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M Tho proof tho value of Re. ( W slf I 4 f I " isl
publican advertlilng lie. In the lA 4 M 4 4 4 4 ' 1 f 4'i '' 14 I ' " yU Wanta" the ""; H
healthy returns given to Hi If V I I ill II II II I III II III I I II II take The ReP"llcan-30o a jH
1 advertiser,. "T I f Xl frTrV WVI'I Wll .TcacheY' " mnlh H
H x
H Thrifty City on the North Extends Invitation to Loganitcs.
H Royal Reception in Store. Many Hundreds
II Will Take Advantage of The "Get
Jm Acquainted" Excursion.
Jm Tho. city of Smlthfleld through Its
mayor'and city council extends an In-
vitatlon to all Logan citizens to Join
them this evening In a grand cele-
bration ot tho entry of tho lnterur-
1 ban railroad to Miclr city. Tho slater
city Issues tho word that It has pre-
S pared elaborately for tho occasion and
guarantees in advanco that no one
-who attends will be disappointed.
Attractons of many natures have
been provided. A program of merit
H has been arranged for 7 p. m. in the
tl tabernacle, dainties will bo provided,
1 and lator in tho evening a danco in
tho Hlllyard hall will bo enjoyed. It
S -will bo n great day in a great city
nd that a crowd agregatlng thous-
ands will participate in tho festivlt-
1 les and enjoy tho fair city's hospltal-
i-ity can only ho expected.
For years past the city of SmlU.t'
field has been forging to the rfront
1 and now that she is given an addl-
1 tlonal opportunity to exploit her
1 wealth and make known to valley
1 residents her real standing it can bo
) predicted that in so doing her lend-
1 lng lights will spare no effort.
3 Yes, Smlthfleld plans to celebrato
1 and has courteously extended an in-
3 vitatlon to Logan to Join her, so be
U lojal to yourselves, your friends in
(1 tho city on tho north and to your val-
H ley and Join tho crowd this evening
f on a get acquainted trip.
H In order to accommodate all and
as a special Inducement-to tho pub-
lie to attend tho noteworthy function
the officials of tho Logan Rapid Tran
Jfc sit Company have arranged to run
P9 trains leaving tho Intersection of
jS"" Main awl Center streets, Logan, at
3:30, 5:00, G:30, and 8:00 o'clock p.
I m. and have made tho special rate
H for tho day 1C cents each way. Ample
I transportation facilities will be pro
1 vided for the return Journey. You
3 may come homo "any old time."
A farewell party will be given in
tho Seventh ward meeting house Fri
day night at 8 o'clock for Miss Ida'
! ' Mitchell who Is to leave shortly for
the mission field.
Tho following program will be'ren
( dercd:
! 1. Song Choir
; 2. Prayer
3. Piano Solo Nettle Sloan
4. Reading Wm. Quaylo
! C. Vocal Solo Ethel Jenm
C. Violin Solo Mrs. P. Sphker
7. Vocal Solo Carrie Thomas
m 8. Talk Tho Missionary
m 9. Vocal Solo Wm. Hanson
1 10. Piano Solo Elaine Erlokson
M Tho public Is cordially Invited
KB Tho Odd Fellows' first social of tho
b season will bo given Monday evening
'1 October 14, at 8 o'clock. In tho course'
ot tho evening a dainty luncheon will
R bo Borvcd. All local and visiting
it members of tho order .are cordially
H Invited to attend.
jjjB m a
tB ?' ? $ ! ? ' J ? J J
J Lawrence Y. Sherman J
I ,j.
$ "It Is your protection nnd
B 4 mine. However strong I may 4
.J. bo today, tomorrow I may bo J
M weak and you may bo strong. J
I ! Today I may bo the aggress- 4
M or, tomorrow I may bo tho $
tLZmM" vlotlm- Today a multltudo J
tm -I' raiy bo wrong. Law is not .J.
A ! tho fleeting caprlco of an agl- .J.
tatod rapidly forming nnd rap 4
M ! Idly vanishing multltudo. It 4
4 Is a rule of action deslgnod 4.
M 4 to protect you whon I am In J.
B ! a majority and to protect mo .J.
J H when you aro In a majority. 4
H ! Constitutional headlands nra. 4.
