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mmMm3m j
fpa '
Kp j Published By The
Ml ,j Olllclnl Republican Organ of Cucho County, Utnh
m J ' "
Ml , ' Entered at tho Postoillco overy Tuesday, Thura
IB w I ! day and' Saturday, at Logan, Utah, as Second Class
I " i Matter.
Hf By Mall
B Ono.Ycar J3.00
BN Six Month 1.&0
B Throo Months ,,,..... 7Gc
! By Carrier
! j Ono Year 13.60
H..U I Six Months 1.76
H. j Throo Months 90c
B-V ' If Not Paid In Advance, Add GO Conts Per Year
mW Subscribers wishing address of paper changed
Hi will plcaso glvo former as well ob present address.
H. I All papers aro continued until oxpllclt order Is re-
V ' eclved to discontinue. All arrears must bo paid In
1 ovory caso.
H; .
H ;; I am about to make n statement which will
B p ii, nit o tho lovely characters scream. Either what
H ' I say Is true or I am crazy; and If I am crazy,
H i send mo to the I. asylum. Tills Is tho statement:
B ) Since tho beginning of time, young men havo
j K been advised to bo Industrious, frugal nnd honest,
B I und, In doing something for themselves, Incident
als 1 ally do something for others, and for tho commul
HBl itles In which they live. This advice Is given to
HBl ) irons by nil parents, nnd thero Is no moro doubt
J that tho advlco Is good than that tho sun will
(HHI 1 como up tomorrow morning In tho cast. No ono
j absolutely no one doubts that the advice Is the
! best thnt can bo given young men; every thief nnd
HBl ; loafer begs his sons to livo honorable, useful nnd
HBl X industrious lives. This ndvlco s so universally
JBl -j given that a good many millions havo accepted It
HBl j probnbly seven or eight men out of ten. As n re-
HHl i suit, seventy or eighty per cent of our men work
,, ' 1 hnrd, aro fairly honest, nnd try to save something
for a rniny day. In this manner hns been built
I; up tho greatest and most prosperous country on
tho face of tho earth. As a result of Industry nnd
snvlng, nnd acquiring experience, the men have
I been ablo to engage in big enterprises, nnd thus
pBVf : provldo employment for others. If a mnn is ablo
JBl i i to savo only a fow thousand dollars, he at least
HBl l builds a home, nnd workmen employed on It re-
JBl J j celve from three to six dollars n day for their
HBi ! - labor. Most of the workmen nro young men, nnd
H ' j- will themselves save something of their wages,
JB1 I ami tnlld .homes, or becoming experts In their
HBl It trades, will build fnctorlcs nnd shops, and employ
JB Is ! huudrods Instead of dozens of workmen. Thus the
JB1 , I endless chnln is enlarged, nnd thus comes about
' t tho greatness of the country. Without n particle
HB J ' of question, tho seventy or eighty per cent refer-
BVJ red to nro the best of our population; all that our
BVJ ' country is, they have accomplished by worthy en-
HBJ , denvor. Ten or twenty per cent of our young men
HBJ jy refuse to accept the ndvlco of their parents. They
Vfj refuse to work steadily; and they refuse to ac-
I "l ccpt tho ndvlco thnt thrift, honesty, temperance
1 ' nnd fairness nro best for them. These, men In tho
jj ,jj ten or twenty per cent class, are in many cases,
i -J supported by tho men In tho eighty or ninety per
HHk 1 cent class, in almshouses, Insane asylums, jails,
HHb & , or soup houses.
Mi, 3 Now, here is tho surprising part of the state-
HBY ' nient: Tho useful and worthy men in tho eighty
HHV ' or ninety per cent clnss aro almost universally
HBV v nbused by those individuals who consider it their
JBV Y duty to do something for humanity. I havo never
H j rend an nrticlo written by ono of these Individuals
j ( which did nut contain a palpable Insult for the
j honest, worthy man who' hns accomplished results.
J All the "work" dono by the Truly Good Is dono
j for those who have dono nothing for themselves.
j f Tho men who not only take enro of themselves,
HHh 1 but of others, aro nbused In overy convention; nnd
H ! i" almost overy mngazlno or newspaper article you
JBY . 1 see some reference to that old story about n pros-
HBf ' I pcrous man being unable to pass through tho eye
HBl ot a ncedlo. Men who never gnvo away anything
HBJ themselves nro forever tolling of tho brotherhood
HH of man; how tho Industrious man who keeps the
HH wheels going round should let tho wheels stop, and
HH put his arms around his brother who Is playing
HH cards In a beer or billiard hall, and talk things
HH over nealn..
HH Watch tho truly good, and you will find them
HH always yelling for more money from tho woithy
HH seventy or eighty per cent, In order that tho un-
HH worthy ten or twenty per cent may be helped.
