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Cronquist Made Chairman of New Board of Commission
ers. Principals Arc Not Allowed Deputies They Prefer
For Their Respective Offices. Will Not Make
Family Affair of Treasurer's Office.
Cacho county Is now n tho hnndB
1 ' of tho Democrats. They took over
tho reins ot ofllco yestoraay and In
most Instances took over full control
of their rcspectlvo offlccs to which
they wcro elected. Tho old board of
county commissioners submitted tho
' duties of their ofllco to tho now hoard
nt high noon. A. B. Chamoors took
tho oath of ofllco and called tho now
I board to ordor. Ho asked for nomi
nations for n chairman and Immedi
ately Commissioner James J. Facer
took tho floor and placed In nomina
tion tho namo of Olof Cronquist. At
this point Commissioner James J.
Mclklo arose and mado a brief state
ment, saying that tinder ono condi
tion would ho support tho nomination
of Mr. Cronquist for this position.
Ho said ho realized that Commission
er Cronquist was a busy man and
tried to crowd as much work as pos
sible Into tho tlmo ho has at his dis
posal. In doing so ho Is vory often
lato for board meetings nd unless
ho could exact a promlso that this
L fault would bo rectified, ho would un
der so circumstances second tho nom
ination. Commissioner Olof Cronquist
then arose Ho gavo Mr. Mclklo a
leturo on conditions as ho saw them
and referred rather humorously to
tho tlmo when tho board selected a
chairman two years ago. Mr. Cron
quist seconded tho nomination mado
by Mr. Facer, tho motion wns put,
with two voting yes and ono no. An
adjournment was taken until 2 o'clock
when the matter of deputies was ta
ken up. iir. Chambers submitted tho
namo of A. M. Mathows Jr. of Provi
dence as his chief deputy. Tho con
firmation was mado. As to tho other
clerks of tno ofllco no selections wore
made, and tho present help will re
main for a tlmo nt least.
John Woodward, county nssessor,
I was given C. F, Olson of Hyrura as
i his chief deputy. After a little wrong-
J ling, Georgo Mljcnqulst of Hyrum
was requested to remnln for a tlmo
In tho ofllco and tho namo of John
J. Hendry of Wellsvlllo which was
submitted was tabled for tho tlmo
County Treasurer 1. B. Van Or
des submitted the namo of Elbert C.
Van Orden as chief deputy, but asked
that W. H. Larson bo retained for
a tlmo until ho got accustomed to
tho ofllco. Mr. Melklo at this Junc
ture took' tho floor and opposed tho
proposition. Mr. Cronquist stood by
Mr. Moiklo. Ho did not favor making
tho treasurer's ofllco a family affair.
Mr. Facer said ho did not liko tho
proposition ot making tho ofllco a
father and son affair and so Mr.
Larsen will romaln until Wb succes
sor Is appointed.
Sheriff John II. Barker's selection
of Charles Martlnoau as Deputy Sher
iff was confirmed, Mr. Crosqulst mak
ing tho suggestion that ho felt that
Mr. Martlncau was used to his
In tho mattor of Deputy Ilocorders
Mrs. Kato Preston did not submit
any recommendations and tho pres
ent deputies will romaln. Thoy nro
Miss Martha Shopard, who knows tho
ofllco thoroughly, and Alta Owen,
-Gonovievo Thntchor and Ardoll Crock
Tho matter of county physicians
camo' up noxt and but llttlo tlmo was
consumed In making appointments.
Dr. It. T. Morrill of Smlthflold wns
named for physician from tho north
Tho Logan sports who represented
tho Logan Gun club nt tho shooting
contest hero yesterla with Smith
field won tho contost by tho score
of 174 to 210. Tho locnl gun men
wero at tholr boat, thoy had shook
off tholr confldonco which thoy took
to Smlthflold a fow days ago and
I got down to bualnoss, Tholr stago
fright vanished and thoy mado good.
Tho deciding match will bo pulled oft
in Logan noxt Friday.
