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BlpE"-"-;-, r ;f - - TH E T Q A TrE P U B L I Ta N SATURDAY DECEMBER 14 1818 I
Jllfi (Continued fron pago ono)
iff II dlllB Mr" ,JorBcn'8 80ns rccltal ono
liHli cnr ago will testify to tho truthful-
Hi nous of this Btntcment na the memory
HI 0. tho splendid rendition given ut the
ffi&B time Ml 1 lingo. s pleasantly In the
K, mlntfo of nil. In nddltlcn to holng
J ' r..i nitiJtlc singer. Mr. Bergen has
jfi i a.to achieved conspicuous success as
B! ii a.iiB writer and his "Song of the
Em , Htic , an Indian vycle which Is
Milk, Bald to portrny tho American Indian
Ell melodies more truly than nny other
JHV l wok alonrf similar lines, stands In
K' i a class of Its own. His singing of
wKi "The Charge of the Mght Brigade.'
S ' appeared hero took the Iioubo by
fWp! '',! storm-.
jjfljjl ij Tho I.eon-Mnrx Trio which nccom-
JB ft panics Mr. Bergen thU year Is com-
ft J posed of l.ecn Marx, violinist, Mr.
'Ml ! Hana Dresscl, violoncellist and Mr.
j H 3 Ca 1 Mochlln, pianist. Tholr work
I ' ' l,oth as a trio and as soloists will bo
If 1 nn Important part of tho evenings
H program, as Mr. Marx is ono of tho
I ' most distinguished violinists In tho
Ij i country. Mr. Marx appeared with
H ( I tho Theodore Thomas orchestra for
If . J ten ears, and at tho ago of twonty
: , J l,o held tho position of ilrat violinist
Hi I In tills famous organization and later
Hi y I on played Bolos accompanied by tho
H' Jj 9 Thomas Orchestra. Mr. Thomas
I j himself has Joined In tho npplauso
H : 1 for encores for Mr. Marx solos. Mr.
H J I Marx, while In Benin, competed with
H ! 11 forty-eight musicians for a scholar
H 5 ship under Dr. Joachim and won tho
H j prize. Tho old doctor was so pleased
" ( i with his ablo pupil's work that he
1 presented young Marx with a rnro
HJ J old vtol'n ns a mark of appreciation
II of his genius. Ho was recently ap-
I pointed assistant concert mcistor of
I tho Chicago Grand Opera company
ono of tho hlgnest positions that can
j come (o n violinist In this country.
Mr. Hans Dresael Is equally eml-
' nent In his lino ns violoncellist, and
I ho has appeared to splendid advan-
HJ j tagc both In thl3 country and tho
HJ n countries In Europe In Wales and
Jl at Oxford his playing so took tho au-
'' . dlenco that by special request ho nr-
J -I ! langed ensemble classes In concerted
HJ , ' i music, which aro a special feature of
HJ ' j his tuition. Mr. Uressel has played
HJ )' at Goodwood Castle, Stafford House,
HJ and at tho lato Duko of Richmond's
HJ' j the Iloyal Albert Hall, St. James
HJ Hall, tho Queen's Hall, and all the
HJ J principal London and provincial con-
HJ certs. Ho has tho uiost flattering no-
HI A tlces in most of tho leading content-
HJd , poraries in Germany and in England,
HJh 1 Canada, East and Northwest of this
HJ1 country.
HJfl ' Mr. Machlln tho pianist received
HJfl j his first training In tho Cathedral
HjJ J Choir at Salesbury, England. Ho was
Hi '1 for three years professor In St. Don-
H i lflce College, Winnipeg, and has
K j moro recently been a teacher at the
Hi 1 Chicago Musical Colloge. Ho is also
HJ ' ' a composer.
HJ 33 Altogether the affair promises to
HJ be ono of tho most pleasant which
HJ the Colleges havo yet arranged and
HJ tho price has been set at the low
HJ amount of twenty-flvo cents the ex-
HJ pectalion of tho Colleges being to
f place tho prices of these entortoln-
ments at such a reduced figure that
HR l none may bo deprived of the prlvl-
Hp i; leges of enjoying tho same. Tho
HJ tlmo of tho entertainment has been
HJ ' set for 8 o'clock.