HH And this Is not all: Tho truly good, UiBtcad of
HH encouraging tho eheo-ful givers, meanly and un-
HB truthfully abuso them, nnd say with n burst of vir-
HH tuous Indignation, thnt no camel ever did, nnd nev-
HH or will be able to pass through tho eye of a uecdlo I
HHV a proposition I havo never heard disputed, and
therefore sondor why It Is so much Insisted upon.
H Among tho ten or twenty pur cent In tho shift-
I, less class aro many old and unfortunato. These
' should be taken care of, certainly, and as a rblo
H they arc, but chu truly good never accomplish ono
thousnuilth pait or the good accomplished by thoso
ll Millet, modest persons who help others every day,
J 1 as n matter of courte, und say nothing nbout It.
J People never hear of a enso of distress thnt they
V ' are not quick to relieve It; thin is a common nnd
S creditable human attribute. One of the suppressed
1 ocnndnlB of the times concerns n truly good worn-
I an who was given largo amounts of money for char-
K lty, by gentlemen who could not pass through tho
TJ , oye of a needle, nnd this woman permitted a lot of
B favorlto leeches wantonly to squnndor most of it.
, Finally, tho givers were compolled to quietly re-
HHR tin movo tho woman. from her high position, nnd man-
B n ' ago the fund themselves. It wasn't Jane Adam-'
'4 tult n tn,'' Rood still more noted.
K h? tno Wi ! do not ndmlro Jano Addnms;
H 1 j let mo confess my shame, and run away nnd hldo.
HP I Why do not I ndmlro this worthy woman who Is
R ! tho 1l01 of Chicago, Evanston, Aurora, and other
Hf , j towns in the vicinity? Decnuso of that oxtra "d"
H- I In her name, "Addonis" is not tlo proper way to
I''' 'I '-
spell Adams, any moro than "Hilly Hurko" is tho
proper way to spell a woman's name.
Doing good is as much Jano Adnms' work as
robbery is tho life work of Andrew Carneglo. Had
sho displayed ns much genius In her life work as
has Carneglo, thero would bo nlmost no distress in
tho world. Carneglo 1ms been ablo to annex most
of tho steel business, In tho fnco of bitter opposi
tion; whereas Jano Adams has had nothing but
admiration, encouragement, lovo nnd nBslstanco.
Carneglo, In addition to building up Ills steel In
torcstB to such an extent that I hate him myself,
because I havo been unable fo do equally well In
my own business, has done moro good wlh his
loft hand than Jane Adams has done wJtK hoT
right. """
I bellove In relieving actual distress as much
ns any one, but let mo make a suggestion to tho
truly good; do ns much good, and more, than here
tofore, but quit abusing tho hand that feeds you.
Spoak an occasional word of encouragement for
tho mon who, ncccptlng ndvlco from worthy moth
ers, graduated from good boys Into good men, nnd
aro now nctually accomplishing everything worth
whllo that Is being accomplished. Ed Howo In
Tho Frn. '
i v v
Again tlio merry Yulo-tldo comes,
Tho dny of all tho year;
Tho pealing bells, the mistletoe,
Tho blazing Yule-log's cheer
Proclaim tho C'irlstmas festival;
O now lot ovory voice
In accents glad Ills praises sing,
And everv heart rcjolco.
.Muy each heart beat with quickened lovo
This nnnlversnry morn
That marks that holy day of days
The Prlnco of Pence was born,
Thnt all should dwell In unity,
Thnt earth should know no wnr
O mny the white-winged dove of peace
Brood o'er us evermore!
May each heart beat with quickened lovo
For man nnd bird nnd beast,
Remembering Illm who ministered
Unto tho very least
And humblest of our Father's flock.
Who mnrked the sparrow's fall,
Who ns a Habo was rradled with
Tho cattle In tho stall.
And now ns loving messages
And precious gifts abound,
And nt tne hospitable board
The loving cup goes round,
What nobler gift to offer Him,
Today, with willing mind,
Than grateful hearts .filled with true love
For bird beast all mankind?
I.ouella C. Poole.
Tho Almighty Is progressive. If Ho were not
Ho would never have created this earth and set the
thing In motion. Adam was n standpatter, but his
wifo was progressive. However, ho found himself
unable to wlthstnnd tho progressive sentiment of
his times and he, too, became progressive To
Adam's wife we aro Indebted for the knowledgo of
gqod nnd evil. To denr old Mother Eve wa owo tho
fact that this earth of ours is not n mero Garden
ot Eden for tho Idlo rich . Drones who have nothing
to do but dllly dally nway their tlmo and cry over 1
spilled milk may bemoan tho loss of Eden nnd tho J
fall of man, but tho busy workers will ever rcjolco
In tho consciousness thnt when Adam fell ho tell !
up. At least ho did not lose the ability and grit j
to climb. E. F. Poormnn. j
To say that tho United States must light Japan 1
for control of the sen, ns some of our armament !
promoters havo claimed, Is tho acme of Idiocy. '
There is nothing to llglii over, and nothing is sot- '
tied when the flight Is done. Tho sen Is still open 1
to overy comer, nnd there Is space for a thousand
merchant ships where one now exists. David '
Starr Jordan.
j. j. ..
