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If you want all the news; fU I . T iHi " i i .,, j I
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77re ssne O Democracy
an Foil Swalow ?
Now that the campaign la approaching the eleventh hour, and tho
people have had tlmo to ponder over all things that havo been said, it Is
in order to refer to tho lssuo of the Democracy, and to ask tho peoplo
it they can swallow It.
What Is tho Ibsuo you ask? Nothing moro nor less than this: THE
WIN. What do you think ot a party that can glvo nothing better, and
put before tho peoplo nothing save division in the ranks of the opposing
party? That Is the lssuo and that only.
Mr. William Jennings Dryan has Bent a messago to the people of
tho United States, and throughout It all there is not one Issue d. lined,
othor than "this fa Democracy's year," and not one state "that I huo ls
lted will go for Tnft or Roosevelt." "Tho Republican paity is divided and
now Is our chance," is tho solo lssuo. Wo beg pardon, for Just a moment,,
whllo wo noto that Mr. Dryan does tack on to this lssuo the Joy that Gov
ernor Wilson and his wlfo, and Colonel Dryan and his wife will experience
in case of tho election of tho Democratic 'candidate. Just think ot It a
party that has viewed with alarm tho progress of fifty years of Republican
rule, a party that for over fifty yearB has snarled ovor the bones ot yes
ler'day'a Republican camp fires, now comes before tho Intelligence of Utah,
Cache County, And tho United States and asks for power, on the sole rea
. CHANCE, supplemented with tho Joy Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, and Mr and
Mrs. Dryan will experience. Of course, Mr. Bryan wnnts revenge. Presi
dent Tnft beat him over a million votes four years ago and ho no doubt
wou'd exporlenco Joy at Taft's defeat. Mrs. Dryan would no doubt sharo
the Joy with him. Doctor and Mrs. Wilson of courso would experience
joy over victory. But what does personal satisfaction and Joy to them
mean to tho peoplo of tho United States. This Is not a question of per
sonal satisfaction to Bryan and Wilson. It is not a question ot Greek and
Latin. It Is a question of bread and buttor, of life or death to Industries,
and of progress and prosperity.
Democrats can you support such an issue, or rather will you not
regard self-preservation moro important than devotion to party, and do
as thousands of other Democrats will do, and vote tho Republican ticket?
Followors of tho Bull Moose, thoso of you who havo struggled for
tho up-bulldlng and progress of tho Republican party, will you bo a party
to tho election ot Wilson and the Democratic ticket, or rather will you
not come back to tho told as Hadley, and Deneen and Borah and others
havo done and work for progress and progressive legislation within the Re
publican party? With your votes for tho Third party the election of Wil
son Is possible With your votes for the Republican ticket his election
Is on Impossibility. The Third party candidates cannot be elected, not
one qf them. Thoro may bo a landslide, and If there Is It will bo to Tatt.
Why not playsafe, and bo suro that you will not be sorry.
Locally tho Democracy has suddenly fallen Into a fit ot desperation,
and as a last resort Is attempting to blackmail and belittle the Republican
National delegation, and tho Stato officials. But this attempt will be fu-
tile, as tho peoplo know too well tho standing and work of Senators Smoot
and Sutherland and Congressman Howell, and will notvoto a change.
They compare the Utah o( today with tho than o'f ten or tw61ve years '
ago, and a feeling of satisfaction Is the result. They prefer to tnko the
standing and tho word and work ot Senator Smoot and his nsBoclatcs,
rather than tho criticism of the Httlo fellows on the staff of The Journal.
Tho voters of Cache County are not so Ignorant ns to be deceived
over tho taxation wail of tho Democracy. Everybody knows that In Idaho
property Is assessed at Its "full caBh valuation" whllo in Utah It Is about
40 per cent. Governor Hnwloy of Idaho Is today ln'tho throes of defeat
Incident to his "full cash valuation" plan. If tho voters of Utah want
the "full cash valuation" Idea of taxation let them voto it nt tho polls on
Tuesday, but no Intelligent voters will bo mislead by the deceptive twad
dle of tho Journal.
The attack on Governor Spry will fall on deaf ears. Ho has given
a good administration. Ho has conducted tho affairs of his office in ac
cordance with law, and through Republican legislation and administration
has made a large amount of money for tho people. It Is all on hand, and
not one cent has been misappropriated or squandered. Tho Governor has
a matchless record. Ho has beon the friend of Cache County", and has
helped to build up our Agricultural College, whllo Candidate Tolton has
been working and voting to consolidate It with tho Unlvcrsty of Utah.
