said i
before, that orators nro born and not mndo. It Is 1
true they both play tho samo tuno most of tbo 1
time, but that does Just as well us a cbango of j
program overy night. Wo nra having moro theo- 1
rtes of good government presented to ub this year i
than ever beforo, and perhaps thoy afo backed by l
loss facts than over before. But howover that may j
as there sto two champion talkers who cannot bo
downed anj only two that wfknow of. I
Oist Regular j
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