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-IIV-VVr'- V "WO . " '
Vm i German Invention 8ald To Render
HcgJ ; Infantry Invulnerable Against
HH Hall of Lead
k. h Berlin, Nov. 15. A light metal
m i , shield, claimed to bo capablo of ron-
KM i dcrrlng Infantry practically Invulner-
H I '; ablo against rlflo bullets, Is said to
Hf i havo been Invented by a German en-
H I glnoor named Schaumann.
HH ' I Volloys flrcd at a dlBtanco of elgh-
Hf I tyflvo yards by tho men of a guard
I regiment during experiments of the
H t , Dahlon rlflo range only slightly den-
M I I ted ono of tho newly Invented plates
M i) equivalent In weight to a plato of
B 1 nickel steel of six millimeters thick-
1 I sees (Just under a quarter of an
' , Inch) . On the other hand, bullets
B , flrcd by tho samo men from a slml-
H lar dlstanco at a plato of nickel steel
seven millimeters thick (over n qunr-
H:, tcr of nu Inch) smoothly ponotratcd
H; ( tho metal.
Tho common plate, which accord-
H -' lng to Die Post, has proved far su-
K pcrlor to nickel steel Is much less
H costly than nickel stcol, whllo Its
H weight is less than onothlrd.
Tho Prussian war minister is tnk-
H ing a lively Interest in tho matter,
H but It Is said that tho United States
Hi Russia and Austria woro represented
H at tho experiments and nro making
B actlvo efforts to sccuro tho Invention.
H Church Officials, Faculty and Stu-
H dents Unite In Celebration
Of Occasion
H Salt Lako City, Nov. 15 President
H Joseph F. Smith, mombcrs of tho
H i h. D. S. board of education, tho
H J faculty, former students, friends and
HJ , tho 800 students of tho L. D. S.
B university Joined in a celebration of
H Pounders' Day yesterday. Rrosldont
V George H. Drlmhall of tho Drlgham
u: ' Young university of Provo mado tho
H principal address. A big parade, a
luncheon In tho basement of Barratt
H hall, athletic sports and games in
H tho gymnasium, and a program in
(Barratt hall wcro features of tho
twenty-sixth anniversary of tho foun-
H ding of tho institution.
H Tho parado opened tho day's eel-
cbratlon. Tho headgear worn by tho
H members of tho different clauses wob
ono of Us conspicuous features. Keen
rivalry had existed for weeks pro-
H vious among tho classes in prepnrn-
H tion of tho hendwear which had to
H bo of paper and cardboard and not
ftj cost moro than ten cents each. Tho
H'J juniors in blue and whlto hats, won
'j tho prlzo for this feature.
H1 Tho principal address of tho day
1 was mado at tho Barratt hall meet-
A. ing by Dr. Drlmhall, his subject be-
Ht ing "Loyalty." Ho discussed tho
H valuo of being loyal to tho school
Bj whero ono is educated. Basketball,
H swimming and other sports wcro fca-
turcs of tho afternoon ovents.
H George W. Glover Declares Christian
H Science Is Not a Religion
B But a Business
Hl Concord, N. U., Nov. 15. Afildn-
H vlts alleging that Christian Science
B Is not a religion, but a prlvatoly
BBBM owned business conducted for money
RBBb'' profit, wcro filed In tho superior
H court today' In tho caso of Gcorgo W.
H Glover of Lend, S. I)., who seeks !
H to havo set aside tho residuary bo-
H quest madn by his mother, Mrs.
H Mary linker Kddy, founder of tho do-
H nomination to tho First Church of
H Christ, Sclontlst of Boston.
H Tho plaintiff In his petition which,
H If allowed would cnuso tho bequest
B estimated at $3,000,000 to rovcrt to
H tho natural heirs says In part that
H "Christian Sclonco Is not n religion,
H but n world business; ,n privately
H owned business conducted by Us own
H ers for money profits to themselves
H and that tho execution of said at-
H tempts trust will result, and was In-
H tended by tho creator of said attompt
H' cd trust to result in tho prlvato po-
H' cuntary profit of tho ownors of said
H "That tho business described in
2 the foregoing, viz: Tho owning, von-
K ding and practicing of tho so called
1 ' 'religion of Christian Science,' as
H taught by Mrs. Kddy, by said lega-
DN teo and its mombers .has on tho
Hfl wholo been grievously harmful to tho
Hf health of tho peoplo of this state
Vl and In tho futuro will conttnuo to
Kl bo harmful, and particularly so if
Hl promoted nsd oxtonded by means of
H Mrs. Eddy's residuary gifts."
Bv Balt Lal0 City, Nov. 16. The an
H nouncement that Andrew Jonson,' as-
HBJ iilsUnt historian of tho Mormon
HflK) thurch, 1b preparing & history of the
BE '
VAVAVf ' i'!ssssHHI
pioneers, has led some of his friends
to bollovo that tho work Is a prlvato
undortuklng on his part. Ho said
yesterday that ho was collecting tho
dato for tho church and that sub
scriptions tq tho history" aro not be
ing solicited.