HJ i Cove Dec. 12. A shower was glv-
HJ en Monday Dec. 9, nt tho home of
HJ Mr. Henry Allen In honor of their
HJ daughter Miss Josslc Allen. She was
HJ married In the Salt Lake temple on
HJ Wednesday Deo. 11. She mairicd Mr.
HJ Williams of Trcasurcton, Idaho.
HJ Miss Mabol Allen dnughtcr of J.
HJ C. Allen has changed hor name,
HJ Clareuco hltchead, Bancroft, Ida.,
HJ, claiming tho honors. Tho couplo
HJ' will mako their home at Bancroft,
HJ Idaho
HJ! Tho Covo school Is working hard
HJ In preparation for a Christmas pro-
HJ gram. They expect to give all who
HJ attend a pleasant oveulng's entertain-
HJ Chas Bradbury Is working hard to
HB complete tho addition to his now
HH Mrs. H. S. Allen has been very
HJ sick, but from Inst reports is Improv-
HK2 ing.
HJS Tllo Covo Icoplo nro all happy over
HJ'i the completion of tho now road to
HJr Richmond.
HJ f Tho Sunday school will glvo n
HJifi Christmas celebration on Christmas
HJ.ti day all expect to have a good tlmo.
H i Louis L. Allen of Cove has recont-
Hl ly returned from England where bo
HJ' W bas been laboring as a missionary.
HMSBJ! I Pause find take lnt account Sir
HHI n A, Con an Doylo's personally super-
HHJ Ii I vlned productions of "The. AdVcn-
HHqI turea of ShlrlocV. Holmes." "v' '
HhVbwj. ;aHaHavawawflVawam
At tho Thursday evening mooting
of tho city commlslonbra tho Harris
Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago
was awarded tho bid for the refund
ing of tho city water works bonds.
Miss Molly Munslng free. COO paper
dol'a will bo distributed absolutely
free. Every llttlo girl In town ehould
havo one. Each do'.l has six cob
tunica. Campbell's Munslng wear
Tho city Justice flncd two Provi
dence amashors, 5 each yesterday
for disturbing girls who were walk
ing unaccompanied. A business man
wa8 lined $7.50 for tending to him
self on tho sldownlk.
Today only, positively guaranteed
live years, silver tea, desert, tabic
and orange spoons, sugar sholls, but
ter knives and forks, 10 cents each
article. LaFount Hardwaro Company
(Advertisement) dH
Bishop Spalding of Salt Lake City
and Hov. Paul Jones were entertain
ed nt tho Sigma Alpha fraternity
houBo laBt Sunday nftornoon. Bishop
Spalding gavo tho boys a talk on
tho Boclal duties of a college gradu
ato to tho community.
Tho Jury In the caso of tho State
of Utah against David Hammond,
brought in a verdict of guilty as
charged In tho complaint. Tho
charge ngainst Hammond was a stat
utory one, and tho enso has occupied
the attention of tho court for sov
oral daya. It was concluded Thurs
day evening.
Miss Cleo Crannoy of this city who
went to California a few months ago
on n visit, and who while hero Wrtq
in the employ of tho Consolidated
agon & Machine company, has receiv
ed a call aa a missionary. Sho la
now at tho Los Angolcs headquar
ters of tho California mission. Miss
Crnnnoy would bo moro than pleaiod
to hear from her old friends hero at
that placo.
At tho Presbyterian Church Sab
bath morning at 11 o'clock the sub
ject of the sojmon wljl bo "Good Tid
ings." In tho evening the subject
will bo treated that waa announced
for last Sabbath evening, namely
"How tho Greeks helped to prepare
for the coming of Christ.
