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H' 1
HJ I (Continued from pngo one)
Hil f pled a portion of tho forenoon ses-
Hjt V filon. Ho reviewed briefly tbo history
1 1 which led up to tbo restoration of tne
fi 1 , Church of Christ In this dispensation,
Hf saying further that In too many In
H 1 stonccs men aro too anxious to ridl-
X I culo and misrepresent tho servants
U who speak tho truths .of God to the
1 I children ot men.
Bt The Afternoon Session
H i Elder Ezra T. Bonson, grandson of
H tho lato Apostlo Dcjison, who has
H just returned from a iwo and a half
H , years mission In Germany and Swltz-
crland was tho first speaker, and ro-
Hh Jated somo ot bis experiences while
B ' nway. Ho complimented the peoplo
H whom ho has been laboring amongst
K for their sincerity and dcslro fo.- the
H Bishop Nlbley
H Illshop C. V. Nlbley, who was tho
next speaker referred to tho many
B advantages tho peoplo of Logan bavo
HBHJ over other parts of tho state nnd na-
B tlon. Ho declared It a great prlvl-
lege to llvo In a templo city. Thero
is not a slnglo parson In this church
H who Is not entitled to be a seer and
receive revelation if he but lives
religion. Ho mentioned the fact that
1 tbo church Is rapidly growing. To
keep paco with this growth tho
i church authorities havo decided to
H construct another templo of tho Lord
H It will bo built in Canada under tbo
English Hag bo said.
fl Wo do not boast of numbers but
H wo do boast of Intelligence. There is
not an equal number of peoplo in all
tho world that can boast of having
H moro intelligence than tho peoplo of
1 this wonderful organization of which
'J we are members. Thero aro never
H( any instructions given to this people
Hfj by their leaders but aro given by the
K spirit of revelation and it is tho duty
H of this peoplo to llvo lives that they
R will bo ablo to receive this lnstruc-
H- tlon and counsel.
H Miss Ethel Jensen sang very beau-
H tl fully, "Jerusalem, At this Jucturo
H jLhg authorities of tho church were
H presonted by Stake Clerk Walter Ev-
H erton, Charles H. Skldmore, a mem-
H her of the stake high counsel; linns
H D. Hansen, first counselor and Al-
H bart Olofson, second counselor ot tho
H Fifth quorum of Elders; Flora Haven
H of tbo Relief Society, Gladys Farrell
H of tho Suuday School, Melvln J. Nor-
H ton, of tho Mutual Doard, Abblo Groes
H beck, of tho Y. L. M. I. A., Luella
H Cowley, Samuel Oldham, E. J. Mer-
i rill, aids of the Religion Class Doard
H Another large shipment of
H Pianos has just been re-
H ceived at the CARSTEN-
H North Main Street.
H, These Pianos of well
H known manufacture, are on
B- Sale
H Al Prices and terms
HI th at should interest
II i yU
H I You cannot match them
H anywhere elsewhere in Lo-
H gan, at the price we have
H placed on them for quick
Hf sale
$4.00, $5.00, $6.00
I Monthly Payments
I Old Pianos and Organs,
taken as part payment on
new Pianos t
Garstensen & Anson Go, J
126 North Main Street I
opposite Eagle Hotel j
L. C Farr of the Old Folks' Commit
tee were all given honorable releas
es from tho various organizations.
Apoitlo Hyrum Smith
Apostlo Hyrum M. Smith said It
Is very essential that every man
should Beek continually thto spirit of
God. Ho expressed his confidence In
tho ability of our leaders to lead and
guide tho people of this church.
Whatever tho Lord says to his peo
plo through his servants should come
to them as a source of Joy and it
is for them to bo in a position to re
ceive it.
Joseph F. Smith
Tho concluding remarks of tho af
ternoon session were modo oy rresi
dent Joseph F. Smith. Thero Is no
thing moro important than tho care
ful training of our children," said
President Smith, "for It Is they who
will bo called upon to carry this
great work." Ho referred to the
falling away of certain children when
they wero old enough to assert them
selves, and ho attributed this to tho
early training which they had re
ceived. It should be tho object of
parents to instill In their children a
spirit of broadmlndedness, love nnd
charity. It would bo a good policy
for tho Latter-day Saints to adopt
that whenever they hear evil spoken
that thoy use every effort to mini
mize that evil. It hurt me worse to
whip a child, I am sure than it did
tho child. If you can't govern a child
by kindness nnd love, you can't gov
ern it at all.
