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HJt t y ' " ' " ' ' -mMtmM ' " ' i i mMl W ., i i . i r , , .1 null, ,. , ',, Tl ll'lt IT ''i ' "" ' ' " ' -"' " - B
H i
H . Eighty-third Session Is Held This
H ' Morning In the Tabernacle With
H J Good Attendance In Spite of
H j Inclemency of the
H i F, Weather
H Continued from rage 1.
H the colonists hnd gone to Mexico un-
H dcr the ndvlco and counsel of the
H . leaders of the Church, but that they
H had been driven, pillaged and some
H of them murdered by n low, degraded
H ' j kicked people, and they are now freo
H to seek homes in a land where life
H nnd liberty and property rights arc
H ' j protected and preserved. The colon-
H 'i jsts should, however, maintain their
H clnlms and rights as far as possible.
H I President Smith compared the drlv
B lng of the colonists from Mexico in
H f n measuro with the early experiences
H of the peoplo In Ohio and Mlssiuil
M and Illinois, nnd predicted that If
M i the colonists would remain faithful
B to their religion and to the ronsil-
H 1 tutlon of tho United States, thuy
M E would yet realize that what appears
M S to bo persecution now would uven-
m n tually prove n blessing, as has been
M j the case in the exodus of tho people
H j from tho crowded eastern centers of
M I population to n land where they
W ' could Increase nnd gain n foothold
M I nnd whero they might prosper nud
U I becomo useful citizens. Ho advised
i tho colonists not to become dlscour-
M aged, and said they had friends hero
I and clsowhcre who would come to
(I J their assistance.
5 '' Commends Stand Taken
f 'j President Smith commended the
J higher wisdom, which, ho declared,
I J had actuated the executive powers
1 of tho United States government In
jj refraining from sending armed forces
!" to Intervene In the Mexican situation
i ' Ho said that doubtless by that no
! I tlon much bloodshed has been avoid-
M ed, nnd that an expensive nnd lone
m '' drnwn out wnr had been nvoldcd. Jit
1 j : said he believed that the time wouM
H ,; como when this government would
H r,' intervene, not by wnr, but through
H U penceful means, Just ns it hnd In the
H h! ' cases of Hawnll, tho Philippines, nnd
H ' ; ' other places that had been over run
H ' , with tyranny and cruelty. It Is the
H I ) j mission of this government, tho spenk
H I er said, to establish peace, and he
M ( I expressed tho hope that the time
Hi$ would soon como when the Influence
H.fr of the United States would be used
HU in restoring peace to tho distracted
Hm little republic In Central America,
HJf which break out In revolutions nenr-
Bp. j ly every year.
H'S 1 President Smith expressed tho
bl' I hope that tho Latter-day Saints
Hg would ever remain loyal in their
R hearts and souls to tho principles of
HV) the constitution of tho United StateB,
Hjf for it Is through tho workings of
Bll those principles that they are bless-
Hjf ( ed with liberty and safety. He said
Hlf they should ever seek to elevate hon-
HH ': orabalo men to positions of honor and
HH duty among tho peoplo.
Hll In closing, President Smith rend
Hli tho Ten Commandments nnd com-
H l j mented upon each of them, declar-
HJf )j ing in each instance that they nro
BJ eternal, irrevocable and as applicable
B today as when they were given to
Hjlk i Moses on the mountain for tho chll-
m " dren of Israel. Ho also declared
!that the principles of tho gospel nro
equally binding upon tho peoplo since
I' they wero given by God. Ho admon-
1 ished the fa'nlnts to obey tho com
mandments, nnd to live according to
i tho laws of God.
hu ' After President Smith's address a
Hi quartet composed of Joslo Hinckley,
Hb; Aura Rogers, Lorus Pratt nnd W.
Bnf S. Holdaway, sang "Ye have como
w"; again, ye days of pleasure."
Hf' i Prest. Anthon H Lund
Bi j Prest. A. H. Lund was tho other
HRJ t bpeaker at tho morning session. I'ol-
H I lowing along thto remarks of Prest.
Be Smith concerning tho irrevocability
H of the commandments nnd of tho
Hj principles of the gospel. Prest. Lund
E referred to tho divinity of tho writ-
K ings In tho Bible and tho other stan-
f j durd works ot the Church.
K The things which were just read
K J the vpeaker declared, wero given by
HI " God to Moses, hB llrst scribe. They
Bf came down to tho present time
Hl ij through several thousand years, and
HI ' had been subject to various changes
H and translations, but still tho peo-
Bn ' plo of this day are favored with hnv-
Byi Ing the word of tho Lord given to
B them by the servants ot tho Lord.