Mr. Jonson Is In doubt as to when
tho history will bo printed if pub
lished at all. Tho manuscript will
contain a great mass of Information
as to ovents in tho early days of
Kansas City, Nov. 15. Former
Senator Boverldge of Indiana and
Judgo Albert D. Nortonl of St.
Louis, who was tho Progresslvo can
didate for governor of Missouri will
bo tho principal speakers at a ban
quot to bo given horo November 20
by tho Jackson County Progresslvo
club, according to announcement
mado today. Covers for 2000 per
sons will bo laid, tho announcement
says, nnd members of tho Progres
slvo party from all parts of Missouri
nnd Kansas will nttond.
Other speakers on tho program
Governor Stubbs of Kansas, Arthur
Sngcr of St. Louis, William Allen,
Whlto of Emnorla nnd Henry Allen
of Wichita.
W. T. Maddox Will Be Assistant
General Manager; Is From
Los Angeles
Los Angoles, Nov. 15. Rising In
ten years from dispatcher to superin
tendent of tho southern division of
tho Paclflo Electric company, W. T.
Maddox has resigned and left today
for Salt Lako City as assistant gen
eral managor of tho Utnh Light &
Railway company.
Maddox tendered a rousing recep
tion by several hundred employees
of tho Pacific Electric company at
tho employees club rooms last night
wns presented with a thtu-second
Masonic emblem. It contained a two
karat diamond. Maddox was ono of
tho most popular employees of tho
From dispatcher Maddox became
assistant superintendent of the Pa
cific Electric company and left tho
corporation in 190C to accept tho
superlntendency of tho Los Angoles
& Redondo Railway company which
company ho was with until 1911
when ho returned to tho Pacific Elec
tric company as superintendent of
tho southern division.
Tho offlco of assistant general man
ager of tho Utah Light Railway
company has been vacant slnco tho
death of Richard E. Hunt, October
4, 1912. Tho work of tho office since
Mr. Hunt's death has fallen upon
Gonefral Managor Joseph S. Wells,
nnd his chief clerk, W. E. Blodgett.
New York, Nov. 15. Josoph Bush
who killed James A. McNamara in
a fight in Brooklyn September 29,
was sontenced today in tho supromo
court to pay tho widow ?3 a week
for ono year in lieu of spending a
year In Jail. Bush thankfully agreed
to carry out th decree but Mrs. Mc
Nnmava declared sho w'ould not take
a cent from her huBuand's slayer.
Bush was then told to placo tho
money In a savings bank to the
widow's credit. A Jury found Bush
guilty of assault in tho third degree
a few days ago.
' ' y
San Francisco, Nov. 15. An lntl
nintlon of what promises to bo a
sensational eplsodo in tho llfo of Crit
tenden Robinson, champion wing
shot of tho world and until his death
January 18, last a resident of Son
Francisco and Paris, wns rovealod
horo today whon Mrs. Mlnnlo Robin
son, claiming to bo his widow, fllod
a petition for 600 monthly allownnco
from tho ?70,000 estate left by tho
deceased sportsman. A few hours la
tor Mrs. Fannlo M. Robinson whom
Robinson tried in 1888 to divorce,
but failed, fllod her appearanco In
tho estate and domanded that copies
of all papers already executed In
connection with tho property bo turn
ed over to her.
Robinson following a court ordor
directing him to pay his wife $50 a
month for her support, left tho Uni
ted States and took up n rcsldenco
in Paris, wbcro ho became an Inter
national figure by reason of hlo mark
manshlp. Ho returned hero In April
1911, to die.
Don't uho harsh physics. The re
liction woaken-i tho bowels, loads to
chronic constipation. Got Doan's
Regulets. They operato easily, tone
the stomach, cure constipation.
I (AdTevtlseraeL)
There was ono thing that Mr.
Roosovelt had a right to expect on
Tuesday, tho 5th of November and
thnt was tho 66 electoral votes of
West Virginia, Nebraska, New Harap
shlro Wyoming, Michigan, Kansas
and Missouri. For as long ago as tho
tenth of February tho reluctant Col
onel received a letter signed by tho
Governors ot these seven states and
We, tho undersigned Republican
Governors . . . declare It our be
lief, after a careful investigation of
tho facts that n largo majority of tho
Republican voters of tho country fa
vor your nomination, and n largo
majority of tho peoplo favor your
election ns tho next president of tho
United Slates.
