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H The A. C. Women's Faculty
H Leaguo will give n recciitlon for the
H girls of tho school Monday afternoon
H from tlireo to six o'clock at tho homo
' of Mrs. J. A. Wldtsoo.
H Mrs. K. D. Dull entertained lnfor-
H mnlly Wednesday afternoon with two
H tables hrldgo
H Miss Sara Huntsman entertained
B Informally last Friday afternoon with
H Last Frid ny afternoon .Mrs. II. A.
H l'odcrson entertained Informally with
B a Kensington in honor of Mrs. Ar-
HHH thur Kendall. Tho living room was
BBH decorated with chrysanthemums and
BBhB greenery. Carnations were used in
BBhB the dining room. Delicious refresh-
BBhB ments wcro served. Those present
H were: Mrs. Kendall, Mrs. N. W.
H Haws, Mrs. J. S. Calderwood, Mrs.
H Hal Farr, Mrs. Gcorgo Flster, Mrs.
H Addlo Jenkins, Mrs. P. N. NlelBen.
BBVB On Wednesday evening Miss Irene
BBhB Hendrlckson entertained with n Ken-
BBVH slngton in honor of Miss Zclla Smart.
BBhB Tho rooms wcro decorated with cut
BBVH flowers and winter berries. Delicious
BBVB refreshments were served. Thoso
BBVB present wcro Miss Smart, Misses VI-
BBhH vlan and Klla Hatch, Misses Phoebe
BBBJ and Lottie Nehekcr, Miss Winifred
BBVb Morrell, Mlus Florence McAUstcr,
BBVb Miss Mario Kccles, Miss Louisa liar-
BBVl ber, Miss Mnrle Hnrher, Mrs. Luther
BBVH Mrs. C. T. Teetzel entertained In-
BBVJ formally with duplicate Whist Frl-
BBBJ day afternoon.
BBHJ Mrs. J. K. Cardon entertained a
BBBJ few frienus Informally Saturday nft-
BBBJ Wednesday musical morning at the
BBBJ A. C, a Saxaphono quartet was glv-
BBBJ en. A number of townspeople and
BBBJ H. Y. C. students were In attend-
BBVJ Mr. and Mrs. 10. J. Dell entertain-
BBHJ ed .Monday evening with a .'00 parly
BBBJ in honor of Mrs. Lewis Roser. Tho
BBBJ rooms were effectively decorated with
BBVJ American beauty roses. Delicious
BBBJ refreshments were served from pret-
BBhJ tlly appointed tables. About twenty
BBVJ guests wero present.
BBBJ On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Dell
BBB Hell entertained with a card party
BBBJ honor of Mrs. Iloser. The rooms
BBB wero effectively decorated with cut
BBHJ llowors. Delicious refreshments wcro
BBB t-orved; r.00 wan tho game played.
BBB Miss Isabel Brooks v. ill return to
BBB Salt Lake tomorrow after n two
BBB weeks stay here.
On Monday evening Mr. Edwin
Smith entertained a number of his
friends nt the Smith homo on West
Second South Tho rooms wero dec
orated with cut flowers. Music and
games occupied tho ttmo. Delicious
refreshments wero served. Thoso
present were Misses Virginia Hate
son, Florcnco Thomns, Francis JJar
ber, Mary Waldon, Orlta Smith;
Messrs .lean Stewart, Leo Hanson, .
Elmer Johnson, Leslie Smith, Lang
ton Harbor.
Miss Jane Hailstone entertained
with n prettily nppolntod party Inst
Saturday afternoon at tho Hailstone
homo on South Main. A number of
games wero played and prizes award
ed. Delicious refreshments wcro
served. In tho evening tho guests
wero tnken to the Oak theater. Tho
party was chaperoned by Mrs. Ste
phen Hailstone.
Th0 A. G. Woman's Club met this
week with Mrs. Teetzel. Tho modern
short story wns next In order In the
year book. Mrs. II (1. Thatcher
gave a vcrv Interesting discussion rt
Selma Lagerloff and her Bhort stor
ies. The hostess served tea.
Tho Clio Circle met on Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. Llnford. A piano
solo wns given by Mr. Carlson. Mrs.
Selma Peterson gavo a very Interest
ing discussion of August Strlndberg
nnd ably read his drama "Tho Fath
er." Refreshments wero served by
tho hostess Miss Joan Moan and
Miss Jean Cox wero guests of tho
Mrs. Arthur Kendall returned homo
to N'ephl Monday after a two weeks
stay here with relatives.
Tho dancing party to be given by
tho Boosters nt tho nudltorlum on
Monday evening Is a much looked for
social event of noxt week.
