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H !..
Hr On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. E. P.
H Bacon entertained with a prettily
H- appointed Informal bridgo luncheon.
H Tbo tablo was decorated with pink
H nnd whlto fcranlum blossoms nnd
B,' mnldon hair fern. Covers wero laid
B for Mrs. D. C. Thatcher, Mrs. A.
' I L,. Cole, Mrs. 0. U. Smith, Mr.i. J.
B E. Shcpard, Mra. E. W. Itobln3oa,
B. Mrs. II . 0. Noboker, Mrs. Georgo
B Torgcson. Prizes wore awarded to
B Mrs. Nebckcr and Mrs. Torgcson.
H . On Tuesday evening a number cf
H friends gathorcd at the homo of Mr.
H and Mrs. John Itoza on Second South
H street. During tho evening they pro-
H sentcd Mr. and Mrs. Itoza with a
H set of whlto and gold china. Mrs.
H J. P. Smith planned tho party and
H in ovcry appointment was success
Hl fully carried out. About eighteen
H guests wore present.
H ' Last Saturday evening Dr. Ruck-
, cnbrod entertained at dinner in lion-1
H .
or of Dr. and Mrs. l. M. Brum
baugh and th6 local dentists at tho
Eagle Hotelj Tbo tables wore deco
rated with cut flowers. Covers wero
laid for about twenty.
Mr. II. E. Crockett entertained
tho Sunday School board at Mur
dochs Tuesday evening after their
regular meeting.
Last Friday afternoon Mrs. II. A.
Pcdorson entertained with a Kenslng"
ton at her homo on Third South. Tho
rooms were decorated with carna
tions nnd ferns. In a guessing game
prizes wero awarded to Mrs. P. M.
Nlolsen, Mrs. Arcnt Johnson, Mrs.
J. P. drirrin. Delicious refreshments
woro served. ThoBo present wero:
Mrs. Frank Palmer, Mrs. A. II.
Palmer, Mrs. Hal Farr, Mrs. N. W.
Hawcs, Mrs. Goorgo Flster, .Mrs.
N. A. Larscn, Mrs. Steven Hail
stone, Mrs. James Thomas, Mrs. J.
S. Calderwood, Mrs. Nclsen, Mrs.
Johnson, Mrs. Qrlffln. .
Mrs. W. , McLaughlin enter
tained with a children's party In
honor of hor Uttlo daughter Anna's
birthday anniversary Tuesday after
noon. Tho rooms wero decorated
with chrysanthemums. Aflor a num
ber of games were played dainty re
freshmlnts wero served. Fifteen Ut
tlo guests had tho plcnsuro of tho
On Snturday evening, tho sons
of Mr. John 'ihorpo entertained In
honor of his 82nd birthday anniver
sary at tho homo or J. Ill Thorpe.
Conversation music and refreshments
occupied tho time.
A very successful Sunday School
conference was held at tho Fourth
ward chapel last Sunday morning
nnd evening. Tho different depart
ments gave representative lessons,
which showed careful attention of
teachers, and manifested tho inter
est they nro taking In thnt work
E'lnbornto preparations nro being
modo by tho A. C. Woman's club for
tho Charity Ball which will bo giv
en by them early in December at the
Misses Emma Smith, Clare Parker,
Prudence Roberts, Venico McAllIston
dcorglna HniiBen, Cola. Hill, of tho
Eighth grado at tho Lowell school
Bcrved a breakfast Tuesday morning
Tho tnblo wnB decorated with ferns.
Covers wero laid for six.
I I The H. G Hayball Merc. Co.
H Annual Thanksgiving Sale
H This year wc will hold our annual Thanksgiving Sale, beginning today NOV. 14th to
H ( NOV. 30th. This will give you Fifteen days in which to secure all your Thanksgiving
H wants at Reduced Prices. This is a rare opportunity for every family in this town and
H county to lay in their winter supplies and at the same time save money. For particulars
H sec our hand bills.
