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Young And Old Gather to Dance And Hear Speeches.
State Candidates Conspicious For Their
Absence. Old Guard Joins in
Grand March.
Tho county Democracy held Its
big ratification meeting at tho audi
torium Tuesday ovonlng. A largo
crowd gathered, largely mado up of
young pcoplo who appreciated tho op
portunity of a freo dance. Many old
er heads wero out, howover, to hear
speeches from tho dofeated stato
-candidates, as It was advertised that
they would ho In attendance, hut
evidently thoy wero not as Jubilant
over tho result of tho election as tho
local Democracy, and did not put In
an appearance. A few speeches
were mado but tho crowd was bo
restless that they wero cut short.
Such a congenial spirit and fellow
feeling prevailed that ono could al
most detect church Influence strango
as It might seem at such a gather
log. Tho evening program commenced
with tho firing of aDout fifty rounds
of shells by a shot gun brigade, cap
tlaned by Harry Stonoy. Bonfires
wero built In front of tho auditorium
which kept tho crowd warm during
tho volley from tho shot gun brl
gado. Tho Logan brass band furnish
ed music for tho dancers nnd tho
grand march. Tho march was head
ed by County Chairman William Ed
wards and his beautiful daughter
Miss Mac. Mayor and Mrs. H. O.
Hayball camo next. Othors of tho
old guard In tho march wero Stato
Senator J. W. Funk, with Miss Ber
tha Shepnrd as partner; Hon. Sam
uel Oldham, and Miss James, Hon.
Joseph E. Cardon, Peter Barson, and
Ijrtaul Cardon, Jed M. Blair followed
W'jout flvo couples behind, Hon. A.
O. Barber. There wero In all about
fifty in tho grand march.
Many Democrats wero in ovldenco
on tho floor of the hall, among whom
were Stephen Hailstone, announcer
of freo luncheon; A. Bateson, danco
announcer; J. A. Nielsen, caller for
squaro dances; Secietary Merlin Ho
vey, George II. Champ and a num
ber of others who busied thomselves
In placing persons who looked as
though thoy felt out of place. In tho
gallery sat President S. P. Balllf nn
Interested spectator, and ox-candl-date
Charles England, tho only de
feated stato candidate In ovldenco.
Chairman Edwards called tho
danco to order for a few moments
that a few short speeches could bo
heard. Ho gavo all a hearty wcl
como and expressed bis satisfaction
to find Cache county in tho old col
umns onco more. Ho felt now that
tho local Democracy had crossed tho
river Jordon Into tho promised land.
E. It. Owon of Wollsvlllo occupied
a few moments and In a fow well
H chosen words especially welcomed
tho Progressives at tho gathering,
for said ho, "Wo all know what part
I you havo played and what you havo
accomplished In this campaign."
M W. C. A. Smoot of Provo and a
I member of tho old school of tho Sago
Brush Democracy of tho stnto oxcus
I cd Stato Chairman for his nbsenco
H 'and spoko brlolly on tho early his
H tory of Democracy for Judge S. II.
Joseph S. Hydo of Sanpeto, bus-
band to Mrs. Hydo who did somo
B electioneering in tills county; with
I Mrs. Suslo Gates, referred to tho
matter In n humorous way. At tho
conclusion of tho speech making tho
celebration concluded with moro
dancing. Refreshments woro served
H to those prcsont.
H m
H Appropriate Thanksgiving services
vl11 bo hold In tho stako tabornaclo
Hat 2 p. m. on Sunday Novombor 24.
J Special music has been arranged for
9 and Prof. W. Peterson ot tho U.
ajA. 0. will give tho addrosB.
H Q. W. Llndqulst, undertaker was
Hln Provldeaco yesterday afternoon
SBwhero ho conducted tho funeral at
that place over tho remains ot tho
Myounj; wife ot 'Iinmael Taylor. .
Thcro was much discussion on tho
street yesterday ns to the exact ca
pacity In which County Treasurer
Austin Is now acting, since his bonds
men representing In round numbers
1100,000 of tho required 1135,000
havo given notice ot withdrawal.
This action, It will bo remembered,
was taken some twelvo days ago
when written notlco was given tho
county commissioners.