1 end of tho county; Dr. P. V. Kiln-
I 80s from tho south end of tho coun
ty and tho matter of selecting a phy
sician from tho central district was
left over for noxt meeting. In passing
Mr. Cronquist paid a good compli
ment to Dr. 11. A. Adamson of Rich
mond for tho elllclcnt way In which
ho had conducted his work for tho
I past four years. Ho said '.ho repot ts
fiom tho north Medical District could
alwnys bo depended upon, ind th.t
no enso "as too small not to rccclvo
duo consideration from D' Adamson.
I All tho officials wero r.blo to furn
ish tho required bonds, some furnish
ing personal and sonio surety bonds
Tho county treasurer furnUbcr tho
lattor. All bonds wero approved
About two years ago this paper
engaged In a crusado ngnlust tho
1 stock shark who was reaping such
I a bountiful hnrvest front tho farmers
and citizens In general In Cacho coun
ty. So vigorous and successful was
, this war on tho stock Jobber that ho
left tho valley and has rarely put in
I an nppcaranco bore since that time.
I Tho Logan Republican received con
, gratulatlons from every sido on the
' stand taken In this mnttcr. It not
only frightened tho man away with
, tho "get rich quick" schomo for fear
I that he would bo exposed, but It also
put tho unwary on tholr guard. Wo
simply refor to this mnttor Incident
ally from tho fact that thero seems
I to bo evidences throughout tho state
of various schemes being Moated and
caution tho people ot tho valley to
thoroughly Invcstlgato before Invest
ing their hard earned cash In "Rub
ber stock" In far oft lands that they
havo llttlo It any opportunity to keep
In touch with,
Tho Following wns taken from Sun
day's Horald-Rcpublican:
Special dispatch from Provo which
appeared In yesterday's Issue of the
Salt Lake newspapers announced that
W. H. Homer, Jr., and others wero
soliciting subscriptions to stock in a
ennnery proposition which would cov
er all tho fruit raising districts In
Utah. Tho Items gavo what purport
ed to bo a statement of the promot
ers to the effect that Joseph F. Smith
president of tho Mormon church, and
other prominent Salt Lakers were in
terested In tho schomo which would
bo incorporated with a capital ot f 1,
000,000. Presiding Bishop C. W. Nlbloy,
ono of tho men mentioned In this
connection said last night that a day
or two ago a man named Harry E.
Cary had approached him with tho
statement that ho had at his com
mand. eastern capital up to a half
million dollars which would bo In
vested In n stnto wldo ennnory prop
osition, provided ho and others would
Join In tho matter Bishop Nlbloy
i snyn that ho agreed to do so, as ho
would Join in any other ontcrprlso
which would benefit tho stato. "It
1 now nppears, though," said Illshop
1 Nlbloy last night, "as If organization
ot tho cnterprlBo wcro not being con
ducted on thollnos which Mr. Cary
said would ho followed. In fast, tho
appearanco was that an attempt was
being mado to ralso tho cntlio capi
tal hero, without bringing In any
eastern or other outsldo monoy."
John O. Cutlor, M. H. Wnlkor and
Joseph Gcoghegan and others who
had been asked to Join In promoting
tho cannory proposition concurred is
this statomont and Josoph F. Smith
"Tho report Is entirely false I
have nothing to do with tho mattor.
It seems to mo purely a promotion
schomo and Mr. Cary, who visited
this ofllco about It yesterday, seemed
to havo no undertaking but Intended
to get support on tho strength of tho
reputations of local men."
Tho foot hall season Is over and not
ono footballtst killed. Tho molly,
Bulgars Inflict Swift Punishment on Turkish Ruffians
Who Murdejr Unoffending Christian Neighbors.
-$wMsmK&A -W r Jay' !wsellC'4M
1'liuiuM icip tiKlit, 1912, by Ariierlcun Press Association
Thousands of peaceful Christian hno been massacied. If nil of the dUpatches sunt from the HalUana since the
beginning or the war nro to be credited Latest news tells uf terrible excesses by Turkish troops in lliu (Jnlllpoll ills
trlct. where the villages of Malgurn. Keslien, Kunuljull, Mo. ill, GiiiIiiiuih mill i:iittilll were purlieu II) destroyed. A
massacre of Greeks also Is reported from Balrinnch, In tho plain of Tiuy In such caw, the Moslem Wllugeis iisualh
turn to sImjIiik with the soldiers. In tho lower photugrupl. are shown .wo TurliMi rllligcr luund guilty of ..iiimo
murders nud sentenced to death by a Bulgarian court martial. lu the uppur plume the white robed figure swuy
Ins from the trees in front of the military courtbouso show .low the pciiiilty wns paid.
