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" hYhYI
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W Boys at Town of Intcrurban Terminus Have Better Eye
Vf- . Sight Than Local Gunmen And Win by Small Margin
IVfc" of Eight Points. Details of Shoot
1; Are Missing.
B,V: Suffering from stage fright, over
ti confidence and haying a bunch or
JjiV crack shjots to go up against, the Lo
is' Ban marksmen who went to Smith-
Jr flcld yesterday were defeated by the
'S Smlthfleld team In a shooting contest
Ma Dy elBnt Plnt8, 0f courso our boys
I went up, to win, but came homo ml
J nus the Bkulp dangling at their belts.
If It was loft at tho intcrurban termln
Mv us. Tho result of tho shooting nnd
R the final score with the details of tho
H affair woro missing when wo wont
I to press and consequently we were
I compelled to simply state that tho
H Logan boys wero worsted. Wo did
learn, however, that the Lundborgs'
R- who wero counted on to roako good
B records, fell down. Stoney who has
H had a consistent record at the prac
B tlccs also fell short of his former
B record. Doyle, tho only man to shoot
B twcnty-flvo birds out of twenty-five
B at practice mlssod many birds at tho
B meet. It Is suggested that tho Lo
B gan team get a return match on tho
B local ground and It is thought they
B will do much better.
BJ Tho Brlgham Young Collego is
BJ mailing tho annual alumni number
B of tho collego bulletins from which
H"iv we tako tho following as It will bo
HBsjHntorcBtlng to many readers of The
HHP.lMgan Itepubllcan:
HB7 "Results of tho year's matrimonial
HH game are, to speak moderately, en-
BJ couraglng. Hut there Is nothing sur-
BJ prising In tho announcements that
BH follow when It is remombcrcd that
HH tho faculty of B. Y. C. aro ardont
HH, advocates of matrimony. However,
Bh It la a matter of general knowledge
BH that some of our friends, now in dou-
Bh bio fllo, havo beon known in tab
HH past to fervently thank God for hav-
BB Ing escaped tho thralldom of mar-
BH rlago. Wero this bulletin published a
Bfl month henco tho list would bo no-
BM tlceably longer. Tho following la
BJ incomplete:
BJ Jno. O. Peterson, '06, to Miss Mag-
BJ da Dergstrom.
Bj Louis Wangsgaard, '09, to Miss
BJ lone Maughan, '09.
SJ Walter A. Lindsay, '09, to Miss
BJ Grace Wood of Oregon.
jBJ J. H. Ward, '12, to Miss Edna Ben-
SJ ion, '11.
BJ j. w. Heath, '12, toMlas Charlott
'Bj Dahle.
BJ "Dave" DendrlckB, '11, to Miss Lot-
JBJ tie Balrd.
iH Lettlo Colo, '09, td Mr. Charles
HJ Sorenaen.
BJ Hattle Dunn, '11, to Mr. Victor
fBj 11a Rawlins to Mr. Loslto Peterson
l- B Ellzaboth IsraclBon, '12, to Mr.
V John Allred.
im Oliver Howell, '11, to Miss Eva
tf Johnson.
!B LeRoy Lindsay, '06, to Miss Floo
B Anderson.
fl Leah Bush to Mr. Erwln Trcnarn.
Pemon Sheffield, '12, to Miss Eva
'im 0co' n' Hendricks, '03, to Miss
' Carrlo McAllister.
(H Adelaide Kent, '10, to Mr. Ernest
M Clark.
'B Noma Law, '10, to Mr. A. O.
B Jackson, Jr.
HJ Stella Law, '10, to Mr. Joseph Has-
"H . mtisscn.
JMV Orson Hyor, '07, to Miss La Prlot
Wa .Edwin Cutlor, '11, to Miss Myrtlo
JB Thorno.
IB Miss Virginia Bush, a popular mom
IB ber of tho faculty in tho 1903-4 period
BJ was rocently married to" Attorney
BJ Harold Stovens of Salt Lako."
BJ LoRoy Chrlstonson, Richfield; Thur-
BJ za II. Dalley, Preston.
BJ Joseph A. Jensen and Martha A.
BJ' Barnes, Downey.
BJ Francis Woston Bench, Logan;
BJ Bora Ethol Kidman, Mendon.
BJ' Ambroso Woolford and Pearl V.
Bl Turnctll, Cardaton, Albsrto.
B7' ' i "'ninpson and Alta
FY Majj Hammer, Cardaton, Alberta.
El 1
Statistics and estimates received
by tho United States Geological Sur
vey, from all plants known to pro
duce blister copper from domestic
ores and from all Lake mines indi
cate that the copper output of the
United States In 1912 exceods that
of any provlous year In tho history
of the Industry. Not only Is tho
total output thp largest ever record
ed, but six of tho largo copper pro
ducing Btates Arizona, Michigan,
Utah, Nevada, New MIxlco, and Alas
ka have each exceeded all former
records of production, whllo Montana
and Tennessee havo nearly equalled
their provlous record productions.