As a number of persons were pres
ent at the church last Sabbath morn
ing who had been exposed to a con
tagious disease. It was thought best
to hold no ovonlng service, but to
wait until the church had been thor
oughly fumigated. This has now been
done, and services wll contlnuo as
The Board of County Commission
erri of tho County of Cache, and
State of Utah, ordains as follows:
Sec. 1. That the following county
and precinct otflcora of Cacho coun
ty, State of Utah, shall execute ofll
clal bonds bofore entering upon tho
discharge of the duties of their re
spective oillces in the amounts as fol
lows: County 'treasurer JJ150.000.00
County Clerk 10,000.00
County Sheriff 10,000.00
County Attorney 3,000.00
County Itecordor 10,000.00
County Assessor 10,000.00
County Surveyor 2,000.00
JuBtlco of the Peaco each 500.00
Constable, each 500.00
All other County Olltcers
not herein spoclfled. ... 1,000.00
Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take
effect on the 30th dny of Decembor,
and shall ho published In tho man
ner required by law.
Tho foregoing Is hereby passed
and approved by tho Board of Covin-
ty Commissioners of Cacho County
Utah, this 13th dny of Decomber, A.
I). 1U12.
Commissioners voting In favor of
said ordinance.
Chairman of Board of County Com
missioners. OL1F CIIONQUIST,
Attest: R. W. JAMES,
Clerk. '
CommlsHlonets voting against said
ordinance nouo. d21
i m -
Mr. Alfalfa I Just had a letter
from ray boy, Chorloy. Ho tolls mo
she's burning lota of midnight oil.
Knowing Charloy as I do I can scarco
ly betlovo It.
CoUngfollow You will, though,
whon you get the gasoline bill.
Jack What aont poor Algy to an
Insane asylum?
Tom A train of thought passed
through bis brain and 5!loc5fl ta
Boston Transcript.
Doctor Carrel has won "the Nobol
prize of $39,000 by discovering that
tho lives of diseased persona can bo
prolonged by transference of tissue.
News Item.
But l.'ston, Doctor, listen now.
Pray how was this worth thirty
I cannot for my life surmise
How you acqulrtd the Nobel prize.
I should myself be very pleased
Tq learn how long would tho dis
eased, If asked, proclaim their love of life,
Or would prolong their mundano
And bo I fnncy thnt If you
To warda Incurable pursue
Your way, and ask this question,
You'd bid your tissue awlft good-bye.
iiin Sufferer..
Tho old Robblna Store Just north
of the post ofllco Is for sale .and
must bo moved off. It baa been mov
ed Just as It stands onco before Tho
tlmbor In this atoro would mnko a
good barn. Call on C. M. Harris. dlO
r m Km
Via Oregon Shc Line
Via Oregon Short Line
Tickets on salo December 19, 20,
21, 22, 24, 25, 28, and 31, 1912 and
January 1, 1913, limited to January
C, 1913. Low rates wctween local
points. Seo agents for rates and fur
ther particulars. (Advertisement)
What io Boy. The Pficelir Pay; . Ifrtere lo Buy I
Early Morning Ideal Time For Holiday Shopping I
WE will offer to the People of Logan and Cache Valley, Groceries at Cost and in I
some cases less than Cost for the next 12 days. This is a chance for you to get I
your Christmas Supply of Groceries at a saving In Cost from 20 per Cent to 25 per I
cent less than you buy them at Regular Prices. ,
100 lbs. Sugar S5.90 20 lbs Sugar SI. OO
16 lbs Sugar 1.00 c cans Tomatoos 50c
12 1-lb pk red ribbon Raisins 1 .00 3 can8 Bc8t Pea8 I
9 Mb pkgs Currantn 1.00 I
18 lbs Navy Beans I.OO ' 3 cnn Dest Corn 30c I
18 lbs Best Rico 1.00 i pkg Columbia Oats 350 I
20 lba Oatmeal 1.00 .
