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M Mrs. War,, Mother of Carl Ridel-
H- bach, Explains Misfortunes Whlcn
H Have Followed Him
H 0;j Iciirilll!'! Hf till' Ollg HL'tllollCO
H f KVin Iilt soil. Carl llluilclbnch, who
H ifiriitly to'rorizcd tho Los Angeles
H rrutml police station with mi Infer-
H mil machine, Mrs. Mnrgarett Wnrr,
BLf C.V. S street Inst night nobbed with
H nrlef for him and declared that hIio
H could accomiillBb bin reformation
-B herself If she could only bo near
M him for n short time.
H -My boy Is not Insane," wept
B Mrs. Wnrr "Discouragement nnd
-Jl ocsperatlou aro responsible for his
H I present tumble. When learning to
H ' become a carpenler three fingers
H woio cut f oin onu of bis hands In
LJH an accident Later ho lout another
H finger. At another time he waa
H thrown from n horse, receiving such
LH a violent wound on tbo bead that a
H delicate operation was necessary to
B restore his senses In spite of theso
J illscouiiiglng Incldenls be has strlv-
en (o make an honest living. I can-
HI not help thinking that somo ono will
H talio pity on bun and pardon btm. I
H wish I could go nnd lay my cobo be-
LH fore the governor of California."
LH Mrs. Wnrr received a letter from
H bcr son several days ngo In which
H ho dccla oil that bis Intention at first
LH liad been to go to the olllco of the
LH .Southern 1'iiclllc Itnllroad company
Lgfl nnd demand that wages be Increased
LH This be did not do, bo explained,
BH because of fear that somo of tbo of-
fl ficlals might lumper with bis Infer-
M nal macbino. Ho decided therefore to
ypui,.i. -TT-Y- i . n -j-jf .. T, arr-r'- ' - " BbH
go to tbo pollco statlqn and demand
that tho proBldent of tho road be
brought to htm.
Sustained Double Fracture of Right
Arm Waa Out Riding With
Miss Helen Taft
Washington, Jan. 28 Whllo horso
back riding Into today with Miss Hoi"
en Taft, daughter of tho presldont,
nnd two other compnnlons, Miss
Martha Bowers, daughter of tho Into
Solicitor General Lloyd Dowers, was
thrown from hor mount and had her
right nrm broken, wbon her horse
was InBtantly killed by collision with
a street car. Miss Taft and tho oth
ers escaped Injury.
Tho party waa riding down a
steep hill whou MIbs Bowers' horso
became unmanageable nnd duBhcd
away at breakneck speed. The oth
ers followod but could not ovortako
her. At tho foot of tho hill, which
wiib In tbo fnablonablo part of tho
el'y, tho horso ran Into a street enr,
throwing Miss Bowers vlolontly to
tho pavement. A moment Inter Miss
Tuft nnd other mombcrs of tho par
ty, which included Miss Isabel Bin
cent of Minneapolis, n guest of
Miss Taft lit tho White House, nnd
Dr. Cnry T. Grayson, past iiBslstnnt
surgeon In the navy and naval aide
to tho president, reached Miss Bow
ers' side.
Aided by Miss Tnft, Miss Bowers
was curried to a neorby physician's
ofllco wboro sho was given first aid
treatment. I.ntcr It was decided to
remove her to n hospital.
Miss Taft Immediately telephoned
for tho Whito Houso automoblio and
rode to the hospital with Miss Bow
ers. Tbo president's daughter saw to
It that everything possiblo was dono
to relievo tbo suffering of hor friend
Physicians mado careful examination
found that In addition to a double
fracturo of tho right arm, she sus
tained lacerations of tho scalp and
bruises about tho body.
They Refute Option of Paying Fines
and Go to Prison
Lodon, Jan. 29. "General" Mrs.
Drummond and thirty other militant
suffragettes will spend the next four
teen days In Jail aa the result of
their determination to force David
Lloyd George, chancellor of the ex
chequer, to receive them in tho
Houso of Commons lust evening.
All tho prisoners declared after
they wero Bontencod today that they
would start a "hungor strlko." Tho
accused womon wore brought up at
Bow street pollco court beforo Hob
crt Marshall, pollco magistrate.
Mrs. Drummond complained dur
ing the hearing that tho police hnd
handled hor roughly, when she was
arrested. Sho declared a patrolman
had thrown her In tbo mud.