' i
Congress Considers Systems
Of Marketing Farm Products
Washlsgton, D. C, Jan. G. Sys
tems of marketing farm products and
tho demand for them at trado cen
ters nro tho subjects of a special re
port to Congress by tho Secretary of
Agriculture, recently published. Tho
roport was mado by special direction
of Congress in order that In forma
tion might bo at band concerning tho
establishment ot a division ot mar
kets In tho Department of Agricul
ture. Tho Secretary specifies various
Items of sorvlco that could bo per
formed by such an ofllco with recom
mendations that thoy beadopted, If
It Is created. Tho roport covers 31t
pages nnd is crowded with Informa
tion with regard to tho subject tteat"
By Producers To Consumers
The report treats ot tho muvoronnt
ot farm products from tho Tarm to
consumer through a great variety of
channels. Tho simplest distribution
Is tho direct ono ot dollvory by far
mer to consumer, and next after this j
is tho delivery by Individual farmers I
or associations of farmers to Indl.ld
ual consumers or associations ot con
sumers. In theso direct forms ot dis
tribution, tho middleman Is eliminat
ed, although ot course lntormcdlato
services aro performed either by pro
ducers or by consumers or by both
Intervention Of Middlemen
Among the varieties of mlddlaires
concerned In tho markotlng ot farm
products aro tho traveling huckbtors
who go from farm to farm gathering
eggs, butter, poultry, calves, and oth
er commodities, which thoy sell to '
shippers, Jobbers, or ret a1 1 dealers.
Tho country merchant Is often tho 1
first receiver of such products as
eggs, farm mado butter, poultry, wool (
I hides, cotton, nnJ. sometimes grain I
nnd hay. In regions whoro grain Is j
tho staplo product, tho tendency has
been to dlsplaco tho country morch-1
ant by tho grain buyer and tho local
clovntor man. i
I Fnrmors commonly sell through
j commission merchants and to somo
' extent directly to wholesalo dealers,
and also to retail dealers. Tho far- ,
mer who employs a trustworthy com- '
mission merchant who will handle
i his products honestly and honorably
will got tho current prices for them
within tho rango ot tho commission
merchants business, but tho farmor
often finds hlmBolf In tho hands of a
commission merchant who falsely re
ports that tho products wero received
In damaged condition or that thoy
wcro of a grado lower than thoy woro
In fact, or ho reports receiving pri
ces lower than thoso actually receiv
ed by him for tho products. Worso
tnan this, it In by no means raro
that tho commission merchant has
sold tho products and failed to return
tho net proceeds.
Samples ot transactions in which
only ono middleman intervenes bo
tweon producer and consumer lncludo
tho commission man at a largo mar
ket who receives consignments ot tlvo
stock from farmers nnd soils to pack
ors; tho factor to whom tho planter
consigns his rlco or cotton and from
whom purchases aro mado by mill
ers; tho warehousomou who manago
tho salo ot a Virginia planter's tobac
co. Tho Intervention of two men be
tweon producer nnd consumer is a
common occurronco Fruits nnd veg
etables aro often marketed through
tho aid of two middlemen, tho city
commission denier and n rotnll mer
chant. More Than Two Intermediaries
A series of threo middlemen may
(Continued on pago olght)
Oswald Hansen, tho nduptcd sou of
Lorenzo unnsen of this city, died
very suddenly on Now Year s evo nt
Tracy, California, whoro ho has been
employed. Tho details of lentil aro
lacking, but hcmorrlugo Is snld to
bo tho cause ot death. Burlai took
place In San Francises. Mrs. Hanson
who is a California girl, writes that
sho will mako her homo In San Francisco.
At tho mooting of tho city commis
sioners on Friday ovoning last an
agreement wns made whoreby Dr.
