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If you want all the newt; Jtf I A ' k " 4 4 . I
' i X TfcNTH YEAR, H
Commercial Club of City Will Work up Enthusiasm
Throughout County. Special Rates
Made By Railroad.
Everybody out to see tho "Aggies"
beat tho U. of Ul
'That tho Thanksgiving Day gamo
botween tho University of Utah and
tho Agricultural Collego will bo ono
ot tho best attended games over
seen In Utah Is a safe assumption.
At tho meeting of tho Commercial
Boosters Club hold Wednesday night
a committeo from tho collego con
sisting of several of tho students
and members ot tho faculty appeared
before tho club and solicited their
co-operation for tho coming game.
From tho rccoptlon given them, how
ever, It would appear that tho enthu
siasm was not wanting among Lo
gan's business men, for tho meeting
Immediately resolved Itsejf Into a
committeo of tho whole for tho soul
consideration of tho best means and
methods to employ for working up
enthusiasm among tho citizens not
only of Logan, but of tho entire val
ley. Tho committeo from tho Collego
consisted of Dr. P. S. Harris, Coach
Teetzol, Joo Olscn, president of tho
Agricultural Club, Major II. It. Ha
gen, and Mr. Carrlngton, secretary
to tho president. Dr. Harris stated
that tho Collego was desirous of
having ns much support behind tho
team as possible and Invited tho
business men ns well as tho citizen
ship of i.ogan in general to accom
pany them to Salt Lake on Thanks
giving Day. Coach Teotzel also ad
dressed tho club and stated among
other things that this was without
doubt tho best team which tho Col-
Jcgo has turned out In recent years,
M J(.nd predicted that tho coming gamo
would bo tho best affair of tho kind
over seen Irf Utah.
At tho conclusion of the discus
sion, two committees, consisting ot
flvo members each wero appointed,
ono to work with tho locnl peoplo In
Logan; creating enthusiasm for tho
coming game; and ono to solicit tho
co-operation of tho Commercial
Clubs throughout tho county.
Dr. WIdtsoo has arranged for tho
Btudcnt body to occupy tho regular
chapol porlod at tho collego Tues
day and probably; Wednesday morn
ing of noxt week, and tho students
havo already had this period Thurs
day and Friday of this weok, and
they will also tako charge of tho
services at tho institution today.
Many original stunts havo been pull
ed oft at tho collego and this after
noon will witness a trial gamo be
tween tho regular team and an nil
star team upon tho campus, to which
tho public is Invltod, froo of charge.
Remarkably low rates havo been
made by tho railroad company for
this occasion. Tho faro commencing
Thursday morning, and limited to
Friday evening will bo $2.50 for tho
Tho Cacho Sthko High Council and
hom0 missionaries will visit tho va
rious wards of tho stako on Sunday
November 24 ns follows:
ftonson II. K. Morrill, John E.
Greenville Ceo. Z. Lamb, J. S.
Hydo Park L. S. Cardon, It. Mur
dock, Jr.
Logan J John II. Andorson, Win.
Lofian 20. H. Budge, Guy Car-
) l Logan 3 S. B. Mltton, Adolph
Logan 40, W. Thatcher, II. i
Logan H 0 W. LIndquIst, Luth
er Howell.
Logan C Frod Scholos, J. A.
Logan 7 J. H. Carlisle, Isaac
Logan 8 Jos. B. Cowloy, Robort
Providonco 1 It. O. Larson, W.
. Evertoa.
Providence 2 J. z. Btowart, N.
Kimball, ,
Hirer HolshtB-John.-Qu(frlo,.i Al
tta 8onne. , .
round trip. Those desiring to remain
over later may Becuro tlckots lim
ited to December 2, for $4.05 for
tho round trip. Arrangements havo
been made for a special train to
leave Salt Lak0 Tharsday night at
11 o'clock for tho benefit of tho busi
ness men nnd others who nro desir
ous of returning tho samo day. Tho
train from hero will lenvo at 7:30
Thursday morning, arriving In Salt
Lako at 10:45 a. m.
