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B ituruui HHHHJ
B .. 'W& HHHHJ
V . t3it-j, ;54iHV'Hr TH- ... k 'a . '$ v '1 iHVHVJ
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HHl - c s : . iflHHHI
HH" .
Bwill Tender Resignation at .Next Meeting of College Board
H Has Served Institution For Twenty-One Years;
H Thirteen Years as President. Leaves
H ' An Excellent Record. .
HHK . r
H At th0 close of the present school
year James H. Llnford who for thlr
HJ teen years has occupied tho Presl
"Wdcntlal chair at tho Brlgham Young
H College In this city will leave that '
H Institution to accept one of the sev
Hj oral business offers ho now haa un
Hj der consideration. Such in substance
HJ was n statomont made by President
Hj Llnford to a representative .of Tho
H Republican last evening. "I have not
I tendered my resignation yet" said
Mr. Llnford" but that I shall do at
the next meeting of the collego board
which will be In the near future, nnd
my resignation will become effective
W at tho end of tho present school year
I or about Juno 1. 1913."
I Ho said further that ho had had
I tho matter of changing occupations
under consideration for a long tlmo
I past nnd tho conclusion now reached
was tho result of his Investigations In
" planning for the future. As to what
lino of work ho Intended following
Mr. Unford had llttlo to say further
than roportlng that flattering business
opportunities had been opened to
him, which when compared with tho
work nt tho College in its present
J unsettled condition, had made pos-
m this definite decision.
m The announcement of tho rotlr-f.
I ment of President Llnford will conio
iM as n great surprise to all students,
Hv faculty members, nnd patrons of the
HJL Institution In genomi, for he is hold
Br Jj high esteem as head of the school
gflHH"1 has thouj-imls of friends who
jrwlll regret this action on his part.
yff A native son of Utah, James II.
I Lintord was o 1 Jfi led in schools o'.
I iLc state. Hj wan n gmiitile of tho
I Stato university In 1890. He was a
I teacher and later superintendent of
I schools In Davis County until ho ac-
I coptcd tho position as head of tho
I department of Biology In tho B. Y. '
1, College In 1892. This position he
held until July of 1899 when ho was
appointed president of the College hy
a unanimous choice .of the Collego
During' his administration tho Col
lege haa grown marvolou'sly. Ho
was Instrumental In helping to Intro
duce the College work In Presldont
Paul's administration, and immediate
ly upon being appointed to tho presi
dential chair he urged this line of
work, until tho school ranked among
the leading of tho stato In furnishing
degree graduates. During his term
the school has grown 16 every bfanch
of work.
Nlbley Hall and the Mechanlo Arts
building have been added as perma
nent structures and tho campus has
been beautifully plotted.. In depart
mental work ho has introduced cours
es in domestic science, mechanic arts
and maaual training; has re-establish
ed tho business department, and es
Abllshed tho standard normal school.
President Llnford has given contin
uous service, at tho Brlgbam Youne
Collego for twenty-one years; clgnt
years as a teacher and thirteen as
president. Ho has been an ablo and
capable workman, and a servant of
tho people who has won tho admira
tion of all.
For flvo years past ho has served
aa a member of tho Collogo board un
der the appointment of President Jo
seph F. Smith and this position ho
lll continue- to hold regardless of-his
resignation as president of tho faculty.
t tm
-flUB, Mr. and Mrs. Almn Miller loft Tluir
i)5W for their homo in Salt Lake
A delightful affair of tho wcok was
tho party given Now Year's ovo nt
th0 homo of Miss LaVlnln Card. A
tew pleasant hours wero spent at
tho auditorium after which a doll
clous uuppor was served. Tho houso
was decorated with tho Christmas
colors. Tho tablo had for a center
ploco red carnations. Those present
I were: Misses Veda Cordon, Beta nnd
Besalo Maughnn, Je.islo Orocsbeck,
Mlnnlo Thomas, LaVlnla nnd Mary
Card, Messrs Art. Johnson, Leslie
Morrill, Joo MaMurrln, Bud Young,
nenry Johnson, Jesso Smith, and Jim
After four years of service to
Cncho County, Sheriff X. W. Crooks
ton retires to prhato life on Jnnuary
C, 1913, nnd will deoto his attention
to his family and his personal nffnlrs
Ho has performed the duties of his
oirtco faithfully nnd well, nnd In him
Cncho County nas had a Bherlft wor
thy the name. He lias been fearless
in tho discharge of what he consider
ed his olliclal duty and at times has
mndo bitter enemies from close
friends In the discharge of these du
ties. In doing his work It has' not
been dono with an air of bigotry, but
has been done In a most hunlble way
with llttlo If any ceremony.
