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May Mean the Connecting Link
Between Cache and Utnh
Counties. Ecclcs May
Consider The
Salt Lako City, Nov. 17. Negotia
tions for tho salo of the Salt Lako
& Ogden railroad, commonly known
as tho Dambcrgcr electric lino aro
under way, and Simon Bamberger,
owner of tho road has agreed to sell
his property to M. B. Harely of
Chlcngo for $3,750,000. Tho salo of
tho road depends largely on whether
David Eccles will placo a prlco on
his electric lines In Ogdcn and north
ward that Is within tho limit set by
tho prospective eastern purchasers.
This, Mr. EccleB said yesterday,
ho had refused to do, saying that ho
was too busy to spend his tlmo with
offers to buy his property that wero
not accompanied by caBh payments.
Mr. Eccles said that nothing look
ing tow'nrds tho salo of tho lino be
tween Ogden and Brlghara would bo
done at present. Continuing, Mr.
Eccles said:
"It Is truo certain parties have
asked to purchaso my Interests, but
1 have been "approdched bo often to
sell that I will not consider a prop
osition unless there Is somo substan
tial backing, I was In Salt Lako yes
terday nnd was visited by parties
who said they wanted to buy my
railroad Interests, but I am skepti
cal In this matter and will not say
whether I will sell until I seo tho
"I cannot wasto tlmo with these
peoplo nnd will not lot them inter
fere with my business. If I get my
price I will sell. Mr. Hcroly was
in tho city today on this matter but
nothing was definitely decided upon
. I fcipU no negotiation entered Into.
' Mr. Bamberger's offer to sell at
$3,750,000 wa3 made several weoks
ago to Mr. Heroly, formerly general
manager of tho Chicago cast side
traction lines, who Is now In Salt
Lake working on tho deal which It
I consummated will eventually lncludo
an interurban system that will tako
In tho principal towns of Cache, Box
Elder, Wober, Davis, Salt Lako and
Utah counties.
Mr. Heroly, after .completing his
understanding with Simon Bamberg
er relative to the proposed sale, mot
David Eccles at tho Hotel Utah, and
lator went to Ogden, where ho made
a careful though hurried examination
of tho Ogden Rapid Transit com
pany's lines; returning to Salt Lake
at 8 o'clock In tho evening and hold
' lng another conference with Mr.
it Barabcrgor.
Although Mr. Bamberger refused
to give a direct answer to tho Ques
tion as to whether any salo had been
made he did make positive state
ments that In thomsolves could leavo
no doubt that no transfer had been
made, although ho has high hopes
tat is offer of to railroad at $100,000
a mllo will bo accepted. Tho Salt
Lako & Ogden railway is capitalized
at $1,500,000 all tho stock being com
mon and practically all held by Mr.
ilamborger. Three years ago a bond
issue of $2,000,000 was authorized
and $1,150,000 In bonds placed. This
money was used largoly In tho elec
trification of tho lino, including a
steam power plant at Lagoon and for
new electric cars.
I Tho power plant was sold flvo
I weeks ago to tho Utah Light & Pow
I er company, which has been purch
I nBing olectrlo plants In Utah during
the last few months. Tho sale of
I tho Lagoon plant was for $152,000
land at tho timo tho Bamberger lino
mado a contract for powor with tho
purchasers covering a long period.
I I' L. Dame who has been ropro-
sontlng cnpltu-llats in tho purchaso oT
bower plants to bo merged In tho
)) ptah Light & Railway company said
yesterday that his company was not
interested In tho purchaso of tho
Daraborgor or other Utnh interurban
The application for a fronchiso tor
tho Utah Light & Railway company
for a lino to parallel tho Bamberger
line to Bountiful will havo no boar
lag on tho negotiations now under
way betweon Mr, Horoly and .Mr.
Bamberger according to Mr. Heroly,
who said last night that his and all
H t .Continued on page olght)
Institute Held and Committees
Appointed on Debating and
Athletics. May Adopt
Uniform Dress for
' Graduates.
The Cacho County teachers Insti
tute was held on. Saturday at tho B.
