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if " " 'u asal
fejr DID NOT W.0SE
: Order Was Given ,by Marshal,
,j But was Recalled. Special
Permission to Run Sunday
,1 Matter Will be Taken
;,! Under Advisement
ft ' Jho candy kltchcnB and refresh-
ft ment stands which wore scheduled
ft : to close on Sunday, on tho grounds
that the revised ordinances makes
I it n misdemeanor for such business
ft establishments to conduct their
I business on tho Sabbath day, were
ft given tho prlvllego of remaining open
ft on Sunday", pending an investigation
I on tho part of tho city authorities.
ft City Marshal A 13. Crannoy Satur
I day morning mado tho rounds of tho
ft city and instructed tho proprietors
I of each refreshment stand regarding
tho new ordlnanco and told them
I they would bo required to remain
ft closed nnd that all business must bo
susponded for tho day. At once, nob-
ert Murdock, proprietor of tho Mur-
dock Candy company, took his caso
I to tho city attorney and tho city
commissioners. He showed to them
ft ho had considerable pcrlshablo goods
In stock and that to deprive him of
ft conducting his business would mean
ft a heavy loss. Ho also showed where
ft In ho would liavo to dlspcnso with
considerable help if ho wero forced
IB to abldo tho Sabbath closing clauso
ft and was given every nssuranco by
tho City Attorney A. A. Law that
m it was not his disposition to work
:M a hardship on nnyono. Tho city com-
jl mlsstoners wero of the samo mind
ft and tho decision was recalled and
ft the candy kitchens allowod to remain
B open pending nn Investigation,
lit Tho Havana Cigar store on Main
Ift street, tho Davis Grocery, tho Ewer
Grocory, und tho Lloyd Grocery at
ft t' o depot were closed and will moro
Bj lun likely bo required to suspend
V Sunday business. In this connection
W Mr. niter of tho niter Bros Drug
I Co., said that ho was opposed to dls-
ifl criminating laws and thereupon for-
Hi ld his help from selling tobacco In
l any form. Ho took the ground that
1 If It woro a misdemeanor for the cl-
I gar storo to dispense of tobacco that
ft It was just as much of an offense for
ft him to sell It.
H Washington, D. C. Doc. 9. A flno
Bj topographic map of tho area known
BJ as tho Ilandolph quadrangle, In Utah
Bj and Wyoming, has just been Issued
by the United States Geological Sur
ftj voy. This map includes tho southern
Bj half of Dear Lake, Utah, and a por
I of tho Cache National Forest. Tho
Bj area mapped Is a llttlo less than 000
ft) squaro miles. Through Us eastern
Bj portion runs Dear nivor, nn exceed
Bj Ingly tortuous stream meandering
Bj through n flat valley from 2 miles to
5 miles In width In which aro located
tho towns of Ilandolph and Woodruff
I tho map shows that this river, llko
most other meandorlng streams has
ft by abandoning parts of Its course in
ft favor of shorter cuts mado numerous
ft oxbow lakes, sorao of which nro en
ft tlrely cut off and othors aro In pro
ft cess of formation. Tho waters of
B Bear Itiver ar0 largely dlvorted and
ft used for irrigation. Tho Cacho Na
I tlonal Forest Is very rugged moun
I tain country, with altitudes of 7000
ft to nearly 0000 feot. Tho olovntlon of
ft " Doar Lako is C.924 feot. Tho topo
V graphic field work In this qundranglo
i was dono in 1009-10 by Albort Plko
nnd A. H. Murlln, topographic engin
eers of tho United States Geological
Survoy. Tho map Is sold by tho DI-
i rector of tho Survoy at D cents a
Do your CUristniQfl eliopplng early.
A broakman by tho namo of Grant
foil from a moving frolght train Sun
day evening into Dear river whoro
1 tho O. S. L. railroad crosses tho
I rlvor at Cacho iJunctlon. Tho river
was dragged all day yesterday and
I tho body found lato last evening and
m brought to Logan.
B 1 M
Do your Christmas shopping early.
The British Government Pla
ces St. James Palace at the
Disposal of the Balkan
End is Near
London, Dec. 9. Tho prospects
for a satisfactory and a reasonable'
rapid settlement of tho Balkan war
and of tho grcnter European Interests
hanging upon It seem brighter to
night than at any tlmo since tho al
lied armies took tho Hold against Tur
Tho envoy's from tho Balkan king
doms, Greece; If Greece decides to
participate and the Ottoman empire
will hold tho first meeting of tho
peaco conference next Friday. At tho
samo tlmo tho embassadors of the
great powers at London, charged
with tho task of protecting tho In
terests of their countries, will meet
as a sort of court of appeals to
watch, advise nnd admonish the
peaco delegates.
