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Hucrta's Explanation Unsatisfactory to The Ambassadors.
Prisoners Made Attempt to Get Free, Is Story.
Officials say Escore Was Assailed.
Mexico City, Feb. 23. -Francisco i
I. Madero and Joao Pino Suarez nro
dead, killed In a midnight rldo under
guard from tho national l'alaco to (
tho penitentiary. I
Tho circumstances surrounding the
deaths of tho deposed president and
vlco president of tho republic aro uu-1
known except as given In offlclal ac-1
counts, which do not conform In all
cases. Tho only witnesses wero
thoso actually concerned in tho kill
ing. Tho provisional president, Gen.
VIctorlano Huerta, says tho killing
of tho two men was Incidental to a
light between tholr guard and a par
ty attempting to llbornto them. Tho
minister of foreign rolatlons Francis
co do la Harra adds that tho prison
ers attempted to escape. Neither
makes a definite statemont as to
which nliln flrnd tho fatal fill ota. It
I is not Impossible that neither knows
Solemn Promises Are Made
Tho tragedy occurred shortly after
midnight. Madero and Suarez, who
had been prisoners in tho national
palaco slnco their nrrest on Tuesday
last, wero placed in an automobile
which was accompanied by another
car and escorted by 100 ruraies un
der tho orders of Commandant Fran
cisco Cardenas and Col. Itafael PI
mlcnto. LWith instructions not to outdis
tance tho escort tho cars moved slow
ly. No incident occurred until they
had reached a point near tho peniten
tiary whe'ro In an open place
tho guards attention wns attracted
according to tho official version to
a group of persons following. Shots
wero fired at tho escort out of tho
darkness. Tho ruraies closed In nnd
ordered tho prisoners out of tho car
Thirty of tho guards surrounded
tho prisoners, while tho remainder
disposed themselves to resist an at
tack. About fifty men, somo afoot
and Bomo mounted, throw themselves
upon tho detachment guarding tho
cars and tho exchange of shots last
ed twenty minutes, when tho attack
ing party fled. Tho dead bodies of
Madero and Suarez then wero found
Madero Died Instantly
Tho body of Madoro shows only
ono wound. A bullet entered tho
back of the head and emerged at tho
The body of Suarez shows many
wounds entering from in front.
Coach Jensen's Basketball Team
Win In a Clotely Fougnt Con
test By a Scoro of
1 16 to 14
Tho Utah Aggies wero defeated by
the B. Y. Collego basketball team
Saturday afternoon on the B. Y.
gymnasium floor by tho closo score
of 1G to 1.4. Tho contest was ub closo
a one as has ever been played on a
local fioor. Doth teams wero In the
best of condition. They played good
ball throughout the entlro gamo.
Collego spirit ran high from tho first
whlstlo and continued until tho last
gun announced tho closo of tho sec
ond half. Tho cheering, possibly
added much to tho Interest manifest
in thu game, yet It is a question It
such a nolso did much to assist tho
players In following tho ball. In
(f fact, tho crowd was so noisy that at
'" times the referee would sound his
whlstlo and tho gamo would coutlnuo
for several seconds beforo tho play
ers would learn that tho ball was
not in play. I3oth teams wero deter
mined to win. Tho Aggies captured
tho first gamo in tho season with tho
Crimson team and It was sweet re-
8vengo to turn tho tables at tho Sat
urday contost.
Tho D. Y. C. boys took tho lead
n In tbo scoring. Tho first froo throw
from foul lino was awarded tho Ag
B gles but Owen missed. This was
E soon followed by a foul being called
jgj nnd Barron tried for goal which was
H Continued on Pago Eight
Gives Audience Treat By Reading
"The Melting Pot" and Short
Irish Story
A largo and appreciate e audlenco
was In attendance at tho Clark lee
turo given Saturday evening nt the
tabernaclo "under tho auspices of tho
U. A. C. B. Y. C. Lyceum course.
Prof. Clark did not read tho "Pass
ing of tho Third Door Hack. bb wns
announced, but Instead read "Tho
Molting Pot." Tho change of pro
gram camo on tho recommendation
of tho rcador, although ho gave tho
audience tho prlvllego of choosing
tho selection It preferred. His Judg
ment In this matter, howover, wns
taken to bo sound nnd very graceful
ly did tho listeners change their de
sires for hearing the program as was
announced. Tho reader's Judgment
In tho matter was found to bo good
nnd tho sanio nttentlveness as is al
ways characteristic of tho Clark lee
utre3 prevailed. Ho also read a short
Irish story to good advantage.
