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W 'urn! - S. vfll
ff 'if you want all the newt; j W I a T . jlf I i t - Hiiii
M subscribe for The Republican W d 9 1 Ailff B ali'At 4 M I 4 A44 Tho Pof of the valuo ef iH
I .-30c , month In 25c W L I I WL 2L Illlllll ifl I sT I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 11 II l Republican advertising lie. in H
a month In Cache County. tLwWW W 'WM WW W W 'W'W'' MP JWw" WlW WW W l the tub.tantlal return, that H
ijflfe x'
U Farmers' Round-up and Housekeeper's Confer
II ence At College
nK Many Features of Interest To Every Walk of Life. The Con
m vention Will Commence January 27th and Extend To
H February 8th. Packing School Conducted By
H Able Authority
la x
fit Whnt will undoubtedly bo the
13 greatest gathering of men nml worn-
111 en Interested In tho problems of tho
lJ farm pud homo will bo tho coming
pSa Farmers Round-up and Housekcep-
jR ere, conferonco which meets at tho
I; Agricultural Collcgo at Logan begin-
Id nlng January 27 and extending up to
jfj February 8. Tho comploto program
8 for tho convention is now arrangod
and a hurried glanco over tho same
roveals a scries of subjects so ar
ranged ns to cover practically nil of
the points of primal Importance both
IS 'n agricultural and dairying lines as
J well as in other industrial activities
If and also In the lines in which the
Q women of tho state nre interested.
V Tho program has been arranged in
& such n manner that definlto days aro
U turned over to tho pursuit or specific
r features or phases of tho general
U work, for Instance, tho morning of
RM tho first day will bo a general get '
H acquainted session at which those
Nfl present may havo tho opportunity of J
jM becoming acquainted with their neigh '
BJJ bors. Tlio afternoon session at 1!
5j o'clock Mill bo alter the nature of u I
M musical program and at its conclu-'
M sion tho men will immediately go In
W to nn Irrigation session. The even-
Ing will bo devoted to a musical con
JhtjA cert consisting of solos, selections by
" the gleo club und band. Tuesday,
JP January 28 will again be an Irriga- '
1 tlon day In which such matters as
t drainage, Irrigation law for farmers
9 soil fertility, etc., will bo discussed
I by competent authority, Including tho (
Hon. Mnthonlah Thomas and Stato
9 Engineer Caleb Tanner. Part of tho
H time will also be devoted to an lu
ll spectlon of machinery exhibits which ,
will bo furnished by tho various 1m- !
plement companies. Wednesday, Jan.
29, will be better wheat day at which
The public entertainment commit
tee of tho Commercial Doostors club
reports that everything will b0 in
readiness for tho big annual ball to
be given at tho auditorium Jan. 13.
Tho decoration committee has met
and will havo something untquo In
the line of decorations. A special car
to run to Smlthfleld after tho dance
has been arranged for, and It Is ex
pected that good sized crowds will
como from Smltnlleld, Hydo Park,
and North Logan, ns well as from tho
other settlements.
Tho ontiro public entertainment
and decoration committees will bo on
hand to act as floor managers and
see that all got acquainted and havo I
a good tlmo. Tho refreshment com-1
mlttco will also havo something good
in storo for tho crowd. Tho annual ,
balls of tho Roosters havo becomo no
ted for their sociability. It Is ox
pocted that ovory club member, es
pecially, will bo present.
Articles of Incorporation hnvo boen
filed with tho county clerk by tho
Stewart Real Estato company. Tho
(iV compan' Is capitalized at ?10,000 dl-
jfjf , vldod Into 1000 BharcB at tho par
vnluo of $10. Tho purpose of this
V now organization as set forth In Its
ffi articles is to own, buy, boII, lease i
0 and control real oatato and personol i
1 property, In short to porform all tho
I transactions pcrtnlnlng to n general
V real estato and loan business. Tho of
I (leers of tho company aro: President
R T. ',, Stowart; vlco president W. II.
