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H EiSHT PAGES -rt v x,wx. LOAN, CACHE COUNTY. UTAtJJmAY JANUARY 21 l4l3 ' tbwtu vpao Bflfll
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IB. Y. C. PLAYfelS
Amateur Proml Qood Performance
Christopher Junior to be Staged
Thla Month
Tho B. Y. C. players are working
hard on the school drama to be glv
"n Jan. 24 and 28. The play Is well
A within the range of amateurs and the
young people seem hopeful of giving
on acceptable performance. Several
members of tho cast have had con
siderable experience In drama; oth
ers appearing tor the first time read
their linos well; and all, no doubt,
will do Justice to Mrs. Ryley's com
edy. Madollno Lucette Ityloy Is known
as a writer of romantic comedy, a
field In which sho has genuine abil
ity. Her productions havo appealed
to persons of high dramatic rank;
her leading roles havo attracted such
well known stars as Forbes Robert
son, Gertrudo Elliott, John Drew and
Maude Adams.
"Mice and Men," which Forbes Hob
ertson and Gertudo Elliott made fa
mous, Is a delightful, wholesome ro
mance with an eighteenth century
setting a fairy Btory wo all like to
Christopher Junior, honored with
the names of John Drew and Maudo
Adams is of our own time, and less
-romantic In character. It Is an Inter
esting and humorous play with plen
ty of life, although plausibility Is not
sacrificed for theatrical effect. One
of its principal charms Is In the
sprrkllng dialogue which gets very
close -to human speech.
Tho characters are likeable but In
tbo nature of things, not all new.
An Irascible married pair, with real
ly deep nffectlon for each other, has
been seen before. Tho wealthy mer
chant who has achieved financial sue
M cess through; careful Application to.
business Is known to evory playgoer.
And every reader of plays knows
thai, such a man, In the dccllno of
life and possessed of n wldo awake
son, will cherish a pet schemo for
educating that son, nccodrlng to a
Bystem, In order to place him In a
position to advance tho honor of the
family. Tho fact, too, that this son
may have Ideas of his own does not
surprise us. But give us a dashing
f( w violently In love with his own
wife (ho doesn't know her) who re
turns his affection yet thinks hersolf
bound to another man, and the situ
ation is different. ,
There Is a vein of sentimentality
In Christopher Junior. However,
, Mrs. Ryley has a gift of humor
not the kind that "bubbles out" per
haps, 'and yet a humor that "goes"
without leaving the Impression that
there Is a strong endeavor, on the
part of the author to bo comical.
And the general good nature and
brightness of the play overcomes all
, our little objections.
Tho staging of Christopher Junior
Is under the personal direction of
W. O. Robinson, which Is In Itself
, a strong Indication of a most success
ful performance.
West Vornon, formerly ono of
the mo. . able professors on tho II.
Y, Collego faculty, has now opened
up fine ofllces In tho Harris block.
Mr. Vernon will dovoto his time In
buying and selling real estate Ho
has some very good connections with
eastern money and will ongago In
, extensive loan business.
' After Su' mg Four Months From
Injuries, Succumbs Last
B! Friday Evening
B Henry W. Ashcroft of Hyde Park
died at his homo Friday ovenlng at-
H tor Buffering four months from Injur-
K lea sustained by falling from a load
Hj of hay. Deceased was CG yoars of
.Hj ago. Ho Is survived by a wlfo and
H two adoptod BonB. Tho funeral eer
H vices will bo held at tho Hydo Park
Bj meeting house today at 1 o'clock.
County Commissioner In SesSitw on
8turdy Dispose of Many
"County Matter
The county commissioners were In
session yesterday and took' 'up the
matter of completing the' appoint
ments of tho various deputies, releas
ing Republican appointees of their
jobs. In the Recorder's office the
following names were confirmed as
deputies: Bertha -Shepard, Genevieve
Thatcher, Alta Owen, Maude Larlsay
and Ardclla Crockett.
Joseph P. Morrell was appointed
deputy treasurer.
A scrap developed over tho1 appoint
ment of a county physician and the
matter went over. Tho two names
beforo tbo commissioners arc Dr. V.
