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Bust Of Washington
H Mace From Cherry Tree
lH I
H Every American knows the story
B. ' of George Washington and the chcr-
H ry tree. This Is a story or .Tamos
H Madden, who lives today, and a wild
H cherry trco that stood within the
H lines of old Fort Necessity In Kay-
H otto county, Pa., tho only place
where Washington over capitulated
B to n foe.
B From tho stump of this old trco
H i which shared better than Its kins-
H j man connected with tho hatchet epl-
H ' sodo. Inasmuch as Its Ufa Is bollov-
H ed to have extended considerably ov
H cr a century James Haddcn of
H Unlontown, Pa., has constructed a
H bust of Washington. Tho unique
H souvenir, patterned after tho famous
H Houdon bust, Is pronounced a re-
H mnrkablo likeness of tho father or
H his country.
H It Is especially prized by Its ran
H fcer bccauBe, after a careful investl-
H Ration Air. Haddcn has becomo con-
vlnccd that tho treo lived during
H Wnshlngton'n tlmo and was probnb-
H y standing on tho day of the mem-
H orablo surrender at Fort Necessity,
H July
H . At all events tho bust made from
H tho stump or this old treo links tho
M I past with tho present n singular
H ' fashion. Mr. Haddcn spent much
H I tlmo In oxperlmcntlng with methods
H j to bo uscl In constructing tho model
H I finally hitting upon a plan that was
H satisfactory, and completing tho
H work In tho latter part of 1912.
H In constructing tho bust ho procur-
H od n plaster cast over which a plas-
1 1 tcr matrix was formed. Wood taken
H . from tho old stump was reduced to
H j sawdust, this being mndo necessary
H I on account of tho trco being hollow.
B Just enough monolith cement was
H ndded to cause tho sawdust to ad-
H here and solidify. Tho plaster cast
H was then removed from tho mntrlx
H and replaced by the cherry trco
H wood, thus producing a replica In tho
H Tho bust has been on exhibition
H in Unlontown and has called forth
H tho most favorable commendations
H from those who hiVo Inspected it.
H Certificates havo been obtained by
BBBBBj Mr. Haddcn from persons who wlt-
H ncssed thu reduction of thu old
H stump to suwdUBt and the construe-
H tlon of tho sculpttiro to prove tho
H genuineness of tho memento.
H Mr. Hnddeu's recital of tho his-
H torlcaul events connected with tho
H surrender at Fort Neccssit' adds a
H new touch or Interest to Washiug-
H ton'H early military career, and ensl-
H ly explains why so much tlmo and
H labor should havo been sient by him
H In constructing a buat or tho first
H decayed remains of n wild cherry
H treo.
H "ThoHo who mo at all conversant
H with American history," he Btatcs,
H "are awaro that Kugland based her
H claim to tho now continent upon ills-
B covery and treaty with thu Indian
B tribes, nnd that, while she lay dorm-
HBhi ant to her Interests. French cxplor-
HBfl era cstabllBhcd theniBelves on our
HBj northern coasts and penetrated tho
HBl great Mississippi valley, establishing
HBl their forts, their missions and their
HB trading posts; planting leaden plats
H In ovldcnco of their formal posses-
M slou of tho Ohio valley, and electing
B every Kngllsh trader from tho terrl-
M "Gcorgo Washington, who hail just
M attained his majority, was commls-
M Bloncd by Gov. Dinwiddle of Virgin
m In ns nn envoy to visit the French
H posts at. tho head or tho Alleghany
m river and demand or tho commandant
' of tho French forces stntloned thcro
B his reasons for tho encroachment up-
M on tho territory claimed by tho Kn-
m gllsh crown nnd also to demand his
H withdrawal. Her Washington was
H ' Informed that th0 French hud come
H ' stay and, further, that thoy intern-
H) ' ,lt,(1 to eject overy English trader
B from the Ohio valley.