Tho production of copper In Utah
In 1912 will show a conBlderablo in
crease over tho 142,340,215 pounds
produced in 1911, tho incrcaso being
duo to the Increased output of the
Bingham district. As In previous
years, tho Bingham camp was tho
main producer, though tho Tlntlc
district had a considerable produc
tion and tho San Francisco and oth
er districts also contributed. Tho out
put of tho mines at Bingham was
stopped for a tlmo In tho latter part
of tho year by labor troubles, thus
materially reducing tho oro produc
tion of tho stnte. -
Lars Nielsen, "Tho Yellow Man,"
who has lived for several years In a
small log houso In tho northwestern
part of tho city died Tuesday -evening
at the county Jal. Mr. Nielsen
took sick with tho "grip" sevoral
days ago at his h)omo and was found
there nearly frozen and in a starv
ing condition. He was brought to tho
county Jail where he was cared for
until his death. Deceased was born
In Denmark, August 22, 1834. He has
lived rather a secluded life while in
Logan, his only companions being
two dogs and a shot gun. Since he
tdqk sick ho consented for one of
his pet dogs to be killed and the oth
er he gave to a friend. Tho county
will take chago of the burial as well
as tho property of Mr. Nielsen.
They may talk about tho sunny
Also tho growing west,
But thoro's one old town In Utah
Con give cards to all the rest.
Old Frisco has Its golden gate,
Niagara has Its falls,
Now York Its population,
Newport Its fancy balls,
But for all around enjoyment.
And for living nt your best
This old town in Utah
Can givo cards to all tho rost.
I'vo seen Chicago's packing plants,
And things of which wo hoar,
Llko Boston's schools of learning
And Milwaukee's famous beer,
But whon I'm back again In Utah
And I'll nover leavo it moro
Till I got a ono way tlckot,
To tho far famed golden shoro.
And pcrhaaps when I'm a singing
Boforo tho Throno of Grace,
And frizzling llko a doughnut
In the other unnamed place,
I'll hunt up a railway station,
And hand It to them flat,
I want to go right back agalu
To Logan on the plat.
Elder E, M. Larson, Logan, Utah
John A. Crockett, tho abstractor,
who has been located with offices in
thq Cordon block on Main street
slnco the Thatcher Bank building fire
has now transferred his. office to the
second floor of tho Commercial block
on Center Btroet,
I $: 1
Italian Aviator, After Crossing English Channel,
Lands With Machine on Roof of London Residence.
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BkiiMLiT B&I1Q 2l?J "? BBjmKjBHlBBjBlBBjttVBHKitb-v' sP'Sta i i4ttZ BBBBBBBBB " i-
QBJFBjjTgaf -i 7 BBBJBfPri iiTliJBBBBBr Trr iff wAttl mmlmrkmW 1lBiiiinBBBBBBBi 'i7
''TlBWWBatSmBBMwK-TlBBBBBBW - -" - JmmfWmkWMm 1 3 vrBBiSSBBflVBV "'
f''Aji. i WtWwHPHWiIP ?j TbWbBB1-&': BBjBMOjSytrJA BJBStBBBjm .
clBnlBBBBwBBBVBBMlnBV 4 'v '! I 1 UwBvl
Hj j -i fa?ffvHHHHBiiBYBsilBYBH
bbI IHrW dIIHHbbbV bI bHH(9bb! bBB rCTlWPfy ' 5 ' - VBbiIIhbbbhbI
Photo by American Press Asaoclatluu.
J. U. Munlo, uti Italtnn aviator, litis the distinction of being tlu llrst mnn t liuid with his iHToplnno on the nui'
of a London house. Mculo had Tossed tho chuimet from Holone on hW way to tlrndoit, I-'uu dehiei) blni, nnd lit
landed nt Slttlngbourne. IIo proceeded tignln and landed iu Uertfuid In tlie uvxt Ulgbi hu wuh overtuken by dusK
and forced to make tho quickest landing he knew how to make. The smashing of slates nii( the ci caking uobes ol
contact between his muchlno nnd u chimney algunllieed th stop, Kesldenutu Uurwln road, Palmer's Green, wherr
the feat was accomplished, fotmd tho nvlator calaily seated nnfide of the roof, snioWng a clgaiette.
Peter 8. Morrison Tells of Joseph
8mlth as Friend and
"I was a school mate of Joseph
Smith, the founder of tho Mormon
church as well as of his brother Hy
rum," was tho Introductory statement
that was made to a representative
of the Herald-nepubllcau last night
by Peter S. Morrison, who Is hero
on his way from Now York state to
his homo near Marysvale, Cal.
