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HflH ...
tf I ' He and Bishop Nlbley Address Large
Ix i Audience In Boise Chapel
HE ' ' Yesterday
Hj Boise, Nov. 18. After tho dcdlca-
Hjj Hon of tho Nnmpa chapel yesterday
9 f , i afternoon, which was tho object of
PJI . their visit to this district President
fl ' Joseph F. Smith and Presiding Illsh-
H , op Charles W. Nlbley nt tho urgent
1 ' r 4 !; invitation of President Hcber Q.
H' j i ' j Halo of tho Boiso branch ot tho
H j Church camo to this city and ad
Hi I ' dressed an audience in tho local
Hh ! chapel which packed tho building to
R(p tho cxtreino limit of its capacity.
H,' ' Bishop Nlbley was tho first speaker
H; " ;. Ho directed his entlro remarks to
PW) i an elucidation of tho office and cnll
V.i , ing of a bishop. "This ofUccr," said
m IJ tho speaker, "is charged with tho
') M duty of Ipoklng principally after tho
i temporal welfaro of tho people. They
H J aro hordy men of toll, whoso motto
Hj " Is not llvo and let live, but livo and
help to llvo."
il'res. Smith followed nlong tho
samo strain in tho fore part of his
address, recounting numerous scones
, In connection with tho early History
HJ of tho Church, when tho nrst set-
tiers In Snlt I.nko valley unacr tho
H leadership of President Young, had
Hi to ralso their own sheep, card and
Hj spin their own wool and make then
Hj own cloth and clothing; "and I pride
Hj ! myself," said he, "in wearing home-
HJ i spuns today; practically nil tho do-
HJ j thing I wear when I urn nt homo has
HJ i been mado In Utah from Utah prod-
HJ- nets and by Utah labor. I am almost
ashamed that I havo not my home-
Bfl spuns on tonight instead of this shiny
HJki broadcloth."
HJl - The president went on to show
HUj ' what had been accomplished by the
HB Church in tho Sandwich Islands In '
H teaching men how to farm nnd build
Bf 4 houses as well as to live tho gospel
Hr ) of Jesus Christ. Forty thousand
Hi i dollars has already been spent In es-
Hl , tnbllshlng an educational farm there.
Hi No ono can bo wholly converted and
HJ II ml happiness and contentment," tho
HJ i speaker declared, "who docs not havo
HJ 1 enough to cat and drink nnd to make
H himself comfortable; so wo teach tho
H peoplo how to obtain theso temporal
H things."
M President But Not-"Ruler"
Bj In referring to Church government
H President Smith said: "There Is nc
J 4 such thing as a ruler In this Church
Bj' ' Tho president is a prcsidlnfg officer,
Bi. j and If ho rules ho rules in love. Ho
Hjll j can be no tyrant, becauso tho poo-
plo have tho power to depose him
K every six months, when they o:e to
jl retain or reject him. I have lieeii
B. i sustained for the paBt 11 years.
H President Hrlgham Young was sus-
H taincd 30 years. But every six
Q months comes tho voto nnd tho peo-
B ' pie over whom wo preside havo tho
H power and the numbers to depose us
H if they will. Wo nro governed ns
H a church by three presidents and
H numerous councilors. Wo nro a Dom-
H ocratlc organization with Republican
HJ proclivities (this with a glear of hu-
H mor.) "They charge me with turn-
H Ing Utah to tho Republican ranks.
Hj You might just as well chnrgo mo
KJ ( with putting Vermont there, a stato
Hjj I havo not visited In years. I havo
H nothing to do with politics in any
H. shape or form. Wo regret to seo
H- people unstablo, however, blown
H about by every wind of doctrine.
H Believe Constitution Inspired
Hi "No members of our pcop.o aro
H slaves. Thoro aro no people freer.
