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H ' I r' .. .-..-.
1 Published By The
Ky Oillclal Republican Organ of Cncho County, Utah
H)l , V Entered at tho 1'OBtoIHco every Tuesday, Thurs-
IV L day and Saturday, at Logan, Utah, as Second Class
Hfi' 4; Matter.
,, (l By Mall
l Kv Ono Year 3.00
I $ Six Months .. 1.60
H , Threo Months 75c
H t By Carrier
T i-'4,: Ono Year i..'. -. $3. CO
M '-,, 81z Months 1.75
H ( Thrco Months 90c
B ,' ' If Not Paid In Advance, Add GO Cents ,Per Year
H Subscribers wishing address of paper changed
H ! will plcaso glvo former as well as prcBent address.
H , An papers are continued until explicit order Is rc-
H eclved to discontinue. All arrears must bo paid In
v; every case.
M During the courBC of a talk given by the State
M Probation Officer before tho student body and fac-
H ulty of tho Utah Agricultural College, recently, the
H gentleman said that jlicro wcro 1,015 cases of de-
H llnqucncy In tho State of Utah In the year 1911.
H Many cf theso cases wero children who had come
H from what were supposed to ho respectable homes,
l at least they wcro the children of parents who are
B held in esteem among tho better class of citizens.
B The children apparently had been amply provided
for as regards food, clothing, etc.; they had good
H beds upon which to sleep, and wcro looked after as
H woll as the average boy or girl, nnd yet they had
H so persistently violated tho law that It was found
H ncccstnry to take" thorn beforo tho Juvenllo Court
H and cither administer to them a. rebuke or In some
H ( cases it was found necessary to put them upon
M probation.
H' There wcro others of tho children and In fact
H tho Great majority were children from homes where
i there was only ono parent, or In other cases where
g tho parents had been, divorced and tho homo en-
Jj Ironment was largely responsible for the child's
HC condition; but tho big thing apparently, and the
B thing which the probation officer emphasized most
Hf waj that almost Invariably each one of theso boys
Bf who camo beforo tho court was addicted to the
H use of tobacco In somo form.
m Tho gentleman stnted that in the year 1911
H there were manufactured In the U. S. alone ten
M billion cigarettes. This in n population 'of ninety
H million pcoplo gave ono hundred cigarettes per
B capita. In addition to this thcro wero used four
M pountt- of smoking tobacco per capita for tho en-
M tiro citizenship of tho nation. And this regardless
M of the number of women and children who go to
M make this ninety million. With tho women and
H , children eliminated it Is npparent that tho number
m of male users of tobacco will ha greatly Increased.
M This is a matter which should command the
m t attention of every parent and is one that may well
M be observed here In Logan. Tho fact of tho matter
R' is thcro are too many men, particularly young boys
S who cro smoking cigarettes upon the public streets
H of this city. There is In tho State of Utah a law
1 which makes It a misdemeanor for a minor to havo
'i tobacco In his possession, or for an adult to sell,
K- give, or In any way convey tobacco to him. Some
K ' ono is violating this law, and that someone, or
Vj those "somcones," ns tho caso may be should be
B ' found and be made to account for the same.
H Ko boys or no man for that matter, can rise
H in his best possibilities, who Is addicted to the uso
H of tobacco. Recognizing this fact, the great Santa
H Fc Railway system hns issued orders forbidding
Hj any of its employees in responsible positions to
H r use tobacco while on duty, and this aversion to tho
H urc of tobacco Is spreading among tho leading
H thinkers nnd Industrial concerns' of tho world to
Hfl ' 'I ! !
H j If Salt Lake doesn't seo ono of the best exhl-
Hi bitlons of town loyalty at tho coming Thanksgiving
Hi, kpwo between' the University of Utahandtbe Ag-
HH ricultural Collego that she has over witnessed It
IHB mopt lertninly will not bo tho fault-of tho'-local
Perhaps no other ovent has over called forth
such .1 spontaneous exhibition of lojnlty as ImB
HH this g.une In which the locnl boys go forth to do
HH battle with the other stato educational Institutions
HJ at Salt Lako.