"I was born nearly a hundred years
ago," continued Mr. Morrison.
"Whllo I do not remember tho event
very naturally my parents told me,
nnd It Is so written In our family
records that I was born on a sailing
vcbsoI twenty days out from Glas
gow, Scotland and bound for Ameri
ca, March 11, 1813. I was two months
old when my parents landed with mo
at what was thon Manhattan and now
Now York port, tho voyage requiring
two months and twenty days.
Mr. Morrison yesterday called up
on Joseph P. Smith, president of tho
Mormon church nnd had a long talk
with him. Mr. Smith Invited tho
aged man Into the Beohlve house,
whoro ho was served with an after
noon meal,
"My parents lived at Harrington,
Yates County, N. Y.," said Mr. Mor
rison In telling his story, "and my
father was killed by a horso thero
whon I was very young. TIiIb loft
my mother with thirteen children to
caro for. In ordor to help her bear
hor heavy burdon, families In that
vicinity took a child each from
among tho older onos, and I foil to
tho family of Josoph Smitn Sr., at
Palmyra, N. Y. I wont to school In
school season with Joseph and Iiy
rum Smith. I well remember that
Joseph was considered somewhat of
a dull pupil that Is whonovcr he took
up a book to study ho would soon
forget all about It and go off Into
absent mjndednesB.
His First Vision
" I shall never forget what his
father said to him when Joseph an
nounced his first vision. Ills father
said that he had only been dreaming
and I thought so, too, knowing his
peculiarity of apparently day dream
ing. But he persisted In his assertion
nnd after a bit wo all began to think
seriously of the matter.
"From Now York I moved to Elyrla
Ixra!n county, 0 whoro I was found
until I was 33 years old, or up to
tho year 1840, when I enlisted for the
war with Moxlco and fought undor
Gen. Zachary Taylor. But whllo liv
ing in Ohio I heard of Joseph and
Hj'ruiu and their followers being at
Nauvoo, 111., and having been told
bo much, nbout their wonderful reli
gion, my wife and myself determined
to visit them. This wo did In Juno
1814. Wo had beon thero only a' day
or two when Josoph wao arrested and
taken to Carthago. One night in that
Juno I becamo so uneaBy on account
of tho trouble that I left tho houso
nnd wont to Carthago. Tho next day
I wns leaning against a fenco nenr
tho Jail when tho mob enmo up, It
was In tho afternoon and with mo
was tho man who afterwards drovo
tho team which carried Joseph
Smith's body to Nauvoo. Whon tho
mob npproached tho Jail tho guards
opened a space for them to pass
through, and tho nssault began.
Scene at Jail
" I saw Josoph' Smith ns ho rushed
to the window apparently to leap out
ond saw him fall U tho ground whon
ahot whllo In tho act of looping.
"No I did not becomo a member of
tho Mormon church, although I had
that Idea In my mind whon I wont to
visit tho boys at Nauvoo. Since that
tlmo I havo been thrown apart from
the Mormon pcoplo and probably that
In part accents for my still remain.
Ing a nonmember.
Experience In Mexico
"I was In all of Gen. Zachary. Tay
lor's battles fought with him In two
engagements In Texas, crossing tho
Itlo Qrande with him and afterward
going to Monteroy, Mexico whoro we
captured tho fort by storm. Insldo
that fort woro bo many prisoners
that we could not caro for them. The
only thing to bo dono was to parole
them and turn them loose.
Whllo wo wero nt Montoroy town
Gen. Wlnfleld Scott enmo along on
his march to tho City of Mexico.
Thinking that General Taylor had
dono all tho fighting he bad to do,
General Scott took alt of Taylor's
regulars, leaving him with only 4000
groon volunteers. When General
Santa Ana discovered how Taylor
had been loft, ho swung away from
his lnteudod courso and fell upon tho
green volunteers. This was at Buen
na Vista, and Taylor with his 4000
raw men, whipped Santa Ana In opon
battlo out on tho open ground, tho
Mexican general having 21,000 of tho
flower of tho Moxlcan army. Santa
Ana afterwards said that ho had Tay
lor licked twice, but tho stubborn
American didn't know It.
"Aftor I had served my tlmo I took
13G comrades of Hint war and went
with them to California. It was in
Soptember, 1849, thirt wo camped out
near tho lako uhcro tnore was a
spring of water." (From Mr. Morri
son's description It must havo been
somowhat near whoro tho Garfield
smelter now is.) "Wo restod hers for
a day or two and Brlgham Young
paid us a visit or two. He and tho
remainder of tho Mormons who
enmo to us at tho camp treated uti
very kindly.
"Toward tho end of that year wo
reached California, It was whon tho
gold excitement was at Its height.
