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Women and Children Also Put to
Death By Zapata's Men.
Three Alone
Mexico City, Oct. G. Word was re
ceived hero today of the almost to
tal annihilation of a detachment of
rurale guards and a number of wo
mon and children In a fight with Zap
isla rebols near Sultepec yesterday.
The solo survivors of the ruralea
and their party threo men and a
woman straggled Into Toluca today.
They said the detachmonts of sixty
rurales, with a number of womoii,
and children, was stationed on t. hill
near Sultepec and was, surprlaol by
Mio rebels while feeding their hors
es. Tho rurales quickly assembled
prul put up a strong fight.
According to the survivors a bloody
battlo lasting throa hour? was fought.
Tho rebels lost rainy men and It
seemed as If thto rurales might bo
victorious when their ammunition
gave out. Tho slaughter then begun
Tho men woro quickly killed and
many atrocities were practiced upon
the women and children
Tho survivors reported that Major
Flores of the rurales detachment was
treated with unusual barbarity. His
body, they said was first chopped, to
pieces and then burned.
Rebels Take Town
B Juarez, Mexico. Oct. C. Rebels to
ll day took Ascension, a town in the
H Mormon colony district southwest of
B Juarez, according to advices tonight.
fl Rebels also threaten Casas Gran
B des on the Moxlc'o Northwestern rail
H way in tho same district. Two troop
fl trains wero rushed thero tonight from
fl Juarez by General Trucy Aubcrt to
fl relnforco General Antonio Raba.
B Salt Lake City, Oct. C
H C. A. Inlow, superintendent of tho
Bj schools at Dlngham, and his wife
B are undor arrest at the police station
H being held In connection with tho
death of Thomas E. (Eddlo) White,
H a public chauffeur, who was found
IB murdered in his machine a few
H blocks south of Ninth South street
Hj ob Third East at an early hour yes
!fl. terday morning. Doth the Inlows re
H fused to talk about the matter, this
H attitude having been advised' by their
H attorneys.
HJ An unidentified man, believed by
HL tho police to be Inlow' went to tho
BJ chauffeur's stand near the Konyon
H hotel Friday night. Ho asked ques
K tlons about White's whereabouts, his
H residence, his habits. Later, a worn
H an wearing a heavy veil approached
HJ tho stand and was accosted by at
HJ least twu drivers, who Inquired it
Bj sho desired a machine. She mado no
Bj 'White, who had been attondlng the
H boxing exhibition at Murray between
H Domotral and Leon, returned to tho
H- city and took his machine- from tho
H hands of his helper, James Johnson
H shortly after 11 o'clock. At midnight
H tbo chauffeur, who had not left Ills
H stand, was accosted by a volled worn
H an, thought to havo been tho samo
Bj iwoman who had been seen about tho
H stand nt nn earlier hour. Sho enter
H ed tho car and gave directions to
H .White.
B At Gin yesterday morning a pc
B destrlan hailed n street car In which
H "Desk Sergeant Al Spelrs nnd Detec
B tivo Georgo Chaso wero going to
B work. Tho police oillcers wero In
B formed that ho had discovered a man
fl In nn automobile evidently murdored.
fl The pollco auto was called by tho
B members of tho force, who Immodl
fl ntoly wont to tho car.
3Whlto was sitting with his hnnds
fjPWlll on tho steering wheel and lov
fl or. Ono bullet had crashed Into his
Di neck at tho nnglo of tho jaw under
H tho loft ear, emerging at tho right
Bj "side under tho loho of tho car. Tho
Hj second bullet was fired from tho rear
I? erlng tho skull at tho baso of the
m . in, passing through tho splnnl col
H umn nnd emerging from tho middle
of tho forehead. Tho brain was torn
H to tatters. Tho second shot brought
H Instant death.