B, 1 Not only nro tho Latter-day SalntB
B' j favored by having tho written word
B' which has como down through the
B lon8 nses, but having tho written
B I word which has been given through
i God's servants of tho present day.
Prest. Lund In roferrlng to tho
Illble explained that It is not one
book, but n. collection of books, wrlt-
, , . . ten at various timet and by differ-
B,-M ent -writers. Whllo little In tho wnv
B X of written matter has reached this
Jmi J 1 K0 trom before the flood, tho spcik
Hii rr Bali tlll thore la reference In
Braf 'flllU th bWe t0 wrlUnE8 from before
that time, giving evldenco that tho
art was known and practiced.
Reference wns made to tho probes
les in both tho Old and tho Nov
Testaments, which hnrraonlzo an')
which hnvo been fulfilled as belni;
evidenced of the divinity of the
writings In the- Scriptures. The
prophesies of Jesuu have been ful
filled to n remarkable precision.
President Lund ald, Even prophes
ies which wero made under wlint
deemed tho most impossible circum
stances. When Jtrus sat on tho
Mount of Olives hs was moved to pro
jlct tho entire destruction of Jc.'u
sulem, nnd snld that not one s'onc
31 the temple should bo left upoi
(mother. The cltv was powerful nnd
pioud, nnd It seemed there u ii
chanco of that p'ophesy being ful
I'lled. It was fulillled, howevs nnd
l.ot ono stone of tho temple was left
.n Its place, and not one stone '.xuii
Tho prophesies in the lllblo wli'.rb
bnvo been fuinilcd provo that this
book contains tho word of Go! tlio
tpenker continued. Ho referred to
tho nrtlclo of faith of tho Latter-day
Saints which reads, "Wo bellevo the
UlLlo to bo the word of God, as far
as it is translated correctly," and ox
plained that this does not mean 'hui
the. Latter-day Saints accept part rf
the Ulble and reject tho other, as Is
oiten supposed, but that it Is mere
1 tho natural feeling to doubt' tho
nbsoluto correctness of tho work cf
tho men who have translated the
lllblo from the orlglnnl into modern
languages. Thero aro so many
persons, ho snld, of tho Scrlpturj
t nu they differ so frequently am' so
essentially, thnt It would be Itnpos
Eiblo to accept them ns containing
the exact word of God. As evlljucc
of the serious errors which l.iwo
crept Into tho different trnnslntlon.i.
the speaker ment'oned that in tho
English version wnero rcferenco Js
nuido to tho creation, it states that
the earth was without form nnd
old, which Is In nccordanco with
modern theories and teachings of
science nnd philosophy. In the Swe
dish version It states emphatically
that the earth was created out of
nothing. It would bo Inconsistent,
the speaker Insisted, ns nccept both
translations, nnd ho asked who should
decide which cne, if either, to take
literally. One professor has stated
President Lund said, that In 140 ver.
ses of tho English version ho found
252 errors, nnd nnother student of
the niblo claims to hnve found 70
mntcrlal mlstnkos In tho gospel of
Saint Matthew.
"Under these circumstances, Prest.
Lund asserted, It is no more than
what might and should bo expected
of the Latter-day Saints, or any oth
er people, to profess to bellevo tho
Scriptures only in so fnr ns they nro
translated correctly. If tho original
manuscripts were at hand, nnd wero
they in question Instead of the trans
lations, then tho nrtlclo of faith
would read "Wo bellevo tho Bible
from lid to lid, contains tho word of
God has permitted tho Diblo to
como down to tho present time, tho
speaker ndded, In such a shape, how
ever, that It can still bo understood.
In mentioning tho many mistakes
said to havo been found in tho Blblo
Prest, Lund said that ho personally
did not know Just what wero nnd
what wero not mistakes. Ho did not
look for mistakes ho said, but in hlH
argument about them wns merely up
holding tho bellof of tho Church nud
tho stntomont t hlch qualifies literal
bellof In tho 1. Ho.
After Pros. Lund's nddrcss (ho
cl olr sang, "Guide us, O, Thou Great
Jfhovah," Prest Btn E. Illch of tho
Eastern Stntes mlcslon offered tho
benediction nnd the conferen -e was
adjourned until 2 p. m.
