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Wins With UOS
Electoral Votes
Tlio United States today went
Democratic. Woodrow Wilson of Now
Jersey will bo tho twenty-eighth pres
ident of tho United States. Ho car
ried thlrtysovcd states with a total
of 408 electoral votes tho largest
ofcr given any candidato for presi
dent. Thomas It. Marshall of Indiana will
go into olllco with him to preside ov
er tho senato as vlco president,
Theodore Roosevelt, head Bull
Moosd of tho hojv, Progressive party
was tho "runner up" In the fight tor
the presidency. Ho carried six
states with a total electoral voto of
This reckoning gives Illinois to
Roosevelt, but tho contest between
him and Vllson is so closo that the
state may bo said to bo in doubt.
William Howard Taft was third In
tho race. Tho majority of tho vot
ers in threo states, Utah, Vermont
and Idaho expressed' their confidence
In him and when tho electoral vote
is cast ho will get a total, of .12, and
I he may get now Hampshire, making
It 10.
Besides tho presidency and vlco
presidency, tho Democratic party nl
bo retained tho lower .housot of con-,
gross by an overwhelmingly majority.
And on top of thai it probably cap-
tf)rC(1 tho United Sj&tcs senate.
Two hundred and sixty-seven Dem
ocrats, 148 Republicans and 20 Pro
gressives is tho promised lineup of
tho natlonaHiouso of representatives.
That gives tho Democrats a clear ma
jority of 09 over all.
Tho indicated complexion of tho
now senato is 51 Domocrats and 43
Republicans. Those figures may bo
changed by moro complete returns,
for they assume that tho Illinois leg
islature has gone Democratic and will
elect two senators of that faith.
John L. Roynolds returned Monday
evening from a business visit to
Cache Valley. Tho purposo of Mr.
Reynold's trip was to inspect some
ot the dairies of that section and to
secure some thoroughbred hogs. At
tho Sandcrest farm, noar Preston, ho '
secured threo (registered Berkshire
sows and also, upon the recommenda
tion of John T.. Calno, III, ho pur
chased tho prlzo Berkshiro boar ex
hibited at tho Utah State Fair, for
which ho paid $75.00. Mr. Calno pro
nounces this animal ono of tho top
notchors In his class in the north
west thore bolng none bettor. Malad
Idaho .Enterprise
Party of Utah Scientists Leave For
the South Today
President John A. Wldtsoo of the
Utah Agricultural College, Dr. E. D.
I Half, Director ot tho Experiment Sta
tion and Doctors E. O. Peterson,
1 Au Robert Stewart will leave today
" NovemberC, for Atlanta, Georgia, Tho
object of their visit is to attond the
annual meeting of tho Amorlcan As
sociation of Agricultural Colleges and
Experiment Stations.
Tho ovont has added interest this
year in tho fact that it Is tho fiftloth
anniversary of tho bill accorded ag
ricultural colleges. This bill, which
has dono so much for tho people was
passed under tho administration of
Abraham Lincoln, in J842. Services
commemorative ot such an auspicious
event will chnractorlzo tho present
Mr. and Mrs. Frod O. Taylor spent
I Tuesday and Wednesday In Logan.
Utah Stands Solid
For President Taft
For electors of President and vlbo
president Margaret Zano Witchor,
Eph. Homer. John Davis, M. H.
For representative In Congress
Joseph Howell, Jacob Johnson.
For justice of tno supremo court
J. E. Frlck.
For governor William Spry.
For secretary of state David Matt
son. For attorney genernl A. It.
For stato auditor Lincoln K.
For stato treasurer Jesso D.
Jowkes .
For superintendent of public In
struction A. C. Nelson.
Tho Republicans havo carried Utah
Governor Spry has carried tho stato
by approximately C000 plurality, tho
tiisual Republican plurality throughout
the stato being cut in two In many
sections by tho Progressives. Every
stato and county officer has1 been
elected, Including two Republican
congressmen, by about -1,000 plur
ality. '
Weber, Tooele, Sanpete, Davis,
Summit, Wasatch, Rich, Morgan and
Salt Lake countles--5we"fcH-retui"uecr '
'Republican pluralities which places
tho state safely in the Republican
column. ,
President Taft has a sato plurality'
and Utah will'havo vindicated her
attltudo at tho recent state and na
tional conventions in her vote in the
electoral college.
Chicago. Nov. 5. A carload of na
val supplies, said by tho police to
havo been stolen from tho Maro Isl
and navy yards at San Francisco,
valued at about $15,000 was seized
by federal authorities in tho Chicago,
Burlington & Qulncy railroad yards
near Hawtnorne, 111., today.
The supplies wero taken on a writ
Issued by United States Judge Kcne
saw M. Landls. Tho car was billed
to a smelting and refining company
with a plant hero.