B Arrest In Lawyers' Office
Yestorday aftornoon Inlow was ar-
rested in tho offices of his attorneys
D in the Nowhouso building. Ho had
Even Roosevelt Asserts That Wil
son's Election Would
Mean Disaster
The tide Is turning toward Presi
dent Taft. Tho American peoplo are
realizing tho danger which confronts
them In tho possibility of a Demo
cratic administration. The Demo
cratic party, In Its platform, adopted
at llaltlmoro declares' that tho pro
tective system Is unconstitutional.
Professor Wilson Is a confessed freo
trader. Ho testified before tho tar
iff board In 1882 that ho was In fa
vdr of tho repeal of all protective
laws and made tho absurd statement
that because tho states In this Union
allowed freo Interchange of com
merce, there should bo n similar freo
Interchange between the United
States and all tho producing coun
tries of the world. This illogical, un
patriotic nnd absolutely destructive
theory would be put Into effect If
Professor Wilson should bo elected
president. Ho would bo ably secon
ded In his efforts by Champ Clark,
speaker of tho Democratic houso of
representatives, who publicly declar
ed upon tho floor of congress that ho
was In favor of tlestroylng every cus
tom houso In tho land.
Colonel Roosevelt through his or
ganization, now happily decreasing
in numbers, Is no more nor less thnn
a Democratic aid society bears om
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v V
Mr. J. R. Anderson returned homo
Sunday night from Salt Lake City.
Mr. D. J. Laramlre, manager of tho
Whlto Sowing Machine Company of
Salt Lake City is spending a few
days in Logan.
gone to consult them upon a criminal
case pending against him. His wife
was arrested in the afternoon. Both
aro being held Incommunicado by
the pollco, the chief saying that ho
will not oven allow their attorneys
to seo them until they have answer
ed questions as to their movements
Friday night.
"It Is all a mistake. I am not tho
man who committed tho crime.
They've got the wrong ones." At n
late hour last night Inlow made tho
above statement. This is tho only,
declaration of his position he has
made since being placed In the Jail.
Tho police believe that they havo
In Inlow the man who committed the
murder. Their case, purely circum
stantial In point of fact, was strength
ened last night by tho Identification
of Mrs. Inlow as tho woman who
was seen near the stard in front of
tho Kenyon. hotel prior to tho return
of White from Murray.
Inlow's arrest followed tho murder
as a 'direct consequence of the fact
that White Is said to ho the princi
pal witness In tho criminal charges
now pending against Inlow., TUo
Bingham school master was arrested
in tho early part of tho week chart;
ed with tho theft of ore specimens.
Ho is said to havo gono to tho hime
of Mrs. Harvey Jones, 71C First av
enuo, and entered It secrotly, taking
specimens. On this excursion Whlto
Is said to havo boon his chamTcur
and tho statements mado by Whlto to
tho pollco regarding tho trip with
Inlow resulted In tjio latter's nivest.
Not At Friend's Home
Mr. and Mrs. Inlow wero not nt
tho residence of Carl Schneider,
where they wero staying while !:.
tho city, between 9 p. m. and 1 a. m.
Friday night, the time when tho min
der 1b behoved to havo been commit
ted. Mrs. Inlow borrowed a rain oa:
nnd nn automobile veil from Mrs.
Schneider hoforo leaving about 0
o'clock. Tho coat wns returned, but
tho veil was missing nt a late hour,
and tho pollco wero searching for It,
ns they bollovo it to be, an Important
The police theory Is that Inlow, to
closo tho mouth of tho principal wit
ness against him, watched for him,
learned of his habits and using his
wlfo as a decoy, secured Whlto's pres
enco in a remote and sparsely set
tled section of tho city nt a lato hour.
What happened thero thoy do not at
tempt to etato as yet. No explana
tion has been advanced for the fact
that tho engine was stopped when
tho automobilo was found in tho
morning, or for tho fact that tho enr
had Just turned back to tho city at
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j - t . "
Secretary of War Stimson In Conference
With Officers at the Presidio, San Francisco.