Dr. Harris Is homo from a two
weeks trip through tho Mississippi
Mr. J. II. Castleton spent tho
enrly part of the week here.
Mr. Ulnlno Alexander returned
from Hebor on Monday.
Mr. Frank Spencer returned Mon
day from Salt Lnko to resume his
work nt tho A. C.
Miss .lemlino Thntcher has return
ed from Lo Urand, Oregon where
sho spent tho holldnys.
Mrs. Frank Ilrock and littlo son
returned homo to Salt Lako Monday
nfter spending the holidays hero.
Everybody has n pet o'xeuso to of
fer for the high cost of living, but
the honest truth appears to be thnt
the wisest men nre unnble to state
tho case fully and clearly.
It has been shown pretty conclu
sively that tho decreasing percentage
of farmers, as compnrcd with the
whole population, has much to do
with the steady rise In tho cost of
Perhaps when various other docu
ments In ovldenco have been exam
ined It will be found that the some
what prevalent prejudice and nnlmos
Ity toward tho railroads has a good
deal to do, In a fundamental way,
with the condition by which tho av
erago mnn has to pay every cent he
can earn for tho necessities of life.
The country must depend ns It has
alwayb depended, upon the railroads
for tho opening nnd populating of
now lands. The railroads must bring
' tho product of the farm nnd the peo
ple of the cities together. A harass
ed railroad means a railroad stand
ing still. On tho other hnnd, nn en
couraged industry of any kind means
an expanding Industry.
Tho railroads have long been tho
popular note nolr of the demagogue
and tho recipients of rcbtikcs and
criticism from nil classes of peoplo
who permit their opinions to bo pro
vided to them by others.
Perhaps the rallroadB will yet bo
considered earnestly In relation to
tho cost of living. Perhaps w0 shall
all yet make the discovery that the
railroads aro not hero to Impoverish
us, but to mnko for prosperity and
expansion, If they mny only be al
lowed reasona
dom from thoughtless abuse. St.
i Louis Times.
For any pain, from top to toe, from
any caiiBc, npply Dr. Thomas' Elec
tric Oil. Pain can't stay where It is
used. (Advertisement).
Perusal of tho report of the pro
ceedings of the Eugenic congress
he'd In London some time ago leaves
a lingering doubt upon one's mind
ns to whether the eugenic movement
Is a fad or tbo dawn of a now sci
ence, with tho pendulum swinging
more strongly In tho direction of tho
former. Ono physician, who spoke
laid down tbo general proposition
thnt all children aro well born, nnd
thnt tho renson why so many peo
plo arc physical nnd moral falluros
is to bo found In tho environments In
which they grow up using tho term
environment In Its widest senses ns
signifying nil tho cl cumstnnces Bur
rounding their childhood. Replying
to tho claim put forward by some
peoplo that there is n class which
Is nnturally criminal, this physician
denied It absolutely. Ho made the
Komowhnt startling stntement thnt
the fact that men In tho lowest
grades of society become criminal is
a sign thnt there Is In them that
which rovolts against the baseness
of their surroundings a spirit which
if rightly directed, might mnke them
nluablo members of tho community.
As fnr ns heredity goes, this doctor
Is of the same mind as a former
Canadian minister wns on another
'"t, when ho remarked: "Mr.
I Campbell's Smart Shop
Extraordinary Offerings Today and Next Week
H Choice Furs at a Fifty Per Cent Saving
H All Underwear at Under Prices
II Price Cutting In Every Line
I R. L. (Bamphell (Bo.
Speaker: There ain't nothln' to It!"
He says we may search. In vain In
the family history of Napoleon and
omo others he named for any Indi
cation thnt they Inherited the quali
ties that made them great, and for
any proof that they transmitted their
greatness. All this, wo fancy, was
Just what thj cugcnlsts did not want
to hear. We suppose tho (ruth of
tho matter is that the subject Is one
upon which a great doal can be said
from both points of view; but
can all safely subscrlbo to the doc
tor's statement that It matters n
good deal more how children aro
treated after they aro born than It
does how they como to bo born.
Victoria Dally Colonist.
A Broken Window
t Is an eyesore to both those
; inside and those outside
j the house. A phone mes-
sage will bring our glass
I man to replace the old
with a new and sightly
3 glass. We have all sizes
of window glass.