Saturday night tho students will
tako possession ot tho city. Immenso
bonfires will bo set going nt differ
ent points throughout th0 Commer
cial district nnd n number of promi
nent peoplo havo been secured to
nddross tho throng. It Is probable,
also that tho Collego band will bo
in attendance to lend their support
to tho affair.
Altogether It is expected that u
record breaking crowd will go from
Cache Vnlloy to boost tho local boys
in tho coming contest with tho U. at
U. Thanksgiving Day.
Tho committees appointed by tho
club aro as follows:
City Dr. S. n. Thatcher, chair
man; M. C. Hnrrls, J. H. Wilson,
Moso Cardon, and Robort ShofTield.
' County R. S. McAIIstcr, chair
man; L. LInnartz, Hyrura Lloyd,
3os. F. Squires, and Georgo Torgo
son. Tho high schools nnd clubs
of tho valley will bo notified and
urged to Join In tho excursion. Both
committees havo since met and nro
now hard at work.
Under tho now tariff schedulo bo
ing published by tho Mountain Stntes
Tolephono and Telegraph Company
which goes Into, effect on November
2G tho business men of this section
ar0 to benefit mntorlnlly on their
long distance tolephono calls and of
courso nro rejoicing. Nnturnlly per
sons who havo considerable business
out of town aro continually called
upon to uso tho phono nnd this Item"
of expenso runs into considerable
money, tiio low rates are a very
substantial reduction over tho old
rate, for Instance tho minimum
chargo for a call to Salt Lako City
Is C5 cents nt tho present tlmo but
will bo reduced to 50 cents and a
llko reduction Is found on practical
ly all calls. This saving to the pub
lic will bo appreciated generally by
tho peoplo throughout tho stato.
A number of rumors nro afloat as
to what will bo tho disposition ot
tho political parties in tho city re
garding tho city school board elec
tion nnd wo will bo contont with
awaiting developments beforo giving
tho status ot affairs.
Judges of election havo been ap
pointed as follows:
First municipal ward Leon Fon
nesbeck, J. C. Allen, Oliver Schan
key. Second municipal ward William
Worloy, Richard E. Yeates, John Da
Vis. Third municipal ward John O.
Poterson, N. W. Kimball, J. Chas.
Fourth municipal ward A. E.
Dowen, D. 0. Thatcher, John A.
Fifth municipal ward M. C. Har
ris, R. 0. Larson, Joseph S. Lar
son. all
Tho directors of tho Logan Salt
Company mot yostorday and ovor
tho routlno work decided to placo
their salt oh tho mnrket and to go
forward with tho Improvement of
their property. .
W. II. Maughan of Wollsvlllo was
In -Logan yestvday on business.
James Bryce, Retiring British Ambassador,
1 And Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, His Successor.
iitp i ' ' 'if $? $ A ym 1 ' r &tfif&3pr ,s
Tho ItlKht Hon. .huiies Ilryi-v. wholuis Jut iimIkiiciI iim Kritlsli niiihiissiulor to the United States, w mi unt -tour
years old His retirement Ik duo to n desiro to devole liliiie!f to literature, lu which Held he already linn earned n
considerable reputation. Mr. llryce's successor Mill he Sir CVill Aithur Sprlng-lllce. now British mliilhter nt Stock
holm. Sir Cecil, now flfty-flvo yeirs of nge. was ii'iilcd K r M i In lima In l&SOlie wns noting third secretary
nt Washington and was appointed noting xcrnml wen-mry ;it Wtwliltmtim. to net iih secretary to the Hrltlsh delegate
to tho International Marathon coufcroiuv. Auk -7 1N8 Ari.M en Ing for a tlmo nt Brussels and Tokyo he win
transferred to Washington in 1S03. He was hnrcr d'ntrnlre nt Teheran In WOO nnd minister to Persln In lOOO-OS
In the Illustration Mr Bryce 1 nt tlu'iff
Wo havo had a great many Inquir
ies ns to tho naturo of those "puffs"
which Mr. Fred Turner gavo John
A. Hondrlckson In tho columns ot
Tho Logon Republican, whllo Mr.
Turner was manager. Of courso there
wero many nnd wo havo neither
tho tlmo nor tho Inclination to hunt
them up, but for tho enlightenment
of our readers wo herowlth print a
part of Mr. Turner's testimony In
tho recont trial on this subject.
