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MM Re-establish Entente Cordials by
B Making Concessions That Resulted
Mt In Enlarging Committee on Com-
B mltteea to Include Speaker and a
Mt 8alt Lake Member.
B After listening to Governor William
MM Spry's annual message yesterday af
B ternoon, tho bouse of representatives
B re-convened and patched up tbo dlf
B forences between the "insurgent" and
Mt "regular" Republicans. Both sides
Mm made concessions and the entente
B cordlalo onco nioro holds sway. The
MM "insurgents" consented to make
Mt Speaker Scely a member ot the corn
el mlttco on committees, tbo mombcr
Mm ship being Increased from flvo to sov
Mm en, If tbo "regulars" repudiated all
Mt tbo pledges that tho Insurgents claim
B bad been inn do to members of tho
B bouse in securing votes to mako Rep
M resentatlve Sccly speaker. On this
Mm basis a settlement was reached and
B two additional Republicans, Speaker
B Sccly and Ileprcsentatlve Bamberger
Mm of Salt Lako were named.
B Doforo tho matter was definitely
B settled there wcro a number of cau
Mm cuscs In which sovcral prominent Re
Mt publlcanB took part. Many ot tho
Mm votes secured for Speaker Secly
m voro obtained by stato olllcials and
B pledges wcro also repudiated. In
B speaking of tho settlement, Represen
ts tatlvo Mabcy, leader of the "lnsurg
Bl ents," said that it was a progressive
Mm mcasuro In tbo Interest of represen
ts tatlvo government. "I am opposed to
Mt the farming out of political patron
Mm ago for special favors," he said, "and
BM tbnt Is op what the fight wan made.
1 Doth factions mndo concessions and
B I am happy to say that a settlement
B8 was reached. I believe that tho corn
el mlttcu of seven can distribute the
BM houso committee work among the
members which will give satisfactory
Bl and efTlclent service.
BM Precedents In Two States
BM "Tho naming of n commltteo on
MB committees has been dono in two
B state legislatures this year. In I'enn-
M sylvanla, tho speaker was left off of
Mt tho committee entirely, and In Idaho
BM tho speaker was mado a member ot
M tho commltteo. It Is a progressive
MB measure and I believe that it will bo
BM productivo of great good. While It
B takes a way tbo appointment power
B of the speaker. It places It indirect-
MB' ly In the hands of tho entire body of ,
B tho legislature, tho commltteo being
M named by the houso nt large with a
MML representation of tbo minority."
MB Tho matter was brought up at the
afternoon session by Itcprcspntotlve
BS Dambergcr, following a caucus when
BM ho followed an amendment to in-
MB crease tho membership of the com-
mlttco on committees from flvo to
BM seven. Heprcsentatlvo Welling ob-
BM Jected and declared that tho amnd-
B ment was not in order, stating that
BMj a motion to reconsider tho appoint-
B' ment of such a commltteo was beforo
B;' tbo houso. Representative Klwood
m offered to withdraw his motion to
B reconsider. Heprcsentatlvo Morris ob-
B jected. Tho speaker allowed Ell-
BM wood to withdraw bis motion and tho
BMj Ilamberger amendment was permlt-
fl ted to go to a vote. It was carried
B by a vote of 25 to 17. Dames ot
B Salt Lake, Heurlo or Rarflcld and
m Smith of Kano, Republicans, voted
H with tho 14 Democrats against tho
BB amendment.
B Tho nnmes of Speaker Scely,
Bfl Ilarnes, Ilamberger and Jiulil of Salt
Bfl I.ako were nominated. Seely and
BB Bamberger woro declared elected on
HH ln I. nit... tiflvlm' rpnlvr.,1 flip h1l?hfflt
iliij M(.iiwi .......in ... ... .....
U number ot votes. Tbo commltteo Is
BJ now composed of Mnbey, chnlrman,
BB Day, Van Wagoner, Seely and Ham-
H bergcr, Republicans, and Welling and
BMJ Page, Democrats.