HH At tho meeting of tho Commercial Roosters
HJ Club Wednesday night representations of the col-
HH lefe solicited the support of tho club In an effort
HH to stimulate interest in the coming game. The re-
HI sputiHo was fairly startling. Kvery man present an-
HH ' nounccd himself nn nrdent booster for tho college
HB- and committees wero appointed on the .spot to as-
Hi slst in creating enthusiasm, not only in the city,
Hh but throughout tho entire Cache Valley.
HK Already tho stimulus is In tho air. Everybody
H' everywhere, is talking up tho game. Tho mayor and
HH r the commissioners are boosting it. Tho business
HH, men of tho city and county! are boosting It, and
H a conservative cstlmato places tho number of prob-
HH able excursionists from Logan to Salt Lake at not
HH. less than 1000.
Hks Rcmnrkably low rates have been offered and
HHj every effort is being put forth to boost the excur-
HB5 sion, and thereby demonstrate to tho people of
HH Utah that Logan and her citizenship Is heart and
Wm EOul wltn the Agricultural Collego In all Its en-
h dcavoru.
H' Today tho boys glvo an exhibition game with
HH nn nil star team upon tho collego cnmpuB to which
HH tho public is Invited free of charge. Tonight the
HH students will take possession of tho city and somo-
HHJ thing 1b sure to bo doing ovcry minute.
H . .j.
HBJl' Tho year 1312, so far as the states of Colorado,
HJ ' New Mexico and Utah nro concerned, will soon
pass Into history bb the meat bountiful, and no
H IK J. -..i ! .1
oouut tUo'tiiost prospcous In general, to taelr j
populace This in Itself will bring many settlers j
to this territory, but will not alono give us tho best
results. I
The population of these tlueo states s approxi- j
mntely n million nnd a half, yet wo have ample
room for flvo tlmes"that number.
There aro today thousunds of acres of flno soil
In each of theso states wltn good avallablo water
rights; nlBO largo tracts of land bolng put under
Irrigation, and still larger tracts worthy of the con
sideration of tho Irrigation promoter. . !
It should bo the aim of every person located
within tho boundaries of theso states to invito tho"
attention of tho homoseoker to come and investi
gate for himself. Ask him to look over our frulj
districts, potatd districts, sugar beet. districts, farm,
lands in general, cattle and stock -raising flections,
and mineral districts. In fact, In these three state
most everything Is grown that is requisite to suc
cessful agriculture and horticulture - ,
Do your part in spreading the Information that
here in the great inter-mountain section there .Is
land nnd a home, and a prosperous livelihood for
all willing hands. Rio Grande Service Oazette.
Money won't turn n man's head half as quick
ly as n silken calf.
When the pollco want a man for anything all
they havo to do Is locate tho woman.
When n woman wants material for a lecture
she doesn't hnvo to go to tho North Pole. She
explores hor husband's pockets.
When a salaried man starts In to hold up his
end with men who are worth money, you can see
h's finish.
Everybody hates n stingy man. Dut you will
notice thnt tho stingy man nlways has money.
The avcrngo woman's Idea of brlghtcncnlng
tho home Is to run up a 6 gas bill.
Nowadays tho game laws protect almost every
thing but husband and bedbugs. ;
A woman is always atrnid of train wrecks. Thaf
Is why she always wears her, best underwe'ar when,
she trnve's. ?