H I bcliove in tho Constitution of tho
H i United States and I bcllevo It was
HI inspired by the Lord. It is justlco
Hj and wisdom, then, for tho peoplo to
H bo loyal to the Constitution and not
H; to go wandering around after every
H wind of doctrine. Not a member of
H our Church Is held by a slnglo hnlr;
H ho Is at liberty to dopart from tho
H Church If ho wishes nnd ho Ib then,
H through Ills own act oxcommuiilcatedi
Hj but It ends there. He Is subject to
H, no persecution; w0 do not follow him
H In nny way.
H' "1 would not speaK as I do tonight
H If I were speaking only to my own
H people, but I understand that tliere
H' aro others huro who do not under-
H Bland us. Tho ignorance of tho press
HJ regarding our religion Is pltinblo.
H t Thoy write volumes and tomes nbout
j tho religion of tho Latter-day Saints
j every word of which Is untrue. Thoy
Hi oven accuse us of not being Chris-
Hi tians."
H. Parents should have tho teeth ot
H their childron examined by a don-
HI tlst to mako suro that thoy aro In
H R sound, healthy condition. Even tho
H; slightest diseased condition of tho
Hr,i teeth or gums should bo attended to
Hjti "t once. When n tooth begins to do-
Hjl CIy havo it filled immediately. Do
Hi nt wait until the tooth begins to
H acno boforo harlng It attended to,
HI ns It Is often too late then to wivo
HI ,BBW tlle tuotb' or Rt b",t' tho operation
H j) AvH
of having It filled Is far more pain
ful than If done beforo tho tooth Is
seriously damaged by decay.
It Is tho filling of tho small cavity
at Its beginning that Is tho greatest
scrvlco In tho preservation of tho
teeth. It Is a grent mistako to let
olio's natural teeth go on to decay
and destruction with tho thought In
mind of having them pulled and re
placed by artiflclol ones.
Liver Spots
Tho probablo causo of "liver spots"
Is chronic derangement or sluggish
ness of tho liver. Their prcsenco
indicato tho necessity for Improving
tho condition of tho alimentary sys
tem In goneral and this can usually
bo dono best by a diet of buttermilk
or apples or grapes for sorao weeks
Such a diet must bo adopted gradual"
ly nover suddenly. Ono meal should
bo changed at a time, and In re
turning to tho normal diet tho samo
precaution bIiouUI bo taken. It Is
Imposslblo to give precise Instruction
for any caso without having tho nee
essary Information about tho patient
and It Is best to consult a physician.
Clothes For Cold Weather
Don't make tho mlstnko of expos
ing tho body when too thinly clad
during tho cold weather. Many girls
nnd women think since tho low col
lar has becomo n favorlto and is be
ing worn especially low in front that
they can hnrden their system by
wcnrlng thin summer underclothing
all tho year round. Our changing
climate makes tho chango of cloth
ing absolutely necessary and tho
prudent mako transition gradually
by having thrco grades of underclo
thing light, medium and a llttlo
heavier for tho bitter winter months.
Tho face, neck nnd hands will en
duro a great dcnl moro than will tho
body. Tho slightest chango from
warm to cold may sond a chill down
ono's back, though tho faco and
hands would scarcely note the dif
ference. Hardening the Constitution
There nro some girls who fancy
they can harden their constitutions
without deterioration to cuduro tho
sovercst of our chnnglng climnto and
In tho attempt lay asldo or nover
ndopt all the protection nature de
mands. All such foolish efforts aro
attended by an expenditure of ner
vous energy which could bo advan
tageously applied to many worthier
ambitions. Nervous enorgy Is equiv
alent to lifo force, and to endeavor
to sustain it without tho aid of prop
er clothing Blnmly means grndual or
not Infrequently, preclpltato self de
struction. When wo consider how many of
tho poor yearly succumb to tho ox
haustlon of vital force, which has
been proved to bo a result of tho
lack of proper clothing, It seems not
only tho sheerest folly but absolute
rebellion against nature to deprlvo
ono's self of tho most powerful wea
pon In tho strugglo for cxlstcnco
with tho expectation of controlling
or outwitting nnturo's laws.
