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... A . Jurni x DH
If you want all the new.; j,, . tf A 4T - fcf f I "" '1
ubacrlbe for The Republican W d 2 rf' ' M & A 4 1 I 44 Ttl Pff of th,t valui of I ' LH
-30o a month In Logan; f I 1 WT 2., 11 11 II lit W il TI H I T W WW T1 Republican adv,rtl..n0 I" J ;M
. month Che County. lf V VU1 l V II V V I V II 1 1 Xtt' .?? I
buHT ' -' ' '
Count of Election Returns Arc Now Made. County, Of
' ficcrs Remain as Heretofore Announced. Precinct 5
Officers Arc Here Given.
1 i
Tlio ofllclal canvass of tho Cacho
County election returns by tho coun
ty commissioners rovcals no now so
crets regarding who was and who
was not elected. Tho canvass was
completed and totals draw down yes
torday and tho fact remains, painful
as It Is, that tho county Democrats
elected their entire ticket with tho
exception of tho position of county
attorney which goes to A. n. Bow
en by a majority voto of 115. J. C.
Walters had a closo call to tho Judgo
ship hut was lacking CI votes to bo
successful over J. D. Call of Brig
ham City. John Quaylo was within
51 of being elected to tho oillco of
two-year county commissioner over
Olof Cronqulst.
Tho result of tho ofllclal count fol
lows: For President
County Plur
Vote nllty
Tatt Hep 2820
Wilson Dom 3285 4G5
Roosovelt, Prog 11C7
Debs Soc 135
For Congress
. Howell Rep 2887
J. Johnson Rep 2855 ...
T. D. Johnson Dem.. 3289 402
Thomas Dem 3290 435
Lovo Prog , 1067
Larsen Prog '. 10G5
For Justlco Supremo Court
Frick Rep 28C5
Young Dora 3345 480
Hlles Prog iOCO
For Governor
Spry Rep 2849
Tolton Dem 3158 309
Morris Prog 1275
!For Secretary of State
f Mattson Rep 2798
England Dom 3441 643
Hendorshot Prog .... 1028
For State Auditor
Kelley Rep 2894
Blaln Dem 3271 377
W. Adams Prog .... 1089
For State. Treasurer
Jowkes Rep 2836
Mondenhall Dem .... 3187 351
O. W. Adams Prog.. 1234
For Attorney General
Barnes Rep 2915
Strlngfollow Dom .... 3282 267
Lawrence Prog 1068
For Supt of Public Instruction
A. O. Nelson 6295
For State Representatives
Bickmoro Rep 2910
Rp.smusscn Rop 2807
Taylor Rep 2915
Oldham Dem 3321 411
Can-don Dem 3484 677
Bonson Dem 3255 340
Brown Prog 1011
BJarnason Prog 1058
Winn Prog 1022
For District Judge
Walters Rop 3415 327
J. D. Call Dem 3088
For District Attorney
B. C. Call Dom 2885
Thatcher Dom 3525 640
For County Commissioner
,4-ycar term)
Jensen Rop 2861
Facor Dom 3335 174
Potorson Prog ,y 990
For County Commissioner
(2-year term)
Quaylo Rep 3075
Cronqulst Dem 3126 51
Hansen Prog 1082
For County Clork
Dunn Rep 2974
Chamhors Dom 3240 266
Dallies rog 1031
For County Shorlff
Carlson Rep 2914
Barker Dom 3326 412
Boll Prog 1032
, p)hnson Rop 3020
Proston Dem 3252 232
Edwards Prog 998
For County Treasurer
Morrill Rop ... 2866
Van Ordon Dom .... 3353 487
Austin Prog 1029
For County Assessor
Pnirkor Rep 2931
Woodward Dom 3306 375
Coburn Prog 1053
I For County Attorney ,"";
I Bowon Rop 32Q4' 115
I Fonnesbock Dem .... 3089 J.;
I Sneddon Pr g ........ 999
For County; Surveyor
Uullen Rop 2744
Humpherys Dem .... 3520 776
Court Prog 973
Tho precinct ofllcers elected as
shown by tho ofllclal canvass of tho
election returns by tho county com
missioners aro as follows:
Avon Gcorgo W. Davis, justlco;
A. Fredcrlckson, constable
Benson Jos. M. Houndy, justlco;
John W. Reese, constable
Clarkston P. S. Barson Justlco;
Henry O. Thompson, constable.
College James Nuttal, justlco;
God. Spotb, constable.
