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Dairymen And Sheepmen Take up Problems of Their Re
spective Industries. J. W. Hendricks Gives Illuminating
Statistics on the Production of Milk
J In This Valley.
, This hna been a most unusual
week for the farmers and houso
kce s at the annual Roundup now
being conducted at tho U. A. C.
1 Yesterday was "Women's day" for
tho housekeepers nnd "Dairy day"
for tho farmers. Somo of tho lead
ing club women of Salt Lako, Ogden
Drlgham City were In attendance
Thrco of tho general board members
of tho Y. L .M. I. A. woro present.
Mrs. Wlllard Hansen, wife of state
dairy and food Inspector was prosen
as w" as Mr. A. K. Rlssor of
Salt L .o City. Theso guests wore
dined at tho college at noon and
many of them roturnod to their
homes on tho afternoon train, hav
ing attended n number of lectures at
tho conference. A lecture of no lit
tle Interest to the women was given
by Dr. K. O. Titus by tho aid of
lantern slides, tho subject being:
"How Were You Born."
Dairy Session
At tho dairy session somo Illumi
nating statistics woro given by J.
W. Hendricks, of Itlchmond, presi
dent of tho Utah Condensed Milk
company of that place. He explained
tho part tho dairy Industry plays In
tho commercial activity of Utah. Ho
cited tho fact that tho avcrago yield
of butterfat per cow In this state Is
150 pounds annually; tho average
yield of tho Cacho valley cow Is 1G4
pounds; while tho averago yield of
tho Itlchmond cow, where proper at
tention to breeding caro, etc, 1b giv
en, tho average annual yield Is 251
A Pund8, Tno annual milk production
t'V in this county Is 1800,000 and the
annual dairy output of tho' valley Is
$1,402,000. This Is startling when It
Is known that tho dairy Industry Is
simply In Its Infancy ns far ns this
valley is concerned.
Wlllard Hansen, stato dairy and
food commissioner discussed tho ne
cessity of keeping clean dairies In
order that a clean and wholesomo
food will bo placed on tho market
for consumption.
Wool Grower' Day
Tuesday was "Sheepmen's day"
and a largo attendance heard sovera'
interesting addresses on tho subject
of wool growing. Judging' of sheep
formed an interesting feature of the
C. D. Stewart of Salt Lake City,
secretary of the Utah Wool Growers
association, discussed tho future of
The above question has been ask
ed in various .ays nnd with vary lug
tiegrccs of intensity during tho past
few days with respect to tho opor-
Intlon of street cars through tho tlior
oughfarcs of tho city. As a result ot
tho recent thaw certain sidewalks
and oven crossings havo been ren
dered impassable. Prospective pas
Bcngors it is said havo been unablo
therefore to comply to tho well es
tablished rul'o of tho Rapid Transit
company of boarding cars at des
ignated crossings. In tho attempt to
gain ndmlsslon to tho car cortaln
pooplo havo waited Its arrival on
nn opposlto sldo of tho street nnd
for so doing have been "passod up"
nnd compelled to tako tho ancient
routo to tholr desired destination.
Othors havo waited In n similar
manner and nt tho "clang clang" ot
k l(Qtho motorman's foot gong hnvo been
Been to pick up tholr skirts or ovor
coats and make a grand march
through mud and slush nnklo deep,
to tbo nearest vestlbulo of tho car.
Such aro tho conditions as report
ed at this ofllco, and It Is not with
tho idea of criticising tbo omploycs
ot this company1 or with tho thought
ot embarrassing tho management
that wo mako theso citations, but
with tho vlow ot asking kindly In
behalf of tho traveling public it an
excoptlon to the glvon rulo might
not bo mndo for tho accommodation
and comfort of all during the bad
tho sheep business In the stato. He
encouraged tho farmers to grow
small (locks on thoir farms tor profit
and ns an Interesting diversion. Ho
also advocates the erection of ware
houses to store tho clippings until
such times ns tho market was most,
favorable for tho marketing ot wool.
.1. K. Allen of Draper, owner of
tho largest flock of thoroughbred
Cotswolds In the world, discussed
tho question of handling sheep for
profit. Ho gave his nudtence much
valuable advice on the practical sldo
ot sheep raising nnd how to derive
tho largest possible returns from tho
money invested.