JB ! thrown up about tho rights
M h of persons and tho rights of
m h property so that there may
K i be a jrtabld rulo under which 4.
M all may llvo and bo secure.
State Probation Officer Addresses Fac
ulty and Students at Agricul
tural College
The Stato probation officer, E. N.
Howe, who is laboring In connection
with tho Stato Industrial School at
Ogden, nddressed tho faculty and stu
dents of tho Agricultural College in
the chapel service Tuesday morning.
Mr. Rone is intensely Interested in
tho uork of Juvenile delinquency,
and Its remedies, and his talk uas
of great Interest to all, Numerous
phases of delinquency sero dwelt up
on by tho speaker, and particular em
phasis was laid upon the necessity
for a readjustment of some of the
present legislative measures with a
view to compelling greater interest
on tho part of parents In their off
spring. Tho talk throughout was highly Il
luminating, and wa3 characterized by
the recital of many pathetic incidents
which made a profound impression up
on all present.
Mr. Rowo urged that tho compelling
Continued on pago 8.
William R. Hearst Punctures Profes
sor Wilson's Free Trade
William Randolph Hearst has never
been anything elso but a Democrat,
but he Is not of the mossback kind,
who cannot learn by experience or
profit by observation. Ho is old
enough to remember the disaster that
followed Democratic tariff revision In
1894, and he has traveled enough to
oeo what an advantage our protectlvo
system gives us in our commer
cial warfare with other nations.' He
recently gave out an Interview in
which the following are some ot the
striking paragraphs:
"If we have had such splendidly
prosperous business conditions at
homo It would not be well or wiso to
alter too rapidly or too radically the
system under which these splendidly
prosperous business conditions have
been developed. Furthermore, wo can
not secure tho markets of foreign na
tions merely by reducing our own
tariff wall. Wo must reduco the tar
iff wall of foreign nations.
"By demolishing our own tariff
fonco wo may get out of our own pas
ture, but we cannot get Into tho pas
ture of foreign nations until wo havo
demolished their tnrizr fences.
"If wo sacrifice our protectlvo pol
icy wo sacrifice our one opportunity
to lower tho tariff bars of foreign
countries. It Is only by reciprocity
that tho tariff bars of foreign coun
tries can bo lowered.
"If wo maintain our protectlvo
fenco we can say to foreign countries
Wo will lower our bars to our prod
ucts If you will lower your bars to
our products. But If wo have no tar
iff fences wo can make no such bene
ficial bargain.
"Mr. Wilson's dogmatic and didac
tic declarations have all tho positive-
as of tho pedagoguo who has tho
orres on everything nnd oxperlunco on
nothing. His Is tho customnry attit
ude of tho collcgo professor who
knows everything, having read it in
books, whoro It was written down by
other collego professors with equal
ly lnfalllblo knowledge based on eq
ually universal Inexperience,
"It is an interesting thing to see
a collego professor lecturing practical
business men on the practical prob
lems ot business from tho musty
rooms of ono of the colleges which
the practical success of these busi
ness men had enabled them to endow."
Job E. Hedges and James W. Wadsworth, Jr.,
Republican Standard Bearers In New York State.
B illllllllllllllliillllKliilllllllF
Photo copyright, 1912, by American Press Association
This photo of tho Republican candidates for governor and lieutenant governor of Now York wos taken nt Sara
toga Immediately after tho nomination. Sir. Hedges, the nouilueo for governor, Is u New York lawjer and n noted
wit and after dinner speaker, Mr. Wmls worth nominee for liuuifuuiit nmernor, Is tho son of former Congressman
Wadswortb and son-in-law of the lato John Hay lie uas ut one time upouUerof the assembly.
County Attorney Issues Complaints
Against Inlow and
Salt Lake, Oct. 8. Formal com
plaints were ibsued shortly before
noon today by County Attorney I. E.
Wllley against Caleb A. Inlow and
Mrs. Genevieve Inlow, charging them
with murder In tho first degree. They
aro charged with tho killing of Thom
as E. White, known as "Eddlo" White
tho chauffeur who was murdered 911
Third' East streot Just below Ninth
South streot Saturday morning.
Tho complaint against Inlow was
sworn to by First Sergeant Emll V.