Cove Ether Reese, Justice; Lewis
Johnson, constable
Cornish Georgo E. Pope, Justlco;
Eph. Bergcson, constable.
Hydo Park J. W. D. Hurren,
Justice; J. W. Perkes, constable.
Hyrum James E. Williamson,
Justice; John E. Mldgley, constable.
Lowlston Albert Wilson, justlco;
William Stocks, constable
Mt. Home H. Lester Balr, Jus
tlco; Gcorgo F. Gregory, constable.
Mendon William Cunningham Jus
t tlco; Jos. Hardman, Jr., constablo.
Mlllvlllc James Hovoy justlco;
Georgo Chandler, constable.
Now ton John Larsen, justlco;
David R. Clark, constablo.
North Logan Lewis Wilhclm, Jus
tlco; Arthur E. Peterson, constabl-j:
Providence BenJ. TIbbltts, Justlco
John Ranzcnbcrger, constable
Paradise Walter J. Willis, Jus
tice, Hyrum Miles, constablo.
Richmond J. R. Thompson, Jus
tlco; C. F. Christiansen, constablo.
Riverside W. J. Funk, Justice;
James Chantrcl, Jr., constablo.
Smlthfleld Samuel Nelsen, justice
William PUklngton, constablo.
Stephensen D. D. Buttars, Jus
tlco; E. W. Godfrey, constablo.
Trenton J. R. South, Justlco; A.
J. Hall, constablo.
Wojlsvlllcr Samuel P. Hall, Jus
tice; Daniel D. Lloyd, constablo.
Wheeler L. B. Jamison, justlco;
B. Glover, constablo.
Logan William Brangham, Justice
Victor Crockett, constablo.
To the registered voters of Logan
City, notlcd is hereby glven;v
First That in accordanco with
provisions of tho law, chaptor 17,
Section 1896, a school election will
bo held In Logan City, Utah, Wed
nesday, December 4, 1912, for tho
purposo of electing ono member of
of tbo Board of Education from each
of tbo Hvo municipal wards.
Thero will bo ono polling placo for
such election in each of tho flvo
municipal wards of Logan City, Utah
at tho following places:
First municipal ward Old Sixth
ward meeting houso.
Second municipal ward Vestry,
Second ward meeting house
Third municipal ward County
court houso.
Fourth municipal ward Vestry
Fourth ward meeting house.
Fifth municipal ward Whlttlor
school houso.
Second Tho polls for such elec
tion will bo open at 7 o'clock a. ni.
and closo nt 7 o'clock p. m.
By order of tho Board of Educa
tion, GEO. THOMAS, President.
Dated Logan City, Utah, Novom
bor 4, 1912.
I Mil
At a special session of tho Board
of County Commissioners held Tues
day Novomber 12, an order was pass
ed granting tho oxtoiiBlon of timo
for tho paying of county nnd state
taxes to 5 p. in. Thursday November
21, 1912.
t County C'irlc.
? ', 7 " T
Sir George H.-Reid, High Commissioner For '
l Australia, Lady Reid and John Barrett.
al? ? HK- ft3ftl k1!
fV&. Sy. Sr t. f "... ,. J
Copyright, 1912, by American frusn Association
Sir George il. Held, high comnHMoner for AUHtruha. in milking n visit to this country, accompanied by Lnrty Reld
fclr George In uu Interview dec I tired Unit no long hh Great Britain nnd the United Stnten Rt and together In friendship
they will dominate tbo world. The photograph, tiikn In Washington, Mhowa. from left to right .John llarrett, direc
tor of the International' bureau of American republics rtlr George and t,ad Held
ATU. A, C.
Ninth and Tenth Number In Series
on Rural Health to be Given
Tomorrow and Saturday
Professor Jakob Bolln of tho Uni
versity of Utah will bo tho lecturer
for tomorrow and Saturday In th6
course of lectures on Rural Health
and related subjects which tho Agri
cultural College is offering to tho stu
dents and tho people of tho city.
Tho lectures aro open to all and It
Is expected that a full houso will
greet Professor Bolln.
Prof. Bolln will talk tomorrow on
tbo Ideal physical training, and Sat
urday ho will discuss tho naturo of
Prof. Bolln is an eminent author
ity upon tho subjects which ho will
discuss and. tho general public Is
urged to tako advantago of this op
portunity of hearing from such a
splendid authority.
Layton, Nov 12. Alleging that
the Dener & Hlo Grande railway
trespassed upon his property by con
structing a sidetrack, .Tcbso M.