Mr. Rich said:
Now, I want you to state to tho
court why that chargo of $125 was
mado against tho plaintiff, Mr. John
A. Hendrlckson at that tlmo (May
5, 11)09) on his advertising account.
Mr. Turner said:
"Right after wo started to do busi
ness In February 1, 1909, Mr. John
A. Hendrlckson and I had n privato
understanding In regard to special
Mr. Hendrlckson said:
"Fred", I want some "special adver
tising dono, and I am willing to pay
you well for it." This was botweon
Mr. Hendrlckson and I, and It was
a private understanding and ho says
"I want roports of ray traveling
around to different places and spe
cial trips and nuy other matters,
that I want to bring In, and possibly
I will want you to write somo."
Ho says, "I am willing to pay, you
woll for It." No special amount at
that tlmo was agreed upon for that
special advertising or special work,
b'ut about two or throe days aftor
that he brought la an article for mo
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The New Law Goes Into Effect on
January 1, 1913
Postmaster Odoll Is In receipt of
instructions from tho department
setting forth In detail tho now regu
lations to bo followed In tho con
duct of tho Parcel Post Sorvlco. Tho
law provides for an lncreaso In tho
weight limit of packages from four
to eleven pounds, and tho rates ot
postnge will bo classified by zones,
each zone extending a certain dls
tnnco from tho sending olllco desig
nated as follows:
First zono includes nn area within
a radius of fifty miles ot tho sending
ofilco. Rnto 5 contB for tho first
pound, 3 cents per additional pound.
Second zono Includes n radius of
150 miles from sending ofllco. Rato
C cents per first pound, 4 cents per
additional pound.
Third zone Includes a radius of 300
miles from sending ofllco. Rato 7
cents for first pound, 5 cents per ad
ditional pound.
Fourth zono Includes n radius of
COO miles from sending qllico. Rato
8 cents for first pound, C cents for
each additional pound.
Fifth zono Includes a radius of 1000
miles from sending ofllco. Rato 0
cents for first pound, 7 cents for
each additional pound.
Sixth zono Includes a radius of 1,
400 miles from Bonding ofllco. Rato
10 cents for first pound, D conta for
each additional pound.
Seventh zono Includes a radius of
1800 miles frdnv Bonding ofllco. Sato
11 conta for first pound, 10 conts
for each additional pound.
Eighth zone Includes all districts
further than thoso boforo enurujrat
cd. Rate 12 cents per pound straight
Tho now featUros of tho proposed
(Continued on page alght)
In tho last Issuo of this paper in
publishing nn nrtlclo on the coming
school olection wo stated that John
S. Lontham of Wollsvlllo would not
ho n cnndldnto to succoed himself,
nnd In so stating this matter wo con
sidered wo 'wero publishing tho
nows. Tho Information was given
by Mr. Lentham's associates on tho
board nnd wo considered It reliable.
Wo havo slnco been Informed that
Mr. Lcatham Is a enndiduto nnd
that ho has many friends who do
siro to seo him contlnuo ob a mom
hor of tho county board of educa
tion. During his incumbancy ho has
been n very efficient member and
has been dovotcd to his work. It Is
not our disposition to mislead tho
peoplo In this particular and nro
only to pleased to placo ourselves
and Mr. Lcatham right before tho
S. W. Allon ot Covo was in town
Thursdny to pay his- taxes.
Brlgham Maughan of WellsUllo
was a Logan business visitor on
jho Wilford Woodruff Camp of
tho Daughters of tho Pioneers will
meet this aftoruoon at 3:30 with
Mrs. J. II. Wilson at hor resldonco
on South Main. A good attendant
is desired.