Mistaken thqy might bo about the
feeling ot tho rest ot tho country;
but how could tho lenders of tho peo
plo misjudge tho sentiment In their
own communities? Yet of theso sov
en states only ono confirmed tho
opinion of Its governor In tho slight
est degree, nnd even In Michigan tho
misguided Colonel, far from polling
n majority of tho votes has to bo
content with a plurality, being in a
minority of 100,000 In the total. As
If to mako this demonstration of gu
bernatorial fallibility complete, tho
states In which any of tho wise sev
en were themselves running for any
thing save tho verdict against them.
Gov. Aldrlch wns defeated for re
election in Nebraska and Gov. Stubb
of Kansas was cruelly deprived of
tho opportunity to serve his country
In tho senate. New York Evening
Tho country Is seething with poli
tical discontent, In splto of its un
paralleled material wealth and pros
perity. This discontent Is confined to
no particular class or section. Rich
and poor alike, children of fortune
nnd children of poverty havo begun
to lose faith In tho efficacy of their
gdvernment to establish Justice and
promote the general welfare. They
aro not sure where the fault lies;
they are not united as to the rem
edy; but this they know that their
Institutions have been seized by pri
vileged Interests and truned against
them; that subtlo mysterious forces
operating unseen have proved tlmo
after time that their power over pub
lic affairs was greater than tho pow
er of the peoplo ns a vjhole and they
demand that their feoveWient bo
emancipated from this partnership.
Now York World.
Truly tho people wanted a change.
But they wanted It not through a
third term president, but through
the Democracy and Woodrow Wilson.
Thoy saw that the party had boon
purged of error, cured of disunity
nnd given a candldato who could and
did pass through the fierce light that
beats on presidential nominees nnu
como forth triumphant. They know
that the party could bo returned to
power with safety and profit to tho
nation and thoy returned it. Bos
ton Post.
Mr. Wilson will bo a conservative
president In tho best sonso of tho
word; tho Democratic party In that
best senso will bo a conservntlvo par
ty. It would bo blind, Indeed, If It
did not seo that It is only through a
wise conservatism that It can retain
tho confidence ot tho country. Tho
peoplo havo Just voted overwhelm
ingly against radicalism, against agi
tation. Thoro will now bo n ruth
less fight for control between tho
warring factions of tho Republican
part'. It will outlast tho next presi
dential election. Now York Times.
Tho oxpected hnppencd. Tho Re
publican party had Its voto fairly
evenly divided by tho Progresslvo
split, on tho faco of tho returns. But
even that Is not exactly a correct
Interpretation of tho returns. All ov
er tho country vofbrs by tho tons of
thousands, In Republican states,
whllo avowing perfect confldonco In
Prosldent Taft, cast their votos for
Gov. Wl'son in order to mako sure
that tho Roosovelt movoment should
como to nothing. Tho total ot these
votes, tho country over, probably con
not bo estimated In figures of less
than soven places. A round million
would probably bo an underestimate
Boston Advertiser.
Mr. Wilson wns nominated as a
Progresslvo and elected because a
largo part of tho peoplo of tho na
tion boliovo him to bo ono. This Is
In Itself a victory for tho Trogress
lvo party.
Had it not been for tho fight modo
by Col. Roosovelt and his followers
at Chicago, and their avowed deter
mination to establish a now party
pledged to Progressive principles,
Mr. Wilson would not havo been
nominated at Baltimore Tho nomi
nation would havo rone to a recog
nized reactionary d the people of
this country would havo had a choice
between a reactionary named by tho
Republican wing of the samo ma
chine. If Mr. Wilson lives up to the prom
ise of his Progresslvo followers tho
nation will owo It to tho Progresslvo
party that It has not a tory In tho.
Whlto House. Philadelphia North
On Nov. 4, tho day before election
In outlining tho policy of tho Demo
cratic party, you said that it would
bo to
Go forward without postponement'
or experiment or confusion to effect
reforms which tho wholo country
wnlts for , . .to effect them by the
ordinary processes of legislation, will
ing to be guided by tho common
counaol of tho nation as a wholo
tho plain peoplo with tho rest re
gardless of any Interest the little as
well bb tho big ... n carefully
considered courso of moderato yet
courageous reform.
Theso words you should keep be
fore you during tho noxt five months
which will bo tho period Inrgely de
voted to tho selection of your coun
selors nnd to tho mapping out ot a
definite program. You wilt tako over
tho administration of a country ac
tually moro prosperous than at iny
other period of Its history. If you
leavo It thnt way at tho end of your
administration you will bo regarded
as ono of tho greatest presidents that
over lived. Now York Herald.
For llvo news read Tho Republican
A writer In tho current issue of
Farm and Fireside tolls how tho cur
cullo (a beetle) can bo prevented
from destroying plum trees. Follow
ing is an extract:
"A Canadian reader complains of
losses of plum crop caused by tho
curcullo. Whero plums aro few eith
er in tho trees or becauso thero aro
but fow trees, and curcullos numer
ous, this insect Is hard to control.