The moro you think about It, tho moro yquf
wonder what Solomon did when about a hundred'
of his wives wnnted their backs scratched at theji
same tlmo. v (
If a woman would work halt as hard trying to;
bold a husband as she did to land him he would j
never leave hor. ' j
When a woman wants to commune with the I
spirit? she hunts up a clairvoyant, but a man hunts' j
up a bartender. I
Rurnlng your bridges behind you means givln?1 I
awny the 'baby carriage Just because the youngster j
has learned to wnlk. - j
Well what was tho use of having a Democrat? J
Ic clebrntion anyway. Cache County Democrats 1
havo nothing to celebrnte as far as democrat gains
nro concerned. As one big local Democratic leader
remarked "tho party has lost grounds during the
rust two yoars." if tho Cacho County Democrats
had arranged a reception In honor of tho "assist
Unt Democrats" who gave them tho victory there"
would havo been a celebration In keeping with tji
realities of tho campaign. A rccoiving lino wtH''
Theodore W. Peterson, Soren Hansen, Wllllani
Winn, Joseph B. Drown, Georgo Daines and Albert,
A. Law ns guests of honor would have been some-j
thing l:ko It. Theso aro tho real winners of the
Democratic victory, and credit should bo bestowed
where credit is due. Haw ungrateful of the Dem
ocracy to pass up those stalwart "assistant Demo:;
crats" that gave them the victory.
.. .j. .j. y
John A. Hcndrlckson has apparently repudi
ated all that puffing that Mr. Turnor gave hlm,ln
Tne Lognn Republican, and by sb doing has e
cuied r small Judgment. "Watch me, boost tab,
l.ccp my namo in tho paper, say good things abqjt
r.ie," John is reputed to have said to Turner, "and
I will pay you for It." Rut when tho tlmo cornds
for settlement thoro is "nothing doing." As to tho
accuracy of Turner's statements ono knowing both
f,etnlemen need only refer to tho flics of tho Lognr
Republican during Mr. Turner's management.
! 4 4
It was unkind of thoso "big state leaders" to
pass up tho Democratic jollification nnd ratification
mooting. Their excuses read llko they deliberately
p'lannod Btaylng nwny. Perhaps thoy fell llko the
Darbor-Rlair engagement was now bolng staged to
Its capacity and didn't feel llko butting In. Of
course A. George and Jed M. would havo been
busy buttonholing them so perhaps It was Just as
well for them to remain away.
.j. -j. ..
Mr. Orval W. Adams of "Interest on public
monej" camo over from Hyrum Tuesday eve
ning presumably to attend tho Democratic celebra
tion. Mr. Adams did not run very swift In his
race to plnce tho peoplo's money out at Interest.
Tho pooplo preferred the safo courso rather than
tho sorry erratic ono, nnd Mr. Adams can bo class
ed rlmply nn "assistant Democrat." Nothing more,
nothing less.
! ' 4
John A. Hendrlckson characterized Thaln,
Odell and Uullcn ns thoroughbred "federal bunch
cis," but looked upon Congressman Howell and J.
C. V.cltera as "kind of half and half." And now
the multitudes nro wondering what John wbb in
tho crowd wboro ho was "bunched."
.J. .J. .j.
Tho Now York American, a powerful Demo
cratic organ, reminds its renders that tho Wilson
victory wns won, not on tho merits of their case,
but "because of a divided opposition."
! $
The only tlmo a woman knows exactly how
much monoy she has In tho bank Is when sho
hasn't any.
$ 4
Charles F. Murphy has killed a deer. His aim
Is boiler In tho forest than In n Democratic nation
al convention.
J. .J. .J.
When a girl has pretty tooth sho tlrst learns to
smile and nfterwards to chow the rag.
J. .j. j.
Turner was easy. Ho only wantca one hundred
tventy-flvo to keep John A. up for n wholo ear.
Tho faculty and some of tho pupils
df tho Utah Conservatory of MubIc of
Sait Lako City will give a freo musi
cal concert nt the Logan Tabernnclo
tonight bcglnlhg at 8 o'clock. A local
branch of tho firm has recently been
established hero with studio In tho
Harris block, under the management
of Miss Elizabeth Underwood That
this musical combine has associated
with it somo of tho best musicians
In tbo'stnto can 'bo seen from tho
fact that Prof. 1j. J. McClcllan Is
"cfean 6? tho ' scho'ol;' Prof. W. E.
