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B hbbbI
I '
D Convrltfht. 1006. by Dodd, Mead & Company.
IB After inanjfmlntitei tier came a
H break In the Tlolenee of the storm and
BBH preparations were at once made for
HBj the climb up the bill. Deveaux was to
BHT remain behind In charge of the bones.
BB With their brldlo reins In bis bands ho
BB cheerfully mnlntalned this position of
BK trust, securely sheltered from the full
Ht forco of the elements. Right bravely
BBf did tho duko nnd his lordship venture
BHT forth into tho spattering rnln. They
BBg bnd gone no more- than threo rods up
BHT the path when they were brought to a
BH halt by the sounds of n prodigious
BH struggle behind them. There was a
HB great trampling of horses' hoofs, nc-
BH companlcd by the frantic shouts of the
HB count.
BJ "I cannot bold zem! Mod Dloul Zey
BB aro madl (lot bo! Help!"
Bj "Hold to 'cm!" shouted Lord Cecil.
BB "Help!" shouted tho count, at the
BB eamo moment releasing his grip on the
BB reins. Awny tore tho horses, kicking
BB great chunks of mud over lilm as bo
BB tumbled aimlessly Into the nnderbrnsb.
BB Down the road clattered tho animals,
B leaving the trio marooned In tho wll-
BB derness. Groaning and half dead, the
Bf unfortunate count was dragged from
BJ the' brush by his furious companion".
B What tho duko said to him was buu1-
BY clent without being repeated, here or
flti elsewhere. The count challenccd htm
HJ as they all resumed tho march up the
HJ bill to visit the bouse with the lighted
BM windows.
BB "Here Is my card, m'stcur," bo grot-
BB ed furlonsly.
Bl "Demme. I know you I" roared the
BB dnko. "Keep your card, and we'll send
BJ It in to announce our arrival to Shaw."
H In duo courso of time, after many
H slips and falls, tbey reached the front
BJ yarjl of the house on the hillside. It
BJ was still mining lightly. The thunder
H and lightning wero crashing away nols-
BJ lly farther up tho valley. Cautiously
H tbey approncbed tlirougb tho weeds
H and brush.
BJ "By Jove!" exclaimed his lordship,
H coming to a standstill. Ho turned the
light of his lantern toward the front
Bl elevation of the bouse. "Every door
BK and window except theso three aro
HJ boarded up. It can't bo Shaw's home."
BB ' "That's right, old elm p. Deuced
fH, queer, eh? I say, Deveaux. step up
I oi n
I X1!
BJ "I say, Deveaux, step up and pound on
the door."
BJ and pound on tho door. You've got a
BJ card, you know."
Hj "Quo dlublol" exclaimed tbo count,
jH sinking Into the background.
BJ "We might rcconuolter a bit," said
HJ Bazclhurst. "Uare a look at the rear,
BJ rou know."
HJ Around the corner of tho bouse tbey
HJ trnllcnl, finally bringing up at tbo back
K steps. Tho windows were not only
BJ dark, but boarded up. Whllo they
HJ stood there uinimtl and mit prtiiln. Hie
rain camu down ugulu lu lorreulw.
BJ worso than beforo If possible. Tbey
BJ scampered for cover, plunging three
BB abreast beneath the Bame steps that
BJ had sheltered I'cnelopo nnd Shaw such
BJ a short time before.
BB "Ouch! Get off my foot!" roared the
BB duke,
K "Zoomhl iVho are you punchtnc,
Bf'V demme! Hullol What's this? A diir
"HK and nen. nB ' Uvel" Tue lrio enter"
Hg ed the cellar door without ceremony.
BB "Ihank God, wo'ro out of the ram at
Jj It was not until tbey bad explored
AS the basement and found It utterly
HJ without signs of human occupancy
flj that the truth of tbo situation began
BJ to dawn upon them. Bnrmlnster'-
HJ A healthy man Is a king In bis
HJ own sight; on unhealthy man Is an
Bg unhappy slavo. Burdock Blood Bit-
BJ ters builds up sound health keeps
BJ you well. Advertisement
H A rasping tounguo always puts
BE people on edge. .
face was wblte, and bis voice shook aa
he ventured tho horrid speculation:
"The good Lord save us It's that
demmed haunted house Ten was talk
ing about!"