H' ' "This called for immediato action
H Uon tho part of Dinwiddle, who sent
H j " small force under the command of
H Ensign Ward to hold tho forks of
H tho Ohio agaliiBt further encroach-
H ment by tho French. Hut tho Fronch
H; descended tho Alleghany In such
H , numbers as to compel Ward to sur-
H render without a blow. In tho mean-
j tlmo Washington was placed in com-
H. mand of a small foreo to proceed to
B ' tuo forks or tho Ohio and relnrorco
HHf Ward In holding that Important posl-
WM l "Washington, howover, learned of
Hi tho surrondor of Ward and proceed-
M ' cd aB tar as tho 'Great Meadows,'
H ! "where ho constructed a stockado and
H ' l named It Fort Necessity. Whllo hero
H f encamped ho learned that a Fronch
H iw rorco under tho command of Jumon-
H .! vllle, was encamped not a great way
Hill "With Uio nld or fifty men and tho
w n,d of a fow friendly Indians ho dls-
H''X covered tho encampment of the
HjB BBflVak iPrench and here, May 28, 17C4, oc-
HIV, ."""k curred the first clash at arms, In tho
pKPv -,. M
BBB' , 'lK. .
great French nnd Indian war.
"News of the defeat of Jumonvlllo
reached tho forks of tho Ohio and
a largo forco of French and tholr
Indian allies, under tho command of
do Vllllers, proceeded against tho
Kngllsh. Un the third day of July
they found Washington and his small
army of 400 provincial troops hud
dled within tho llneso f Fort Neces
sity. "An engagement took place, which
lasted for nine hours In a drenching
rain, when Washington was force
to capltulato to a forco of COO
French nnd 400 or their Indian allies
And here, on tho fourth of July,
1754, there occurred tho ever memo
rable nnd only surrender In Wash
ington's entire military career and
hero also arose tho star of Washing
ton to nttrnct tho wonder and admir
ation of tho civilized world."
Tho account continues that Wash
ington so revered tho ground on
which Fort Necessity Is located thnt
as early as 17G7, ho acquired from
Virginia, which at that tlmo claimed
tho territory, a pre-emption of a
tract of 313 ncres Including Fort
Necessity, under tho nnmo of "Mount
Washington." February 18, 1872,
tho commonwealth ot Pennsylvania
granted n patent to Oeorgo Washing
ton, which recites that tho said
tract was surveyed by vlrtuo of an
order Issued Juno 13, 17C9, to Wil
liam Ilrooks, who, by deed dated
October 17, 1771, conveyed the same
tract and nppurtcnanccs to Qeorgo
Washington In feo simple
This tract was referred to In his
will and was owned by him at tho
tlmo of his death. After passing
through several conveyances, It bc
camo tho property of Godfrey Fazen
baker, who purchased It from the
29, 185C, at which tlmo thcro stood
within tho lln-B of tho old fort tho
wild cherry trco from tho stump of
which Mr. Hndden has constructed
tho bust or Washington. Mr. Hod
den procured tho stump In 1910, but
did not commence tho construction
or tho bust until February, 1912.
Washington Star.
Dr. Wiley Says Right Living and
Pure Food Would Accomplish It
"K sanitary conditions everywhere
were anything liko what they ought
to be, tho average Hfu of man would
bo eighty years Instead of forty,"
declared Dr. Harvoy W. Wlloy, for
mer government pure food expert at
tho University club.
Dr. Wiley nrrlvcd from Colorado
at 12:25 o'clock this afternoon, llo
was mot, by Y. W. Paine, govern
ment food expert for this district.
Mr. Paine was appointed to tho pres
ent position ho holds upon his gradu
ation from Harvard university, by
Dr. Wiley.
"Yes," Btild Dr. Wlloy, " in tho
course of nu informal discussion of
health ovlls, at tho University club,
"tho average llfo of man should bo
eighty years Instead or rorty. Hut
there aro certain very big feats to
accomplish," ho went on, "before
this can over b0 brought nbout."
In enumerating th0 present days
of ovils which tend to Bhortcu hum
an life. Dr. Wiley mentioned unclean
food first.
"That Is what must be looked out
for," ho said. "Poor food, food im
properly cooked nnd without tho
right constituents, causes moro dam
ago than anything elso. It Is a won
dor trnvcllnk men can stand their
llfo at all, considering what thoy
havo to put up with on tho modern
railroad diner.
"It's tho limit," ho declared. Dr.
Wlluy said, howover, that tho food
evil permeates not only tho diner,
but tho restaurants, cares, and oven
Into a man's own homo.