I have lived there slnco that time my
homo now being near Marysvale. I
r, just been tq New York state to
visit some of my children and I am
now on my way back home. I will
be 100 years old March 11, 1913.
. ? mwt BBjBBJJ
New Parcel Post Law Makes bVbI
It Possible to Send Large i JbVsI
Packages Through Mails kSbVsbI
At Low Cost fM BBJ
Under tho now law which went MBVj
Into effect yesterday, whoreby tho llBI
government will go Into tho express llBsl
business, parcels will bo received for. 'ilBI
mailing by all post olllcoa In tho Unl- IiIBBI
ted Stntes provided thoy do not Mswati
weigh moro tlmu 11 pouihIb or mca- HBSl
buio In length nnd width combined liBfl
moro than 72 inches. Tho nature of 'IBS
thu products tlint ran bo sent J BBJ
through tho mall cmbraco all matter iIBBI
considered fourth class and In addl- j BJ
tlon farm nnd factory products . In IBJ
fact, almost any thing may bo sont (IbbI
through tho post oillco that will not '16 VBI
injure employes In handling tho pack- m BJ
ages or damago other matter. HlBI
Tho rates nro largely reduced. IjIBB
Parcels will bo delivered at nil free JBJ
delivery offices and to patrons rosld- IBl
Ing on rural nnd star routes. Pack- I BJ
ages may bo Insured ngalnst loss - BJ
equivalent to their value, but not to B 'BJ
oxeced 25, upon payment of a fco of '1 BB
r conts. Distinctive stnmps must bo V BB
used. ? BJ
Ono form for tho now parcols poet BH
that of tho roturn rccolpt for Insured i J
packngcB, has not yet been dollvercd I BH
to postmastors, owing to tho rush of 1 BH
work Incident to Inaugurating tho i BH
great governmental oxprcBs scrvlco. ! HVJ
Tho Lognn post office, tho samo ns j HHJ
other ofllces throughout tho country, j
tins been provided with tho now I HH
stnmps, maps and guides. Whllo tho i H
lnv went In to effect yestordny thero i f HJ
woro no parcols recolvod by tho post ', HH
ofllrc department hero from tho fact I i HH
that tho offlco was closed, If being a HH
legal holldny. Tho receiving Of par- j . HH
eels will begin, today, however. 1 HH
John Perclval, who will bo rcmem- I H
bcred In Logan in connection with ' HJ
a man by the namo of Brown as tho iH
detective who furnished tho Inform- HJ
atlon leading to tho nrrest of sovoral ' ' H
local porsons charged with bootleg- ' ,, HJ
gtng Inst winter, Is charged with I H
murder in tho first degrco In Salt I HJ
Lako City. Perclval Is accused of f j MM
murdering Adolph; Trujlllo with a ' MM
hand ax. Tho victim died In a Salt t L
Lako hospital Tuesday morning af- , J
tor a lingering since December 12, j, J
when tho assault was committed. i J
Sergeant B. D. Slegfus of the no- ' " H
llco department Is the complaining ' ' Hi
witness. Porclval Is In the county dB
jail, having pleaded guilty boforo Jus- j BJ
tlco or tho Peace F. M. Bishop to 'itjl
a charge of asBault and battery for 1 w BJ
which ho was sentenced to thirty ill
dnys. Tho fatal termination of Tm- JBj
Jlllo's injury wob the occasion for tho ; j Bj
more serious chargo against Porclval a Bj
Luther McCnrty of Sprlngvlllo, Mo., B
won clear title of heavyweight chum- jjjl B
pion puglllBt of tho world yesterday 'jjf B
afternoon when ho dealt tho knockout ' J j I
blow to Al Palzor of Oaalan la. In tho ' Mill
olghtccnth round of twenty-round fls- ' ijlnl
tic contest at tho Vernon arena In tllfB
Los Angeles. Both mon woro In per- illtl
feet condition. Betting at rlgh side djsl
was from 10 to 8 with McCarty on tho jf I
short end to ovon money. JlllB
McCarty weighed In at 205 nnd '1111
Palzer at 223. 'lit
This bout had tho tltlo at stako on wlM
tho assumption that Jack Johnson ''ill I J
has beon eliminated from tho fight- 4(1 IB
Ing game. Mil
Six Men Killed and Seven Injured ! I
At Coal Creek Mines , 1 f
- ! I
Fernle, B, C, Deo. 30. Six mon J I
wero klllod and soven Injured, two ;
BorloiiBly, today when n snOwslldo t
canio down at tho Coal Crook mines ' x 1
of the Crows Nest Coal company and j
carried away a carpontors' chop ' j J
which the men had Just ontorcd pre- jM
paratory to their day's wttrk, VmH
All the victims lived In this vlcln- lul
,, f

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