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& H
B fi . ' Hj
B . x
K Honorable David Ecclcs Buried at Ogdcn, Thousands of
B $ Friends Attend Services. .Business is Halted on
B Electric Roads. Noted Persons Give
S ' Impressive Discourses. - r-
B Y 1 -- 4
B J Ogden, Dec. 10. Feeling tribute
H ot respect was paid to (ho memory
V ot David Eccles In this city today.
B Tho esteem In which tho multi-mil-
' llonalro was held by tho people of
Ogdcn, as well as tho stato ot Utah,
and tho entlro west, was beat shown
when a scoro ot prominent men, high
in tho buslnes world, with bowed
and uncovered heads, followed tho
casket between lines composed of
400 school children.
Scarcely moro than halt of tho
great concourse was able to enter
tho building In which tho funeral ser
vices wero held or to gnln a place
I within hearing dlstanco ot church
dignitaries, business associates and
personal friends, who testified to
their admiration of -tho financier and
tho loss sustained by tho community
In his death.
' Among thoso who composed tho
throng wero prominent porsons of
every city and town In this stato
as well ns many from other sections
ot the west. Salt Lnko City and Lo
gan contributed principally to tho
visiting crowds, with delegations
which numbered moro than ono hun
dred each. President Joseph F.
Smith of tho Mormon church was
among tho Salt Lako att'ondants.
Wheels Of Progress Halt
While tho tribute paid by tho thou
sands who attended or sought to at
tond tho obsequies In tho tabernacle
was n touching ono It was nono tho
less Impressive than that which
brought the wheels of flnanco and in-
k i dustry In 11 vo states to a halt for a
" B 'perlod of several minutes. In this and
u other cities of tho stato many lines
I of business wore completely suspend-
1 ed throughout tho entlro afternoon.
At 12 o'clock noon overy bank In Og-
I den was closed, tho offices of tho
I companies in which Mr. Eccles had
been associated wero closed for tho
day while courts wero adjourned and
general business activity partially
abandoned In ordor that all might
! havo an opportunity to honor the
greatect Individual benefactor of the
Long Funeral Cortege
Although It had been arranged for
tho funeral cortege to form at tho
residence, corner of Jofferson avenuo
and Twenty-sixth stroet, at 12:30
o'clock, many wero unable to reach
the city at the appointed hour and
consequently tho line did not move
until after 1 o'clock. It was headed
by tho members of tho Weber aca
demy board of education, followed
by tho faculty members of mo same
Institution and 400 students. Tho
members ot tho Webor club to tho
number of 20 were next In line, with
f tho honorary pallbearers W. H.
, Wattls. Joseph Scowcroft, John Pin-
I creo. Charles It. Darton and W. A.
I Larkln of this city. H. S. Young and
5 Joseph Geoghegan of Salt Lako, H.
U B. Hatch of Logan and Adam Patter-
I son of Los Angeles preceding tho,
IB funeral car. E. S. Rolapp, William
l Durton, It. A. Moyes, J. M. Canso,
n R. II. Porter, E. W. Mattson and
J; W. II . Williams qf Ogden, Dr. D.
K C. Budge of Logan, Fred G. Taylor
of Lowlston, Utah, and D. W.
I Dalrd ot Baker City, Oregon, tho nc-
',' tlvo pallbearers walked bcBldo tho
I ! hearso. Threo carriages containing
I President Smith and other speakors
together with prominent Mormon
I church ductals of Salt Lako and Og-
I , den, nlso preceded the funoral car.
Q f Tho two widows of tho late flnan-
I ' dor occupied tho two first carriages
In tho long lino which formed bo-
A very Important meeting of all
tho Scandinavians of Cache stake
wi'1 bo held In tho largo room of tho
tabornaclo next Sunday December 1G
at 10 a. in.. Elder Andreas Peter
' son who presided over tho Swedish
mission will speak. Tho Stako Presi
dency will be present. A largo at
tendance Is desired.