"It Is now war to tho knife," sho
told tho magistrate and continued:
"You nnd Mr. Lloyd George have
a lot of troublo ahead of you. You
will havo to do tho dirty work and
you will have plenty of it."
Tho women nil refused tho option
of paying lino lnstcnd of going to
Bow street police court looked llko
n busy railroad station when tho
suffragettes wero arraigned. Most of
the women had mado preparations to
go to prison. Thoy carried boxes,
bags, blankets and fur lined coats.
Itching, torturing skin eruptions,
disfigure, annoy, drlvo ono wild.
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For 1913
Logan 1 February 23, S. F. Bal
llf, O. H. Budge, N. W. Kimball.
Logan 2 February 16, O. H.
Budge, John Quayle, Andreas Potor
son. Logan B February 16, Jos. Quin
ary, Jr., S. F. Balllf, S. B. Mttton.
Logan 6 March 9, 8. F. Balllf, O.
II Budge, B. U. Thatcher.
Greenville February 9. 8. F. Bal
llf, W. W. Roundy, O. W. Llndqulst
Benson February 23, Jos. Quln
noy, Jr., J. E. Carlisle. J. E. Car
don. Providence 2 February 9, O. H.
Budge, J. E. Carlisle, Isaac Smith.
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fcctlvo liver stimulant. It also puri
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On ten years time, in Utah's most
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vo, 50 miles from Salt Lake, In the
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water right.
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down. Tho chanco of a life time.
For full Information see A. R.
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Our Specialties TKrei U
Rock Springs I
Aberdeen I I
And J I
Kemmerer Coal I
I Phone 74 I
H nri Ilim 1 1" LIT linTIOr S" A Cardon L6an, Utah, 135 6.00 Alfred Lundahl, Logan, (Hah 310 6.00 Shabla M. Steed, Farmlngton, Utah ....4S5 6.00 bB
bbH llrl INIIIIrNI llllllut Myrtlo W. Cardon, Logan, Utah 136 6.00 W. H. Larson, Logan, Utah 315 6.00 Alma Sonne, Logan Utah 14891 6.00 Lfl
fl UUHIlljUUil I MV I IVU w w crannoy, Logan, Utah 137 6.00 Rhea Ricks Larsen, Logan, Utah 425 6.00 B. O. Selbach, Denver, Colo 493 6.00 H
H Llzzlo B. Cardon, Logan, Utah 13S 6.00 Ceo. W. Llndqulst, Logan, Utah 314 6.00 Reed Shamhart, Logan, Utah 494 6.00 ftfl
H LOGAN SALT COMPANY Katio S. Cardon, Logan, Utah 141 6.00 Magglo Sharp Larson, Blackfoot, Idaho.. 483 6.00 Minnie M. Sandburg, Smlthflold, Utah..506 6.00 lfl
L Prln-lpal Place of Business Lo0an City, Utah vlolot Cardon, Logan, Utah 147 6.00 William Merrill, Richmond, Utah 322 6.00 W. H. Smith, Smlthflold, Utah 510 6.00 LB
NOT.CE-There are delinquent upon tbo fob l"tV C"fton' "i. ! ! I'll p" "mm!"' T' UU,h jl!" 5'?? ? "'f ?ml, ?""". BM 6.00 fl
lowing deserlbed ..... k on account of assessment Kntl Cardon LBan' Utah 6'00 C' A' M11Ier' FarmlnEtn- Utah I324 6-00 Loul" T- Shipley. Salt Lake City, Utah..517 6.00
H levied "o tbo -Id lav o Vovember i9r Z E' W' Cardon- Logan- Utah I128l 6-00 Holen "' M1Uer' F'on, Utah ....326 6.00 Fred O. Smith. Logan, Utah 520 6.00
