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n i -
H PUbllshed By The
H.1 ' -r'
, ' Offlclal Ucpubllcan Organ of Cacho County, Utah
H Entered at tho Postolllce every Tuesday, Thurs-
rf A day and Saturday, at Logan, Utah, jib Second Class
W Matter.
Hl Dy Mall
Hi J Ono Year 13.00
H ' I Sis Months 1-60
H i Thrco Months f5c
H ' t) ; By Carrier
H c Ono Ycar 3,C0
f J Six Months 175
H 1 Thrco Months 90c
H J If Not Paid In Advance, Add BO Cents Per Ycar
H i i t .
B Subscribers wishing address of paper changed
B H will plcaso glvo former as well as present address.
J All papers aro continued until explicit order Is re-
B eclved to discontinue. All arrears must bo paid In
H every enso.
M Our littlo friend down the street says that the
H( J Journal "has never nttacked any person except In
H tho public Interest." Let us bcc. Does he refer to
H "10 "ttack on the Illchmond Condensed Milk Knc-
H tory of last summer. Wemean your littlo "paid
H ad" stunt wherein you sold" out tho Richmond, peo-
H pie. Or docs ho refer to tho attack on tho busl-
H ncss men of Richmond last summer, when they
H' wcro sold out. Wo mean tho time Manager Eng
H land mado tho hurried trip to Richmond to npol-
H oglzc. Come now neighbor, bo truthful If possible.
H !
H I Wl11 somo enthusiastic Democrat tell us how
' ho Is going to be benefited In caso Mr. Wilson Is
H elected? That Is, somo Democrat who does not
'" expect an olllco? Hut porhaps wo should stop right
B here, for what Democrat docs not expect an ofllce?
Ho may answer that ho wants tho trusts down-
B i cd, but what trust does ho expect Mr. Wilson will
Hjj smash? Maybo ho expects such tariff revision as
g will lower prices. For tnat matter tho bare ex-
BE pectatlon of Democratic tariff rovlslon will lower
K prices Just ns it did when Coxcy's army took up
H its march. Has ho read carefully tho Democratic
Hf platform? If ho has, what special plank seems to
K promlso relief from present Ills? Enough peoplo
H went crazy In 1S92 to elect Mr. Cleveland. In n
B tlmo of profound peace or prostration Mr. Cleveland
B J felt obliged to sell interest bearing bonds (nt 92
B cents) to the amount of $250,000,000 to pay running
expenses. Is thnt what he hopes for? Tho Tele-
m for voters to
h remember.
H Tho American people cannot have continued
H prosperity If tboy remove tho foundation upon
B which prosperity rests.
1 I Tho country has mado wonderful progress uu-
H, der tho protective system. For llfty years, save
y only tho four distressing years of Cleveland's ad-
1 ministration, It has grown steadily. During the
K ' past sixteen years tho growth has been phenomc-
B J nnl. Manufacturing has increased until not only
1 do wo supply tho needs of 100,000,000 people with-
Hj lq.'jQAir own borders, but wo export over two mil-
H lion dollars worth of American products. This tre-
H mendous aggregate of business has made everybody
ft prosperous.
H 7)ut tho Democratic party declares that pro-
H tectlon is unconstitutional and It would destroy tho
H principle. If that should unfortunately happen
H thero would bo a sudden and radical chango In our
H own governmental system and business paralysis
Hj ould result, with many factories closed, working
H men Idle, and banks withdrawing credits.
H A chango of administration would mean n
M chango of business conditions. TIiIb should bo
H j borne in mind by voters who think of casting their
1 ballots for Wood row Wilson. A voto for Hoosovclt
B is halt a voto for Wilson. A vote for President
T Tnft and tho Ilepubllcau ticket means a continuance
) of nn administration under which we have safoly
B and steadily progressed.
H. "I I- 'h
m the menace of
m free trade.
1 Never in twenty years has tho United States
been so near free trade and Its direful effects as
B today. Tho pity Is that tho business man, tho labor-
H Ing man and tho farmer have not awakened to a
B realization of how Important Is this porll. Nearly
B everybody nowadays Is too busy to ac(imlnt him-
B self with tho actual details of legislation. Peoplo
fl, fall to realize that tho president cannot make laws,
but parties do. Tho Democratic party Is In control
! of 'the houso of representatives, which, under tho
j Constitution, Initiates tariff legislation. Thero aro
two hundreu and twenty-nine Democratic congress
j men.
j Tho business men, the laboring men and the
i farmers of tho north do not realize that the major-
( . lty of these Democratic congressmen (or ono nun
B ) ' dred llIl(1 twenty-nvo of them) aro elected from
j I j tho south tho solid south, without any opposition
H to speak of! Somo of these congressmen do not
B poll as high us a thousand votes and none of them
H receives more, than ton thousand votes.