Y. Collego woro tho county school
teachers met and listened to an in
structive lecture on mind develop
ment by Professor J. E. Hickman of
tho B. Y. Collego faculty. Other
features of tho program wero lec
lures by Miss W. E. Peterson, mu
sic supervisor and MIs8 Claro Kro
mer, primary supervisor.
Committees on nthlotlcs and de
bating for tho county high schools
wero appointed and a commltteo on
public athletics was also appointed.
Theso committees aro composed as
High school commltteo on debat
ingprincipal Lewlston high school;
L. V. Lnrsen, principal Richmond
high school; Orson Christiansen,
principal Smlthfleld high school; II.
R. Adams, principal Hyrum hlch
school; Osmond Justeson, principal
WoIIbvIIIo high school.
' High school commltteo on athlet
icsHenry Plant, Richmond high
school; Ivan Egbert, Smlthfleld high
school; Melvin Smart, Hyrum high
school; James Stowart, Wellsvlllo
high school; James Osmond, Lewis
ton high school.
Commltteo on public school ath
leticsRay Hovcy, Millville; W. V.
Brown, Paradise; J. W. Klrkbrldc,
A commltteo was appointed to
mako recommendations to tho princi
pals at tho next institutes on tho ad
visability of adopting a uniform dress
In tho county for county graduates.,
Evidently Mayor II. O. Hayball
touched tho tender spot of somo ono
of tho city employees when ho called
a halt on their leaving town for two
or three days at a timo without get
ting permission from tho superinten
dent In charge of tho department.
Anyhow each of tho commissioners.
Including tho mayor, received an ani
mus letter calling attention to the
Junketing of tho city fathers to avoid
tho regularly appointed sessions of
tho commlsioncrs, which according
to law must bo nt least four times
a week. Tho letter received by tho
mayor Is as follows:
Logan, Utah, Nov. 1C, 1912
Mr. Honry Q. Hayball,
City Commlsloner.
Dear Sir: Of late most of tho
mombers of city commission havo
Bhown a decided preference for Jun
keting trips, either nnd thither, and
tho ovldonco of tho legally required
sessions of tho commission. As
this sort of conduct is bound to en
gender feelings of envy nnd discon
tent In tho breasts of tho tollers In
tho various departments of tho city
government, I feol that it will bo for
tho best Interests of tho city for
you to curb this seething ambition
to gad about at tho expense of tho
municipality. ,
Trusting that It will bo unneces
sary to refor to this matter again.
I nm yours, dlstrcsscdly,
Tho flro department was called out
yesterday morning, a flro having beon
started at tho resldonco of L. S.
Smart on South First West street.
Before tho nrrlval of tho department
wagon howover, tho flames had been
extinguished with but Httlo damage.
Tho flro started from n dofectlvo
On Wednesday evening thoro will
bo given a freo lecturo at Nlbloy Hall
for men ouly. Prof. John T. Miller,
editor of Tho Character Builder, will
bo tho lecturer. All boys over tho
ago of 16 years aro cordially Invited.
m i
Mrs. Thomas Rowland gave birth
to a baby girl on Saturday morning
and unfortunately tho baby died dur
ing the afternoon. Burial took place
on Sunday.
Rear Admiral Hugo Osterhaus and View of ,
Starboard Dck of His Flagship, Connecticut.
" I
I'hinii.i .npyi iln. luii. U A mm lain I'ruvx Aamiriunuii ..
Tho L'iuut Ueet of 123 veurwls nsirbt(l lu ttio Iludsou river at Nuw York for tun review I?, President Taft and
Secretary .Meyer of tuo navy aoparuuent ju uudur tho leadership of Hear Admiral Hut'o Osterhaua. comuander In
chief or the Atlaut' fleet. Adiiilnil MiIiiiim liAirnlilp Ij f Connecticut A UhviiI hei itnrbosrd dek looking for--nl
U hIioivij In the llliiNtrittion.