Task For Great Men
To reach oven this complicated ar
rangement has strained all the re
sources of European diplomacy.
Thoro havo been times In tho last
month when the consent of all tho
governments to a friendly gathering
appeared beyond the rango of possi
bility. Austria's consent yeBterday to
join the embassadorlal conference
and Germany, which stood asldo wait
ing the decision of its ally announced
its acquloscnco today. This will be
by far tho most Important assembly
of diplomats since tho Berlin confer
ence of the nusso-Turklsh war. Gi
ants llko Btsmark, 'Beaconsfleld, Sal
isbury and Gortchakoff. to bo sure,
will not tread tho stnge, but their
successors who do will havo an equal
ly Important work to perform.
One Hard Knot
One question' 'Charged with tho pos
sibilities of disaster is Scrvla's un
qucnchablo determination for an Ad
riatic port, and Austria's determina
tion that she sha.i not have it.
Servian ofllctal newspapers raako it
plain, however, that tho llttlo king-'
dom has made up its mind to take
Instructions from tho powers, so far
as public opinion In Servia will let
A second Interesting struggle will
take place over Turkey's endeavors
to hold as much of the conquered
territory as Oriental diplomacy and
the help of friendly powers can save
for her. The best bargain the sultan
can make probably will reduce his
subjects in Europe from more than
io less than 2,000,000 and
the Turk seems reconciled to this.
The Greek Problem
A third Important factor will be
tho Greek attempt to gain Salonlkl.
Besides, various difficult questions
will arise over the commercial status
of tho various states, tho disposition
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A circular letter Is now being sent
to ovory merchant in Cacho County
by II. A. Pedorson. Judgo of tho Ju
venile court, calling their attention
to tho law regarding tho Belling of
tobacco to minors, and making tho
request that this practice bo discon
tinued immediately. It Is tho inten
tion of tho Juvenile otllcors to limko
a war against tho uso of tobacco by
minors in this county and olio of tho
most effectlvo ways of ridding tlio
youth of this pructlco which Is bo
comlng Bd uulvorsal is to insist on
dealers not to sell it to them. There
is a stato law prohibiting all persons
under tho ago of twouty-ono years
from ovon carrying tobacco on their
porson, and ony ono found guilty of
so doing, shall bo guilty of a mis
demeanor and aro llablo to a flno not
exceeding $100. A copy of the lotter
being mailed is as follows:
"Information has como to us from
tho officials of your town that tobac
co Is sold to minors by somo of tho
morchauts of your town nnd that
boys of tender, years aro obtaining
tobacco from dealers and aro smok
ing openly on,tjjo streets. Henco wo
wrlto you as a merchant to Impress
upon you tho necessity of oboying
tho law hi.thls respect. Of course
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The "Big Bnains;, Retiring and Ascendant
df a '$,454,000,000 Railroad System.
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S 'IBSMwSmSUBaJM I jBaBflflnHHflflflHHH
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'"4'frV; "iBftsftftBBftftftftftftt ' ts .jBBBBBBBBnl
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iMX, . 4-BPft ' BffftffftVftT" -'BBrFMyR' "'
iiw Vaft '".A Jflflfllflflr - M !' '''.-v
PI" &ss J.H- .j; BBBBBF -v fiKSlMt ' '" 4 U
t ? k w'V-i-fBBBflBt ' 55!RKK"i ' j' ktSL-
.y ' C-''aBBBP"! V". . -''. ifg
tt r fy lHlftf , s t i ' ft3
y? " - - - ,L' -&w t3"Ku ' , .' .- - - ' -
Photoytapli by American Press Association.
Hero are the latest snapshots of James W. McCrea. forced to resign the headship of the Pennsylvania bo
cause of u breakdown In, health, und Samuel Ilea, who succeeds him on' New Year's day. It has been suld that the
presidents of big railroads go tho pace that kills In continually thinking out "big things." and a study of tho faces
Of these two shows clearly the Inteuso meutnl stress of their long years In the service. Mr. Ilea Is no longer young,
bolpjj Ofty-seven. but hp la a prodigious worker, who can take on exactiim tasks without apparent fatigue.