Tbo evening session concluded the
conference. Tho following persons
epoko at this session: Elder Moses
Thatcher, Presidents Dudge, and
Quinney, Apostlo Hyrum M. Smith,
Bishop Nlbley and President Joseph
F. Smith. ,
Advice to tho public as to tho prop
er fall work in parks and gardens is
contained in a bulletin Just Issued by
Nicholas Byhower, superintendent of
the city department of parks and
public property, of Salt Lake City.
Tho bulletin follows:
Tho planting of trees and shmbs,
perennial plants and bulbs should be
done, if possible, now. Bulbs require
a sandy soil. Tho proportion of
threo parts good garden soil (rich
loam) and one part sand keeps bulbs
from decaying and provides for good
Tho bulbs, whatever tho variety
(tulip, hyacinth, crocus, etc.,) should
be planted deep enough to bo cov
ered with soil ono nnd one-half times
tho height of tbo bulb Itself, and tho
soil well pressed around and on the
In planting beds of bulbs, care
should bo taken as to height and
blooming time, to make a good dis
play. Bulbs can bo successfully
grown in pots by placing the pots
in tbo ground, covered with about
two Inches of soil and well watered.
Bring into the houso after about six
weeks and gradually expose to tho
light; or they may bo placed In a
dark room or cellar until roots aro
grown and tips appear above tho
Hyacinths and narcissus may also
be placed In glasses or tho latter In
a receptacle with water enough to
cover for about one-fourth ot tho
bulb and kept for a while. Tho wa
ter should often bo replaced.
Bulbs Are Monsy Makers
The culture ot bulbs gives to somo
parts ot tho Holland kingdom an an
nual trndo of about $2,000,000. Parts
of this country, along the North sea,
aro especially adapted for this cul
ture Tho soil is vory sandy ana if mix
ed with a little fertilizer produces
largo bulbs for tho trade, ror in or
dinary soil tho slzo ot bulbs will di
minish each year Instead of enlarg
ing. Sovoral attompts havo been
made of Into to raiso bulbs for tho
trade in our country. Florida, Oro
gon and other states had rnjrly good
bucccbb. In arid countries It is use
less to attempt this culture for hu
midity is needed for success, besides
a moderate, oven temperature.
The good old Dutch bulbs, solid
and with an even, smooth outer cov
ering, aro still tho standard prod
uct over tho world.
A variety ot narcissus, called Chi
na Illy, or Josb (lower, is often grown
In water, but othor narcissus and
hyacinths do well the sarao way. A
curiosity in rasing the bulb flower
upsiao uown m a glass of water can
bo successfully done by placing tho
bulb upsido down in a tin can pro
vided with a nolo about ono and one
half Inches in dlamoter in the bottom
and placed on top ot a glass. Tho
roots will grow in tho can upward
I and leaves and flowers In the wator
I In tho glass downward. Keep also In
I tho dark until leaves grow.
I Peonies and Perennials
Tuberous plants like peonies aro
also planted in the fan dr transplant
I I ed to insure bloom next year.
Perennials should also bo planted
now or divided and transplanted.
From this time on until next spring
growing trees can bo trimmed and
pruned, nnd it Is a mistaken Idea
that pruning should only be dono In
the spring of tho year. In fact, fall
Is tho hotter time, except, perhaps,
for peach trees. It must bo well un
derstood that early flowering shrubs
nnd roses demand continual caro in
pruning and tho main pruning should
bo dono after time ot bloom is past
For all plants, bulbs, trees, etc.,
a well decaded manure well mixed
with the soil, will stimulate the
growth, but more plants are hinder
ed by manure than benefited, espe
cially by using fresh dung and bring
ing tbo fertilizer In contact with tho
roots. Besides, manuro In every In
stance, produces leaf growth. But
for flowers nnd fruit It" has no bene
ficial effect. For young trees nnd t&
llago plants It Is of moro vnluo than
fo.r producing flowers or color nnd
frrgrnnco to fruit or blossom ot old
er trees.
When bulbs nro planted In beds
or In borders before heavy frost com
mences they should bo covered with
a layer of leaves or coarso manure,
straw, etc nbout six inches to eight
Inches thick, which should bo uncov
ered In early spring.
Tree Planting and Gardening
A great neglect, causing tho death
of a largo number of trees planted
Is to leavo tho ground too looso
around tho roots nfter planting. Tho
soil should bo firmly tramped down
after tho roots aro fully covered with
pulverized soil, and tho branches of
tho treo or shrub, after planting,
should bo cut back considerably to
balanco the loss ot roots sustained
In digging tho trco.
To lay out a garden, tho planting
should bo dono with proper knowl
edge of tho sature of things planted,
to avoid disappointment, and in re
gard to locality, drainage, soli, etc.