H If buHlness men, wage earners and farmers will
R exnmlne the mako-up of tho committees of tho
Kj houso of representatives thoy will bo astonished to
E-l ,ln(1 that of tho fltty-flvo committees In tho house,
'i tho chairmanships of thlrty-thrco aro hold by Dcm-
H ocrats from tho south. These, leading southern
H Democrats aro ablo and honest men, but thoy nre
H free traders to tho manner horn. Thoy constltuto
H tho houso organization. Thoy nro In a position to
HH rail and control a caucus of tho houso Democrats
H3 Howsoever friendly a northern Democrat might bo
H, to protection for tho wage earners and tho farm-
1 ere, ho would bo powerless to override tho froo
trade majority from tho south. Bo tho house of
representatives as at present constituted Is for freo j
trade. j
In tho senato tho Republicans have a margin .'
)of six. Those Republicans who aro contemplating
voting tho Progressive ticket do not realize that i
they aro cnstlng half a voto to wipe out this Re
publican margin In tho senate. ior instance:
Should tho Progressives take away sufficient, votes
from the Republican party to permit Mr. Wilson
to carry Illinois, two Democratic senators will be
elected. Should Iowa go Democratic for tho same
reason, It will mean tho election of a Democratic
senator and tho wiping olit of the Republican con
trol of tho senato. Thus It will bo an easy matter
to get favorable action upon the freo Arado bills
which tho houso would surely enac(. ' .'
Now, what Is thero to prevent freo trade?
Should Mr. Wilson bo elected thero would be no
Republican president to veto these free trade bills,
ns President Taft has vetoed them; and as Gover
nor Wilson Is known to bo n man of honor, and
as tho Democratic platform explicitly declares for
freo trado In nlmost Identical languago to tho pint
farm upon which Cleveland was elected, a little
thought will convince the voter that ho. Is face to
face with tho freo trado which always means tho
destruction of prosperity.
.j. .J. .J.
Utah needs tho policies of the Republican par
ty. Every business man In Utah with his money
invested here, Its safety nnd earning power depen
dent upon tho three great industries of this state,
knows that to bo true. Members of the Democratic
party share In that knowledge, and nro protection
ists constantly nnd always, except for a fow weeks
before each national and congressional election. At
thoso periods for the sake of party regularity, or
their belief that their party leaders are threaten
ing something they will not perform, or their con
sciousness that Utah is safely Republican anyway,
they go upon tho stump nnd attack the policy which
guarantees tho profitable stability of their Invest
ments and without which Utah industrially would
Ho prostrate.
Utah's mining, wool, and sugar Interests must
have a protective tariff sufliclent to cquallzo tho
cost of production at home and abroad. Undor free
sugar, the sugar factories In this state would-close;
their employees would become ldlo and without
menns of livelihood; the farmers who produce sugar
beets would bo forced to desist, losing a steady and
generous Income, and their employees would also
be without menns of subsistence.
A revenue tariff on lead means a drop in tho
prlco of that metal nnd tho consequent pressure
upon tho mlno oporntors either to closo their mines
or to reduco tho wages of their employees; tho lend
mines of Mexlc- that employ the stolid and stupid
peon can operate so cheaply that without tho pro
tective tariff Utah lead would bo unable to com
pete. A revenue tfjrlff en wool means tho destruc
tion of that industry.
Each resident of Utah Is dependent, directly
or indirectly, upon these brnnches of activity. His
avocation may b far removed from these, yet In
dividual prosperity, without community prosperity
is Impossible. Every Democratic mlno owner in
Utnh, every Democratic stockholder In sugar fac
tories, overy Democratic wool grower, knows this
to be true. Most of them have gone on record and
Tho Herald-Republican has repeatedly faithfully
quoted them to that efTect.
A voto for TheodorC Roosevelt Is n voto for
tho Democratic policy of freo trade or tariff for
revenue only, nnd a blow at Utah's prosperity. Mr.
Roosevelt cannot be elected, as every sano man
knows. Tho uttermost' ho nnd his party can accom
plish Is so to reduce Republican pluralities ns to
permit n Democratic victory. Every ballot for Mr.
Roosevelt Is ono less for Mr. Taft and consequently
ono inoro for Mr. Wilson. So far ns any probabil
ity of his success Is concerned, Colonol Roosevelt
Is out of the running; ho Is going to get votes,
many votes, and each and overy one of them Is
coming from the Republican party, thus contribut
ing to Democratic success. No Democrat Is voting
other than his own ticket this year; tho members
of that party havo sniffed tho delicious nnd allur
ing odor from tho steaming plo counter nnd thoy
nro standing firm In tho taltu.