"But zo lights?" queried tho count
"0 hosts I"
"Let's get out of this place." said
Lord Bazclhurst, moving townrd the
door. "It's that beastly Bcnwood
bouso. Tbey say ho comes back and
murders her every night or so."
"Mon Dlcu!"
"Pcnelopo Isn't here. Let's movo on."
agreed tho duko readily. But even
fenr of t!:o supernatural was not
strong enough to drive them out Into
the blinding Btorm. "1 say, look ahead.
there's Shaw's placer'
Peering through the door they saw
for tho flrst tlmo the many lights In
Shaw's windows, scarce n quarter of
a mllo nwoy. I'or a long time tbey
stood nnd gazed nt tho dlstunt win
dows. Dejectedly tbey sat dowu, backs
to the wall and waited for tbo storm
to spend its fury. Wet, cold nnd tired,
tbey Anally dozed It was Lord Cecil
who Orst saw the signs of dawn. The
rain storm bnd come to n mysterious
end, but a heavy fog In Its stead loom
ed up. lie aroused his companions
and with many groans of anguish tbey
prepared to venture forth into the
white wall beyond
Just as they wcro taking a Inst look
about the wretched cellar something
happened tbnt would have brought ter
ror to tho stoutest heart. A wild, ap
palling shriek caino from somewhere
above, the cry of n mortal soul in
The next Instant three human forms
shot through the narrow door nnd out
into tho fog. hair on end. eyes bulging,
but sightless; legs traveling like tho
wind and ns purposeless. It mattered
not that the way wns hidden; It mat
tered less that weeds brush and
stumps lurked In ambush for unwary
feet They fled Into the foggy dan
gers without n thought of what lay
before them, only of what stalked bo
bind them.
Upstairs Randolph Shnw lay back
against the wall and shook with laugh
ter. Penelope's convulsed face was
glued to the kitchen window, her eyes
I peering Into tho fog lieyond. Shadowy
figures leaped Into tho white mantle;
tho crash of brush came back to her
ears, and then, like the barking of a
dog, thero arose from tho mystic gray
tho fast diminishing cry:
"nelpl nelpl Help!" Growing
fainter and sharper, tho cry tit last
wns lost In the phantom desert
They stood at the window and
watched the fog lift, gray and'forbld
ding, until tho trees nnd road wero
discernible. Then arm In nrm they
Bet forth across tho wet way toward
Shaw's cottage,
"Poor Cecil!" she sighed. "It was
cruel of you." In tho roadway they
found a hat which she at ouco Identi
fied as tho count's. Farther on there
wns a carriage lamp nnd later n mack
intosh, which had been cast aside ns
an impediment "Ob. It wns cruel!"
Sho smiled, however. In retrospection.
"If I wero only suro that nothing
serious had happened to Cecil," sho
murmured anxiously,
"I'm sorry, dear, for that screech of
mine," he apologized.
Suddenly he started nnd gazed In
tently In the direction of the haunted
houso. A mnu n sorry figure was
slowly, painfully nppronchlng from tho
edgo of tho wood scirco a hundred
yards away. In his hnnd ho carried n
stick to which wns attached a whlto
cloth doubtless n handkerchief, flo
was hatless nnd limped perceptibly.
"It's Cecil!" whispered Pcnelopo In
horror struck tones. "Good heaven.
Randolph, go to html Ilo is hurt"
It was Lord Bazelhurst As Shaw
hurried down the drive to meet him, no
thought of tbo feud In mind, two be
ings even moro hopelessly dilapidated
ventured from the wood and hobbled
np behind the truce bearer, who had
now paused to lift bis shoulders Into a
position of dignity and defiance.
