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' i
B i
B 1 London, Nov. 4, Tbo prospect
P that a considerable portion of tho
P defeated Turkish army will bo ablo
H ' I to reform behind, tbo lines of Tcha-
H ) talja, tho last fortifications beforo
H' Constantinople, Is not altogether ox-
H.' eluded, but whether tho Turks will
Hv bo ablo to maintain tbero any serl-
H 1 ' ous rcslstanco to the Dulgnrlan ad-
B, vanco Is doubtful,
H; In tbo strugglo with tho allies, the
Hr ' Turks lost more than half their nr-
H tlllery. In fact tho Servians nlono I
H claim to havo captured no less than
H' S00 guns. This will certainty militate
against any prolonged stand at Tcha-
In a circular noto to Turkish cm-
B bassadors abroad tho Turkish gov-
B crnraent maintains that, although cm-
H barrasslng, affairs nro not despcrato
H nnd when tho allies had completed
H their mobilization Turkey had bare-
H ly begun here. Tho note Insists that
H Turkey is still ablo to maintain pro-
H longed warfare.
H No Slon of Peace
H Up to tho present hour there is no
H sign that anything has como of tho
H , porto's appeal to tho powers for me-
l"1 ' No replies have been received nt
H Constantinople and there. Is Httlo
H doubt that when they aro received
H they will embody a declination to
Mj consider tho idea of proposing an
H nrmistlcc. Apparently Bulgaria is
Hl in no mood to negotiate pcaco at tho
HB present timo.
Hj Although fighting is still proceed-
P log on Tchorlu-Scral lino and corrcs-
f ' pondents nro sending reports of Qui-
f" garian nnd Turkish successes In thnt
H neighborhood, according to which
fl they draw inspiration from, tho of-
H fichU announcement from Constant!-
H noplo that tho Turks aro wlthdraw-
H Ing to tho Tchatalja lino of forts
M is not to bo doubted nnd It Is cvl-
H dent that this fighting Is merely an
M extenslvo rear guard action to cov-
H er tho movement of tho Turks to-
H ward Constantinople. Tho ' fall of
H Adrianoplo is expected daily.
M Lines Are Cut
H Tho occupation of Buck on tho
H ' railway between Salonlkl and Kulel-
ij " Burgas is the last link of tho chain
B wholly cutting off tbo Turkish arm-
H ies which havo been fighting tho
Hj Ereat battles In tho east from the
Hg scattered forces In tho henrt of the
K country and to tho west.
j Comparative order is maintained
Hk. i Constantinople and Salonlkl, but
m apparently the nervousness felt in
H Europo over posslblo outbreaks is
H shared by tho Turkish authorities.
H In Constantinople tho government is
J nlready seizing great supplies for tho
J nrniy nnd tho likelihood of famlno
j prices for food will add to tho dim-
1 culties. Anxiety hnB been partly re-
H lioved, however, by tho arrival of
B European warships. Others aro on
M tne way. It Is considered not unllke-
M '' that tho fear of serious outbreaks
I" i n Constantinople may Influence tho
H, m powers to uso diplomatic pressure
H " to bring nbout penco at the earliest
H- moment.
Witnesses Testify In Behalf of Ettor
H, And Textile Strike
H Leaders.
Salem, Mass., Nov. 4. That mill-
tlamen and pollco made no effort to
prevent the attacks on street cars
in Lawrence on the morning of Jan
uary 29 and that tho cars were be
sieged by an organized gang of about
twenty men, was tho testimony to
day of Leo Heady, ono of the tex
tllo strikers at tho trial of Ettor,
Olovannltti nnd Caruso for tho mur
der of Anna Lopizzo, Heady said ho
was near tho sccno of tho riot that
morning and that tho strikers were
Sovoral Lawrence women and chil
dren workers testified that pollco
and militiamen' clubbed tho strikers.
Thomas Holllday, who was ono of
tho American members of tho strlko
committee, testified ho novcr heard
Ettor urgo violent action. Tho wit
ness quoted ono of Ettor's speeches
to tho strikers as follows: ,
"Tho greatest power of tho work
ing peoplo is when they do nothing
and remnln absolutely quiet with
their arms foldcdMAs soon as jbu
fold your nrms there will bo no ono
to build automobiles for tho rich.