f Manufacturers ff
Consisting of Ladies SuitsjISajBf t)
Coats, Furs, Dresses anHHRRHF
Skirts. All the latest styles TE2flBpj
H Ready ToW ear Department
Vj I If you purchase these goods, it means a saving to you of
H I 25 to 50 Per Gent Over Regular Prices
flj 1 Ladies Wool Sweaters, Regular Price Ladies Wool Neck Scarfs Regular i
' 1 $2.50, Special Sale Price 7C Prices $1.25 to $2.00. - - OC j
H I each I J Special sale Price each - ZvJ'
H 1 Misses and Childrcns Caps. Prices Ladies Wool Shawls worth $1.00 to j
H I range from 50c to $1.50. OC $2.50. Special Sale Price "7C
H I Special sale Price each- - - Lv Each 45c to ( J I
H I L. D. S. Garments, all weights, For Men And Women
I Prices - $1.00 to $2.00
I Our Toyland in The Basement
H I Is now open and we would cordially invite you to inspect our
H B display of holiday goods. It will pay you to call early and make
H I your selections. A small payment will hold your goods, and
I you save the rush. We have spared no pains or expense in
getting together the largest and most complete line of Toys and
Holiday novelities ever shown in Utah.
1 5155 West Genter St.
Mr. and Mrs. George Colo an
nounce tho engagement of their
daughter Lettio to Mr. C. II. Soi
enscndf'Salt Lako Tho marrlae.o'
to tnko place, late fn' Novorabor. y
On Monday evening tho Third
year's ot tho Agricultural Collego
entertained with a dancing party in
tho Woman's Gymnasium. Ferns and
potted plants wero effectively used
to decorate tho gymnasium. Refresh
ments wero served. Besides tho
members of the class a few Invited
guests were Included.
Another attractive class party at
the Agricultural Collego wob tho ono
given by tho Fourth year's Saturday
evening. This was also given at the
Woman's Gymnasium which was ar
tistically.' decorated for tho occasion.
Refreshments wero served from a
tnblo decorated with cut flowers.
Dancing was enjoyed until midnight.
The Wobycn Society met Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. Fred Schado.
Supt. Molyneaux gave a very instruc
tive nnd interesting talk on "Laws
of Mental Growth. Prof. W. O.
Robinson gave a vocal solo. Deli- I
clous refreshments wero served by
tho hostess. Mrs. Minnie Isgren '
was guest of tho afternoon. ,
Tho A; C. Woman's Club mot ;
Monday afternoon at tho homo of
Miss Mnrgaret Wilkinson with Miss
Charlotto Kylo as hostess. Arnold
nennett and his book "Tho Old
Wives Tales" was tho program for
th afternoon. Mrs. Tectzel gave
nn interesting sketch of Arnold Bon
net, nnd ably rovlowed tho book. Re
freshments wero served by tho hos
tess. .
Tho Clio Circle mot this week with
Mrs. Hendrlckson. Tho Itnlian drama
was noxt in order in tho Clio Circle
year book. Mrs. W. O. Robinson
very ably discussed tho leading char
acteristics of tho Itnlian drama and
to illustrato read Gutsoppo Glacoso's
masterpieco "As tho Leaves." Mrs.
Robinson explained Lowin Glacosa is
ono of tho most characteristic and
representative dramatists of tho mod
em Itnlian school. Mrs. Marshall
gave tho vocal solo "Could I" by Pas
tl. Tho hostess served refreshments
Tho guests of tho afternoon wero: .
Mrs". II. O. Nebeker, Mrs. E. S.
Budge, Mrs. E. W. Robinson, Mrs.
B. G. Thatchor, Mrs. Walter Mc
Laughlin, Miss Ida Sa'vago.
! The Joseph Smith Camp of the
Daughters of tho Pioneers met Tucs
I day afternoon at tho homo of Mrs.
H. P. Barber. Mrs. W. D. Cran
I ney, gnvo the lesson on tho ancient
j pioneers. Mrs. Isaac Smith, tbo
j chapter on tho Life of Wlltord Wood
s ruff. Mrs. Adeline Barber gave somo
I Interesting remlnescence3. Mrs.
j Marshall gave a vocal solo, Miss Ade
lino Bnrber gave a piano solo. De
licious refreshments wero served.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Georgo L. Farrell,
announces the engagement of thoir
daughter. Gladys to Georgo C. En
sign of Ogden. The marriage to tnko
place November 27 in tho Salt Lake
Mr. Joseph M. Howell of Salt
Lako spent Thursday and Friday
5 Mr. Guy Aloxnnder of Hober City
6 spont tho mid week horo, guest of
H Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Thatcher.