Shaw's heart was touched. Tho pec
taclo was enough to molt the prejudice
of any adversary Lord Cecil's knees
trembled. Ills hand shook as it lu n
chill. Mud covered, water soaked and
bruised, their clothes rent In many
plnces, their hats gono nnd their hair
matted, their legs wabbly, tho trio cer
tainly Inspired pity, not mirth nor
"One moment, sir," coiled bis lord
ship, with a feeble attempt at severity,
nis voice was hoarse and shaky. "Wo
do not come as friends, dem you. Id
my sister here?"
"She is, Lord Bazelhurst Wo'll talk
this over later on," said Shaw In bis
friendliest way, "You aro worn out
and done up, I'm suro you and your
friends. Come; I'm not as bad as you
think. I'vo changed my mind since I
saw you last Let's sco if wo can't
come to an nmlcablo understanding
Miss Drake is waiting up there. Break
fast soon wilt bo ready hot coffee and
all that Permit too, gentlemen, to In
vite you to partake of what wo bave.
What say yout"
"Conround you, sir! l-i" But bla
brave effort failed him. lie staggered
and would bave fallen bad not the
duke caught blm from behind.
'Thanks, old cbnp," said Bnrmlnster
to Shnw. '"Wo win come tn lor n mo
ment I say. perhaps you could give
us n dry dud or two. Bazelhurst Is in
a bnd way, aud so Is tho count It was
a devil of it storm."
Penelope came down from the porch
to meet them Without it word she
took her brother's nrm. He stared nt
her with growing resentment.
"Dem It all, Pen." he chattered,
"you're not nt nil wet. are you? I.oolt
nt me! All n your account too."
"Penr old (Veil! All on Kvelyu's ne
count, ynii menu." slio said softly, wlct
"I shall have nn understanding with
her when we get home." he said ear
nestly. "She shan't treat my sister
like this again."
"No." said Shnw from the other aide;
"shu shnn't."
"lly Jove, Shnw. nre you with met"
demanded his lordship In surprise.
"Depends ou whether you nro with
me." said the other. I'euclopo flushed.
Hot coffee, chops, griddle ca,kes nnd
maple sirup soon put the coatendlug
forces nt their ease. Ilnzclhurst so far
forgot himself its to Inugli nmlnbly nt
bis host's Jokes. The count responded
In his most piquant dialect, and the
duko swore by nn ever useful Lord
Ilnrry that ho had never tasted such
n breakfast.
"lly Jove. Pen." exclaimed her broth
er In rnro good humor, "It's nlmost n
sin to take you nwny from such good
cooking ns this "
"You're not going to take her nwny,
however," said Shnw. "She has come
to stay."
"What-what the devil do you mean,
sir?'1 demanded Lord Cecil, bis coffee
cup shaking so violently Hint the con
tents overflowed.
"She's going over to Plnttsburg with
me today, nnd when she comes b
"When tho ccmes back she will be Mrs.
Randolph Shaw."
sho will be Mrs. Randolph Shaw.
'Hint's what I mean, your lordship."
Three of his listeners choked with
amnznuicut nnd then coughed painful
ly. Feebly they set their cups down
nnd gulped as If they bnd something
to swallow. The duke was the Urst to
And bis tongue, nnd ho was qulto nt a
loss for words.
"B-by Jove." ho snld blankly, "that's
dommed hot coffee!"
"Is this true, Penelope?" gasped his
' "Yes, Cecil. I'vo promised to marry
"It Isn't beenuso you feel that you
hnvo no homo with me?"
'T love him. It's a much older story
than you think," sho snld simply.
"1 say, that hits me hard," snld the
duko with n wry fnce. "Still, I Join In
saying. God bless you"
"We're trying to end tho feud, you
see," said Penelope.