Bfl Holds First Session
BMJ Tho augmented committee on com-
BH mlttccs of tho house held Its II rut
BMl meeting this morning, when tho mat-
H ter ot tho numbo.- of committees and
BMJl tho apportionment between Ropubll-
H cans and Democrats was agreed up-
Hfc' on. Speaker Secly and Representa-
HF: tlvo Ilamberger, tho two members
Hi added to tho original commltteo wero
H present, as wero also Representatives
Hb Mabey, Day and Van Wagoner, Re-
H publicans, and Representatives Pago
H and Welling, Democrats. The num-
MM ! lier of committees will bo tho same
H as In previous sossions, and the f.p-
H portlonment will bo In tho ratio ot
Hi I 14 to 45, the number of Democrats
Hb I and Republicans respectively, const!-
IBf tutlng tbo membership of tho house.
Mm Entire harmony prevailed as to the
BMJ ! manner of division of honors. It Is
Hb expected that the committees and
HB chairmanships will be announced Just
BMJ as soon as the .personnel ot the com-
HB ' ml t toes can be agreed upon, which
HV i will probably be tomorrow.
HB I It now appears from statements by
Mjjjjl bouse member that tbe Idoa of plac-
H , bag the nomination of committees In
Mj tho houso by a special committee for
I that purposo was not the outgrowth
gaBBBh. f any situation which developed In ,
the bouso, but was agreed upon
among many ot tbo members beforo
the legislature convened, and was
woll understood by these members,
as tending to Insure a more Just and
equitable division ot tho various com
mittees as well as relieving the speak
er of the responsibility of tbo appor
tionment. Salt Lake Left Out
Tbo chief objection to the plan as
worked out yesterday was that tho
Salt Lake delegation which contains
nearly one-fourth ot tho entire rep
resentation in the house, had no re
presentation on tho committee, and
that tho speaker himself was left
out. Thcso objections were met by
placing ono member of the Salt Lake
delegation on tho committee and the
nddltlon ot Speaker Scely, making a
total membership ot seven, Instead
of five, as at first oranlzcd.
Tho committee will continue to
hold sessions until all tho commit
tees of tbo houso havo been named,
when Its action will bo reported lo
tho houso to bo ratified by that body
and then tho consideration of the
regular business of tho bouse will
bo proceeded with,
When tho houso met UiIb afternoon
after tho reading ot tho minutes It
adjourned to meet tomorrow at 2
In the Senate Today
Tho senato began tho serious con
sideration of business at 2 o'clock
this afternoon as soon as President
Henry Gardner called tho session to
ordpr. Four Important bills were In
troduced and lnl over for one day
until tho committees are named. Sen
ator Kelly Introduced threo bills.
Ills first measure, Senate bill No
3, provides that all applicants Tor
marrlago must fllo an affidavit with
tho county clerk boforo a Ucenso to
marry Is Issued signed by a licensed
physician that tho applicant has been
examined nnd Is neither nn Idiot, Im
becile, epileptic, habitual drunkard,
criminal, Insane person, and Is free
from transmissible diseases.
Senato bill No. 4 provides for tho
sterilization ot criminals nnd Idiots
In stato institutions.
Senator Kelly's last bill requires
tho rounty, city and school district
treasurers to deposit tho county, city
nnd school district moneys In banks
which havo been approved as depos
itories for such money. Tbo act pro
vides that banks shall file application
with tho board of county commission
ers, tho city commissioners or tbV
board of education of tho school dis
tricts which has charge of tho funds
and that the banks bo required to
pay at least 2 per cent Interest on
all averogo dally balances. Tho bill
also requires tho banks to file n suf
flctnnt bond for the security ot tho
money. No bank, tlio bill provides,
Bhall secure u deposit of more than
75 per cent of Its paid up capital.
The bill alBo defines In detail tbe un
lawful uso of county, city or school
board money and provides the penal
ty. Senator HldeniL Introduced a bill
which apportions tho stato legislature
according to population. According
to tbo provisions ot tho bill, thero
will bo a senator for ovory 18,667
pcoplo nnd the representation for
each 8.0S9 people. Under this appor
tionment thero will bo 50 represen
tatives and 20 senators . Salt Lake
county will get 14 representatives In
stead of 10 and tho Salt Lake Sena
torial district will havo seven sena
tors Instead of tlvo.