All parents reading in tho First
ward who nro lntorosted In their
children's futuro should attend the
class tomorrow and heat tho lecture
i nd .discussion on tho subject ot
"CoirtsUIp and Marriage." Tho
aasa will .convene la Us new room
FOR B. Y. C. I
1 H
Currant Rumors Groundless, H
Church Authorities Friendly H
To Local Institution. H
Tho Brlgham Young Collego has
for mnny years been th0 Training ( H
school for tenchers for Northern
Utah nnd Southern Idnho; and dur-
ing this tlmo It has been successful
in preparing many ot tho most ef- H
flclcnt superintendents, supervisors,
principals, nnd teachers In this re-
glon. Thoso cducntors ar0 men nnd i M
women who nro In sympathy with
tho highest Ideals of tholr profession
nnd nro consequently sought nfter
by thoso who know tho valuo of H
th0 term teacher. M
Tho record made by tho Instltu- I H
tlou In this lino wns gouorouslyi re- ;
warded two years ago by tho Gen- !
oral Church Board ot Education, In ! 'H
oxtondlng tho scope of Its posslbll- ' H
Itlos. Beforo this tlmo tho Normal H
Courso extended through tho four
years ot high school grade In order '.'
howover, to moot tho general ad- 'IH
vanco along educational lines, two jfl
years of collego grado wore added, -JS
making In all six years ot Instruction hm
nbovo tho grades. This will put tho 9
Institution, whon tho normal work ' H
is fully organized, abrenst with tho
best normal schools ot tho country, ' H
nn end to which both church and ', H
Bchool authorities aro nctlvoly work- lH
,A rumor has been n.ulto wldo spread j
of late, thnt th0 General Church H
Board ot Education would In tho i !
near future, reconsider tho nctlon i !H
abovo referred to and roduco tho H
work to n four year basis. Realizing nH
tho harmfulness of such n report, '1H
tho authorities of tho collego nppoln- iH
tod a membor of tho Executive com- jH
mlttco of tho Board 'o"f Trustees to H
mnko special Inquiry nnd determine il
ir possible, what foundation thoro ' iH
was. If any, for current rumors. Pur- iH
sunnt to tho appointment this mem- ", H
her repaired to Salt Lako City on tho H
13th Instant where a number of tho H
lending authorities of tho Church iH
woro Intervlowod regarding this '
matter. In each caso ho was well H
received, and In each caso recolvod 'H
assurances concerning the futuro of , H
tho collego, fl
Supt. Cummlngs.wns nlso visited H
and was found to bo enthusiastic in H
relation to tho mntter, expressing H
himself ns holng nnxious to co-oper- H
nto to tho end of making tho Instl- H
tutlon a first grade normal school. H
Prest. Joseph P. Smith was espe- ,
daily Interested ln this mntter and H
gavo posltlvo assurance that the ' H
Brlgham Young Collego wns on0 ot H
tho pormanent Institutions of tho H
Church. Ho said that tho wishes
of tho founder, Presldont Brlgham J
Young, ns oxpressed In tho Deed of H
Trust, would bo compiled with ns
fnr as It was In tho power of tho , H
President of tho Church so to do. H
Ho nlso oxpressed himself as being H
especially anxious that tho Orlgham H
Young Collego shnll becomo, as fast H
as menus nro available, ono of tho H
very best Normal schools In tho :H
country nn Institution whoso certi- jH
flcates of graduation would not only , H
bo recognized by our own state, but i H
by tho Boards of Education ot our H
Inter-mountain commonwealths. , H
Tho Board n ember was authorlz- 1 ' H
(Continued on pago olght) jH
'The Brlgham Young Collego has ' H
Just purchased a largo movable wres- i D
tllng mat, sixteen foot square. Wres- H
tllng has taken on a renewed spirit K
this winter at tho college. Tho cjnss j El
meets every Wednesday night for i H
Instruction and with tho now equip- ' S
ment It is suro to grow In numbers. ' jK
A great many outside mon nro tak- . 'j H
Ing tho work besides tho studonts. ' j, r&
Rcsular- bouts for tho school cham- WM
pionshlp nro going on, among tho I H
various classos. I" HI
Swimming will also bo an Intor- ! 1 9H
class event this season and all stu- )
dents lntorosted nro working hard to 'H
bo the roprosentatlvo of their class ,H
teams. Swimming Is becoming very H
popular spdrtl Tho pool Is always H
open to tho. public from 1' ?, m. 'H
9 p, m on' 8aturdayfl. '.I

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