JohnBon, and tho complaint against
Mrs. Inlow was sworn to by Inspect
or of I'ollco C. A. Carlson. The com
plaints were drawn in tho usual form,
and charge of first degree murder.
County Attorney Vlliey stated this
afternoon that he did not know Just
when tho arraignment of tho accused
man nnd woman would take placo,
hut It 13 probablo that they will bo
nralgned beforo Judge J. M. How man
in tho criminal division ot the city
court tomorrow morning nt 10 o'clock.
"I havo been too busy to make any
dofinlto arrangements for tho arraign
ment," said Mr. Wllley, "but It prob
ably will tako placo tomorrow. I am
anxious for an early hearing and tho
preliminary examination will not bo
delayed If wo can hplp It."
Accused Not Affected
Whon Informed that complaints
chnrglng them with a. capital offonso
had been sworn to and issued, Inlow
and his wife recelvod tho nows with
out vlslblo emotion, nnd had nothing
to say. It, is expected thoy will bo
transferred to the county Jail with
in a few hours.
This morning tho police admitted
thoy bud got but llttlo nearer to tho
solution of tho mystery than they
were last evening, but they are still
firmly convinced that Inlow and his
wife were responsible for tho murder
of young Whlto.
Information was received at head
quarters last evening that a woman
passenger on a car passing Third East
and Ninth South saw Inlow on the
car, and that he sat behind her and
was muttering to himself. Tho wom
an whose Identity the police refused
to divulge, said she turned around
and got a good look at Inlow and rec
ognized him. It was also roported
that a motorman saw Inlow and Mrs.
Inlow board a car near tho scene of
the murder, but this roport proved to
be Incorrect.
Searched Inlow's House
Yesterday afternoon County Attor
ney Wllley, Shoriff Sharp and two
deputies, and Inspector of Police Carl
son, went to Bingham and mado a
seauh of Inlow's house, but so far
Continued on Pago 3.
Nev Monday eenlng at 8 o'clock
tho Republican campaign In Cacho
Couno will bo opened, Tho occa
sion will bo marked by tho visit of
Hon. A Ullam Spry, governor of Utah
and many other leudlug Republicans
of tho state, Tho lnlly will bo held
in Nlbley Hall of tho II Y Collefco
ami indications are that crowds from
over) town In tho valley will bo In
attendance. In addition to speeches,
tho city and county committees havo
pr'cpared a -fitting nnd appropriate
musical program, henco all who come
out may bo assured In advanco that
a full evening of enjoyment and an
occasion for timely thought has been
Tho Y. M. M. I, A. of tho Second
ward will begin Its class work tonight
nt 7:30. All tboso of Mutual ago are
requested to bo proaont,
New York, Oct. 8. The Bostons
won the first gamo ot the world's se
ries this nfternoon. Forty thousand
persons saw a pitchers' battlo In
which Joo Wood of Boston turned
back tho Giants from tho plate tlnn
nnd ngaln by his clover box work.
Tho Giants were tho first to tako
tho lead on sharp hitting by Doyle
and Murray whoso bats featured In
scoring two runs for tho Giants In
tho third Inning. Tesrcau, tho Giants
pitcher, held tho Boston's hits until
tho sixth when Speaker's triple nnd
an Infield out scored tho Red Sox's
first run. A succession of safo hits
by Boston netted threo runs In the
seventh Inning. The Giants rallied
gamely In the ninth but wero only
nblo to scoro ono run on threo hits.
Yesterday's gamo was played to a
standstill In cloven Innings. At that
time tho scoro stood C to C Tho
gamo was postponed on account of
darkness. With fair weather and a
dally attondanco of moro than forty
thousand tho games aro going on rec
ord ns tho finest In IY10 world's history.
A Republican Mass Convention for
Logan Precinct Is hereby called to
meet at Republican headquarters ov
er C!o den Rulo store. Main 9tre!'
Logan on tho 12th day of October
at 730 p. m. tor tho purposo ot nom
inating a Justice ot the Pcaco and
a Constablo and for tho transacting
ot such other business as may prop
erly come boforo the convention.
Signed, H. C. PETERSON
Chairman ot City Committee
Prominent Richmond Man Dies At 1
Salt Lake City. Has Spent Life l
In Cache Valley and Was
Prosperous and Highly H
Respected Citizen.
