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Provo Plan 't of Organization Being Discussed by Local
Club. Will Help Young to Get Homes on Easy
Terms. Hotel to Receive Attention.
At tbo mooting of the Board f
Directors of thq Commercial Boost
ers Club held Novomber 13, tbo mat
ter of organizing a Homo Building
Benefit Society was discussed con
siderably. Mr. J. E. Cardon, chair
man of the committee appointed
somo tlmo ago to Investigate tbo ad
visability of organizing such a socl-:
oty In Logan, reported very favorably
on tho proposition.
A Homo Building and Benefit Soci
ety was organized in I'rovo In 1901.
Tbo following communication to Mr.
LoRoy Cardon from Mr. P. N. Tay
lor, of Provo, will show what suc
cess thoy havo bad tboro with tho
Provo, Nov. 8, 1912.
Mr. T. Loltoy Cardon,
Logan, Utah.
Dear Sir: At tho request of Mr.
John F. Bennett, I tako pleasure in
reporting that in February 1904, wo
organized tho Provo Building and
Loan Society with fifty-four stock
holders, and paid into tho society to
commence with $2,570. In January
of this' year wo had 489 stockholders
with a paid In capital of $1G4,4C5. It
was necessary to Increase our capital
from $500,000 to $1,000,000. During
the eight years we assisted In tbo
erection of 13C homos. In 1911 our
Interest collected amounted to $11,
494.38; and 'our rovonues for 1912,
Interest and new stock subscribed,
will amount to something over $44,
000, giving us working capital until
next year amounting to $208,000. Wo
havo been able to declare dividends
In round numbers at 8 per cent.
v Of course you understand that tho
' $) naturo of tho organization Is that nil
1m the officers work without pay. ex
cepting tho secretary. Wo paid our
secretary something like $15.00 n
month for tho first year and havo
been increasing him from year to
year until wo aro at present paying
him $50.00 a month.
At tho rate wo aro going wo will
havo In tho neighborhood of 170
homes that tho little society has
helped to build during Its llfotlmo,
at the close of the year 1912. You
will readily catch tho spirit of tho
organization. It helps young men
to get homes by monthly sayings In
a way that would be Impossible for
them to get otherwise, as itholr dues
and interest are only a llttlo mor
than tho rent would bo. Of courso
I It Is necessary for tbem to get their
land and havo some Investment in
the property in order to make it a
safe investment for, the Investor.
I certainly trust that Logan will
start an Institution of this kind and
no one will ever, regret going Into
It. Anything that I can do to encour
age tho starting of such a society,
I certainly shall bo very happy to
do so. Very truly yours,
It was decided that it bo tbo senBO
of tho board of directors of tbo Com
' merclal Boostors Club that wo favor
tho proposition of organizing a Homo
Building and Bcnoilt Society and
that a committee of three bo appoin
ted to arrange for a meeting of tho
public when If enough nro Interested
tho organization will bo Effected.
Tho tlmo of tho meotlng will bo an
nounced later. Thoso soclotles havo
been of tho greatest berioflt to Salt
Lako City and Provo, and should
bo tho same to Logan If operated
proporly and supported by tho peo
ple Wo hear a great deal of talk
about getting moro people here. Why
not promoto something that will
keep our young people boro. Many
leavo because jtboy cannot savo
enough to buy them a homo. If such
tftu socloty were organized It would
bo posstblo for tbo young men to
Washington, Nov. 14, Senator
Isador Raynor of Maryland who has
boen soriously ill for somo tlmo at
his residence hero, had a relapse to
night and his son and members
of their lmmedlato family wero sum
moned .hurriedly to his bodsldo. The
senator has boen sifforlntf from- neu
rit Is. Nows of tho senator's condi
tion wag refused at tho residonco late
gradually puy for their homes with
tho money they aro using to pay
rent. Such a worthy movement
should recelvo tho hearty support of
A communication from Mr. J. I.
Uurnott of Salt Lako City relative
to erecting a modern family hotel In
Logan, was discussed. It was de
cided that Mr. Burnott bo Invited tc
visit Logan and go over tho propo
sition. A commltteo of five will bo
appointed to meet Mr. Burnett when
ho comes and glvo him nil tho assis
tance thoy can.
Tho commltteo to report on tho
now proposed routo between Logan
and Bear Lake will do so at tho
next club meeting on November 20.