loved on tut -ml .lav of moniiiir, l , the sev Cranney, Logan. Utah 11271 6.00 D. T. Miller. Farmlngton, Utah 328 6.00 Nell Shamhart. Logan. Utah 521 6.00
H oral amounts set o. I. the nninos of the respec- Cardon uuh M5 fi HuWa L M1orp FarmlnBton( utah ....329 6.00 David J. Sha Logan, Utah ......""lIS Sioo
bh tivo siiareiioiiiers as r.iiuws ,..,., ., ..... NclIIo II. Cardon, Logan, Utah 130 6.00 Gertrudo Miller, Farmlngton, Utah 330 6.00 Moses Thatcher, Logan, Utah 15271 6.00 H
H ' - c ltl' Stephen Cantwcll, Smlthfleld, Utah 134 6.00 Jacob Miller, Farmlngton, Utah 333 6.00 Lettie Thatcher, Logan, Utah 528 6.00 H
H J. II. Anderson, Logan, Utah 2f6.00 T- I-oRoy Cardon, Logan, Utah 139 6.00 N. P. Mathews, Ogden, Utah 340 6.00 Geo. F. Thatcher, Logan, Utah 529 6.00 f
H Hans Anderson,' Logan, Utah 4 6.00 o- H Champ, Logan, Utah 142 6.00 Mollnda Mathews, Ogden, Utah ...-. 341 6.00 Stephen Thurston, Hyde Park, Utah ....554 6.00 lJ
H l'hllo W Austin Lognii, Utah 616.00 lMCV s- Cardon, Logan, Utah 144 6.00 Geo. E. Miles, Smlthflold, Utah 348 6.00 Weston Vernon, Logan, Utah 556 6.00 9 Pj
H H. F. Allen, Logan, Utah 7 6.00 Abbio Cowley, Salt Lako City, Utah ....146 6.00 John O. Mldgley, Salt Lake City, Utah..349 6.00 Horace Vanfleet, Farmlngton, Utah ....557 6.00 fjl
H Agnes M Allen. Logan, Utah 8 6.00 w- - Darloy, Logan, Utah 159 6.00 J. H. Marshall, Logan, Utah 3G1 6.00 Eva Vanfleet, Farmlngton, Utah 558 6.00 wM
H Anthon Anderson, Logan', Utah 9 6.00 Johanna Dahlo, Logan, Utah 160 6.00 Mary C. Morrill, Richmond, Utah 320 6.00 Fannie M. Vernon, Logan, Utah 560 6.00 B
H Robert Anderson,' Logan.' Utah 10 G.00 " Dahle, Logan, Utah 161 6.00 Oran Merrill, Richmond, Utah 352 6.00 Wlllard S. Wood, Fielding, Utah 569 6.00 V
H A. E Anderson Logan, Utah 111 6.00 Claronco Eldredge, Bountiful, Utah ... .165 G.00 Fred J. Marshall, Logan, Utah 353 6.00 Joseph II. Watklns, Logan, Utah 570 6.00 H
H Harriet Anderson, Logan, Utah 13 6.00 Emo Eldredgo, Bountiful, Utah 166 6.00 L. H. Marshall, Logan, Utah 368 6.00 Lydla E. Watklns, Logan, Utah 571 0.00 H
H J .M. lllalr, Logan, Utah 141 6.00 Charles England, Logan, Utah 167 6.00 Robert J. Morton, Logan, Utah 359 6.00 J. d. Wood, Farmlngton. Utah 579 6.00 H
H Julia II lllalr, Logan, Utuli 15 6.00 Phoobo England, Logan, Utah 169 6.00 Clare Morton, Logan, Utah 360 6.00 Catherine Walker, Pocatello, Idaho 580 6.00 H
H Myrtle liallard. Salt Lake City. Utah ...I 1916.00 ElIla England, Logan, Utah 170 6.00 Jane E. Molln, Logan, Utah 361 6.00 Alice Wright, Salt Lake City, Utah ....584 6.00 H
H Henry V Ballard, Benson, Utah 231 6.00 JBB Earl, Logan, Utah 171 6.00 R. A. McGulre, Heber, Utah 363 6.00 William Walker, Pocatello, Idaho 585 6.00 B
B Vira Ballard llous'on Utah 12416.00 May Earl, Logan, Utah 172 6.00 Henry McCracken, Smlthfleld, Utah ....365 6.00 O. E. Walton, Rexburg, Idaho 586 .00 B