Yesterday was a gala day for tho
students of tho II. Y. Collego. They
diverted their attention from boons
and spent a day In fun. Except for
a class or two in tho early morning,
..there was nothing doing in tho book
line. About 9:30 uu announcement
was hurried through tho halls of tho
college to tho effect that tho faculty
had granted a holiday and in a few
minutes tho ontlro student body had
gathered in the chapel ball, where a
spirited program was given. Prof.
J. V. Gardnor was called upon to
give a speech, ho was followed by
Coach Joseph Jensen. Captain Pet
erson spoko on behalf of tho basket
ball team and E. M. Barrus spoke
In behalf of tho team on the side
lines. Hochstrausser mado a bow
and Issued a challenge to Barron
Merrill, of fistic tendencies to a four
round boxing contest to show the
studonts that ho was capable of tak
ing caro of himself oven it ho did
desist from a little friendly Jostlo
upon threats Issued at tho point of
a billy club.
From tho chapel tho crowd assem
bled in tbo gymnasium. Hero tbo
faculty and first year students enter
ed in a tug-ofwar contest. Tho first
year's dragged them about with per
fect easo. Tho faculty took roveugo
on tho third year students. Tho third
and fourth years wou easily from
tho school In a basketball gamo, as
did tho faculty from tho school in a
similar contest. Tho official of tho
gamo was rather Bullenesquo In his
decisions. Tho Hochstrausser-Merrlll
bout was then staged. Tho llttlo
Gorman who took tho honors from
tho town officers gavo Merrill an ox
porienco similar to tbo ono ho gave
Cranney on Saturday. Tho celebra
tion wns concluded by a parade- of
the city and a dance In tho gym In
tho nfternoon.
We wish to extend our slncoro and
heartfelt thanks to all our friends,
neighbors and relatives for (ho kind
ness and sympathy shown us in our
sad boreavoment In tho loss of our
beloved husband and father. Wo
wish to thank nil for tho beautiful
floral offerings and all thoso who
took part In tho funornl services.
Mrs James Cowley and Family.
Mrs. Kato Wakley of Downey,
Idaho 1b visiting In Logan
I W. C. Eustis, Head of Inaugural Committee, and View
Of Big Grandstand In Front of Treasury Building.
Photos by American Press Association
Almost ns weighty as the mapping of nliuliilt ritlou policies foi the next four )t'"i's. which It Piesldcut Elect
Wilson's Job, nro the vailed duties of William Curcoirm Eustlt, chairman of the Inaugural committee Mr. Eustlu Is
plnnnlng and directing all details of the lii:itn;iiriitloii parade, actual inaugural ceremony and wUatuwr social func
tions occiii to mark that event. Above Is a picture of Mr Eiistls and of thuxreat grand stnud In front of the treas
ury building, upon which sevornl thousand school children will sit to watch I ho parade.
Southern Utah Looks For Better Agriculture As
Result of U. A. C. Visit.
The Housekeepers' Conference a Record Breaker. Agricultural
College Preaches a New and Great Gospel of the
Home Instructors Make Many Friends
A crowded houso at IMchflold
greeted tho first Farmers' Roundup
and Housckccpcro' Conferenco of tho
Extension Division of tho Utah Agri
cultural Collego held in Southern
Utah. Nearly fodr hundred people
wero in attendance, many traveling
over fifty miles to bo at tho first
day's session. Simon Chrlstensen of I
nichfiold was chairman of tho moot
ing and was assisted In arrangement
by James Bolitho, W. C. II, Orrock,
John W. Hoss and John E. Heppler,
secretary and treasurer. Dr. E, G.