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AtBkMSi " 3vBBP7jlV,aJflBBBBBBflJ j...XBWB4 Vn Jf?frSTjBiMMBP T'iMIBffBBBBBh ''"VbBBJBBBB wP'fi
flYsflflYflflW !! Vsfls' "KmfSSHtr ifuL i BTJiSsirM fctiiMtfM?P'vpflMsflMBBWswsH' ' ' jflH JjiflBPZB
BVAVAVflBP OBbsW' VUflYsWt 9 m Hm&&3 lr -f 5P I?wPf5srtT' fBLBVflBflTi & CMflflfltfllH
flflflflflr KHflET,CpUflflWr v A yi.MMg j$BF pwBF jlwfr mF 0 4flttSHftBb& a yL 94 JIBm 'BBHBJ H 1 jEBBB9i
Photo by Ainorlcun Press Association.
Secretary of War Henry U Stimson has been lDBpeclInu the troops at the Presidio. San Krnnclsco, and conferring
with tho army officers there. It U probablo that the visit lias to do v(th tht likelihood of dispatching troops to the
Mexican border. Secretary Stimson Is readily dWtnBUl8hnblo os the ii-ntei llguro. At the l.-fi In tho photograph Is
Colonel Leo Keblger, while at Mr. StlmnonM left hand Is Major Willlnni l-ans'tor.
X .
Eighty-Third Session Opened Last Fri
day in the Tabernacle With Good
Attendance in Spite of In
clemency of Weather
The opening session of the eighty
third semi-annual conferenco of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
day Saints was held In the tabernacle
last Friday morning, with President
Joseph F. Smith presiding. All tho
members of tho First Presidency
were in attendance, all tho members
of the Council of Twelve with tho
exception of two, who aro absent, nil
the mombors of tho First Council of
Seventies, except ono absent, tho Pre
siding Bishopric and presiding patr
arch. Notwithstanding tho threaten
ing weather, tho largo building was
comfortnhly filled with peoplo, nearly
seven thousand being estimated to
bo In nttendnnco President Joseph
F. Smith was tho first speaker. His
remarks wero characterized by ad
monitions to the peoplo to live faith
ful to their religion nnd to tho con
stitution of the United States, by ad
miration and approval for tho high
er inspiration which directed the
government of tho United States In
refusing to thrust armed Intervention
In tho Mexican situation, and by the
absolving of Latter-day Saints from
obligation to remain In tho
Mexican colonies, whero thoy were
living In pursuance of n call to a
mission, with permission for them to
seek homes In a country where they
could bo protected In tholr lives nnd
Tho meeting was opened by tho
choir nnd congregation singing
"Come, como yo Saints, no toll nor
Inbor fear." Tho invocation wns of
fered by President Charles A. Cal
Us, of tho Southern States mission.
Tho choir and congregation Joined In
singing tho hymn, "Redeemer of Is
lael, our only delight,"
Prest Joseph F Smith"
President Joseph F. Smith was tho
first speaker. Ho said In part:
"I do not feel physically or mon
tally able to perform tho duties de
volving upon mo excopt by tho as
sistance of tho Spirit of tho Lord.
I do not bollove nny man Is ablo to
perform his duties Independent of tho
Lord. I think it tho duty of nil men
and especially of thoso who are con
nected with tho Church of JesuB
Christ of Latter-day Saints to he
humble and prayerful and submissive
to tho laws of the Lord. Thoso who
are Industrious and successful, how
ever much disinclined they may be
to acknowledge tho hand of the Lord
will bo compelled nt some tlmo to
acknowledge his hand In their suc
cess. President Smith snld he folt grati
fied at bolng ablo to bo present at tho
opening session of tho eighty-third
semi-annual conference, and compar
ed tho present strength of tho church
with that of 83 years ago when six
persons organized tho Church in New
York. Thoso who held tho unlearn
ed boy, tho Prophet Joseph Smith, in
derision then, aro beginning to learn
somewhat of tho doctrines taught by
him nnd to understand them.