Tears cmne Into Ills lordship's pale
eyes, tie looked tlrst at one and then
nt the other ami then silently extend
ed his hnnd to Randolph Shaw He
wrung it vigorously for n long time
before spenklng. Then, ns If throw
log n weight off his mind, ho remarked:
"I say, Shaw, I'm sorry nbout that
dog. I've got nn English bull terrier
down there that's tnken a ribbon or
so. If you don't mind. I'll send blm
up to you. He he knows Penolope"
Under tho general title "ifoH
Years of It" Brand Whltlock Ma o
of Toledo Ohio, begins a aeries of
porBonal reminiscences intbe January
American Maeazlno following Is an
extract which contains a plcturo of
a famous Ohio Congressman, Frank
Hurd of Tolodo:
"'His speech on Freo Trade, de
livered in tho Houso ot Representa
tives February 18, 1881, remains tho
classic on that subject, ranking with
Honry Clay's spoech on Tho Amer
ican System, dellvored in tbo Sonato
in 18S2J. In that address Frank Hurd
began with tho phrase, Tho tariff
Is a tax, which acquired much cur
rency years after whon Grovor Clevo
land used it.
"Everyone or nearly everyone, told
mo of course that Frank Hurd was
wrong, If he was not Indeed, wlckod
and the subject possessed a kind of
fascination for me. In thinking ot It
or in trying to think ot It, I only
perplexed myself moro deeply, until
nt last I recalled tho formidable, tbo
momentous decision ot taking my
perplexities to Frank Hurd himself,
and of laying them beforo him.
"I was by this tlmo n youth of
eighteen, and lu the summer when
ho had come home from Washington
I somehow found courngo enough to
go to the hotel where he lived and
to inquire for him. He wns there In
tho lobby, gtnmllng by the clgnr
stand, talking to sonic men, nnd I
bung on the outskirts of the little
group until it broke up nnd then the
fear I had felt vnnlslied when he
turned and smiled upon me. I told
him that I wished to know about
free trade, anil since there was no
thing he liked better to talk nbout
nnd too since, thero wero few who
could talk better about aujlblng
than lie could talk nbout the tariff,
wo sat in the big leather chnlrs while
ho dlscourt-ed simply on the subject.
It was !u llrst of several of these
conversations, or lesBons, which wo
had in the big leather chairs In the
lobby of the old lloody Houso, and
nnd It was not long until I was able
with n solemn pride to announce nt
homo that 1 wns a free trader and
n Democrat
"It could hardly hnvo been worse
bnd I announced that 1 bad been
visiting Ingersoll nnd wns nn atheist
Cleveland was president, nnd In tlmo
ho sent his fnnioim tariff reform mes
sago to Congress, nnd though I
could not vote, I woh preparing to
glvo blm my moral support to wear
his badge nnd even If I could do no
more, to rcfuBo to march in the Re
publican processions, with the club
of young men and boys organized In
our neighborhood.'
In the January. American Mugn
zlno in the "Interesting People" do
Frank I Cobb, chief editorial writer
of the Now York World. Mr. Cobb
was writing so ably, although anony
mously, on tho Detroit Freo PresB
in 1901, that Joseph Pulitzer the
blind editor of tho World, discovered
his tnlent nnd cnllcd him to New
York. Following Is an extract from
tho article:
"Cobb's leaders, nlwnys cogent,
forceful and Informing, made a very
fnvornblo Impression upon two dls
Unfinished Americans. When Theo
dore Roosevelt, then President of tho
United States, visited Detroit In 1903
ho wanted to know about the writer
of nn editorial on Scandinavian liter
ature, which had appeared lu the
Freo Press shortly before that lime.
Tho result wns nn Invitation for
Cobb to dino with tbo President In
order to ltcnr nt first hnnd Mr
Roosevelt's enthuslnstic appreciation
of tho editorial, nnd to hold compan
ionship for a sparo with nil tho kings
and queens of literature Introduc
tions In every coso by Mr. Hooso
volt, ot courso.