A new grocery store under the firm
name of Bnteson-Jeppson company,
has just opened up nt North Main
street. Tho proprietors of tho now
firm aro A. Bateson and S. J. Jopp
son. They oxpect to conduct a
wholesale as well as a retail busi
ness. A full and complete lino of
green, fancy and staplo groceries will
bo carried by tho now company. Ar
thur Bateson, who has had twenty
flvo years oxporlenco In tho g'ocery
business In this city will look after
tho insldo business 01 tho partner
ship, whilo Mr. Jeppson will look
after tho outside, or wholesale party
of tho firm's business A fro 3 dc
livery will bo conducted ,as Is cus
tomary with all tho city grocory
Already encouraging reports are
coming to tho U. A. C. football
players from outside sources that
many players from various schools
throughout tho country will bo In at
tendance nt tho Collego next season.
The fullback on tho Bolso team this
year Is reported to havo strong de
sires to attend tho Logan school. Of
tho Salt Lako High school team who
will probably bo In attendance at tho
local collego If presont planB materi
alize ,aro "Piggy" Ward and Captain
Olsen, tho two halfbacks, and Mr.
Cnhoon, centor for tho Salt Lako
High. "Piggy" Is said to bo a good
track man nnd nil round athlete.' To
socuro the nbovo men for tho Ag
gies would mean much for tho ath
letic department of tho Collego.
"Tho House Noxt Door," tho play
which is to bo presontod nt Nlbley
Hall Wednosday ovcnlng December
11, under tho auspices of tho SIgmn
Alpha Braternlty Is a vital and inter
esting play well worth seeing. Tho
play Is ono of the Now York success
es. It has the distinction of having
had a ono year's run at tho Gaiety
Theater. Lator it toured all tho prin
ciple cities of tho country. Tho au
thor J. Hartley Manners wroto "Tho
Patriot" tho play in which William
Collier recently storred, and also
"Peg O' My Heart" tho now play of
Lauretto Taylor whoso fnmo ns sung
In "The Bird of Paradise" U every
where known.
A clover play acted by, a group of
clevor amateurs Is no mean treat for
tho Logan theater lovIng'pubila.-'Praa
tlcally all of tho cast of "Tho House
Next Door" havo had previous ox
pcrlcnco In amateur theatricals. Last
Wednesday night tho Play was put
on at Providence. Everyono presont
wero unanimous In their pralso of
tho play and tho players. It was
conceded to bo ono of tho bcst.ama
tour productions ovor staged In that
town. Every effort Is being mado to
hovo a similar opinion created after
tho performanco in Lognn.
Tho following aro the cast of char
acters In tho comedy:
Tho Cotswold Family
Sir Johu Cots wold.... Wra. S. Clark
Margarot, his wife... Mario Harbor
Ulrica, his daughtor Ireno Hondrlck
Ulrica, his daughter
.- ,Irenp( Hendrlckson
(Continued on pace elcht)
Basketball at B. Y. C. is assuming
doflnlto form at n rapid rate. This
year's team promises to bo even
moro classy than last year's and It
Is a hard problem nt present to de
cide Just which league to cntor. Tho
ru.Ing mndo In tho High school
leaguo has mado it qulto Impractic
able to consider that one und al
though soveral invitations have como
to tho management to enter tho col
lego lenguo soveral conditions arlso
which rcqulro consideration beforo
thoy can bo accepted. Tho gnmo to
bo played with tho "All stars" noxt
Frldny night will likely settlo tho
proposition for by playing this year's
hunch against tho men of last year's
team, who will mako up tho "All
Stars," Coach Jensen will obtain a
deflnito Idea as to tho ability of his
team and from that decldo what to
mvw mm
Mr. nas Ilasmusson the gonial
proprietor of tho lCc Bazaar recently
dovlsed a unlquo plan to cheerfully
ontortaln tho llttlo folks of this city
au,d on Saturday of last week found
tbo fruits of his labors mado appar
ent by tho assembling of hundreds of
children at his place of business to
obtain still moro gladcncd hearts by
receiving n cheerful word and a writ
ten mossago from old Santa Clans,
hlmBolf. "St. Nick" arrived on tho
noon train and proceeded at onco to
the Bazaar whoro ho greotod tho llt
tlo oneB as above stated nnd then
opened a post offlco there at which
ho will receive lettors dally from 10
to 11 a. in. and from' G-to G p. m.