B. Parkinson and Dr. F. E. Clark.
V. H. Larson wbb appointed dep
uty assessor to assist in the office
The following field assessors were
Edward Peterson, to assess Logan;
John Thompson, Clarkston, Cornish
nnd Trenton; O. H. Anderson, Hy
rum; D. D. Buttars, Lowlston, Ste
phenson and Wheeler; W. I. Soren
scn, Mendon, Petersboro, Benson and
Riverside; Joseph Olsen, Mlllvllle,
College and Young; A. O. Jackson,
Pnradlso and Avon; David Murray,
Wellsvlllo and, Mt. Sterling; Thomas
L. Sterling, Providence; William
Scrothers, Smlthfleld; S. W. Hen
dricks, Richmond, Cove nnd Mt.
Home; Christian Larson, Hyde Park
and Greenvlllo; J. Hansen, Newton.
R. A. Perkes of Hydo Park was
appointed county road commissioner.
Martin C. feeder was appointed
justice of tho peace of Hyde Park.
D. A. Saunders was appointed dep"
uty sheriff to serve at Cache Junction
Tho matter of Installing two brid
ges over Bear River came up and It
was doclded to' con'strucj.'.same', Tlio
engineer was nuthor'lz'edtb report-after
an investigation as to what Is
Some time was taken up In revising
tho county poor list pay roll,
W. O. Johnson Named Treasurer of
Board of Education and Board
Committees Appointed
Tho First National Bank is now
custodian of the city school funds,
this institution making the best offer
to the board of education for the use
of funds and the best Interest on
overdrafts and borrowed money as
reckoned from last year's business.
The three local banks submitted bids
The First National Bank bid was
opened first and when read, Cashier
John Bankhcad of tho Thatcher Bank
asked that the bid of his bank bo
roturned. Tho First National bid of
fored to pay to the board 2& per
cent on dally balances and to charge
for1 overdrafts and borrowed money.
5 per cent. Tho Cache Valley
Bank bid offered 3 per cent for dally
balances nnd borrowed money and
ovedrafts a 0V6 per cent rato
would bo charged. The First Nation
nl bid was ncccptod und W. O.
JohiiBou wns appointed Treasurer of
tho school board.
Dr. George Thomas named tho
following board committees:
Rules Thomas, Hailstone nnd Eng
Teachers and school work Fred
erick, England nnd Thomas.
Buildings nnd grounds Hailstone,
Colo and Thomas.
Finance England, Frederick and
Auditing Colo, Frederick nnd
m s
Richmond, Va., Jan. 19. Floyd
and Claudo Allen, tho two Hlllsvlllo
gunmen, scntoncod to dlo tomorrow
for their part In tho Carroll court
house murders last March wero
again roprloved today by Governor
Mann, who ngrced to hear nrgument
Fob. 1 In favor of commutation. Tho
roprlovo onds March 7.
Tho Sixth ward Mutuals will glvo
a dancing party Thursday ovonlng
commencing at 9 o'clock
i .; V. ,;
Func'rel. cf AmbiSiildor Reitf Was an Imposing
Ceremony Attended by Many Notable Persons.
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I'liotos by American Press Association.
Notable persons trom England uudtliu United States iitteuded thu fuuenilut the lute WUItclnw Keld. who dlitl
whllo at hU post ns ambassador In Great Britain In London. The services were conducted lu the Cathedral of St.
John the Dlvino lu Now York, nnd there wns au imposing military escort for tho body, which Uoruo on a oals
on In a casket draped with the American t!.g. portloi or the ecort leavinff thocaf-ddral ground. Is shown In tlw
picture. In the corner Is n anapsl.ol of Mr. nnd Mm Joseph Choalo Mr. Ohoulo was forinerly the United State tin
bassador to Great Hrltnlu.
Horticultural Convention Opened
Yesterday. Many Local Persons
That the Ninth annual convention
of tho State Horticultural Society, ,
which Is being hold in Ogdon, com-
raencing yesterday morning nnd con
tinuing until Wednesday ovenlng, will
have considerable local Intorcst Is
evidenced by tho fact that several of
tho faculty members of tbo Agricul
tural Collego are on tho "program. Dp
Batcholor has been mnklng extensive
experiments in (ho thinning of fruits
and reported to tho convention yes
terday tho results of his Investigation
His was an Interesting paper, giving
much vnluablo Information to the
fruit growers of tho entlro state. Oth
er local members on tho program nro
Dr. E. D. Ball, who 'will dlsciiBS
"Rosotto" of Applo Trees," Wednes
day1 forenoon; Dr. C. N. Jensen will
bo on tho program Wednesday, his
subject will bo Fungus Diseases of
tho Peach.