25 bara Naptha Soap 1.00 5 lbB Navy Doanfl 30c I
25 bara Pearl Whlto Soap... 1,00 5 pkgs Bluo Ribbon Raisins.. 50c I
30 bars Diamond C Soap. ... 1 .00 4 k c 1
10 cans TomatocB 1.00 I
10 cans Beat Corn 1.00 1 lu Citron or Lemon Peel.... 25c I
10 enna Juno Peaa 1.00 4 lbs Best Rico ....'. 25c II
10 pkgs Kcllog's Cornflakes.. 1,00 I)
1C lba Sago 1.00 3 cans Mustard Sardines 25c 1
15 lbs Tapioca 1.00 7 bars Diamond C Soap 25c I
100 lba prldo of tho valley flour 1 ,80 , , , , . I
m ,i ,j .it. i. X ! ll) Candy or Nuta 25c I
CO lb8 prldo of tho valloy flour 90c " E
3 qta Cranborrles 30c A" '" T,lls Column For SD.00
Remember The Place
H. C Hayball Merc. Co. j
j Beinnin Saturday Morning, Dec. IHth, Ending Dec, 2U I
I The Thatcher Clothing Co., have arranged a series of Bargain (Counters T
in the rear room of their store and are placing on sale Bargains in Merchandise I
Consisting of Mens Suits, Boys Suits, Shoes and Underwear, Dress And work Shirts, Sox, Hats, Caps, Sweaters, Etc. W
ThU Merchandise Is taken from our regular atoclc and la Dependable merchandise, being simply broken lines. Wo therefore cannot gunran- I
tea to fit everjono but thoaeiwho ,are fortunate enough to find bargains thoy can use, will bo moro than repaid for their visit to our i
That every piece of Merchandise placed on salo In our Back Room will bo moro than a bargain. For we mean to make a prlco so low, quality I
considered that every artlclo sold will he a live talking advertise ment. Our stock Is limited, so get your shnre now. I
i Some Prices In Our Back Room t
I Mensjtoits Shirts Shoes
T Dig line of assorted Worsteds, Chovl- An assortment of Dross and semi- one lot Men's $5 values in Pat T
I ots, Tweeds,and Cassimeres, values DresB( with and without collars, Tal- Leather Dross 8hoes, back room sEol "
I we soli regularly up to and including ..-.. i -, I
I $15.00, our back room salo prlco ue8 UP to W-W. back room sale por paIr JQQ I
I each $9.85 Pricoeach 45C f
I ; 6 poirs only Ladlo's High Tops, gen- I
I Tho greatest Boys' School Suit made lt50 Dluo Flannel, all sizes, back ulne Witch Elk, regular 6 values, T
6 Corduroy worth from 6 to 18.50. ju8t. tho thlng f0r Bchool glrlgi back
t back room sale prlco.... JjO QR room sale prico 9SC aa a I
f P0,0" room salo price $2.50 I
f II , Men's Work ShlrtB, back room salo ?
"8tS PHCO, 3 for $1.00 SOCkS f
T One grand big assortment up to ?3
i ... , 61 in ... An assortment of 25c and 35c values i
I values, back room sale SI 45 M OA. ClinttO T
I I USSvO LlllOCo casslmeroa Included, back room aalo I
t CSIPS SUea 12 to 2. An assortment of our Price, 2 pair for 25C I
I Men's and IVoya Caps, assorted In famous "Minnehaha" stock, valuo up Rockford work Sor, back room sale I
7 ono bin, back room salo prlco at , (hi nn - T
i encn 20c to f2.50, back room salo ip,50 price, por pair Q d
l Sweater Coats Underwear I
ffi Men's and Boys' Sweater Coats, assorted colors and sizes, back An assortment of medium wolght Shirts for n.on, values up to 76o W
1 SmTaStment0 o'chES" Sweater Jackets, worth ,,1.B0. back "ack room sale price each 25C I
4 room sale prlco l 75c You will profit by selecting early from this slock. t
j l In addition we are prepared to serve you with the highest quality of Merchan- I
i I dise in Mens and Boys wear, also Christmas Novelties that will be appreciated I
j I by Men and Boys. Our store is replete with the Xmas Spirit. I
J Remember the: Time and Place. Investigate! It wilt pay you
I Saturday, December lUth, 9 a. m. I
j Thatcher QlothinigQo

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