Ritcr Bros.; Drug Co. Makes
Improvement. Store Front H
Of an Unique Design. All H
Work Done by Local VffjVft
People Bflflflfl
In passing by tho old stand tor Bflflflfl
thirty-two years of niter Bros. Drug
company, ono ennnot fall to noto tho
striking nppcaranco of tho new front.
This design Is tho work of K. C.
Schnub, our local architect, and gen-
oral malinger, 11. F. niter. Bftftftft
Tho striking fenturo of this front H
Is tho steel frnmo coppor finished
canopy, covered with wired glnss.
This .canopy projects flvo feet from H
tho building over tho sldowulk and H
Is Immediately over tho show win- H
(lows, so ns to protect tho windows H
from storms, nnd rays of tho sun, H
nnd docs nwny with tho unsightly H
awning. JflJJJ
Tho show wlndowB nro of French
Plato glass, set in copper on a steel ftftftftl
framo base, finished in coppor, nnd Iftftfl
tbo door to th0 cntranco Is sot with H
bovol plato glass, thus giving a full H
vlow to tho interior of tho storo Iftftfl
from tho otusldo. Tho piers of tho H
front of tho building aro to bo fin- H
lshcd In tllo of a special design and H
color. This tllo Is Intended to ox- Iftftfl
tend up nnd ovor tho show windows
nnd contlnuo round tho faco of tho H
building, so as to forma striking sign
Itltor Bros. Drug company."
Anothor special feature of tho
front is tho prism glass transom, sot flftftft
In copper. This transom reflects a Iftftfl
flood of light into tho interior of tho
storo. Tho entrance to tho storo and Bftftft
to tho upstairs is sot In Moslac stylo
of tile, and tho storo entrance will
havo a striking design worked there- H
in, "n. B. D. Co.,"
Tho interior wood work to form Iftftfl
tho show windows Is of, tho highest
typo of workmanship, and wns dono
under tho personal direction of Mr. ftftftft
Chris. Jncobson, for tho well known
contracting firm of Nolson, Worley H
nnd Nelson. ftftftj
Tho backing of tho show windows pflftl
is of plato glass and French plate JHJ
mirrors. Tho latter being set In n
framo so as to slide up and down on ftftftj
wolghts in order to glvo access to the IftftJ
windows from tho interior. Tho light IftftJ
Ing effect Is obtained from tho top ftftj
of tho windows, by means of special ftftftj
rofloctors, set with silver prism glass. ftftj
In each window are twelve of thos'o ftftftj
reflectors, carrying a llko number of H
40-wntt Mazda lamps, producing tbo IftftJ
-. brilliant lighting effect. ftftftj
The Interior finish Is of light oak, H
In keeping with tho intorlor of tho
store; this finish is from tho brush of
I Charles Holmes. Tho outsldo con- ftftftj
structlon has been under tho lmmo- ftftftj
dinto direction of Olof Nelson, whilo IIH
tho firm of Wlllam Edwards, took H
chargo of tho sotting of tho plato !
glass mirrors, etc., In a most work- JJJJ
mnn llko manner, without nn accl- ftftft
Articles of incorporation havo t-oeu ftftft
hied with tho county clork bv the BflJ
Logan Stono and Monument compauv flBJ
Tho now company Is capitalized at ftftja
$50,000 with shares at tho par valuo JJ
of $1.00. Tho nlllcers of tho com- IflJ
pany aro: ftftj
V. S. Amussen, president and di- flflj
rector; P. O. Hunso-i. vice president flflj
nnd director; J. II. Brown, secrotary IH
Lcnsurer and director; J. P. Jones;. jflflj
Charles Batt, .Androw BIbUUiv;, iiid Hflfl
1 P. Ncbckc', .'hectors. flfti
Tho stnto commission on hortlcul- 111
turo was in session nt tho Agrlcultur- fljflj
at Collego yostorday afternoon. Bo- WM
ports which aro rcqulrod from the la
commission by tho stato woro being JLflJ
considered. Material for tbeso re- isM
ports Is being collected in order that HI
tho regular roports to tho stato log- aftj
Islaturo will bo compiled In order
that tho reports can bo promptly HflJ
mado ho mombors qt tbo cdmrals- jlflj
slon in attendance woro J. Edward
Taylor, stato hortlcultuiist and sec- flftj
rotary of tho commission; Dr. B. D. flH
Ball; Dr. Leon Batchelor, and Prof. flH
W. H. noraor of Pleasant Grove

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