One of the Big Juicy Kind That
Makes One's Mouth Water to Be
Shown at Lethbrldge
Oklahoma City, Okla., Oct 7. A
atennolon wolghlng 92 pounds has
been raised by Colfas Moulton on
his ranch a few miles west of this
city, and It Is to bo ono ot tho fea
tures of tho exhibit that will bo ta
ken to tho Dry Farming Congress at
Lethbrldge, Alta., where thore Is of
fored a special silver cup, donated
by tho Board of Trado of Tabor, for
the largest watormelon Bhown. Ok
lahoma Is going to bring back that
pleco of sllvorwaro, and sho is go
ing to loavo tho 02 pound watormel
on to bo divided up at Lethbrldge
between the chairman of tho ixpos'
tlon and the manager of tho TnVcr
exhibit. It Is the largest melon
raided so far this year In tho south
west, and It is certainly big euo'i,i
for two Canadian boosters. Thero
will bo no strings nttnehed to the
contest; they will not hnve to eat
it in public; and they will bo at l'b
crty to divide with their friends, '.lie
seeds nro to be kept and used to ch
tnbllsh extra line melon pntchc? in
Oklahoma and Tnber next yesr
m m
An Unusual and Important Mineral
Widely Employed In Various In.
Last year there was a sharp do
crease In tho production of tungsteln
ore owing to the decrease In the de
mand for tool steels, In wh'ch the
bulk of tho tungsten produced is
used, according t Frank L. Hess In
n report on this metal Just ssued
by tho "Unl'ted States Geological Sur
vey. Tho production of domr-ufa"
tungsten ore In 1011 amounted to
1,130 short tons of concentrates, car
rying CO per cent of tungsten trl
oxide, valued at $407,085; in 1010 tin
production amounted to 1.S21 short
tons, valued at $832,902.
Tungsten Is used chiefly In making
steels that will hold their temper
when heated, but It Is most sono'ul
ly known ns supplying tho flltmcii:
of tungsten inenndescent lamps. Tho
great Impiovcmcnts In drawing tung
sten wiro nnd further notablo Im
provements In the size of tho globo
of the tungsten lamp and In othor
mechanical details that add greatly
to its efllclency nre making It en
croach upon the carbon filament
lamp nnd tho arch lamp, and It Is
rapidly driving from tho market the
tantalum lamp, which was tho first
good Incandescent lamp having n me
tallic filament. Diamonds nro used
for dies In drawing tungsten wire.
At first It did not seem possible to
drill small enough holes through tho
diamonds to mako wiro sufficiently
fine for lamps of small candlcpower,
but wiro O.0O0C inch in diameter cm
now bo drawn in qauntlty. Tho to
tal quantity of tungsten ore used .for
electric lights, howovcr, nmounts'to
only a few tons a year. New uses
of tungsten, In making electric furn
nces, electric contacts, and targets
for Roentgen rays, havo been devel
oped, nnd tho last two products aro
being actively manufactured..
Even for purposes of war tungsten
mny have Its uses, and investigations
aro now being mndo wljh a view to
Its application In the manufacture
of projectiles.
Tho present small arm service pro
jectile Is made of lead with a pack
et of copper nickel alloy, Tho prin
cipal advantage of lead over Iron,
which would of course bo cheaper,
is that It has n higher specific grav
ity. Becauso of this fact a lead bul
let will have a smaller cross section
and will therefore encounter less air
resistance to its flight than will an
Iron bullet of the same weight, and
it will consequently glvo n flatter'
trajectory and longer range. An Iron
bullet of tho samo diameter as tho
lead bullet could of course bo made
of tho samo weight by Increasing Its
length, but this would at onco neces
sitate giving It a higher rotational
velocity to keep Us axis tangential
to its flight. To Impart this added
rotational velocity would call for tho
expenditure of energy nnd so leave
os for velocity of translation. With
tho exception of tungsten, lead Is
tho densest metal which can bo con
sidered for this purpose, for gold Is
tho cheapest of tho other elements
having a higher specific gravity than
For military purposes the softness
of lead is not an advantage, n soft
nosed bullet bolng tabooed in civil
ized warfare. For this reason nnd
becnuso of tho fact that it Is too
weak to hold tho rifling It has to
be Jacketed with copper nickel alloy.
To tako tho rifling nnd to net ns
n gas check, tho tungsten bullet will
require a copper band or Its equiv
alent nt tho base.
Tho hardness and high tensile
strongth of wrought tungsten will
give high penetrating power. The
high molting point of tungsten will
provent tho projectile from being
harmfully upset at tho baso by the
combined action of tho high temper
nturo nnd rapid Impact duo to the
combuBtlou ot tho powder charge.
Tho older a mnn gets tho bigger ttu
birthday present has to bo to mak(
him forget how old ho Is.