Tho city commissioners hold their
regular meeting Thursday afternoon
at which tho city treasurer made her
quarterly report ending September
30th, was accepted.
Georgo W. Lindquist, commission
er on water works, who has been
making a detailed investigation of
water meter rates In other cities,
made a report on his findings and
recommonded that tho rates which
now prevail In this city bo reduced.
Tho recommendation was adopted
and an ordlnanco will bo prepared
in tho near future for tho reduction
of tho present rntcs.
Mayor H. O,. Hayball submitted
tho following recommendation 'which
wns unanimously adopted: . ' '
Nov. 14, 1912
To tho Honorable Board of Comrs.
Logan, Utah.
Gentlemen: As thoro aro sever
al heads of departments In the city
and It seems that thoro Is a dispo
sition on tho part of somo of tho
employees to leavo their work for
ono or moro days without asking por
mission of tho department Supt. I
feel that It will bo for tho best in
terest of Logan City that no employe
be allowed to leave thoir post of
duty without first obtaining permis
sion from tho superintendent of
their respective department.
Respectfully submitted.
Newark, N. J. Nov. 14. Tho as
sertion that Woodrow Wilson wns the
only presidential candidate who owes
nothing to tho Mormon vote was
made by Miss Elizabeth Vermllyo In
nn addrcBSo at th0 meotlng of tho
Women's Homo Missionary socloty
of tho Methodist Episcopal confer
ence. Miss Vermllyo pointed out that
tho president-elect may bo able to
do moro than any other man has
dono In overthrowing tho political
power of Senator Reed Smoot and
his following.
Referring to tho recent presiden
tial campaign she said:
"Tho candldato who was elected
to tho presidency last Tuesday Is
tho only candldato who owes noth
ing to tho Mormon voto. Somo of
his workers suggested a Mormon
plank, but ho declined to havo ono.
Instead, ho gavo his encouragement
to thoso who aro endeavoring to
havo tho facts Known. Our prcsldonf
elect owes nothing to tho Mormon
voto, and can, If ho will, do more
for the ovorthrow of tho political
power of this organization than any
othor man could have dono. If tho
senate Is to bo Democratic, perhaps
tho powor of Reod Smoot with his
arbitrary methods as head of tho pub
licity bureau, will bo destroyed and
Georgo E. Popo of Cornish was In
town paying his taxes yesterday.
Ho reports that most of tho beets
have been dug and shipped at Cornish.
Photographs of the Panama Canal, Giving an
Idea of ItsiPresent State of Completedness.
l'i . Aliitirii'UIl IVuBS Association
Tlmt the I'nimiiM cunul t.i nuurinscoiiipletl-ui t c-xluum trom me oillciiu niinouuceuient tliat Me Ural snip will
.um through tlu ureut waterway lens than n yi'iir heme flic upper picture -"hows the double channel of tho Mlra
Uores Iick8 mill also the center wall nilchrn cut I- h.mi hi Him li-tiiiice Tim other picture mIiou-h tbe Inner gat
of tbe lock ut fintun This Ik one of the I.ikmi rit lock wlici veMin will lie mliecl mid lowered.
Smlthflold, Nov. 15. Much sympa
thy la felt for Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Doudlo of Benson ward In tho loss
of their only daughter. Tho little
threo-year-old girl was found face
down In a water box containing about
six Inches of water. The supposition
is that tho child must havo choked
and then fallen Into tho trough, as
a pieco of meat was found in tho
child's mouth, and ordinarily a child
at that ago could have gotten out.
Tho mother Is In a precarious con
dition and Is nearly overcomo with
tho grief. Mrs. Doudlo was formerly
Lettlo Miles of this city.
Tho soml-annual Relief Society
conferonco was held In tho Second
ward tabornaclo yesterday. A good
attendance, fine lunch nyd excellent
talks all holpcd to mako tho occa
sion a pronounced success.