"Tho other discriminating discov
erer of tho orudltlon nnd literary
charm of tho Freo Press' dlBCitsslon
of current prollcuiH was Joseph P-i-lltzor,
proprietor of tho New York
World. Seeking nn in'ttslrn of new
blood In the World's editorial page,
he bad bis secretaries rend to him
tho editorials ol a dozen o" the lend
ing nowspnpers of tbo country for
several weeks. Tho renulnr Btor.v
book sequel of this pntnstnklnc edi
torial tasting by the grea publisher
was n call to Cobb to wrlto tno
World's lenders and look .nflcr tho
"Tho Pulitzer test of fitness In
this caso has been vindicated h iho
unsurpassable clarity, compactness,
nnd variety of the World's Interpre
tative treatment of events Ko heal
thier, saner, or moro unfettered think
Ing llko tho center shot inclslveni'ss
of Btylo aro to bo found In nny Am
erican Journal, Cobb's grasp on po
litlcal parallels and his olucldat'on
of government by law ns opposed to
government by men nro probably un
mntched by nny Journalist of tho
present day. An example of his pow
er as an ndvocnto wns tho series of
brilliantly potential edltorlniB espous
ing th0 nomination of Woodrow Wil
son nt Baltimore certainly a notablo
contribution to the influences that
counted for a progressive victory.
"Still a young man, still an omniv
orous reader and eager studont and
n seasoned observer of men and
ovents, Frank I. Cobb will achlovo
you cannot tell his associates on tbo
World that ho has not already done
bo nn enduring placo on tho roster
of tbo illustrious exponents of Now
Yoik Journalism, where such great
names ns Godkln, Raymond, Greeley,
and Dana are enrolled "
After a heavy weal, take a couplo
of Doan's Begulets, and give your
stomach, liver and bowels the help
they will need. Jloeulo's bring easy
regular Passages of tho bowels. Ad
Tertlsement .
Providence, Feb. 3. Mrs. James
A. Thorpe Is Improving nicely, hav
ing been confined to her bed a great
ileal In the last four months. She is
now able to bo up nnd around ngnln.
Her many frlcudB aro glad to see her
speedy recovery lu tho past two
Mr. William TlbJcnquiBt wns a
visitor on Sunday.
Miss Annie Bullock has returned
frnm RiiW l.iikn whurfl ithn 1iir been
visiting with friends nnd relatives.
The manager of tbo Providence pa
vilion Is to bo complimented on bis
good Judgment relative to dances
sultnblo for our young peoplo to par
ticipate !u.
On Saturday evening somo young
men front various towns canto over
to our dance and commenced danc
ing such dances its the rag, Turkish
trot, anil oi'ftH.. Tbey were made
to understand by our litaimger that
Providence was- not tho place for
such dances.
Sorry to say some or our young
girls aiv so foolish as to take par
with such rough clement, after see
lug the experiences which others
have had.
Messrs Leslie Cltlcketts and Na
thrulel Chugg have loft for tho south
to find work. Both boys have been
working nt tbo Sugar Factory all
Mr. K. P. Hansen has returned
front Salt Lnko where ho has been
on business.
Mr. Slmpsou, the Wntklns Bnles
inn u bus ben soliciting In our town
for tho past week.
Mr. 12. F. Smith nnd wife wero
visitors to our town on Saturday.
Mrs. Cnrrlo Clnwaon has been crl- '
tlcnlly 111 for somo tlmo. '
The Praise That Comes From Thank
ful Logan People
Ono kidney remedy has known
Logan peoplo roly upon It.
Tbnt; remedy Is Donn'g Kidney
Logan testimony proves It reli
able. Mrs. William it. Jucobsen, 12
South Fifth East street, Logan, Utah
says: "1 was troubled by backache
and kldnuy complaint for years nnd
wns unnblo to obtain relict until 1
began using Donn's Kidney Pills.
The contontB of the tlrst box of this
remedy made a marked Improvement
nnd I continued Its uso until entire
ly cured. My health has been of tbo
best over since. Other members of
my family havo also been benefitted
by Doait's Kidney Pills and wo nil
think highly of them. My daughter
is now using this remedy with suc
cess. Sho Buffered from pains In tho
back and troublo from tho kidney
sccretlom. All persons afflicted with
kidney complaint should glvo Doan's
Kidney Pills a trial."