With flocks of chickens confined in
a plum orchard, especially it trees
aro Jaried every morn whllo curcullo
are present, the Job Is comparatively
easy. Tho chickens or chicks will
eat tho beetles as thoy fall. Jarring
tho trees Is tho surest way of fight
ing theso insects anyway, but with
out tho chickens sheets or regular
curcullo catching dovlces must bo
spread under tho trees and tho beet
les gathered up and destroyed. How
to Jar? In early morning, whllo bee
tles are benumbed with cold, spread
tho sheet or sheets or device hold
a block of wood against body of tree
or If large, against limb after limb
and strlko It hard blows with a heavy
hammer. Gather up tho fallen foe.
This Is a long draw out battle, how
over. It should bo begun when trees
aro In bloom and continued dally If
possible for n nu.tber ot weeks."
COSTS $20,000 A YEAR
Kansas City, Nov. 13. It costs
$20,000 a year to supply bread and
butter to each ot tho leading hotelB
of America," said Lyman T. Hay of
St. Louis, retiring president of tho
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma Hotel
Men's association, addressing tho an
nual convention of the organization
hero last night.
"Tho hotols of tho larger cltlos
aro being compelled to mako chango
for bread and butter," ho added,
"and hotels In tho small towns soon
will bo forced to follow suit."
Representatives of somo of tho
small towns said that for country
hotels to mako such a chargo would
bo as ridiculous as to domand an en
tranco feo to a dining room.
W. N. Robinson of Tulsa, Okla.,
was elected president.
Notice is horoby given that Logon
City proposes to Issuo and soil forty
Refunding Bonds doted December 31,
1912, of tho denomination of ono thou
sand dollars each, bearing Interest
at tho rate of flvo per cont per nn
num, pnyablo semi-annually, prlnclplo
payablo twenty years after dato with
out option of prepayment. All bids
must bo sealed In an onvolopo mark
ed on tho outsldo "Bid on Bonds."
Each bid shall carry with it as a
guarantee of good faith a certified
check on a local bank for flvo per
cent ot the amount of said bid.
No qualified bids will bo consider
ed. Tho city resorves tho right to
rofuso any nnd all bids.
Bids must bo fllod with tho City
Recorder not later than flvo o'clock
p. m. Doccmbor 10, 1912.
Logan City Corporation,
By order ot its Board of Commis
sioners. MAE BENSON,
City Recorder.
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Tho moro you scratch tho worso tho
itch. Try Doan's OlntraenL It cures
piles, eczema, any skin Itching, All
druggists sell it.
"What I object to," said Mr. Jus
tin Stax, "Ib tho fact that you cam
paign gentlemen don't reciprocate
with any enthusiasm whon I contri
bute to your fund."
"How can you say so?" rejoined
the energetic worker. "You endorse
our policies, don't you?"
"I Bupposo BO."
"And wo in turn aro willing to en
dorse any numbor of checks that
you may draw In our favor." Wash
ington Star.
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tonic tho stomach stimulate the liv
er, promoto digestion and appotlte
nnd easy passage of tho bowels. Ask
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"Doctor, my husband Is losing his I
mind, I fear. Ho continually mum. I
bles nnd mutters to hlmsolt." I
"Is It posslbIo7" I
"Yes; ho mutters to himself, and I
when you apeak to him ho stares at I
you blankly," I
"I know what tho troublo Is said I
tho doctor, smiling, "Ho Is memorlz- I
ing somo lodgo work, I belong to the I
samo lodgo." Loulsvlllo Courier I
Journal. I
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kldnoys and regulate their action.
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Drug Stcfro.
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k ways follow directions on tho label carefully. 1
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I m &Sp m clBlnB caro in tho selection of r
f ww"iK m your drugElst Unless tho pre-1
I KV'i BcrlPtlon is properly flllod it will T
T StVfVL.i not a'd ln rocovery ot tQ0 P "
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T mEmmllbj'ZiW& . Hi wo fll1 Prescriptions and if your I
I WBSf$!&wM physician has overlooked to dl- f
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POUltrV egg making materials.
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A w -ww-wm ("IDMl T ." "II IA?r5Ia2lJP T
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t tu wBil'lyKi 111'
Copriliht 190, br C. E. Zlmmciman Co.-No. 23
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ror to those who with sufficient fore
sight, have started a bank account. For
regardless of the day when an obligation falls due' they may
meet it with equanimity, so the morrow is always'a day of joy,
fy, LOGAN, UTAH. 1
Capital Sion OOO.OO. Sarplat 911,000.00. Doif fi5qo,ooo.t
Prctldent, THOMAS SMART, Csahltr, ALLAty M. PLIMIN.
VlofrPrsi., JAMES QUAYLE, Ant CmUw, H. B. RKBfTT,
2nd VlM-Prta., J NO. H. AN "UN.

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