Funeral Today
Newell Bullen, of Richmond, ono of H
the oldest and most respected citizens
ot thnt community, died on Monday H
evening nt 0:30 o'clock at St. Mark's, H
hospital, Salt Lako City, from hem- Hl
oirhago of tho brain. Tho attack nl
was n recurrence of one ot lesser 'il
magnitude of about a month ago, and illl
from which the deceased seemed to iH
think he had very safely1 recovered . IH
On Prldny morning last. Mr. Button, sl
with members of his family went to IH
Salt Lako City. His wlfo had gono ll
down In advanco nnd engaged nccom- ll
odntlons nt tho Cullcu hotel. During l
tho afternoon of Friday thoy all at- ll
tended tho l'alr whero ho spent ono Sl
of tho most enjoynblo afternoons ot jfl
his life. Feeling tho very best, both il
mentally and physically, ho met
ninny of his old associates and shook H
hands and chntted over occurrences il
and Incidents ot tho past, tho growth -1
ot the fair, and conditions In tho stato Vsl
In general Upon returning to tho ho- Hl
tel whllo preparing to go to the tho-- !
ntcr ho was seized with tho attack.
His nrms and lower limbs became at-, il
fected, nnd the inter and sudden nc- tl
cumulation of tho blood In tho head mI
brought on n condition ot unconscl- B
ousncBS. Physicians wero summoned H
nnd nil that skill and sclenco could '
do wns dono for tho sufferer.' On H
Saturday morning ho was taken to St.
Mark's hospital and throughout Sat- ll
urday nnd Sunday there appeared to rl
bo hopes of his recovery. Sunday tho
tldo turned for tho worse and the nt- tl
sent members of tho family wero no- tll
tilled. On Monday Mrs. Mabel'' tH
Young nnd tho youngest son Milton Sl
Bullen, in company with Herschol ll
Bullcu ot this city, wont to Cacho fl
Junction nnd caught number four for ll
Salt Lako arriving si5on after five il
o'clock. They immediately went to jH
tho hospital and Joined tho other mem H
hers of tho family at tho bedside ot fH
the husband, fathor and uncle. As fH
If waiting for tho arrival of his fain- RH
lly ho spent but a short tlmo with KH
them on earth, tho end coming within jH
ono halt hour ntter tho arrival ot tho jH
absent ones. Tho end was peaceful, ,H
tho good man passing to his rest iH
without a struggle or a lingering jH
groan, Just ns one "who wraps tho jH
drrpery ot his couch about him and iH
lies down tq pleasant dreams." H
The remains were taken to an uu- lifl
dortakcr whero they wero prepared lH
for burial, and arrived at Richmond il
Tuesday evening where they wero ta- iil
ken to tho family residence. In ac- IH
cordance with tho expressed wish ot Isl
deceased tho funeral services will bo ll
held nt tho family residence today, ll
nt 2 o'clock to which all aro Invited. Il
Nowell Bullen, tho deceased was
tho son ot Nowell Bullen and Claris- Il
sa J. Atkinson who camo to Callfor- k
nla m tho ship Brooklyn in 1848 nnd il
thenco by ox team to Utah. Ho was ;
born at Salt Lako City in what was ;i
known .as tho "old fort" November 8, 'll
1852, being but sixty years of ago at 'lisl
tho tlmo of his death, and camo to !H
Cacho Valley whon ho was a mere jl
boy. Two brothers camo with him, :,
Hcrschel and John, both having died HiH
(Continued on Pago Eight) l
- M
. Business novcr better. -J i'fll
.J. Wages never h-ghcr. ! )
. Factories tunning full tlmo. ' iiH
.J" Railroads crowded with trot- 4 lll
! lH
.J. Labor In demand. 4 il
.j. Bank deposits Increasing. ! 11
j Everybody busy and hopotul. j H
4 Why change when all's well? 4 jH
;. Bread lines a milo long. ! K
4 Soup houso everywhere . ! H
j Banks mostly busted. 4 'BP
J. Threo million men ldlo. K
Ten million children hungry. H
4. Homes plastered with mort- I H
4 gages. 4 wB
J Nobody making money. 4 9
4 Why havo hard tlmos agalnT 4 fl

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