, David Eccles was In tho city yes
terday and was going over tho now
interurban with Manager Robort An
derson. They made a trip touth of
town yosterday as far as Blacksmith
Fork river and took measurements of
tho river with tho view of placing
nn order for a bridge. Mr. Ecclo3
was asked regarding plans and al
though ho would not say anything
about what ho Intended to do In
railroad dovolopmcnt, ho did say
that tho road thus far constructed
is entirely satisfactory and that his
men aro still on tho Job. There
seems to bo no doubt but tho Inter
urban will bo run to Brlgham City
as fast as tho weather will permit
of railroad building. Of courso It
would bo a hard question to give
nny deflnlto nnswors as to when tho
lino will reach Hyrum but wo aro
safo In saying that It will reach that
point Just as quick as Mr. Eccles
can get It thero. Tho road Is now
completed td tho Logan rlvor.
London, Nov. 15. Rnold Amund
sen tho discoverer of tho south polo,
today made public his plans for a
dash to tho north polo, following his
lecture tour In America.
"Wo expect to start from San Fran
clsco In Juno, 1914," said tho oxplor
er "and hopo to get Into tho Ico at
Bering straits by September. Then
wo shall drift perhaps for four years
or flvo years it deponds vory much
how far wo get into the lco tho first ,
year. Wo shall omorgo when tho time ,
comes, between Spltzcnborg and
Greenland. There 1? an immense
amount of work to bo dono In thoso
latitudes that Is purely scientific
work, as sounding, dredging, and
taking meteorological observations.
"I do not propose to tako an aero
piano with me," ho continued, "al
though I havo been offered ono. I
havo alBO been offorcd a wlrolesB In
stallation for my steamer tho From
but I havo also declined that. I do
not caro for it. It Is vory much hot
ter to not havo news when you can
not bo whero news comes from. Wo
aro always moro contented If wo got
no news. Tho good book wo Hko.
Wo exploro that. It Is our best
amusement our best tlmo killer."
Constantinople, Nov. 17. Tho
great battle between tho Bulgarians
nnd Turks Is on all along tho lino
of the Tchatalja fortlflcnttons. Nnztm
Pasha tho Turkish commander In
chief sends the following dispatch
"Tho battlo which commoncod this
morning with an attack by tho Bul
garian Infantry lasted until ono hour
after sunset. The enemy, who ad
vanced chiefly facing our right wing
and our centor, was ropulsed by our
Infantry and .artillery flro. Threo
Bulgarian battorles woro destroyod."
All through tho day tho sound of
tho heavy guns distinctly was heard
In.- Constantinople It ceased onl
with darkueis. 'The firing along tho
entire lino was bvldently preparatory
to an infantry'attack.
Tntf Turkish batlerlos roplled vig
orously. Tho Turkish ships In the
Sea of Marmora shelled tho Bulgar
ian positions. Undoubtedly the flout
In the Black soaalao took part In
tho engagement thdugh details frcm
that point aro locking.
Another largo real ostato deal has
beon mndo. The Cnmpuell block on
Main street is tho property to go
this tlmo. On Saturday ovoning
Messrs R. 1... Campbell and S. F.
Balllf through tho Hatch Real Estate
Agency sold this property to Robort
Murdock for $18,500. This Is ono of
tho finest buildings on Main street.
It is well put up and of courso Mr.
Murdock is proud of his purchase.
Ho had planned to transfer tho Mur
dock Candy Company business to
this block, but will not bo oblo to
do this nt present ns tho Golden
Rule peoplo havo a leaso on tho
ground floor of tho building for two
Flfteen-Year.Old Boy Grows 228
Bushels Of Golden Grain
On An Acre
Columbia, S. C, Nov. 15. Jerry
Mooro, tho champion big corn grow
er of tho world, who has raised 228
bushels and three pecks of tho gold
en grain on a single aero, Is planning
to leavo for tho United States land
Bhow at Chicago whero ho will de
monstrate how It Is possible to have
homo raised hog hominy in overy
houso In tho south. Jor Is only
15 years old but tho boy has opened
the eyos of tho farmers la this re
gion who havo been content with ten
or fifteen bimhols an aero to the
possibility of growing more when
scientific methods aro employod. Sec
ond to Jerry Mooror In tho corn grow
ing competition wag a Rlohlo Odom,
who raised 177 bushols on onoi acre
at a. cost of 23 cents a bushel.