Spry will be-a winner, by a largo margin. Tho peoplo will rally to the
support ot a faithful servant.
The .land fraud cry Is an old thread bare story that will not stand
the light of day. Not one foot of land has been sold that was not offered
In Democratic days for much less money, and not one foot has beon sold
(o any one that could not havo been purchased by any other person de
siring to bid a higher prlco. If any one wants an Investigation It can do
had under Republican rulo, as tho Republicans are not afraid of tho rec
ord. The records are public property, and any citizen may Inspect them
to his heart's content.
The weak attempts to defeat Congressman Josoph Howell wfll mis
erably fall. Congressman Howell Is strong with the peoplo. Ho Is their
friend and has fought hard and long for their welfaro and Interests.
His ripo experlonco, and strong position In Congress means much to Utah,
and tho peoplo aro not going to throw away tho work ot years. County
pride backed by a matchless record will glvo Josoph Howoll a big ma
jority In Cache County. Ho has a safe lead in tho state at largo.
Against a party that has but ono Issue, tho troubles of the other
fellow, let thoro bo ono grand rush against tho lino that will put the Dem
ocracy out forever, and elect tho entlro Republican ticket.
The Utah Agricultural Collego
boys will meet tho Wyoming Aggies
g la a finish game on tho local cam
H yky pus today. Tho Wyoming players
arrived in town yesterday nnd they
certainly present a formldablo ap
pearance. Coach Tootzol Is author
ity for tho statomont that tho Wyom
ing team Is mado up of some of tho
very best kind of material and ho
anticipates a battlo royal when tho
two teams come togothcr this af
ternoon. Tho game today will bo tho last
ono of tho season to bo played hero
P on the local grounds, and it Is an
il tlclpated. that a record crowd will
B bo in .attendance. Tho collc&o l-.a
I declared a halt holiday on account
I of tho game, and tho faculty nnd ''.ho
students will bo out en masse
Several innovations will bo pullel
off in connection with the foot'mll
game. Chief among these, nnd one
that Is suro to prove equally excit
ing with tho gamo, Is a "class rush"
which will tako placo between halves
Each ot tho classes at tho institu
tion will tako part In the same, in
an endeavor to prove themselves
superior to the other divisions of tho
student body.
Tho Montana "Aggies" who played
with tho local boys last Saturday
havo remained ovor all week and
Coach Teetzet has taken amplo ad
vantage of tholr services to put on
a number of scrimmages.
It Is expected that a goodly pro
portion of tho townspeople will bo
In attendance at today's game, as
tho citizenship of Logan Is always
loyal in Its support ot tho college,
nnd a general good tlmo la antici
pated by all!
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jajajajajajajajHRtfiKiajajajajajajajawHpjNE! HAHHak -i &?y Hal
Republican Candidate For District Judge.
James C. Wnlters, Candidate for District Judge on the 4.
i Republican ticket represents tho highest type of legal nblllty .J.
4 in the State of Utah. A, profound student In tho law, possess-
$ Ing a careful and Judicious mind, coupled with his many years f.
f of successful practlco In this country, nnd his high standing .J.
J with tho legal fraternity of thov state, make of him tho one .J.
J. unique cnndldate for this position. He' would have preferred 4
to remain in private life and work fat his profession, but
! when his party called he responded, and when olected the 4
J First Judicial District will have a Judge that will give tho peo- j
4 pics' interests the same careful, wise, and conservative con-
J. sideratlon that he, 'slves his own Interests, and the Interests of
J1 thousands ot satisfied clients, that have been with him for
- over twenty Jvars. ' , .
? ! ? ? T ? ! ? ? ?
JOHN QUAYLE, Republican Candidate For County Commissioner.
HThe name of Quaylo needs
no Introduction to Cacho Coun
ty's citizenship It has been
a household wot'd ever since
we were n county, and through
out all the years It has Inspir
ed hope for a successful future,
and wherever It has been sound
cd it haB carried with it the
weight of honeBty of purpose,
courage of conviction, and a
Judgment of which mankind
1U always delight to respect
and honor. John Quaylo, Re
publican candidate for County
Commissioner, has Bpent his
busy and successful life In our
county. He Is purely a peo
ple's man A man of few words
but clothed so strong In good
deeds, worthy and conservative
acts that ho Is numbered among
the great builders ot this com
monwealth. When he docs speak
the multitudes listen. When he
nets his efforts are crowned
with ducceso. Always careful, considerate, and conservative, he Is
of that character that will make one of tho very best county com
missioners Cacho County has ever had
HEBER C. PARKER, Republican Candidate For County Assessor.