Everton & Sons
We Sell The Earth
Loan Money on It
, Farm and City Propany, thi
choicest tor lulu ami exchangi
Corntnerci.il btocM. tugnt 4no
bold Plenty o 'tionej to lu
I on city and farm r.'orftv
I tatetl place on e.'iMn for rcj'
I estate and commercial iikcii -
And Company
Over 1st National Bank
Threo quarters of a section
J of dry farm land In Blue Creek
About 30u' acres under cultiva-
' tlon, 200 acres planted and 2
growing. Write or call on t
j W. ,11. ROSKELLEY, i
Smtthficld, Utah $
W. It. Fox, 19C W. Washington
street, Noblcsvllle, iiid., says: "Af
ter suffering many months with kid
ney trouble, after trying other reme
dies and prescriptions, I purchased a
box of Foley kidney Pills, which not
only did me moro good than any, oth
er remedies I over used, but have
positively set my kidneys right. Oth
er members of my family have used
them with similar results." Tako at
tho first sign of kidney trouble. Co
op Drug Co. (Advertisement)
Seeley, Who Fitted Crar of Russia,
Called to Logan
F. II Seeley of Chicago and Phila
delphia, the noted truss expert, will I
bo at the Lincoln Hotol and will re- I
main In Logan Thursday only, Jan
uary 9. Mr. Seeley says: "Tho Sper
matic Shield Truss as now used and
approved by tho United States Gov
ernment will not only rotain any caso
of rupturo perfectly, affording imme
diate and complete relief, but closes
the opening In ten days on tho aver
ago case. This Instrument received
the only award In England and In
Spain, producing results without sur
gery, harmful Injections, treatments
or prescriptions. Mr. Scoloy has
documents from tho United States Mi
Government, Washington, D. C, for OBllV
inspection. All charity cases without r-'
charge, or If any interested call he I
wilt be glad t show the truss with- I
out charge or fit them If desired. Any I
ono ruptured should remember tho I
dato and take advantago of this op
portunity. (Advertisement) 19
I Following is the New Mail Schedule at Logan, .Utah, !
Post Office on account of new time card of the Oregon I
Short Line, effective Sunday, December 22, 1912 j
I KitBt, West, North and South, 7:30 a. m. 2:00 p. m. I
J Pic-btoii nrnnch, north 10:25 a. m. 7:1C p. m. f
I liranch Loop south, Hyrum, WellBvllle, etc 2:00 p. m. I
I Providence nnd Mlltvllle, via It. F. D. 1 9:30 a. m. I
I llen3on and King, (except Sunday) 1:00 p. m. I
It. I D. 1 Collego Ward, (except Sunday) 9:30 a. m. j
I It. P. D. 2, North Logan (except Sunday) 9:30 a. m. !
k East, West North and South ....8:20 a. m. 11:30 a. m. 8:30 p. m. i
! Preston Branch 8:20 a. m. 3:00 p. m. J
I Uranch Loop, Wollsville, Hyrum.'otc 11:30 a. m. I
A Providence and Mlllvllle, ;3o p. m.
I Jlenson nnd King (except Sunday) 11:45 a. m. f
I II. K. D. 1, College Ward 4:30 p.m.
i II. F. D. 2 Greenville, North Logan 1:00 p.m. I
f All windows at post ofllco are closed on Sundays the entire day. V
I Gcnotul Delivery, Stamp, nnd Carrier windows open on holidays from i
i 9 to 10 o'clock n. m. I
f Only two dispatches are made on Sundays: South, 7:30 a. nn and f
I North at 7:ir p. ;n. 1
k . Very Itespectfully, J
! JOSEPH ODELL, Postmaster. f
- i
Our Specialties Are: j
Rock Springs ;
j Aberdeen !
! And j
j Kemmerer Coal
Phone 74 8
I . - . .-..- u
j Send this Gift to the Folks at home or other relatives or out of town Friends k I
j Four Full Quarts of Optimist 100 Proof Whiskey Worth $5.00 j
J Two Full Quarts of Fine Old Port Wine, Worth $2.00
f And we will include Express Prepaid
On Receipt of $5 we will ship the 6 full quarts in a neat, plain box Express
Charges Prepaid and wc will enclose a beautiful Christmas Card which will hear your
name as sender. This offer is open to persons of legal age both town and out-of-town j sr m
k patrons Until Dec. 31, 1912. j JP
j OPTIMIST is a straight Two-Stamp THE PORT WINE We offer is a I
Whiskey-GUARANTEED 100 P"of-Agcd g WJnc rf th
i in Bond under supervision of U. S. Gov- I,
j crnmcnt-ITS ALL WHISKEY. Pure flavor and bo,1(luet- J
Let Optimist 100 Proof Whiskey be your choice for the Holidays and you will be de- !
lighted with your selection and now is the time to get it before the express Companies !
!arc swamped with business. I
Price Lists On TfJilUTM & ITChl WJT 2A0 Washington)
Application M nUlVMfl . rUUtZW Ave. Ogdcn, Utah
Wholesale Wines, Liquors, Beers, Etc. I

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