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! II ' '
Ht f Tlio correct answer to tlio Olcn
H Dros. I'liino contest Is nB follows:
B ; G 218, L. 244, K 24C, N 213,
M i I) 214, K 245, O 213, S 24C,
M 1 24G, I 241, A 244, N 213, O 243,
H 251, O 243.
H (, Two contestants had tlio answer
! )' correct, they nrc: Juno Forslia, whoso
H I nddrcss Is In enro ot Tlio Lambort
H ' Paper Co., Ogdeti, Utah; nnd Mrs.
HHB ' Klonora Couch, whoso address Is Og-
B H. F. D. No. 4.
H; Judges.
't j (Advertisement.)
Salt Lake, Oct. 5. A proposition
to build a templu In Canada was
placed before the general priesthood
meeting held In tlio ussembly last eve
ning, nnd met with instantaneous nnd
utinnimous support. The tcmplo will
h ; bo built, according to tlio decision of
H ' tlio meeting, just as soon as possible
H nnd at a point within the province of
H Alberta, Canada, to be decided upon
H later, and of such a character as to
P meet the needs of the people- of tlio
H section in which it will be construe-
H f
P President Joseph K. Smith today
H said the proposition to build n temple
H I for the benefit of Latter-day Saints
H ' who live at remote points had been
H under consideration by tlio Church an-
H thorltles for eouio time. Various lo-
fl- cations of populous centers, distant
H$E from the temples in Utah, had been
yfj suggested, and It hud been decided
Hl that a templo building would be ot
H'n most benefit and servo most people- nt
H 1 1 present, at least, If constructed In
HUS Canada than anywhero else. Conse-
HpR quently, said President Smith, the
H.' matter was placed beforo tlio priest-
H l'.uod meeting yesterday evening and
H jl !' met with n hearty and unanimous
H 1 affirmative- response. Tlio details as
H flj to location and the slzo of tlio build-
H 9 lng will bo- matters to be taken up
PPH fl later, but President Smith gave assur-
PPH iinces today that the structure would
PPH I he of sufficient slzo to amply take
PPJ 1 caro ot all the requirements ot tho
PPH f people In the section where it Is to
B'Jj bo built. Whllo no exact idea wiu
PBPP ft given as to when the now temple
PPJ rj would bo constructed, It is under-
Rl stood that the building will not bo
PPH g delayed and as soon as arrangements
PPH"4 can be perfected tlio construction
PBPJ work will bo commenced.
PPJ Ray Pfanschmldt Believed To Have
!PPHV Killed Parents and
Qiilncy, III., Oct. 7. Itay Pfan
bchmldt was arrested today for mur
der in connection with the Pfan
schmldt qimdruplo murder case. Tlio
formal clmrgo Is that of tlio murder
of iMlancho Pfanschmldt, sister of the
hj accused man, Young Pfanschmldt Is
PpHly 23 years old.
PPHf Tlio urrest ot young Pfanschmldt
PPIl' was tlio direct result of the finding
PPPPVi today ot a bloodstained khaki suit
!neur a railroad construction camp
. 1 where ho was employed.' The suit
I found under an outbuilding was slml-
j lar to ono generally worn by tlio
' young man. Last Monday blood
' hounds followed PfanBchmldt's buggy
' tram tlio scono of tlio murder to the
construction camp.
On the morning of Sunday, Soptom
h ber 29, tlio bodies of Charles A.
PPH , Pfanschmldt, Mrs. Matilda Pfan-
PPP schmldt, tholr duughtor, Blanche nnd
PBlBa Emma Kaompen, woro found In tho
PBpBf ruins ot tho burnod Pfanschmldt
PBpBa homo southeast ot Qulncy. Tho con-
PPhBI dltlon ot tho bodies proved conclusive-
pBpBl ly that tho four porsons had beon
PpipL murdered,
PPH Hay Pfanschmldt was tho only sur-
Ppil ,i vtvlng member ot tho family, Tho
PPjPPJ Vtanschmldts vora well Insured and
PPPB("A tho eetato is estimated at 150,000.
.. . -
Ban Juan Del Sur, NIc, Oct. 7. -The
American forces lost two ii'i
rlnon nnd two bluejnekots klllod in
tho nltnck on Leon nnd Chlnondega,
which woro occupied by tho rebels
Fifty rebels wcro Hilled and many1
wounded. The others have been dis
armed .
Chlnnndega is tho cnpltal of tho
department of tho sanio name, lying
about twenty-four miles southwest of
Leon. iMotlf townB have been In tho
hands of Insurgents for weekB, and
tho residents have suffered much dis
tress. According to ndvlces received hero
a largo detachment of marines and
bluejackets, under Lieutenant Long,
went from Corlnto to three points on
ne National railroad, Chlnandega to
the northwest, Leon to tho southwest
nnd Chlchlgnlpa nlmost mldwaj' be
tween. Chlchlgalpa was tho sceno of tho
engagement Friday whllo tho rebels
were forced to ovacuatc tho two oth
v.r towns the next day.
