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' Continued from page 1
phatlc testimony to tho distressing
' conditions which would follow tho
r election of Professor Wilson. In the
Outlook, July 27, 1912, Theodore
Roosevelt wroto tho following:
"If Dr. Wilson were elected, he
V. would either havo to repudiate the
Eromises mado about the tariff In the
yyemocrattc platform or else bring ev
ery industry In tho country to a
crash which would mako all panics
In our past history seem llko child's
play In comparison. In short, were
Dr. Wilson elected on this platform,
he would ho obliged at the very out
set of his administration to faco the
alternatives of dishonesty or disas
ter, tho alternatives of refusing to
; carry out tho expressed pledges of
1 the platform, or elso of causing such
disaster to every worker In tho coun
try as would mean nation wldo ruin."
Slnco writing this article, Colonel
Roosevolt has been oven more em
phatic. Ho said at tho Minnesota
state fair recently that If tho tariff
plank of tho Democrats should bo
enacted Into law, It would plungo
this country Into a period of commor--clal
disasters such as wo havo not
seen In a lifetime. At St. Louis In a
speech, Colonel Roosevelt mado tho
following observation:
"I bellovo that If Mr. Wilson's freo
trade policy or tariff for rovenuo only
policy Is In good faith adopted and
Is not a mero campaign cry wide
spread disaster will result to Ame--I
can life." m i ""'JlUffHISIjf'll"
It Is remarkable that Colonel
Roosevelt, himself a Republican, and
the recipient of highest hono'rs at
the hands of tho Republican party
and supposedly concerned In tho wel
fare of his country, should deliber
ately attempt to help Into power tho
Democratic party when Its policies
would plungo tho country Into dls
I aster. There can bo no question,
however, that this would bo tho re
sult. Every ono remembers tho hard
times of tho last Democratic admin
istrationfactories everywhere clos
ed, millions of men out of employ
ment, banks suspended, railroads In
bankruptcy and starvation every
where. A recurronco of theso 'condl-
tlons Is certain It tho Republican
J& party Is defeated next November.
Cib It seems Impossible to believe that
'g-flio American .people will allow tho
fair sunshine of prosperity to bo ob
H scured by tho black and somber
9 clouds of business paralysis and en
m forced Idleness under Democratic ad-
ministration. And It seems equally
1 Impossible to bollovo that any can
I be so blind as to believe thcro Is n
chanco tor Colonel Roosevelt's elec
tion. Ho does nbt believe It himself!
All his recent speeches show that tho
one hope that yet remains to him
Is that he may draw off enough Re
publican votes to defeat President
Tatt. Are you going to help him?
Smithfleld, Oct 7. Mayor Merrill
and aids aro making preparations
for tho advent of tho street car Into
our city. M6re elaborate prepara
tions would have been made had wo
known definitely when tho work
could havo been finished.
Today tho time of completion was
sot as Thursday so our mayor imme
diately set to work to mako the nec
essary arrangements. On Thursday
evening at 7 o'clock a program will
bo carried out, refreshments will bo
served and tho evening will conclude
with a danco. Committees on recop
tlon, finance, refreshments, and pro
gram have been named nnd all will
work with a zeal and mako tho day
one" of tho red letter days for our
Mr. and Mrs. James Forester aro
rejoicing over tho arrlvnl of a fine
Mrs. Ivan Nellson is reported ns
being quito ill.
Mrs. Sylvester Low Is visiting her
sister at Spanish Fork.
Bishop Winn and wife, Bishop
Miles, Mr. nnd Mrs. Sylvester Low,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Randall, Mary
Griffith, Mao Cantwell Richard Ros
kolley, Magglo Roskellcy all took ad
vantage of tho conference rates and
visited Salt Lake the past week.
Mrs. I. C. Hastier, Grand Island,
Ncbr., had something sho wishes to
say about Foley's Honey and Tar
Compounds: "My threo children had
a very severo attack of whooping
cough and suffered greatly. A frlcn I
'recommended Foley's Honey and 1r
Compound, and it did them mora
good than nnythlng I gave them. I
am glad to recommend It." Co-op-oratlvo
Drug Co.
Lethbrldgo, Canada, October 19 to
20. Excursions via Oregon Short
Line, October 1C, 17, nnd 18, with
limit' of November 14. Seo agents
for rates and further particulars olS
-Co-operatlvo Drug Co.
A. S. Jones, Propr. Leo Pharmacy
Chlco, Calif., says: "I havo been
selling Foley & Company's medicines
for years, Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, I consider has no equal
and Is tho ono pough medicine I can
recommend It to my friends as con
taining no narcotics or other harm
ful properties." Co-operative Drug
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Children Make Happy Homes
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than by insuring your children's health,
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Blast Heater.
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radiated to the floor keeping it warm during the coldest weather.
Cole's Original Hot Blast Heater
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I Wood and Cobs.