hind tho hearso. Mrs. Bertha Ecclcs
accompanied by D. C. Eccles, Lclloy
Eccles nnd Mrs. Vlda Davis, occu
pied the first carrlago; Mrs. Ellen Ec
clcs and four of her children occu
pied, tho second. Tho routo taken
by tho funeral cortege was west on
Twenty-sixth street to Washington
avenue and thenco north to tho tab
ernacle. ' In accordanco with tho car.cfully
nrranged plans of Funeral Director
E. A. Larkln, assisted by A. J. Lar
kln of Salt Lako, tho doors of tho
tabornaclo wero closed to all persons
other than tho members of tho Og
den nnd Salt Lako Clearing Houso
associations, prior to tho arrival of
tho funeral cortege from the resi
dence. The bankers did not accom
pany tho body from tho homo and
consequently wero In their nllotcd
section when tho party arrived. Tho
plan ot withholding -all from tho
building until tho opening ot the scr-
vices proved to bo n Btep well tak
en. Boforo 12 o'clock noon scores of
porsons woro waiting to gain admit
tance to tho building and by tho
tlmo tho funeral procession arrived
tho entire seating capacity of tho
tabernaclo would not havo accomo
dated those who waited outside tho
In tho allotment of tho seating
space tho members of tho two fam
ilies occupied tho center section,
nearest tho pulpit. Other relatives
(Continued on page four;
Logan nnd Cache county was well
represented at tho David Eccles fu
neral In Ogden on Tuosday. Tho Ore
gon Short Line gave exceptionally
low rates and over 100 ot Logan's
foremost citizens went to Ogden to
pay their last respects to tho de
parted. Among those who went to
tho funeral services wero tho Cache
county commissioners, tho city com
missioners and directors of the Com
mercial Boosters club. Among othors
the following persons attended tho
services: Dr. and Mrs. D. C. Budge,
Mr. and MrS. H. E. Hatch, Mr. and
Mrs William M. Howell, Mr. and
Mrs. Niels Erickson, It. L. Campbell
S. F. Balllf, eVorge Torgeson, Rob
ert Sheffield, H. G. Hayball, William
Edwards, Edward Anderson, Dr. G.
Thomas, Anthon Anderson, H, G.
Nobeker, A. E. Bowen, Geo. F.
Thatchor, H. A. Pederson, Joseph E.
Cardon, Stophon Hallstono, William
I. Thaln and Mr. nnd Mrs. A.
Toyland In tho basement of tho H.
G. liny ball Mercantile Company's
store is now dally tho sceno of more
glad hcartB than can bo found In a
month's travol at any other season
of tho year. Tho Christmas spirit
there provalls unbounded. The spa
ceous room which Is laden In overy
qunrtor with thousands of elegant,
yet Inexpensive, toys and trinkets,
Is each day crowded to capacity with
llttlo tots who with dancing eyes sur
vey tho displays and In their minds
determluo a choice, ot what "St.
Nick" wilt bring them.
Tho display Is exceptionally flno
this year, much larger 'than over
shown In tho city boforo and well
worthy tho Inspccttoi f nil to whom
tho rolo of Santa m 11.
In variety tho showing Is superb
nnd in quality of articles It need
only bo said that the twenty-six
years experlcnco In merchandise pur
chasing ot Manager Hayball was b
hind each selection.
Yes, Toyland Is a real Wqnderjand
this .Chrlatraaa and a well worth a
visit from everyone.
Asking vDivine Aid In House at Opening of I
Concluding Session of Sixty-second Congress.
Hu a JBByB9x?K?fl)lBH
B3EK;:)Vo&!9iKkE ViVw3ri& ttBfjKwMiiMfcJEfisBdP,r yjjWILBBnMsHHBrB
Btt a vk Si VxrjBt. Jrsl j,"ifc St w j4$wLBjR3BiBBw fc. BiBHBBAEiHBttJ'lB'BPfcB
BBffeiiw'-t's -A&Bwjfeffi'' tftlffitfl. tfcrfryyJPrf jftjlftjfr a$? &uf'& BltMfciBfflEwpBfM&iiBrflitiBBr
Flioto by American Pruss Association.
Tin' roiisheiiihlliig of congress wasmnrUed by a cotiiiiilnglliig of sulidued.mourufulncss and unconcealed hilarity
The uiuiii' iiiljuuriied out of respect for Its dead Vice "resident Sherman, Senators Heyburu and Itayner nnd Ser
Ki'iintut-AriiiM IttuiRdell-und the senators visited tho house. There Chaplain Coudon hud Just completed his prayer,
when In the iilivjlutc silence that followed Governor Elect Sulzer of New Yor'.: entered and climbed upon tho duls.
I.lla S.c.il;er Clark, lie wax greeted with enthusiastic cheering. Mr. Claris, beating his desk for order, smashed tho
in. 'till li.-iMille (ill his brand new gavel. But later when Uncle .loo Cumigii's numu was culled tho nolso broke out
nfit'fli Mel; l.iiiiKWniiirD iiniiiH wns cheered by Democrats ns well n lii'iiuJiUcjitiH.
On Tuesday morning at 12:'45 a.
m. Mrs. Johannah Lovedalo Evans,
wife of Morgan S. Evans, ono of
tho early settlers of Utah and pio
neers ot this city, died at tho resi
dence of her 'daughter,' Mrs. I. P.