nsjnjsBBBHMBtHjBjjK Hcber C. Parker, Republican can
jBBfBQHflRW dldate for County Assessor, Is tho
3t2jIKSijL '" l93u bon of I'rcscnt County Commlslon-fjlka5fr'-J'SJtt,
.$Bh er "e,'cr Pnrker, nnd Is ono of tho
Kl' irwT.m n)03t ta,au0 nmj efficient rcprc-
BNyi - jJfifS sentotues of the citizenship of the
IBaA$BSfr'''$liPitn $H& Na"ey " wns nilBed on tho fnvm
gfyGjy ' a'"" W anu throughout his life has had
fH . much to to with land, cattlo and
Hi ifThr " county will havo a man tbnt will
B -iK( ' J'r- not invo t0 loarn tuo ob' for bo
livB RflF rMBRlffb ls ulretu'y 0UQ ot most capablo
men that It is possible to find.
It does not take a keen observer
to noto that President Tatt is gain
ing throughout the 'country. Tho
fact la patent.
Every tlmo wo buy one dollar's
worth ot foreign made goods we for
over hid goodbye to one godd, sound,
Amoncan dollar,
X 'ill
j M
Surrounded by His FamilyMrs. Sherman Bore J I
Up Bravely Funeral Will be Held Saturday 11 I
Afternoon in First FJresbyterian Church at Utica, Ji I
N. Y President Taft Will Attend. Jl I
Utica, N. Y. Oct. 31. With tho
end in vlow of obtaining n larger
auditorium, tho first decision to hold
tho funeral of Vlco President Sher
man In tho Reformed Dutch church
litis bedn nbamloned and tho First
Presbyterian church will bo used for
that purpose. Tho services will bo
gin at 2 o'clock Saturday and will bo
conducted Jointly by Dr. Holden,
pastor of tho Dutch church, and Dr.
M. W. Strykcr, president of Hnmll
ton College, of which collego Mr.
Sherman was an alumnus.
Tho body of tho vlco president will
He in Btnto at tho Onolda county
court house Friday from 3 to 9 p.
m., and It Is expected that It will
be returned to tho Sherman rest
denco for prlvnto services there Sat
urday morning.
Mr. Shermnn will bo burled In For
est Hill cemetery, whero many mem
bers of his family havo found n final
resting place. Ho selected his pall
bearers before his death. They con
omlnent citizens and Inti
mate friends.
Mr. Sherman was treasurer of tho
Reformed Dutch church.
Sergcant-at-Arms, D. M. Ransdell
telegraphed that DO mcmtiors of the
senate will attend. The president's
cabinet and many members ot tho
houso also aro expected.
Telegrams of condolence wero re
ceived by Mrs. Sherman from Sen
ators Galllnger ot New Hampshire
and Bacon of Georgia, who havo act
ed alternately bb president pro tem
in tho senato In Mr. Sherman's ab
sence.. ,
Utica is iriournlng today tho death
of Vlco President James Schoolcraft
Mr. Shorman's death occurred last
night nt 9: -12 nt tho family rcsldenco
of Brlght's disease, complicated with
disease of tho heart and hardening
of tho arteries, following n period of
A number of rallies havo been
booked for Monday night which will
conclude ono of tho most spirited
campaigns conducted In this county
for years. County Chairman H. A.
Pederson returned from Snlt Lake
City today, whero ho has been ar
ranging for speakers. Leading stum
pers of tho stato will bo in tho va
rious towns where rallies havo been
booked. "Open house" will bo con
ducted at Republican headquarters
tonight and Monday evening whero
refreshments will bo served and tho
Taft-Spry quartet to furnish music.
Tho following rallies aro scheduled
for Monday evening:
Wellsvllle with a free dance.
A rnlly will to held nt Provldwo
this evening with good speakers Ii
Tho Democrats havo put them
selves In a bad light by refusing to
debate tho Socialists undor such con
ditions as wero offered at Lowlston.