Carl C. Kratzonsteln, Manager J
G. Tanner Drug Store, Santn Cruz
Cnllfornln, writes: "We have sole
Foley & Company's medicines fo:
tho past 20 years and havo yet t
hoar our first complaint or of a dls
tntlsflod customer. Tholr remedlei
aro pure, made as "cprosonted am
contain no Injurious substances. Oi
j tho contrary, our oxpcrlonro showi
us thnt tho company's aim has a
ways been to mnke health giving am
health maintaining remedies. Co-op
oratlve Drug Co.
A Woman Finds All Her Energy and
Ambition Slipping
Logan women know how tho aches
and pains that como when tho kid
neys fall make lifo a burden. Back
ache, hip pains, headaches, dizzy
spells, distressing urinary troubles,
nil tell of sick kidneys and warn you
of the stealthy approach ot dropsy or
Bright's disease. Doan's Kidnoy
Pills nre for tho kidneys only. They
attack kidney diseases by striking at
the cause. Hero's proof of 11 In a
Logan woman's words:
Mrs. Albert Nellson, River Heights
Logan, Utah, says: "About a year
ago I was taken with a sevcro attack
of kidney complaint and gradually
grow worso until I was hardly ablo
to move. Tho pains In my back and
sldo wero almost unbearable and tho
remedies I took brought no relief.
Finally I began taking Doan's Kid
ney Pills nnd tho contents ot ono
box mado mo feol like a different
person. My pains and aches disap
peared and the uso of two or threo
boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills cured
mo. I cannot speak too highly of
this remedy and I trust that tny ex
porlenco wfll lead other kidney suf
ferers to try it."
For salo by all dealers, prlco 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
Now York, sole agents for the Uni
ted States.
Remember tho name Doan's and
take no other.
When your food does not digest
well and you feel "blue," tired and
discouraged, you should uso a llttlo
UKRAINE at bedtime. It opens the
bowels, purlles the system nnd res
tores a fine feeling of health and en
city. Price 50c. Sold by Rlter Bros.
Drug Co.
Smoot Homestead
I can locato you on a choice Smoot
Homestead In Box Elder County.
.Cheap; just llko finding it Under
cultivation tho land will be worth
from $3000 to- $5000. Call at this office
for detailed Information.
Tickling In tho throat, hoarseness,
loss of voice, Indicate the need of
Ifc.ises tho lungs, quiets -the cough
and restores henlth in the bronchial
t.ibcs. Prlco 25c, 50c, nnd $1.00, per
boitle. Sold by Rlter Pros. Drug Co.
Torturing eczema spreads its burn
ing area every day. Doan's Oint
ment quickly stops Us spreading in
stantly relieves tho Itching, cures It
permanently. At any drug store.
Owing to the Irrigation congress
conference nnd State Fair at Salt
Lake City, It has been thought best
to postpone tho Mass County conven
tion of the Progressive party until
Saturday, October 12 nt 1 o'clock
p. m.
T. W. PETERSEN, Chairman.
JOS. j. BITHELL, Secretary.
"My child was burned terribly
about tho face, neck, and chest I np--plied
Dr. Thomas' Elcctlc Oil. Tho
pain ceased and tho child sank into
a restful sleep." Mrs. Nancy M.
Hanson, Hamburg, N. Y.
Smoot Homestead
I can locate you on a cholco Smoot
Homestead In Box Elder, within easy
access to railroad. Over twenty acres I
plowed. Total oxpenso less than the
outlay on tho land. Tho moment
title Is secured the land l3 worth 1
$5000. Inquire at this office for do i
tailed information. j
(Advertisement) l
Iff! .GoodCement'TkJ
yfTf.v MdlM I Aiknr0nulii for f i
feWaPfti MM l Kd Hid tloli mcuiiicSVj i
Ok sEla tea ?."i im mu.. yf7 i
11 Va "".! olfcr. lluTefrotir V
l H UA"" KANIll"l535! I
O Vi&EEm '. Cot""hl tmt tr C. E. Zlmmttmin Co.-No. 31
IONT wait to start a bank account. Don't I
put it off, but start today; and then
you'll have something to look forward to- I
something to depend upon something
working for you. 1
First National Baniy
fc LOGAN. OTAtt". j
Capital; SIOO OOO.OO. Sarplu SIU.COO.OO. Depottti S5oo,ooo.o
'-fflcer. itdj j
President, THOMA8 8MART, Cashier, ALLAN M. FLEMING, 1
Vlce-Prei., JAMES QUAYLE, Ati't. Cashier, H. E. CROCKETT, Q
2nd Vlce-Prei., JNO. H. ANDERSON.
Logan's Economy Store
The H. G. Hayball Mercantile Co.
5155 Qenter Street Logan
You had better profit by these low prices. Special sale of Blankets and Comforts. Wc
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