Smith of this city put dynamlto un
der tho track and blow It up. Ills
action Is tho result of a controversy
concerning ono rod of land which
either adjoins or belongs to Smith's
Tho railroad company made sov
oral Ineffectual attempts to construct
tho sidetrack but Smith kept Jealous
guard and prevented work. Ho was
called away to attend to othor busi
ness for a fow days. Upon his re
turn Smith found tbo track laid. No
thing daunted, bo erected a fenco
ncross tho track. Then a freight
train was backed through tho fenco.
This last offense was too much for
tho Irato Smith. In tho broad glare
of daylight, without concealment of
any kind, ho destrojed a section of
the track with dynamite. Tho road
has been repaired ny tho railroad
company. What tho next move will
bo Is uncertain, ,
While Smith claims ownership tho
railroad officials assert tho property
has been owned by the Denver &
Rio Grande for fully eighteen years.
According to Division Superinten
dent N. A. Williams tho roadbed
was formerly used by tho company
for the main track. Mr. Williams
is of tho opinion that no action will
bo taken against Smith.
m m -
Constantinople, Nov. 12. Tho port
has applied directly to (Bulgaria,
seeking to arrange an armistice, ac
cording to tho reports current In
tho capital.
Seventeen soldiers and ono officer
who fled before tho enemy at Kirk
Killsseh were executed this morn
ing In tho outskirts of tho city. Tho
death sentence has spread panic
among tho most of tbo troops.
Tho sheiks havo been agitating
for tho Issuance of an imperial de
cree, ordering tho reading of certain
verses of tho Koran nnd reciting
verses which would greatly incrcaso
tho labor of tho Imperial court and
other departments nlready over
whelmed with work.
An open loter written by Prince
Soba Heddln nnd addressed to tb
sultan Is published In tho form of a
pnmphlet nnd sold In tho strcetB,
Tho proceeds will go to tho benefit
of tho Red Cross society and tho
pamphlet has been bought eagerly.
The prlnco says In substanjo tho
enemies of tho country aro not tho
I'nlknn stntcs, "but wo ourselves,
who havo proved In capablo of gov
erning tho country. If we take les
bou from past errors, then thero Is
hopo of Improvement."
San FranclBco,"Nov. 12. Theodoro
Roosevolt lost his plurality In Cali
fornia 'for about thirty minutes to
night and then regained It, as addi
tional official returns camo In. For
half an hour Wilson was credited
wltli being fifteen votes ahead. Tho
total vote at 10 o'clock stood Roose
volt 282,042,, Wilson 282,032
Dr. Stntes of Franklin was In
town yesterday having come hero to
porform an operation for appondlclt
Is on his uncle D. D. Statoi, of Ely
Nevada. Mr. Statos rallied well
from tho oporatlon Dr. States re
turned homo this evening.
Tho decided Incrcaso In tho num
ber of students this week Is very
leaBng. Thljs (Increasi comes ns
a result of tho wlntor courso regis
tration A great many who wero pro
vented from entering at tho begin
ning of tho year on nccount of tho
lateness of tbo season, nro taking
(itlvnntneo pf tio opiportunltyf tyio
Wlntor Courso gives, In registering
for a full semostor's work.
PreBldont Llnford was In Salt Lake
City the first of tho wcok attending
a meeting of tho church board of
Professor A. E. Bowen raado a
trip to Malad, Idaho this week on
Tho interest In basketball is al
ready at a very high pitch. Tho clas
scries resulted In a victory for tho
fourth year class, thoy having suf
fered no defeat. Monday afternoon
a team chosen from all tho othor
classes succeeded by tho very closo
scoro of 24 to 23. in turning tho ta
bles on tho fourth year team. This
afternoon another gamo 111 bo
played In which tho fourth year's
expect to regain their supremacy.
Joseph E. Cnrdon spoko to tho
studonts yesterday morning in de
votional. Ho showed, in a very in
teresting way, tho necessity of effi
cient lenders In tho world.
Madrid, Nov. 12 Joso Cnnalejas
Mondas, tho prlmo mlnlstor whom
Spain regarded as ono of tho great
est statesmen was shot and killed
today by a J bung anarchist Manuola
Pardlnas. Tho assassin attempted
suloldo and It was at first thought
ho was dead, but wbon ho had been
carried to a hospital ho was found
to bo living.