P. M, Paulsen Is to recolvo $1CG as
rental for tho u3o of his barn near
tho county Jail tor storage purposes
during tho coming yoar. Mayor nay
bail was authorlzod to advertise fur
bids for taking caro of garbage with
in tho nro limits ot the city.
Logan Rapid Transit Com- IH
pany Gets Permission to Sur- H
vcy For Extension of H
If any ono thought for a moment H
that tho I.ognu Rapid Transit Com-
pany Intended to stop extending their H
railroad through tho vnlloy, that
thought was dispelled last Saturday
when Supt, nnd General Manngcr H
Robert Anderson nnd Secretary Jo-
seph Quluney Jr., appeared beforo H
the county commissioners nnd asked H
for tho privilege of making survoys ' H
for tho extension ot tho company's J H
road The privilege, wns quickly H
granted by tho Commissioners, nnd ;
thoy went on record to tho effect H
that, whatever survey appeared fcasl- H
bio thoy would bo glad to grant n H
franchise covering snmo. Tho road H
from Logan north through Hydn Park
to Siulthllcld wns nccoptcd by tho
commissioners nnd up to dato tho
business between tho county jfllcInU
and the compnny hns been on'hcly
It would now appear to bo a good .
tlmo for tho citizens on tho north 'H
nud south ends ot tho Rapid Transit H
lino to warm up to tho railroad ofll-
clals nnd offer what Inducements H
may bo nt hand with a view to hur- H
rylng tho road throughout tho val- H
ley Tho citizens can do much to- t H
wards securing rights ot way and I H
In general woiklng up a wholcsomo i H
sentiment that will assist In tho car- H
ly extension of the road. I H
The city commlbslon'-rs havo tno i B
right li'ea when they let ; contract '
lor keeping clean from rubbish tho -'
dlstilct within tho Are limits Instead ( H
ot hiring a man on a monthly wage t H
It has been suggested that .ho mat- ' H
toi ot sprinkling the stroru ot tho !H
city bo lot out on a competitive, bid il
This wo understand Is a policy on i H
which tho Mayor looks with consld- j H
orable favor und if It wero dono sov- "H
oral hundred dollars would bo saved H
to tho tax payors. Why not havo i
the mnttcr Investigated.
Tho Agricultural Collego has so- f J
lectcd tor Its play this year Shorl- "!
dan's well known comody ot "Tho fl
Rivals." Fow plays outsldo of Shake- (1 H
spero's equal It In their record of H
successful performances and parts J
which good actors delight to play. H
Written toward tho end ot tho 18th tH
century by Sheridan tor his Covcnt ,j H
Gardon players It was kept beforo tho L H
public by Joseph Jefferson for over ' H
CO years and until two years ago was j H
still played by two of his sons. Near- H
ly everyone thinks ot Jofferson as ''H
playing only Rip Van Winkle, but H
ouco u week nt least ot ovory engage- H
ment ho played tho part of Bob Acres H
Probably the best cast tho play over it H
bad was tho ablo star rival In 1890 H
with Jefferson In his favorlto part, V M
Wm. H. Crano as Sir Anthony, Nat 1 ' M
Goodwin as Sir Lucius, Francis WU- , i M
sou ns David and Julia Mnrlawo as l'r
(Continued on pago eight) ; M
! ft .1 H
Judge W, W. Maughau In cloarlng i 1
his desk on Saturday confirmed tho iMlll
verdict of tho Jury In tho case ot tho I! l
O. S. L. against Thomns Smart, otal '' iH
and ordorcd tho plaintiff to pay to 11
tho defendants the sum ot f 445. CO '
the amount assessed nnd that plain- 11
tiff pay defendants costs which J H
umountcd to 147.29. )''
Ho declared In favor ot plaintiff In I M
the caso ot P. M. Poulson versus L M
Cacho Knitting Works and ordered !t M
defendant to pay costs ot suit. ' M
An order was issued appointing A. Cj M
A. Law guardian ad litem for Mor- m M
rill and Alta MoFarland, minors In ( H
tho caso ot Mary j. Pedorson against .,3 M
Robert McFnrland ct al. 1

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