Hon. John R. Edgchlll ot Nephl,
lectured on tho growing, packing
and marketing ot wool. Ho told of
how to tlo and sort flecco for mark
et, nnd stated that If properly pack
ed Utah wool would soon command
tho top price on every market.
Stato Senator W. S. Hansen of
(Continued on page flvo)
The annual meeting ot tho Cache
County Pair association held Mon
day, February 3, was well attended
by tho shareholders of tho different
settlements of tho county. Nearly
every town had ono or more repre
sentatives. The annual report was
very satisfactory and tho stockhold
ers were well pleased wlUWho con
dition ot the association. Sonic very
enthusiastic talks along county fair
lines were given, nnd tho general
feeling Is that we shall have a lar
ger and better fair this year than
The mntter ot giving cash premi
ums was discussed. The officers re
ported that arrangements would bo
made to uso at least 11000 In cash
premiums so that those exhibiting
flno cattle, horses, etc., would havo
moro ot an Incentive to exhibit at
tho Fair. In tho near future parties
Interested along the different lines
of production and industry wlU be
called togother and a premium list
to fit our conditions, will be worked
' In all probability tho Fair this year
will bo hold on Sep. 30, and Oct.
1 and 2, In order not to conflict with
tho opening ot tho colleges the week
before. This will give tho exhibitors
amplo tlmo to get to iho Stato Fair
Tho following named porsons were
elected as directors for tho torm ot
thrco years: George Dunbar, John
Quaylo, Jos. B. Wilson Jr., Logan;
Gideon Olson Jr., Pnradlso; George
M. Picket, Providence, P. M. Mnugh
nn, Wcllsvlllo; Thomas Buttars,
Clarkston, nnd B. Y. Benson, Tren
ton. After tho meoting tho directors
met and elected tho following as of
ficers: C. M. Harris, president; C.
M, Nolson, first vice president; Geo.
Dunbar, second vice president; M.
II. Hovoy, secretary; and Joseph
Odell, treasurer. Preparations for
tho fair this year will commenco
at onco in order that tho exhibitors
will have sufficient tlmo to proparo
their exhibits.
Those present nt the meeting
seem to bo well pleased ovor tho
excollont showing mado, and a voto
ot thanks was glvon to tho oMcors
and thoso who had taken part in tho
Free Concort nnd Lecturo company
that visited nearly every town in
the valley In tho Interest ot tho
County Fnlr, or thoso who had tnk
on part In any way to nsslst tho
Fair. Mr. C. M. Harris stated that
this work had all been done freo of
charge and tho ofllcors had not ro
cotved ono dollar for anything they
hnd dono In tho interest ot tbo Fair,
Mr, Harris tried to shift the respon
sibility ot tho noxt county Fair on
somo ono clso but tho board would
not listen to that as they felt that
tho samo ofllcors who had been so
In their positions for another year,
successful last year should remain
In their positions for another year.
Views of the New Grand Central Terminal
And Statuary Which Crowns It, In New York.
wk , "sl, :f'p(K j&P" "Vkw -sf&iftKS&sBUk
Bii!:& ml W 'til iff' Imbi
.4l iWfe -rfyiip- . f.i?! ., - wjAwwmm
1 iSafeiiS fP1!??
Veuw of special study, collaboration nml Investigation by many dlffereutuiiKliicoiN Is ii.iimiiimI hi ihertfivnily
completed Grand Central terminal of the Now York Central railroad lu Now Vorlc oiy ThN ilfinlil Miructure, lo
cated on Forty-second street, proinlsosto make that district a now civic center The IiiiImIIiik i- di-Mlgneil. I H'
terms of tho architects, In the Doric Btyle, modllled by tho Influence of tbo Frviifh eunlssiimv (IcIiiIIk, It UiMtlnuit
ed that more than 100,000 persons dully will use tho fncllltles of the tcrmliinl, ainl every drtull of ctunfoit and lucom
modutlou was dcHlgued to meet this great triilllc. There are wonderful big wnlthig roiini-.. khiihI coiicourHCH, n
splendid dining room and Anally dressing rooms. Tho Inst nnmed Item is original, nrfoiillnc tcnipuriirlly tho ncvoui
modatlons of u hotel to the traveler. Another strictly now dotal! Is tho stylo of trucks. Tln-ic Imve n wiioden block
ballast between tho rails, with a gutter down tu conter. nffordlug facility tolltiili tlmsiiifiiiu with wntur dully. The
bove pictures are an aeroplane view of the terminal and u view of tho groupof statuary .n the front of I lie bulldluir.