Sheriff Crookston has the proud
distinction of holding office more
nearly as tho choice of the entire
peoplo thnn most any officer In
Cacho County. True he wns elected
on a partisan ticket, jet ho ascend
ed to ofTlco at a time when tho com
pletion of tho county In a political
way could not bo mistaken. .
To fill the office of sheriff is no
easy matter. The sheriff Is constant
ly thrown In the midst of tho rough
element. Occasionally a man retires
as good a man as v hen ho took the
office, but not very often. Cache-County
has experienced a very" quiet ad
ministration during Mr. Crookston's
two torraB. There havo been no murd
ers recorded and whllo tho people
here generally aro law abiding citi
zens many bellvo that tho peace nnd
quite wo havo enjoyed la due In a
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M. F. Mower of Lewlston died at
his homo Wednesday evening from
an Illness of considerable duration of
leakage of tho heart. While this an
nouncement Is rather a surprise to
his many friends and acquaintances
throughout tho valley, his death was
not entirely unexpected by his fam
ily. Ho has been one of tho prosper
ous farmers of his town and a man
highly respected. Ills wifo was the
daughter of tho lato W. H. Lewis,
first president of tho Benson stake
of Zlon nnd tho man after whom the
town of Lewlston received Its name.
A largo family of children is left to
mourn the sad death. Funeral ser
vices will bo held at tho Lewlston
meeting house today at U o'clock.
Thoio Is predicted on tho st eet
something Interesting In storo nt tho
court house Monday when tho now
oinccrs elected In November tako
over tho reins of olllco It Is n pretty
good guess to say that Olof Cronqulst
will bo th0 chaliman of tho hoard of
commissioners, although James J.
Molklo has mado a vory ofllclont of
ficer In this position during tho past
two years. Tho wbolo Interest con
tors around tho clork's ofllce. C. F.
Olson of H) rum has been Indorsed
by tho Democratic county committee
as chief deputy clerk. Ho Is not
ldokcd upon with favor, howover, by
tho principal, A. II. Chambors. It Is
snld that Mr. Chambers will oppose
his appointment by tho commission
ers. It Is not known what tho dispo
sition of tho commissioners will bo
in this mattor. Two on tho board,
Messrs. Melklo and Cronqulst, havo
tho work pretty well In hond nnd
know what It means to have Ineffi
cient help and discord in tho various
offices, Miss Telford who has had
twelve yoars In tho Recorder's oftlco
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Suffrieltes Who Started With Little Army
On March From New York to Albany.
Photos by American Press Association
Followed by the war correspondents, as they culled the reporters, the thirty-four HUlt'inKists who started from
New York city to walk to Albany had many ndventures. They ueiu valiantly bent on appearing liefoie Governor
Sulzcr mid formally demanding his aid In behalf of ottw for women, (icneial Itosulle Gardner .tones (3). the leader,
'Cheered tlie'tlnggliiK spirits of the weaker marchers with brave words. Mis. Katlierlno Abbott i'-. tt itrummr. and
'Captillu Inez Crnveu (1) were nbla ntds. Thd dog In the picture U Private Kllzabeth.
Parcels Post a Simple Mat
ter Here's How It Operates
1st Zone 7T J3 Z ZT ZT
N N Z. 5
& & S " g N
a Z I S s
Weight S S-5oso
5 S 8 g s I
': 2 s .j o 25
.-en ss t
n ' g Q S a
3 " " 8 K
w in n 2
M a
. . w
1 l'0,lnd "...0.05$0.05O.OC$0.07t0.080.09?