Then you will have tho capitalist
class nt your mercy and bo on the
way to victory.
"Already wo havo accomplished
hero what 1000 years of Christianity
havo not done. Wo hnvo brought to
gether In ono body tho Italian and
tho TitTk, tho Frenchman nnd tho
German, tho Englishman nnd tho
Irish mnn. Stnnd together solidly,
let thcro bo no violent uprising, and
wo will win."
Addressing tho American Meat
Packers Association, John T. Russeh
president of the United Butchers of
America, advocated "grubstaking"
worthy settlers on western lands by
wealthy men as a menns of Increas
ing tho Biipply of live stocjt. Tho sug
gestion Is worthy of consideration in
connection with the "back to tho
land" movement.
In tho long run supply and demand
will balance each other. But to iruot
to their doing so without any atten
tion from those who wish to pro7mt
the losses Incident to unregulated
eras of high prices and low prices
would bo to depend on a blind op
eration of nntural forces. Man's su
premacy over the beast Is duo to
the fact that he has learned how to
foreseo and to adjust' his life to iho
operation of natural laws.
"Sho worries every tlmo ho takes
the car out.
"You don't blamo her. They had
to save a long time to get that car
Boston Post.
Charles Klein was prompted to
write "Tho Third Degree" alter read
ing of tho execution of tno wrong
man for a crime to whlcn no con
fessed nfter having been sunjected
to a fourteon-hour oxaminntton by
tho police. Soveral years after tho
execution tho really guilty party
confessed. When ho read tno de
tails, Mr. Klein conceived or the plot
of his present play and tnnt no
struck a popular cord is best ahowji
by tho legislation and court rulings
against tho preliminary investigation
of tho pollco oi the larger cities. Tho
play also contains a strong romantic
Win. L. Cook, who was postmastor
nt Nelhart, Montana, writes: "I rec
ommend Foloy's Honoy and Tar Com
pound to all my peoplo, and they
nro never disappointed with it. Fo
ley's Honey and Tar Compound for
coughs and colds gives the best pos
sible results." Co-op Drug Company.
Tho Increase in tho export trnJe
In coal of lato years haa been con
siderable moro than Is generally
known, In fact; but it is only by
comparison with decennial perlodB
that tho real proportions of the ex
pansion in this trade can bo appre
ciated. The Burcaj of Statistics of
the Department of Commerce shows
that tho exports last fiscal year wcro
valued at $52,onO,OCi), a gain of 50
per cent In ten years nnd of fiOO per
cent compared with 1832 this by tho
way, not Including bunker or fuel
coal, which aggregated 123,000,000
making a total oi $73,000,000 valui
of coal leaving this country in the
year ending June 00, 1912. The nuan
tlty exported In 1911 2 was 17,t00
000 tons, ng.ihuit 7,')0n,00 tons In
1902 nnd 2,500,000 tons In 1S92. Thus
tho qunntlty exported In 1912 is sev
en times as much ns In 1892, and the,
value over six times ns much In 1912
ns In 1S92. Coko cxijorts also show
a decided growth, tho value In 1892
having been but $112,000 and In 1912
practically o,000,000. The move
ment of coat out of the United States
Is, however, confined to comparitlvely
fow countries. Of tho 2,979,102 tons
of anthraclto coal exported In the fis
cal year 1912, all except 56,571 tons
went to Canada; and of tho 14,709,
847 tons of bituminous coal exported
In that year, lu,G71,982 tons went to
Canada, 1,121,580 tons to Cuba, C92,
534 tons to other West Indies nnd
Bermudo, 511,802 tons to Panama,
344,712 tons to Mexico and less than
1,500,000 (ons to all other countries.
A. J. Bailey, a railroad engineer,
Batesville, Ark., says: "I suffered
with kidney and bladder trouble so
bad I was unnblo to work. I had
such severe pains In my back I
could hardly get up. I tried sevoral
physicians with no result, but Foley
Kidney Pills have dono wonders for
me, I recommend them to all."