For salo by all dealers. Prlco HO
cents. Fostor-Mllbttrn Co., nuffalo,
Now York, solo ngonts for tho United
Remember tho name Doan's and
tnko no other. Advertisement.
tinr nnniml i-nnnli flln Rnnt nf the
disease. Catarrh Is a blood or con
stitutional disease, and In order to
euro It you must tnko Internal rem
edies. Hall's Cntnrrlt Cttro Is taken
Internally, and acta directly on tho
blood nnd muctious surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Curo Is not a quack medi
cine. It wna prescribed by ono of
'tho best physicians In this country
for yenrs and is a regular prescrip
tion. It Is composed of tbo best ton
ics known, combined with tho best
blood purifiers, acting directly on tbo
mictions surfaces, Tho perfect com
bination of tbo two Ingredients Is
what produces such wonderful re
sults In curing Catarrh. Send lr,r
testimonials freo.
F. J. CHENEY &. CO., Props., To
ledo, Ohio.
Sold by all druggists, prlco 75c
Tnko Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. Everybody's frlond Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil. Curos toothacbo, ear
ache, soro throat. Heals cuts, brui
ses, scalds. Stops any pain. Adver
tisement. e
W. R. Fox, 19o W. Washington
street, Noblosvlllo, Ind., says; "Af
ter suffering many months with kid
ney trouble, after trying other reme
dies and prescriptions, I purchased a
box of Foley Kldnoy Pills, which not
only did mo moro good than any oth
er remedies I over used, but havo
positively set my kidneys right Oth
er members of my family have usod
them with similar results." Tako at
the first aim ot kidney troublo, Co
op Itu Co. (Advertisement)
Applications For Grazing Permits. BJ
NOTICE is hereby given thnt all Bfl
applications for permits to grn".e cat- jBBa
tic, horses and sheep within tho HHJ
tho season ot 1913, must bo filed in jBB
my oirtco at Logan, Utah, ou or be- tBJ
fore Fcbrunry 24, 1913. Full In'ormn- BBJ
tlon In regard to tbo grazing fees to HH
bo charged and blank forms to bo jBB
used in making applications will bo
furnished upon request CLINTON BH
G, SMITH, Supervisor. HB
Advertisement. f20 BBJ
m 0
If your child Is pale and sickly, HB
picks at tho nose, stnrts In the sleep BH
nnd grinds tho teeth while sleeping .HB
ft is a suro signs of worms. A rent- BJ
edy for theso parasites will bo found HB
It not only clears out the worms, BB
but It restores health nnd cheerful- BH
ncss. Prlco 2Gc per bottle. Sold by BBJ
Rlter Bros Drug Co Advertisement BBJ
f SttlTcrcrs from cold feet, f bH
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I hot water bottle, miss a X BH
I lot of comfort that should I H
9 be theirs. H
A Hot Water Bottle k H
f costs little if purchased f BH
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We have just received a T BH
k fresh lot from the factory. I M
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( Riter Bros. Drug Co I I
V?LV I.dUl Al yur llruvnlal faf AL llllllH
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&i&QMBk I'lIU In H'! "l Void lnfl.llk WM
V-i'J ln, mini im Mm IUU,n.Jf WM
Vn V Xbw Tale n olbrr. Ilnr if vaup llllllH
1 - fg lrnl.t. A,kf,-Il. III H.TECH H
It 0 yeitiknonM!!e&t.Sfnt,AIir!KelUtl BjH
Logan, Hide & Junk Co.
i ' BB
Pay the Highest Price
for Rubbers and Metals,
Machinery Cast Iron. Also H
for Hides Wool And Bees- I
wax. 1UO South Main, I
Logan Utah, Phone, 62. I
I Save Yoa Money I
Making Your Furniture New
Upholstering and General Repairing
Couches In Imitation Leather -nSS.OO BJ
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Hair and Wool Matretses Remade$2.5o B
J. F. Schirmeister
f. - , . - IDC. 1Q1L HHJ
anop ot o. mam "
James G. Walters I
Attorney-At-Law I
Union Block, 75 North Main St. I
I We Sell The Earth I
Loan Money on It I
Farm and City Propany, tha BJ
cholcut for lale and exchana. 'B
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And Company I
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Jj hh!

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