2 PoumlB .06 ,08 .10 .12) ,14 .1C ,19 .21 .21
3 Pounds J .07)' ,Tl ,U ,17 .20' .23 .28 .31 .30
4 Pounds ,08 .14 .18) .22) .2C .30 .37 .41 ,48
C Pounds .09 ,17 ,22 .27 .32 ,37 ,1G ,C1 .CO
6 Pounds j .10 .20 .2G ,32 ,38 .44 .CG .Cl .72
7 pounds ' j .llj .23 .30 ,37 .44 .Gl .G4 .71 .84
8 prvnds j ,12 .2C .34 ,42 ,50 .B8 ,73 ,81 .90
9 rounds j .13 ,29 .38) .47 .CC .G5 .82 .91 1.08
10 iounds .14 .32 ,42 .B2 ,C2 .72 .91 1.01 1.20
11 lounds ,15 .36 .4C .57 .681 .79 1.00 1.11 1.32
Tho now parcels post, which was
effective Jan. 1, Is as simple and
easy as mailing a letter at tho post
You need not know all about "zone
systems." Tako your packages to
tho post ofilco nnd ask tho man be
hind tho window "How much?" Ho
can flguro it out In a moment. Lick
tho stamps stick them on and deposit
your packages.
Unless you send packages frequent
ly nnd a post olllco Is Inconvenient
for you, that's nil there Is to It.
Tarcels post Is Just a now way of
sending packages, It has threo Im
portant new features:
1. The postngo you pay depends
on tho dlstanco your paeago goes,
instead of tho present flat rate for
every where.
2. You can now send packngea
weighing up to 11 pounds, instead of
only four pounds ns at present.
3. You must ubq a now kind of
stamp for parcels. Ordinary lotter
stamps aro not good on theso pack
ages, and tho now parcels post
stninps are not good on other mall
Tho "zono system" Is easy to un
derstand. Your town Is tho center of
tho wholo Bybtom Draw around your
self a numbor of imaginary circles,
tho first one CO miles away from you
in every direction, tho second ono
ISO miles away, tho third 300 miles
avay, tho fourth 600 miles, tho fifth
1000 miles, tho Blxth 1400 miles and
tho sovonth 1800 miles,
Tho cost of sending a packago de
ponds on two things Its weight by
pounds, and tho dlstanco It gees.
I'arcols ovr fon" ounces ore as
sumed to wolgh a pound; If they
weigh a llttlo over one pound thoy
nro assumed to weigh two pounds,
and so on.
Within tho first circle. . you drew
Including all places for CO miles In
every direction, there nro two rates,
ono for local or rural delivery and
the other for packages sent between
two towns.
If you live in tho city you enn mall
packages to souio ono In the samo
city, or to some ono on a rural routo
starting out of your city, at a lo
cal rate of 5 cents for a one-pound
package, and 1 cent for each addi
tional pound. This rate also upplles
to peoplo living on a rural routo who
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Very good services wore hold at
the Q. W. Llndqulst undertaking par
lors jcsterilay afternoon over tho re
mnlna of Lars Nielsen, commonly
known as tho "Yellow Man," who
died at tho city Jail Tuesday ovenlug
following a brief Illness of lagrlppo.
Tho funoral was conducted under tho
direction of Cacho County, tho de
ceased having left sufficient property
to tako caro of all tho oxponso. Ho
was u man, as has been previously
stated, who lived rather a secluded
life while ho has lived in this city.