Tho question now arises, who Is
responsible for tho nets of this offi
cial? Somo contend that tho bondsmen
can not bo rolcascd until tho expir
ation of tho term ot otllco of tho
treasurer. Others hold that slnco
tho bonds furnished contain no tlmo
stipulations a withdrawal may bo
mado at will, provided duo notice bo
given tho officials who originally ap
proved tho bonds It following of
course, that tho bondsmen be respon
sible) for tho handling ot nccounts
prior to the dato of notice.
Now, in tho last named class aro
found' tho gentlemen who decline to
further stand as sureties for tho treu
surer, and ns a result of expressed
opinions of prominent attorneys they
rest nt ease and feol In no way
bound to the pcoplo ot tho county.
At a special session ot tho com
mlsloners held Tuesday It was decid
ed to take tho matter of release of
bondsmen under ndvisomont for a
fow days, and in vlow of all tho facts
In the caso It is probablo that Mr.
Austin will bo required to find new
From current reports it seems
that considerable anxiety Is felt by
tax payers of tho county, not that
In a singlo Instanco tho Integrity of
Mr. Austin Is doubted, but merely
from tho fnct that his bondsmen
havo desorted him. Speedy action
by the commissioners will bo welcomed.
Local mention has already been
mado of tho patent by Jacob Schaub
ot this city ot tho Individual sacra
ment set which has been officially
approved by tho first presidency of
tho Mormon Church. At tho present
tlmo Mr. Schaub has employed at
tho Schaub Machlno Company, flvo
men who aro spending their wholo
tlmo assisting In tho manufacture
of theso sots. Thoy aro being mado
of nlcklo sllvor and aro highly pol
ished which makes a very neat tray
nnd cup for tho sorvlng of Individu
al cups ot water. Tho sots aro com
posed of ono gross of cups neatly
noBtod on troys ot 18 each, In a very
compact form so that tho entire 144
cups can bo Immersed In wator and
filled at tho samo time, or thoy can
all bo Immersed in boiling' water for
washing at tho samo tlmo. Mr.
Schaub has so arranged the set that
It Is not tho bulky slzo r.int ono
would Imagine that they would bo.
On tho contrary, It Is ono of the
neatest 'llttlo contrivances tnat ono
can well imagine, Thcro :a a slot
arrangement that takes hold ot and
lifts from tho trays of 18 nnd trans
fers them to tho sorvlng trays which
hold thirty-six Individual cups or
two ot tho small nesting trays. Ev
ory part of tho sot Is manufactured
from tho crudo raatorlal at tho lo
cal machlno shop nnd Is a work of
Tho company la turning out tho
sots at nil possible speed. Over ono
thousand sots will bo mado at this
tlmo. Orders aro to be filled in nil
partb of tho world wher9 there aro
branchos of the Latter-day Saints'
churches, Thoy will not bo sold dl
root to tho consumer b7 Mr Schaub
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. i
Type of Greek Soldier and View of Saloniki,
Notable Turkish Stronghold That Has Fallen.
TkS&r A? r, I v -
PliotoH by American Press Association
Knlonlkl. captured by the Greeks. Imx nhvn.vs been conspicuous among thu h'uiuponii strongholds of Tin key on ac
count of Its strategic position nt tho luiid of the gulf of Snloiiilsl. Tim illy bns been described ns one of the most pic
turesque hi Euiopc. Its houses rlslim in terrm-es fiom the lint hlwre to n height crowned by the seven towered cltade!
mid surrounded lij- undent walls nnd towers
It Is Only For Eight Hours That
Both Sides May Bury
Their Dead
London, Nov. 19. An eight hours
armistice has boon .agreed to bo
tween tho Bulgarians nnd Turks at
Tchatalja so that both armies may
bury their dead, according to a nows
agency dispatch from Constantinople.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov. 19. Tho al
lied Balkan nations today assented
to tho Turkish proposal to discuss
tho terms of an nrmlBtico nnd even
tual pcaco.
Tho reply sent to tho dispatch by
the grand vizier to King Ferdinand
of Bulgaria Says:
"Tho Bulgarian government after
agreement with tho allied cnblnots
of Servla, Montenegro nnd Greece,
Informs tho porto that plenipotentiar
ies havo been appointed with lnstruc
tlons to nrrango with tho commander
In chief ot tho Turkish arlmes tho
conditions of an nrmlatico and sub
sequently to proceed to tho conclu
sion of pcaco."
London, Nov. 19. Tho nations ot
tho Balkan confederacy, satisfied
with victory, today signified tholr
willingness to treat for terms ot
peaco at tho requost of .tho vanquish
ed Turkish omplro.