Tho Socialists thoro had secured tho
opera houso for tho purpose ot hold
ing a political meeting on the night
ot Octobor 31. Through a mistake
tl'o Dommlos wero also expecting to
havo a rally on same night. Thoro
upon their precinct chairman, and
incidentally, tholr candtdato for
county treasurer, Mr. P. K. Van Or
den by name, called on the Social
ist and asked thorn It they would
change their dato as the Dommles
(Continued on page olght)
moro than 2 1 hours of almost total In I
unconsciousness. Si I
At 9 o'clock tho patient's tempera- 1 n ' I
turo roso to IOC. From that tlmo his rn l
condition rapidly passed from bad ill
to worso until tho end. Mr. Slier- ' 1 I
man wus unconscious when tho end jf I
came, and had been In that condition Ij
for several hours. B I
All the members ot tho immediate jA I
family wero witnesses to tho final t I
scene. In addition to Mrs. Sherman 8 I
there wero In tho death chamber Si I
their three sons, Shorlll, Richard U. ( I
and Thomas M . Shermnn nnd tholr m I
respective wives; R. M. nnd Sanford ! 8 I
Sherman, brothers of Mr. Shorman, 1
nnd Mrs L B. Mooro, and Mrs. II. 1JJ I
J. Cookinhnm, sisters ot Mr. Slier- II
mani II
Wellsvllle, Oct. 30. Funeral ser- i
vices over the remalns(ot Parley B. II
Gunnell, who died on the 26th Inst. I I
wero hold In Wellsvlllo tabernacle, in
yesterday at 2 o'clock p. m Bishop's f i
Counsellor P. M. Maughan presld- ill
Ing. Choir rendered, "I know that i 1
my Redeemer lives," "I need thoo W
every hour," and "Oh my Fathor, I
thou that dwellcst," prayer was of- If
fered by John S. Baugh. Tbo fol- til
lowing speakers all horo record of I H
tho noblo character ot tho deceased ll'l
his unselfish desire to help his fellow
men and his iyrm faith in tho gos- bjl
pel of Jesus Christ. Each and overy U
speaker testified of tho many good M
traits nnd said, surely the world ls I H
better for his having lived In it. P. H
M. Mnughan, Robert Baxtor, E. R. H
Owen, A. B. Maughun, Pros. Par- f H
klnson, Bishop James J. Facer, Bish- ! I H
op Gunnell and W. H. Maughan. Dur H
Ing the services a beautiful musical H
selection waB given by members ot ill
tho Stnko Mutual board of which ill
Brothor Gunnell wns a member. ilil
Brother Gunnell leaves a loving ill
wlfo and mother and a largo number llil
ot brothers nnd sisters to mourn his til
loss. Intermont was in the city 'com- ;
etery. H
Ho was 32 yvars old, and was Ilil
born in Wellsvlllo whero he haB lived f f
all his llfo with tho oxcoptlon of j (
two years ho lived In Hyrum. He ; H
nas been a hard worker all his life i
both aB a member of tho church and P L
also in obtaining a livelihood for :
himself and family. H
Brother Gunnell filled a two years . M
mission in the Eastern States, ro- i M
turning about five years ago. Ho was ' M
employed as bookkeeper In tho Hy- I! M
rum Co-op for twd years but about j
tho first ot tho year 1912 was com M
polled to resign his position and j
seek outdoor work. M
Funeral services ovor tho remains j M
o( Joseph Parkor wero held hero to- ' M
day in tho tabornaclo. Tho choir i! il
rendered, "Nearer my God to Theo."
"Rock of ages cloft for mo," and "I
need theo overy hour." Bishop Da- C Jk
vid Murray presided over tho sorv- M
Ices. Tho following named speakers '
all boro testimony of tho uprightness M
ot his life, his loving and gontlo dis- 1 M
position and his most noblo charac- M
ter. Bishop Murray, W. S. Baxtor, H
W, H . Maughan, Richard aronchloy. !
Thos. Lelshman, Hobor Parker, Jos.
Cooper and P. M. Maughan. I K
Brother Parker was CS years old, I B
and ho leaves a loving wlfo and flvo H
daughters and two sons to mourn U
his loss. Ho died following an op- j Nfl
cratlon at tho Logan hospital last I WM
Sunday morning. Tho cnuso ot his j &
death was intestinal tro -'.o. Inter- I 9V
ment was made in tho city comotery. ' WM,
- - in latH"
A meeting of tho Relief Society of- i H
fleers of Cacho Stako will bo held ijj M
today at 2 p. m. in too tabornaclo. t j
President. 9 H
"Under no circumstances will I bo l
a candldato for or accept another i
nomination." Tho author of thoso 1 M
woids baa not yet called himself a j M
r.tMH '41 i v u. J I SH

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