Judge Call 8et Calendar For Feb
ruary Term and Dismisses Many
Cases From Docket
Tho casoa to como up for hoaring
in tho First District court during
tho February term were disposed of
by Judgo J. D. Call as follows:
Cases set for trlnl: Stato of Utah
vs. D. Toja, Mondny February 17 nt
10 a. m.
E. M. James vs. Schaub Mach
ine company, ot nl, February 18.
Sidney Stevens Implement, com
pany, vs. Matlldn Y. Hansen, Feb
ruary 20.
John II. Pilgrim vs. Honry Mc
Crncken, Fobruary 24.
H. H. Allen vs. W. F. Gardner,
0. D. Morrill, ct al, February 24.
T. A. Hlllyard, vs. Henry Bnlr,
Fobruary 25,
L. R. Martlneau vs. Soren Hnn
sen, Februnry 25.
Curlow Clothing' company .vay-Jns.
1. Sbopnrd, ot nl, Fobruary 20. """?
Benjamin Bingham vs. Parley Mer
rill, Fobruary 27.
Androw NIolBen vs. Union Ccn
trnl Llfo Insurance) company, Febru
ary 28.
Warren Tingoy vs. Precinct Jub
tlco Court ot al, March 1.
Robert McFarland vs. Ella McFor
land, Marcli 5,
Mrs. Josoph Tarbot vs. O. S. L.
R. R. Co., March C.
J. F. Corbett vs. Abram Smith,
March 8.
Alfred Plcot vs. Joseph Smith, ot
al. March 7.
Tho following coses were contin
ued for tho term: Mrs. Christian Ot
sen vs. Potor Greonhalgh; Stato vs.
Walter Dunn; Isaac Woolf vs. O. I).
Beach ot al; Mario S. Kraus vs.
Karl Kraus; Blacksmith Fork Light
and Power company vb. P. M. Poul
sen et al.
Hans Weeding wob dismissed, plain
tiff paying tho costs.
Joseph J. Dlthell was granted tho
request to bring suit ngalnst tho D.
H. C. company nnd Fred Crocket
receiver , to establish claim for
money said to bo duo him.
A motion to rotnx costs lu tho
enso of Paradise Land nnd Livestock
company vs. Pnradlso Town was
A motion to quash wns denied In
tho enso of I. P. Stownrt vs, Tho
Logan Real Estate nnd Investment
P. M. Poulsen vs. Cacho Knitting
Works, motion for now trial denied.
Henry Bullock vs. Alex CurtlBi
complaint dismissed at cost of plain
tiff. A final decree of divorco was
granted in tho cases ot Sarah Bain
vs. John M. Bain nnd In thp enso
of Rachel Dalton vs. Phillip Dalton
Joachln Ingolf Hagerup Jacobsen
,jadmlttod a citizen.
A well known writer who with
sovcrnl frionds wero witnessing ono
of tho big "Caravan" scoucb bolng
onacted for tho film ot "100 Years
of MormonlBin" wroto tho following
story of a near accident, which hop
Contlnuod on Pago Eight
Underwood Demonstrator Is Capable
Of Rapid Manipulation of His
E. A. Trofzgor, demonstrator of
tho Underwood typewriter for tho
Pacific coast, was a visitor to this
city on Tuesday und gnvo an exhibi
tion of his skill on his mnchlno at
tho U. A. C. and at tho II. Y. Col
lego. At both places Mr. Trefzgor
surprised his audiences with his
wonderful ability In manipulating his
machine At tho B. Y. Collcgo his
first test was writing from copy
handed him by Secretary 13. J. Nor
ton. In two minutes ho hnd rattled
oft 231 words. Ho then blindfolded
himself and Mnnnger C. E. Coroy
of tho Salt Lako ofllco of tho Under
wood company dlctntcd to him from
original copy for ono minute, and
105 words had boon wrltton with
perfection. Tho third demonstration,
and tho most technical of all, was
the writing from now copy nnd car
rying on of a conversation at the
same tlmo, ho wroto 105 words In a
minuto. On n familiarized sentence,
ho wroto 234 words In a minuto.