Tho most notablo social function
of tho week was tho ontortalnmont
given In tho Pandora club by Miss
Nellie Pilgrim. The girls left our
city on tho C:1d car for Logan. Prior
nrrangemonts had been mado with
Mr. Murdock to servo a delicious
supper. Tho picture shows wero
then attended. Tho girls aro loud
in their pralso of tho excellent en
tortalnment. Tno following girls
wero among tho ones to enjoy tho
outing: Nolllo Pilgrim, Gladys Far
roll, Ollvo Roskelloy, Lavon Cragun,
Mnrgaret and Sarah Romnoy, Lola
Fnrroll, Eva Foisted, Rlnda Cham
bers, May Smith, Magglo and Rno
Noble, Selma Peterson, Virginia Dan
lelB, Violet and Lily Peterson, Leila
Whito and Vella Merrill.
Tbo Misses Allco Done and Mozol
la Raymonds names appear on tho
collego roll of honor at tho A. C.
this month.
Tho marriage announcements have
been made public of George 0 En
sign and ,Mlss Gladys Farroll, David
Roskelley and Miss Vera Plowman,
to take placo on Noverabor 27.
The Woolford homo was tho sceno
of a merry crowd on Saturday eve
ning last, when Mr. Woolford was
agreeably surprised by a number of
his friends. A dainty luncheon was
Sheriff Crookston of Logan spoko
at tbe Betterment League meeting
last night. Many subjects very im
portant to parents were discussed.
Theso meetings will bo held once a
month, to which all citizens aro urg
ed to attend.
Tho A. C. will conduct a farmers
round up and housekeeping confer
ence In our city for ono week com
mencing November 25. A goodly
crowd should embrace this oxcollcnt
Miss Elelso Hill wont to Logan on
Wednesday last to recelvo medical
nld for stomach trouble.
Mrs. Ann Thomas of Preston for
merly of our city, had n finger am
putated on account of blood poison
caused by running a wlro into It.
Mr. Georgo Heaps is expected
homo In tho near future.
Messrs Ralph and Sam Thornloy
havo Just finished several now rooms
There bouses nro a credit to our
Sacramento, Cal Nov. 14. Cana
dian authorities and th0 San Francis
co police havo dovlaed a way to get
Jack Black, alias Harry Klein, back
Into tho United States to sorve a
twenty-flvo-year sentence for murder
ous assault, with treaty violations.
Klein escaped from tho San Francis
co county Jail while en routo to pris
on and fled to Lethbrldge, Alberta,
whoro ho Is held, charged with pock
et picking. Ho could not bo extra
dltcd for Jail breaking under tho trea
ty, so the Canadian officers havo
agreed to shovo him over tbo lino
Into Moutnna, where San Francisco
officers armed with oxtradltlon pa
pers on the. governor of Montana will
bq waiting. Governor Jbhuaon Issued
the requisition today,
Latest Fgures 8how That Roosevelt
Has Plurality of Fifty-three
Over Wilson
San FranclBco, Nov. 14. With but
ono precinct missing and only nlno
counties, remaining to bo canvassed
officially, California gavo Roosevelt
today a plurality over Wilson of 60.
Tho final result remained, however,
in tho keeping of three populous
counties which had not certified to
their returns.
In Los Angeles county, tho best
unofficial Information was that Wil
son had gained 72 votes on a can
vass of tho county nearly completed.
In Alameda county, containing tho
cities of Oakland and Borkoloy, sim
ilar sources gavo Wilson 32. In Snn
Frnnclsco, although Democratic head
quarters announced a Wilson gain of
34, tho registrar bolloved that cor
responding clerical errors in tho
Roosovelt column would leavo tho
net result negative.
In tho missing mountain precinct
tho registration records show 12 Re
publican voters ono Socialist and
ono recluso who refused to state his
party affiliations. Not reckoning this
precinct, Wilson had an unofficial
lead of 50 votes.
In point of fact, no figures that
can now bo compiled seem of much
valuo, Tbo highest Republican or
Democratic elector In ono county Is
shown by tho roturns not necessarily
to be tho highost In anothor county
so that a split electoral representa
tion Is almost ccrtnln and how Cali
fornia has gone will not bo known
until tbo secretary of stato certifies
to tho voto by Individual electors and
It appears whethor Wilson or Aoose
velt has a majority of tho delegation.
Christian Soronson of Mendon was
hero on business yestorday.