M "lownrt; Sviirctaiy R. A. Stowart;
H ireasuror E. F. Stewart. Tho abovo
H with IJ. l. Stowart aro tho director-
time the various questions of tech
nique in tho production of wheat In
the Stato will bo fully and freely dis
cussed. Thursday, Jan. 30 will bo
I sugar beet day, Friday will bo devote
I to a discussion of good roads ami tho
advisability of a rural credit system
and tho evening will bo tho com
mencement of tho .marketing. Satur
i day, Feb. 1, will bo marketing day
1 at which tlmo Mr. W. C. Vulker an
expert from Sacramento, Cal., will
give an account of the manner In
which the fruit crop is marketed in
that state. In tho afternoon of this
day Governor Spry will address tho
gathering on tho "Slate's Interest In
tho Welfare of tho Utah Growers."
Mondny, Feb. 3, will bo a mixed day
at which general subjects will bo tho
order, and Tuesday will be n wool
! growers day. Wednesday tho Cth
j will be devo exclusively to tho
questions that aro of pertinent liiter
est to tho dairymen, and subjects
pertaining to dairying will bo fully
elucidated by competent authority.
Thursday tho Cth n meat cutting de
monstration will be given. Friday,
the 7th will bo horsemen's day and
the morning of the 8th will ho known
as breeders morning when tho vari
ous questions of stock breeding will
bo discussed and the afternoon will
bo devoted exclusively to swine breed
Ing and tho Judging of cattle.
A special feature, also, will be tho
packing' school which will be run
from Fob. 3 to 8 and will bo presided
over by Mr. Castler an authority of
national repute.
Various social features will ulso bo
Interspersed bo that tho affair thru
out promises to be profitable both
from a pleasurable as well as a util
itarian standpoint.
D. E. Burloy, general passenger
agent for tho Oregon Short Line,
says that i4C locomotives for wes
tern railroad lines have recently boen
ordered from tho factory through tho
Seventy of theso lo
comotives are for me Union Pacific
and Oregon Short, Lino railroads, de
livery begins April 1 of this year.
In. addition to tho abovo purchaso, an
ordor has been placed for 12,500
freight cars of various descriptions.
Ab engines cost from $20,000 each
and up, and freight cars run from
1850 each nnd up, it will bo noted
that considerable money outlay Is
Involved In tho purchaso It would
not seem that tho rolling Btock of
tho railroad company would depreci
ate when such largo orders as tho
abovo aro constantly being placed for
replenishing tho stock. Ilowovor,
many cars nnd engines nro constant
ly being put out of service through
wrecks, and a largo rolling stock ro-1
Borvo Is always required.
Tho following havo secured marrl
ago licenses from tho County Clerk's
offlco during the past w-ook:
Emor Richards, Mendon; Nnncy
Parker, Wollsville.
Wm. II. Lelshmnn nnd Isabollo
McLoard, Wollsvillo.
Wm. A. Walton and Mary E. Pet
erson, Logan.
Georgo Thomas Scott, Mlllvlllo;
Elizabeth Stuart liradshaw, Wolls
villo. Asahel W. Cheney, Rrigham; Elllo
Stephenson, Lowlston.
Thomas Edwin Roeso, Emmott,
Idaho; Emma Sessions, .Chesterfield,
I Champ Clark and President Elect Wilson
I During Important Conference at Trenton.
Copjniilu, l'Jl.', by American I'resa Auuociatlnti
CUaiiip Clark und President Bluet Wllaou nuie liu tnu a iu'poiiuut uuireiuucu at i'leuluu, N. J., wbuu ibu ubov
picture oi tUeni vj taUvu The uieethiK of tliusu ld ptrwiiiime8 at ttiin Uuiu wiim slinllar tu tlic i'uuftrpucu Mr.
Witnon had Uad auverul da pievlously wltb William .lennliu Hrjiu I'lio puhlU louUed upon the Incidents ub be
ini: fruiiKlit Uli possibilities relatius to tue preslduui civet 'h plan- foi eabtuct muUlut; Air. Clark who was benten
fo the uomlnutU n as Ueuioerutlu presldentlul cuudldie at ibe lust moment by Cotvnmr Wilson stronKly aided tho
latter'a cuuipalgu afterward Tbey are considered ntuiirli fiJenUs, havijiy many overumeutal nleii In common.
Senate and Houie Composed of Ma.
jorlty Republicans. Cache Rep
resented By Democrats
Tho stato legislature will com
mence its next session on Monday,
when the state law makers will moot
for. tho purposo of considering legis
lation for tho good of tho people of
Utah. As tho public !b well awaro,
tho law making body of this stato is
largoly Republican, Cache county
being ono of tho few counties of tho
stato to send a Democratic senator
nnd roprosentatlvcs to father hor
Interests. Of courso it Is not llkoly
that the county will suffer on this
account, for It Is bolloved that tho
stato at largo Is friendly to Cncho
and that there will b0 no disposition
to take ndvantago of this community
nor its representatives owing to tho
this fact. Tho next stato senate will
consist of 1(5 Republicans and 2 Dem
ocrats. Tho personnel of th0 senuto will
First district V . S. Hanson, R.