Dou't put your name down and your money
up, und then let go.
Catch hold firmly nnd pull with tho rest. ,
Hot under nnd lift; don't bo a leaner.
Don't bo n kicker or a knocker.
Don't be a drono or 11 llgurehead.
Give your homo stores a chance.
He a real, live, red not onthuslast.
Help your own town llr-t. W. D. Wllmot
v v r
Every government exists by the consent of tho
governed, nnd people get about tho kind of gov
ernment they deservo. Thoy deservo Just what thoy
vote for, and, hnvlng declared themselves, oillclnls
aro slothful servants, If thoy do not glvo It them.
Turin for revenue only Is tho slogan of the next
I four years.
-- -- -j-
SolllBhneHs Ib not living as ono wishes to live;
It Is asking others to llvo as ono wishes to live.
And unselfishness is letting other peoplo's lives
nlono, not interfering with them. Selfishness nl
I ways alms at creating nround It nn nbsoluto uni
formity pf typo. Unselfishness recognlzeB Infinite
vnrloty of typo as a delightful thing, accepts It,
acquiesces In it, enjoys it. Oscar Wlldo.
f f '
Every human soul has tho germ of some flow
ers within; nnd thoy would open, If only thoy
could find sunshine nnd free Mr to expand in. I
always told you that not linving enough of uunshlno
wns what oiled the world. Mako people happy,
onl there will not bo half tho qunrrollng, or a tenth
part of tho wickedness thero is. Mrs. L. M.
Child .
V 'I' V"
No mnn Is fit to govern great societies who
1 hesitates about disobliging tho fow who havo nc
j cess to him, for tho snko of the many whom ho
will never seo. Lord Macaulay.
r v
I You get rr.oro from your enomlos than from
J your friends. The moro thoy hato you the moro
they ndvertlso you, W. J. Ilryan,
WHEN the problem of something to give "Him"
for Christmas confronts you, as it always
does at this season of the year, turn to our Store
j for relief.
Every lino of goods wc carry, offers a suggestion for a Man's or a Boy's Christmas.
You can't go wrong here! Look over this list and sec if you do not strike something
that you know will be
"Just The Thing' . "Just The Thing'
Pajamas fii!8Hj Hat or Cap
We would just "Hint" that you make your selections early, while the picking is at its best.
We'll assist you in every way wc can, and will make any exchanges you desire after Xmas.
Howell Bros.
I Logan's Foremost Clothiers
BUI Nyo must havo had another .
guess coming when ho said tho only
thing ono could ralso in Wyoming I
wos hell nnd heifers
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At Cache Valley
Mercantile Co.
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Exclusive ngonts for Chaso & San
horn's famous TenB nnd Coffees.
FOIt SALE Onions and apples.
Phono CG7. tf
PLENTY of monoy to loan on farms
or good city security. J. Z. Stow
rt. u
FOU SALEJ Jonathan applea, gar
don sage, colory and all kinds of
vegetables at Ola Larson's, 212 East
Third South, Logan. Phono 487 nod.
. "I asked your husband last night,
If ho hnd to llvo his life over again,
I If ho would murry you, and ho said
ho certainly would."
"He certainly wouldn't." Judge.
A Clear Case
Tatterdon Torn Wot's a klepto
maniac, Wrags?
Wragsou Tattera A kleptomaniac
is n feller wot steals for do lovo o'
stealln', not becnuso ho wants do
Tntterdon Torn Gcol don I must
bo ono. I swiped a enko o' soap dls
Bray a fool in n mortar and still
ho will stick to his folly.
Ham Ib pretty good, but not good
enough to disguise cold storago eggs
Via Oregon Short Line
Tickets on sale Decembor 10, 20,
21, 22, 24, 25, 28, and 31, 1912 nnd
January 1, iyi3, limited to January
C, 1013. Low rates between local
points. Seo agents for rates nnd fur
ther particulars. (Advertisomont)
j ' ' ;
J Throo quarters of a section
J of dry farm land in Rluo Creek
J About 30o acTcs under cultlva-
j tlon, 200 acres planted and
J growing. Write or call on i
Smithficld, Utah i
For I
Western Agents I
- inn 'T- imiiimih hiwhii,

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