Stewart of tho .Logan First ward.
Mrs. Evans has suffered consider
able during tho past few years and
had It not been for tho tender nurs
ing received at the hands of her pa
tient daughter there is llttlo doubt
that she would have lived to the ripe
old ago that she did. Deceased was
In her seventy-ninth year having
been born in Enkoplng, Sweden, Aug
ust 10, 1834. The mother of Mrs.
Evans died when Johannah was but
a girl and sho was loft to mako hor
way in the worla alono. Sho Joined
tho Mormon church at Stockholm and
came to Utah In tho year 18C3 and
wns married to Morgan S. Evans In
tho samo year. To them was born
three children, all ot whom aro ly
ing. They nre: Edward L, Evans of
Sugar City; Daniel L. Evans of Ana
conda; and Robecca Evans Stewart,
wlfo of Dr. I. P. Stowart of this
city. During the enrly settlement of
this city, Mrs. Evans was a mother
to any ono who needed tho care of
a kind nnd loving hnnd. No ono over
went to hor homo but what wns
niado welcome So much wns alio
loved among tho host ot friends and
acquaintances, that sho was given
tho name ot -Vunt Hannah by which
iiamo sho was known by ovory ono.
Sho will bo greatly missed by hor
daughter and family with whom sho
has lived for many years.
Tho funoral services will bo held
at tho Second ward meeting house
Friday at 1 o'clock.
That Santa Claus Is near at hand
with his many flno presents for tho
boys and girls, Is evidenced by tho
many beautiful window decorations
found in tho business district of tho
city. John W. Crawford Shoo storo
tho Banner Grocery, and H. G. Hayi
ball Mercantile company windows
aro very attractive to tho children
as well as making very offectlvo and
appropriate decorations.
Tho Logan City Commissioners wero
In session last evening and opened
bids for tho refunding of the $40,000
fi per cent 20 year water works bonds
which will become duo on Decem
ber 31, tills month. The highest
bidders were Harris Trust and Sav
ings Bank, Chicago, who bid par and
5C0 premium. Tho lowest bidders
wero tho A. B. Beach and Company
of Chicago. Tboir bid was par less
$788 for attorneys fees. There wero
nlno bldB submitted, Including the
Thatcher Brothers Banking Company
and tho Cacho Valley Banking Com
pany. Tho bids wero referred to tho
Mayor and City Attorney to Investi
gate and report this evening.
Tho opening of tho Smart gymna
sium to tho business men ot tho city
through an Invitation on tho part of
tho college authorities 'was respond
ed to by a largo number of the
amusement lovors among tho leading
business and professional men ot tho
city on Tuesdnj' evening. Thero
wero about twenty who participated
In tho oxerclses and Instruction giv
en by tho Instructors provided by tho
Agricultural College. Tho weekly
class promises t6 bo a largo one. Tho
uso of tho gymnasium Is free, thero
Is, howovcr, a small fco charged to
nssl&t In defraying tho oxpenso In
cident to opening tho big amusement
On account of tho largo amounts
of candy on tho market Just now for
the Christmas season tho stato dairy
and food department Is planning to
mako Its annual Inspection of all can
dy factories and kitchens in tho
stato. Suspected samples ot candy
will bo passod upon by tho stato
Do your Christmas shopping early.
John G. Carlisle, 80 years ot ago,
ono of Utnh's early settlers died at
his residence on East Second South
street on Tuosday morning after a
few days Illness. Tho Immedlato
cause of death was general debility,
deceased having been In a feeble con
dltlon for several months past. Mr.
Carlisle Is survived by a wlfo and
family of five children and ulnoteon
grandchildren. Tho children are:
John E. Carlisle, Hcber J. Carllslo,
Lillian Carlisle, Mrs. A. H. Mitchell
and Benjamin K. Carlisle.
John G. Carllslo was born In Not
tinghamshire, England, November C,
182G. His parents died while ho was
young and ho wns loft an orphan
Ho waB a wheelwright by trade, hav
ing served an apprenticeship In Eng
land. Ho Joined tho Mormon church
In his native country April G, 1851,
being tho only child of his father's
family to Join tho church. In 1851
Mr. Carllslo crossed tho waters and
landed In Now Orleans. From thero
ho Joined tho saints and crossed the
plains from Missouri to Utah with n
freight company In tho yenr of 1855.