B Harry Brown Logan ' Utah I 251 6.00 Blanche Emerson, Salt Lako City, Utah..173 6.00 Earl McCracken, Smlthfleld, Utah 366 6.00 Wlllard S. Wood, Buist, Utah 590 6.00 B
B Zina Brown, Logan, "utah I 26 6.00 William Edwards, Logon, Utah 174 6.00 Sarah McCracken, Smlthfleld. Utah J367 6.00 j. c. Waltera. Logan, Utah 595 6.00 B
B ' c j Hurko, Lucln, Utah 27 6.00 Luther S. Fobs, Preston, Idaho 178 6.00 James McCracken, Smlthflold, Utah ....S68 6.00 Pl0ra q, Walters, Logan, Utah 596 6.00 B
H C." J. Bourne, Farmlngton, Utah 32 6.00 JosoPh Fcatherstono, Logan, Utah 185 6.00 Lulu McCracken, Smlthfleld, Utah 370 6.00 MoBoa Mu)r g otah 604. 600
M Sophia Bourne, Farmlngton, Utah I 331 6.00 Marie Featherstono, Logan. Utah 186 6.00 Anna McCracken. Smlthflold, Utah J373 6.00 Mab,0 hMBea Waiton( Logan, Utah 6181 6.00 B
M W. C. Burke, Lucln. Utah I 341 6.00 Ellia Goodwin. Logan. Utah 190 6.00 Niels It. Nelson. Logan. Utah 375 6.00 Hebw J CarI8le g utah 608 6.00 B
H., Alfred Bitters, Colllnston. Utah 35 6.00 Martha Green. Logan, Utah J198 6.00 H. J. Norton, Logan, Utah 376 6.00 jM Sandbergi utah E08 600 H
HH j09. miters. Bear River, Utah 36 6.00 William Garott, Logan, Utah 199 6.00 William A. Noble, Smlthfleld, Utah ....377 6.00 z lBrac,BOn( Hynmli utah 614 6.00 B
Eliza Bitters. Bear Klvor. Utah 37 6.00 J- Galley. Kaysv.lle. Utah 202 6.00 N. P. Nielsen Jr. Logan. Utah 378 6.00 0of NoIson uuh 380 9M
Alando 11. Ballontyne. St. Goorgo, Utab.. 41 6.00 John A. Hendrlckson. Logan. Utah ....203 6.00 Carrie E. Nielsen. Logan. Utah 379 6.00 Hda Ne,g0I1( Logan uuh 3gl. $M H
H Geo. II. Blood. Preston, uaho 44 6.00 P. A. Hlnkley. Logan. Utah 204 6.00 Joseph Odell. Logan. Utah 386 C. C. Jenson, Logan. Utah 2661 6.00 fl
Edith L Blood. Preston, Idaho 45 6.00 Ellen R. Hlnkley. Logan. Utah 205 6.00 ix,nlsla Odell. Logan Utah 386 6-00 Oeo. C. Jenson. Logan. Utah 271 6.00
Mary S Bennett. Kaysvllle, Utah 4C 6.00 Anthon Hansen, Lehl. Utah 208 6.00 j. C. Owen. Kaysvllle, Utah 387 6.00 cinMna Jenson, Logan, Utah 272 6.00 fl
H Geo. I). Bennett. Salt Lako City, Utah.. 48 6.00 Amy M. Hansen, Lehl, Utah 209 6.00 j. 0. Petty, Farmlngton Utah 389 6.00 Emma m gM H
R. S. llallantyne, Logan, Utah 61 6.00 Clarenco Hanson, Logan, Utah 2 2 6.00 Alice Potty, Farmlngton, Utah 390 6.00 Chrtatophen .HoUanid, JCaysville, Utah ..239 6.00 fl
J. M. Blair Jr., Salt Lako City. Utah.. 5G 6.00 Nora Hansen, Logan, Utah 2 3 6.00 R. H. Peck, Fielding, Utah l,rtl P. J. Walker. Fielding. Utah 625 6.00 fl
H ' job. J. Illthel. Logan. Utah I 57 6.00 Mary L. Hendrlckson. Logan. Utah 2 4 6.00 Soren Petersen. Logan. Utah 400 6.00 p w FloWIng utah 626 6i00
Emily C Barnes, Kaysvllle. Utah G0 6.00 ". B. Hatch, Logan, Utah 2 6 6.00 Anne E. Peterson, Logan, Utah ........ 401 G.00 N Q clar Farmlngton utah 106 6eo
O. II. Budge, Logan, Utah G2 6.00 Goorglna Hatch, Logan. Utah 2 7 6.00 JoBOph w. Peterson, Smlthfleld. Utah ..403 6.00 Egthor clark( Farm,ngton( utah ' c 0