Co-op Drug Company.
Neuralgia of tho face, shoulder,
hands, or feet requires a powerful
remedy that will penetrate tho flesh.
sosses that power. Rubbed in where
pain is felt is all that is necessary
to rellovo suffering and restore nor
mal conditions. Price 25c, 50c, and
$1.00 per bo'ttlo. Soldby niter Bros.
Drug Co.
' "My child wns burned terribly
about the face, neck, and chesL I ap
plied Dr. Thomas' Electic Oil. The
pain censed and the child sank into
a restful sleep." Mrs. Nancy M.
Hanson, Hamburg, N. Y.
Takes Two Children In Large Box
and Sett Fire to It Neigh
bors Find Bodies '
Osawatoralo, Kan., Nov. 4. Mrs.
O. W. Perdue, 35 years old, wife of
n railroad conductor and her six-months-old
daughter were burned to
death in a shed in tho rear of tho
Perduo homo today. A fivo-ye&r-old
son who was burned died tonight.
A note Mrs. Perduo had written to
a neighbor indicated that Mrs. Per
duo was responsible for tho death of
herself nnd two children. In tho noto
sho requested that tho three bodies
bo burled In ono grave. Tho bodies
woro found In a box, and It is bollov
ed tho woman saturated the box with
coal oil. climbed Into It with tho chil
dren arid then applied n match.
ft .T ', IN THB B21SEMBNT r I
li ! 1S hW ?Pe" and ready for your inspection it will pay you to call earlv f
I ! J a,nd Tke lUr use,eCtl0ns' We have Wed no pains or expense ne - J
IjJ The E G. HaybaU Mercantile Co. j
Why He Wanted To Know
The man in the upper berth leaned
over Its edge, and jamming his frown
firmly down on his brow cried in a
harsh, coarse voice that was audible
abovo the rattle and rumble of tho
"HI, you down there. Aro you
"Hey?" ejaculated the man In the
lower berth, almost swallowing his
Adam's app'o. "Wazzer mazzer?"
"I say, are you rich?"
"What's that air? Richer What j
you mean by waking me up In (ho
middle of tho night to ask mo such
a question as this?"
"I want to know that's why."
"Well then, confound you, 1 am
rich. Now I hope your curiosity is
satisfied and you will let me go to
"Very rich?"
"Millionaire, confound you. Now
shut up, and"
"Well, then, why in torment dont
you charter n wholo train to do your
snoring ln? Searchlight.
Then He Wouldn't
"I nm willing," said the candidate,
after ho had hit tho table a terrlblo
blow with his list, "to truBt tho peo
ple," "Gee," yelled a little man in tho
audience, "I wish you'd open a gro
cery store."
Talk of the Ton
Marjorle Wo have' acolyscs in our
Little Mabel That's nothing; we
havo 'lectrlc lights In ours.. Boston
1 w
Woman loves u clear, rosy com
plexion. Burdock Blood Bitters, puri
nes the bloou, clears iho skin, re
stores ruddy, sound health.
Prof. Rubin, in a recent dissertation
on the question of feeding tho hu
man race, which, ho maintains, has
como to a critical point, says that
there has been a distinct step back
ward In tho organism of tho working
man and that cooking Is a lost art.
He deducts from this that the great
est problem confronting mankind is
that of providing tho race with prop
er nourishment.
Tho professor recommends 'that
each city should havo a department
in its administration clothed with
powers of caring for this branch
of the peoplo's welfare. Tho growth
of our cities and the industrial work
era as a class has complicated tho
problem to a poiut where it is be
coming necessary for municipal go
ernments to maintain a watch that
the inhabitants receive proper nour
ishment. Dr. Rubin believes also that school
children who fall to get sufficient
nourishment Bhould have the defi
ciency mado up.
An insufficiency of expensive food
is not near as good as an adequate
supply of plainer but nourishing food.