1 ate advices say that on Sunday,
tv'lien the American marines and blue
Jackets under Lieutenant Long march
ed Into tho city of Leon to tako pos
session they wcro met In tho street
by a mob, which opened fire. Four
A'uclcans wcro killed and four woun
ded. Tho marines roturned tho fire,
killing fifty and wounding forty. Tho
cthors woro driven cut of town. Tho
American force In tho vicinity of Le
on and Chlnandega rumbers 1200 nnl
has tho situation uader control.
Evidently Influenced by the capturo
or Massaya, tho liberal leaders at Le
na naked for 3a fo conduct to leavo
the country, agreeing to surrender
tl.o c'ty.
This was satisfactory to President
Diaz and Admlrf.I Southcrland, and
pormlsplon to leave with tho proviso
that they should not return, wus
granted Genornl Iras and a dozen
other generals who hare been mak
ng Leon tholr headquarters.
Lowlstown, Mont., Oct. 7. A iner,
sago from GraBs Ilango stated that
Jnmes V Drlggs shot and killed his
wife today. Tho meager details re
ceived Indicate that Drlggs had act
ed In self defense. Tho woman fo.
merly was the wife of Jacob Hqovor
and it Is said that whllo they wero
living together sho shot through n
door at him but missed. Sho wao
granted a divorce from Hoove? and
married a man named Itlordan In
Yellowstone county. Sho claimed to
have learned that Hlordan had u
wife living and shot nnd killed him.
Sho wns convicted of manslaughter
In 1908 nnd served n scntenco of a
year. Sho had instituted dlvoico
proceedings against Drlggs.
o i
Don't uso harsh physics, Tho re
action weakens tho bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Got Doan's
Hegulots. They operato easily, tono
the stomach, euro constipation.
i .
T.'ckllng iu tho throat, hoarseness,
Iosb of voice, indicate tho need of
It e.ises tho lungs, quiets tho cough
and restores health In tho bronchial
t.iUs. Prlco 25c, SOc, and $1.00, ver
boitle. Sold by RItcr Pros. Drug Co.
Salt Lake, Oct. 9. Aftor repeated
threats extending back ovor a year,
John II . Bartloy, scion of a woalthy
Now Dedford (Mass,) fnmlly and for
merly a broker In Boston, shot nnd
Instantly killed Lou,lso Oollnas, aged
about 22 years, also'ot No?." Bedford,
and then shot himself at the Belmont
hotel, 209 South State street, at CiGO
o'clock Inst night Hartley died twen
ty minutes later v
Flvo shots were fired, one plerclntf
tho right breast of Miss Gcllnns and
nnothcr entering her left shoulder,
sctt'ng her clothing on lire. Two of
the bullets wont estray nnd tho fifth
Hartley fired Into his head Just be
hind the right ear.
When the shooting occurred there
were llvo persons In the room, Bar
tloy, Miss Gellnas, Evelyn Morteson,
her rcommato; Ray Tullego, who
roomed with Mnrtloy, ond a nowiy
made ncqunlntnnco, n bartender from
Prlco, named Mill
Both tho slayer and his victim are
said to have had bad records.
Cove, Oct. 8. The funeral services
over tho remains of Brother Georgo
Klngsford was held hero yesterday at
2 p. in. It was one of tho largest
funerals ever held In Cove. All
wished to show tholr last respects to
tho departed who was one of their
most beloved citizens. Tho speak
ers wore Brothers Clements, Boyce,
of' Logan, Wm. Lowo of Franklin and
Chris Poulson of Lewiston, ns well
as members of the bishopric. All
spoko many good things of Brother
Klngsford, saying that nothing too
good could be spoken ot him. Al
though he had been n sufferer for
many years he was always thought
ful of others. Ho had n sunny dispo
sition, a cheortul smllo and a kind
word for overybody. Nobody over
met him who was not glad to havo
mot such an Inspiring character, and
ho has tho good will of nil who over
mot him. Ho leaves a wife and sev
eral children to mourn his loss be
sides a host of relatives and friends.
Brothor Klngsford had been a suf
ferer for many years.. After having
many serious attacks ho consented
to bo operated on. About seven
weeks ago tho operation was perform
ed and It was found that ho had gall
stones, two stones being taken out
of ono kidney. All bad hopes of his
recovery. About a week ago he ex
pressed himself as being the happiest
man on earth, but somehow fate seem
ed against him and ho was called to
cross tho great divide. An operation
after death showed that ho had two
stones In the other kidney which was
probably tho causo of his death1;
Bishop J. C. Larsen spent confer
ence w;eek In Salt Lake City.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradbury Just
returned from a trip to Salt Lake.
Mr. Henry Preece was a conference
visitor, accompanied by his daughters
Lula and Lona.
Mrs. Clarence Frederlckson ot Ida
ho Falls has been visiting her sister
Mrs. Rceso of Covo.
Mr. Ellns Larsen and wlfo Just ro
turned from Conference.
Mr. D. K. Allen has gono to Chica
go to continue his course In medi
cine Not all towns con boast ot as largo
a numbor bolng enrolled In high
school ns Covo can. Soven are en
rolled In tho Richmond high school,
as well as sovcral attending the col
leges nt Logan.