Inspection of Pavement In ' H
Cities of Northwest to , H
Be Made By Local
Citizens. ' H
' l'" I
City Commissioner P. C. Nelson, , iH
Architect Karl Schnub and Olot Ncl- '' H
son representing tho club loft .Sat- i H
urday for tho northwest. They havo H
gouo on a. street paving lnvcstiga- M
tlou tour and will visit a number of H
cities with tho vlow of determining M
tho best pavement suited for tho M
streets of this city. Plans aro un- H
dor way to lay sovoral blocks of r H
strcot paving next season. At pres- , M
cut tho towns of Pocatollo and Ida- ; ' H
ho Falls aro both laying sovoral thou- i ' H
Bands squaro yards of street pave- H
ment nnd thoso towns aro placing I M
bltullthic which Is a somewhat moro - H
expensive pavement than asphalt. i M
Tho compnnlcB interested In inylng , ,1
bltullthic street paving nro doing ox- ,,'i H
tunslvo advertising and ns a conso- ) '
quenco nro placing their process of M
paving In som0 of tho largest cities H
of tho wcBt as well as In tho east. !h
Salt Lako City has both tho ash- iH
phalt and bltullthic paved streets. 1 H
Street pnvlng by tho uso of ashphalt i H
Is an oldor process than bltullthic, ' 'H
this being comparatively spoaklng, , iH
a new process yot whero tried seems j ;
to glvo entiro satisfaction. What ,l
Logan needs Is a pavement that will . j H
not ouly stand under heavy traffic i i iH
but also ono Mint will endure the 5 )H
heavy frosts which they will bo ub- !' 'H
Jcctcd to at this altitude. j H
-" i ;H
. Pittsburg, Nov. 17. Pittsburg t l
ProabytorlaiiB hciird today that Wll- w I il H
Ham Jonnlngs Bryan, tho Domocrat- " '7 I
lo "commoner" bad beon put forward M
by his' church brothron of Nebraska 'i H
uh a cnndldnto for moderator of tho '"' H
general Presbyterian assembly in H
1913. Tho assembly Is to colivono at ( H
Atlanta, On., next May. Mr. Bryan 1 H
as a ruling older of tho church will , H
represent his Presbytery nt tho meet- ' H
Tho Rov. Dr. William McEwan, I )
pastor of tho Third Presbyterian , J H
church of this city, has been promt- l-j H
nently mentioned for sovoral months i H
as tho strongest candidate for mod- 5 H
orator, i H
It is felt hero that If Mr. Bryan '
pormltB his nnmo to remain up aa ' H
a candldato ho will bo a hard man Li H
to defeat for tho honor. ; H
Governor Will Resign Today Sweet- "r
zer Will Name Him To
Position i H
Boise, Nov. 15. dovcrnor James K
II. Hawloy of Idaho nnnounced to- HI
night that ho would resign his olllco, fl H
probably tomorrow. Lieutenant Gov- kjj H
ornor Swoetzer, who Is a Republican ij H
nnnounced that ho would probably, ap 1 H
point Hawley United States senator fl
to succeed tho lato Senator Hoylmm. i
Governor Hawloy" Is a Domocrat. Jjj
Governor Hawloy's decision to ac- tj
cept Uio appointment as United ij
States senator at tho hands of Lieu- hi
tonant Governor Swootzer camo only ffi
after ho was assured by prominent HI
Republicans and Democrats that It iK
was their wish that ho tako tho of- Si!
flco. Among thoso who formally j
asked him to accept the olllco was jjjjj
Republican State Chairman Day.
Tho regular monthly meeting of
tho Commercial Boosters Club will j
bo held next Wednesday Novomber If
20 at 8 p. m. Important reports Kj
from special committees will bo glv- L
en and discussed. A full attendance jTiB
Is desired. j 1
Ii ra
Boise, Nov. 17. Bolso will boast U&
noxt year another now, modern and J
Imposing hostelry in tho Imporlal Jl
building. Tho hotel will be flvo! stor- 'j M
lea high and will cost moro than H
$100,000. Tho hotel will' bo built H
by Ij. P. Kteldnen, a Bolso contract- ' jl

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