1 ."
i Mr. J. W. Mlllor of Salt Lako
H spont tho week hero.
A Mrs. Georgo Fistor spent Thurs-
A day nt Hdo Park.
Mrs. Julia II. N'ibley spont the ear
jjj ly port of tho weok in Salt Lako.
ft Mr. Grant Brown loft Wednesday
for Ogden.
n i '"
Notice Is horoby given that Logan
1 City proposes to lssuo and sell forty
1 Refunding Bonds dated'Decomber 31,
1012, of tho denomination of ono thou
sand dollars each bearing interest
at tho rato of flvo per cent per an
num, payablo semi-annually, principle
payable twenty yoars aftor dato with
out option of propaymont. All bids
must bo scaled in an envclopo mark
ed on tho outsldo "Bid on Bonds."
Each bid shall carry with it as a
guaranteo of good faith a ccrtlflod
check on' a local bank for ilvo por
cent ot tho amount ot said bid.
I No qualified bids will bo consider
ed. Tho city reserves tho right to
rcfuso nny and nil bids.
BldB must bo filed with tho City
Rocordor not later thnn live o'clock
p, m. December 10, 1912.
Logan City Corporation,
By order of its Board ot Commis
sioners. MAE BENSON,
City Recordor.
(Advert! tememL)
"Why does Miss Schrccchcr close
her eyes when sho sings?"
"Perhaps sho has a tender heart."
"I don't quite understand."
"Maybe sho can't bear to seo how
wo suffer." Birmingham Ago Her
ald. Joy riders should form a glee club
of theier own.
ItchI Itchl Itch! Scratch- Bcratch!
Tho more you scratch the worso tho
Itch. Try Doan's Ointment. It cures
piles, eczema, any skin itching, All
druggists Bell It.
In tho word "debtor" tho "o" Is
usually long.
Doan's Rcgulots c ro constipation,
tonic tho stomach stimulate tbo liv
er, promoto digestion and appetite
and easy passage or tho bowels. Ask
your druggist for them. 25 cents a
Twinges of rhoumatlsm, backacho,
stiff joints and shooting pafns all
show your kidneys aro not working
right. Urinary irregularities, loss ot
sleep, nervousness, weak back and
soro kidneys tell tho nocd ot a good
rellablo kldnoy medicine Foley's
Kidney Pills aro tonic, strengthening
and restorative. They build up tho
kidneys and regulato. their action.
Thoy will give you quick relief and
contain no habit forming drugs. Safe
and always sure. Try them. Co-op
Drug Store.
Tho self seekers have no tlmo to
seek tho truth.
A woman's lovo cannot be capri
cious and capacious..
BjjJ For All PUrpcw Jf
1 Do not use medicine filled to order over again without consulting 1
f us or your doctor. Keep bottles well corked In a dark dry place Al-f
A ways follow directions on tho label, carefully. 1
i J" Mm. HELP YOUR DOCTOR by oxer fa
I WfeS'l scrlption is properly filled It will T
iBsSwSvJrrMflalj'M W0 fll1 Prcscr,DUons and If your 1
Knjrcrafe'S physician has overlooked to dl- T
lBu,lV Tn?ThC0; ttDRJJ0 co-
Making Hens That Lay
Are Sure to Pay
When they stop laying
it is a sign of the lack of .
Poultry egg makinS materials.
Increase your product by
giving them our POULT
, gether with liberal feeding
. to get results
jjjl 25 and 50c
Rilef Bros. Drug Co.
A IxbTi x rlt$!''n"nna AfssHsstl
To Those 3
Coprilf hi 1909, br C. E. Zlmmetmin Co.No. 2
"p HE days of the month present no ter-
ror to those who with sufficient fore
sight, have started a bank account. Fop)
regardless of the day when an obligation falls due, they may
meet it with equanimity, so the morrow is always a day of joy,
Capital SIOO OOO.OO. Surplun fll.OOO.UO. Umpuuttm S5oo,ooa.
Prteldont, THOMA8 SMART, Cashlar, ALLAN M. FLEMING,
Vlts-Prei., JAME8 QUAYI.E, Ass't. Cashier, H. K. CROCKETT,
tnd Vie Pre in JNO. H. ANDERSON.

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