Irving Branghain. Logan. Utah 65 6.00 Joseph W. Hess. Logan, Utah i 218 6.00 . A. Poderaon, Logan, Utah 408 6.00 E D Farm,nBton, Utah 108 6.00
H Geneva llallantyne, Logan, Utah 66 6.00 George B. Hendricks, Logan. Utah 220 6.00 Mary G. Pedorson Logan Utah 409 6.00 J pj Farmlngton utaU 405 6i00
H Ardella llallantyne. Logan. Utah 67 6.00 Alfred Hansen. Logan, Utah 224 6.00 wmlara Petersen, Logan, Utah 410 6.00 My Kay8Vl0( uuh ' coo
B S. V. Balllf, lxgan, Utah 70 6.00 Alfred Hansen, Logan, Utah 227 6.00 Juno C. Petersen, Logan, .Utah "'?? Hannah Robinson, Farmlngton, Utah.... 4331 6.00 fl
fl Nora Balllf. Logan. Utau I 71 6.00 William A. Halght, Farmlngton, Utah ..(229 6.00 J. H. Petersen, Smlthflold, Utah iU o.ou Q m Farmlngtoni utnh if327 G-00
. Prank W lllalr. Logan. Utah 75 6.00 Mary Ellon Halght, Farmlngton, Utah...230 6.00 Violet Peterson, SmIUifleld, UtaU "i Jnn M"? K- Thatcher, Logan, Utah 53516.00 fl
fl Seth II Blair, Logan, Utah 76 6.00 Geo. G. Hendricks, Richmond. Utah 1232 C.00 Lily Peterson. Smlthfleld. Utah m . A n TnompBOni uuU 540 H
B M. E. Crannoy. Logan. Utah 87 6.00 H. 11. Hansen. Logan, Utah 234 G.00 Nephl Palmer, Farmlngton, Utah Mb o.uu MnnBfleW 0KdeIJ( man 325, 600
Jos. K Cardon, I.ognn. Utah 88 G.00 w. O. Huchlns, Logan, Utah 235 6.00 Efflo Talraor, Farmlngton, Utah 7 b.ou q g c mnh H
fl Sophia W. Cardon, Logan. Utah 89J 6.00 chloo B. Harrison, lA)gan, Utah 23G 6.00 N. T. Porter, Centorv lie, Utah F Susanna Cardon, Logan, Utah 143 6.00 fl
flj Louis S. Cardon, Logan, Utah 90 C.00 A. II. Harrison, Logan, Utah 237 6.00 Annlo Portor. Contorvlllo, Utah JJJ b.uu Mag(lalono Cardotli Logan( utah . Ci00
fll Rebecca II Cardon, Logan, Utah 91 G.00 Pearl Harrison, Logan, Utnh 238 6.00 Frank Pondloton, Logan. Utah :' Wm. Wilkes. Logan. Utah 59310.00 fl
fl John V Cardon, Logan. Utah J OS) C.00 Magglo Hill, Smlthfleld, Utah 242 6.00 W. B. Parkinson, Logan Utah 415 0.00 CaIantyn0i Logani utQh QM
M Mary S Cardon. I.ogan, Utah 93 6.00 Wm. J. Harrison, Logan. Utah 250 G.00 J. II. Robinson. Farmlngton. Utah .. ... . .426 O.oo H
H Goo. 1) Cardon. Logan. Utah 94 6.00 . C. Iverson, Salt Lako City. Utah... .267 G.00 Rhoumlna C. Robinson. Farmlngton. Utah 427 6.00 I H
fl A. B. Cranney. I.ogan. Utnh :.... 95 6.00 Almlo Kerson, Salt Lako City, Utah ....25S G.00 Dora Robinson, Farralngteti Utah 48 b.uu wnltamBj Mnk Creek Hftho 6fi0 coo
B John A. Crockett, Logan, Utah 9G 6.00 Josoph w. Jensen, Logan, Utah 2G7 6.00 I. Q. Rico, Farmlngton, Utah ' A. i,. dark, Farmlngton, Utnh Ill 6.00
M Anna II. Crockett. Logan. Utah I 97 6.00 Iola T. Jensen, Logan, Utah 268 6.00 L. S. Rice, Farmlngton, Utah 430 b.uo A c Farmlngt0Ili utah ' coo
BH W. II. Cbaniborlaln. Provo, Utah 84 C.00 D. C. Jonscn. i.ogan, Utah 269 6.00 W. O. Robinson, Logan, Utah 431 6.00 Lu( y Hoggi Farmtngton utah 215 6.00
BB L. O. Cotterell, Farmlngton, Utah 0S G.00 Mary E. Jensen, Logan, Utah 270 0.00 C. L. Robinson. Farmlngton, Utah ....432 6.00 MaUo nj HanB0IIj Logan( utah 6U 2 00 H