Ho received his namo of Yellow Man
not fiom any physical appearance
but from tho color of clothlug ho
very often wore. Mr. C. L. Olsen of
this city know deceased In Denmark,
also know his mother and sister. At
ono tlmo ho was a missionary In tho
Mormon church and served as a sol
dier in tho German Danish war, and
was woli thought of In his nativo
land. Tho spoakere at fho funoral
wero: Abe Jorgcnsop, Lars C. Iar
son, Pros. S. T. Ballif, John Quaylo,
and Bishop William Evans,
Fanciers Have Chance at Silver H
Loving Cut. Judge Has H
Been Selected For H
Poultry Show H
The Cncho County Poultry Assoc!- H
ntiou Is becoming very active at proa-
out, perfecting plans for tho annual ,
winter poultry show which Is to bo H
held In this city ns wo havo nnnounc- H
cd on January 13 to 16 Inclusive. Tho
show will bo held on West Confer i
street in tho Joseph Davidson block
a well lighted and ventilated build- ; H
lng ono door east of tho Dahlo pool H
hall. A fcaturo of tho awards which
tho association is offering Is tho ?50 - H
stlvor loving cup. In mlditlon thcro j H
will nbo no a $3j silver cup and bov-
oral cash premiums given by tho ns- I
soclntlou. Tho local morchants aro I H
offering many cash' prizes, ranging II 1
from CO cents to $5, making it pos- lil
slblo for prizes to ho won by practl- H
cally every variety of bird entered. H
Mr. Miller Purvis of WIndalo, Idaho,
editor of tho poultry Journal known H
ns Poultry Life, haB bcon selected as ' ,H
Judgo of tho show and bo will also '
givo lectures each ovonlng on poul- H
try raising nt tho show building. H
Secretary John Anderson of tho H
association predicts a largo oxhlbl- B
tlon of poultry nnd urges nil raisers H
tn bcclu putting tho finishing touches H
on thotr birds. H
The membors of 'u I.ognn guu H
club who went to Smltullcld on Now H
Year's Day nnd wero rather harshly - H
dealt' with In tho matched shooting " ' '
contest nt that placo are working ov- H
er time In practice for tho return
contest which will bo pulled off in '
Logan Monday afternoon, at tho ' B
shooting grounds Just west of the r
Oregon Short I.lno dopot. Tho mana-
gcr of tho meet Is arranging to re-
eclvo a largo Cfvvd which might bo .
Interested In tl;,-- shooting, nnd a HLH
large pile of straw has been scatter- I
ed for tho Bpectatom to stand on, ''a
that thoy may keep tholr fcot warm. ,
John Sharp, Jr., tho crack shot and
all round sportsman, of Salt Lako
City will manage the Monday contest 'iLLfl
which will bo conducted according to ,
regulation rules. There will bo lit- B
teen members on the teams repro- '
Renting each side. Thoy aro divided , H
and shoot in squads of flvo men each. H
Tho lineup on Monday will bo about ' . H
as follows: j H
plrtt Squad f B
Smlthflold A. Raymond, M. Rich- HHl
ardBon, Jos. Hind, L. R. Plowman, ,- HHl
A. Krlckson. ' HBf
Logan Jack Boyle, Reld Shamhart HBl
C. Lundberg, P. A. Thatcher, Tho. HBl
Busby. L HBf
Second Stuid ' HHf
Smlthflold R. Richardson, S. Ew f HB
lng, R. Seeloy, W, Smith, P. Rich-
' HB
Logan D. Mecham, Vm. Kidman, HJ
Jr., Ted. Seholser, II. Stoncy, Win. ,HH
Third Squad HH
Smlthlleld Q, Nielsen, L. Plow- j H
man, Alt Krlckson, Geo. Hlllynrd, 1 HB
Ewlug I HHJ
Logan Jns. Olsen, A Lundberg, j HHJ
B Busby, It. L Campbell, C. Jen- ' HHJ
An agitation Is gradually growing ; HH
for tho extension of tho city sower I HH
Into tho northeast part or town ns j H
we called attention to In ono of our j HH
recent Issues. It has been suggested HH
to this oftlco that peoplo owning prop- HH
crty in that part of town and aro do- j Hfl
slrous of oxtondlng tho sower send j wUM
communications to this ofilco that It ! HH
can bo determined to what extent tho t HH
property owners wish this convent- j HH
enco. It would ho a big boost to tho HH
present property values in that sec- : HH
tlon of tho city as it has already been HH
In sections whoro the sower Is now n HH
laid. Tho Agricultural Collego would I HH
bo greatly benefitted by tho Improve- t HH
ment nnd it It could bo determined HH
that the new district will bo formed ! E HH
ha collego could ask for an approprl- ' HH
atlon at the next legislature for fcuch, J HH

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