Other conditions which will havo
to bo bottored In ovory community,
ho declared aro thoso of public regu
lations. "Hut," ho said, "what nro
you going to do when your city board
or health is meroly a scapogoat with"
out poworT I find hardly any city
boards of hoalth," ho sold, "that do
not labor under heavy restraint. So
wh'it can be hoped for from theso
so called public ngonclos? Thoy aro
moroly complimentary political Jobs
thot pass from ono sot of men to
another before anything can bo dono
to hotter conditions, oven If tho
boards aro conscientious.
Gees Into Eugenie
"I would go father back than tho
city boards of health, howover," con
tinued Dr. Wiley. "I would go into
tho family. I would go oven farther
than tho family. 1 would look Into
the problem of the unborn child."
Hero tho doctor took up the sub
ject of eugenics.
"I ndvocato tho public Instruction
of eugenics, but not to children," he
explnlned. "This subject should bo
taught to parents. Children aro to
bo tho beneficiaries In generations
to come."
Dr. Wiley manifested Interest
when told that there Is at present
a bill on this Important subject pend
Ing before tho Utah legislature.
"I believe In eugenics being ap
plied by force In the cases of imbe
ciles, Idiots, tho insane and other
cxtremo cases," Bald Dr. Wiley.
nut, so far ns tho consumptive or
person afTllcted with any protracted
contagious dlseaso Is concerned, Dr.
Wiley said ho did not bcllove In np
plying eugenics by legal provision to
prevent marriage. In such cases ho
said, ho deemed it wisest to have
tho afflicted made to reallzo tho
situation by persuasion. Have It
presented In such a manner that he
or she, as the caso may be, will re
allzo tho harm nnd misery that the
child will carry through llfo as n re
sult of tho parents afflictions.
"Tho public health is our greatest
asset and I expect to show why In
tnblo hero tonight," concluded Dr.
Tho noted food extort Intimated
that ho would explain a fow rules
tonight which, If followed will tend
to IncreaBo tho nvcrago llfo of man.
ABkcd about tho rumor to tho ef
fect that ho had been mentioned for
a cabinet position, Dr. Wiley said he
was not accepting caplnet positions
until they wero offered. Ho spoke,
however, ns If he would not decline
such an offer ho formally tendered.
Dr. Wiley said ho considered Wil
liam Jennings Uryan an excellent
man for secretary of Btato and also
expressed admiration for 8om0 of
tho other prominent Dcmocratis
leaders who have been mentioned for
places In Wilson's cabinet.
Dr. Wiley's visit hero has unex
pectedly been cut short, nnd ho will
lenvo at 11:45 o'clock tonight for
Nampa, Idaho. Ho will tour tho
northwest, where ht. will carry on
his light from the lecturo platform.
Ho will speak hero at 8 o'clock to
night at tho First Methodist church
Second South and Second Fast
Btrects, on "Tho Public Health Our
National Asset." Preceding tho lec
turo ho will bo entertained at a ban
quet at tho Hotel Utah by Herman
Harms, stato chemist, an old friend
of Dr. Wiley's. Ho Is n guest nt tho
University club.
Resolution Adopted by Congress Re
presenting 2,000,000 Drltlsn
London, Jan. 31. A resolution
calling for nn eight hour day for nil
classes of workmen nnd workwomen
wns ndopted today by the trades
union congress, at" which moro than
2,OOQ,000 Ilrltlsh wago earners wero
represented. Notices aro to bo hand
ed In Mnrch to thoso employers re
fusing the demand and all contracts
with them will b0 terminated May
1, when tho men will walk out.
Tho miners nlready havo nn eight
hour day nxed by law, but outsldo
Loudon nearly all workmen havo
longer hours of lubor This has
caused removal or ship bullajng and
other work from tho south or Kng
hind to tho north nnd to Scotland.
Memphis, Tenn., Jnu. 31. Tho
crest or tho Mississippi river Hood
reached Memphis today and tonight
tho rlvor Is stationary at a stago,
10.1 feet, live Tcot and one-tenth
abovo tho dangor mark and flvo feet
two-tenths below tho high water
marks of last spring. With tho ex
coptlon of tfio break nt Beulah,
Miss., soveral days ago, all levees
aro holding
Notice is horoby given that tho
annual meeting of tho stockholders
of tho Logan, Hydo Park nnd Smith
field Canal company will bo hold In
tho court houso, Logan on Monday
February 10, 1913 at 1 o'clock p. in.
or that day for tho purpose of hear
ing tho annual report of the company j
olectlng n board of directors for tho
onsuing term of two (2) years nnd '
transacting any other business that
may como beforo tho meeting.