Electors of Utah who wish to conservo tho best
Interests of this state, to strike an effective blow
for homo Industry, to maintain nnd retain tho pros
perity thnt has come, should vote tho Republican
ticket. Tho olectlon of Doctor Wilson means a
low tariff and tho consequent destruction of pros
perity In this stato. Admirers at Mr. Roosuvelt who
believe In tho Republican prlnclplo of protection
and recognize It ns essential to this state's Indus
tries, will mako a mlstako if thoy voto for him
Thoy aro not only doing nothing to advance his
Interests, slnco his election is utterly impossible,
but they are actively aiding tho party that has
stamped protection as unconstitutional and nlreauy
plans a special session of Congress next March to
begin tinkering with tho tnriff.
Tho Republican party is greater than any man
or set of men. Its principles are living, vital and
necessary. Tho personality of tho man who shall
become president sinks into Inslgnlllcanco com
pared with tho importnnco of tho policies that
shall bo Inaugurated.
Mr. Taft ropresontB tho protective tariff prin
ciple; Mr. Wilson represents 'a tnrllT for revenue
only; Colonel Roosevelt's nttltudo Is unimportant
slnco no flight of fancy could Imnglno hla being
elected nnd since a voto for him Is a voto for the
Tho tariff policy of Mr. Taft meanB continued
profitable commercial activity In this stato; tho
tariff policy of Doctor Wilson meanB tho stagnation
of business here, nnd thp ruination of Utah's indus
trial greatness. Which will you choose? Herald Re
publican. I ! 4
Tho role of "assistant Domocrnts" is not a
pleasant ono for lifelong members of tho Repub
lican paity.
. J 4.
Business men remember 1893 when tho Inst
Democratic administration caused universal distress
nnd bankruptcy.
In the Justice's Court, in and for
Logan precinct, County of Cnche,
Stato of Utah, before Wm. Brangham
Justice of the Peace, Cache Valley
Hanking Co., a corporation, plaintiff,
vs. T. S. Obary, defendant, sum
mons. The Stato of Utah to tho De
fendant: You nro hereby summoned
to appear before tho above entitled
court within ten days after the ser
vice of this summons upon you, If
served within .county in which this
action is brought, otherwise, within
twenty dnys after this service, and
defend tho above entitled action;
brought .against you to recover tho
sum of 51.50 interest and costs and
to foreclose, aa attachment on cer
tain real estate In Cacho County par
ticularly described In sheriff's return
to said writ. And In case of fall
uro to do so, Judgment will bo ren
dered ngalnst you according to tho
demand of tho complaint.
Justice of tho Peace.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
m m
Canvasser wanted, either sex, nlco
work. Guarantee of $5. a day. Apply
Mountain Cafe, West First North
Logan at 1 p. m today. n2
To bo given at St. John's House
on election night, November 5, 5:30
to 8 p.m. Everybody invited, admis
sion 25 cents.
Don't use harsh physics. The re
action weakens the bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Get Doan's
Regulets. They operato caBlly, tone
the stomach, euro constipation.
Tho proper placo for a hen pecked
husband is tho poultry farm.
If tho child starts in Us sleep,
grinds its teeth whllo Bleeping, picks
at tho nose, has a bad breath, flcklo
uppetfle, palo complexion, and dark
rings under the eyes; It htn wormv,
end as long as thoy remain in tho In
testlnes, that child will bo sickly
dears out tho worms, strengthens tho
ptomach and bowels and puts the Ut
ile ones on tho road to health and
cheerfulness. Prlco 25c per bottle.
So!d by RIter Bros. Drug Co.
PLENTY of money to loan on farmB
or good city security. J. Z. Stew
art, tf
WANTED Horses to pasturo;
closo In; good fences and feed. Ap
ply to C Balling, phone C18. tf
FOR SALE Hyacinths, Tulips,
Nnrclssus, China Lilllcs, Peoncas,
and other bulbs for fall planting at
Ola Larsen'B, 212 East Third South.
Phono 497R. n2
As mercury will surely destroy tho
Bcnse of smell and completely de
rango the wholo system when enter
ing it through the mucuous surfaces.
Such articles should novcr be used
except on prescriptions from roput
ablo physicians, as tho damago they
will do Is ten fold to tho good you
can possibly derlvo from them. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by P.
J. Chenoy & Co., Toledo, O., conT
tains no mercury nnd Is takon inter
nally, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucuous surfaces, of tho system.
In buying Hall's Catarrh Curo be
sure you get tho genuine. It Is taken
Internally and made in Toledo, Ohio,
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free. Sold by druggists. Prlco 75
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