Government Investigators said
thoro bad existed a band, of thlovcs
which has been robbing United States
naval yards ot supplies aggreatlng
several hundred thousands of dollars.
Tho government agents havo been
working for several months attempt
ing to locato shipments ot stolen ma
terials. It Is belloved today's discov
ery will result In disclosing further
cases. Tho carload consisted of moro
than 50,000 pounds of coppor and
brass used In tho construction of bat
tleships. Tho car was consigned to tho smel
ting and roflning company by a San
Francisco agent. It left San Fran
cisco October 1 and arrived In the
yards last Sunday. Federal officers
ordered tho company to hold tho car
until -federation nctlon could bo ta
ken. Yards Astonished
Vallejo, Cal.', Nov. 5. Nows that a
carload of copper and brass suppos
ed to havo been stolen from tho Mnro
Island navy yards had been seized
near Chicago was received with as
tonishment nt the yards. Lieut.-Com-mandor
W. H. Standley. acting com
mandant, said that no inkling ot nny
such thoft existed. Sales ot copper
and braBs Junk had been mado with
in tho past mouth, but not sufficient
In amount to mako up anything Uko
a 50,000 pound car lot.
Tho younger set; of Logan are or
ganlzing a dancing club to bo held
once a week Monday at 4:30 at the
Thomas Smart Gymnasium. Proper
Instructions on dancing :and ball
room etlquot will bo given. Several
parties aro planned and wo will no
tify tho publto through this paper on
later Arrangements.
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The President Elect
Elder Ivlns Just Back From Border,
Gives Account of Mexican
El Paso, Nov. 5. Two women and
a baby were killed and a number ot
pcoplo Injured when rebels fired upon
a Mexican Central passenger train
30 miles from tho city of Chihuahua,
yesterday. Fifty federal soldiers who
wore In tho train as a guard gavo
battlo to tho rebels and tho train
was ablo to proceed to Villa Ahum
ada, whilo the battle was In progress.
Elder A. W. Ivlns of tho Council
of the Twolve, returned to Salt Lako
City this morning after an unsuccess
ful attempt to visit tho "Mormon"
settlements in Chihuahua, Mex., Ho
roportod a quiet, but unimproved con'
dltion both In and near tho settle
ments, and in Mexico generally.
For ovor twd weekB Elder Ivlns has
boen at hi Paso, Tox., waiting for
an oppor'uulty to roturn to tho set
tlements but during his stay there
moro railroad bridges were destroyed
by tho rebel soldiers, and It has been
mado Impossible he said today, for
those at El Paso to get.lnto tho set
tlements, and Just ns Impossible for
tho sottlors now thorp to get out.
Elder Ivlns said that tho dispajuh
cs which had been and contluuo to
bq received horo are largely .unre
liable, and stated that ho knew some
of them to bo untrue. . .
"Rojas and his rebels aro now In
tho neighborhood of tho settlements
but aro lying practically Idle," said
Elder Ivlns. "During my stay at El
Paso I did not hear of any moro loot
ing of tho settlors' homes, and It Is
my opinion that little such depreda
tion Is now going on. Of course com
munication betweon the border and
tho settlements has been poor nnd
wo may not bo awaro of all that la
Refugee Camps Broken Up
"Tho robcls recently destroyed
about -50 or CO moro wooden bridges,
making It Impossible to got In or out
oxtopt by tho ovorland routo. Somo
are moving each way In their wag
ons. The refugeo camps this side ot
tho border havo been broken up en
tirely, somo of tho refugees having
returned to their homes and others
having gono to Now Moxlco, Arizona
Idaho, or come' 'to this stato. Tho
only settlers now left nt El Paso aro
thoso who havo found employment at
that place, and are remaining thoro
to bo on hand at tho earliest possible
date on which -they can got back to
their homes and bo safe. Probably
100 or 200 of tho sottlors are now at
their homes in Mexico.) '
"They havo succoeded in getting
most all of tho cattlo and horses on
this sldo ot tho lino, and 'generally
speaking tho grain has not been mo
lester. It would bo difficult to give
an expression ot tho feelings ot tho
settlors, since thoy aro now scatter
ed all ovor tho intormountaln states.
Many ot them ifltlll , hope (o return.
howover, and expect to do so. But
there is no way of telling when It
may bo possible for them' to Inhabit
tho Bettlomonts and havo any rea
sonable degree of safety.
"When I loft El Paso tho poople
thoro thought they would bo ablo to
got tholr grain out Of Mexico all
right, I d6 Hot know whether or
nqt to rely upon tho dispatches In
tho papers this morning to tho ef
fect that tho robcls havo forbidden
them to do so now. In enso that is
true, It will give a still moro ser
ious phaso to tho situation.
Federal Defenders Weak
"Tho federal forces havo mostly
beou taken out ot Chihuahua and
Sent to Sonora and down into tho
Interior, leaving tho garrisons so
weak In tho northern part of tho
statu that thoy are In no shapo to
take tho otfenslvo and thoy do llttlo
oven on tho defensive, thoro having
been tow skirmishes ot any import.