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ing, curtain washing and carpet sweeping. Think then of the
case of operation and the cleanliness of Cole's Hot Blast.
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i-i Pcn thc fecd door and the current of air draws the smoke
f 9T directly across the top 6f stove to the stove pipe away from
n the opening. Contrast thi3 simple, cleanly feed with the side
n door in an ordinary heater. The side door used on other
H stoves permits escape of dirty smoke, unpleasant gas and
H accumulated soot drops from it. If you overfill a bide door
stove, coal falls to the floor. And note this, you cannot
M make a side door heater air-tlRht dn everlasting advantage
in favor of Me's Hot Blast which ia air-tight and guaranteed
n to remain .- ways.
1 ' No fire3 to build the fire ia never out in this remarkable
1 beater from fall until taken down in tho spring.
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I luti.r Mae $12.00
Franklin, Idaho, Oct 3. On Sun
day last funeral services woro hold
at Maplcton, Idaho over tho remains
of E. M. Perkins, bishop of tho Ma
ploton ward who died at the resi
dence of James Packer of Franklin,
on September 27. On tho 22nd of
September, Bishop Perkins went to
Brlgham City for fruit and while
there was taken with a severe at
tack of appendicitis, his friends at
onco started home with him lu a
spring wagon getting to Wollsvlllo
In time to board tho Cacho Valley
train, upon which ho wns convoyed
to Mr. Packer's of Franklin, where
medical aid was at onco procured
Doctors Budge nnd States attending
he lived however, but 3 or 4 hours
nfter arriving hero. Tho funeral ser
vices wero held in tho grove at tho
Bishop's residence whoro a very
largo congregation nBsemblod, to pay
their respects to tho departed bish
op and his family It Is estimated
there wero five hundred people pres
ent. Jos. A. Stones tho Bishop's
counselor conducted tho service nnd
the ward choir rendered npproprlato
selections. President Jos. S. Ged
do3 and James Johnson nnd Taylor
Nelson counselors to tho Stnko Pres
idency were present, also Geo. C.
Parkinson, nnd S. H. Halo of J'rte
ton. . The speakers were: Jns. Packer,
Orln Merrill, August Nulfer, Dan
Stephenson, S. H. Hnle, Geo. C.
Parkinson nnd Jos. S. GeMe. All
spoko of tho llfo and labors of the
Bishop as being in every way com
mendable. Consoling hnl comfoit
lug remarks wero addressed to the
bereaved family.
Before expiring tho Bishop made
sj.eclal request, that Manuel Packer
ana wlfo should sing two. of his lav
crlto hymns, viz: "I Know Thnt My
Redeemer Lives," and "Oh, My Fath
er." which request was compiled
Deceased has ueen bishop of Ma
pleton ward for twenty-two years,
n- d has filled two missions to Eu
rcpo tho first to Unglund and Wales
nlout twenty-five yearn ago, tho sec
ond to Ireland from which ho return
ed threo years aijo Ho leaves u
wife, two sons a.i i four daughters,
and an aged motlie., besides a host
cf friends.
October 1C, 17, and 18, via Oregon
Short Line, limit Novomber 14. Ac
count of Internatlon Dry Farming
Congress. Seo agents for rates and
further particulars. ol8
If tho child starts In Its sleep,
crlm'sj its teeth whllo sleeping, picks
at tho nose, has a bad breath, fickle
appetite, pale complexion, and dark
rings under tho eyes; It ha-! worms:
snd as long as thoy remain in tho In
testlnes; that child will bo sickly
clears out the worms, strengthens the
stomach and bowols and puts tho lit
tle ones on tho road td health and
cheerfulness. Prlco 25c per bottle.
Sold by Rlter Bros. Drug Co.
Tho United States Civil Servlco
Commrsslon announces tho examina
tion named below to bo hold at an
early date. Application blanks nnd
furthor Information may bo obtained
from tho local secretary, Board of
Civil Servlco Exnmlnors, at tho post
offlco in this city.
Forest nnd Field Clerk In Forest
and Reclamation Services,
ConS nued from Page Fivo
for somo tinio trying to gain somo in
formation as to tho crlmo. Ho later
said ho had secured nothing, as In
low had acted on tho ndvlco of his
Inlow, however, spoko n few words
to a reporter. "Thoy havo got tho
wrong ones; it is all a mistake." ho
said. "I om not tho mnn who com
mute)! tho crime." Further than this
ho would say nothing.
Attorneys Can't Seo Clients
Tho suspected man's attorneys wero
not allowed to seo him yesterday or
last night. They said thoy would
wait a reasonable longth of time and
then uso legal means to sro th'olr
clients. Their situation Is peculiar
howevoi, for tho accused man has
not been booked on any specific
Nophi Jensen, assistant couaty at-
tornoy, visited with a stenographer,
Schneider home, 5 Rustic court
where the Inlows lived. This was at
8 p. m. Tho Schneiders according
to Attorney Jcusen, contributed In
tho way of coherent Information ex
cept what was already known; that
Mrs. Inlow borrowed a coat and veil
Frldny evening and neglected to re
turn tho veil though tho coat camo
back at 1 a. m. Tho Schneiders will
bo asked to testify at tho Investiga
tion which, according to tho police,
Is euro to como.