Stimulate the Circulation
Tho presence of clothing stimu
lates, by friction, tho circulation and
if of nonconducting material, keeps
tho skin nt u normal temporaturo
and tho blood from bolng driven
from tho surfneo of tho body to tho
vital organs, thus preventing Inflam
mations, congestions, kidney troublo
nnd various other ills dependent on
tho notion of tho blood and Its ves
sels. A human body exposed to cool
nir soon begins to Iobo Its heat by
threo different processes, viz: by
radiation, by evaporation of surfneo
molsturo nnd by conduction. Tho
nntural heat of tho body Is neces
sary to llfo and must bo maintained.
Washington, Nov. 18. Tho sup
remo court of tho United States to
day delivered a death blow nt vlolu
tlons of tho Sherman anti-trust law
under tho clock of tho protection of
tho patent laws, by annulling ns in
valid "license agreements," which
hold manufacturers of sanitary en
ameled Ironwnro together In tho com"
bluation known as tho "bath tub
JtiBtlco McKcnna delivered tho
unanimous opinion of tho court.
Ho said that rlghta conferred by
patents were extensivo but did not
give a unlvcrsnl license ngalnst tho
positive proh'bltloiiB of tho Shcrmnn
Tho decision fully sustained tuo
government In Its fight begun over
a yenr ago against tho bath tub and
enameled ware manufacturers.
Don't forget our advertisers
In tho current lssuo of Farm ani
Fireside appears tho following:
"It Is a fact that thoro Is no de
partment of effort from which a lar- j
ger return can honestly bo secured
than from Intelligent ana painstak
ing cultivation of tho soil. Tho sci
entific managomenc, as now demon
strated, shows that 4ho fertility of
Uio avorago soil can bo much Increas"
J and made moro profitabio
Buffalo, N. Y. Nov. 18. Tho po
lice of Lackawanna yesterday re
ceived another letter from tho con
fessed murderer of litto Joseph Jo
sephs, whoso decomposed body was
taken from a cesspool back of a sa
loon yesterday. Like somo of tho
other letters and postcards received
by tho pollco and Qcorgo Josephs,
father of tho murdered boy, this ono
asserts that tho writer intends to
Tho letter Is dated Friday, Novem
ber 15, and was mailed In Boston
Saturday morning. It is unsigned
nnd tho writer asserts his Intention
of giving himself up to tho Lacka
wanna pollco Wednesday. Tho police
placo no credence In tho promlso of
tho wrltor to appear voluntarily.
Mr. Joseph recoived ten days ago
an unsigned postcard In tlio same
handwriting giving revolting details
of tho murder of his son.
All letters In tho hands of tho po
llco undoubtedly were written by the
samo man.
All poll taxes in Logan City are
now overdue, and if not paid at once
will bo collected by law. No furth
er notice will bo given.
Streot Supervisor
When the chest feels on Aro and
tho throat burns, you havo Indiges
tion, and you need IIERBINB to get
rid of tho dlsagrceablo feeling. It
drives out badly digested food,
strengthens tho stomach and purifies
tho bowels. Price SOc. 861d by
Rltcr Bros. Drug Co.
At present prices of pork it would
bo imposslblo for any ono to drivo
his pigs to a poor market.
Missoula, Mont, Nov. 18. After a
chase in automobiles lasting flvo
days and covering 700 miles, 15 men
suspected of having sold liquor to
Indians wero brought to Missoula
lost night by Deputy United States
Marshall Miller and posso.
Tho officers had conducted a raid
over tho old Flathead Indian reser
vation, which is BtiU under federal
control In so far a3 liquor Is con
cerned and soveral of their prisoners
nro hotel Keepers of reservation
towns. They -will bo arraigned bo-
fore tho federal grnnd Jury.