The government, has howover, beguu
tho reconstruction of tho bridges
along the railroad, and has promlsod
protection ovor tho linos. This makes
It a llttlo moro hopeful that commu
nication will soon bo re-established
between tho border and tho settle
ments. "It is almost ueoIcss to attempt to
give, or to even hold an opinion as
to tho presont political condition for
Mexico. Not long ago tho govern
ment bocarao so woak that It seem
ed almost Inevitable tbat It would
fall. Tho recent turn and success
havo clron tho situation a dlfteront
aspect, and Just how It looks now Is
(Continued from page, five)
If m
Republicans Get H
Gounty Attorney I K
Cache County following tho lend ot H
tho nation, went Democratic too. H
Tho Bourbon party was successful In T H
carrying a good majority for every , It H
candidate on tho county ticket with j,
tho exception ot Attornoy A. E. J H
.Uoweii, tho Republican candidate for
county attorney, who dofcatcd Mr.
Fonucsbcck by d safo majority. Lo-
gnu City was In tho Domocratlc col- ' j
umns and elected S. J. Jeppcson, i
Justlco of tho pcaco and Victor ) H
Crockett, constable. It was difficult ) H
to get tho returns from tho various H
precincts, somo ot which havo not H
as yet beou rccolvcd but it is Uiol H
that thoy will not change tho result. H
Wo wero unnblo to detormln'o last , H
ovcnlng whether Walters or Call had I H
been elected district Judge. Mr. H
Thatchor, Democrat, will bo district H
attornoy for tho next four years. Tho H
Bull Moose party ran a very poor j H
third In Cacho County and ot course f H
Just got Bufilclcnt votes to turn tho H
trick to tho Democratic party. Tho i H
following gives tho totals as well as H
tho pluralities on the various can- ' H
dldates in Cacho County: ' H
Total Plur- IbH
Voto allty H
For President i .H
Tart, Rep 2G91 ' "H
..Wilson. Dem '......3230 53JK J'bI
Roosevelt, Prog. I'.'.llD ' ft
For Congress 'bLH
Howell, Rep 2T57 H
Johnson, Dem 3215 458 Lh
Love, Prog 1052 H
Johnson, Rep 2721 H
Thomas, Dem 3212 491 i' M
Larson, Prog 10C1 I 'bLh
For Judge of Supreme Court. t H
Frlck, Rop 277C ,H
Young, Dem 3337 5G1 iH
Sties, Prog 1030 I bH
For Governor tiaH
Spry, Rep 2733 I bH
Tolton, Dem 3115 382 II'ibH
Morris, Prog 1213 382 'bLbI
For Secretary of State li'iLH
Mattson, Rep 2C78 I1 H
England, Dom 3378 700 IjliH
Hendorshot, Prog. 072 iIbbbI
For State Auditor I 'LB
Kelly, Rep 2762 FsbH
Blaln, Dem 3207 H
Adams, Prog 1030 KaLI
For 8tate Treasurer I'bbI
Jowkes, Rop 2705 ..,,)' pbbI
Mendenhall, Dem. 3126- '421 ' IbH
Adams, Prog 1131 iIi'bbI
For Attorney General M
Barnes, Rep 2771 TH
Strlngfellow, Dem 3203 .432 ' I H
Lawrence, Prog. . 101,4 H
For State Representatives iiH
BIckmoro, Rep 2775 f H
(Continued on pago eight) ;t . M
Dispatches from San Diego an- I '
uounco tho passing ot Mrs. Godwin I H
Brown, Goodwin, who was formerly r
a resident ot Utah and has a host ',
of friends hero. M
Mrs. Goodwin was uorn In Liver- !H
pqol, England, and came to Utah In , Lb6
her oarly youth with her paronts. i H
Thomas D. Brown and Sara Godwin t K
Brown. As a young girl she was ono Iflf
ot tho most beautiful and talented ' Hfl
belles in Salt Lake. Sho married bIB
Charles I. Goodwin ot Logan, where j gB
thoy lived many years, during which i HH
tlmo Mrs. Goodwin served as a trus- 1 jWjjl
too ot tho Utah Agricultural Collego 'I WKi
and filled the position ot librarian ot i Kl
that institution several years. j Say
Sho was a refined and cultured ' MM
wqmen, being an excellent musician ! jH
and possessed of raro intellectual jH
powers. ' A fow years ago, because H
ot h,or ill health, Mrs. Goodwin, ac- H
companled by Mr. Goodwin, took up H
vesldouco in San Diego, Cal., whero H
tbey havo lived In tholr Mexican BB
bungalow by the sea and entertained I HH
their many friends wbu deeply sym- I H
pathlzo with Mr. Goodwin In hla H
groat bereavement. . ., IbH

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