Datod at Logan, Utah, Jan. 28, 1913
keep Foloy'g Honey, and Tar Com
pound nlways on hand, and you can
quickly head off a cold by Its prompt
use. It contains no opiates, heals and
soothes tho Inflamed air passages,
stops the cough, and may Bare a big
doctor's bill. In the yollow package.
A heavy cold In tho lungs that
was expected to cure Itself has been
tho Btnrtlng point In many cases of
dlseaso that ended fatally. Tho sen
sible courso is to take frequent doses
HUP. It checks tie progress of tho
disorder nnd assists naturo to re
storo normal conditions. Price 25c,
COc, nnd $1 per bottlo. Sold by Rlter
Dros. Drug Co. Advertisement.
Bids for tho removal ot all gar
bago from tho dls'rlcts within tho
fire limits of Logan City for tho year
1913 will be received at City Recor
der's ofilco room 18 court house up
to 8 o'clock p. m. Tuesday, February
4, 1913. Tho right Is reserved to re
ject any or all bids.
Commissioner of Public Safety
I The object of smoking meat is X
m to preserve it and to slightly I
A modify its flavor. The old- f
X fashioned method accomplished f
I this, but by a long and tedious ff
T process. k
T is merely a Bhort cut to bet- f
T tcr resulta. The meat Is aim- 1
f ply coated with it and is at I
W onco bettor preserved than by I
prolonged smoking. f
1 Try it this season. f
f PRICE 75c AND $1.00 X
j Riter Bros. Drag Co. j
9 The Rcxall Store i
W. P. Droylcs ma0 a successful
escape after fifteen years ot suffer
ing from kidney and bladder troubles.
Foley Kidney Pills released him and
will do Just tho samo for others. H
says: "They cured a most severe
backache with, painful bladder irreg
ularities, and they do all you claim
for them." Refuso substitutes. Co
op Drug Co. (Advertisement).
j If You Desire Bargains. Here They Are
I One well Irrigated 40 Acre farm near Trenton $1500 A
I One modern home with bath, etc., close in 2100
I One 31 acre farm near Smithfield, well irrigated
I good terms I
Onc'splcndid. 160 acre farm near Newton 3000 '
J One four-room city residence, lot 4x12 close in 1150 !
? One four room city residence, close in lot 6x9 100 I
j Two acres and a half of land with a three room I
I house and large barn in fifth ward, good terms 1425 I
Stewart Real Estate And Loan Co. j
Special Offer For Mid-winter 1913
This is the time when coughs, colds and kindred ailments to
which human kind are heir, mako their appearance. Here are some
fine seasonable liquors which are used generally in such cases. Their i
Judicious use generally proves beneficial, and here Is an opportunity a
to obtnln
ABSOLUTELY FREE One Bottle Fine Cherry Cordial
express prepaid on following: With each order sent us during Jan
uary, February or March, 1913, for 4 quarts, assorted if desired, ot
auy of the following:
Rock and Rye, price per 4 big full quarts S4.00
Rum, pi ice per 4 big full quarts S4.00
Comings Monarch Whiskey, prico per 4 big full quarts S4.00
White Com Whiskoy price per 4 big full quarts S4.00 I
California Apple Jack Brandy, cordlallzed, 4 big full quarts . .S4.00
California Peach Brandy, cordlallzed price per 4 big quarts . .S4.00
Wo will include one bottlo Cherry Cordial, value SI. OO
Total value SS.OO
Express prepaid da tho cntlro 5 bottes to your nearest railway
statlon-for $4.00
Yoit order may bo assorted, but must consist ot 4 full quart bottles
: I F tf- HIKER i mroiEY sy
I Ur I
I Special Clearing I
I m SALE mi
I Is Now On I
1 Reductions In All Departments ffli
mjjl iwHwvwHvtvuwvwww mil I f
j 87 North Main, - - - - Logan. 1

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