Mombers of tho Cacho Fruit Grow'
ore' association held a meotlng re
cently nnd decided to havo a good ,
representation at tho convention.
Among thoso who went to Ogdcn yes-1
terday morning wore: John Quayle,
president of tho locnl organization;
Niels R. Broby, vlco president; Ras
Rasmussen, secretary; John Bnlloy, '
WollBvIlle; h. A. Ball, Mr. Clark,
and D. M. Campbell, of Logan,
The Stnto Horticultural commission
Is now compnsod of two professors '
nnd threo horticulturists, Tho com-j
mission la rcrommondlng lo the leg
islature that tho law bo changed to
roverse tho situation. The local grow-,
ers say there Is a question ns to tho I
ndvisiblllty of this chango and un
doubtedly will bo opposed to tho re
commendation. There is a probnblir
Ity of a nice little scrap developing
at the convention before It closes.
Tho commission has spent $18,580
during the past two years doing ex
perimental work with fruits through
out the state. Provided nn appropri
ation can bo had sufficiently largo
from the legislature, there experi
ments wilt bo continued. They are
doing considerable good for the fruit
Residents of Jaurez Again Feel Ap
prehension Because City So
El Paso, Jan. 19. After burning
many brldgos on both railroads be
tween Juaroz and Chihuahua City,
rebels havo permitted tho repairing
of tho telophono lines. This enables
them to uso the wires for their own
purposes, and nt tho some tlmo hear
nil that is transmitted by tho fed- J
orals. No attempt has been mado to
repair either road.
Apprehension again Is felt nt Juar-'
ez, protected by less thnn 300 federal '
troops and practically no nrtlllory. I
By cutting tho Mexican Central rail- '
way tho robels left tho two military
trains far to tho south, ns woll ns
100 troops of tho Juarez garrison act"
Ing ns escort for a passengor train.
Tho missing pnssengor train of last
Wednesday arrived safely today at
Chihuahua City.
Tho rebel general Inoz Salazar Is I
on tho Moxlcnn Contral lino mid
way betwoon Chihuahua and Juaroz
says a rebol courier who arrived
hero today. It was said that Salazar J
has moro than u thousand mon, whllo i
other groups aro operating nlong
tho Moxlco Northwestern railway to
Iho west,
President Lindqulst Gets Busy .on
Matters of Liquor
G. W. Lindqulst, president of tho
State League of Municipalities, has
1 mado a call of alt mayors In Cache
county towns to meet In this city
today to discuss ways nnd means of
Improving tho 1911 liquor law, that
Instead of having as wo now havo,
In Cacho county, dry towns In namo
i and nit In fact, that tho Inw b0 re
vised bo that wo will havo dry towns
In fnct. Tho residents of tho larger
towns In tho county all know to what
i oxtont tho prohibition law Is en-
1 forced throughout tho county. Thoro
seems to bo a strong sentiment to
either bo "dry" or elso havo tho
cities put on a plain with Ogden and
Salt Lako..
Chicago, Jan. 19. In a fight over
tho right to tako a bath first, Albort
Bain, probably was fatally stabbed
today and Frank J. Hlrro Is under nr
rest charged with tho assault. Tho
two aro said to havo quarrclod a
week ago when thoy met In tho bath
room, clad In their bathrobes, at tho
Bnmo tlmo. Today Blaln heat Hlrro
In a raco for tho tub. Tho fight fol
lowed In which tho dlsnppolnted man
Is said to havo drawn a knlfo.