Sugar Factories Yesterday !H
Paid Over Quarter Million 'M
Dollars. 'M
i 'H
Tho largest payroll of tho season I ,' jH
In Cacho valloy wns tho ono In which '', 'H
tho farmers participated yestorday, ' H
when tho two sugar factories dlstrlb- I H
utcd In pny chocks for boots upward 'H
of $325,000. Tho Logan factory dls- j H
burscd approximately $150,000 and H
tho Lowiston factory disbursed np- H
proximately $175,000. Theso checks H
gladdened tho hearts of many n bard .H
working man of tho valloy. Tho beet H
crop Is practically tho only source of ' H
Inconio to many of tho farmers and H
consequently they havo largo bills i ' ;
to meet for expenses during tbo sum- ' H
mor. Tbo throo banks of tho city 1 , H
wero rushed nil afternoon as woll ) , H
as tho county trensuror who was, i iH
busy stamping "paid" on tho tax no- ' H
tlccs of sufficient persons to bring ' H
his tax receipts up to nearly $20,000. !J (H
This lias been a very satisfactory I H
year all around for tho farmor and i IH
factory. Good crops havo boon pro- 'V '. ;H
duccd from which both benefit. At ,H
present beets aro being brought in jH
at n good rato. Somo of tho haul- !H
era, h'owover, aro not taking proper iH
pains to rellovo tho beets of tbo dirt 'H
which hangs to them In tho digging. H
In somo cases tho beets aro frozen ,H
which could bo avoided if thoy wero H
properly covorcd. The factory man- , H
agoment Bays that tho farmers In i jH
most cases arj taking notlco of tho jH
wnrnlng recently Issued about tho ', !H
propor caro of tho beets and aro jH
doing about nil posslblo for their ''
protection. '' KH
Salt Lako City, Nov. 15. '"'
Publication was given reports yes- h B
terduy to tho effect that Mayor Sam- J: jj H
uel C. Park contemplated resigning -. B
In tho near future Mayor Park said j ; HJ
last night that ho had contemplated , HJ
resigning but tho contingency which ) HJ
may necessitate his resignation had HJ
not yet arisen. Ho doclared that bo HJ
far as ho know at tho present tlmo ,t H
ho would contlnuo as mayor for somo j i H
' tlmo. Tho mayor admitted that , H
thoro was a possibility of his resign- : ' M
ntton somo tlmo in tho future, but in- j j H
tlmated that tne matter was very In- i H
dellnlto at present. . ' H
Mayor Park has extensive business H
Interests that aro said demand his H
attention. Ho accepted tho nomlna ' ' H
tlon for mayor a year ago reluctant- H
ly, stating at that time that his bust- '.j M
ness Interests were such that ho '(j? H
could HI afford to mako tho necossary fl H
personal sacrlflco to act as mayor. )H U
Somo weeks ago Mayor Park was In J H
poor health and at that tlmo It was H
stated that ho contemplated roslgn- rI H
Ing. His health, however, Is now Im 11 M
proved. j M
Tho triul Jurors for tbo Novomber V M
torm of tho First Judicial District ! H
court, first caso of which is called j M
for tbo 25tn Inst, havo been drawn M
as follows: M
Richmond Georgo E. Doty, An- M
drew B. Allen, Parley II. Nelson, M
and Lewis McCarrey. M
Hyrum Henry Danlelson, Ivor ,, M
Nielsen, T.' W. Peterson, W. D. f H
Rose, Georgo W. Allen, and Albert j H
J. Williams. l
Logan H. G. Peterson, William i'B
J. Dowdle, Heber J. Carlisle John 'M'lfl
H. Moaor, Harry Stonoy, Honry.Lun- 'tl
dahl, Fred Crane, T. G. Lowe, Nols Pflfl
Carlson, Noah Larson, Fred McNoll, , hR
Samuel Adams, Charles Edelfson, J. (R
Charles Johnson and Frank Pendlo- WM
ton. yjH
Cornish Georgo E. Popo. V
Smlthflold Andrew Munk, Erlck K
Lundqulst, Oliver Nielsen.. ivL
Mlllvlllo J. B. Humphreys. !aP
North Logan Marlnus Anderson. ,
Wollsvlllo Thomas W. Archbald, , H
David A. Lolshman, and R. J. Kerr, H
Hydo Park Stophon Thurstoa. H
Collpge James Nelson. , ' M
Mendon William I. Sorenson. , H
Pnradlso David J. James. 'H
Trovldenco William J. Chuec tH
Nowton Andrew Parsons. . i il

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