l Goo. M Cannon, Salt Lako City. Utah... 101 G.00 Clayton Jenkins, Logan. Utah 273 6.00 Lucy Rico, Farmlngton, Utah 435 6.00 Mattlo B. Hanson, Logan, Utah '612 400
fl Marlon A. Cannon, Snlt Lako City, Utah. 102 6.00 Walter M. Jonos, Logan, Utah 277 6.00 Josophlno Roso, Farmlngton, Utah 437 6.00 Mattlo B. Hanson, Logan Utah G13 0 00 m Tj
fl Amelia Chamberlain, Provo, Utah 103 G.00 Charles Jenkins, Logan, Utah 281 G.00 Silas Ricks, Benson, Utah 438 6.00 Hellcn Pilgrim, Smlthfleld,' Utah.. " G20 6 00 W V
fl; Ixrina Cotteroli, Farmlngton, Utah 109 G.00 Josoph R. Jonscn, Logan, Utah 283 G.00 Mary J. Roranoy, Smlthflold, Utah 440 6.00 r Q RoynoUiB) Loga( Utah...'.!'.! 447 600 M
fl E. A. Cotteroli, Farmlngton, Utah 112 6.00 Stella M. Jonsen, Logan, Utah 284 6.00 Margaret Romnoy, Smlthflold, Utah ....441 6.00 v Q aoodwln Logan' Utah 189 600 I
BHr II. J. Carlisle, Logan. Utah 113 6.00 N. w. Kimball, Logan. Utah 287 G.00 Sarah Roranoy, Smlthflold, Utah 442 6.00 w 0 st0C(J 'SyracUB'0 Viah ,7g c'00
BB Wealthy Clark, Farmlngton, Utah llll 6.00 Mattlo Kimball, Logan. Utah 288 6.00 William H. Richardson, Smlthfleld, Utah443 6.00 A n. Wright Salt Lako City Utah 587 600 I
fl.. O. II. Chaffln, Farmlngton, Utah 115 6.00 Karl Kowallls, Logan, Utah 295 6.00 Dora B. Reynolds, Logan, Utah 447 6.00 c w Penr80n hogan utah 417 6'00 M
--H Roto Chanin, Farmlngton, Utah 110 6.00 noy Kimball. Logan, Utah 297 6.00 Samuol LoRoy Roskolloy, Smlthfleld, Utah450 6.00 j Park Blair I ogan Utali 002 600
Llr Annie M Cannon, Salt Lako City, Utah.. U8 6.00 Leo M. Klmbnll, Logan, Utah 298 6.00 J. E. Robinson, Farmlngton, Utah ....459 6.00 and In accordance with law so'manv'shnrefi of nnVh
Zina B. Cannon, Salt Lake City. Utah..119 6.00 lt. w. Kay. Salt tok. City. Utah 299 6.00 Leo Spackman. Farmlngton, Utah 470 6.00 parco, of Buch Bi0,m ZulcTZTy wlll"o I
.fll Joseph Cottoroll, Farmlngton, Utah ,...120 6.00 Mablo Larsen, Lehl, Utah 302 6.00 Goo. Spackman, Farmlngton. Utah 471 6.00 sold nt Logan Utah at 14 South Third En .tat t I
LLf! "mm E. Crockett. Lo? a, Utah 121 6.00 Ola Larson. lxgan, Utah 303 6.00 ncrtha Qpackman, Farmlngton, Utah ...472 6.00 on tho ICO 'W ot February 1913 at thhouVof I
H, B. T. Cardon, Logan, Utah 124 6.00 Lou so Larson, Arbon, One da Co., Idaho. 305 6.00 ... , J , , . .i,o m, ,1.. .., . , ., , l"
E. W. Cardon. Logan. Utah 128 6.00 Wm. II. Larsen, Blackfoot, Idaho S06 6.00 A,lco 8teod- B'' Utah Il C'00 T'TmJ tIpp,, d0rt " !Bn8 "d "' I
H. Koset O. Pardon, Logaa, Utah 129 6.00 O. tl. Lay ton. Kaysvllle, Utah 307 6.00 . Maggie Sharp, Blackfoot, Idaho 483 6.00 Poneos ot sale. JOSEPH S. LARSEN,
lfl Cloo Smoot Cardon, Logan, Utah 11331 6.00 Ceorgo Lyon, Smlthflold, Utah 309 6.00 Jams J. Steed, Farmlngton, Utah 1484 6.00 nn. .. ,1 c ,,. ,,,., . Secrotary.
gV 'ii umce at 14 South Third East street.
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