Second district James W. Funk,
Third district John V. Thornley,
Fourth district Wm. Craig, It.
Georgo J. Kelloy, R.
Fifth district L. B. Wright, It.
Sixth district Rennor X. Smith,
It.; Wm. N. Williams, R.; D. O.
Hideout, It.; W. Mont, Ferry, R.;
Charles Cottrol Jr., R.
Seventh district Henry Gardnor,
It.; A. L. Hooth, R.
Eighth district J. It. Edgohlll, R.
Ninth district L. M. Olsen, D.
Tenth district Josoph Eckorsley,
Eleventh district Henry W, Lunt,
Twelfth district G. A. Iver'son, II.
Twenty-live Republicans and 1C
I Democrats will constitute tlie house
, of representatives ob follows:
House of Representatives
llox Elder. M. II. Welling, I).
I Tooele, Alma Swenson, It.
Cache S. F. Oldham, II. Y. lien
son, J. E. Cardon, D.
Hlch J. F. Spencer, D.
Mornn H . H. Crouch, It.
Davis C. It. Mabey, It.
Weber W. H. Marriott, J. D.
Summit F. W. Marchant, R.
Hooper, J.J. Darker, j. W. Wilcox R
Wasatch W. L. Van Wagoner, R.
Snlt Lnko Jono Skofleld, Anna II.
King, Annie Wels Cannon, Edith E.
Read, Llnrenco Bamberger, M. II.
Krlbel, It. u. Judd, Daniel McRae,
I D J. Cooko, C. T. Barnes, It.
Utah W. L. Openshaw, 13. South
uldf, M. T. Reynolds, J. A. Love
less, D.
Juab Georgo Jones, R.
Millard A. A. Kimball, D. j
Sanpoto L. It. Anderson, It.; Jas. j
1 Monson, R. I
Sovior H . C. Chrlstonson, R.
Wnyno Ephralm Dastrup, R.
Pluto S. L. Page, D. '
Garfield J. N. Honrio, 1).
Heaver A. M. Durtam, D.
Iron Wilford Day. u.
Washington I). II. Morris. D.
Kane C. J. Smith, R.
Emery L. P. Ovorson, D.
Carbon I. N. Harmon, D.
Grand F. II. Hammond, D.
Uintah Enos Reunion, R. !
I San Juan G. A. Adams, D.
1 wm
At tho regular monthly appropria
tion meeting of tho city commission
ers hold on Tuesday evening, a bill
was passed by tho commissioners
which calls for $185.50, oxpenses of
commissioner P. C. Nelson, for tho
trip ho took to investigate vnrlous
classes of paving with tho vlow of
determining tho best pavement for
uso In Logan City when tho tlmo
comes for street paving.
oth Cache Valley Factories Have
Completed Beet Cutting Cam-
palgn. Osmose Run To 1
Commence Soon I
The Amalgamated Sugar company
t Logan nnd tho LowlBton Sugar
ompany havo completed tho cutting
f beets this week, und a largo force I
f men havo been honorably discharge
i until another season. Tho season
ist closing for factory and fnnner
nB been a most successful one, It
as ono of tho lnrgest crops over
ulleil In tho valley. Tho Logan fac
ry has chopped approximately CO,
30 tons nnd tho Lowlston factory
liproxlmately 70,000 ton. Thoro wns '
small Iobb of beets at tho various .
Illng stations caused through decay
ut tho loss from this sourco wns not !!
eavy, this season owing to tho con
ant freezing weather thot has pro
Hied. J
There will bo a Binali forco of men
itniucd oy each factory to conduct C
io osmoso campaign, tho working C
i of tho molasses, which campaign
111 begin within a few days.
A meotlng of tho high priests of
Cache stako will bo hold Sunday nt
10 a. m. In tho tabernaclo.