During tho celebrated Echo canyon
war, Mr. Carllslo gavo valuable sor
vlco In assisting to protect tho oaily
sottlers from tho on-coming of the
federal soldiers. Ho took to hlmsiif
n wlfo In tho year 1857, hor maiden
nanio being Mnrgaret Adellno Kowlo'
of Salt Lako City, to whom has been
born tho family of children previous
ly listed. Slnco 187C tho Carllslos
havo been residents of Logan. Tho
deceased at tho time of death was
nn actlvo high priest. He Is a man
who has tho lovo and esteem of a I
who know him, and will ho mourned
by a host of friends and relatives.
Funeral services will be hold at
tho First ward meeting houso i
today at 1 o'clock.
Tho body of Henry J. Grant, tho
man who was drowned In Boar Riv
er Sunday night, by accidentally fall
ing from a moving train, was Bhlpped
to Canada by request of rolutlves
yestorday afternoon.
Co your ChiUtmos shopping early.
A.thlctic Council of B. Y. H
College Decides to Enter1 B
Intercollegiate Games. ' B
Good Move. ' B
The athletic council of tho 1). Y. B
C has definitely decided to Join tho B
college league In basketball. By do- H
Ing this It gives encouragement to H
the older students, ns n great num-
her would ho barred from High H
school athletics by tho twenty-ono H
year rule. Just what showing tho H
team will mako In collego league Is H
hard to say, for all of last years H
men aro gone with tho oxccptlon ot
"Pete " Conch Jensen thinks that ho H
can got a team that will mako a H
good showing with tho higher league. H
Peterson In plnylng faster and hotter H
ball than ho over did. Ho Is cap- H
tain of this year's team. As forwards H
HIU and Tolman aro showing up tho H
best with A. Johnson a good third. H
In Hill tho collego has a man ns H
good ns tho rest ot tho Hills that H
havo played on tho 1. Y. C. teams. H
Tolman plays tho game In tho samo H
manner tnnt Packer did of last ' H
year's team, Bnrron, Wright, and H
Stoddard aro doing good strong team H
work at guard; with experience and H
prnctlco theso fellows ought to mako H
a very strong combination. Tho H
gamo Friday night with tho Alumni H
(last year's team) will glvo a llno-up H
on tho B. Y. C. teams. Tho game H
promises to ho hotly contested. As H
last year's champions are detcrmln- H
cd not to bo defeated. H
Twclvo couples have secured llccn- H
scs to wed from tho county clerk H
during tho past fow dayti. Thoy are H
as follows : H
James Klippcncc and Ada France, H
Lowlston. H
Thomas C. Greaves and Allco Slua H
Jenson, Preston. H
Lorln M. Haslam nnd Margarot H. H
Glenn, Wellsvlllo. H
David L. Maughan and Sarah L. H
Cooper, Wellsvlllo. H
Proston B. Gunnoll and Evelyn M. H
Poppleton, Wellsvlllo. H
Lionel Munk, Benson; Gurona H
Johnson, Logan. H
L. A. Montngue, Preston; Chloo H
Sharp, Dempscy. H
James Henry Henderson, Swan H
Lako; Emmellno Ruth Drury, Lewis- M
Orrlco Bradshaw and Josephine H
Kingston, Wellsvlllo. M
George Hunsakcr and Laura Dust- H
mon, Honey vlllo. H
Otto Regstrom nnd Dora Jorgonsen H
Central, Idaho. H
Joseph Raymond Nielsen and Em- H
ma C. Rose, Hyrum. H
A great many people are being at- H
traded to tho demonstration of tho H
South llcnd Malleable Range at the H
William Edwards Furulturo store M
Tho exhibition of cookliig Is ot con- H
sldcruble Interest to housewives. The M
demonstrator, Mr. Bradshaw, is busy H
overy minute. Tho buns and coffco H
being Bervcd nro delicious. jH
Miss Eva Hohbs left on Tuesday H
afternoon for Idaho Falls for a vis- H
It with her sister Mrs. Reading. H
-11 i lll
) Tho Charity ball at tho auditor!- H
urn Monday ovenlng given by the WU
U. A. C. Women's club was ono ot - H
tho finest social affairs given In tho- IflH
city for many a day. Thero was a Iffl
fair crowd in nttondanco, possibly H
ono hundred couples, and whllo thero wfk
will ho no great amount of money VJ
derived from a crowd of that slzo Btj
for charity purposes, yet tho good IN
womon of tho club aro qulto woll HjM
satisfied with tho results Inasmuch H
as this was tho first party ot this H
character given in this city. Tho H
Charity ball will bo made nu annual H
oYent and now that It has been In- H
traduced thero is llttlo doubt of Its H
success anothor year. ,, H

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