Evidences of a prosperous season
aro upon every hand. Tho yield of
tho field, orchnrd and farm has been
bountiful. President Smith said. Ho
expressed tho hopo that thoso who
had such vast quantities of these
products would not becomo wasteful
of them, and thnt thoy might not for
get tho Lord in tholr hour of pros
perity. Colonists In Mexico
Referring to tho colonists In Mexi
co, President Smith snld tholr oxpo
riencos had been of such n character
that It had been deemed ndvlsablo
to release them from furthor mission
ary labors In thnt country. Ho said
Continued on pngo 2.
Funeral services over tho remains
of Elder Royal P. Oldham, who wns
drowned whllo boating near Charles
ton, West Virginia last Tuesday will
ho held In tho PnradlBO meeting
houso tomorrow, Wednesdny at 2 p.
m sp 1
Rebels Summarily Punish "Red Flag-
ger" Who Assaulted
Mrs. Romney
El Paso, Oct. 7. Identified fully as
the Mexican who had entered tho
homo of Miles A. Romnoy In Colon
la Jnurez, tho rebel soldier who at
tempted to assault Mrs. Romney and
her sister hns been executed by or
der of Eurlquo Portlllo, commander
of tho rebel band near the colony.
Tho oxecutfon took plnco about
eight miles from Colonlo Jnurez, and
nows of It hns been brought to col
ony headquarters hero by Bishop
Uentley. Tho llttlo girl who leaped
from n window to glvo tho nlnrm
when tho rebels entered the houso Is
lccovcrlng from tho shock. Her arm
was broken In tho fall. Ono of tho
women whom tho rebels attempted to
assault Identified him, after having
met tho command of Portlllo. Sho
was undor tho escort of a 'committee
of men residents of tho colony.
A committee of the citizens of tho
colony wns Immediately appointed af
ter tho attempted outrage to meet
ttlllo and securo redress. Tho two
American women were taken along
for tho purposo of identifying the
"Red Flngger." Tho body of rebels,
under Portlllo nbout 40 In all, was
met by tho committee nbout six
miles from their camp on tho Tap
iasltas, wash. The rebel who attempt
ed tho outrage was Identified nlmost
Instantly and was quickly ordered ex
ecuted. Tho leader of tho small band
of rebels stated emphatically that
such abuses will not bo tolerated.
"All such ovort acts will bo punished
ns this ono was, and tho offender In
stantly put to death as soon as Iden
tified," declared Portlllo
George Kingsford, one of Mt.
Home, Utnh's best and most favor
ably known citizens died of kldnoy
trouble at his resldunco last Saturday
morning. Funeral services nt which
itprcsentntives of every homo In tho
community weio present, woro held
In tho ward meeting houso at 2 p.
in. yestorday.
Mr.- Kingsford was a prosperous
farmer of tho north end of tho coun
t; and In his parting this life ho
leaves a host of friends nnd asso
ciates to mourn with his immedlato
family. For months past ho had
been n sufforor from a kidney dls
case. Somo six wceki ngo ho under
went a successful operation at thy
local hospital nnd It was believed ho
would rocovor. Aftor his return
home, however, roiiplicatlons sot In
with the result that ho passed awny
in tho dato nbovo stated.
Besides his wlfo deceased leaveK
so"i children all of whom reside at
Mt Home.
Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gllman To VAVfl
Appear In Free Lectures Under flApl
Auspices Of A. C. Faculty !H
Women's League IBBBi
A matter thnt has created keen In- hBBI
tcrcst on tho pnrt of nil tho women jBAVJ
of Logan, nnd throughout tho valley lH
ns well as the men folks, who have BBBJ
been keeping In touch with the march !