Thoro certainly Is no discount on
tho work of Loster Worley when It
comes to wiring u building ror olec
trlc sorvlco. Tho Logan Republican
building has Just been newly wired
by him In iv way thnt thero Is llttlo
If any danger of flro or accident
from tho olcctrlc wires
B. Y. College Five Expects to Win H
The First Contest With the Oneida H
Stake Academy J
The game with tho Preston boys I H
tonight will be one of tho best games
of tho season. Coach Jensen Is tnk- H
Ing mi chnuccH and his men havo j iH
been practising hard all week. Whllo if
the II. Y. 0. team arc all new men j H
this Is their flrflt game It Is expectod H
they will defeat their older opponent. H
Tho Preston team under tho lender- H
Hhlp of CI.Mle Packo luivo boon to- 'H
gethur fur four or live years and thor H
(-crtnlnly know th( game. Tho stud'
eutH held a cheering prnctlco in tho H
gmnaHlum yesterday nftornoon and
another will bo held this morning.
Eer student In the B. Y. C. wilt H
bo out to back his team ngnlnst Proa-
ton. Many of tho students think the H
team this year nlthough new men aro I
much faster than last year's five.. 4
Cnptnlu I'eterson at center, plays f
better ball than ho over did, and ho I H
will certainly innKo tho Preston mnn
know ho hns been In tho gamo. Tho 9 H
guards Barron nnd Wright play prob- I H
ably faster than nny guards that 1 H
have aver been nt the Bchool. Tho I H
forwanlH Hill and Tolman nro quick H
and good basket shooters. . f 'stttttttH
The wrestling clnss Is growing In I, H
Hlzo nnd somo very lively contosts ' , H
nro held every evening. Tho class LLLLU
serioB u wrcHtllng will commouco H
Swimming 1h also very popular this f ,
winter, tho Bwlmming pool, is in con- J H
stunt uso from morning until night. I H
Tho clnsa contest In Rwlmmlng will & H
conic oh soon ?
Expect Biggest Exhibition of Birds I H
In History of Association. Has '" " f
Large Membership h 'M
The CacliD County Poultry ussocl- ; 1
iitiou which will hold forth with its i H
fifth annual exhibition of flno poul- H
try, Is nil ready for tho big show on 1
Monday morning. Tho exhibition H
building Is located at G2 Wost Ceu- ' H
tor street. Presidont H. C. Mnugh- ? j
an mid Secretary John Anderson aro i rH
elated over tho present outlook for ,! H
a BiicccBSful exhibition. Tho nssocl- ' H
ntlon hns a healthy membership there !, J H
being lirty-llvo In tb0 organization. jt H
All tho members nro boostors for the V- H
hen nnd tho rooster and many havo V H
a number of line birds which nro ij
entered for tho show days noxt week H
U. A. C. Students to Give Interesting ; (H
Performance At Local Playhouse 1 itHUH
Monday and Tuesday ij H
Evenings B
What promises to bo ono of tho
best dramatic events of tho season
will bo tho piny of "Tho Rivals" ' H
which Is to bo put on by tho Agrlcul- i H
ttiral Collego studouts at tlio Nlbloy ' H
Hall noxt Mondny and Tuesday ove- 1 4 H
nlngs. Tho cast hns been arranged U
for somo tlmo and hns been rehears-' M H
lug dally under tho able direction of 'siih
Miss Zella Smart. '1iiiH
Tho Collcgo plays nnd operas havo H
como to bo looked upon ns tho prin- ! siih
clpnl'ovent of tho season In local tho- H
aterdom nna it Is safo to say that ' H
tho present play will appeal to crowd I H
cd houses during tho two nights of j J t H
tho performance Tho ontiro cast I 1 siiiih
was published In a recent lssuo of 5 H
tho local papers. Each of tho young 'sih
peoplo Is well known, many of them flsiiifl
having been In prominent parts in fsiiiifl
productions put -on by tho colleges. I il
Monday night wil bo student body fjH
night nt which tlmo tho students aro iNifl
Biiro to bo out lu a body as their stu- illjiiifl
dent body cards apply on tho purch- jilifl
nso prico of tho tlckots nnd Tuesday j 1 1
night has boon sot nsldo for tho gon- ilsiiH
oral public nt which tlmo It is null- H
coated a ciowdcd house will char- , i M
nctorlzo tho occasion. i I M
Tickets will bo on salo nt Howell H
Bros, and Nlbloy Hall" Popular prl j j M
ces will govern tho production. jj M
! siiiiiiiiiH

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