Ko event slnco tho throwing of
tho bomb nt tho carriago of King
Alfonso on May 31, 1908, whllo tho
king wns returning from tho church
aftor his marriage, has caused such
general consternation and such pub
lic sympathy.
So far as can be learned tho as
Fasslnation seems to bo In no way
part of a widespread political plot
or revolutfonary movement, but an
Isolctod cTlmo.
Member of the Fair Sex Will Wield ,
the Official Pen at the College. j ,M
Splendid Student Staff So- M
lected to Assist Upon ,, H
"Student Life." ' 'H
For tho first tlmo in iho history n M
of tho Utah Agricultural Collcgo a I J M
woman has boon selected to fill tho ' H
important oillco of editor of Studont j . M
iLlfii. ,Tho nppolntmont; was mado W
this wcok by tho oxccutlvo board of ' M
tho student body. Miss Veda Hun- rH
Bnkcr of Honcyvlllo is tho distinguish m
ed joung woman. Miss Hunsakor Is H
a Senior nt tho Collogo this year. H
Sho received bor preparatory, work H
at tho schools In Honoyvlllo and has M
taken all of her advanced work here. i iH
Tho now editor will bo ably as- , M
slstcd by a competent staff mado up M
of Bomo of tho best studonts of tho f M
Collcgo. All of tho positions havo '' M
not been lilted up to tho present, 4 M
but tho prsonnol of tho staff as It , M
now exists is ns follows: SLH
Editor, Veda Hunsakcr; business ;1 M
managor, Losllo Smith; aseoclato ed- i M
Hon, Harold Hagan, Ivan Hobson, i M
B. A. Fowlor; athlotlcs, Gordon Kir- I M
by; locals, Delia Morrell, Davo Sharp W
reporters, Rob. Majors, Elmor Bros- I J M
5 W
Herd of Choice Cattle Leaves For ' t M
Portland, Oregon. Will Be Exhlb- t , H
Ited at the Pacific Internatlon- ' H
a Dairy Show. Stock Judg- y W
Ing Team Will Also H
Attend ! M
Flushed with the victory which a
accompanied their grain Judging Lil
team at tho recent Dry Farming , H
Congress, tho Utah Agricultural Cot- )' H
lego Is preparing to send a stock LH
Judging team to enter tho list In tho H
coming stock Judging contest, a ,H
feature of tho Pacific International 1 'H
Dairy Show, which comes at Port- IH
land, Oregon on tho 18th Instant. H
Tho team Is mndo up of flvo mem- 'ILil
hers all students of tho collcgo. Thoy ,H
aro Sterling E. Price, Clauson Y. H
Cannon, Gordon Klrby, David Sharp "
and Alfred B. Calno. )'H
The team will leave Logan tomor- H
row or Saturday and thoy will bo d'tsl
under tho charge of Prof. John T. IH
Calno III, whllo at tho exhibition. H
Tho team has been trained under 'jisl
the careful supervision of Prof W. J H
E. Carroll of tho College, and they H
aro confident of making a splendid llil
showing In tho contest. a H
Tho choice herd of dairy cattlo ) ; H
belonging to tho individual members jilil
of tho Stato Dalrymon's Association, jfl
which has been housed at tho Col- H
lego hams 'for tho past threo weeks ,H
wns shipped to Portland Tuesday. jH
Tho cattlo aro all In splendid con- ' u H
dltlon and It Is tbo hopo of tho own- I) H
crs that thoy may bo successful In j H
carrying off somo of tho premiums H
from tho samo. i
The following tnblo gives tho voto
by districts In Logan City on the
Precinct Justlco and Constablo as ill
taken from tho official canvass mado vI
by tho County Commissioners: 'H
Justice Constable t'LI
03 Jr o jl
a r 3 M
I , ? m
6 B I "
Logan 1 92 119 00 1G0 S
Logan 2 J5 134 j 02 139 iH
Logan 3 C8 93 G2 98 tS
Logan 4 134 138 123 147 iS
Logan 5 14C 141 113 170 lE
Logan G 79 E5 77 52 iS
Logan 7 114 98 94 110 wM
LoganS 12S 76 113 ,8G JH
Logan 9 135 15G 1171 173 W
lAgan 10 ..v... 159 C9 140 83 Sfe
Totals 1147 110S 1021 120S fl
i tin w f! sH
Luther Howell nnd Mluto Jin. '
of tho Arm of How-oil Qi-ns, CfflMr ,ifl
Company) woro In Salt Lako ClCyIRr l
foro part of tho week making puj'- Jill
chasea for their firm. ,

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