Tho lustre of their success has
been only 'dimmed by tholr tempor
ary fnlluro to ovorcomo tho rallied
Turkish army at tho gates of Con
stantinople nnd enter iho Ottoman
Tho stubborn defenso encountered
by tho Bulgarians nt tho lino of for
tifications nt Tchatalja and tho real
ization that enormous slaughter
would bo necessary to plorco them nt
tho point of tho bayonet with ovory
prospect thnt tholr ranks would bo
decimated by cholera boforo they had
attained success, doubtloss proved
tho deciding factors In Inducing tho
conquerors to listen to tho urglngs
of tho great powers and rofraln from
pressing homo tholr victory.
Slmultaneouly with tho dispatch to
tho grand vlzlor of tholr agreement
to appoint pcaco plenipotentiaries
the allied Balkan nations notified tho
European powers of the stop they
bad taken and thanked them tor
tholr off or of mediation. They added
that mediation was no longor ncccs- I
snry as tho porto had addressed him
self directly to tho Balkan states who
would now treat with Turkey with
out outside Intervention.
Terms Will Be Drastic
That tho terms of tho victors will
bo drastic la known but tho powers
aro doing theld utmost to muko them
less harsh than was first reported
without attempting to rog tho Bal
kan confederacy of tho fruits of Its
month's war.
With the Jealous eyes of Itussln
on Constantinople, with tho recruao
cscenco of tho AiiBtro-SorvInn diffi
culty on tho other Bldo of what hith
erto has been known as European
Turkoy and with Iloumanla enquir
ing what sho mny expect out of tho
spoils, thcro seems to observors ov
cry inducement for tho Balkan na
tions to keep tholr demands within
moderate limits.
Tho occupation of Alesslo by tho
combined Servian nnd Montenegrin
armies giving them another foothold
on tho Adriatic sea Is considered In
diplomatic circles llkoly to aggra
vate tho Austro-Sorvlan dlsputo
which has ngaln becomo critical.
Late last night tno caso of J. A.
Hondrickson ugnlnst Fred Tumor
camo to a close In Judgo N. J. Har
ris' court when ho gavo his decision
regarding tho amount ot moneys duo
Mr. Hcndrlckson on tho accounting
and settlement ot their partnership
affairs during tho year 1909 and 1910
when these two gentlemen woro In
control of Tho Logan Republican .
Tho Judgo did not allow Mr. Turner
credit for tho mlleago used by Hon
drlcksou ot about $147 nor tho spe
cial advortlalng account ot $125.
which Tumor hold was proporly
chargeable- for tho apodal personal
puffs given to Hondrickson for front
pago articles boosting Hondrlckson's
stock. This leaves defendant with
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Tho county board of education Is
making preparations for tho county
school board oloctlon which will bo
held In tho Second nnd Fourth dis
tricts on Decombcr 4. The members
of tho board at present In theso dis
tricts aro G. A. Hogan ot Lowlston
In district No. 4 and John S. Lea
thnm of Wollsvlllo, district No.2.
Tho Judges of tho election wero ap
pointed by tho board yesterday. Pri
maries havo been called In each pre
cinct within tho district for Novem
ber 29 when delegates aro to bo se
lected to attend tho district conven
tion to bo held December 2 In tho
Fourth district nt tho Lowlston oporn
lioiiso. Tho convention will bo held
In the Second district on tho samo
dato at tho Wollsvlllo High school
building. At theso conventions can
didates will bo nominated. It Is un
derstood that G. A. Hogan Is a can
didate to succeed hlniBelf, whllo Mr.
Lcatham docs not caro to receive tho
nomination ngaln. Tho Judges of tho
oloctlon aro as follows:
District No. 2
Wollsvlllo and Mt. Sterling Frank
Wyntt, Thomas Maughan, Thomas
College nnd Young Chas. O. Dunn
Tlobert A. Lcatham, Hyfum Olson.
Providence nnd River Heights Jo
soph Campbell, John Thourer, Lohl
District No. 4
Richmond J. L. McCarry, A. C.
Fisher, Samuel Telford.
Lowlston S. F. Wiser, John M.
Andorson W. II. Telford.
Stephenson Roy Kent, John Kemp
Lorln Marlor.
Wheolor H. II. DanlolBon, Wm.
Glover, Wm. Bowman.