A variety of trees planted should bo
selected suitable to such conditions.
For practical suggestions and ad
vlco In gardening, and any horticul
tural work, tho park department will
always assist, and in any expert
work along this lino will, If request
ed demonstrate, to promote, tho lovo
for beauty and to avoid disappoint
ments for amateurs. Desert Nows.
JudBon C. Welllver, Washington
correspondent of Farm and Fireside
writes in tho current Issuo of that
periodical an interesting account of
tho United States Bureau of Soils.
Ho says In part:
"Dr. Milton AVhltney, chief of tho
soils bureau, Insists that proper cul
tivation and rotation will make run
down soils produce ngnln as well as
over. The trouble Is not with the
land, but with the people farming
it, and their methods, stoutly de
clares Dr. Whitney.
"Tho Bureau of Soils Is trying to
find out all about the changes In
soils thnt aro wrought as a result
of cultivation. It declares that tho
mineral and metal basis changes very
little. The products of vegetable and
animal growth, on tho other hund,,
change greatly nnd modify soil
qualities very much. Ono will bo
useful und benevolent, another vi
cious and harmful.
"A certain soil onco' producing ex
cellent crops of wheat, had become
"exhausted." Cow peas ground very
lino wero applied and It was found
they had restored the soil; It pro
duced a good crop, and did the thing
three times In succession; then the
soil lapsed back into its first condi
tlon of non-productivity
"Why did tho cowpeas havo tho
effect? Tifo Bureau took llko propor
tions of potash, phosphoric ncld and
nitrates tho plant food elements of
cowpeas and put them Into tho soli;
nnd It didn't produce tho effect of
restoring its fertility. Tho point
seemed to bo that theso various ele
ments, mixed together and applied
to the ground, didn't havo tho gen
uine cowpea effect.
"Doctor Whitney in a recent ad
dress gave this explanation ot tho
operations within the soil ot various
agents introduced through rotation ot
crops. Ho seems to havo a cousld
ornblo mucking of authority and ex
perience in favor of hlo theory that
fertilization Is, at least, much less
necessary, It scientific rotation is
followed. His bureau's problom is
to develop tbo correct Bclontlflo ro
tation for various soils and climates.'
John Heath, Michigan Bar, Calif.,
v rites: "I was afflicted with kidney
nnd bladder troublo fpr nearly six
vcars. Had a very bad spell some
time ago and was unablo to turn with
ou' help. I commenced using Foley
Kidney Pills and can truly say I
was at onco relieved. I take plea
euro in recommending Foley Kidney
Pills." Co-oporatlvo Drug Co.
For Llvo News, The Xteyubllcan
Vallelejo, Cal., Nov. L The govern
ment wireless operators at Maro Is
lnnd nro morally certain that they
wero In communication last Monday
night with the now station at Arling
ton, Va., A message was received, tho
context of which indicated that Ar
lington was sending, but owing to lo
cal disturbances, tho slgnaturo at
the end of tho message was losL
When Arlington Is tuned up to full
power Maro iBland has no doubt that
it will be ablo to talk across tbo con
tinent. No report of what may havo been
accomplished last night in tho way
of direct communication with Arling
ton was given out todny at Maro Is-lnnd.
m t m
Woman loves a clear, rosy com
plexion. Burdock Blood Bitters, puri
fies the blood, clears tho skin, re
stores ruddy, sound health.
m m
Want n cook,
Want a clerk,
Want a partner
Wnnt a situation,
Want a servant girl,
Want to sell a piano,
Want to sell a carriage,
Want to sell town property,
Want to sell your grocerlw
Want to sell your dry goods,
Want to sell your hardware,
Want to sell your millinery goods,
Want customers for any thing,
Advertising Is the highway to success,
Advertising brings new customers,
Advertising keeps the old ones,
Advertising will Insure suoeess,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising is "bis,"
Advertise or bust,
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
A. S. Jones, Propr. Lee Pharmacy
Chlco, Calif., says: "I have been
selling Foley & Company's medicines
for years, Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, I consider has no equal
nnd is tbo one cough medicine I can
recommend it to my friends as con
taining no narcotics or other harm
ful properties.1' Co-operative Drug
When your food does not digest
well nnd you feel "blue," tired and
discouraged, you should use a little
UEHBINE at bedtime. It opens tho
I'onels, purlles tho system and res
tores a fine feeling ot hcnlth and en
oiy. Price 50c. Sold by Rlter Bros.
Drug Co. y
In the District Court Probate Divi
sion, in and for Cache County, State
of Utah.