Tho county commissioners hold a
meeting with tho county field nsr.,B
8ors yosforday, going over tho mattor
of their work. They wero given In
structions as to tholr duties,
B. Y. College Basketball Team Wins H
By Score of 38 To 21, Before BSSfl
Large Crowd BBSfl
That tho B. y 'College basketball H
team knows tho gnmo was certainly BSSfl
evident Snturdny ovonlng whcnUiey BSSfl
met and dofcated the husky Unlyer- BBBfl
sl'y live nt the College gymnasium by. BSSfl
tho scoro of 36 to 21. Tho first ton BBBJ
minutes of play, however, mado BBBfl
things look rnthcr discouraging for BBBJ
Coach Jenscn'B team for tho visitors BBfl
piled up six field baskets botore tho BBfl
11 Y. boys had one. Ashcroft was BBJ
substituted for Talmau nt tho begin- BBB
nlng of tho gnmo and somehow ho BBJ
did no fill tho bill. As ns It wns do- BBj
termlned that something had to bo BBB
done, nnd dono quick, or tho gamo BBfl
would bo lost, the Conch put Tolman BB
bnck to his old position ns forward. BBfl
The ntmoHphcro beenmo clearer at BB
once. Tolman scored two baskets bo- BBfl
foro tho pistol announced tho first B
half closed, and tho scoro was 1 1 to B
12 In favor of tho visiting team. BBJ
Peterson nt center, whllo able to BBJ
get tho jump, did not do his usual B
good scoring until tho second half. BBJ
When he flnnlly got down to work, BBJ
however, ho secured seven Held baa- BBJ
kots. Barron at guard did good work BBJ
for the local team, In tact ho was tho BBJ
star In tho gnmo. Ho did very effoe- BBj
tlvo work In brenklng up many of BBJ
tho woll executed play's of tho vis- BBJ
ltors, and out of sixteen tries at foul BBJ
line, Inndod 10 for scoro. Hawloy for BBJ
tho visitors at the samo position so- BBJ
cured but threo points out of flfteon BB
tries, Tho Salt Lakers' team work BBj
outclassed tholr opponents. Thoro BB
short passes seldom failed to mako BB
thorn good gains and to place tho ball BB
In play near their own basket, iBB
Hugh Peterson ns rofercc, made a IBB
very fair nnd ofllclcnt olllclal. Sto'noy ll
wns timekeeper and Marshall scorer. B
Tho lineup follows: BB
University II. Y. C. 'Bfl
Clark r f Hill BJ
Clark 1 t Ashcroft- BJ
Tollnuu 0B
Bcal c Pctorson Bfl
West I g Wright Bfl
All red r g Barron B
Summary B
11. Y. C Flold goats, Peterson, Bfl
7; Hill, 3; Tolmnn, 2; Wright, I; H
Foul goals, Barron, 10. BJ
University Field goals, West, 3; Bfl
Ileal, 3; Hawloy, 2; Clnrk 1; Foul Bfl
goals, Ilawley, 3. Bfl
Trie Logan Gun Club It Royally En- BB
tertalned by West Side Friends
At Big Shoot M
Tho Logan Gun club wont to Hi
Cacho Junction on Sunday and open- Hi
cd up tho now grounds of tho Cncbo Hi
Junction Gun club. About thlrty-flvo Hj
persons wero In the party that wont HJ
to tho Junction, at which placo tho HJ
opening of tho grounds was not tho HJ
only thing that occupied tho nttcn- HJ
Hon of tho visitors. Tho west sld- HJ
ers had mado elaborate proparu- HJ
tlons and at tho Canyon hotel, a HJ
sumptuous feast wns served tho Lo- HJ
gan guests. HJ
At tho opening nr tho grounds, Hj
John Shnrp of Salt Lako began tho Hj
ceremonies by giving a short speech Hj
to which Dr. Murphy, president of Hj
thu Cache Junction club responded. H
Each shot a bird nnd then tho shoot- H
lug was turned ovor to flvo squads H
of flvo gunmen to a squad of tbo H
Logan club. In addition to tho opon- H
Ing of tho grounds. Mr. Sharp had . H
offered a cup to tho Logan squad H
which Is successful In making thu t H
host record In flvo shoots. Tho 5 D
squad wlnnlug tho cup on Sunday Is H
composed of P. A. Thatcher, Jack B
Boyle, C. Lundborg, Jos. Kent and rB
Thos. Busby. P. A. Thatcher was j n
high gun, securing 23 out of 25. B
Tho regular shoot of tbo local ' fl
club will bo held at tho Logan ; 9
grounds Wednesday afternoon. Tho
Logan Arms & Sporting Goods com- I
pany Is offering a medal to tho In- j I
dividual wlip ina';ee tho best record , I
In 11 vo mocts. Aaron Lundborg Is I
tho holder of tho best record nt tho i I
first shoot. Tho cup offered by Mr, ' I
Sharp Is on exhibition In tbo win- ' I
dow of tho Logan Arms & Sporting " I
Goods company on Main stroot. jjl

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