Tho deputies camo up with their
quarry In a mountain pass, stopping
a pack train loaded with "coffeo"
cases. Theso wero broken open nnd
tho whiskey disclosed was burned.
Advice on choice
of vocation
Dr. J. T. Miller, editor of Tho
Character Builder, gives scientific
character readings with advlco on
cholco of vocation and solf-culluro
nt the .residence of It. Murdock, Jr.
45 West Second North street, from
1 to 7 p. m. dally until Saturday.
At a special session of tho Board
of County Commissioners held Tuos
day November 12, an order was pass
ed granting tho extension of tlmo
for tho paying of county and stato
taxes to 5 p. m. Thursdny November
21, 1912.
County Clerk.
To feel strong, havo a good ap
petite nnd digestion, sleep soundly,
and enjoy life, uso Burdock Blood
BIttoxs, tho great system tonic and
. Notice is hereby given that Logan
City proposes to lssuo nnd sell forty
Rofunding Bonds date'd December 31 '
1912, of tho denomination of ono thou !
sand dollars each, bearing interest
at tho rato of flvo per cent per an
num, payable soml-annually, principle I
payablo twenty years after date with-
out option of prepayment. All bids
must be sealed In an envelope mark
ed on tho outsldo "Bid on Bonds."
Each bid shall carry with it as a
guaranteo of good faith a certified -
check on a local bank for five per )
cent Of the amount ot said bid.
No qualified bids will bo consider
ed. Tho city reserves tho right to
refuse any and all bids.
Bids must be filed with tho City
Recorder not later than flvo o'clock
p. m. December 10, 1912.
Logan City Corporation,
By order of its Board of Commis
sioners. MAE BENSON,
City Recorder.
Don't use harsh physics. Tho j
notion weakens tho bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Get Doau's
Regulets. They oporato easily, tone
tho stomach, euro constipation.
i Living Expenses Reduced
Don't this Turkey remind L II H
you of Thanksgiving Dinner .ggffiBfcv ra
fejj buy them at regular prices. "" Wn
eg Let Prices talk for you Thanksgiving Sale in B9
ra 16 lbs sugar for - . - $1.00 Groceries g i
Bzi 10 1 lb pkgs blue ribbon raisins 1.00 pWJ i
9 1 lb pkgs Currants - - 1.00 20 lbs sugar ..... $1.00
M Jo !uS u " ' " "Inn 6 -cans Tomatoes- - - - SOc gj )
Q3 lo lbs best rice - - - - l.UU 0 . - E3 i
59 20 lbs oat meal ... - - 1.00 3 cans best Peas ' " - - 30c R3 i
KS 25 bars Naptha Soap - - 1.00 3 cans best corn - - - - 30c 8 j
R8 25 bars Pearl White soap - - 1.00 1 Package Columbia Oats - 35c KB
30 bars Diamond soap - - 1.00 5 lbs nayy beang . . . 30c W
UM 100 pounds rnde ot the . ,-,, L1 ... . .
M Valley Flour ----- 1.80 5 kgs blue nbbon raisms 50c 59
59 50 lbs Pride of the Valley 4 Pks Currants - - - - 50c E
59 Flour -------- 90c 1 lb Citron or Lemon Peel 25c R8
KB 15 lbs sago - 1.00 ' 4 lDS best Rice - - - - 25c EJ i
m 15 lbs Tapioca - -' - - 1.00 3 Cang Mugtard Sardines - 25c H
P$ 3 quarts cranberries - 30 3 j
E2 10 cans tomatoes - - - 1,00 7 Bars Diamond C Soap - 25c E3
59 10 cans best corn - '- - - 1.00 1 lb- Candy or Nuts - - 25c BS M
E3 10 cans June peas - - - - 1.00 T, , . , & An RS !
H 10 pkgs Kelioggs corn flake 1.00 The Above List For only $5.00 El
I Henry G. Hayball Merc. Co. Logan

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