Peterson of tho Extension Division
of tho collego opened tho convention
with a discussion of tho agricultural
outlook. Dr. Peterson anallzed tho
"Now Movement" in agriculture. High
trlbuto was paid tho pioneers of Utah
for tho great Ideas in agriculture
hold in which, only now, Utah is
coming to fully realize. "Co-operation
Is tho basis of successful farm
ing," said tho speaker. Utah Is a
beginner in cooperation, but has
much to learn In business details
from such states as California. Utah
solved irrigation and dry forming
problems and must now face and
solve tbo problem of effective co-operation
in agriculture Tho Panama
canal will nmko new markets for
Utah farmers nnd in flvo years will
doublo our markets. Panning must
quickly become tho profession which
claims tho beet brains of tho stnto.
Prof. John T. Calne, III, discussed
tbo ltvo stock business. Ho laid
stress upon tho fact that tho present
high prlco paid for llvo stock was
not a local, but a gonoral condition
nnd would continuo for years. Ho
stnted that it should bq mado a crim
innl offenso for a llvo stock man to
sell extenslvoly his young stock oven
under present market conditions.
Every feedor of tho llvo stock in tho
stato should demnnd that Utah breed
ers hold their young animals. Ho
stated that already tbo Industry In
Southern Utah was threatened duo
to tho practical depletion of tho
oung herds In somo sections. Prof.
Calno stated that any systom of di
versified farming demanded animals
and especially dairying.
Ono of tho best ways to keep Utah
boys on tho farm and to build up
our rural population is to havo a
high class of animals In tho state
Prof. W. E. Carroll discussed feed
Ing farm animals recommending a
careful study of tho food valuos of
different Utah foods. Ho was follow
ed by John K. Olson of Ephrnlra,
who talked on breeding for tho range
and by Prof. J. T. Calne, on the
breed question. Tho discussion wob
led by James Bolitho of Rlchflold, af
ter which a Judging of feoders and
fat cattlo occurred at tho fair
Tho evening program consisted of
a lecturo on education for all tho
pooplo b Dr. E. G. Peterson nnd
"Farm Management" by Prof. D.
W. Working of tho United Stntcs
department of agriculture.
Tho second day recorded a large
Increase in attendance, many com-
I ing from other counties who wero
nimble to bo present tho first day.
Tho enrollment reached over flvo
. hundred Friday.
i Tho day's session was opened with
a discussion by Prof. Calne on tho
futuro of tho sheepmen. Ho stated
that tho sheep Industry was In a
prosperous condition and oxpressed
tho opinion that tho political read
justment would effect very llttlo tho
wolf aro of tbo wool growors. Prof.
Calno recommended organization of
tho sheopmon to protect themselves
against unscrupulous buyers. Ho
stated that tbo basis of successful
wool marketing was careful sorting
of tho lleoco and offectlvo organiza
tion of tho growers to inarkot tholr
wool at tho best time. Ho ndtlsed
tho storing of wool under certain
conditions to bo worked out by tho
local organization. Ho gavo detailed
Continued on Pago Eight
Mayor II. Q, Hayball, ln an effort
to destroy old land marks of long
years of standing, has Issued an or
der to tho city bill postor to removo
tho board walls which now adorn tho
old Peacock property on Center
sticet, Just west of tho Lincoln ho
tel. No ono, It is to bo hoped, will
consuro tho Mayor for this llttlo act
of kindness toward tbo pooplo who
rosldo in this neighborhood. Ho
would do an act of kindness and ono
that vould bo recolved with much
commendation wore ho to procood
along tho samo lino and ask that
tho boards Just across tho streot
south of tho Llncol hotel bo re
moved also. Tho first matter men
tlonod will bo removed aa soon as
tho contract oxplres for tho adver
tisements which aro at tho pre&ent
tlmo, thereon posted,
lislBtf I
Was Killed In Run-away Near His H
Home In Benson Ward Yester- H
'day Afternoon H
Thomas Tarbctt aged 32 years of H
Benson ward was killed yestorday
afternoon near his homo ns tho ro-
suit of a run-away. Mr. Tarbctt had
been to Smlthlleld on business nnd H
as ho letumed homo anil was enter-
Ing the lnuo which leads to his houso H
ho reached for an empty milk can.