Cove Jos. Allen, F. E. Collins,
Fred Tltonsor.
Mt. Homo Geo. Gregory, Hyrum
Balr, Robert Allen.
J. W. Hendricks and fJeorgo O.
Hendricks of Richmond were In Lo
gan on Tuosday,
Coach Jensen's Team Will be H
Good One. Students Getting . 'H
In Shape. Play Fast H
Ball. ;H
t H
It any ono lias tho Idea that Coach.- . B
JctiBeu of tho U. Y. Collcgo will not..
hnvo n bnakotball team that will , H
como up to tho stnndnrd of teams of
tho reputation that tho Collcgo has
hnd lu former years, nil ho ncod do
is to tnko n walk over to tho H. V.
0. gymnnBlum during prnctico hour H
and wntch tho Coach's boys work out
and that Idea will vanish. It has Just
been the last fow ovonlngs that
Conch .Tonacu has taken much Inter-
est In tho tenm ns tho season Is yet
On Monday evening ho hnd eight-
ecu men out trying for u position ou .
tho tenm and all tho boys snowed ' v
good form. There Is championship ,
material at tho school nnd nil that '
Is needed Is to get It togcthor. Un-
fortunately tho only member of tho M
last year collcgo team to return to !
school Is Silvan Peterson. It will b !H
remembered thnt Mr. Peterson repre- , i
sentcd tho collcgo last scaBon at con- J
tor nnd ho Is showing tho Batno good ! H
form nlrcady' that gavo him tils' rep-
utntlon lnat season. It Is probnblo
that ho will make his old position
although thoro aro a number of slu-
dents after tho place, among whom H
nro Parkinson, Wright nnd Bitter. iH
Other students who nro working out H
with tho view of making team aro rH
Allen Mcrkloy, Hum, L. Barren nnd
A. Barren, for guards nnd Hill, Tol- jH
man, Ashcroft, Roskellgy, Jackson ' jH
and Walker ns forwards. Theso aro . ' H
all husky lads and thoro is IltUo jJ
doubt that tho collcgo will round out ,H
this year again aB usunl a champion- 1
Bblp basketball team. jH
Ab evidence of tho grail o ot milk H
manufactured as well aa tho gonoral H
efficiency of those in chargo at tho I H
Logan branch ot Bordon's Condensed j H
Milk Company, wo print tho follow- H
New York City, Oct. 25th, 1912 H
Mr. Lorenzo Hanseu, Supt., H
Borden's Condensed Milk Co., ' H
Logan, Utah, H
Dear Sir: Wo aro pleased to ad- H
vlso that your factory has won tho H
Second prize for tho month of Aug- "' U
ust, for showing tho greatest lm- U
provement of nil factories In ofilclcn- H
cy of oporatlon for tho mouth, as H
compared with provlous month.
Kindly furnish us with list ot em- H
pldyccs entitled to participate In the ' M
distribution ot prlzo money. ' H
Yours very truly, H
Operating Department. '
D. D. W. S. H
The success of tho company In
winning this prize, speaks very high- M
ly for Supt. Lorenzo Hansen nnd his I M
associates, Inasmuch ns thero nro a B
great many factories lu tho country HBj
from which to pick a winner. Tho M
prlzo In Itself consists ot npproxl- HB
matcly $300 which will bo divided j
among tho employees of tho factory. f; H
FHOM C, Y. G. ; I
At last week's meeting ot tho ' !iH
Wobyea Society, Mrs. Fred Schndo ! jfH
was hostess. Supt. Molyuenux wa3 ' !;PK
the lecturer and Prof. W. O. Rob tiflD
Insou gavo in his usually delightful 'flH
manner, a number of songs. "'ill KB
Supt. Molyneaux discussed in n. Itlifli
very elucldattvo way, tho laws of men "JflBp
tal growth. Aftor showing tho pro- IHe
gresslvo as well as tho complex na- ' IS'"
turo of tho mind, tho speaker briefly ' fJF
outlined tho following developmental ilwl
stages: Infancy, childhood, youth and , ul
adolescence. Tho characteristics of . ;H
each stage wero contrasted from tho M
standpoint ot physiological, as well iWM
as mental growth. Adolescence es- j
poclally showing Interesting phases. '11
Tho need ot understanding these j '!
developmental stages for a full and 4hVJ
normal dorolopmont waa' shown We. fl
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