Practically all tho commercial stu'
dents of both institutions woro in
nttondnnco at tho respoctivo demon
strations and decided thoy would
hnvo to speed up somo In order to
mako tho record of tho visitor.
Mrs. Julia Nlbley and two daugh
ters, Mrs. Luther Howell and Miss
Margarot Nlbley went to Salt Lako
yesterday to bo In attendanco at tho
birthday anniversary of Bishop C.
W. Nlbloy.
Animal Brought From Salt Lake H
County Will Be Carved By Ex.
pens At College Tonight H
There, wilt bo nn unusual session
lit tho Farmers Roundup today, ono H
that should commend Itself to ovory H
cuttlo raiser In tho state. It will be H
tho dissecting of u tubercular cow H
by Dr. II. .1. Frcdorlck and his ns-
sociatcs. Tho dissecting will Uiko
plnco nt tho collcgo nt 7:30 this ovo- H
nlng, tho cow will bo killed earlier
in tho day. Tho animal was brought
from Salt Lako county by authority H
of tho government olllclals. All cat-
tlo lalsers will have tho prlvllogo of
observing th0 dissecting nnd way
lu which thu dlscnso takes hold and H
works on the iinlmnl wilt bo pointed H
out nnd explained. Tho farmers horo H
for thu Roundup should not fall to
attend tho demonstration. H
Install Officers of Local Organization- i
Of Native Sons of Utah and
Give Addresses H
Parley P. Jensen nnd Diana Smith
of Salt Lako City wero hero Mon-
day evening nnd mot with tho local
organization of tho Natlvo Sons
where tho local olllccrs woro Hiatal- H
led and addresses wero givon by H
tho visiting gentlemen. Thoy Ira-
pressed upon tho local mombors tho
Importnnco of their organization nnd
declured it is destined to become ono
ot tho most Important stnto organ-
Ilzatlons wo hnvo. Tho ofllcors met
Tuesday ovculng for tho purposo ot
outlining plans for tuturo work ot H
tho Natlvo Sons of this city. Tbo of- H
fleers of tho organizations ns Instal-
led aro ns follows: Isaac S. Smith, H
president; II. G. Thatcher, vlco pre H
Idcnt; William M. Howell, secretary
Moses G . Cardon, treasuror; Joseph
F. Squires, sergeant nt arms; S. B. H
Thatcher, color bearer; R. S. Mc- H
Allstcr, chaplain. H
Baltimore, Feb. 4. "I do not bo- H
llovo wives ought to kiss their hue- H
hands; I do not bollovo any ono H
ought to kUs," wns tho reply Mrs. H
, Theresa Deems, 22 years old and H
comely, mado today when asked in H
court ir siio did not want to kiss H
her husband and make up. H
Thon Judge Ambler paroled Goo. H
W. Deems, who had been arraigned H
on n cluirgo of non support on con- H
ditlon that ho pay thrco dollars p'er
week toward tho support of hlsi wlfo M
and 7-ycnr-oId child. M
Mrs. Deems said afterwards that H
sho had novcr been kissed, not oven H
by her parents, nnd that sho would M
not klsB her child, whom sho loved M
moro than her own llfo hecauso she
did not believe In kissing. M
Asks City Commissioners to Give M
Deed to Property Abutting On H
First East Street
Tho city commissioners wero In H
session Monday evening mid tho H
matter of the uso ot the streets and H
sldowalks on Nortli Main street by H
J. C. Fonnesbecck ot nl, for piling H
materials during tho constructions H
ot tho building which Is to bo erect- H
cd north ot tho Federal building, H
wns roforrcd to Commissioner P. C. H
Nolson. H
A communication was received tH
from tho law firm of Ncboker, VH
Thatcher and Bowen, requesting that ' 'lH
a conveyanco ot titlo to land adjoin- .Ll
ing A. O. Barber's property on tho IH
North and between tho north branch H
ot Logan river and tho Thatcher H
Mill raco, abutting on First East H
street, bo mado to Victor Amussou. H
Tho city treasurer, Mrs. Bertlo B
Hayball, Bubmlttod financial roports B
for quarter ending and tho month HJ
ondlng Docembor 31, 1912. H

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