At this Juncture tho horses becamo H
f lightened and proceeded to run. Tbo H
1 unfortunate man It appears was sue-
I ccHsful in getting hold of ono lino In H
which ho became entangled nnd was H
dragged for considerable dlstanco H
his head bumping tho fenco posts. H
When picked up n few minutes lator H
, h) a member of thn family, llfo was H
I nlmost gone. Tho first thought wns H
to bring lilm to Logan but death H
camo before any action could bo ta- H
ken Deceased is tho son of Mrs. H
Debora Tarbctt o! this city and his H
wife wnB formerly Miss Esther H
Johnson of Smlthfleld. Ho Is sur- H
vlwd by a widow and two smnll H
children H
The county commissioners havo H
appointed C. K. Olson iiB clerk of H
tho Juvenile court. Ho succeeds C. H
W. Dunn who has acted ln this ca- H
paclty for several -yeais and who has H
mado n very capable ulllclal. At tho H
Bnuio meeting they decided to cull ft H
mass meeting at Collego ward to got
an expression from tho people of H
that plnco on tho advisability of open
lug up a new- county rond which somo
of tho cltbens nro nsklng for. Tho
number of names were discussed for
load HiiponlHoiH of tho various pro- H
ducts. Each commissioner submitted H
tho names of porsons ho wanted to B
act In this capacity in Ills district. H
While nil tho names wero not acted
upon thoso who wero suggested by
tho commissioners wero ns follows: ,H
Mondon A. II. Hlchnrds; Cotlogo
and Young C. L. Olsen; Wollsvlllo fl
William Painter; Mlllvllle II. C. fl
Hennoger; Hyrum Wells McBrido; M
Paradise John T. Iloberts; Avon H
P. A. Johnson; Mt. Sterling Wll- M
lard Ilaxtor; Logan William Peter-
son; Hydo Park Roubcn Porks; RIv-
orsldo Andrew Munk; Potersboro
Peter Petorson; Providence A. B.
Crabtreo; Smlthfleld Oeorgo P. Tool-
sen; Newton David Clark; Clark-
ston Henry M. Godfrey; Trenton
Dolbort Winn; Cornish J. W. Pitch-
er. Tho precincts not mentioned havo
not received consldorntlon beforo tho
board as yet.
.Mutt and Jeff conies to Nlbiey
Hall next Friday night. A company
of CO peoplo is carried with a carload
of magnificent scenic and electrical M
effects. Also now music, songs nnd M
dances not oterlooklug tho Inevitable M
cargo of petitlto feminine beauty
without which iio real show Is com- M
pleto. Mr. lll.l holds tho enviable
retord of having put over tho great- M
est financial and artistic musical M
comedy success of a quarter century M
in his production of bud Fisher's cle- H
ver curtoon concoct Mutt and Jeff.
It is almost ImpoBslblo to concolvo
tho amount of publicity tho play has H
received through tho publication of H
tho Fisher cartoon in moro than flvo M
hundred dally newspapers In every Wm
part of tho Unltod States and jfl
Europo. 3H
Thoro Is hardly a man, woman or rO
child ln tho country who has not H
seen and laughod at Mutt and Joff H
In tho pictures. Mutt and Jeff will ln H
vado London during tho current soa- M
Tho Relict Society olllcora meet- H
Ing of tbo Cache stako will bo hold M
on Saturday March first at tho usual H
tlmo and placo. M
LUCY S. CARDON, President.

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