American Sugar Refining Company
Goes Upon Record In
Favor of It
Washlhgton, D. C, Jan. 15. Ques
tlons propounded this morning to
Louisiana eano sugar men by Dem
ocratic members of tho ways nnd
means commltteo indicated a purpose
on tho part of tho commltteo to placo
sugar on tho free list.
If this Ib done, however, It will bo
contrary to tbo advlco of the cano
sugar men, who stated positively
that they can not compcto with the
enno sugar Industry of tropical coun
tries, because ot oxcesslvo cost pro
duction In this country. Tbo entire
morning session was devoted to hear
ing ot Louisiana sugar men.
This afternoon the beet sugar in
terests will be board. Representa
tives ot the beet sugar Industry to
whom tlmo Is allowed aro Henry T,
Oxnard, K. E. Wagner, T. O. Palm
or, T. K. Corry and W. R. Hatha
way, W. J. Powell of Sterling, Colo
rado and I. D, O'Donnell, Hillings,
Washington, Jan. 15. Tho free
sugar plan of the houso Democrats,
legardcd by leaders ob one of tho
virtually assured features of the ta
riff revision program ot the coming
extra session of Congress, so far as
tho house is concerned, focussed at
tentlon on today's hearing before the
house ways and means committee.
Witnesses were ready to represent
tho American Sugar Refining com
pany with Acting President Edwin
F. Atkins as its spokesman, tbo beet
sugar and other interests.
The house Democrats claim that
placing sugar on the free list may
save American consumers $115,000,
000 annually, whilo the Republicans
charging that free sugar would sur
render an important industry to for
eign importers, assert that it would
deprive tho government of more than
$52,000,000 revenue. The free sugar
proposition Is coupled with excise
tax bill as an offset to lose In rev
enue. Meanwhile, If two moro states rat
ify the income tax amendment to the
Constitution, tho excise tax bill will
not bo passed.
A. S. R. Co's Position
Tho American Sugar Refining com
pany went on record nt tbo outset
of today's hearing In favor of a re
duced tariff upon sugar, retention of
tho small differential duty upon re
fined sugar, "if protection Is to be
accorded to any Industry," and the
continuance of tho present color stan
dard as tho most practicable dlstlnc-
.i .
tlon between raw and refined sugars
for customs houso classifications. It
opposed the abolition of all duty up
on sugar on the ground that it would
destroy at once one of the largest
sources of revenue. The American
company's position was presented by
Edwin F. Atkins, vice president and
acting head of the company, who was
accompanied by several other offi
cials. Mr. Atkins contended that
abolition ot all duty on all sugar
would cause tho termination of the
Cuban reciprocity treaty 'under which
Cuban sugars get a preferential rate
of 20 per cent, and Cuba gives pre
ferentlal rates of 20 to 40 per cent
upon goods coming from tho United
States. He also declared that free
sugar would open the United States
markets to the importation of refined
beet sugars from Europe upon the
same terms as raw sugars in compe
tition with domestic reflnod.
"Free sugars, while present prod
uction Is maintained," he said,
'would drop prices hero so low as
to destroy tbo Louisiana Industry,
tho beet sugar Industry, particularly
west of tbo Mississippi river, would
depress Porto Rico and Philippine
sugars far below their production
cost and mako Hawaiian production
unprofitable, thus largely curtailing
our present sources of supply.
Effect of Reduction
"Onco this production Is so re
duced," declared Mr. Atkins, foreign
prices would advance until domestic
producers could again enter tbo field
and meanwhile disaster would bo
widespread and consumers would got
but a temporary benefit."
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Their Kidneys
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time, but neglect paves the way for
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manently. Endorsed by Logan peo
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severe attacks of kldnoy complaint
but since learning of Doan's Kldnoy
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lief. This preparation has also reliev
ed ray children of kidney complaint,
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that purpose."
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cents. Foster-MIIburn Co., Buffalo,
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Commissioner of Public Safety
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