"yclho, president and associates are
Prof. Alfred Dcst and Prof. Thomas
Giles. Tho people of Logan and near
by towns aro cordially invited to at
tend this free concert Saturday
night, (adv.)
Salt Lako City,, November 25 nnd
27. Tickets on sale via Oregon Short
Lino from Ogden and points south
November 25, 26 and 27; from othor
Utnh points north of Ogden, Novem
ber 24, 25 and 26; limit, Decemuor
2. Seo agents for rates and further
particulars. (Advertisement)
Tho greatest social ovont of tho
season will bo the dancing party to
be given by tho Kappa Nu girls at
the B. Y. College Tuesday night No
vember 26. Good music and refresh
ments. Everybody assured a good
time. Admission 50 cents.
MlBtross "What! Going to church
Maid "Faith, an' 'twas a good
cook asryez advertised fori" Judgo
Mr. Medlll McCormlck caused a
great laugh to go up over tho land.
And Is not laughter tho cipher key)
wherewith wo decipher tho wholo
Via Oregon Short Line. Tickets
on snlo November 27 and 28; limited
to December 2. Seo agents for rates
and further particulars.
Do You
That a
McDougall Kitchen
Will save vour wife actually
a 50 mile walk every year.
From Cupboard to table, then
to flour bin, etc. Let us show
We can furnish Cabinets from
Win. Edwards
"Let Us Feather Your Nest"
Keep Her Out
"And don't forget to make tho
doors of my new house only sixty
centimeters wide.''
"Why bo?"
"My mother-in-law measures . nine
ty." Pelo Molo.
Via Oregon Short Lino. Tickets
on snlo November 27 and 28; limited
to December 2. Seo agents for rates
nnd further particular.
I Cash Prices For S
Thanksgiving Buyers
I 10 PB Raw 'or S1.00 2 lbs Fresh DaleVfof' ....aHt0 i
I 8 pkgs Currants for ....S1.00 1 do Large Dills for.' 2Sc I
10 cans Tomatoes for ....SI. OO 6 Salt Herrings for 25c I
I 20 lb". Deans for S1.00 6' Bloaters for ..'.'... 25c I
I i cans Rlpo Olives for.. .51.00 10 cans Peas for .....'.. S1.00 I
i 1 gal Ripe Olives for ...S1.25 10 cans Corn for 51.00 I
f 5 lbs Mixed Nuts 51.00 12 cans Salmon for 51.00 l
3 qts Cranberries 30o 6 pkgs Tea for ....! 51.00 !
I 1 Basket Grapes for 50c 4 pkgs Coffee for 51.20 I
I" 1 lb PeeI 25c 24 bars best Laundry Soap 51.00 I
Exclusive Agents Chase And Sanbourns Famous
,- i.
Of Clothes as good as dto
are made; we show 5B
them here in an ab- iPj.
undance never before mKwk.
Not Only do we Jjm. ljfpi
the staple models IwhJb
that conservative Jl-U.lfiiMn
menfavor, but we've 'f jPiffl
the only complete MfflH
assortment of the ntJBp-irip
Clothes Young JH - if I
Men Demand JJIISIm
For Example you'll Find the
New Fall English Sack
Models made by
The House Of
Different from last' season's in many
important particulars; you'll find the
new Essex model a reigning favorite
among best dressers; "Chester" soft 1
roll three-button sack suits; new Nor- I
folks; any suit of clothes any discrim
inating man wants. Special notice
is accorded light weight Top-Coats;
Gabardine raincoats; Slipons and
Convertable Watersheds.
The prices represent the utmost in
value; $3 to $5 less in every instance r)
than ordinarily.
$18 to $25
Howell Bros.
Logan's Foremost Clothiers

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