Detectlvo George Cleveland picked
up on the ground yestorday at tho
scono of tho crime a bullet which ho
believes, Is one of thoso thnt killed
Whit Thc bullet Is leaden, but bears
hardly a mark to show It had pierced
flesh nnd bone i
Chnuffeurs who saw and talked
with tho mysterious man and
woman who Inquired for Whlto Tues
day night yesterday Identified, It Is
said, Mrs. Inlow ns tho woman.
New Light Is Shed On Death
Salt Lake, Oct. 7. Much now light
was shed yesterday on the death of
T. E. White, tho chauffeur, without
solving tho murder mystery which
continues to baffle the Investigators.
After having woven n complete chain
of circumstantial ovldenco around
Caleb A. Inlow, principal of tho Up
per Bingham schools, nnd Mrs. In
low, who are held In tho city Jail
as suspects, tho police aro comp sited
to admit that there nro weak links
in tho chain and thnt their Investi
gations aro checked by the sllenco of
tho Instructor nnd his wlfo.
New .Clues Discovered
Meantime, new clues havo been
discovered. Somo conllrni tho po'.lco
theory that tho Inlows are tho slay
ers. Others lead In contrary direc
tlon. '
One discovery that at first did not
Impress Itself deeply upon tho detec
tives was tho fact that buggy tracks
In ground mnde soft by tho re'.-eut
rains wero found near tho tracks
mado by Whlt'e taxlcab at tho scene
of tho murder. Tho buggy tracks went
west out of Belmont avenuo nnd
turned south Into Third East street.
They paralleled tho auto tracks for
soventy-flvo yards and then turred
back In tho direction thnt tho taxi
cab turned back. Tho tracks of tho
taxi at tho point whe-o tho murder
wns committed aro over tho buggy
tracks. Tho buggy tracks disappear
ed ngaln Into Belmont aovnue.
Mysterious Man In Case
A mysterious stranger was brought
Into tho caso yesterday. Ho Is said
to bo a largo man, weighing "W
pounds who was a friend of Cbaut
four White's common-law wlfo. The
pollco decllno to say Just why thoy
aro Investigating this man, but they
admit that they have been following
this clue since tho time White's bjdy
was discovered tn tho taxlcab.
An Interesting sidelight was shed
on tho caso yesterday when Charles
White, brother of tho slain chauffeur
said that his brother had planncl to
break with Mrs. Lavina L. Smith,
tho common-law wlfo.
"My brother promised mo on TIhim
day night," ho said, "that ho would
break off his relations with Mrs.
Smith, who had no legal claim what
ever, upon tho namo of White. I am
positive that ho did not Intend to
marry her"
Don't uso harsh physics. Tho re
action weakens the bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Get Doan's
Rcgulets. They opcrato easily, tono
tho stomach, cure constipation.
Neuralgia of tho face, shoulder,
hands, or feet requires a powerful
remedy that will ponetrato tho flesh.
sesses that power. Rubbed In where
pain Is felt Is all that Is necessary
to relievo suffering nnd restoro nor
mal conditions. Price 25c, COc, nnd
$1.00 per hottlo. Sold by Rlter Bros.
Drug Co.
Consult County Clerk or tho Ro spec
tlve Signers for further information.
In tho District Court Probato Divi
sion, In and for Cacho County, Stato
of Utah.
In tho District Court of tho First Ju
dicial District of tho Stato of Utah,
In nnd for tho County of Cache.
In tho District Court of tho First
Judicial District of tho Stato of Utah
In and for tho County of Cacho, Hen
ry Brndy, Plaintiff, vs. John Watson,
Katherlno Malnwarlng, Jano Hon
drlcks, Mary Cox, Susa Brady, AUco
Smith, Sarah Knudson nnd Kather
lno Keppner, solo and only holrs at
law of Georgo Watson and Jano Wat-
son, Deceased Defendants, Summons. H
Tho Stato of Utah to tho sold Do- M
fondants: You aro hereby summoned H
to appear within twenty days after jjH
tho servlco of this summons upon H
you, If served within tho county In jH
which this action. Is brought, other- jH
wlso within thirty days after servlco Ml
and defend tho above entitled action, lH
and In caso of your falluro so to do SH
Judgment will bo rondored against ill
you according to tho demand of tho WL
complaint, which has been filed with 11
tho clork of said court This action la WM
brought aga'nst you to obtain a do- WM
creo of tho court reforming a decroo ViH
of distribution portatnlng to tho real HH
cstato described In thi complaint. J
Attorney for Plaintiff. H
Postofllco address, Logan, Utah. H
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