of soclnl progress and reform, Is tho H
announcement recently mado that YBbI
tho eminent lecturer, Chnrlotto Per- BBBJ
kins tillmnn, Is to deliver, two lee- 'flYfll
lures in this city. The lectures havo ,fl
been arranged 'under the auspices of 'jVflB
tho Women's Lcnguo of the Utah Ag- wYflfl
ricultural College, and every effort UBBI
is being made to get out as many as flflflj
possiblo to hear them. flflflj
Mrs. Oilman, is without doubt, ono H
of tho foremost speakers of tho ngo, sBflYJ
1 1 her very ilrst book,, a volume of WflVJ
verso entitled: "In this our World," flVfll
appearing in 1S99 won her n roputa- hBBI
tlon as a lecturer nnd writer that wflfll
has put her In the forefront of BBfl
American men and women of letters. jflflfl
Her work on "Women nnd Econ- ABBI
otnlcs" published later In, tho samo HBBI
year has placed her definitely as ono iVflfl
of tho leaders of modem thought jVflfl
along soclnloglcnl and economic lines. iflBH
TIiIb work Is today used as a toxt JHBl
book in many schools and colleges fHBB
French, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, il
nnd Japanese. Mrs. Gllman has al- ftl
so published numerous works bear- HBB
Ing upon tho training of children, tho IflVfl
home and Its environment, nnd tho tBBJ
various problems that concern human- flflfl
lty. At tho International Congress .BflB
of Women held In London. England. flflfl
In 1889, nnd again In Berlin, Ger- flflfl
many in 1904, sho wns ono of tho H
niQst prominent speakers 011 tho pro- HBfl
gram, which embraced tho names of BBB
some of tho most famous women of flBH
tho world. In 1905 tjho was again jHH
called abroad and spoko In mnny ot flBB
tho leading cities ot Europe to largo H
and interested audiences. Mrs. Gil-
man is at present publishing a mag- IflBB
nzlno which Is called the "Forerun- flflfl
nor" and which Is now In Its third flflfl
year, and It has apparently won for flBB
Itself an assured place among perl- flflfl
odlcals. Her startling now book flflfl
called "The Man Mado World," which ifl
is a study of unchecked masculine SVfl
domination upon social life, and also H
by the appearnnco ot her first novel, Bfll
"Whnt Dlanthn Did," a story suggest- flflfl
Ing a permanent and scientific solu- BAH
tlon of tho housekeeping problems HAS
havo won for her great prominence. fl
As a lecturor Mrs. Gllman has rare fl
gifts. Sho Is never dull, and her wit flMfl
and satire aro ot a nnturo calculated flMfl
to pleaso tho most fastidious. Hflfl
The Iccturos havo boon arranged fl
for the afternoons ot October 16 and flKflj
17, but the placo has not yet beon jflHJ
definitely decided upon. Announce- flKBJ
ments of this will be mado through fl-BJ
tho press later. It Is hoped, howov- BAH
or, that tho people of Logan and of Bfl
Cache Valley will not miss tho op- flflfj
portunlty of hearing this wonderful fl
speaker. flBB
The lectureB are to be free, and Vfll
nro given under tho auspices of tho flfll
Women's League with tho view ot flflj
giving tho general public the oppor- Aflfl
tuulty of hearing a womon who flfll
stands nt onco ns the representative jflflj
of all that Is best in tho raco. flfll
Prof. Wat. Reese, formerly of this ,BHJ
city nnd now known throughout ov- flflj
ery stnto of tho Union as a clover iflBi
slight of hnnd performer mid n turn- flflj
ei of numerous mystifying tricks will flflj
appear at tho Princess theater In mi flflfl
entirely now roll, Thursday, Friday flflj
and Saturday of this week. Watch Sfl
Thursday's issue for particulars. :jHB
A Republican Mass Convention for flflj
Logan Precinct is horeby called to flflj
meet at Republican headquarters ov- jflfl
or Co den Rulo store. Main V.rej' BH
Logan on tho 12th day of October M
nt 7:30 p. 111. for tho purposo of nom- flu
luatlng a Justice of tho Poaco and Ej
a Constable nnd for tho transacting PUS
ot such other business ns may prop- Ifll
orly como betoro the convention. flH
Signed, II. C. PETERSON flj
Chairman ot City Committee, fll
Secretary. HJ

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