In, tho District Court ot the First Ju
dicial District of the State of Utah,
In and for the County of Cache.
Consult County Clerk or the Ito spec
tlve Signers for further information.
Estato of Anna M. KJeldsen, de
ceased. Creditors will present claims
with vouchers to tho undersigned at
his offlco in Logan City, in tho Coun
ty of Cacho and Stato ot Utah, on or
before tbo first day ot March, A. D.
Dato of first publication October
31, A. D. 1912.
Admlnstrator De Bonis Non.
Attorneys for said Estate.
Estato of David P. Ralnoy, deceas
ed. Creditors will present claims
with vouchers to tbo undersigned at
her residence at Richmond, Cache
County, Utah, on or boforo tho first
day ot March, 1913.
Dato ot first publication, October
2C, 1912.
Estato of Richard Godfrey, deceas
ed. Creditors will present their claims
with vouchers to tho undersigned ad
ministrator at his residence at Clark
ston, Cache Copnty, 'State ot Utah on
or before the first day of March, A.
D. 1913.
Administrator ot the Estate of Rich
ard Godfrey, Deceased. novl6
Estate of Mnry R, Smith, Deceased.
Creditors w..l present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at his
residence at North Logan, Cache
County, Utah, on or before the 25th
day of February, 1913.
Date of first publication, October
19, 1912. nit
In the Justice's Court, in and for
Logan precinct, County of Cache,
State of Utah, before Wm. Brangham
Justice of the Peace, Cacho Valley
Banking Co., a corporation, plaintiff,
vs. T. S. Obary, dofendnnt, sum
mons. The State of Utah to tho De
fendant: You aro hereby summoned
to appear before tho abovo entitled
court within ten days after the ser
vice of this summons upon you, if
served within county in which this
action is brought, otherwise, within
twenty days after this service, and
defend the abovo entitled action;
brought against you to recover the
sum of 151.50 Interest and costs and
to foreclose an attachment on cer
tain real estate in Cache County par
tlcularly described in sheriff's return
to said writ. And in case of fail
ure to do so, Judgment will be ren
dered against you according to tho
demand of tho complaint.
Justice of the Peace.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
it, ,
Stato Engineer's Office,
Salt Lake City, Oct 22, 1912
Notice Is hereby given that Chas.
C. Peterson, whose post office ad
dress is Hyrum, Utah, has mado ap
plication In accordance with tho re
quirements of the Compiled Laws ot
Utah, 1907, as amended by the Ses- -.
slon Laws of Utah, 1909 and 1911, J
to appropriate one-half (H) of a cu
bic foot of water per second from un
named springs in Cache County,
Utah. Said springs aro situated at
a point which lies 2,197 feet south
nnd 244 feet east of tho south quar
ter corner of section 33, township 10
north, rang0 1 cast, Salt Lako baso
and meridian. Tho wator will bo di
verted at tho places where it issues
from said springs nnd convoyed by
menns of a ditch nnd a plpo lino for
a dlstanco of 2,000 feet and there
used from May 1 to October 31, in
clusive, of each year, to irrlgato 12.1C
acres of land embraced In section 4,
township 10 north, rango 1 east, Salt
Lako baso and morldlan. This appli
cation is designated in tho Stato En
gineer's office as No. 4560.
All protests' agalnBt tho granting
of said application, stating tho rea
sons therefor, must bo mado by affi
davit in dupllcato and filed in this
offlco within thirty (30) days after
the completion ot the publication oft
this notice.
State Engineer.
Date ot first publication, October
29, 1912, date ot completion of publi
cation, November 29, 1918.
Thanksgiving Is approaching witii
something to b really thankful for
prosperity in abundance all over
ina land and in. .every home.
""- - rTTsasjsisisism,1M,-
A Desirable Rubber Goods 1
m A new lot which we have rc
M ceived direct from the Factory
L should interest you.
The Line
KsBBSBB These goods carry them
HhMtiJjjl our guarantee for one
P all
r Her Bros. Drug Co. ;
Cotrtleht 1909, ty c. E. Ztmrniimin Co.No. 33
ON'T wait to start a bank account. Don't
put it off, but start today; and then
you'll have something to look forward to
something to depend upon something
working for you.
Capital SIOO OOO.OO. Saritlum SIU.OOO.OO. Depouti 5oo,ooo,
Prwldent, THOMA8 1MART, Cashlsr. ALLAN M. FLEMING,
Vlcs-Prs... JAMES QUAVLC, Asst. CaahUr, H. 8. CHOCKeTT,
Cm! VtAS-Prat JNO. H. ANL"sMON.

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