A. S. Jones, Propr. Leo Pharmacy
Chlco, Calif., says: "I havo been
selling Foley & Company's medicines
for years, Foley's Honey nnd Tar
Compound, 1 consider has no equal
and Is tho ono cough medlclno I can
recommend It to my friends as con
taining no narcotics or other harm
ful properties," Co-operative Drug
Only Hubby
Sh! I never saw Mrs. Havertimo
with that man before. I must find
out who bo Is.
He You needn't worry; It's only
her husband. Illustrated Bits.
When your food does not digest
well and you feel 'blue," tired and
discouraged, you should ubc a little
UEHBINE at bcdtlmo. It opens the
bowels, puriles tho system and res
tores n fine feeling of health nnd en
ert.v. Price 50c. Sold by Rlter Bros.
Drug Co.
Such Impertinence
"What's tho mattor with you and
Mrs. Gabbs?" asked Mr. Nagg.
"I detest thnt woman," replied Mrs.
"But why do you detest her?" ask
od Mr. Nagg.
"Why sho thinks that sbo Is as
good asI am," snorted Mrs. Nagg.
Cincinnati Inquirer.
M m
John Heath, Michigan Bar, Calif.,
v rites: "I was afflicted with kidney
nnd bladder trouble for ntarly six
! vears. Had a very bad spell some
tlmo ago and was unable to turn with
oul help. I commenced using Foley
Kidney Pills and can truly say I
was at once relloved. I take plea
sure In recommending Foley Kidney
Pills.- Co-operative rrmg Co.
I (AdTertlnetawrt.)
Wo offer one hundredTdllara re
ward for any case of catarrh that
' cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations mado by his Ann. I
Toledo, Ohio. I
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken intor- I
nally, acting directly upon tho bloods I
and raucuoua surfaces of tho system. I
Testimonials sent free. Prlco 75c I
per bottle. 8old by all druglsts. I
Tako Hall's Family Pills for con- I
stlpatlon. I
(Advertisement) I
mum n imnmntnmnnmiuuiq,, J
1 Don't Let Your 1 1
&&41 Wife be & Slave I
In! to lhe Kitchen I
Yu can save your wife bun- v -,.. I
i Ac??ua,t oreds of steps every day and lessen I
i Cab'n', j"r work by half for a lifetime, v I
WBiyinff J"cr a McDougall t I
; Kitchen Cabinet.. rT t I
i She will then have all her food fe'Vafr 5 I
supplies and kitchen utensils within OWSSif I
I reach of her hand, without taking a MX51 I
single step. 1) i I
She will have leisure time to do doit I I
5 ' th.c, ""IES she likes best and she tur i I
will never forget your thoughtful- I
!' Vik . Sllc Probal,ly floes not realize I
;! L $f' . liowrnuchshenecdsaJlfcDoutfa i I
A Kitchen' Cabinet but she will i I
!!t JQ( know how much easier her work is i I
'', muEnobi. afte.r s!,e has one and you will I I
r to notice it, too. J
M only take you five mlnutts I
!; to come in and sec our handsome I
!; stock of McDougall Kitchen Cabi- I
nets and to iearn how. little they -t. 'XfM I
Come in and see them M--W3 I I
tomorrow, T7 II
"n I I
Wm. Edwards Furniture 1 1
dto Desirable Rubber Goods ' I
F A new lot which wc have re- I
M ceived direct from the Factory ! W
k should interest you. JH
jB The Line ' H
Hh9NKH These goods carry with them I
HBfHtfjjH our guarantee for one
P all
'""-"--"""--" -- ... j m
ComL C 2lmn..,mi, CoNo. 33 I
IVDNT wait ito start a bank account. Don't I
u put it. off, but start today; and then
you'll have something to look forward to -something
to depend upon something
working for you.
aapltal SIOI 000,00. Surplat 911,000.00. Depoult SSoo, 000.0
'Ml cars
President, THOMAS 8MART, C.hl.r, ALLAN M. FLEMING,
Vlc-Pre, JAME8 QUAYLE, Aaat. Cashier, H. E. CROCKETT. Ik
- . nun u iunait.Au -iB

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