Mr. Fred Rlndllsbaker of Bancroft,
Idaho spent n very pleasant evening
with his nophew Mr. Reese of Cove,
FOR RENT Threo room houso,
Enqulro, 309 North Main. olO
FOR RENT Four rooms. 201 North
First East. U
LOST Jorsoy cow; young and de
horned. Return or notify owner at
4C2 South Main. Phone 348k.
WANTED A man to run butcher
shop. Inqulro at the Collogo Grocorj
297 East Third North. tl
WANTEO Horses to pasturo;
closo In; cood fences nnd feed. Ap
ply to C Balling, phone C18. tf
Continued from Pago Ono
need of tho tlmo was to teach young
men how to make a living. Statistics
complied by tho State Industrial
School show that only threo out ot
c ghty students detained therein hnve
had previous training In a trade,
while over fifty per cent of tho boys
up to tho time of their being taken
in hand by tho police had done. ab
solutely nothing at all. "In other
words," tho speaker said, "They have
never felt tho economic Joy of pos
session." The pleasure which comes
from tho sense of proprietorship wns
the central themo ol the speaker's
subsequent discussion.
The cigarette evil wns nlso emphns
ized and some Illuminating statistics
were given which go to show that tho
United States today Is tho geratest
cigarette consuming nation of tho'
world, per capita. Out of n popula
tion of ninety millions, over 109 cigar
ettes per person aro used rtnnunlly In
the United States, nnd to this must
also bo added the amount of tobacco
used by smokers of pipes and cigar
smokers, etc.
Mr. Rowo Is thoroughly Imbued
with tho spirit of his work and his
remarks wero enthusiastically ap
plauded by tho students present.
Torturing eczema spreads Its burn
ing area every day. Doan's Oint
ment quickly stops its spreading in
stantly relloves tho Itching, cures it
permanently. At any drug store.
(Continued rrom page opo)
within tho last three years. At tho
ago of sixteen ho roceived a call from
tho President of tho Church to go
cast to help bring the colonists to
Utah. His brothers thought ho was
too young to make tho trip, but ho
mmmlm the INTERLOCKING Style of H
BKlfljW with older models. H
VfHHlL .. The U. S. Interlocking Cream Sep- j
vVflP3i arator represents the highest attainment in H
VkSmE' w cream separator construction and possesses H
flBlVdH every essential separator requirement in tho H
H ig Here are some of its special advantages. H
f D 1. It has about half the bowl diameter of older models.! iH
M B, 2. It intensifies tho centrifugal force and prolongs tho'
k 3. It gives practically double the skimming: H
RtoJZtH jSLl-t surface and does about twice the work of H
TJMMR' 4. It keeps tho milk and cream entirely H
P apart and aflords a protected path for the H
G. It is operated with about half the power of older models. -- H
6. It is easiest and quickest washed by the samo centrifugal force which H
skimmed the milk. - y H
7. It skims cleanest. For clean skimming the U. S. holds the World's Record. J H
Wo do not ask you to accept the abovo statements as final. H
11 we ask is that you give us the opportunity to prove them. H
Bellows Falls, Vt. ?''
Diitributlitf Warthonwa In crer dtirr (Ktion of tht country. H
was resoluto In his determination to
answer tho call. This ono act ot his
llfo has been the subject of many
a thrilling and satisfactory flresldo
talk, and his family and all who
know him delighted to havo him re
count tho many Incidents connected
with this perilous Journey; tho hard
ships that wero endured; the steal
ing of tholr horses by tho Indians,
and the struggles with tho Indians,
oven to the oxtent of resorting to
nrms and tho killing of tho red men.
After his return his youth was spent
In freighting, and later In railroading
having been n contractor on tho Den- m
ver nnd Rio Grande and O. S. L. fl
His later years havo been spent at Ji'
Richmond where ho has been a pros- , , Mwj
porous farmer and cattle raiser. He icv,K
wns a director in tho bank nt Itlch- K Wt
mond, and tho condensed milk fac- HK
tory at that place at tho tlmo of his K
death. W;
Ho married Miss Marian D. Pew, M
nnd five children, Newell F., Mrs. Ma- l
hel Young, Mrs. Ethel Wohb, Itussel, JJ
and Milton Dullen, being tho result K:
of tho marriage. All aro living and H
woro with tho father at his death. H
19 Don,t yoix I 1
i az -- f f tm
Look at last winter's, or maybe winter-before- C-fr ! I
a last's overcoat; see if it will stand you through J3T1 I
j this whole long winter. Is not your coat shiny? !
J ( Are not your trousers baggy at the knee? Are CO J I
! ff- not your hats greasy, your collars "broken" I D
I and your neckties frayed? Haven't your socks I
I I"" got holes in them? Is not your underwear i ' H
g "gone?" . JM
j 'f . Then come to us; let us fix you up for Fall I f J
S" and Winter. We sell "up-grade," ALL-WOOL iI M
; a gj Clothing and qp-grade furnishings and hats. N J M
j When we put figures on our goods, we (Si I 'H
j figure on seeing our customers again. B
i Thatcher Clothing Co. ? . i
j Logan, -.--.... Utah. ST 1

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